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Woman Jailed After Offering To Blow Cop For $17

October 31, 2011 at 3:11 am by  

Fort Walton Beach, FL — Janet Overdurf, 45, was taken into custody over the weekend after she reportedly flagged down an undercover officer and offered to blow him for a minimal fee.

According to police, Overdurf, presumably standing on the corner of Main and Desperate, motioned the officer over at about 8:00 Saturday evening. When the officer stopped, Overdurf allegedly offered up her oral skills. Her price, $25. The officer, obviously a haggler, talked her down to the low, low price of $17.

At this point, you’re probably mumbling something like, “Damn, Jaded! Slow news day, or what?” Yes, my friends. Yes, it is.

Anyway, once the two settled on the price, Overdurf was placed under arrest for prostitution. To make matters worse, during the pat down, the officer reportedly found a crack pipe stashed somewhere in the vicinity of the woman’s crotch. For that, an additional charge of possession of paraphernalia was tacked on. Surprisingly, this isn’t Overdurf’s first go-round with police…she has at least two prior arrests for prostitution.…

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