Timothy Tucker Beat Girlfriend With Couple's Two Week Old Puppy Until It DiedPolice Accuse Girl, 14, Of Intentionally Drowning 3-Month-Old Justice HulJilted Wife Severs Cheating Husband's Penis -- TwiceMan Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Same Victim As Convicted SonThree People Arrested In Death Of 3-Year-Old Owen Collins, Whose Badly Burned Body Was Found In WoodsTwo Dogs Kill 18-Month-Old Declin Moss As He Played On Grandfather's PorchMatthew Fischer, 16, Disemboweled Classmate After Victim Sent Snapchat To His GirlfriendNicholas Stewart Sold Fake Booze Made From His Urine and FecesMichael Foster Arrested After Assaulting Concealed Weapons Permit Holder Inside WalmartIsaac Seman Arrested After Filming Son Enacting Scenes From Brokeback Mountain With Dog

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