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Valerie NileRockland, ME — A 44-year-old woman was jailed earlier this week after she allegedly threatened a neighbor with several knives because he and his roommate refused her request for a ménage à trois.

According to the police report, Valerie Nile was hanging out at her neighbor’s trailer, drinking, when the discussion took a turn for the dirty.

Two of the three needed for a threesome must have sobered up a bit because it didn’t happen.

This displeased Valerie. Police say it was then that she walked into the neighbor’s kitchen and armed herself with three knives – she slipped a large kitchen knife into her waistband, and stashed two smaller knives in her socks. Then, she apparently started yelling, threatening, terrorizing and stuff.

In fear for his life, the victim, 56-year-old Edward Sabatino, beat feet out of the trailer and called 911.

When officers arrived on scene, they found Sabatino’s female roommate, 30-year-old Shanna Chickering, snoozing on the couch. When questioned about the knives and the threats and the other craziness, she stated that she did not witness the incident because she was, like, asleep.…

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