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Houston, TX — Back in May, 23-year-old Matthew Carrillo and 21-year-old Melanie Garcia were both charged with injury to a child after Garcia’s 4-year-old daughter was taken to the hospital in critical condition, suffering from a head injury, bruises all over her body (including her genitals) and a burn on her thigh.

Garcia initially told 911 that her daughter, Kayla, had fallen out of her wagon and hit her head. It wasn’t until after the couple were charged and the little girl died that Garcia changed her story.

She says that her boyfriend was angry at Kayla because of a slow walk home from a Subway where a meatball had fallen of the girl’s sandwich. Once back at the home, Garcia says that Carrillo disciplined the girl by making her pull down her pants and instructing her to brace herself against a couch. When Kayla fell to the floor from Carrillo striking her with a belt, he allegedly picked Kayla up by one arm and beat her with the belt as she dangled in front of him.…

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