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DETROIT, MI — Police have found the dead bodies of four women this month, and police say three of them had advertised escort services on, a Craigslist-type site that includes ads for escort, massage and stripper services.

On December 19, the bodies of 23-year-old Renisha Landers (pictured), and her cousin, 24-year-old Demesha Hunt, were found in the trunk of Lander’s new Chrysler 300 parked in the driveway of a vacant home. Their bodies showed no outward sings of trauma and investigators are awaiting autopsy results to determine the cause of death.

Then, on Christmas Day, two black females between the ages of  28 and 29 were found in the trunk of a car that had been set on fire. They were both burned beyond recognition. Police would later identify them and reveal both had advertised escort services on, as did either Landers or Hunt.

Investigators are now seeking warrants to search IP addresses and cell phone numbers in connection with the deaths., which has come under fire for how it polices ads for adult services, released a statement saying they are helping police with their investigation and providing them with whatever info they need from them.…

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