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Vanessa-ClarkOXFORDSHIRE, UK – Psychotherapist and Ex-Christian Cult Leader, Vanessa Clark, has been convicted of indecent assault for age regression therapy that included skin-to-skin contact and patient’s suckling on her titties.

Patients came to the 63-year-old for therapy to get over past trauma, and were often recommended to her through a leader of a Christian cult that Clark was once the leader of.

Therapy would consist of weekly intense sessions that would ultimately lead to age regression therapy. Age Regression is the hokey theory that if you revert back to parts of your childhood through hypnosis, you’ll be able to overcome traumatic experiences by gaining insight on negative parts of your life.

These sessions bilked patients out of thousands and included “skin-to skin” body contact with Clark. After one female client became fidgety, she comforted them by explaining their “inner baby” needed to come out. She then asked the patient if she wanted to “have some of mummy’s milk,” and guided her to put her breast in her mouth. The patient, who said she was compelled to comply, did as instructed.…

Pensacola, FL – Have you watched A&E’s Storage Wars? My dad got me hooked on it. Dave Hester (“YEP!”), Darrell Sheets, the ever-quirky Barry Weiss, and the prickly Jarrod-and-Brandi duo go head-to-head in auctions of the contents of abandoned storage units.

There’s already a spin-off titled Storage Wars: Texas, and there may wind up being a New York version as well…however, no Storage Wars-related filming has been reported in Florida…which is either really good news or a total  shame based on what was found in a Pensacola storage unit last month: over 100 containers containing various human organs. YEP!

On Friday, 57-year-old Dr. Michael Berkland, a former assistant medical examiner, was arrested and charged with  improper storage of hazardous waste, nuisance injurious to public health, and driving with a suspended license. (Check out the mug–can’t you hear the sad trombone “wah wah wah” tones?)

About three years ago, Berkland rented the storage unit, claiming its contents consisted of stuff like furniture and sporting and household goods…you know, normal junk many of us accumulate and just can’t seem to let go of.…

Florida — A man is suing after an infection from a penile implant resulted in his penis having to be removed.

Back in 2007, 65-year-old Enrique Milla elected to have the implant placed to help with his erectile dysfunction. He wasn’t trying to make his dick bigger than it was when it worked, he just wanted the betraying bastard to work, period.

This particular procedure involves inflatable balloons inserted in the two tubes of the penis. A small pump and a reservoir of fluid are placed in the patient’s scrotum and connected to the balloons. Whenever an erection is desired, the person simply squeezes his third ball and the balloons are filled with the fluid.

Two weeks after having this procedure performed in a Florida hospital, Milla’s penis got infected and turned gangrene. Doctor’s had no choice but to amputate his penis in order to save his life. In 2009, Milla filed a malpractice lawsuit blaming his anesthesiologist, Dr. Laurentiu Boeru, and Dr. Paul Perito, the urologist who performed the surgery.…

Schifferstadt, DE – A German gynecologist lost his physician’s license after being found to have a over 35,000 photographs and several videos of his naked patients. He has since filed an appeal to get that license back.

The doctor – identified in the press only as 56-year-old Dr. med. Joachim K. – came to the attention of authorities last November after medical assistants alerted them to his collection of photographs. To date, almost 2,000 female patients have been identified as having been photographed during examinations at his office.

“He stands accused of secretly taking photos of female patients’ private body parts,” local state prosecutor Lothar Liebing said. “We now need to make clear to what extent he has done this and, of course, why he did this.”

As a result of the investigation, the doctor’s practice was closed in November. At the time of the suspension and closure, 700 women had reportedly agreed to press charges – fully 85% of the women identified from their pictures. It is presumed that the remaining 15% were simply bitter that the doctor had failed to capture their ‘best side.’

The doctor, who has not yet been charged, will appear before an administrative hearing on April 19 at which he will seek to overturn that suspension.…

COLUMBUS, GA — Police have arrested a pediatrician in Georgia, charging him with possessing child pornography.

Dr. Yancy Craft, 41, was arrested and charged with possession and receipt of child pornography after getting snagged in an interstate child pornography sting. He originally flew into the FBI Memphis Crimes Against Children Task Force’s radar, but they had to transfer their case to Columbus officials after Craft relocated there.

Yesterday a U.S. Magistrate Judge allowed Craft to be released on recognizance bond, but he is required to wear an electronic monitoring bracelet, have no unsupervised supervision with anyone under 18, not have a firearm and be subject to home confinement from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m.

Before moving to Columbus,  Craft, who also goes by the name Travis Mobley, was a practicing pediatrician in Tennessee and Arkansas.

Great. Parents are already paranoid about Boy Scout leaders and Catholic priests, now they gotta worry about pediatricians getting boners while giving their kid a checkup.…

MIAMI GARDENS, Fla. — Police have arrested a transgendered woman after they say she pretended to be a doctor and injected a mixture of cement, Fix-A-Flat, and mineral oil into a woman’s buttocks.

Oneal Ron Morris, 30, is facing charges of practicing medicine without a license after injecting a client with the mixture and sealing the incision with superglue. Instead of the new mud flaps she was hoping for, the woman ended up in the hospital with a serious medical condition.

Police feel there may be more victims out there too afraid, or too embarrassed to admit they let this woman inject them with anything, to come forward. Any potential victims, or anyone with more information on Morris, should call Miami Gardens Police at 305-474-1420.

They also say Morris underwent a similar procedure herself. If she was hoping for an ass so big you could see it from the front, I’d say the procedure was a resounding success.

Seattle, Wash. — State medical authorities have suspended the license of a surgical assistant accused of playing with an unconscious female’s nipple during her breast reconstruction surgery.

In April of last year, Stanley Romes was at Swedish Medical Center assisting a surgeon performing reconstructive breast surgery on a woman who had undergone a mastectomy.

After the surgeon had asked Romes to hold the woman’s right breast up and away from her left breast, the surgeon noticed Romes playing with the woman’s nipple. When the surgeon asked Romes what the hell he was doing, Romes allegedly laughed and continued playing with the unconscious woman’s nipple.

The Secretary of Health suspended Romes’ license for six months and are requiring him to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation before applying for reinstatement.…

Wichita, KS — Police say a 67-year-old doctor struck a landscaper on the side of the road, and continued driving for a few miles with the dead man on his roof.

The person Dr. Mohammad Sarrafizadeh hit was a 32-year-old man who was was working with a weed-eater outside a Hawker Beechcraft plant. Police believe Sarrafizadeh jumped the curb with his Toyota Sienna XLE and left the road when he struck the man who remains unidentified. Authorities think he is from Mexico.

They also feel he was dead on impact. “His injuries were such that chances of survival would have been impossible. He sustained massive injuries throughout his whole body,” says Lt. Joe Schroeder.

The force of the impact threw the man onto Sarrafizadeh’s windshield and then the roof of his van that’s equipped with a luggage rack. Sarrafizadeh did not stop after striking the man and continued driving for a few miles to his upscale home with the dead man sitting on his roof.

Numerous motorists witnessed the gruesome sight and called 911, while one followed him home.…

COBB COUNTY, Ga. — Two years ago, Dakota Valkyrie posted about 47-year-old Paul Serdula in our forums. He was the nurse anesthetist contracted by medical offices who got caught sexually assaulting his patients while they were unconscious. On Monday, he was found guilty of all charges.

Serdula’s sick activities came to an end after an observant woman at one of the dentist offices Serdula worked at noticed a cell phone positioned under the dentist office sink, trained on the toilet. The phone belonged to Serdula and when police checked out the contents of the phone, they found he had been very busy. The phone contained multiple videos of Serdula sexually assaulting women as they lay unconscious.

But it was when police searched his home that the full extent of Serdula’s deviant activities came to light. Hundreds of videos were found detailing Serdula fondling, groping and sodomizing patients at various medical and dental facilities. Police would state they believe they had hundreds of victims, several of them under the age of 16.…

Conshohocken, PA — A weight loss doctor has been arrested on multiple counts of aggravated indecent assault after several female patients say he sexually assaulted them during weight loss sessions.

According to Montgomery County District Attorney Risa Vetri Ferman, Dr. Arie Oren would inappropriately touch the women’s genitalia area with his hands or a foreign object during the women’s weight loss sessions with the doctor between September and December 2010. And man, was he a smooth talker.

Check out some of these pick-up lines the 64-year-old doctor allegedly used on his victims:

– “The visit is on the house because you’re so hot.”
– “You’re getting an extra special treat for losing all the weight,” and then used a massager on and around her vagina.
– “If you need a man, I’m a man,” he said as he inserted his finger into the woman’s vagina.
– “If you have an orgasm, that would burn 200 calories.”

I call bullshit on that last one as that would mean I burn 1000 calories on a daily basis, not including calories burned from the rapid hand movement, and I’m just not seeing the results.…

Philadelphia, PA — A doctor has been charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors.

This story truly seems like a really bad script for a horror flick. Over the last 30 years, 69-year-old Dr. Kermit Gosnell has made millions of dollars performing a procedure that most doctors will not do — late-term abortions. Prosecutors say that the doctor would prey on minorities, immigrants and poor women, lying to them in regards to how far they were in their pregnancies.

Gosnell charged $325 for first-trimester abortions and $1,600 to $3,000 for abortions up to 30 weeks. Abortions are legal up to 24 weeks gestation in Pennsylvania, although most doctors won’t perform them after 20 weeks, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say that most of the women were lied to in regards to how far they were along in their pregnancies and that once labor was induced, the women would give live birth to viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy.…

PHOENIX, Ariz. — Yesterday detectives arrested Don Underwood, a doctor of naturopathic medicine and a licensed acupuncturist, on seven counts of child molestation. The charges came after an employee of the doctor told police that her 9-year-old son told her about a “tickling game” he and Underwood played at his home while naked in bed. Detectives say Underwood has sort of admitted that he engaged in sexual conduct with a boy. “He hasn’t admitted anything that would rise to the level that he believes he committed a crime. He is specifying that what he did was for medical purposes and bonding purposes. He is somewhat in denial with our detectives right now.” Maricopa County Sheriff’s Lt. Brian Lee said. The doctor lived alone, but a said he’s seen kids at his house but thought they were Underwood’s. He has been booked on seven counts of child molestation and three counts of sexual contact with a minor. Authorities suspect there may be more victims and encourage anyone with information to call 602-876-1818.…

Boise, Idaho — Turns out the woman who was posing as a plastic surgeon and giving out fake breast exams is transgender. Police say Kristina Ross, 37, was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license after two women said she gave them breast exams at a bar. She convinced the women that she was a plastic surgeon named Dr. Berlyn Aussieahshowna. She would offer the women information about liposuction and breast augmentation before talking them into letting her conduct a medical examination, including a breast exam. She would conclude the exam by giving them a phone number to an actual plastic surgeon’s office so they make follow-up appointments. Police were notified after the real plastic surgeon received multiple phone calls from women trying to make follow-up appointments with Dr. Aussiahshowna. When she was taken into custody, they found she had a warrant for her arrest, but under the name Kristoffer Jon Ross. She was actually a he. Or rather, a he in the process of becoming a she.…

OLDHAM COUNTY, Ky. — A 38-year-old patient accused her doctor of sexually assaulting her last week, She claims that she while Dr. Ashok Alur was treating her for a pelvic injury, he began performing oral sex on her. The report stated, “While he was treating her, he pushed her pants and underwear down and performed oral sex on her. She told him to stop and had to push him away.” He was subsequently arrested and charged with first-degree sodomy. According to police records, Dr. Alur admitted to the assault and claims that “He was distracted and tempted and that caused him to do this.” He told police that the kiss to make it better lasted “30 seconds to one minute” (which if true, indicates the victim has quite the vagina to vocal chord delay) and told police he was sorry for the incident. He was free from jail after posting a $50,000 cash bond. One of his patients refuses to believe the charges (before it was reported he admitted to them), stating that Alur has been in her vagina multiple times and nothing sexual ever became of it.…

BETHPAGE, N.Y. – A pediatrician has been arrested, charged with producing child pornography. police say the little girls in the videos are his own patients. Police raided the office of Dr. Rakesh Punn and located five videotapes of him fondling patients as young as 11, some blindfolded, naked and possibly drugged. In a police confession, Punn admitted to molesting at least nine girls saying that after placing a blindfold over their eyes, he would videotape himself touching and manipulating the girl’s genitals. In other cases, he would use a small digital camera hidden on his desk to record girls exposing their breasts in various positions. Punn has a civil surgeons licensed issued by homeland security giving him the ability to examine immigrants looking to change their status. Investigators feel he used this vulnerability to his advantage and is why they feel it will be hard to identify all the girls on the tapes. His attorney, Nicholas Marino, says the confession was illegally obtained. “Before I acknowledge that there are tapes, I want to see them and I want to understand how they were made—under what circumstances they were made, how they were secured, how they were seized.” If any of you are looking for a lawyer after getting busted on video diddling 11-year-old girls and then admitting to police you did it, Marino is your guy.…

Nanping City, China – A doctor with a history of mental illness has murdered eight children in the Nanping City Experimental Elementary School this morning. Five other children have been taken to the hospital. Reports state the 42-year-old man was once a doctor at a community clinic, but had recently resigned or had been fired. The man entered the school and began attacking the first to fourth grade students with a 10-inch knife while screaming, “They won’t let me live, they are driving me mad. I won’t let anyone live.” Other reports say the man had a machete. “The man ran into scores of children of primary classes wielding his machete left and right, felling large number of children before he was overpowered.”. Six of the kids would die at the scene, two others would die at the hospital. The man was apprehended and his bloody rampage stopped after being confronted by some adults who knocked the weapon out of his hands with a broom.…

Doctor Spit On And Beaten In ER

March 8, 2010 at 12:35 pm by  

Chicago – Either Dennis Rushing, 38, dislikes being treated by a doctors or he was just born an asshole. I’m betting on the latter. Around 8:45 p.m. Sunday night Rushing went to the ER to be treated for an undisclosed ailment. While a doctor was attending to him, Rushing began to cough and spit in the doctor’s face. The doctor left Rushing to clean himself up and then returned with a surgical mask for Rushing to wear. Rushing became enraged and started punching the doctor in the face and knocking him to the ground. Security was called and they detained Rushing until police arrived. After a search police found .32-caliber bullets in Rushing’s pocket, but no gun. Rushing was charged with aggravated battery of first aid personnel and also with having the ammunition. The doctor sustained scratches, bruising and a loose tooth.…

Memphis, Tennessee – Skipping all the hassles of whores and Rohypnol, police say that Dr. John O’Connell with Lakeside Behavioral Health sexually assaulted a co-worker after hypnotizing her. The woman was trying to kick a smoking habit and the good doctor told her that he could help her quit that stupid, nasty, disgusting habit with a little bit of hypnosis. She agreed to it and for their second session they arranged to meet at his “satellite office“. I put that in quotes because that office is a room at the Relax Inn. I shit you not. Anyway, the woman went along with it and was instructed to lie on the bed where “he took off her socks and shoes, that later led to her shirt,” said said Steve Shular, spokesperson for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Dept. Court papers state Dr. O’Connell repeated “You are very relaxed and will not remember this when you wake up” to the alleged victim. She says he then fondled her tits.…

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