Woman Slits Husband's Throat, Tells Cops She Was Dreaming Of Filleting A FishNigel Willis Accidentally Killed Himself After Sticking Sex Toy In His RectumCouple Accused Of Keeping 7-Year-Old Locked In Outdoor Cage For WeeksBriana Buchanan Arrested After 7-Year-Old Son Turned Her In For Cooking MethCourtroom Applauded As Judge Jails Mother And Grandparents Before Trial For Starving 8-Year-Old BoyAustin Hamilton Whipped Toddler To Death Because Child Peed On Him During Diaper ChangeMom From TLC Reality Show Nobody Remembers Jailed For Raping Boy, 13Carlos Gascon Spent Day Beating Girlfriend Because He Dreamed She Cheated On HimJames Myers Accused Of Choking Kitten, Injecting It With HeroinCouple Jailed For Keeping Two Girls In Nasty Trailer For Years While They Played World Of Warcraft

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