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Baltimore – A Baltimore woman was able to smuggle a kitchen knife into a Department of Social Services and then used it to stab her 8 month old child in the face, chest and neck.

Kenisha Thomas, 29, was at the Baltimore Social Services office having a supervised visit with her infant daughter that she no longer has custody of.

Visitors are supposed to pass through a metal detector and are subjected to bag screenings, but as the end of their visit ticked away she pulled out a long, wood handled kitchen knife and started stabbing her baby in the neck and face.

Hearing screams of help, co-workers rushed into the conference room to see the mother holding the infant on the table and pressing the blade of the knife to her throat. Kenisha was met with a chair to the face and pinned to the ground until help could arrive.

Kenisha being the lady she is, exclaimed, “I hope my baby is dead!” and then proceeded to bite the man who was holding her down. …

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