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Chicago, IL - During a rainstorm in 2008, Hiroyuki Joho, 18, (pictured) was trying to catch a train. While hurrying towards the platform with an umbrella shielding him from the rain, he made the literally fatal mistake of stepping into the path of an oncoming Amtrak express train.

The teen’s mother Jeung-Hee Park, had reportedly left Joho, a high school student, at the station that morning. It is believed that he thought that the approaching train was his local train and that he expected it to slow down. Joho crossed over the tracks using the pedestrian crossing which put him in the path of the train.

Joho’s train, in fact, had been delayed by the bad weather and overtaken by the Amtrak express. That train, traveling at close to 70mph, did not slow down. Joho was reportedly ‘shredded’ on impact.

Gayane Zokhrabov, 58, a commuter waiting on the platform was hit by a ‘sizeable portion of Joho’s body.’ The impact – which occured after a portion of Joho’s torso had traveled almost 100 feet through the air – was reported to have knocked her to the ground, breaking her leg and wrist and injuring her shoulder.…

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Chicago, IL – Tierra Aldridge, 24, reportedly walked into a West Side police station at approximately 4:20 Sunday morning and asked an officer, “Can I leave my son here, because I don’t want him anymore.” An officer told the woman that, no, she couldn’t just abandon her kid at the cop shop, but maybe the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services could assist her – would she like him to give ‘em a ring? Not satisfied with that answer, Aldridge reportedly threatened to leave the 3-year-old child outside on the curb if they didn’t take him in. “Maybe he’ll be raped or killed or something,” she said before walking out of the station without the boy. An officer followed her outside and immediately placed her under arrest. She’s been charged with endangering the life and health of a child. She’s also been slapped with a possession of a controlled substance after an officer found a white rock-like substance during a pat-down. Bond has been set at $75,000. The child was turned over to his grandmother and DCFS has been contacted.…

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Teen Charged With Throwing Acid On Two Children

August 26, 2010 at 1:39 pm by  

Chicago - A 13-year-old boy has been charged with heinous battery after police say he intentionally dumped drain cleaner on the heads of two other kids, severely burning them both. It all started after Gwendolyn Davis witnessed the 13-year-old boy suggestively grabbing on her 11-year-old daughter, Nala Armstrong, the day before. She told the boy that she no longer wanted him near her daughter. The next day while her daughter was playing with 10-year-old Adrian Bennett, the 13-year-old grabbed a bottle of Black Swan Zap drain cleaner and while standing above them on a second-floor balcony, poured the sulfuric acid on their heads. The results were devastating. “She’s got burns to her head, face, chest and legs, her bracelet even melted into her wrist,” said Nala’s mother. Adrian Bennet suffered burns to his head, neck and back. “The chemical left black marks on his back,” said Loretta Corbett, the boy’s mother. The family of the 13-year-old deny he meant to hurt the two, his mother telling the court that he thought the container, clearly marked poison, was water.…

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Chicago, IL – Lisa Baywood is a 42-year-old hooker who is was romantically involved with a 61-year-old disabled man. Ok, maybe romantically involved is a poor choice of words – she apparently kept him around for his disability checks.

She told authorities that she expected the man to give her $150-200 a month to pay for her phone bill and and other expenses. *coughcrackcough* When he would “play games with her” and refuse to hand over the money in a lump sum, she would threaten to set his ass on fire.

She often threw hot water on the man and ignited small fires by striking a match near an aerosol hair spray can just to “spook him.” Well, the crazy bitch finally made good on her promise. Police say that on July 2nd, Baywood returned home from a long night at work and after another heated argument over money, she attacked the man.

She then grabbed a can of gas and doused the bed with it, explaining that she needed to burn it because of bed bugs.…

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Woman Murdered By Man She Bailed Out Of Jail

June 21, 2010 at 2:39 pm by  

Chicago – Steven Kellman has a lengthy criminal history including aggravated robbery, battery and theft. He seems to be destined to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, another drug-addicted fuck-up rotating in and out of jail. But 65-year-old Marilyn Fay must have seen something good in the man she met at the public library where she worked and felt that he could be helped. She repeatedly helped him and even gave him a place to stay when he was homeless. But in a tragic case of ‘no good deed goes unpunished’, the last time Fay helped out Kellman turned out to be a fatal decision. On May 27th, Fay posted the $2,500 dollars needed to get Kellmann out of jail. On June 14th she was found dead in the bedroom of her home. She had been beaten, stabbed and suffocated. Shortly afterwards, Kellmann tried to use her credit cards and told family members he was going back to jail because he had killed someone. Police eventually tracked down Kellman and arrested him in a hotel room.…

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Chicago, IL - According to police, 22-year-old Christopher Marciano is accused of approaching a 3-year-old girl in the Cook County courthouse Tuesday morning and sexually assaulting her. Marciano was at the courthouse that morning to be fitted for a GPS unit he had been ordered to wear after his arrest for violating an order of protection in a domestic violence case earlier this month. While he was waiting, he reportedly began making a nuisance of himself by singing and dancing in the hallways. Deputies were less than thrilled with Marciano’s performance and escorted him to the probation office, telling staff to alert them if dude’s behavior became a concern. And it did. Right quick. Once the deputies left, Marciano approached the 3-year-old girl and asked her a question. When she tried to answer him, he allegedly grabbed her by the butt and stuck his tongue in her open mouth. Family members intervened and deputies were immediately called back into the office to take custody of Marciano. …

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Get Off My Lawn!

May 12, 2010 at 11:39 am by  

Chicago, IL – Charles Clements is a man who loves his lawn. Ok, the love borders on the slightly psychotic obsessive side. According to neighbors, Clements once won some sort of beautification and lawn upkeep award and was known to threaten those who dare step foot on his precious lawn. Last Sunday evening, threat became reality after Joshua Funches’ fox terrier, Gucci, lifted its leg and pissed on said lawn. After a verbal argument between the two men, Clements pulled a gun. According to witnesses, Funches remarked, Next time you pull out a pistol, why don’t you use it?” BANG! Funches was shot dead. Clements, a former Marine, then walked into his house and changed clothes. When the cops showed up, Clements was waiting for them in his garage. “I knew you were coming for me,” he told police. “That’s why I changed my clothes. I knew you were coming for me.” Clements, 69, was ordered held on $3 million bail and is looking at charges of first- and second-degree murder.…

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Anthony KyserChicago – Anthony Kyser, 35, placed some tubes of toothpaste in his jacket pocket and left the CVS store without paying. An employee who witnessed the theft ran after Kyser and caught up with him in an alley near the store. The employee then placed Kyser in a chokehold.

Three other men joined in and attempted to restrain Keyser who was yelling that he could not breathe. Keyser fell unconscious and died. On Sunday the medical examiner ruled his death a homicide by strangulation, but police have stated that no charges will be filed against the employee. They are ruling the death as accidental.

The Kyser family isn’t too happy about the news. “How is this not murder – it doesn’t make sense,” his ex-wife, Ann Balboa said.  “They’ve taken away my kids’ pops.” The family is planning on suing someone. If you check out the source link, there seems to be some discrepancy between the official police report, and the witnesses who were there on the scene.

Witnesses say an off-duty police officer pulled her gun on Kyser while the men were restraining him.…

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Chicago, IL- I love hearing stories like this! Around 1 a.m. last Friday, a man carrying a knife and smelling of alcohol broke into Susana Reteguin’s apartment and crawled into her bed. Susana woke up, got off the bed, and screamed,“Who are you, let me see your face.” The two began to struggle and then the man knocked her down. When Susana’s 11-year old son, Luis Reteguin, heard his mother screaming for help, he immediately got up and ran into her room. Once Luis saw his mother was bleeding, he confronted the man and screamed, “Let go of my Mom!” Then the  brave boy opened a pint-sized can of whoop-ass onto the stranger and began punching the man in the face. “I started to punch the guy in the face,” said Luis. “I think he had glasses because I saw them later on the floor, then he pushed me in the bathroom and started stabbing me.”

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Chicago - The piece of shit displayed today is 32-yr. old Edward Floyd. He was already in jail for child molestation when he sexually assaulted two children, including a 4-yr. old girl, back in November 2007 and was linked through DNA evidence. Floyd now faces solicitation of murder charges after police say he tried to hire someone to murder his two victims, their parents, and two others. Floyd is held in the maximum security division of the jail and is in protective custody. He is only permitted to leave his cell for one hour a day and during that hour he told other inmates he wanted to find someone to carry out a killing for him. The sheriff’s Criminal Intelligence Unit caught wind of Floyd’s plan and arranged for an undercover officer to pose as a hit man. Floyd wrote a detailed letter to the officer which included the family’s address and where the children slept. …

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Doctor Spit On And Beaten In ER

March 8, 2010 at 12:35 pm by  

Chicago - Either Dennis Rushing, 38, dislikes being treated by a doctors or he was just born an asshole. I’m betting on the latter. Around 8:45 p.m. Sunday night Rushing went to the ER to be treated for an undisclosed ailment. While a doctor was attending to him, Rushing began to cough and spit in the doctor’s face. The doctor left Rushing to clean himself up and then returned with a surgical mask for Rushing to wear. Rushing became enraged and started punching the doctor in the face and knocking him to the ground. Security was called and they detained Rushing until police arrived. After a search police found .32-caliber bullets in Rushing’s pocket, but no gun. Rushing was charged with aggravated battery of first aid personnel and also with having the ammunition. The doctor sustained scratches, bruising and a loose tooth.…

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Man Bites Off Cop’s Nipple

January 20, 2010 at 3:02 am by  

Chicago, IL – At about 9:30 p.m. Sunday evening, 31 year old Fernando Cooper and an off-duty police officer got into an altercation outside Gibson’s Bar and Steakhouse. Despite the officer’s identification of himself as a police officer, Cooper kept going, causing cuts and bruises to the officer about the eye with several punches and “severely” biting the officer’s nipple. Um, were they nude? Isn’t Chicago a little nippy this time of year? Both men were treated for cuts and bruises. According to a doctor, the officer “lost a body part.” I’m assuming this means his nipple. The cause of the dispute was not immediately known. Now, get this – aside from misdemeanor resisting arrest and panhandling in a prohibited manner charges, Cooper has been charged with aggravated battery and attempting to disarm a peace officer. WTF? Are the officer’s nipples considered deadly weapons? Someone please explain.…

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Orionis Barron-Taylor Was Not In Good Hands

December 29, 2009 at 6:24 am by  

Hazelwood, MO- “I’m not going to see my daughter anymore,” said Euranus Barron about the recent death of her 2-year old daughter, Orionis Barron-Taylor. “I’m not going to hear her laugh.” The body of Orionis was flown back to Chicago yesterday free of charge by the non-profit Wings of Hope organization after the child was sent weeks prior to live with relatives in the St. Louis area while her mother worked and planned to attend school. During that time, little Orionis was severely tortured by her great-aunt’s 33-year old boyfriend, Marquicio Johnson, and police believe the sick bastard’s abuse may have caused injuries that led to Orionis’ death. On Wednesday, December 16, police responded to a call to a home in Hazelwood where they found Orionis Barron-Taylor unconscious. The girl was taken to DePaul Hospital for treatment of multiple injuries including a skull fracture, burns on her left hand, bruises on her back and buttocks and internal injuries. Little Orionis was later transferred to Cardinal Glennon Hospital, where she died.…

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Chicago, ILI generally have no issue with criminals.  Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do for whatever reason you gotta do it.  But murderers do upset me, especially ones that involve infants in their rage.  There are so many better ways to handle your rage or jealousy than to kill.  There’s public humiliation, stalking, ruining their credit, having sex with their family members and a whole host of other non-violent legal and illegal ways to get revenge or take your aggression out. But unfortunately, fucks like McKerry Coleman aren’t smart enough to handle jealousy in a more subtle way – so they throw raging tantrums like 3 year old children, except lucky for us, 3 year olds are not strong enough to kill the source of their frustration, while grown men like Coleman are.  He demonstrated that on Monday, November 30th, when he stabbed his infant son and killed his girlfriend. …

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Zachary Johnson Is A Dick

October 30, 2009 at 8:03 am by  

Chicago, IL – I don’t have a lot of information on this one, but what I do have is enough to make my stomach turn. Zachary Johnson, 20, was pissed off at his girlfriend, and after the two argued last Friday, Zachary showed that girl what a bad-ass motherfucker he really was. He allegedly grabbed the woman’s 3-month-old child out of her hands, locked himself in a room with the infant boy, and proceeded to knock the crap out of the kid. The mother, on the other side of the door, could hear Zachary slapping the child with an open hand. Luckily, she was able to get the door open and retrieve the baby boy before Zachary could beat him to death. Upon admission to the hospital, the child was suffering from five broken ribs, a punctured liver, bruising all over his tiny body, and bite marks. There is no word on the current condition of the child. Way to go tough guy! You can beat up a defenseless infant! You really showed her, didn’t ya?…

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Chicago, Illinois – Domestic disputes rarely turn out well. Even if the police aren’t called, the “situation” is never really dropped and only seems to amplify upon the next argument. And although my “break-ups” have always been amicable, I can imagine how heated things can become when face to face with your ex or soon to be ex. Can you imagine a scenario where you’re married, your husband believes he is the father of your children and you decided to show up during a birthday celebration for one child with a couple of guys for “protection” as you give him some monumental news? What if that news was something along the lines of, “Hey honey, you’re not the daddy, this guy that I brought with me is“? Although this line was not what this lady said (at least as far as I know), it is the premise for the dispute that resulted in a one and a half month-old falling from the third story porch.…

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Michael Barnes Burned The Boy

July 27, 2009 at 2:27 am by  

Chicago, IL- Considering the criminal record of RSO Michael Barnes, 49, I do not understand why any woman in her right mind would want to have this man in their life, let alone, leave their child in his care. In 1980, Barnes was convicted of molesting and murdering a 13-year old child. That year, he was sentenced to 4 years for indecent liberties with a child and 28 years for first-degree murder. Then in 1995, Barnes was once again sentenced to 10 years in prison for unlawful use of a weapon by a felon. Sounds like the only thing this guy is good at is costing tax payers money while he continues to prove he’s not worth a damn dime of it. Somehow, this career criminal was released on parole in May 2004 for God knows what, overcrowding in the prison, good behavior, ignorance on the parole board, and once again he is facing more prison time for severely burning a 2-year old child.…

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Debra Katz Is A Ray Of Sunshine

July 15, 2009 at 5:28 am by  

Chicago, Illinois – Gosh…look at this little girl’s mug. Isn’t she just the sweetest looking thing? Wouldn’t you just like to pinch her little cheeks right the hell off her little face? (Personally, I’d kinda like to bounce her head off a curb, but that’s just me). It’s been a long time since I have seen a mugshot that just oozes such attitude. If Little Miss Sunshine here were my daughter, I do believe I would seriously be considering a late-term abortion. When this spoiled little brat didn’t get what she wanted, she pitched a fit – and pitched her 7-month-old baby girl, too. …

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