Kezia Perkins Charged After Fight Over Handicapped Space Sends Elderly Woman To HospitalCouple Arrested After Beer Poured Down 1-Year-Old Boy's Throat For FunAlexander Forba Accused Of Murder After Beating His Girlfriend With Their NewbornJason Rios Used Crowbar To Kill His Mother And Niece, Tried Killing Himself With A DrillJuveniles Accused Of Killing Teen, Taunting Victim's Family On FacebookTeen Charged With Manslaughter After Police Say She Encouraged Friend's SuicideWoman Charged With Maiming After Attempting To Chew Boyfriend's Penis OffTrinity Bachmann, 13, Killed After She Got Mad And Sat In Middle Of RoadParents Let Infant Starve To Death While Mother Made Breast Milk PornJenea Mungia Used Garden Tool To Stab Son In Driveway, Mutilate His Genitals

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