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The hackitivst group Anonymous are claiming to have taken down over 40 child pornography websites. going as far as posting one site’s list of over 1,500 members.

I’m not going to get into the technical details of what Anonymous did because it is too early in the morning. Besides, they have posted a timeline of events as well as a handful of related documents over on Pastebin you can peruse.

I found the documents to be as entertaining as they were interesting and informative. The chat log between Anonymous members and the supposed owner of a server that hosted child porn was particularly humorous.

But basically, Anonymous hacked a child porn site, Lolita City, and released the site’s list of over 1500 members, including usernames, how long they have been active on the site and how many images they have shared. They are also claiming to have learned the identities of some of the people on the list and have invited the FBI to contact them if they wanted the details.…

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