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Houston, TX — Back in May, 23-year-old Matthew Carrillo and 21-year-old Melanie Garcia were both charged with injury to a child after Garcia’s 4-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital in critical condition, suffering from a head injury, bruises all over her body (including her genitals) and a burn on her thigh.

Garcia initially told 911 that her daughter, Kayla, had fallen out of her wagon and hit her head. It wasn’t until after the couple were charged and the little girl died that Garcia changed her story.

She says that her boyfriend was angry at Kayla because of a slow walk home from a Subway where a meatball had fallen of the girl’s sandwich. Once back at the home, Garcia says that Carrillo disciplined the girl by making her pull down her pants and instructing her to brace herself against a couch. When Kayla fell to the floor from Carrillo striking her with a belt, he allegedly picked Kayla up by one arm and beat her with the belt as she dangled in front of him.…

Buffalo, NY — A grandmother was shot to death by police after she stabbed her young grandson to death outside her home.

A scene of unimaginable horror is what two Buffalo police officers encountered when they were flagged down and brought to the front porch of a home. There they found 22-year-old Tiffany Fears performing CPR on her 4-year-old son, Roderick Geiger III, who was bleeding to death after having been stabbed in the stomach and chest by his grandmother.

While the officers began working on the boy they were charged by the child’s 38-year-old-grandmother, Charlene Fears, who was armed with two large knives. She ignored repeated demands to drop the knives and, fearing for their safety, was subsequently shot and killed by one of the officers.

Roderick was rushed to Women and Children’s Hospital, but later died. Charlene’s two other children, who were in the home at the time of the stabbing, were not harmed. The officer who shot Charlene, a 25-year veteran,  is not being named and the case is being investigated by the homicide squad and internal affairs.…

Man Hammers His Uncle To Death

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Colorado Springs, CO – 30-year-old Dennis O’Dell has been charged in the hammering murder of his uncle, Terry O’Dell, 53.  The attack transpired back in May, but Terry O’Dell clung to life in the hospital for nearly 11 weeks before expiring on July 25th, hence the delayed charge of murder.  Autopsy results have revealed the cause of death to be blunt force trauma to the head.

The story begins as many modern fairy tales do; with the purchase of methamphetamine.  It gets a little weird from there though, folks.

Dennis O’Dell had allegedly given his uncle, Terry, $120 to purchase some meth from Terry’s friend, Mark Pane.  They had planned on doing the drugs together; kind of like your basic uncle-nephew bonding experience without the forced butt-sex.  The younger O’Dell admits to having used meth twice that day prior to Pane’s arrival to deliver the drugs.

When Pane attempted to bring the delivery inside the house, Dennis freaked out a little, claiming that Pane had “a bad vibe” about him, which I personally don’t doubt. …

WAYNESBORO, Ga. — An 11-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to the shooting death of his father’s girlfriend last December.

The boy was 10-years-old on Dec 30 when he got angry at his father’s girlfriend, 31-year-old Jennifer Albright (pictured), because she had asked him to clean up some dirty diapers. Albright was watching the boy, his younger cousin and her 2-year-old daughter at the time.

In response to Albright’s request, he picked up a 12-gauge shotgun he had received on Christmas then shot Albright in the back as she changed her 2-year-old daughter.

The boy was charged with felony murder and gun possession, both of which he pleaded guilty to the other day. Juvenile Court Judge Willie Saunders sentenced the boy to be held in Augusta Regional Youth Detention Campus until he turns 21, the maximum sentence allowed. The boy can file yearly petitions for early release or reduction in penalty.

His mother, who does not have custody of the boy,  didn’t say anything in court but outside she apologized to Albright’s family, who wanted the boy charged as an adult.…

Cochranton, PA – A lesbian couple will stand trial for the brutal beating death of 20-year-old Brandy Stevens-Rosine, the third leg of their lesbian love triangle.

Stevens-Rosine had dated 18-year-old Jade Olmstead for about a year, but the relationship had ended with Olmstead moving in with 20-year-old Ashley Barber (pictured) at Barber’s house 75 miles away in Pennsylvania. Although they were broke up, Olmstead and Stevens-Rosine stayed in contact and Stevens-Rosine still did favors for Olmstead whenever asked.

On May 17, Stevens-Rosine accepted an invitation by Olmstead to visit her at her new home. Stevens must have sensed something was wrong because after making the 75-mile trip and arriving at her destination, she texted a friend that she had a “funny feeling.” Not heeding the warning, Stevens-Rosine was lured out to a nearby wooded area under the guise of Barber and Olmstead wanting to show Stevens-Rosine a fort they were building.

Instead, Stevens-Rosine was beat mercilessly by Olmsted and Barber, who kicked and punched her to the point of Stevens-Rosine screaming and begging for her life.…

Troy, NY –  Police arrested 17-year-old Trinity Copeland for fatally shooting her father in the head with a rifle after the two argued over the unauthorized use of a credit card. In a statement to police, Copeland claims her father told her to do it.

Trinity’s father, 47-year-old Harland Copeland, had been drinking when he approached his daughter over some unauthorized debit card charges. Her father complained to the police about the charges, stating he knew where they were made but not who made them. He told Trinity police were going to look at the surveillance tapes from that day.

Knowing that they would see it was her that took the ATM card, Trinity confessed to the $154 in purchases. The reaction she received was a little more then she was bargaining for. She says her father told her that she could kill him or he’d kill her then himself.

“I was telling him I was sorry. I told him that I wanted to tell him before he saw it on video,” she said in the statement.…

Aurora, CO — Horrific story out of Colorado as some dickhead walked into a midnight showing of the latest Batman movie and opened fire on the audience, killing 12 people and wounding at least 38.

The details have been coming in quickly since it happened, so some of the details I use in this article may change. But reports are during the showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” at the Century Aurora 16 theater, a man wearing a bulletproof vest and a riot or gas mask kicked in one of the exit doors and stepped inside while the movie was running.

After walking in, he tossed two tear gas canisters into an audience who didn’t know if what was happening was real or a stunt. They figured out the situation quickly after the canisters exploded and the man opened fire on the audience, shooting people at random as he walked along the rows of the theater.

“He looked so calm when he did it, it was so scary,” one witness said.…

EDGERTON, MO — Police have found the bodies of two sisters, 19-year-old Britny Haarup and 22-year-old Ashley Key, who were reported missing from Haarup’s home on Friday.

Police were called by Haarup’s fiancé, Matt Meyers, after he came home Friday to find the sisters were not there and his 6- and 18-month old daughters had been left alone and in the same crib.

Reports are that there was also blood on the couch, a truck was missing as well as some guns that had been in the home. They would be found Saturday on an abandoned road. There were no signs of foul play, and nothing was found during an initial search of the surrounding fields.

Fearing an abduction but hoping that the two women were still alive, family members gathered that night and held a candle-light vigil to pray for their safe return.

“Whoever has them, give them a phone, have them call us, put an end to this,” the girl’s father, Paul Haarup pleaded.

On Sunday, the Platte County Sheriff’s Department said they were speaking with a person of interest in the case and have executed two search warrants. …

FITCHBURG, WI — We just had a story yesterday involving a man using a vehicle to run down a woman during a domestic dispute, and now we have a man in Wisconsin in jail on murder charges after using his vehicle to run down his ex-girlfriend and his 2-year-old son.

Police said 30-year-old Jesus Castillo-Dimas and his 20-year-old girlfriend had recently ended their long-term relationship. I don’t think Jesus was on board with this breakup because when he saw his ex with their 2-year-old son, Yandel Castillo, riding in a vehicle driven by 30-year-old Miguel Menendez-Ruvalcaba, he began following them.

His ex told police that she and Miguel had lunch and he was taking her and her son home when she noticed Jesus was following them. After asking Miguel to pull into a parking lot close to her residence, Jesus pulled up beside them and confronted his ex and asked if she was in a relationship with Miguel. No one got out of their vehicles until Jesus began driving away stating, “You’ll see what is going to happen to you and your child.”

Thinking he was leaving, the woman and her son got out of Miguel’s car and began walking away.…

Mobile, AL — A 40-year-old mother of two was gunned down in front of her home Saturday after she confronted a group of men in a car speeding through her neighborhood.

The dark gray or green Honda Civic or Altima with dark, tinted windows drove down Racine Avenue Saturday afternoon and almost hit Wendy Fisher’s dog as they sped past her home. Angry, Fisher yelled at the driver who stopped the car about 30 yards away.

Fisher’s teen daughter, who witnessed the entire incident, say that at that point a black man with short hair got out of the car and someone opened fire on her mother, striking her several times in the chest.

She isn’t sure if the man who got out of the car was the shooter or one of the two or three men inside the vehicle. The man got back in the car and fled the scene, leaving Fisher to die. She was still conscious after being shot, but was in shock. Fisher was rushed to the hospital but would die from her injuries.…

TUXEDO, NC — Police have charged 24-year-old Morgan Bishop with murder after police say she intentionally ran down her boyfriend with her Honda Accord.

Police were dispatched to U.S. 176 in East Flat Rock Friday night after a call was made to 911 regarding the body of a man found on the side of the road. Police were able to identify the man as 45-year-old Roger Moody and concluded he had been a victim of a hit-and-run.

When investigators went to his home to notify his next of kin, they found Bishop there along with the Honda Accord she had been driving earlier that night. Police examined the vehicle and were able to determine it had been the one that struck and killed Moody. After questioning Bishop, they arrested her and charged her with murdering Moody.

The couple have a history of domestic issues throughout their two year relationship with both calling 911 on each other in the past. On the day Moody was killed, the couple had gotten into yet another fight that had Moody leaving the residence on foot.…

EVANSVILLE, IN — Here’s a story out of Indiana, involving some teens charged with murder, that could really be made into one of those “based on a true story” movies like Bully or River’s Edge.

On Friday, police arrested William Hurt, 18, Deadra Hurt, 19, Harley Wade, 16, and Andrea Hurt, 16. They have all been accused of murdering a homeless man, Marcus E. Golike, 54, and then dumping his body into the Ohio river.

All four teens lived with Debbie Hurt, a woman who runs a foster care home and brings in troubled juveniles. Deadra Hurt was her biological daughter, but Debbie had adopted William and Andrea Hurt. Debbie had let Harley move into the home within the last month, and just from reading the articles and comments about him, he is one messed up kid.

The victim was known to Debbie and the teens because Marcus’ mother was Debbie’s foster mother. Even though they were not biological siblings, Debbie and Marcus considered themselves brother and sister.…

Who Murdered Sierra Newbold?

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West Jordan, UT – Early Tuesday morning, Kathy and Brad Newbold awoke to find that their six-year-old daughter, Sierra, was missing. She wasn’t in her bed at the family’s suburban Salt Lake City home. She wasn’t anywhere.  Kathy Newbold called police to report her daughter missing, and within a half hour, Sierra’s body was located in a canal a block from her house. Yesterday, an autopsy found that Sierra was sexually assaulted and murdered while her parents slept.

That’s the story, so far. Cute little girl allegedly abducted from her bed, apparently murdered, dumped in a canal. It’s already national news. The parents are not, at this time, considered suspects. West Jordan is on high predator alert. It’s a tragedy. So far, it appears to be that rarest of crimes – a stranger abduction.  Not unheard of in Utah (see Elizabeth Smart), but uncommon anywhere.

I dunno, though. Maybe I’m cynical, jaded by years of stories that start out this way and end with a parent or weird relative or family friend on trial.…

TOLLESON, AZ — Police have charged 48-year-old Edgardo Luis Claudio-Marrero with murder after they say he beat his estranged wife to death with a toilet tank lid.

Police were called to Claudio-Marrero’s home after his estranged wife’s current boyfriend, Larry Turner, called them with concerns for her safety. He told them that Sreymon Claudio had dropped him off at a nearby fast-food restaurant so that she could go to her husband’s house and confront him about some jewelry of hers he had pawned. She went alone because she did not want her husband to know of her relationship with Turner.

Turner grew increasingly concerned when Claudio had not returned a few hours later, so he took a cab to Claudio-Marrero’s home. He waited in the cab for 45-minutes, calling police after watching Claudio-Marrero walk out of the home, search for something in his vehicle, and then go back inside.

When police arrived, it took Claudio-Marrero fifteen minutes to come out. When he did, police observed his hands had fresh cuts and were bleeding.…

Roxborough, PA – Geraldine Cherry, a 50-year-old blind woman, has been arrested on murder charges after a funeral director discovered Chex Party Mix, a lotion bottle, a piece of a diaper, a candy wrapper and 10 inches of rope in the throat of her deceased elderly roommate, 70-year-old Kathleen McEwan.  The kitchen sink has yet to be located.

McEwan was found on her back in her bed on June 10th.  She was unresponsive and pronounced dead, presumably of natural causes.

The manner of death almost went unnoticed until Ms. McEwan’s body was being embalmed.  It was at that point that Brian Hurst, a staffer with John J. Bryers Funeral Home in Willow Grove, noticed that her tongue was sticking out a bit.  When he attempted to push it back in because, you know, you can’t have the old broad’s tongue sticking out when people are trying to be all serious about mourning and stuff, a piece of rope popped out from her throat.

He immediately called the Philadelphia Medical Examiner’s Office to relay this tidbit, but the a-holes wouldn’t believe him until he’d texted a picture to them. …

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – I got an update on 39-year-old Mike Plumadore, the man charged with murdering and dismembering 9-year-old Aliahna Lemmon last year.

On Monday, a judge sentenced Plumadore to life behind bars. Plumadore plead guilty to the murder last month and saved himself from the Pancuronium bromide and Potassium chloride cocktail he so richly deserves.

A few days before last Christmas, Plumadore was babysitting Aliahna and her 6-year-old sisters because their mother was sick. They all lived in the same trailer park and Plumadore was a trusted family friend who had cared for Aliahna’s dying grandfather who passed away a few weeks earlier.

Plumadore said that the next morning he woke up and found Aliahna missing. This would turn out to be partly true as cops would find the girl’s hands, feet and head inside Plumadores’ freezer. The rest of her was found in garbage bags at a nearby gas station. An autopsy report would reveal the girl had died from blunt force trauma and suffocation.

Plumadore was charged with Aliahna’s murder and prosecutors were going for the death penalty.…

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Police say a couple took the law into their own hands when they allegedly tracked down their 17-year-old daughter’s pimp and then shot him to death.

Barry Gilton and Lupe Mercado say their daughter was lured away from home by a Compton gang member, 22-year-old Calvin Sneed, who then became her pimp. They say they tried talking to their daughter, tried getting police involved, and even placed her name in missing and exploited children registries, but were unable to get their daughter out from under Sneed’s influence.

But some of their problems were solved in the early morning hours of June 4 when Sneed was murdered–shot in the head while driving in an area close to the couple’s home near San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. The shooter was in a silver Mercedes-Benz SUV, according to prosecutors, and they say that shooter was Gilton.

In fact, they don’t believe this was the couple’s first attempt to take Sneed’s life. On the night of May 27, along Vineland Avenue in North Hollywood, an unknown shooter walked up to Sneed as he sat in his car  and fired nine shots.…

Peoria, AZ – Three men, Eduardo Mercado (pictured), Rueben Diaz, and Julian Tamayo, aged 20, 21, and 26, respectively, were reportedly up to no good on Saturday, stealing two paddle boats owned by Maricopa Water District while high on crystal meth.  The incident occurred on a small pond just south of Lake Pleasant.

According to police, the three men tied the two boats together and paddled out onto the pond.  However, Mercado is believed to have become frustrated with Diaz, who was paddling in the opposite direction of his acquaintances

It was at that point that Mercado allegedly did what any clear-thinking individual would do in such a situation, pushing Diaz into the water, preventing him from re-boarding, jumping in himself, and holding Diaz’s head under the water’s surface until he was good and dead, causing his lifeless body to sink to the bottom.

Tamayo apparently remained in his boat the entire time, agreeing with me that Diaz’s punishment was a fitting one.  Police say witnesses at a nearby facility saw the men in the water and called police. …