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DENVER, CO — An 82-year-old man died inside a parking garage elevator after he got stuck inside and no one answered his calls for help.

Isaak Komisarchik, who suffers from dementia, was reported missing after he was last seen wearing pajamas at 2:30 p.m. July 5 at a nearby nursing facility.

Search crews posted missing person posters as they looked for the man, and Denver firefighters ended up searching five nearby ponds.

It would be almost a month later before anyone learned Komisarchik’s fate, and it was quite horrific.

Turns out that Komisarchik had wandered nearly a mile away to the Woodstream Village apartments, where he got inside an elevator attached to a parking garage that had been closed for renovations.

For reasons unknown at this time, the man was unable to get out. During an 8-minute period, the poor guy twice used the elevator’s emergency call button, but no help came.

“The pushing of the call button did trigger a notification to the elevator management company, MEI Total Elevator Solutions.…

amanda-ann-clarkALVORD. TX – Police have arrested a woman after her 2-year-old daughter drowned in a bathtub while she had sex with a man in another room.

On Oct. 23, 26-year-old Amanda Ann Clark was at home with her three daughters – ages 6, 3 and 2 – when a man stopped by for a booty call.

Clark rounded up her daughters and placed them in a bathtub while she and her male companion went to her bedroom and shut the door.

At some point, her oldest daughter came to the bedroom to inform Clark that the 3-year-old had pushed her younger sibling, Alexandria, under the water and now she was not breathing.

Clark pulled her daughter out of the bath, called 911 and attempted CPR on her daughter until help arrived. Alexandria was rushed to the hospital where she would die shortly after arriving.

Police have now arrested Clark and have charged her with felony abandoning or endangering a child. She turned herself in and is being held at the Wise County Jail on $100,000 bond.…

puddle-of-mudCOLUMBIA, SC – The family of David Outlaw want answers after the 66-year-old drowned in a puddle at his nursing home after being left alone outside in his wheelchair during the height of Hurricane Matthew.

According to Richard Outlaw, his brother was in his wheelchair smoking a cigarette in the facility’s courtyard. A nurse told police that he refused to come in so she left him out there to smoke.

When she returned a few minutes later, she found him pinned beneath his electric wheelchair in a puddle of water. Outlaw was taken to a hospital, where he was pronounced dead. An autopsy would later confirm the man had drowned.

“My brother survived Vietnam, car crashes and two strokes,” said Richard Outlaw. “Just to die in a puddle of water?”

Richard says someone should have at least kept a close eye on his brother if he wouldn’t come inside. His wife echoed her brother-in-law.

“How negligent is it to just leave him outside in a hurricane by himself?” said his wife, Karyl Outlaw.…

Dormanicia LawsonCONCORD, CA – Police have arrested 37-year-old Dormanicia Lawson after her paraplegic husband was found with bedsores and maggots feeding on his body.

Police were called after Lawson’s 36-year-old husband was taken to the hospital with trouble breathing. Once there, nurses found the poor guy was covered in bedsores and maggots.

“He could not talk. He had shortness of breath. He had maggots that were eating his body,” said Concord police spokesman Corporal Christopher Blakely. “You would think he was a corpse.”

By the next day, he was.

Police decided they should talk to the man’s wife, his primary caregiver, to find out how in the hell her husband had gotten to that state. When they arrived at the couple’s apartment they shared with their two sons – an 11-year-old and a severely autistic 19-year-old – they quickly found out.

There was a stench emanating from the apartment and inside police would find cockroaches and maggots crawling on a mattress, as well as dead flies wedged into the ceiling. The two boys echoed their surroundings and were described as dirty and smelling like shit.…

Laquanda NewbyHenrico County, VA — This is Laquanda Newby. She is a slow learner. This woman showed up at the courthouse to answer to accusations of leaving her child in a hot car last month, and left her children sitting in the car in the parking lot.

Just last month, the 25-year-old mother was accused of leaving her children, ages six and one, in the car while she shopped at Sam’s Club. Because the responding officer did not actually witness the alleged crime, a warrant was sworn and Newby was informed that she must turn herself in at some point.

Newby turned herself in Monday. And left her kids sitting in the car. Again. At the courthouse.

It is unknown exactly how long the children were in the car, but surveillance video apparently shows it had been for more than an hour. The temperature hit 90 that day, and the windows were rolled up, but police say the kids seemed to be ok — just sweaty and hot. They were hydrated, fed, and released to their father.…

Nyia ParlerPhiladelphia, PA — This bitch. This cheery, smiling, happy-looking bitch right here has been accused of ditching her disabled 21-year-old son in the forest, with nothing but a blanket and a bible, so she could toddle off and hang with her boyfriend in Maryland for a minute.

According to police, 41-year-old Nyia Parler wheeled her non-verbal, quadriplegic son, who also suffers from cerebral palsy, into a wooded area sometime last Monday. She took the man from his chair and laid him on the ground nearby. She then covered him with a blanket, placed a bible on his chest, and walked away. And there he remained, in the cold and rain, for five fucking days.

When the man failed to show up for his scheduled classes at the School of the Future, school officials attempted to reach Parler. When she didn’t answer, they contacted the man’s aunt. She, in turn, contacted Parler.

Parler, the bitch, lied to the woman, claiming her son was there in Maryland, safe and sound, with her.…

Split DogNAPA, CA – An elderly man is claiming he was left with a mutilated penis after doctors ignored multiple requests by nurses and family to remove an eroding catheter.

On July 21st 2013, a nurse at Napa Valley Care Center was caring for Rupert Collins and noticed his Foley catheter had irritated his penis causing it to swell, turn red and tear at his urethra. The nurse sent a fax to Collins’ insurer, Kaiser, explaining the situation and asking to try a no catheter trial period “to give the area a rest.”

According to the lawsuit Collins has filed against Kaiser, the request was denied and Collins was never examined or followed up on by a doctor from Kaiser. Two days later on July 23rd, a conference was requested by Napa Valley Care Center to discuss the care of Mr. Collins, but a representative from Kaiser did not show.

“As a direct result of Kaiser’s failure to participate, there was no meaningful communication or ongoing assessment and the dire need to remove the catheter from Rupert’s eroding penis continued to be ignored,” the complaint states.…

Kathleen DensmoreSAINT PETERSBURG, FL – Kathleen Densmore, 48, has been accused of neglecting her elderly uncle so severely, that he was found dead weighing about 50 pounds.

Densmore shared a home with her uncle, 85-year-old Robert Densmore, who she also cared for. She called police on Friday after finding the man unresponsive in his bed. When officers arrived, they found the man “extremely emaciated” and suffering from bed sores.

Densmore told police her uncle suffered from dementia and had lived with her for several years. Although she was his caregiver and legal guardian, she hadn’t taken him to the doctor in five years.

She also informed them that her uncle hadn’t been able to move for the last year of his life, during which time, she’d only fed him baby food. Densmore also admitted she hadn’t bathed her uncle for the last two months because his skin would fall off when touched.

Densmore was arrested and charged with one count of elderly abuse. Additional charges may be filed after an autopsy is completed.

Regina BennettPHILADELPHIA, PA – A Pennsylvania woman is facing a slew of charges after a handicapped woman was found by police, tied to a urine-soaked bed in the basement of her Philadelphia home, suffering from sores, multiple wounds, and living in “unsuitable conditions,” according to an arrest report.

As if living in Philadelphia wasn’t bad enough.

Regina Bennett, 46, was arrested and charged with kidnapping, assault, unlawful restraint, terroristic threats, public drunkenness and other offences on Sunday after getting into a scrap with a neighbor.

Officers were called to a home on Linton Street to break up a fight between Bennett and a neighbor, identified as Liza Figueroa. While they were there, they were informed that a child may have been in the house. Though police found no signs of children living in the home, they did find the 36-year-old victim, bound to a bed. She was described as “extremely thin,” in the police report, and “appeared to be special needs and has a limited vocabulary.”

Figueroa told NBC-affiliate WCAU, “I would of never imagined that the police officers yesterday, resulting from the altercation that I had with her, [would discover] that she had someone tied up in her basement.”

The unidentified victim was taken to Einstein Hospital for evaluation.…

Osmond MontgomeryTampa, FL – Three people have been arrested after a bedridden family member was left to rot to the point that maggots were found inside her body that had become fused to her bed sheets.

When 66-year-old Mary Winston died last October, the degree of neglect she had suffered was so severe that her death was ruled a homicide. Three years prior, Mary became bedridden due to rheumatoid arthritis, leaving her to rely on her husband and three adult children living in the residence to take care of her. Instead, they left her to rot in her bed for three years.

When Mary was found, she was covered in her own feces and urine and suffering from horrendous bed sores. A bed sore on her back was so deep, her rib cage was exposed to open air and maggots were found inside and outside of her body. She had been left in the bed so long, her legs had fused together and her back had fused to the bed sheets beneath her.…

maggotAUBURN, WA – Scores of maggots were discovered eating away at an obese elderly woman’s dead flesh, but authorities say there may have been an upside. The insects likely kept the helpless victim alive by slowing a spreading infection.

The 70-year-old woman’s daughter, Sherrie Morton, now faces felony elder-abuse charges after King County sheriff’s deputies found the victim stuck to her bedding in a home strewn with garbage and smelling of feces, urine  and ammonia, according to reports. She had  an unknown number of maggots eating at an open wound, and her bed sheets were described as being “soiled with the byproducts of an injury and covered in bugs.” Not unlike a freshman dorm room during finals week.

Deputies were called to the home near Southeast 315th Street, where they spotted the 70-year-old woman laying on a bed through a window. Upon entering the home, they were confronted by Morton, 46. She allegedly told detectives that she was her mother’s caretaker, and that she called 911 after spotting the maggots and smelling “rotting flesh” in her mother’s room.…

HandcuffedKansas City, MO – An emaciated, developmentally disabled 17 year old boy was discovered handcuffed to a steel pole in a basement Monday where he had apparently been since being pulled out of school by his father last September.

Police responded to the home on Monday on a tip made from a neighbor on a child abuse hotline.  A woman answered the door when police arrived and stated she lived there with her husband and 17 year old stepson.  When asked where the stepson was, she said he was downstairs sleeping in his room.  She offered to go get him, but the officers requested to go down there themselves.

Their first clue that shit was terribly, terribly wrong was that as soon as their footsteps echoed on the basement stairs, they heard a voice from the basement saying, “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything,” according to Officer Jonathan Stone’s report.  The report continues, “. . . I turned on the lights.  I then observed a thin frail looking male getting out of the fetal position on the concrete floor around a steal [sic] support pole .…

Tameria GreeneDetroit, MI — Police have arrested Semaria Greene, accusing her of stabbing her eight-year-old daughter to death.

When police arrived at Greene’s home early Sunday morning, they found her performing CPR on her 8-year-old daughter, Tameria Greene. The girl was had been stabbed once in the chest and was lying unresponsive on her back in the living room.

Tameria was taken to the Children’s Hospital of Michigan, where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Doctor’s told police that aside from the stab wound, the girl also had bruises, possible bite marks and deep scratches to her face.

Semaria told police that she last saw her daughter as the girl was making sandwiches. She had went to answer a knock at the door and when she returned, she found her daughter lying dead in the living room. Police would find no evidence of sandwiches having been made, but they did find a large, bloody kitchen knife by the sink.

A neighbor said that at around 2:15 a.m. Sunday, she saw Semaria hitting the window of a van and arguing with an unknown man outside her doorway.…

Vicksburg, MS – A former childcare center worker was arrested after video showing a 9-year-old hell-spawn abusing infants purportedly under her care was viewed by police.

Recently released surveillance video from Kiddie City Childcare Center in Vicksburg, Mississippi shows a 9-year-old budding sociopath kicking, biting, and hitting infants. Daycare worker Sandra Trevillion can be seen in the video – but appears unaware of the 9-year-old anti-Christ’s rampage.

Satan’s minion can be seen choking one child and hitting another. The second infant is also shown being repeatedly kicked in a manner that causes the infant to literally disappear from the video frame.

Earlier in the week, a father of one of the children in the center was arrested for hitting a child he mistakenly thought was the evil-incarnate shown in the video. The father’s anger reportedly stemmed from cuts and bruises on his 1-year-old which he attributed to the 9-year-old sadist. That father, Jamie Williams, was arrested on assault charges.

Police have interviewed Damien and his mother. Police have not said if either will face charges.…

Statesville, NC — A woman has been charged with neglect after the mentally handicapped woman she was hired to care for was left alone on a back porch for hours, and was found eating garbage.

Whitney Hill, 24, was arrested on Monday after she left a mentally disabled woman alone on her back porch for seven hours. Neighbors called police after noticing the handicapped woman had been left alone the porch and was observed eating garbage that included a dirty diaper.

Speaking of chowing down on a full diaper, anyone else remember the simple joy of being handed a bowl of leftover brownie mix when you were a kid? I still like cleaning the bowl whenever I make brownies–no need to let that weed go to waste–but it just isn’t the same.

Anyway, when police arrived at the apartment and spoke with Hill’s boyfriend, they learned Hill was spending the day with a friend. Hill was employed by M & M of the Carolinas to care for the woman, but was not authorized to take the woman from the home.…

Houston, TX —Back in April I posted a story about Edward and Edwin Berndt, 48-year-old twin brothers who were charged with murder after living with their mother’s corpse for several months. Yesterday a Harris County grand jury refused to indict the brothers.

For those of you too lazy to click a link to one of my fabulous stories, 88-year-old Sybil Berndt fell inside her home where she lived with her two boys. Her husband had died fiver years earlier and her kids were each a few cans short of a six-pack after being born oxygen-deprived. So after she fell, the boys didn’t know what to do and just left her lying there.

It took three days, but one day after her 89th birthday, Sybil finally died. The brothers then lived with her corpse for several months until a welfare check revealed her fate and Edward and Edwin were both charged with murder. Some analyst argued the boys were so mentally disabled that they should never have been charged in the first place.…

Marathon, FL — John Black, 62, was arrested last Tuesday after being accused by a American Legion Hall bartender of neglect and battery of his disabled adult daughter.

The arrest report describes the female bartender telling deputies that “most days, Black shows up [at the Legion] with his 31-year-old daughter at 9 a.m. and they stay until 11 p.m. She said the daughter wears disposable diapers and Black never brings extra or changes them. She said he sits her down in another room, and then sits at the bar and drinks.”

The bartender called police after Black yelled at and struck his daughter for eating a sandwich that he had made for himself and stepped away from. When Black returned and discovered his daughter eating the sandwich, he reportedly became enraged. According to the arrest report, Black yelled at her and slapped her in the back of her head before leaving with her.

Deputies located Black and his daughter at his home. She reportedly had abrasions all over her chin and both knees.…

Houston, TX — Twin brothers are currently in jail, charged with letting their elderly mother die on the floor of her home and then living with her rotting corpse for several months.

Neighbors became concerned for 89-year-old Sybil Berndt after not seeing her for several months, so a welfare check was placed. When an officer arrived at the woman’s home he was let in by the her twin sons, Edward Larry Berndt and Edwin Christian Berndt, both 48. Inside the stinking home, the officer found Mrs. Berndt on the floor where she had been rotting since January.

The brothers would confess to police that on January 10 they had been trying to enjoy the BCS Championship football game when their mother came in to the room ranting and raving. She also fell and was unable to get up. The two men told police they didn’t have the money to get professional medical treatment, so they went the home remedy route. This entailed them leaving her on the floor.

She remained conscious for one day, and finally died after three days on the floor without food or water, one day after her 89th birthday.…

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