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KALISPELL, MT — If anyone would have ever old me that one day I would be using an image of Harry from HARRY AND THE HENDERSONS in an article on this site, I would have never believed it. Hoped for? Yes. Believed it? Nope.

But that day has come, thanks to a man in Montana who was killed after being struck by two cars while dressed as a sasquatch.

According to friends, 44-year-old Randy Lee Tenley wanted to start a Bigfoot hoax by dressing in  a military-style camouflage ghillie suit, and making appearances along Highway 93. So on Sunday night, Tenley donned his garb and stood in the right-hand lane of the highway, in hopes of scaring passing motorists.

Tenley’s plan may have worked out a lot better had he not decided to stand on the highway at night. In clothing designed to help you blend in with foliage. At the same two teenage girls were driving on it.

Tenley was first struck by a vehicle driven by a 15-year-old girl who says she was unable to avoid hitting him.…

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