Man Caught In The Act Of Molesting Child Gets Severe BeatdownMan Left Kids In Hot Car To Have Sex With Woman Behind ApartmentNaked Man Accused Of Breaking Into Family's Home, Licking Young GirlToothless Man Accused Of Gumming Roommate After She Refused To Clean His EarMatthew Durham Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children At Kenyan OrphanageMan Sentenced For Beating Toddler To Death While Trying To Turn Her GayParents Claim Son Committed Suicide After Masturbation Video Went ViralTwo Men Convicted For Murdering Friend With Speedboat Over Argument About Cigarettes And BeerTaco Bell Employee Accused Of Shooting Dissatisfied Customer With BB GunLittle Shit Causes Rollover Accident After Pointing Airsoft Gun Out Car Window

Police Kill Armed Teen Inside Texas Middle SchoolBROWNSVILLE, TX - Police in Texas had to shoot an kill a 15-year-old boy who was brandishing a firearm inside a Texas middle school.

Not a lot of details yet, but what is being reported is that an 8th-grader brandished a firearm in the main hallway of  Cummings Middle School this morning.

School administrators initiated lockdown procedures and contacted the Brownsville Police Department and BISD Police and Security Services.

Responding officers encountered the teen in the hallway outside the principal’s office and ordered him to drop his weapon. The teen reportedly ignored their requests and aimed the gun at police before they shot him three times.  He was rushed to the hospital, where he later died.

Someone who knew the teen told reporters that the teen played sports and was in the band. They said that shortly before the shooting, he had been in a fight and that both he and his opponent had been sent to the principal’s office.…

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Teacher Suspended After Writing Stupid On Students ForeheadLIVINGSTON, TN – If any of you are in Tennessee and would like a job teaching math to elementary kids, Allons Elementary is about to have a job opening after one of their math teachers used a permanent maker to write “stupid” on one of his student’s forehead.

The incident reportedly happened on Dec 6 when a student in Alex Boles’s math class asked a reasonable question about their lesson. Boles answered the student then used a permanent marker to write the word “stupid” on the kid’s forehead. For a bit of added scumbag, he wrote it backwards so the kid could read it when they looked in the mirror.

Reports are the student sat in class with the word on their head for two hours. Another employee told Superintendent Matt Eldridge about what Boles had done, and his reaction was immediate. He suspended Boles and minced no words when he told reporters he will do what he can to ensure the teacher loses his job after the investigation is complete.…

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Principal Who Expelled Student For Calling Teacher Fine Has Been Forced To RetireGASTON COUNTY, N.C. – I don’t know if any of you have been following this story out of my state, but a 9-year-old student at Brookside Elementary called a teacher “fine” and the ensuing knee-jerking it caused has been unbelievable.

First the school suspended Emanyea for sexual harassment. They said they have had issues with the boy calling students bad names before, a claim Emanyea denied to reporters, and that he made the statement about the teacher in a suggestive manner. Emanyea was suspended for three days and served a one-day, in-school suspension and two days out of school.

Understandably, his mother wasn’t happy about the school’s decision to suspend her son for sexual harassment, so she went to the local news. It wasn’t long before sites like CNN and Huffington Post picked up the story and it quickly went viral. Not long after that, all the negative attention had the school district getting involved and then release a statement yesterday that apologized to the family.

“”After a thorough investigation by school officials involving the suspension of a fourth grade student at one of our elementary schools, it has been determined there was no sexual harassment.…

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Middle School Teacher Charged With Armed Robbery

November 17, 2011 at 9:19 am by  

Middle School Teacher Charged With Armed RobberyBillerica, MA – Picking up where we left off yesterday, I got a couple more teacher stories to post, starting with the middle school teacher who was arrested and charged with armed robbery.

According to the police report, 27-year-old Jennifer Horton, a 6th grade English and Social Studies teacher at Marshall Middle School, was sitting in a parked car with her boyfriend, Andrew Pasquale, and a 54-year-old man who was in the backseat.

At some point Horton and Pasquale, who is an acquaintance of the victim, pointed a gun at the victim sitting in the backseat while demanding cash and his prescription medications. The victim told police that after the couple took $103, OxyContin pills and a Social Security card, he was sprayed with pepper spray before he was able to get out of the car.

Police have arrested Horton and Pasquale, charging them both with armed robbery. Bill Ryan, the superintendent of schools, said Horton is now on paid administrative leave and not allowed on school property.…

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Christian School Teacher Accused Of Masturbating Behind DeskSchaumburg, IL – A couple of teachers are in the news today, starting with a math teacher at a Christian school who just got busted jacking off behind his desk in front of a classroom full of students.

Police say 75-year-old Paul LaDuke, a teacher at Schaumburg Christian School for over 10 years, was seated behind his podium when he lowered his pants and began masturbating. Another student noticed what he was doing and told another teacher. Since this is not a public school, LaDuke was fired that same day and police were contacted.

On Monday, after investigators interviewed several students, LaDuke was arrested and charged with sexual exploitation of a child. Police believe LaDuke has been doing this several times a year for a decade. Police also said there is no evidence that any students were inappropriately touched or physically harmed.

Maybe it’s because of all the weird shit we post, the only things about this story that surprised me was that LaDuke was capable of an erection and that he chose to lower his pants to take care of it.…

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Mom Angry Over Bullying Walks Into School, Hits ChildORLANDO, Fla. – Officials say a woman angry about her daughter being bullied on Facebook, walked into her kid’s middle school and struck a student before instructing her daughter to fight.

The incident happened Tuesday morning at Lockhart Middle School where 30-year-old Leslie Thomas allegedly entered and struck a student near the cafeteria. She then told her daughter to fight the other girl, preventing others from stopping the brawl once it started, even striking another child in the process.

Thomas was arrested on charges of that included child abuse and battery. Her children have been removed from her and placed in the care of relatives. In the video attached to the link above, a reporter asks Thomas if she struck a child but you can’t hear her response because of a really long beep.

This isn’t the first bullying story we have posted where a mother encourages her daughter to fight while also getting in a few licks of their own. Daphne Melin, Chesica White, and Latena Fitzgerald are just a few mothers who, like Thomas, were frustrated over bullying and tried stopping it in the dumbest ways imaginable.…

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Teens Face Charges After Extreme Bullying Caught On Bus CameraPECOS, N.M. – Two teenage boys have been suspended from school and are facing multiple criminal charges after their bullying of an 8-year-old cousin was caught on a school bus surveillance camera.

In the video, the two 14-year-old boys can be seen spitting into the kid’s mouth on two occasions, giving him several wedgies, sitting on his head and pushing him between the seats. The bus driver didn’t initially view any of the bullying, which reportedly lasted 20 minutes, because the victim was too short for him to see and all three involved were sitting at the back of the bus.

The driver reported the incident to the school principal after reviewing the surveillance footage, who then notified police. The victim said he did not report his cousins’ bullying because he thought he would get into trouble. He found out how wrong he was when the two teens were charged with battery, assault, harassment and criminal sexual contact of a minor.

You can watch the some of the video here and to be honest I don’t know what is more disturbing; the bullying that was captured on camera, or reporter Liz McKernan’s shirt.…

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Parent Chaperone Overdoses On Heroin During Her Kids Field TripWAYNE, Wis. – A woman in Wisconsin failed miserably as a parent after overdosing on heroin while chaperoning her daughter’s school field trip.

Stephanie Bailey, 28, accompanied her 7-year-old daughter on a Wayne Elementary School trip to Pioneer Village, acting as a parent chaperone.

At some point Bailey went to the restroom, deciding she needed a little help getting through all the fiddling and butter churning. One of the other parents grew concerned when Bailey never returned and went to check on her.

Inside the bathroom she would find Bailey passed out on the restroom floor next to some hypodermic needles. At first she thought Bailey was diabetic, but quickly realized that wasn’t the case when she noticed a glass pipe next to Bailey’s lost dignity. Teachers administered first aid and called 911.

By time police arrived, Bailey had already come to. She would consent to a search and police would find she’d come to Pioneer Village prepared, possessing four small baggies of heroin, two pills, a metal spoon, a clear glass pipe, several alcohol prep pads, several hypodermic needles, rubber tubing, two plastic containers of sterile water, and a lighter.…

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Woman Charged With Boarding School Bus, Punching Two StudentsFT. LAUDERDALE, FL – I’ve got two stories this morning involving adult women fighting with teenagers, starting with one from last week involving 23-year-old Cynthia Haynes, accused of boarding a school bus and punching two students.

A little earlier, Haynes’ 11-year-old sister had walked home and told her she had gotten into a fight with another 11-year-old girl at a bus stop.

Haynes and her little sister then got into a car and began driving around looking for the school bus. Once they found it, the 11-year-old entered the bus and began fighting with the 11-year-old she had fought with at the bus stop.

Reportedly enraged, Haynes decided to intervene and boarded the bus, storming past the driver.

During her intervention, Haynes slapped the 11-year-old fighting with her sister, then drags a 14-year-old girl down the center aisle of the bus by her hair. Neither of the two victims were seriously injured but did have some scratches on their faces.

Haynes was arrested and charged with  two counts of child abuse and burglary with assault or battery, and one count of conspiracy to interfere with the education process.…

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Tampa Police Say They Have Foiled Teens Plan To Bomb SchoolTampa, Florida – Tampa police have arrested a teenager they say was planning to blow up the school that had expelled him last year.

Police were given information that 17-year-old Jared Cano was planning to set off explosives at Freedom High on the first day of school in hopes of killing more people than Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold did at Columbine..

After getting permission from his mother, a math teacher at Riverview High School, they went inside Cano’s home and found that he may not have been bullshitting. Inside the home they retrieved shrapnel, plastic tubing, timing and fuse devices to make pipe bombs and a manifesto that outlined a minute-by-minute plan that named specific administrators to be killed and where he would place the bombs to get the most bang for his buck.

Cano was arrested and faces charges of possessing bomb-making materials and threatening to throw, project, place or discharge a destructive device. He was also charged with cultivating marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia and possessing marijuana after police found a marijuana grow operation in his room.…

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Teen Who Stabbed Principal To Death Held for Mental EvaluationMemphis, TN – Eduardo Marmolejo, the 17-year-old student accused of stabbing his teacher to death, has been ordered to undergo a mental evaluation.

On Wednesday, 49-year-old Suzette York was found stabbed to death in a classroom at Memphis Junior Academy, a Seventh-day Adventist school of less than 100 students.

Shortly after, police had Marmolejo in custody and charged with York’s murder. He told police that he did not like York and had planned on killing her since May, ever since he found out he would be the only 11th-grade student at the school.

York had lobbied the school should expand past their current kindergarten through 10th-grades; saying it was important to keep students in a Christian setting. The school board agreed and voted last spring to extend classes through the 11th grade.

Marmolejo was the first and only student to begin his junior year there and he was not happy about it at all. One of his teachers said Marmolejo was left behind because several of his classmates had transferred to another school to finish their junior and senior years.…

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Student In Custody After Principal Found Stabbed To DeathMemphis, TN – Not a lot of details on this as it is breaking, but police say they have a 17-year-old student in custody at the Memphis Junior Academy where the Principal was found stabbed to death in a classroom.

The body of 48-year-old Suzette York was discovered by a teacher shortly after 11 a.m. Wednesday at the private school operated by the Seventh-Day Adventist Church. York had been with the school for more than three years.

The 17-year-old student was taken into custody at the scene. No motive is known at this time. The school will be out for the rest of the week.

Not a great start for a school whose classes just started on Monday.

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Man Pleads Guilty To Sexually Assaulting Teacher In Front Of First Grade ClassSyracuse, NY - Garth Hill, 28, pleaded guilty to charges related to police claims that he walked into an elementary school and molested a first-grade teacher in front of her class.  He was promised a sentence of 12-years to life in exchange for the plea.

In addition to the accusation that Hill entered McKinley-Brighton Elementary School and subjecting a teacher to sexual contact by force in front of her class, Hill was accused of fondling another teacher in the hallway afterward.

Officials said that Hill ran when he was confronted by an administrator, but left his wallet behind and was identified by witnesses.  That “leaving the wallet behind” thing never works so good for criminals.

Assistant District Attorney Jeremy Cali said that the sentence was “very appropriate.”

“If someone is willing to walk into a school, and into a classroom of 6 and 7 year olds, and sexually assault a teacher, he needs to be locked up,” Cali said.

Defense attorney Thomas Ryan said Hill was under the influence of drugs when he entered the school.…

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High School Senior Charged With Felony After Blow Up Doll Prank BackfiresRushville, Ind. – A senior at an Indiana high school decided to pull a seemingly harmless prank at his school even thought the students had been warned against doing so, and his decision landed him in jail, caused him to miss his graduation and now facing some possible time in prison.

It was with justifiable concern that school officials watched on survelliance video as an ominous, hooded and gloved individual entered the girl’s bathroom at Rushville High with an unspecified package, reemerging minutes later empty-handed.  Believing it contained explosives, the school was evacuated and the bomb squad was called in. Soon after, both the offender and the contents of the package were recovered.

The offender?  18-year-old Rushville High senior Tyell Morton.  The contents of the package?  A freakin’ blow-up doll.  Tyell developed the brilliant plan to plant the doll in the women’s restroom at school as a senior prank.  The young man with no prior record now claims authorities are “blowing it out of proportion” (his words, not mine, but I would’ve used ‘em anyway), and I must say, I rather agree.…

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High School Food Fight, Senior Prank Lead To Criminal ChargesI’m breaking my own rule by consolidating separate stories into one, but they are both in the news right now and both involve high school students facing criminal charges after pulling pranks at their schools.

The first one is out of New Mexico where a group of students are facing criminal charges after taking part in a cafeteria food fight.  School administrators at Los Lunas High School claim 12 to 15 students are suspected of starting Friday’s food fight. They are already on a 10-day suspension at the start of next school year, and have now been cited with disorderly conduct.

The entire thing was captured on video and of course the parents of the accused are mad about the charges filed against their kids. But administrators had made it clear to students that there would be serious consequences if any other pranks were pulled at the school following some fireworks being lit in a hallway, and the food fight was the last straw.

But those kids got it easy compared to what happened to some students in Texas.…

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Five Boys Charged With Vandalism, Torturing Hamster To DeathSANTA ROSA, CA – Look. it’s a slow day so I’m going to just throw a couple stories out there starting with five boys who are facing charges of vandalism and animal abuse after they broke into a school.

The kids got inside a mobile classroom at Northwest Prep and turned over a refrigerator, broke windows, tagged the outside of the classroom with gang graffiti, tore up the school’s vegetable garden and tortured a pet hamster to death.

“It was bad. They did three different cruel things to it,” Sgt. Mike Raasch said. Of course I want to know what the hell they did to it, but no one is reporting on what these three cruel things were. They got busted after a woman playing volleyball at the school heard glass breaking and watched the boys run from the unit when she went to go investigate. She was able to identify them to police.

Two 11-year-old boys were arrested on suspicion of felony vandalism and released to their mothers, while two 13-year-old boys and a 14-year-old boy were arrested for burglary and vandalism and booked into juvenile hall.…

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Kentucky Rep. Dewayne Bunch Critically Wounded Breaking Up Fight At High SchoolWILLIAMSBURG, KY – Republican state Rep. Dewayne Bunch was taken to the hospital after suffering a critical head injury while trying to break up a fight at the school he has taught at for the last 17 years.

A 15-year-old and 16-year-old were fighting in the Whitley County High School cafeteria Teusday morning when Bunch, a math and science teacher at the school, ran over to intervene. He also ran into a punch that knocked him to the ground where he hit his head, causing him to suffer a severe head injury.

“The juveniles were fighting. Mr. Bunch and two of the other teachers went to break it up. Mr. Bunch ran over to it, ran into a punch that one of the juveniles was throwing, made (Bunch) bobble backwards, hit the floor and he’s been unconscious ever since. He got himself between two young men fighting.” Whitley Sheriff Colan Harrell said.

When paramedics arrived, Bunch was unresponsive and bleeding from the ears. Emergency responders performed a tracheotomy procedure on Bunch before taking him to Baptist Regional Medical Center in extremely critical condition, then transferred to University of Kentucky Medical Center.…

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Boy In Intensive Care After Found Hanging In School BathroomLOUISVILLE, KY – An 8-year-old boy is still in intensive care today after he was found in his school’s bathroom, unresponsive and hanging from a hook in the handicapped stall.

I didn’t see this story when it first came out, and the early reports smacked a bit of bullying, but now that more details have been released I don’t think that’s the case. Here’s what is known about what happened last Wednesday at Frayser Elementary School.

The boy’s entire second-grade class had taken a scheduled, supervised bathroom break. A JCPS spokesperson says the boy went into the bathroom alone, and that it is policy that the main door remain open with a teacher standing right outside.

The teacher called for him after he had been in for some time but did not get an answer. A fellow student went inside to check on him but also got no response and found the door to the handicapped stall locked. Security was called to check on the boy, who went inside and found the boy hanging from a hook by his shirt inside the stall.…

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Assault Charges Filed After Prank Leaves Pencil In Students ButtVERMILION, Ohio — A 12-year-old at Sailorway Middle School has been suspended for five days and charged with assault after a prank left a pencil lodged in a fellow student’s butt.

The prankster was in choir class and thought it would be funny to position a pencil upright in the seat of another student’s chair right before they sat down. “He thought it would be harmless. He thought it’d break and they’d get a good laugh, but that’s not what happened at all,” said Cpl. Dean Mayer, Vermilion Police Detective.

But if that had happened, you wouldn’t be reading about it here. What happened is the pencil did not break and penetrated the other students’ jeans and got lodged about four inches into his left butt cheek, and got stuck there.

An ambulance had to come pick the kid up and take him to the hospital were emergency surgery was performed to remove the pencil. He’s already back in class with some stitches, but otherwise he’s fine. As for the other boy, he immediately admitted to the prank stating he didn’t mean to hurt anyone, but he’s going to be paying for his dumb decision.…

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Video Captures School Bus Driver Yanking Child To The GroundWASHINGTON – The parents of a 6-year-old girl are upset at their school district, accusing them of covering up an incident in which their daughter’s school bus driver was captured on video jerking their daughter to the floor by her backpack.

The driver, Dan Taylor, can be seen yelling at the kids in the bus to sit down. At one point Ashley Reavely stands up to talk to the kids sitting behind her. It’s then that Taylor grabs her backpack and jerks her backwards off her feet. While she lays on the ground, he berates her and tells her to go sit down…all while the bus is still moving.

Moments later, the still frustrated Taylor can be seen stopping the bus and yell at another kid, possibly putting his hands on him. I’m all for student safety and can understand the driver’s frustration at kids not sitting in their seats, but Taylor seems to be wound a bit tightly, and maybe the impressive, behind the back snatch-and-grab was a bit extreme.…

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