Police Accuse Girl, 14, Of Intentionally Drowning 3-Month-Old Justice HulEugene Smith, 87, Killed By Pit Bull While He Was Taking Down Christmas TreeTwo Teens Accused Of Raping Girl, 15, Inside Dixie Hollins High School ClassroomBoy, 5, Kills His Baby Brother After Finding Gun And Shooting Him In The HeadJoel Lemasters Arrested After Throwing Peach Pie At Woman Who Refused To Give Him CigaretteTimothy Tucker Beat Girlfriend With Couple's Two Week Old Puppy Until It DiedJeffery Basey Accused Of Hiring Hit Man To Kill His Wife While Behind Bars On Child Indecency ChargesMichael Foster Arrested After Assaulting Concealed Weapons Permit Holder Inside WalmartThree People Arrested In Death Of 3-Year-Old Owen Collins, Whose Badly Burned Body Was Found In WoodsStanford Swimmer Accused Of Raping Unconscious Woman Along Campus Street

TAUNTON, MassachusettsHere’s a story making the rounds that has me a bit riled up. Two weeks ago, a Maxham Elementary School teacher found an eighth-grade special needs student drawing a picture of someone being crucified on a cross with X’s for eyes. Following standard school protocol, the student’s records were reviewed, and after discussions with staff and central administration it was deemed that the student complete a psychological evaluation before being allowed back to school. Now some may see this as a grossly overkill knee-jerk reaction, but in this day and age of school violence and shootings, these facilities can take no precautions or possibly suffer circumstances that may even have the school being held liable if it is found to have had signs of disturbing behavior from a student, who later shoots up the cafeteria, but did nothing about it. But this story has now made the news because it has turned religious in nature and Christians everywhere are being riled up into a teeth-gnashing furor after a headline read BOY SUSPENDED FROM SCHOOL FOR DRAWING JESUS.…

Michael Monahan Is A Tool

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Fall River, MA – On Tuesday afternoon, an employee at a sailing shop glanced out the window and noticed a guy parked outside, the trunk of his ’98 Grand Am open, with two small kids in the trunk and “he’s changing their clothes.” The witness told police he thought it was “kind of odd” that the children were naked and being changed in the trunk of a vehicle on such a wet, drizzly, day. A short time later the man, 35-year-old Michael Monahan, walked into the store –  sans kiddos. When the witness asked him where the kids were, Monahan told him that he had left the kids in the car. The witness walked outside to take a peek inside the car windows, but didn’t see the kids. After the witness repeatedly questioned Monahan about the kids whereabouts, Monahan produced a set of keys, opened up the trunk, and voilá! There they were! One of the tots, age 3, was asleep and the other one, age 6, was crying.…

Rhys Williams Is An EMT Who Shoots and Treats

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Boston, Massachusetts It’s all fun and games until someone loses and eye. It reminds me of a scene from an old cult classic “Where The Buffalo Roam“, a movie written as a loose depiction of Hunter S. Thompson‘s rise to fame as an author. In the movie, Thompson and his “attorney” Lazlo are in some undisclosed Latin American country and there’s some illegal arms trading occurring when one idiot picks up an automatic weapon and looses complete control shooting up the place. When the shooting frenzy has ended and the dust settles, his associate is fighting holding back his laughter when the maniac who can’t handle a gun beats him to the ground. And as soon as he is grounded, his buddy starts smothering him with affection and aid, truly remorseful for his actions. He almost sounds like Rhys Williams, and EMT, who shot up a couple of dudes and then administered help.…

Joseph Beatty Likes His Girlfriend A Little Cold

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Quincy, Massachusetts – “City of Legends”and “Birthplace of the American Dream” are just a couple examples of nicknames for this historic community in the Southeastern part of the state. The city is divided up into many different established neighborhoods with individual histories and characteristics. Scrolling through the names and descriptions of these sections, one clearly gets a great sense of pride and community spirit. No where could I find the area that might house the uber rich or the extremely impoverished. I’m pretty sure they’re not closely mixed though. Where do the really twisted fuckers live in Quincy and what do they do to get their jollies off in such a stodgy town? The closest I could come to answering that question was the story of Joseph Beatty and his little experiment with necrophilia.…

Alex Santana Should Have Used A Condom

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Southbridge, MA- Or more like his parents should have used one. Alex Santana, 18, is a selfish prick who doesn’t want to man up and take responsibility for his actions. Santana had been fighting with his 28-year old girlfriend, Leah Diver, for the past several weeks over the fact that she was pregnant with his child and he wanted her to have an abortion. Driver adamantly refused to have the baby aborted, so Santana went over to her residence last Friday and decided to abort the bastard himself. Once he was at the apartment, Santana argued with Diver even more and told her “she was going to abort the baby one way or the other.”

Worcester, MA – Darlene Haynes, 8-months pregnant and a mother of three, has been reduced to little more than a memory and a foul odor. After she hadn’t been seen in more than three days, and after neighbors began to notice a fetid smell emanating from the direction of her home, her landlord entered her apartment to investigate. Monday afternoon, he found her body wrapped in bedding and stuffed into a closet. The remains had already began to decompose – the body was so badly mangled that authorities had difficulty even identifying her gender at the scene. Once the body was on the autopsy table, the ME made a shocking discovery – Darlene’s fetus was missing. It had been physically removed from her body. As in, cut the hell out. The question now is, where the hell is the fetus? …

Kathryn Arcana Wanted The Money

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West Hartford, CT- Not a baby-beater, but this one really got my blood boiling. On July 24, police arrested 40-year old Kathryn Arcana, a worker at the American School for the Deaf, and charged her with first-degree larceny after receiving a complaint that she had extorted money from a learning-disabled, hearing-impaired co-worker. Apparently, it all began last December when Arcana borrowed money from the co-worker after she told him she had lost her wallet. Seeing an easy mark, Arcana became greedy and decided to make the man her own  personal ATM machine. She began sending him e-mails from her Blackberry demanding money she said she needed for rent, car repairs, and and other expenses because “her cousin had stolen money from her.”

Mansfield, Mass – Police received two calls from a Mansfield home early Friday morning. The first was to say that a man with a history of mental illness, 35-year-old Kristopher Griffin, had intentions of harming himself. The second call that came in moments after the first was to say that they had found a note inside a mobile home Griffin had been living in on the property. It asked for “forgiveness for sending Katie to heaven.” When police arrived on the scene, they found Griffin waling down the street barefoot with blood on his face and shirt. They also found his 6-year-old daughter Kaitlynn, dead in the basement of the home. She had been covered with a sheet and her throat had been slit. …

Leslie Schuler Failed at Fatherhood

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Worcester, MA This is a story of a father fighting for his right to bond with a son he hadn’t known for seven years. The father, Leslie Schuler, went through the court system a few months ago to obtain proof of paternity through a DNA test. A year prior to that, Leslie petitioned the courts for visitation rights. “I would like a chance to become the child’s father, not just a paycheck once a week.” Admirable. After 7 years of longing for a relationship with the fruit of his loin he got his chance to become more than a supplier of a few dollars a week and got Nathaniel Turner for the summer. So what happened within those few weeks that led to this 7 year-old succumbing to his injuries?…

Hanover, MassachusettsHer mother reported her missing at 1:00 Saturday afternoon…she had last been seen at 12:30. Police began a door-to-door search for the 6-year-old child when, about an hour after she was reported missing, an officer spotted her. She was bloodied and shackled at both ankles with an “official piece of equipment that you may have seen prisoners going in and out of courthouse in.” She had been riding her bicycle around her apartment complex when a monster grabbed her, carried her off into his lair, shackled her, and attempted to rape her. Somehow, the girl managed to escape her captor, 26-year-old Justin Shine. …

Carolyn Pierce Let Her Fingers Do The Walking

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Boston, MAWell whaddaya know…two female pedophiles featured on the Dreamin’ Demon in the span of one week. I don’t have a lot of information on the lovely Carolyn Pierce, and frankly, less is better in this case. Carolyn recently admitted to raping a 2-year-old girl she was babysitting for on at least five separate occasions. Carolyn, who also babysits for a number of families, wasn’t just the victim’s sitter, she was a friend of the family. Carolyn, herself a mother to a 2-year-old son, cared for the victim in the victim’s family home five times between June 9 and June 16.…

Tara Anderson Didn’t Want Her Baby

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West Springfield, MassachusettsEarly Saturday morning, a couple returning to their room at the Welcome Inn heard a faint cry coming from the room next to theirs. “I’m the mother of two. It was just my sense that something was wrong,” said Kimberly Dougherty. “It was a different kind of cry.” Curious, she stepped outside. She noticed the door to the room was ajar and peeked inside. In a room littered with beer cans, in the middle of the bed, lay a brand new baby girl, still covered in placenta, with her umbilical cord still attached. Kimberly and her husband swaddled the newborn in towels and waited on paramedics.…

New Bedford, MA- Owning a dog can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Like kids, they require a lot of time and attention. You have to remember to feed them daily, bathe them every time their nasty-ass finishes rolling in something dead, and you have to walk them every time they need to piss or shit, even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. If you don’t, you might spend your morning cussing them out while they hide under the table with sorrowful eyes and watch you try to scrub out their stains in the carpet. Dogs are a big responsibility, so that’s why I’m guessing these two cousins, Jimmy Correa and Jenny Torres, decided to give their one-year-old chihuahua, Princess, the old heave-ho.

Boston, MassachusettsChristopher Mundell’s girlfriend made a late night food run, leaving her 2 1/2 year old daughter in his care. How long she was away from the apartment is unknown, but it was long enough to forever change the life of her little girl.…

Brian Ganley Did It Again

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Lowell, MassachusettsWhile her 9-week-old baby was in the hospital being treated for a fractured arm, broken rib, injured spleen, and a possible brain bleed, the infant’s mother was on the phone with a friend. ‘He did it again,’ she said. He is Brian Ganley and he is being accused of breaking another one of his children.…

Gilberto Vega Killed Edilize Cruet

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Gilberto Vega

Gilberto Vega

Lawrence, MassachusettsResponding to a report of a domestic disturbance early Sunday morning, police found 16-year-old Edilize Cruet, lying in the street, bleeding. She was mowed down, head on, by a car driven by her mother’s angry boyfriend, Gilberto Vega. What started out as an argument between two adults, ended with the death of an innocent teenager.…

Susan Johnson Was Off Her Meds

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Susan Johnson

Susan Johnson

Gardner, MassachusettsDouglas Waite, a security guard for the Heywood-Wakefield apartment, was making his rounds and came across a gruesome and terrifying scene Wednesday night. A strange woman was in a laundry room of the complex, stabbing herself and a child, screaming, ‘Die! Die! Why don’t you die?’ That woman was Susan Johnson and the child was her 2-year-old daughter, Jocelyn.…

Kerby Revelus Does Birthdays Wrong

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Samantha, Bianca, and Saraphina Revelus

Samantha, Bianca, and Saraphina Revelus

Milton, MA–Samantha ‘Princesse’ Revelus, 17, was on the honor roll and heading to UMass Boston in the fall. It was just five years ago that Samantha and her younger sister, 9-year-old Saraphina moved to the states from Haiti. Not a typical teen, Samantha put boys and romance on hold, focusing on her studies instead. ‘She would just come home and do homework and go to church on Sunday,’ said Jessica Revelus of her adopted sister.

Bianca Revelus just turned five on Friday. She was an outgoing preschooler hooked on cartoons, grapes, and yogurt. She loved to tease her family and playmates with mischief and games. On the day of her death, her birthday cake sat on the kitchen table, awaiting candles and a giggly little girl to make a wish and blow them out. Samantha won’t be attending college and Bianca will never see another birthday. Both girls were brutally and viciously murdered by their brother, 23-year-old Kerby Revelus. (Myspace)…

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