Jenea Mungia Used Garden Tool To Stab Son In Driveway, Mutilate His GenitalsIce Bucket Challenge Ends With Pit Bull Attached To Woman's FaceSarah Cieslikowski Killed Her Wheelchair-Bound Daughter Before Killing HerselfDomonique Smith Breaks Into Funeral Home to Screw Corpse, Steal BikeMother And Son Killed By Semi While Helping Stranded MotoristsWoman Charged With Maiming After Attempting To Chew Boyfriend's Penis OffJuveniles Accused Of Killing Teen, Taunting Victim's Family On FacebookMatthew Scott Accused Of Shaking His 3-Month-Old Daughter To DeathTeen Charged With Manslaughter After Police Say She Encouraged Friend's SuicideChristopher Taft Accused Of Shooting Sister In Ass Because Of Penis Cake

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