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ORLANDO, FL – Police say a 3-year-old boy was beaten to death with a plastic rod because made the grievous mistake of drinking milk from a jug.

The incident happened early Friday inside a Pine Hills apartment after 3-year-old Xavier Mokarzel-Satchel drank milk from a jug and ate some yogurt.

This angered 58-year-old Callene Barton, who lived in the apartment, so she began yelling at the boy.

Barton’s daughter, 28-year-old Lakesha Lewis, didn’t feel this was an adequate punishment, so she began beating the boy with a plastic rod used to operate blinds. She reportedly beat the poor kid until it broke.

Awakened by the commotion, the boy’s mother ran out, grabbed her son and ran back to her bedroom. Barton wasn’t having it and came after them. She grabbed the boy by his arm and leg and tossed him down the hallway.

That’s when the boy began having seizures.

Realizing they messed up, Barton and Lewis tried reviving him by splashing water on his face. When the boy’s mother tried to call 911, Barton slapped the phone out of her hand.…

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