Brittany Sapp Accused Of Smuggling Heroin In Her VaginaBonnie Treaster Accused Of Attacking Elderly Boyfriend's Groin With HacksawManuel Abraham, 7, Eaten Alive By Crocodile In Front Of His Father10-Year-Old Boy Accused Of Beating Dog To Death To Be Charged With Animal CrueltyMan Used Dog Lead To Strangle Woman, Two Children Before Killing SelfKyle Kirchoff Dies After Being Impaled At Chevelle ConcertJoshua Schoenenberger Accused Of Smearing Feces In Toddler's Face Before Stomping Him To DeathKerrian Clofer Burned Child's Hands Over Open Flame Because She Ate A SnackPolice Find Woman Pushing Her Dead 3-Year-Old In Swing At Maryland ParkTeen Shot To Death After Throwing Pebbles At Friend's Window

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