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Parents Charged After 22-Month-Old Deriah Solem Was Killed By The Family DogDavid Vanzo Took His Dead Mother To Bank To Take Cash From Her AccountTwo Teens Accused Of Raping Girl, 15, Inside Dixie Hollins High School ClassroomCouple Charged After Video Surfaces Of Woman Performing Sex Acts On Lucky, The Family Pit BullPolice Accuse Girl, 14, Of Intentionally Drowning 3-Month-Old Justice HulIsaac Seman Arrested After Filming Son Enacting Scenes From Brokeback Mountain With DogMatthew Fischer, 16, Disemboweled Classmate After Victim Sent Snapchat To His GirlfriendCynthia Anderson Accused Of Drowning Puppy In Airport Toilet Because She Couldn't Bring It On PlaneNicholas Stewart Sold Fake Booze Made From His Urine and FecesAngela Alexie Accused Of Giving Birth To Baby She Let Starve To Death Inside Garage

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