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Mom Arrested For Gluing Toddler’s Hands To Wall

September 10, 2011 at 6:27 am by  

Dallas, TX — Elizabeth Escalona was booked on child abuse charges Thursday after police say she brutally beat and tortured her 2-year-old daughter, Joselyn Cedillo, as punishment for a potty training accident.

Authorities claim Escalona grabbed Joselyn by her feet and dragged her from one room in the apartment to another. She then reportedly applied glue to the child’s hands and stuck them to the wall, leaving them there until they bled. Joselyn’s siblings told police they witnessed their mother hit the girl in the stomach with a jug of milk, kick her in the gut and beat her with a shoe and a belt.

When it was all over, Escalona called her mother in tears, saying something was wrong with Joselyn. By the time grandma arrived at the apartment, Joselyn was unconscious.

At the hospital, Joselyn was found to have glue and paint stuck to her palms. The skin on her hands had been torn away in places. She was beaten, bruised and broken. An aunt told News 8 that aside from the bruising, Joselyn had a concussion, broken ribs and a broken leg.…

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