Woman Accused Of Using Garden Shears To Cut Off Man's GenitalsGeorgia Couple Accused Of Permanently Disfiguring Child, Torturing Her For YearsMan Caught In Sex Act With Child on Disneyland Ride Sentenced To 31 YearsMan Accused Of Ejaculating Into Female Co-worker's Water Bottles, Honey JarChinese Factory Scalped After Her Hair Gets Caught In MachineryMan Admits To Having Sex With Dead Girlfriend In Attempt To Wake Her UpWoman Killed Thanksgiving Guest Because He Would Not Share His CrackGirl, 10, Committed Suicide After Fight Video Was Posted OnlineFBI Joins Search For 3-Year-Old Mariah Kay Woods, Last Seen By Mother's BoyfriendMom Cracked Newborn's Skull After Throwing Him At His Father During Argument

WILLIMANTIC, CO – A man accused of having sex with his dead girlfriend in an attempt to wake her up has been sentenced to one year in prison.

Back in January, police received a call about an unresponsive woman. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a deceased woman with heroin and needles nearby. She also had ligature marks on her wrists and ankles.

When they questioned her boyfriend, 39-year-old Graser, he told them he found his girlfriend sitting unresponsive on their bed with the drugs on her lap. He then summoned a neighbor, a former paramedic, to come check on her.

After Graser informed a detective he had been arrested months earlier for choking his girlfriend, police decided to question him further. That’s when Graser told police what he had done after finding his girlfriend on the bed.

“Aaron stated that he laid the victim down the bed and he rubbed her sternum,” according to the warrant for his arrest. “Aaron stated he listened to see if the victim was breathing and he heard gurgling.…

SAN ANTONIO, TX – We have an update to a story Morbid reported on back in 2015, regarding the corpse of a woman that went missing from a Texas funeral home.

Julie Mott, 25, died from cystic fibrosis in 2015. After her memorial service, her body was supposed to be cremated. However, the funeral home where her service was held could not locate her body.

Law enforcement was notified, and a search was carried out within the Texas funeral home and the surrounding area. Her body was never found. In 2016, Mott’s parents filed a lawsuit against the Mission Park Funeral Chapel for gross negligence.

To this day, the funeral home publicly states they have no idea how Mott’s body came to be missing. There were no signs of forced entry to the funeral home on the night Mott’s body went missing and no alarms were triggered.

When her body was first discovered missing, it appeared some ‘Last Dance With Mary Jane’ shenanigans may have transpired. There were even reports of funeral home employees asking an allegedly obsessed ex-boyfriend of Mott’s to leave the funeral home after her service so they could lock up for the night.…

YOUNGSTOWN, OH – A Ohio man has been accused of killing, dismembering and stashing his live-in girlfriends body in a freezer before moving in a new girl to take her place.

Arturo Novoa, 31, asked his landlord if he could store a freezer in his basement since his power was turned off and he “didn’t want his freezer full of meat to spoil.

A few days after, the landlord’s wife, short on ground meat for spaghetti and meatballs, thought it wouldn’t hurt to borrow some meat from Novoa’s fridge and return it later.

She removed 3 small screws that held a padlock and opened the freezer door. After seeing the freezer contained black garbage bags, she immediately closed the freezer and called her husband because she had “a funny feeling about it.”

The husband returned home, opened one of the bags and called police after finding the bag contained a frozen, human foot.

The coroner would later confirm the foot belonged to 28-year-old Shannon Graves, Novoa’s live-in girlfriend who was last seen in February but not reported missing until June 22nd.…

Jonathan Lewis HerndonLOUISVILLE, KY – Police say Jonathan Herndon killed is girlfriend inside their apartment and then lived with her corpse for days.

Police were called to the couple’s apartment on Sunday to perform a welfare check after the victim’s best friend became worried that she could not contact her.

When police got inside the apartment, they found Herndon unconscious on a couch trying to overdose. Police say there was a suicide note nearby, but they have not detailed what was written.

After searching the apartment they would find the decomposing body of Herndon’s girlfriend, Constance Thomas, dead inside her bedroom. She had been hidden under a pile of clothes and had a garbage bag wrapped around her head.

The official cause of death was later determined to be blunt force trauma. The weapon used has not been identified.

Police would also find Thomas’ dog, Lex, dead inside the apartment. Detectives aren’t sure if the dog died from neglect after Thomas died, or if it was also killed by Herndon.

Herndon was arrested and charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. …

Julie MottSAN ANTONIO, TX – Here’s a weird one. The body of 26-year old Julie Mott was stolen from her casket following her funeral service at a San Antonio funeral home.

According to reports, Mott’s body was taken from Mission Parks Funeral Chapel North following her August 15 service that ended around 1:30 p.m.

“The next morning when they came back to the funeral home, they discovered that the casket Ms. Mott had been in for the service was actually empty,” said SAPD Sgt. Javier Salazar. “Her remains had been removed.”

The funeral home locks up around 4:30 p.m., and since an alarm at the facility had not been triggered overnight, police believe her body was taken after it had been moved to a private visitation area in the back of the funeral home.

Mott died on August 8th after a life-long battle with cystic fibrosis. The owners of the funeral home are close with her family and have known the deceased since she was born. They are offering a $20,000 reward to help catch the person responsible for this “shameless act.”

Salazar told reporters that a single person could be responsible fro the theft of Mott’s corpse, as the girl was petite.…

Michael MayLINCOLN COUNTY, KY – Police in Kentucky have arrested 44-year-old Michael May after he was caught trying to dig up his father’s grave so he could argue with the dead man’s corpse.

Lincoln County constable Delbert Mitchell noticed a truck parked at the Pilot Baptist Church cemetery at around 10:30 p.m. Monday night and went to investigate. He would find May using a shovel and a pickaxe to dig up his father’s grave.

Mitchell said that when he asked May what in the hell he was doing, May began “hollering out verses” from the Bible and explained that he was trying to dig up his old man in order for his deceased father to go to heaven.

May’s father died more than three decades ago after being beaten to death at a sawmill while drinking with co-workers. According to Greg Haynes, the pastor of Pilot Baptist Church, May explained that his “Daddy didn’t do things right,” and he needed to be dug up in order to go to Heaven.

“He needs to be on the ground.…

Tonya SlatonHAMPTON, VA – Police have arrested 44-year-old Tonya Slaton after the remains of her son, missing since 2004, were found in the trunk of her car.

Slaton was pulled over by a state trooper on the morning of June 6 for driving her Ford Mustang on expired tags. When the trooper asked Slaton about a large white spot on the floor behind the driver’s seat, Slaton explained it was from bleach.

The trooper asked Slaton if she had anything in the trunk of her car, she claimed she only had clothes in her trunk. When the trooper decided to look for himself, he reported the smell of rotted flesh as soon as the trunk was opened.

The source of the smell was the corpse of Slaton’s biological son, Quincy Jamar Davis, who has been missing since 2004. His body was in two plastic bags wrapped in duct tape. The boy has not been seen since 2004 when he was in seventh-grade at Virginia Beach Middle School.

Slaton never filed a missing person report, and it doesn’t seem as the kid had anyone who cared enough about him to notify authorities that he had simply disappeared.…

body under bedHICKORY, NC — Here’s a story to freak you out a bit the next time you plan on staying in a hotel or, at the very least, relay to friends when they say the “body under the bed” story is just an urban legend. Police in North Carolina are at a Motel 6 after a dead woman was found rotting underneath a bed in one of the rooms.

Hickory police said an employee at the motel discovered the woman’s body underneath the bed on Friday after a guest complained about smelling a foul odor. “I heard some screaming and I don’t know what happened after that,” said Tim Brown, who was outside of the motel when the body was found. “I didn’t know anything was going on, to be honest with you, but wow.”

Police still do not know the identity of the woman, but believe a couple had been staying in the room and are now asking for help locating them. They have released a photograph of a white Previa Toyota van seen leaving the motel Friday morning and are calling the pair “persons of interest.”

Aside from the locating the couple, police hope to learn more about the woman, and how she died, from her autopsy. …

psychoRedford Township, MI – Police have arrested 64-year-old Dennis McCauley after it was discovered that he had been living with the corpse of 72-year-old Ann Marquis since November.

Dennis McCauley had been living with Mrs. Marquis in her mobile home at Long’s Mobile Home Court just outside of Detroit for about three years.  When her rent hadn’t been paid for 6 months, the manager came to her home to evict her.  When he knocked on the door, Dennis McCauley answered, and was apparently pretty nonchalant considering there was a rotting corpse laid out on the pull out sofa within easy view of the front door.

McCauley let an officer into the trailer and “the officer noted a pungent smell of decay and observed a corpse in the room immediately to the right of the front door,” states Redford Township Sgt. Kevin Crittenden.  “The corpse had obviously been deceased for some time and was partially dried out.”  I can’t help but imagine a comically short conversation between the officer and McCauley.  Is that a dead body on the couch? …

William JohnsonWILLIAMSTON, N.C. – Police have arrested 44-year-old Randall Johnson, accusing him of keeping his girlfriend’s dead body in his bedroom for days, even sharing the bed with her decomposing corpse.

Johnson’s girlfriend, 46-year-old Carla Bagget, was last seen alive on April 3 by her mother, sister and nephew who all lived at the mobile home. The nephew said every time family members asked Johnson if Baggett was going to come out of her room, Johnson would say she was either sleeping or smoking a cigarette.

But by April 6, he says they new something was wrong when they began to smell a foul odor coming from the bedroom. “That Saturday morning, my grandma went in there and said, ‘Randy, I’m sick of this, I’m going to wake my daughter up.’ So she crawled over him and as soon as she touched [Baggett], she said she was cold, stiff and she was gone,” he said.

When police arrived at the home, they found Baggett’s decomposing body in the bed shared by Johnson.…

West Allis, WI – While possibly under the impression that he wasn’t important to anyone, David Carter, 41, reportedly used a 9mm handgun to take his own life in his house in a Milwaukee suburb in 2007.

More than four years later, on January 23, 2012, his ‘skeletonized’ remains would be found by a real estate worker from the Milwaukee County treasurer’s office and a locksmith who arrived to inspect the home after it had been awarded to the county in a tax foreclosure.

In the years since his suicide, Carter reportedly never paid a bill, retrieved his mail, mowed the lawn, or cleared snow. His mail undoubtedly included the expected late payment and cancellation notices. These, of course, went unanswered.

According to news reports, near the time of his death, Carter quit his job as a nuisance control officer for the City of Milwaukee and told co-workers that he planned to ‘move to New Mexico.’ Never having been to New Mexico, his coworkers were unaware that the phrase “I am moving to New Mexico” is a completely reasonable euphemism for “I am going to shoot myself in the head and allow my bloodied and lifeless corpse to rot in stench and darkness.” It’s an easy mistake to make.…

MESA, Ariz. — Police have arrested a man and charged him with murdering his girlfriend and then living with her corpse for over two months.

Like most men, 35-year-old Erik Grumpelt wasn’t pleased when his girlfriend, 39-year-old Malinda Raya, informed him she had slept with other men in their bed. Instead of punching her in her whore mouth, he kneed her in the stomach until she died.

When he realized she would never again have sex with other guys in their bed, or breathe, he claims to have performed CPR on Raya for 30 minutes before calling it.

Figuring his reaction to his girlfriend’s infidelity may have been a bit excessive, and really illegal, he panicked and shoved her under the bed, wrapped in sheets. Fearing he would get caught if he tried to dispose of the body in some fashion, Grumpelt decided to just do nothing and let her rot away inside their apartment, hoping that no one would notice.

He changed the locks on the apartment in an effort to thwart his landlord from discovering Raya’s body and later, after Raya started getting ripe, he began placing room fresheners and sprinkling her corpse with carpet deodorizer.…

Hayes, VA — Brian and Shannon Gore were featured just a couple days ago, but because of recently released information, I wanted to get a quickie update posted here.

Investigators landed on the couple’s doorstep last week hoping to question the pair about some stolen gold bullion. During the course of their investigation, deputies found a shit covered young girl wasting away in a makeshift crib-cage inside the trailer. The tiny child was suffering from bedsores and severe starvation. Detectives say the kid was so hungry she was eating the flaky skin off her forehead.

Aside from the delectable flaky forehead skin, the child’s diet apparently consisted of Pop-tarts and sandwiches. She was allowed one Pop-tart in the morning and one in the evening. Every now and then she was given a sandwich to go along with her evening meal.

Brian Gore reportedly told police no one knew the child existed. He also claims the girl was born in the trailer on December 5, 2008, and has no birth certificate.…

Hayes, VA — While investigating a string of burglaries in the area, deputies stopped at the home Brian and Shannon Gore share with their two young children to ask a few questions on Thursday – in doing so, they may well have saved the life of the couple’s severely neglected daughter.

Inside the couple’s trailer, deputies found a 5-6 year old girl imprisoned in a crib that had been modified to form a makeshift cage – a piece of plywood on top of the crib prevented her escape. The naked child was covered in feces. Police say the girl was extremely malnourished and suffering from severe starvation.

“The doctors at CHKD (Children’s Hospital of the King’s Daughters) told us last night that if we had not discovered this child, by next week, at this time, the child would probably have been deceased,” said Chief Deputy Darrell Warren, Jr.

Though Shannon was often seen toting an infant around the neighborhood, neighbors say they had no clue she had another child wasting away inside the trailer.…

UPDATE March 15, 2011 – Because the autopsy results on Jill Fattig showed no indication of foul play, the charges against Tim Fattig have been dropped. ~Lizard

TOMBSTONE, AZ – A filmmaker was arrested Wednesday after police found a decomposing body inside his home. Police believe the body belongs to his mother.

According to Tombstone Marshal Billy Cloud, a deputy was sent to do a welfare check on 68-year-old Jill Fattig Wednesday. When he arrived at her home, there was no sight of her. With the woman’s welfare still in question, he went to question her son Timothy Fattig.

34-year-old Fattig is a filmmaker for Desert Scream Productions, a horror-film production company.  Originally, he told the deputy that his mother was in a hospital in Tucson. Police investigated this claim and found it to be untrue, at which point Fattig admitted that his mother had been dead for over a year. Apparently, Fattig claims he was so overcome with grief when he found her dead that he never reported her death.…

Highway Crew Finds Body In Box Along I-70

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FREDERICK, Md. — If you are responsible for leaving a body in a box along I-70, Maryland police would love to talk to you about it. On Tuesday morning a highway maintenance crew were working alongside I-70 clearing debris just past the Braddock Heights exit. About 15 feet from the guardrail, down a wooded embankment, they spotted a taped-up box barely visible in a wooded area. When one of the crew members opened the box, they discovered the body of a dead adult inside. The remains have been taken to the medical examiner’s office while homicide detectives, who are investigating this as a “possible homicide,” work on finding the victim’s identity. Missing persons agencies and surrounding police departments have been notified. Police have not released the victim’s race, gender or approximate age, nor have they given out any details on the cause of death or how long it had been sitting on the side of the road. I assume some of that info will be revealed after the autopsy is performed.…

RB: Corpse Taken For A Joy Ride

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D’D member Mystica43229 posted an interesting one in the forums. A crematory hearse, with a deceased passenger in the back, was stolen. Thieves dumped the extra passenger off at an unspecified intersection, gurney and all, and continued on their merry way. The hearse was later found abandoned, with a note saying where the body had been dumped. Source: NBC4

Liverpool, UK– Remember the movie Weekend At Bernie’s? These two sneaky ol’ dames must have seen it because on Saturday, police arrested them when they tried to smuggle a dead relative onto a flight out of England. Like the movie, they must have thought, “Why don’t we just pretend he didn’t die? Just for a bit!” The women, aged 41 and 66, covered the deceased 91-year old man’s face with sunglasses and managed to travel with the dead guy in a taxi from their home in Oldham, northwestern England, to the terminal. Once there, they pushed the dead man in a wheelchair and tried to board a flight to Berlin at Liverpool’s John Lennon airport. When officials became suspicious and began probing the corpse, the women protested and claimed he was merely asleep.The women were detained on suspicion of failing to give notification of death of a 91-year-old man. They have been released on bail and police say inquiries are continuing.…

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