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Kevin Dean ParrishLyons, OR — Does this guy look like the kind of douche that would punch a tiny dog in the face and toss it in the oven? Apparently.

Police in Lyons arrested 20-year-old Kevin Parrish earlier this week after doing just that.

Parrish was watching the 9-pound Chihuahua-Pinscher mix for his grandmother, who was out of state.

Parrish told police he had just heated up the oven to 350 and was preparing to make enchiladas, when the dog, Kudo, nipped at him.

Enraged, Parrish started punching the pint-sized pooch in the head and may even have strangled him a little.

Parrish then tossed the dog in the heated oven, police say, and was prepared to roast the little beast when he heard his brother enter the home.

Parrish’s brother and father rescued Kudo and rushed him to the vet, where was treated for cuts and bruises. He also had some singed fur, but is expected to fully recover.

Parrish’s father was the one to phone police, and is now caring for Kudo.…

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