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Barry Scott VickShelby County, AL — Not a lot to this story, but I’m a sucker for a bizarre mugshot – this one definitely ranks in my top 20.

This here is 41-year-old Barry Scott Vick. Yes, 41… I didn’t stutter. This is what good, clean living gets ya.

Anyway, he’s currently being held on charges of domestic violence after allegedly slashing a younger relative with a razor blade.

According to police, there was some sort of altercation (duh) between Vick and Joshua Henderson, 30. No word on what the two were arguing about, but I’m guessing Henderson was trip-trapping the fuck out of Vick’s bridge. Or something.

At some point during that altercation, Vick apparently pulled a blade and got all slashy, cutting Henderson’s chest.

Both men were treated and the scene and transported to a local hospital for further treatment. Henderson was released from the hospital and is recovering at home.

Vick is being held without bond at the Shelby County Jail.

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