Chris Peppelman Killed His Wife With Chainsaw Before Turning It On HimselfKevin Matthews Accused Of Molesting 3-Year-Old Boy During Delta Air Lines FlightMan Admits Feeding Pregnant Ex-girlfriend Abortion Drug In Smoothie, Causing Her To MiscarryMom, Stepmom Accused Of Assaulting Son's Alleged Bullies In School CafeteriaWoman Killed Walking Down Street When Flying Plywood Slams Her Into WallBoy, 12, Accused Of Fatally Shooting His 13-year-old FriendCharges Dropped Against Man Who Tricked Woman Into Drinking His SpermAlicia Carroll Charged After Leaving Daughter In Dumpster OvernightBoy, 13, Kills Younger Brother Then Commits Suicide Following Argument Over FoodTeen Accused Of Murdering Three Children With Machete

Gilbert BroylesGREENVILLE, SC – Police have arrested 23-year-old Gilbert Broyles after he admitted to sexually assaulting two girls, ages 6 and 4, in a church where he worked.

Broyles worked as a videographer at the Greenville Presbyterian Church. During a church meeting, Broyles admitted to molesting the girls in front of church elders as well as the alleged victims’ father.

“The father [of the victims] was present when he admitted to it,” said spokesperson for the Greenville Police Department, Jonathan Bragg. “The father is also a church member and came to report the abuse to us.”

According to police records, He admitted that the abuse took place numerous times in the audio room of the church for almost two months. He admitted to pulling down the 4-year-old’s clothes and touching her genitals, as well as molesting the 6-year-old.

Broyles was arrested and charged with multiple felony counts of criminal sexual conduct with a minor. He is currently being held without bond. Police are asking that anyone with more information to contact them at 864-467-5022.…

James McGonegalCleveland, OH- A Catholic priest in Ohio is facing felony charges after he tried to solicit sex from a park ranger, knowing that he was HIV positive.

According to the arrest report, Reverend James McGonegal was in his Jeep at Edgewater Park when he struck up a conversation with a park ranger dressed in plain clothes. McGonegal told the ranger he was “cruisin” and would pay him $50 to help him “get off.” During this conversation, McGonegal was rubbing his dick through his pants.

This alone was enough for the ranger to charge McGonegal with soliciting sex after testing positive for HIV, which is a felony. But this ranger went the extra mile and got a public indecency charge after he asked the priest to show him his dick, and the priest obliged.

That’s when the ranger identified himself and arrested McGonegal. Later, while in the back seat of a patrol car, McGonegal informed the ranger that he was HIV positive.

A search of the priest’s Jeep yielded  at least three sex devices, including a cock-ring wrapped around a bottle of Isobutyl Nitrate, an inhalant commonly used to intensify orgasms. …

Charles PrestonNASHUA, NH — A father and son picked the wrong bingo game to rob the other night and ended up behind bars after some bingo volunteers fought back.

The failed robbery attempt happened last Saturday night at the Eagle’s Wing Function Center, where The Blessed John Church was wrapping up their weekly Saturday night bingo game. As one of the bingo volunteers was counting money and getting payouts ready, 46-year-old Charles Preston walked in to the office and demanded money.

“He just waltzed right in, threw a lunch bag cooler at me and said ‘throw the money in the bag’,” says the volunteer who wanted to remain anonymous. “I just sat there staring at him.” Preston wasn’t happy with the staring and tried a little motivation technique by pulling out a gun and saying, “This ain’t a joke, put the (expletive) money in the bag.”

Still not getting the reaction he was looking for, Preston put his gun down and started putting some of the $15,000 in the bag himself.…

Keisha HolmesPortsmouth, VA – A mother is facing murder charges after police say she smothered her one-month-old son to death at a Virginia church.

Keisha Holmes is facing first degree murder charges after she took her son to Holy Trinity Church on August 7 and smothered him with a pillow until he stopped breathing.

Afterwards, Holmes called 911 and told a dispatcher what she had done. When police arrived at her home, which was near the church, they found the baby dead in his crib. Paramedics arrived and tried to revive the baby, but were unsuccessful.

“When we got closer we noticed it was a baby. That hurts because we saw a little baby laying in the front yard trying to be revived,” said one of Holmes’ neighbors. “When they lifted that baby up the baby was still limp. It just tore me up. It really broke me up.”

Holmes gave a full confession to police and was arrested at the scene.

Church members said that Holmes was not a regular member of the church and had just started attending within the few weeks before she murdered her son.…

Allen Scott HamiltonLOUISVILLE, KY – I know times are tough for some, but come on. Police have arrested two people who used a 3-year-old to steal a wallet at a local church.

On June 23, 26-year-old Allen Scott Hamilton drove 26-year-old Kimberly Mills and her 3-year-old daughter to the Faith Community Church while a religious service was taking place. According to the arrest warrant, Mills used this opportunity to enter an “employees only” area of the church.

Once inside, Mills allegedly instructed her 3-year-old to take a wallet from one of the church offices. Luckily, the church’s pastor, Richard Pearson, walked into the office and caught them red-handed. Mills tried telling the pastor that her daughter had found the wallet, but that didn’t explain why Mills was holding the victim’s credit cards in her hand.

Not too happy having the roles reversed, Mills and her daughter were escorted out of the church where they got into a car driven by Hamilton. Before they drove off, the victim was able to get their license plate number. …

Aaron LittleSEATTLE, WA – Police have arrested a Level 2 sex offender after he allegedly sexually assaulted a woman inside a church Sunday morning.

Police say 37-year-old Aaron Little was at St. Spiridon Orthodox Cathedral during 9:30 a.m. church services, sitting behind the victim. Church members were already familiar with Little, as he had caused problems the Sunday before and police had to be called.

Now he was back, and when the 25-year-old woman’s row stood up to perform some kind of bizarre church related ritual, Little reached over and lifted the woman’s skirt so he could sneak a peek at her goods. The woman didn’t even realize what happened, but several of her relatives did. They immediately took Little out of the church through the front door.

But Little was a persistent son-of-a-bitch. Before those relatives could even get back inside the church, Little slipped inside through a side door, went over to the victim, lifted up her skirt and sexually assaulted her. The woman ran away from Little and once again, her relative caught up to him and held him until police arrived.…

Larry DuRantSumter, SC – Police say 58-year-old Larry Durant used his position as a pastor at Word International Ministries to get close to the three young females he sexually assaulted.

According to court documents, police were alerted to Durant’s activities in May after a parent got involved and had a conversation with one of Durant’s alleged victims. They then went to law enforcement with their claims and an investigation began.

That investigation would reveal that, as early as 2011, Durant offered private prayer sessions with young girls where he performed sex acts to heal them from “liking females, contracting sexual diseases or becoming pregnant early.”

So far they have identified three victims, one as young as 11-years-old. One of the victims claims that when she was 18, Durant had sex with her at his home and told her it was to stop her from “liking females”. She said DuRant told her if she told anyone about their private prayer session, she would be going “against God’s will”.

Police believe that there are more victims out there and are asking members of the church’s congregation to talk to their children.…

Cedric CuthbertSANFORD, FL — Rev. Cedric Cuthbert, 49, was arrested Monday on child pornography charges after police say he was viewing child pornography on his computer while on the job at a Disney resort.

Police were first notified about Cuthbert’s actions after Disney contacted them in April after discovering that Cuthbert was trying to access blocked websites while at work at Disney World’s Port Orleans Resort. He was a housekeeping manager there for more than seven years.

Investigators said Cuthbert, a pastor at the St. James AME Church in Sanford, wrote sermons on the same computer he was using to look at young girls performing sex acts on YouTube. He was also accused of reaching out to some of these young ladies in an attempt to offer them guidance.

“you are so cute! Great sexy bodi! Send me a private vid,” he allegedly wrote to one girl. According to the arrest affidavit, semen was found in Cuthbert’s Disney office.

Cedric Cuthbert was arrested and charged with soliciting a child for unlawful sexual conduct and possession of a sexual performance by a child.…

Henry Clifford Byrd SrWINSTON-SALEM, NC –  Police say 65-year-old Henry Clifford Byrd Sr., a registered sex offender, is in custody after being accused of raping a 10-year-old girl at a church in Winston-Salem last week.

Police began investigating after being called to the church over allegations that a young girl had been sexually assaulted during a church event at the New Bethel Baptist Church.

Byrd, who served three years for taking indecent liberties with a minor back in 2000, had been invited to participate in church activities. We all know pedophiles and churches go together like rama lama lama ka dinga da dinga dong, and during the evening’s festivities, Byrd sexually assaulted the girl.

Henry Clifford Byrd Sr. was arrested at his home without incident, and charged with first-degree rape and with taking indecent liberties with the girl. No details were released about how Byrd was able to molest the girl without attracting the attention of others.

Police said Byrd was placed in the Forsyth County Detention Center under a $500,000 secured bond and is scheduled to be back in court on April 25. …

William StevenBaltimore, MD – Police have arrested 67-year-old William Steven Albaugh, a deacon for Baltimore’s St. Joseph’s Church, after Verizon found he was storing child porn on their servers.

Detectives first became aware of Albaugh after Verizon Online notified the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children that that Albaugh, a subscriber to their Verizon Online Backup and Sharing, was storing child porn on their online cloud storage system.

Albaugh was arrested on March 1st, and admitted he had been viewing child porn since the ’70s but that he would never harm a child. Police would discover child porn on both his Verizon account and on a flash drive, and would seize two PCs and an iPad.

Police do not feel any of the images they found depict children from St. Joseph’s, its school, or the Fullerton community. The Archdiocese of Baltimore released a statement  stating they have never received any prior allegations against Albaugh, who was ordained in 1996.

Albaugh was charged with possessing child pornography and has since been released on $75,000 bond as the investigation continues.…

COUDERSPORT, PA — An elementary school music teacher walked into a Sunday church service and shot his ex-wife while she played the organ. He returned minutes later and shot her again to ensure she was dead.

Darlene Sitler, 53, was seated at the organ during the Sunday morning service at First United Presbyterian Church of Coudersport when her ex husband, 53-year-old Gregory Eldred, walked in through a rear door behind the choir.

According to the pastor, Eldred leveled a handgun at Sitler and then shot her. Sitler fell into the organ pit as Eldred walked out of the church. Witnesses say he went to his truck in the parking lot but returned five minutes later.

Some of the congregation tried to keep Eldred from entering, but Eldred said he had to “finish this” and threatened to kill anyone who got in his way. He then walked over to his ex-wife, who was believed to still be alive, saying, “I got to see if she’s dead,” before shooting at her two more times.…

Pastor Beaten To Death With Electric Guitar

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FOREST HILL, TX – The pastor for Greater Sweethome Missionary Baptist Church was beaten to death with an electric guitar by a man who drove his car into the church and was later found dead in the back of a police car.

At about 11:15 a.m. Monday, 33-year-old Derrick Birdow drove a car into the side of the church before getting out and assaulting Pastor Danny Kirk. According to a secretary who had locked herself inside an office, Kirk and a church custodian had been scuffling with Birdow inside and outside of the church moments before Birdow beat the pastor to death with a guitar.

Police arrived on the scene and had to use a Taser to subdue Birdow. He was found unresponsive in the back of a patrol car and then later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Birdow’s children may have attended the church, according to his cousin, but there was no known conflict between Birdow and Kirk. Birdow’s brother said that his sibling didn’t know the pastor at all and had become increasingly paranoid in the last week, claiming people were trying to kill him and that someone had stuck a needle in his arm.…

NEWPORT, Ky. — I have stated my opinion on women drivers multiple times on this site and every time I do, someone inevitably gets angry with me and I get hate mail. But I am in a good mood this morning so I will bite my tongue and not use this tragic story to rail on you females and how, by and large, you all are horrible, horrible drivers.

Kimberly Riggs, 40, and her 15-year-old daughter had just left church services at the Newport Church of God on Sunday when Riggs wanted her daughter to practice her driving skills in the parking lot. That’s when an unbelievable chain of events occurred, leaving Riggs dead and her daughter unlikely to get behind the wheel of a car for a very long time.

According to Newport police, Riggs was standing outside of a car in the parking lot as her daughter sat in the driver’s seat. Witnesses said the car suddenly lurched backward and the open door hit Riggs, knocking her to the ground.…

DEEP GAP, N.C. – Here’s a tragic story out of North Carolina where a 4-year-old girl was killed last Friday after a tombstone fell on top of her.

While waiting on Vacation Bible School classes to begin, Peyton Elizabeth Townsend and her older sister were with several other children playing in the backyard of Mt. Paran Baptist Church. The church’s backyard doubles as a small cemetery where about two dozen people are buried.

As the children were running around the graves, a stone cross–estimated to weigh anywhere from 1,000 to 1,200 pounds–somehow fell off a tombstone and landed on top of Peyton’s chest.

Peyton’s parents where there at the time of the freak accident. Her father is a paramedic, her mother a nurse, and both of them frantically tried saving their daughter’s life after moving Peyton from underneath the stone slab. Peyton was airlifted to Johnson City Medical Center in Tennessee where she later died.

Seth Miller, a member of the church, said the grave belonged to his cousin.

“There’s no more smiling or thinking of good things after this,” said Miller.…

Corona, CA - The pastor and two other men affiliated with a Heart of Worship Church in Corona, California have been charged of with kidnapping and torturing a boy as a form of discipline for bad behavior.

Pastor Lonnie Remmers, 54, Nick Craig, 22, and Darryll Jeter, 28 are all facing charges including kidnapping, criminal threats and assault.

According to police, the teen’s mother took him to a men’s group home group home operated by the church for intervention because she believed he had been involved in ‘sexual misconduct.’ Corona police said it was unclear if she knew how the men were planning to discipline her son.

Investigators say Remmers instructed Craig and Jeters, who lived at the home, to ‘scare the boy.’ Police said Craig and Jeter drove the teen about 100 miles to the Barstow desert, forced him to dig a grave, threw dirt on him, and beat him with a belt. The boy was then reportedly driven back to Remmers’ house where the pastor used a pair of pliers to inflict pain on the boy, police said.…

St. Petersburg, FL – A pastor’s daughter was shot in the head while in church on Sunday after a man accidentally discharged a gun he was showing to another church member.

Police say 20-year-old Hannah Kelley was shot in the head after a gun her boyfriend, Dustin Bueller, and two other men were looking at inside a closet at St. Petersburg’s Grace Connection Church after Sunday’s service.

The men were looking at a 9mm owned by Moises Zambrana, a licensed security guard who has a carry permit for the firearm, after Bueller informed Zambrana that he was interesting in purchasing a handgun.

Zambrana was in the process of showing the firearm’s safety features when it discharged a round. Turns out he had removed the gun’s clip but did not check to see if there was a round chambered. There was. The bullet passed through the closet they were standing in and struck Kelley in the head.

Kelly, whose father is the pastor of the church, was rushed to Bayfront Medical Center where she remains in critical condition.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – A former teacher at a church school in Colorado Springs has been arrested, accused of having a sexual relationship with a 15-year-old student. Two pastors at the school and the school’s former principal were also arrested for allegedly failing to report the abuse.

The Hilltop Baptist School teacher, 32-year-old Terah Allyn Rawlings, is accused of having a sexual relationship with the boy during the 2007-2008 school year and the following summer, ending when he broke up with her. They didn’t keep the relationship very discrete, leading to teachers and students reporting the abuse to the principle, the school’s senior pastor as well as the school’s athletic director and associate pastor. These people did not contact police and reportedly tried to covered up the relationship.

Now why would a religious school be so quick to hide the illegal relationship between one of their teachers and one of their students? The fact that the senior pastor, 63-year-old Franklin “Wayne” Knight, is Rawlings’ uncle and the associate pastor,  57-year-old Raymond “Alan” Knight, is Rawlings’ father may have something to do with it.…

Teen Arrested After He Came Inside Church

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CHARLOTTE HARBOR, FL. - Technically, the 17-year-old boy was arrested after he came inside an 11-year-old girl inside church.

A mother told police she was leaving church but could not find her 11-year-old daughter. After locating her 10 minutes later, her daughter informed her that she had been having sex with 17-year-old Pierre Tony inside the 7th Day Adventist Church’s bathroom.

The girl repeated the story to police during questioning and Tony must have done something similar after voluntarily arriving at the police station with his father. After his interview with police, he was arrested and charged with sexual battery before being transported to the Department of Juvenile Justice.

I had sex in church with my girlfriend multiple times as a teen. She was my same age, but church was the only place she was allowed to go without her strict parents. So every Wednesday evening we skipped Bible study and would bump uglies in a locked youth room equipped with a foosball table, a television, and more importantly, a couch.…

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