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VAN BUREN, Ark. — The body of a missing teenager may have been found stuffed in a barrel buried on property owned by the family of the convicted rapist suspected of being with her last.

Angela Allen, 16, was last seen on Feb 10 at around 7:30 p.m. after telling her grandmother that she was going out for a walk in the neighborhood. When she never returned, her family called police to report her as a possible runaway.

After doing some investigating, police found that Allen had been communicating with 36-year-old Lloyd Jones, a convicted rapist, on a social networking site. The pair had also been texting for the last few days, Jones allegedly posing as a boy in the 11th grade.

“They conversed back and forth,” said Chief Kenneth Bell with the Van Buren Police Department. “He groomed her. They built a relationship. He picked her up.”

Angela Allen

Jones was eventually picked up and placed in police custody on an aggravated assault charge. He eventually gave police information that led to them to a plastic barrel buried three feet deep in a shallow grave on property owned by Jones’ family.…

Stover, MO — Thomas Presley and his unidentified girlfriend are both in police custody after police say they attempted to conceal the beating death of the woman’s toddler by staging a hit and run accident.

Presley apparently told authorities he had stopped his vehicle along Highway 135 for a bathroom break early Thursday morning, when the toddler, identified as 3-year-old Blake Litton, darted into the road and was hit by a car. Presley claimed the car fled the scene.

Blake’s death was initially reported as a hit and run, but after further investigation, authorities essentially called bullsh*it on the man’s story. No skid marks were discovered at the scene, police say, and Blake’s injuries, which included violent trauma to the head and torso area, weren’t consistent with a car accident.

“We have determined the child was assaulted at a home in Stover, resulting in his death,” said Morgan County Sheriff Jim Petty.

Sheriff Petty also has reason to believe Presley told the child’s mother what really happened to her little boy, and she was fully aware of the staged hit and run, but played along “to keep him out of jail.”

Presley, 21, is being held at the Morgan County Jail pending formal charges of second-degree murder.…

Man Shot And Killed By Neighbor In Dog Poop Dispute

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Philadelphia, PA — Franklin Manuel Santana was shot and killed by a neighbor this week in what police are calling a long-standing dispute over dog crap.

Based on what police and neighbors are saying, the alleged gunman, 27-year-old Tyrirk Harris, has been allowing his two dogs to roam the neighborhood unleashed for months, leaving neighbors to clean up the foul packages the Chihuahua and German Shepherd left behind.

Apparently fed up, Santana confronted Harris just after 4:00 Tuesday evening. The two had words, and at some point, Harris pulled a 9mm out of a holster on his hip.

After a brief struggle over the gun, 47-year-old Santana lay dead on the sidewalk. Police say Harris fired multiple shots, striking Santana in the face and chest, and twice in the neck.

Harris, 27, was arrested on scene. He’s been booked on charges of murder, firearms violations and possession of an instrument of crime. According to investigators, Harris, a former school police officer, was, at one time, licensed to carry a gun but the license may have been revoked.…

11-Year-Old Boy Charged With Murder Of 13-Year-Old

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ALBANY, Ga. — 13-year-old Darius Wallace died from a gunshot wound to the abdomen on Saturday, and now two juveniles have been arrested — including the alleged 11-year-old shooter.

The 11-year-old has been charged with felony murder and tampering with evidence while a 15-year-old has been charged with possession of a firearm and tampering with evidence. Both are being held in a youth detention center. Reports on what led up to the shooting of Wallace are sketchy, especially since no one seems to be talking, but additional charges could be pending as the investigation continues, according to Dougherty County Child Death Team Investigator Greg Blackmon.

“We’re trying to unravel what’s going on. Like I said the appropriate charges will be based on everything that is revealed from the investigation. We want to find out what happened with the forensics of the situation. What the witnesses are saying,” District Attorney Greg Edwards said.

What is being reported is that Wallace and some other kids were inside the home of the 15-year-old charged boy where no adults were present but a small caliber handgun was.…

Mount Pleasant, SC — Police are still searching for the South Carolina woman who was reported missing hours before her fiancee was found dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Dara Lee Watson was last seen alive by her mother on February 6 when when she stopped for a visit with her fiancé, David Hedrick, at the family’s business in Boone, N.C.

According to Hedricks’ statements to police, he and Watson got into a fight later that same evening and that she had left the couple’s home the next day. he says that she has done this before after an argument but he is worried about her.

On February 8, Watson’s boss says he received a text message from Watson stating that she was fine. Watson’s sister would also receive a text message from Watson’s phone a few hours later. That same day, Watson’s burned out SUV would be found in Francis Marion National Forest, but the police there don’t connect it to the missing person case.

On February 10, Watson’s boss called police to report her missing.…

Man Beat Child To Death For Not Vacuuming Apartment

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PITTSBURGH, PA — Pittsburgh police say a 29-year-old monster beat his girlfriend’s 11-year-old son to death because he did not vacuum the apartment.

While  Donovan McKee’s mother was at work on Saturday, he was being subjected to a nine hour beating at the hands of her boyfriend, 29-year-old Anthony Bush. The man was upset with the boy’s failure to clean up and was beating him with various objects found in the apartment.

Bush admitted to officers that he beat the boy with wooden sticks, hitting him in the head, legs, arms and torso, and would then order the boy to clean up the sticks after they broke. Police said that Bush even used a needle and thread to close a cut he’d caused on the boy’s arm.

By time McKee’s mother arrived home later that night, she found her son unresponsive. Bush tried to get McKee’s mother, Cynthia McKee, to say the boy had fallen out of a window but she refused and called 911 — after first calling relatives — saying her boyfriend had assaulted her child. …

Broward, FL — On Saturday morning, a 52-year-old man died after he walked into a Florida shooting range, rented a gun, and then shot himself. When police went to his home to alert his wife, they found her dead inside the house.

Police say the man entered the Arizona Shooting Range & Emporium in Lauderdale Lakes at 10:18 a.m. and rented a gun. A short while later, he shot himself in the head while in the target-shooting area. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

A detective arrived at his home a few hour later but could not get anyone to answer the door, even though his wife’s car was parked in the driveway. Because of the day’s earlier events, the detective entered the house and found the man’s wife dead in a bedroom. Investigators are calling the deaths a murder-suicide.

Last October, another man committed suicide at the same gun range, leaving suicide note in the parking lot. In August of 2010, we reported on a very similar story out of Florida where a 24-year-old man killed his girlfriend before going to the Gallery Gun Range and committing suicide.…

Lake Wales, FL — A teen accused of brutally murdering his 67-year-old grandmother, shooting the woman in the back of the head with a crossbow and stabbing her approximately 93 times, apparently did so because he was pissed off at his uncle.

Jasper Aristotle Smiddie, 19, was taken into custody Wednesday after confessing the alleged crime to his father.

According to police, Smiddie initially intended to kill his uncle, but decided to take his anger out on grandma instead. That way, police say, his uncle would have to live with the death of his mother for the rest of his life.

Police said Smiddie, who lived with his grandmother, Gloria Helfrich, as well as his uncle, confronted the woman in her bedroom on Tuesday. He first fired the crossbow, then repeatedly stabbed the woman in the back, neck and face. He then left the room, but returned a short time later to bash the woman in the face with a wrench.

In what police are calling a “bizarre twist,” Smiddie locked his grandmother’s bedroom door and waited for his uncle to get home.…

Sydney, Australia – An unidentified 52 year-old man was riding a motorcycle on the Great Western Highway Saturday night when he reportedly crossed the median into oncoming traffic and collided head-on with a semi-trailer. The rider was ‘incinerated.’

The following day, police went to the home that the man shared with Denise Suplina, 48, to inform her of his death.  When no one answered, police forced their way in only to and discover a badly battered body – believed to be Suplina – in the refrigerator. The state of the body was such that responding officers have been offered counseling.

“Seeing a deceased person in the state they did is extremely difficult,” Detective Inspector Peter Yeomans said.

It is believed the body may have been partially frozen.

A black metal pole was removed from a bedroom inside the house. Police said they would examine it forensically to determine if it is the murder weapon.

“They seemed like normal, hard-working, decent people,” a neighbor said in an obligatory statement indicating that everything looked fine even though it clearly was not.…

SACRAMENTO, CA — Because she does not have a criminal past, the woman accused of killing her infant by cooking her in a microwave will not face the death penalty.

Last year, 30-year-old Ka Yang was charged with torture and murder after her 6-week-old daughter,  Mirabelle, was found dead in her home. Yang told investigators that she was holding her baby when she had a seizure and passed out. When she woke up she said she found her infant dead on the ground beside her.

An autopsy would later show that the baby had died an absolutely horrible death, suffering from the kind of extensive thermal injuries one would suffer if cooked inside microwave like a really messed up Hot Pocket.

It would take three months for police to finish their investigation but once concluded Yang was charged with murder and had her three boys, who were all under the age of 7, removed from her home.

Yang and her family learned prosecutors would not seek the death penalty during a brief hearing on Friday.…

Puyallup, Washington — As most have learned by now, Josh Powell, the man suspected of killing his wife in 2009, has killed himself along with his two young sons.

Police say that on Sunday, a social worker arrived at Powell’s home with his two sons — Braden, 5, and Charlie, 7 — for a court ordered, supervised visit. Instead, Powell pushed the worker out of the house and locked himself inside with his two boys. A few minutes later, after the social worker had attempted to gain entry, the house exploded.

Three bodies were found together in one of the rooms in the burned house, and while they have not been positively identified, investigators believe them to be those of Powell, Braden and Charlie. Here’s a gruesome update; the bodies were identified as Josh and his two boys. Josh used a hatchet on Braden and Charlie, causing “chop” injuries to their necks, but both boys and Josh died from inhaling carbon monoxide.

The social worker stated she smelled gas shortly before the explosion while Pierce County sheriff’s spokesman Ed Troyer stated that Powell had committed murder-suicide, saying the fire “was done intentionally.”

Reports also say that Powell sent emails to friends, family and his attorney shortly before the explosion that rattled windows in the neighborhood.…

Edmonton, Canada – Colton Barry Ferguson, 20, is on trial for the killing of Heather Rae Thurier, 23. Thurier was shot in the head at a light rail station in north Edmonton in May of 2010.

According to testimony, Jordan Arcand (the victim’s nephew, now 18), Travis Thurier (the victim’s brother), and Thurier had been drinking and smoking marijuana earlier in the evening. While walking home, the trio reportedly stopped at the Stadium LRT station so that Arcand could use a payphone.

Arcand testified that after Heather Thurier gave Arcand change and he began to make his call, Thurier and her brother spoke to a man with a backpack and red ball cap.

Travis Thurier told court that his sister approached a man and asked for a cigarette. When the man did not respond, her brother said that she repeated her request more loudly. Travis Thurier then testified that the man flashed a gang sign and said, “Do you know who I am and what I could do to you?”

Thurier then, reportedly, asked for a cigarette a third time while throwing change at the man’s feet.…

HARTFORD, CT — On Friday, a jury sentenced Joshua Komisarjevsky to death for the murder of Jennifer Hawke-Petit and her two daughters, Hayley, 17, and Michaela, 11.

On July 22, 2007, Jennifer and Michaela were picking up groceries at a local supermarket unaware they had been targeted by two men, Steven Hayes and Joshua Komisarjevsky, who intended to follow them home and rob them.

Their plans changed once they made entry into the home and became unsatisfied with the money they found inside the home. After beating and tying William Petit up in the basement, the two men tied Jennifer and her daughters to their beds.

Eventually Hayes would take Jennifer to her bank and force her to withdraw $15,000 where Jennifer would inform the teller of her situation before leaving with Hayes. Back at the home, Komisarjevsky was sexually molesting Michaela and taking pictures of the assault with his phone. When Hayes returned to the home with Jennifer, he raped her in the living room before strangling her to death.…

Gaston County, NC – Danny Robbie Hembree Jr., 50, was convicted of the 2009 suffocation death of 17-year-old Heather Catterton after they reportedly shared a sexual encounter for which Catterton received crack cocaine.

Hembree was sentenced to death for Catterton’s murder on Nov 18 by a Gaston County jury. Hembree is also accused of killing two other women, Randi Dean Saldana and Deborah Ratchford. In fact, he confessed to murdering them but – since the death sentence for killing Catterton – the point is somewhat moot.

One might assume that a death sentence would dampen Hembree’s spirits a bit. If the letter that Hembree recently submitted to the local Gaston County newpaper for publication is any indication, that is not the case at all.

“Is the public aware that the chances of my lawful murder taking place in the next 20 years if ever are very slim?” Hembree asked. “Is the public aware that I am [now] a gentleman of leisure, watching color TV in the a/c, reading, taking naps at will, eating three well-balanced meals a day?”

Heather Catterton

“I’m housed in a building that connects to the new 55 million dollar hospital with round the clock free medical care 24/7.” Hembree adds.…

Lynn Haven, FL — A man suspected of murdering and cannibalizing a homeless man in Connecticut was taken into custody at a friend’s home in Florida Tuesday evening.

Police allege 35-year-old Tyree Lincoln Smith murdered Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez, 43, with a hatchet, later snacking on the man’s eye and a piece of his brain.

According to the arrest affidavit, Smith was camping out on the porch of a Bridgeport apartment complex last month when Gonzalez woke him and invited him into the apartment where he was staying.

Once inside, Smith began beating the man about the head and face with a hatchet.

After beating Gonzalez’s head to a unrecognizable pulp, Smith apparently plucked out an eyeball and scooped up a bit of brain matter.

Those bits were then placed in a plastic bag and consumed later that evening during a visit to his cousin’s grave site.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what a human eyeball tastes like, wonder no more….Smith claims it tasted like an oyster.…

Houston, TX — A man is sitting in jail today, accused of beating a little boy to death, and the boy’s mother has come out to defend him.

On January 10, Tiffany Wells came home from the strip club where she works to find that her 16-month -old son, Casen Wells, had suffered a severe head injury. Her boyfriend, Joshua Beall, was watching him at the time and said that the boy had fallen off the couch and struck his head on a coffee table before hitting the floor.

There was noticeable swelling, but Beall admits that he did not seek any form of medical attention. Casen was rushed to the hospital by helicopter, but would die over the weekend.

Investigators did not believe Bealls’ story of how Casen received his injury and a pediatric specialist who examined Casen said the injuries he suffered were not consistent with the type of fall Beall described. Prosecutors believe that Beall struck the boy with an unknown object at least two times.

But the boy’s mother is standing by her man, stating that she believes Beall’s version of events.…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A man with a history of violent assaults has been arrested and charged with strangling a woman after severely injuring her with a sexual device.

On Monday, police arrested 39-year-old Anthony Politi after they were called to his home by someone reporting someone in trouble. When police arrived at the duplex, they would find Politi along with the dead body of a black female.

After hours of interrogation, police say Politi finally admitted that he and the woman were engaged in sexual activity when he severely injured her by repeatedly raping her with some kind of sexual device. When the woman would not quit screaming, Politi said he strangled her.

The woman’s identity has not been released, nor has the relationship between her and Politi been reported, but the two articles I read bring up the fact that this neighborhood is a very transient area known for prostitution.

Police plan on charging Politi with murder, rape and sodomy. I know it wasn’t, but until I find out what kind of sexual device Politi used on this poor woman I can’t help but assume it was akin to the strap-on dildo-knife from SE7EN.…

Ryan Brunn Found Dead After Apparent Suicide

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Canton, GA — Just days after pleading guilty to the brutal murder of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera, 20-year-old Ryan Brunn was found dead in his jail cell.

“Ryan Brunn was found unresponsive in his cell at 4:15 p.m.,” said Kristin Stancil, a spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Corrections. “He was pronounced dead at a local hospital at 5:37 p.m. of an apparent suicide.”

Stancil would not say how Brunn died or whether he was under a suicide watch at the time of his death, but 11Alive is reporting that a source close to the investigation has revealed that Brunn committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell.

Jorelys’ father, Ricardo Galarza, told CNN en Espanol that learning of Brunn’s death partly made him “feel good but, on the other hand, it doesn’t because my daughter will never be with me again.”

He went on to say that he felt that a lifetime of Brunn being watched after, “eating three times a day (and) sleeping with air conditioning” while in prison was not enough.…