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hot carPALMETTO, FL – A three-year-old boy died Saturday after basically cooking to death in the car he had been left in while his parents attended a funeral.

Robert Anderson, 29, and Amanda Jo Anderson, 30, took two cars to drop their three children off with a babysitter so they could attend a funeral. Their 4 and 5-year-old were in one of the vehicles, and 3-year-old Kyrese Anderson was in the other.

After dropping off the kids, the pair drove to the funeral in one vehicle, leaving one of them behind – the one that still contained Kyrese. It wasn’t until they returned from the funeral a few hours later and asked about Kyrese that they realized what had happened.

“They get back from the funeral several hours later,” said Dave Bristow with the Manatee County Sheriff’s Office, “and they ask where the 3-year-old was, and the babysitter said, ‘I thought he was with you?'”

The couple ran to the car that had been sweltering in front of the babysitter’s house for a few hours and found Kyrese inside.…

OHIO — Sometimes I just cannot fathom how some people handle the heaps of shit dumped on them by Life and when I read stories about people like Kacey Stacey, it makes me feel like an ungrateful dolt for bitching about there being no creamer at work this morning. Stacey lost her three young children in a mobile home fire over the weekend and after a crash on a snowy road on Tuesday, she just lost her parents. Her father, Marc Royce, and his wife Misty, were on their way to help Stacey make funeral arrangements for Dwayne Charles Stacey, 3; Emily Rose Stacey, 2; and Alexis Stacey, 11 months, who died on Saturday in an accidental mobile home fire. While driving along U.S. Route 23 with Misty Royce’s two children from a previous marriage, ages 10 and 9, and their 6-month-old baby, they were struck by Nisa N. Kolovich who had crossed the center median. Kolovich had lost control of her SUV while trying to miss debris in the roadway.…

It Was All A Lie!

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Paducah, KY– Like many parents, it just kills me when my kids get sick. Every time, I wish I could whip out a magic wand and make their aches and pains disappear. I cannot even begin to imagine the enormous amount of helplessness some parents feel when they learn their child has a tragic illness and may die. The courage and strength it takes for them to somehow get through each day without breaking down amazes me. In January, Karen Clark informed a news crew at the Ronald McDonald House at Kosair Children’s Hospital that her 12-year old daughter was dying of cancer. “We’ve been here at least every month since last January,” said Karen Clark to the reporter. “It’s been a hard road but she’s making it. She’s very positive so we do okay with it.”

Carter County, MO – This here’s a story about love, betrayal, and bloodshed. The setting is Carter County, Missouri nestled in the Ozark foothills in the Southeastern part of the state. Census reports state a little over half of the residents there have at least graduated from High School. I’ve been through that area, it’s beautiful – “God’s” country.  And the one thing that’s generally coupled with unspoiled land is unrefined inhabitants. By “unrefined” I mean hillbillies. The movie Deliverance could very well have been filmed in Carter County had Georgia been struck with some sort of plague. …

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