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Newport Beach, CA – Orange County businessman Mark McHenry reportedly enjoyed going to the Landmark Steakhouse even though he sometimes found their treatment of him to be odd.  One example given was an employee remarking to McHenry, who is black, that “black is the new white.” In spite of this, it was reported that McHenry visited ‘dozens and dozens’ of times that including bringing friends.  He was also considered to be a generous tipper.

McHenry sounds like a customer that Landmark would like to keep, but – after one of his visits – McHenry took a look at his Landmark receipt and saw that it referred to him as “McStinkyNigger.” He then dug out other saved receipts only to see himself referred to as “McNigShit” and “McCottonwood.”

In a deposition, Landmark Steakhouse co-owner Mario Marovic  described not discriminating “against any group of people on any basis whatsoever.” Despite this compelling declaration, U.S. Magistrate Judge Victor B. Kenton rejected the restaurant’s attempts to stop McHenry’s lawyers from inspecting the restaurant’s entire history of customer receipts to check for a systematic, widespread use of racial epithets.…

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