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Norman, OK — Jeffery Don Watson, 48, was arrested earlier this month after an employee at Modern Maternity in Penn Square Mall told police he exposed himself to her as he tried on bras and dresses.

According to the victim, the bizarre incident occurred back in late December. Watson apparently needed a little help adjusting a baby bump, a prosthetic belly that replicates the shape of a woman’s stomach during different stages of pregnancy, and called the woman back to the dressing room area.

While she was presumably tending to his baby bump, he reportedly grabbed her hand, asked for her digits and suggested the two have lunch together. The woman told police she declined his most gracious offer. No word on whether she snortgiggled first.

Watson then approached the cash register with his selected items. After paying for the merchandise, he reportedly told the woman he had some additional clothing he wanted to try on and returned to the dressing room.

The woman told police Watson again asked for assistance. …

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