Terry Davis Accused Of Molesting Female Rottweiler PuppyMan Slit Girl's Throat After She Convinced Mom To Break Up With HimMason Zisette Dies After Being Struck By Overpass While On Top Of Party BusMan Beat His Two Cats To Death With Golf Club Because They Betrayed HimTaco Bell Employee Accused Of Shooting Dissatisfied Customer With BB GunDollar General Underwear Thief Flees The Scene In Ice Cream TruckMan Sentenced For Beating Toddler To Death While Trying To Turn Her GayMan Caught In The Act Of Molesting Child Gets Severe BeatdownCraig Sytsma Mauled To Death By Two Cane Corsos While Out For A JogMan Left Kids In Hot Car To Have Sex With Woman Behind Apartment

Holly Morrison Accused Of Allowing Boyfriend To Sexually Assault Child RelativePORTLAND, ME — Holly Morrison has been charged with gross sexual assault after police say the 34-year-old allowed her boyfriend to sexually assault a developmentally disabled 14-year-old relative.

Back in November, the victim told friends and counselors at school that Morrison’s boyfriend, 59-year-old Donald Cass, had been sexually assaulting her for a month. She would later tell police that Cass would use objects to sexually assault her.

Even worse, she alleged these assaults were encouraged by Morrison, who she said encouraged her to get in the bed with the couple and shower with them. When interviewed, Morrison admitted to seeing Cass assault the girl on three occasions.

Although she said she didn’t approve of Cass’ behavior, she said he’d convinced her that sexually assaulting the developmentally disabled teen was normal. Morrison said she met Cass at a swingers’ party and that Cass, who is married, had visited her on weekends for the last five years.

In February, Cass would plead guilty to two counts of gross sexual assault. He was sentenced to eight years in prison with four years suspended.…

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Mans Death Threat To Victim Leads To Sexual Assault ChargesFarmington, ME – Meet 43 year old Robert Parker Jr., the man with a face I dearly want to punch with some especially nasty brass knuckles. If his face alone doesn’t inspire the same in you, allow me to add some details that will surely push you there, if not further.

On September 25, 2013, Mr. Please-Throat-Punch-Me-Repeatedly, was arrested two days after Deputy Kevin Hartley of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department, was sent to investigate a complaint regarding his handing out cigarettes to two girls under the age of 15. (Can you say, “grooming”? I bet you can!) One source indicates that he forced each of the girls to smoke around 50 cigarettes, which just seems like a waste of cigarettes to me.

After being arraigned, he was released on a pretrial contract that same day. I bet he was really relieved, but not for long.

The following day, Deputy Hartley received a new complaint. The ever charming Mr. Parker was apparently sending some rather impolite messages to the family of one of the girls involved in the cigarette charges, threatening to kill her if she told anyone about his disgusting, pervy ways.…

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Two Women Rescued From Mountain Drown Minutes Later After Driving Into OceanROQUE BLUFFS, ME - Two women got lost in Roque Bluff State Park where rescued by an off-duty firefighter only to drown minutes later when they accidentally drove their car into the ocean.

Melissa Moyer, 38, was in Maine from Pennsylvania to visit long-time friend, 37-year-old  Amy Stiner, who was five months pregnant. The two decided to go hiking at Roque Bluff State Park but ended up getting lost during a heavy storm.

It was getting dark, so Moyer called for help. The women were found by nearby landowner and member of Sunrise Search & Rescue, Wayne Hansom, who gave them rides back to his house on his ATV. Once there, a warden picked them up and dropped them off at their vehicle in the state park’s parking lot.

But what could have been one of those stories the women laughed about with friends turned disastrous when Stiner made a wrong turn. Police say heavy fog may have contributed to Stiner accidentally driving down a boat ramp and into the ocean.…

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Kyle Dube Accidentally Killed Nichole Cable While Staging a KidnappingBANGOR, ME —Earlier this month we reported that 20-year-old Kyle Dube had been charged with the murder of 15-year-old Nichole Cable. Yesterday an affidavit reveals that Nichole died after Kyle intended to kidnap Nichole, hide her and then find her so he could be deemed a hero. Unfortunately for Nichole, Kyle is an idiot who accidentally killed her in the process.

Nichole went missing on Mother’s Day after leaving her home to meet someone she had met on Facebook named Bryan Butterfield. A week later, after receiving information from several sources, police found Nicole’s dead body in a wooded area. The following day, Kyle Dube was charged with intentional and knowing murder.

At the time we first reported on this, there were not a lot of details regarding the relationship between Kyle and Nichole. The information in the affidavit fills in some of those blanks. Turns out Kyle had made sexual advances towards Nichole, but Nichole had turned him down. Kyle then created a fake Facebook profile using someone else’s identity and began communicating online with Nichole.…

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Kyle Dube Charged With The Murder Of Nichole CableBANGOR, Maine – Police have charged 20-year-old Kyle Dube with the murder of Nichole Cable, the 15-year-old who has been missing since Mother’s Day.

According to the girl’s mother, Cable was last seen near her home before she went to meet Dube, whom she met through Facebook. Dozens of law enforcement officers, using aircraft and dogs, and hundreds of civilian volunteers, spent days searching for Cable.

On the Wednesday following her disappearance, Cable’s mother pleaded for her daughter’s return during a press conference.

“I would like to say, ‘Nichole, we love you and if you’re scared because you ran away — you’re not in trouble. It’s OK,’” Kristine Wiley said. “If somebody has her — I don’t care [what happened] — take her to a gas station or a park. I don’t know what else to say. I’m waiting for you to call me and I love you.”

The day after Cable was reported missing, Dube posted the following to his Facebook regarding his girlfriend, who is not Cable:

OK so I don’t with the droma.

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Woman Threatens To Get Stabby After Suggested Threesome Fails To MaterializeRockland, ME — A 44-year-old woman was jailed earlier this week after she allegedly threatened a neighbor with several knives because he and his roommate refused her request for a ménage à trois.

According to the police report, Valerie Nile was hanging out at her neighbor’s trailer, drinking, when the discussion took a turn for the dirty.

Two of the three needed for a threesome must have sobered up a bit because it didn’t happen.

This displeased Valerie. Police say it was then that she walked into the neighbor’s kitchen and armed herself with three knives – she slipped a large kitchen knife into her waistband, and stashed two smaller knives in her socks. Then, she apparently started yelling, threatening, terrorizing and stuff.

In fear for his life, the victim, 56-year-old Edward Sabatino, beat feet out of the trailer and called 911.

When officers arrived on scene, they found Sabatino’s female roommate, 30-year-old Shanna Chickering, snoozing on the couch. When questioned about the knives and the threats and the other craziness, she stated that she did not witness the incident because she was, like, asleep.…

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Man Jailed For Smacking Estranged Wife In The Face With His DickRockland, ME — A 62-year-old man was recently sentenced to five days in jail following an incident earlier this year in which he reportedly bitch slapped his estranged wife in the face with his dick after she refused to have sex with him. rawr.

The victim in the case was apparently staying at the home of her estranged husband, Fred Thomas, this past July when he offered to pay her twenty whole dollars to have sex with him. When she refused his generous offer, he whipped out his member and smacked her upside the head with it.

I, for one, am impressed. Not to mention slightly turned on….

Anyway, Thomas’ attorney argued in court Wednesday the poor man was upset that his marriage of 39 years was ending and his wife was supposedly planning to run off to Pakistan to hook up with some dude she met online.

“This was not his normal conduct,” Defense Attorney Justin Andrus told the court during the sentencing hearing.

Initially charged with domestic violence assault, indecent conduct and unlawful sexual contact, Andrus was asking his client get probation and no jail time.…

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Infant Who Died During Stay With Babysitter Now A Homicide InvestigationFAIRFIELD, Maine — Here’s a story you may want to keep your eye on, regarding the July death of a 3-month-old girl that has since turned into a homicide investigation.

Back in July, Nicole Greenaway left her 3-month-old daughter, Brooklyn, in the care of friend and co-worker, Amanda Huard. The plan was for Brooklyn to spend the night but at 1:34 a.m., Haurd called 911 to report Brooklyn wasn’t breathing and was unresponsive. Six minutes later, paramedics arrived and rushed Brooklyn to the hospital but sadly, she didn’t make it.

The next day Huard would post on Facebook that she was living a nightmare.

“My friends 3 month old daughter stopped breathing in her sleep last night:( in devasted that it didn’t realize it soon enough. For the cpr to work:(,” she posts, adding that her daughter was the one who found the baby unresponsive.

Yesterday, reports were that the death was now being considered a homicide. Greenaway told WMTV that police have told her that Brooklyn was sleeping in the bedroom of the Haurd’s 10-year-old daughter.…

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Woman Charged With Beating Walmart Shopper In Checkout LineFARMINGTON, Maine - Police arrested a woman after they say she punched and kicked a female rival in the checkout line of a Walmart. God knows I have wanted to do this on occasion whenever someone in front of me pulls out their checkbook after they just watched their fifty items get rung up in slow motion, but this was more of a domestic issue.

According to reports, 32-year-old Sarah Hanson and her husband were shopping in Walmart when Hanson found her husband talking with another woman inside the store. Hanson ran up to the woman and let out a string of obscenities before leaving the store with her husband.

Outside in the parking lot, Hanson and her husband got into an argument that ended with Hanson going back inside the Walmart where she found the other woman standing in the checkout line. Witnesses say Hanson called the woman a name before punching her in the face. After the woman fell to the ground, Hanson allegedly began kicking her before leaving the scene.…

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While Riding In Car, Child Loses Hand In Freak Jump Rope AccidentROCKLAND, Maine — A 5-year-old boy is in the hospital today as doctors try to reattach the hand he had severed in a freak jump rope accident.

The boy was in the back seat of his grandmother’s car Tuesday evening and found something to do with a jump rope that was worse than the restraining methods I use them for–from a personal safety standpoint, that is.

The boy had one end of a jump rope wrapped around his wrist while the other end was hanging outside the car window. As they sat at an intersection, the rope got tangled in a car that had pulled up alongside them. When that car drove off, the rope was pulled, and the boy’s hand was yanked off.

A passerby stopped to assist the boy and provided aid until EMS workers arrived. The boy was taken to Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport and the driven to Mass General by ambulance after poor weather conditions prevented the LifeFlight aircraft from being used.

No word on if the surgery was successful or how the boy is doing.…

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Family Finds Body Parts In Dead Mans Storage LockerLEWISTON, Maine - The whereabouts of a woman who went missing 28 years ago may have been discovered after a body was found in a freezer owned by a man who died recently.

Frank Julian was 52-years-old when his on-again-off-again girlfriend, 29-year-old Kitty Wardwell, went missing back in 1983. Julian was the last person to see her alive and told authorities that the last time he saw her was when he dropped her off at a motel after a fight.

Wardwell has never been seen or heard from since and police said she probably was the victim of foul play. Julian was interviewed by police on several occasions, but never got enough evidence to warrant searching his property. Now the mystery of what happened to Wardell may have been solved after Julian died unexpectedly on October 1.

Some of Julian’s family members were cleaning out a storage unit he rented when they found an unplugged freezer that contained a gruesome surprise; human body parts.

The freezer was removed with the remains inside to be taken to the chief medical examiner for an autopsy and DNA test. …

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Self-Described Vampire Charged In Triple Homicide

September 15, 2011 at 10:28 am by  

Self Described Vampire Charged In Triple HomicideAUGUSTA, Maine – Police say a man currently in jail for his role in a Massachusetts triple homicide previously served time in prison after an assault in which he licked a teenager’s blood and claimed to be a vampire — and his facial tatts, piercings and body modifications on display in his mugshot are making him quite the online sensation.

Caius Veiovis, 31, along with Adam Lee Hall, 34, and David Chalue, 44, has been charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation after the men allegedly murdered then disposed of the bodies of 44-year-old David Glasser, 58-year-old Edward Frampton, and 47-year-old Robert Chadwell.

The murders were allegedly an attempt to keep Glasser from testifying against Hall, a ranking member of the local Hells Angels, in his upcoming trial for kidnapping, assault and battery and witness intimidation. Not surprisingly, Veiovis is no stranger to the justice system.

Self Described Vampire Charged In Triple HomicideHe’d already served over seven years in prison after being found guilty of elevated aggravated assault, aggravated assault and reckless conduct back in 1999.…

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Man Arrested After Calling To Check Credit Limit Of Stolen CardBelfast, ME — You thought the purse snatcher who accidentally sent his picture to one of his victims was dumb? Check out 22-year-old Jesse Grinnell.

He was arrested for allegedly stealing a backpack from a vehicle parked at a restaurant in Camden, Maine.  Among the booty was a credit card which he reportedly began making purchases on.

His crime spree ended, though, when police say he called the issuing bank of the stolen credit card to ask how much credit remained.

Bad idea?  Yes.  Especially when you call from your own phone…

Grinnell appeared to be well on his way to getting away with the crime.  The original theft did not appear to have been witnessed.   The two purchases that he made at a store in Belfast, Maine totaling $165 were videotaped – but he was not recognized.  The caller ID log was his undoing.

Detective Sgt. Bryan Cunningham checked the phone number from the banks call logs against police records and discovered that the number belonged to Grinnell. A police mug shot of Grinnell from a prior arrest was compared to the store video footage to link him to those purchases, police said.…

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Mom Confessed To Killing Boy Found Dead Along Side Of RoadCONCORD, Mass. – As everyone following this case already knows by now, the boy found dead along a gravel road in Maine has been identified as 6-year-old Camden Pierce-Hughes, and his mother has been taken into custody.

For those of you who have not been following this case, the body of a boy was found Saturday under a blanket alongside a remote road in Maine. Police were having issues identifying him as he did not match any missing persons reports. Even after they released a computer-generated photo of the boy, no one seemed to know who he was. The only clue they had was from a witness who saw a navy blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck in the area.

This bit of info is what led to the boy’s identity finally being discovered and how he ended up on the side of the road. Someone saw a suspicious vehicle that matched the description being reported in this case sitting at a Chelmsford rest stop with a woman inside. When police arrived they found Camden’s mother, 42-year-old Julianne McCrery, sitting inside reading the Bible.…

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Identity Of Young Boy Found Dead In Maine Still A MysterySOUTH BERWICK, ME — It’s been almost two days and police have yet to identify the body of a boy found dead along a gravel road in South Berwick on Saturday.

What makes this even more disturbing is the fact that as of today, no one has reported anyone missing that matched the boy’s description.

Police released one of those helpful, yet creepy computer-generated photos of the boy shown to be around 4 or 5 with short, wavy dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 3 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed 45 pounds wearing a gray colored camouflage hooded sweatshirt, tan colored khaki pants, and “Lightning McQueen” black sneakers.

Police are also looking for a navy blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. It has an extended cab and a full cap over the bed with a white license plate. Anyone with information on the boy’s identity or the pickup truck is asked to call Maine State Police in Gray, Maine, at (207) 657-3030.


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Woman Gets 20 Years For Sexually Abusing Daughter On WebcamBangor, Maine – Back in 2009 (when Rotten Apple didn’t hate my guts) we informed you of Julie “Mucklebones” Carr, the Maine woman who sexually abused her young daughter on webcam for the pleasure of a teen in the UK.

On Monday, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison.

Authorities in the UK were contacted by a woman after a teenager, Nicholas Wilde, sent her 16-year-old daughter child porn. Wilde was tracked down, arrested and had his computer seized. Investigators would find various images and videos of child pornography involving children as young as 18-months.

They would also find video of Carr, 33, sexually abusing her 2-year-old daughter on camera, following Wilde’s instructions.

Carr was tracked down and charged with gross sexual assault and sexual exploitation of a minor. She pleaded guilty in February 2010. Wilde admitted to 10 charges of making, possessing or distributing indecent images of children, possessing extreme pornography and two charges of incitement to commit sexual assault of a child under 13.

On Monday,U.S.…

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Man Accused Of Using Sisters Face As An AshtrayBangor, Maine — Some people just don’t know how to share. Others take as much as they can get away with. Anthony Bowie will take what he wants and if you don’t like it, he’ll put his cigarette out on your face.

Apparently Bowie and his sister prefer to roll their own cigarettes. His sister, who is also the victim in this case, was kind enough to allow Bowie to have some of her tobacco on Sunday afternoon. When she realized he had taken more than she said he could, an argument ensued.

Bowie was not happy about his sister’s reaction so he did what any normal, sane person would do… he punched a lamp and then pressed his lit cigarette into her face. I can feel the family love.

Bowie, 21, has been charged with domestic assault and criminal mischief. He was charged with an additional count of domestic assault after police determined he had punched his girlfriend two days earlier.…

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Bangor, Maine- It’s easy to predict that a story is probably not going to turn out good when you have a woman who is pissed-off, drinking alcohol, and has access to sharp, pointy objects. Cynthia Dorion, 57, was arrested this last Thursday after she allegedly stabbed her husband in the back with a knife in the kitchen of their home. When asked the reason for attacking her better half, Dorion told police that she stabbed her husband because “I can’t stand him and he drives me nuts.” Police say the attack appeared to be unprovoked and Dorion was allegedly intoxicated when she decided to get all stabby. She was released Friday morning after posting $1,500 cash bail. Dorion faces up to 10 years in prison and a fine of up to $20,000 on the aggravated assault charge, up to five years in prison and a fine of up to $5,000 on the assault with a dangerous weapon charge and up to a year in prison and a fine of up to $2,000 on the domestic violence assault charge.…

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MADISON, Maine – A 17-year-old boy has died after a friend used gasoline to try and start a fire on Saturday. Daniel Pomerleau and his 17-year-old friend decided to pour gasoline on a campfire they were having difficulty getting to start. Unfortunately, there was a hot spot in the wood and the resulting flash fire ignited Pomerleau’s clothing. Madison Officer David Savage told reporters that the teen suffered burns covering “almost his entire body” and that most of his clothes were burned to ash. He was flown to a burn hospital in Boston but would die on Sunday. His friend received burns on his hands, face and arms. I spent a good amount of time at the Chapel Hill Burn Center after a family member was involved in a work related accident. Because of other victims I got to know while there, stories involving people burning really hit me in the gut a bit. I hate that Daniel’s friends and family are suffering his loss at this time, especially in this manner, but dying is probably the best thing that could have happened to Daniel after receiving the injuries he did.…

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Two Men And A Child Found Stabbed To Death

June 24, 2010 at 1:37 pm by  

AMITY, Maine – Here’s a quick one I was waiting on posting as more details come forward,  but police need help locating a 1989 Ford F-150 pickup truck missing from the scene of a triple murder. Police say the bodies of a male, his 10-year-old son and another adult male were found stabbed to death in their home Wednesday night by a relative of one of the victims. They believe the three were murdered sometime that morning. the truck has a Maine license plate 4155RY and equipped with two different colored wheels. Spokesman Steve McCausland said the driver of the truck is a “person of interest” and should be considered dangerous. Police are not releasing the names of the victims or their ages until relatives are notified. I’ll try to keep this updated as more info comes to light, but feel free to do the same in the comment section. The article I linked to seemed to have the most information out of all the ones I read.…

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