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BELLEVILLE, IL —  A 12-year-old boy is breathing a sigh of relief after his adoptive parents are arrested and charged with torturing him by making him eat screws and do over 1,000 push-ups as punishment.

The oddly similar looking couple’s entertainment was brought to light after the boy confided in his elementary school nurse that he was being abused at home. After closer examination, the boy was found to have bruises on his back, legs and arms which sparked an abuse investigation.

Investigators state that the boy’s most recent torture session started before school when the boy haphazardly ate a cookie in a less-than-tidy manner. James Jennings, the boy’s stepdaddy, found crumbs in the kitchen and feared his dog would get sick by eating the cookie crumbs and, in turn, handled the situation as any clear-headed adult would.

James and LaShawn Jennings

He allegedly pulled the boy out of his room, beat the boy with a wooden paddle, made him eat the cookie crumbs off the kitchen floor along with some loose screws, then forced him to do 1,000+ push-ups on his knuckles.…

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