Emr the Jester Busted With Child Porn Depicting Victims As Young As 3-Months-OldOne-Month-Old Baby Hospitalized After Having Most Of Face Eaten By Pet FerretsDavid Vanzo Took His Dead Mother To Bank To Take Cash From Her AccountCouple Accused Of Killing Family Dog, Burglarizing Home To Cover Their TracksPolice Accuse Girl, 14, Of Intentionally Drowning 3-Month-Old Justice HulCynthia Anderson Accused Of Drowning Puppy In Airport Toilet Because She Couldn't Bring It On PlaneStanford Swimmer Accused Of Raping Unconscious Woman Along Campus StreetBoy, 5, Kills His Baby Brother After Finding Gun And Shooting Him In The HeadParents Charged After 22-Month-Old Deriah Solem Was Killed By The Family DogNicholas Stewart Sold Fake Booze Made From His Urine and Feces

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