Mason Zisette Dies After Being Struck By Overpass While On Top Of Party BusMallory Loyola First Woman Charged Under New Tennessee Law That Criminalizes Drug Use During PregnancyDollar General Underwear Thief Flees The Scene In Ice Cream TruckMan Left Kids In Hot Car To Have Sex With Woman Behind ApartmentMan Caught In The Act Of Molesting Child Gets Severe BeatdownMatthew Durham Accused Of Sexually Abusing Children At Kenyan OrphanageTwo Men Convicted For Murdering Friend With Speedboat Over Argument About Cigarettes And BeerJoy McCall Gets 10 Years In Prison For Having Sex With 12-Year-Old BoyMom Helped Boyfriend Bury Her Daughter After He Stomped Toddler To DeathThree Teens Charged With The Beating Deaths Of Two Homeless Men

Prostitute Pepper Sprayed 14 Year Old Customer, Steals His PiggybankChicago, IL – A 14-year-old boy was pepper sprayed and robbed after he arranged a sexual encounter with 22-year-old Dareka Brooks.

On Wednesday, the teen had the house to himself and decided this was a perfect time to hire himself a prostitute. So he went online and used a website often frequented for people trying to setup sexual encounters, and met Brooks.

After agreeing to the terms of their meeting, Brooks showed up at his home and instructed the teen to go to the bedroom and take off his pants. Once the teen was nekkid, Brooks entered the room and slaughtered the kid’s boner by allegedly pepper spraying him in the face.

She then made off with an iPad, a jar full of money, and the teen’s piggybank. The teen called police to report the robbery and gave them the description of Brooks’ car. Police were able to locate Brooks at a local motel after she turned on the iPad. The stolen items were recovered and returned to the teen.

Dareka Brooks was arrested and has been charged with one count of armed robbery.…

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Police Seek Publics Help Identifying Zanzibar Nightclub Assault SuspectSanta Monica, CA – Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man they believe is responsible for disfiguring a young Marine on February, 22, 2013, at the Zanzibar nightclub in Santa Monica.

Just before midnight, the Marine was on a crowded dance floor when he was sucker punched in the face by a man who has yet to be identified. The assault was reportedly unprovoked and left the man unconscious for ten to fifteen minutes.

According to police, the blow was so brutal that it moved his nose across his face. He would end up having titanium plates inserted into his face, as well as permanent nerve damage.

The Marine’s attacker was able to leave the club before police arrived, but the doorman described a “mountain of a man” leaving the club in a hurry with his girlfriend. No one in the club knew who the man was, describing him as Caucasian or Hispanic, at least 6 feet tall, 230 to 270 lbs, with a shaved head, a mustache and goatee, and wearing a black and white striped shirt.…

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Teen Girls Accused Of Attacking Boy, 12, With Ketchup Bottle During Home InvasionPalatine, IL –  Three teenage girls have been arrested and charged in connection with the assault of a 12-year-old boy with a ketchup bottle during a home invasion and robbery.

Last Wednesday night, a teenage girl went to the door of the boy’s apartment and claimed to be a friend of his sister. When the boy told the girl his sister was not home, the girl left.

The same girl returned 10 minutes later accompanied by three other teenage girls and asked to use the bathroom. The boy let them in the apartment and after he turned his back, one of the girls hit him in the back an empty glass ketchup bottle.

According to police, two of the girls then went into the kitchen and bedrooms, stealing $50, jewelry and two cell phones before leaving the apartment. Police were called after the boy’s sister returned home to find her brother injured.

He was taken to the hospital with multiple, non-life-threatening cuts, police said. The boy’s sister was able to identify the girls as former friends.…

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Teen Charged With Assault After Pissing In Central High School Coffee PotST. JOSEPH, MO - A 16-year-old Central High School student was charged in juvenile court with third degree assault, after taking a piss in a coffee pot used by school faculty.

The incident happened in March, when some teachers who drank the coffee reported that the coffee tasted funny.

“A report was made that it tasted like chemical or cleaner – I’m not sure what the word was,” said St. Joseph Superintendent of Schools Dr. Melody Smith.  “There seemed like this personal coffee pot in a storage room, that the coffee tasted strange.”

An internal investigation was launched that included reviewing footage, frame by frame, from a hidden surveillance camera in the faculty room. Three weeks later, school staff were finally able to find the 16-year-old student responsible for tainting the coffee, and exactly what they’d tainted it with.

After notifying police, the teen was arrested and charged with third degree assault. If he’s convicted in juvenile court, he’s facing anywhere from probation, to being removed from his home and placed in a residential facility.…

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Teen Shot Parents Because They Would Not Let Him Look Up Bible VerseColumbus, GA – A 15-year-old with severe anger management issues got so angry with his parents for making him do chores instead of looking up a Bible verse, that he shot them both.

The incident happened on Friday, but started the day before when Kristi Lynn and Randal Askevich told their son to stop what he was doing and to complete a household chore.

The teen had been tasked with taking an old bed comforter to Goodwill, but the teen had his own, personal agenda at the top of his to-do list.

He was trying to do the Lord’s work and locate a Bible verse for a girl who had told him she wanted to be “saved.” (I really hope it was this one, as it is one of my favorites)

After much nagging, the teen finally did as he was instructed, but he was pissed. He stewed over it the rest of the day and into the next day while at school. He finally came to the conclusion that his only option was to shoot both of his parents.…

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Woman Allegedly Assaulted Boyfriend Because He Refused To Stop Singing Macklemores Thrift Shop Longmont, CO – A 23-year-old woman was arrested Saturday for allegedly shoving and choking her boyfriend because he wouldn’t stop singing Macklemore’s hit single “Thrift Shop.”

According to the police report, Samantha Malson and her boyfriend, Lars Hansen, had been celebrating his 26th birthday that evening — shit got hostile shortly after Hansen accused Malson of drinkin’ up all the liquor in the house.

Malson told police she left the house and went to cool off in her car. Hansen reportedly texted her from inside the house, inviting her back in on one condition: that she not “go crazy.” Yeah, cause crazy bitches follow orders.

Once back inside, all was copacetic. For a minute….

The couple began listening to the tune and Hansen began singing along. Because, how could you not? This displeased Malson. She told police she requested that Hansen STFU already – about 25 times.

“He just annoyed me,” she said. “So I pushed him.”

She went on to say that after pushing him a few times, she grabbed him by the throat.…

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Shoe Salesman Who Tried To Bite Off Exs Toe Charged With Doing It Again  Sante Fe, NM – Back in February, we reported on 27-year-old Daniel Anaya, the Dillard’s shoe salesman accused of attacking his ex-girlfriend and trying to chew off her big toe. He’s now been arrested again, charged with doing the exact same thing.

Anaya first made the news after he broke into his ex girlfriend’s apartment, held her down and proceeded to take bites out of her toenail and toe flesh with “a blank look on his face.” Anaya was facing charges of burglary, false imprisonment, interference with communications and aggravated battery against a household member.

That case was was dismissed because a witness or prosecutor didn’t show up to court. I’m going to go out on a limb and bet that the ex-girlfriend didn’t show up, and that she is now regretting that decision.

After filing a restraining order against Anaya, the victim moved from Santa Fe to Albuquerque. This did little to deter Anaya, who tracked her down and walked into the woman’s residence on April 1st. His ex informed him that he he needed to get out and that he was violating a restraining order.…

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Amy Ochetto Accused Of Setting House On Fire With Daughter InsideEGG HARBOR TWP., NJ – Police in New Jersey have accused Amy Ochetto of intentionally setting her home on fire while her 12-year-old daughter was still inside.

Sometime around 12:24 a.m. Tuesday, police and fire crews responded to a house fire call on Windwood Drive in the Cardiff section of the township. They would find Ochetto’s home on fire and helped get the woman’s daughter out of the home without injury, along with 41-year-old Yeser Bekete.

The Cardiff and Bargaintown fire companies were able to extinguish the blaze and later determined that the fire had been intentionally set. Detectives got involved and would accuse Amy Ochetto of using a flammable liquid to intentionally set the fire while her daughter and Bekete were still inside the house.

Ochetto was arrested and charged with aggravated arson, two counts of aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of a child. She is being held on $100,000 cash bail. Police have not revealed why they believe Ochetto set fire to the house.

Some have wondered why Ochetto was not charged with attempted murder if she set the fire knowing there were occupants in the house.…

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Woman Accused Of Pouring Super Glue In Mans Eyes, Ear During FightAustralia - A woman in Australia was arrested after she poured super glue into a man’s eyes during an argument.

Police say the 58-year-old woman got into an argument with her 64-year-old roommate on Easter Sunday that turned particularly violent.

Senior Sergeant Paul Kinna said the woman allegedly tried to strangle the man and poured superglue into his eyes and one ear, then tried to set the man on fire before beating him with her prosthetic leg. Aristocrats!

The man was taken to Ballarat Base Hospital, before being transferred to Melbourne’s Eye and Ear Hospital in a stable condition. The woman has been charged with three offenses, including one count of reckless conduct endangering life.

The man got lucky as getting super glur into your eyes isn’t really as bad as it sounds. I mean, it sucks, but that was actually the one thing she did to him that wouldn’t have caused any serious injury.

According to the makers of Super Glue, here is what you are to do if you get Super Glue into your eyes, whether it is by a psychotic woman, or because you mistook the product for eyedrops.…

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Tyshekka Collier Charged After Slapping Wrong Child In Principals OfficeSPARTANBURG, SC - Police say 36-year-old Tyshekka Collier is facing charges after she walked into the school office to pick up her son, who had just been suspended, then slapped the wrong child.

On Wednesday morning, Collier was called to Fairforest Middle School to get her son because he’d just been suspended. When she arrived, she saw a boy sitting in the office with his head down and slapped him in the face. Problem was that it wasn’t her son – it was a boy who was sick and waiting for his mother to come pick him up.

Collier apologized to the boy, then walked over to her son and proceeded to slap his ass silly. According to the arrest warrant, Collier hit her son in the head and face, knocking him to the ground.

Police were called to the scene and Collier was arrested and charged with disturbing school and two counts of assault and battery.

“In speaking with the parents and all the interviews that were done — the two charges for the assaults and disturbing school, we felt were the most appropriate means to go with,” said Spartanburg County sheriff’s Lt.…

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Edwin Heatherly Pleaded Guilty To Assault After Attacking Neighbor With Power WasherAKRON, OH – Edwin Heatherly, 71, has pleaded guilty to assault after he messed up his neighbor with a high-pressure washer last year.

According to the Summit County prosecutor, Heatherly was using his high pressure washer to clean off an outdoor grill last June. His neighbor of 33 years, 69-year-old Kenneth Grether, wasn’t real happy with this, as the grime from Heatherly’s grill was flying over a 5-foot high fence and landing on his house and in his garden.

Grether had some issues trying to get Heatherly’s attention because Grether is deaf and mute. So he simply sprayed his water hose through the fence that separated their property. Heatherly responded to this by spraying his power washer at Grether through the fence, and ended up cutting Grether’s hands, arms, chin, neck and the area behind his ear.

After Heatherly’s wife called police, officers arrived to find Grether bleeding profusely from his face, arms and hands. Heatherly would be arrested and charged with felonious assault with a weapon, while Grether would be left with scars, including a foot-long scar extending from his chin to his right ear, along with $40,000 in medical bills.…

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Mom Pepper Sprays Family Dollar Workers, Instructs Young Daughter To Do The SamePhiladelphia, PA – Delaina Garling was arrested after she pepper sprayed some Family Dollar employees then tossed the canister to her 7-year-old daughter screaming, “You know what to do, baby. Spray it!”

Authorities say that on Monday, 27-year-old Delaina Garling went inside a Family Dollar Store with her daughter and son, both 7. Problem is that she’d been banned from this store after allegedly stealing from it.

Surveillance video shows Garling being escorted out of the store when she pulls out a can of pepper spray and sprays a woman in the face as she’s walking out the door. After she is tackeled to the ground, she tosses the canister on the ground and instructs her daughter to use it.

The girl picks the canister up off the ground, but either chooses not to use it or cannot figure out how. Either way, one of the employees grabs it out of her hand as Garling is pinned to the ground until police arrive.

Police would find Garling in possession of marijuana and eight Klonopin.…

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Police Arrest 11 Year Old Suspected Of Abducting First GraderGeorgetown Township, MI – Police in Michigan have arrested an 11-year-old boy after they say he abducted a 6-year-old boy last week.

The 6-year-old was playing in his front yard last Wednesday afternoon when the older boy lured him out of his yard, grabbed him the neck and jacket, then forcefully led him down the street and across some railroad tracks.

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Lt. Mark Bennett did not give much details about what the 11-year-old did or said to lure the boy out of his yard aside from stating that it was “rather intricate for an 11-year-old to come up with.”

When the stepmother of the younger boy noticed her son was no longer playing in the yard, she went out and began searching for him. Lucky for her, a school bus driver had noticed the two boys walking down the street and felt something wasn’t right. Mainly because the older boy was leading the younger boy by the collar of his jacket, and the younger boy looked scared.…

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Middle School Student Attacked In Denver ClassroomDENVER, CO – Video captured a 14-year-old girl defending herself against another 14-year-old girl who brutally assaulted her in a  Henry World School classroom.

The incident happened last Friday when the victim, who didn’t even have time to take off her backpack, was assaulted by another girl inside the middle school classroom. “I turned around because I didn’t want to fight her and she grabbed my hair,” the unidentified victim said.

The other student pulled the victim to the ground and began punching her repeatedly in the face and body. The victim says the other girl has been bullying her for a month – stalking her in the school halls, pushing her and trying to get her to fight. She says never fought back and told teachers about the situation and that she didn’t feel safe.

The victim’s mother said the school never called her to inform her of the incident, only finding out her daughter had been attacked after another parent informed her.”My daughter is the one who was severely hurt, was sitting alone in a nurse’s office and I still wasn’t called,” she said.…

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Amie Loughrey Charged With Inciting Daughter To Fight Another GirlOswego, NY - Here’s another story involving a mother enticing her daughter to fight her alleged bully. This time it’s out of New York, where 40-year-old Amie Loughrey was captured on camera egging on a fight between her 15-year-old daughter and another girl.

Police got involved after the video was posted on someone’s Facebook. In the video, you can see Loughrey encouraging her daughter to fight another girl who had supposedly been harassing her. The victim consistently says she does not want to fight, but Loughrey’s daughter throws the first punch at the insistence of her loud-mouthed mother, just like another mom we featured today.

Throughout the fight, in which Loughrey’s daughter definitely gets the upper-hand,  Loughrey can be heard yelling choice bits like “beat her fucking ass” and calling the victim a stupid bitch. After Loughrey’s daughter delivers a sound beating on the other girl, who suffered a flurry of punches, a kick to the face, and being spat on, the girl walks away as Loughrey shouts after her not to come back because “this is her block.”

Amie Loughrey was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child and second-degree harassment.…

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Video Captures Jason Scales Body Slamming Security Guard Inside DMVMILWAUKEE — Cell phone video was posted on Youtube that showed Jason Scales body slamming a DMV security guard after he was asked to leave the building, while other patrons cheered him on.

The 35-year-old man had been asked to leave the north side DMV after he refused to turn down the music on his cell phone. Scales got mad and refused to leave, so a security guard stepped in to escort Scales out of the building.

As you can see in the video below, the guard has some trouble getting Scales to leave, and ends up getting body slammed to the ground while the crowd laughed and cheered for Scales. After getting off the ground, the guard pulled his gun on Scales as he finally left the building.

Milwaukee police say the man was eventually arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but no felony assault charges.

Law enforcement expert Brian Dorow said that while the confrontation would have been challenging for an experienced officer to control, guards or officers should not touch an unruly person if they are not posing an eminent threat.…

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Police Say Moron Mom Incited 12 Year Old Daughter To FightCLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA – Police arrested 45-year-old Michele Davenport after they say she enticed her 12-year-old daughter to fight another 12-year-old girl in a school parking lot, an incident that was caught on video.

No reports on how police originally got involved, but they released video taken at Primos Elementary School that showed Davenport encouraging her 12-year-old daughter to fight another girl they allege is her daughter’s bully.

The girls do not seem eager to fight, but after Davenport’s insistent yelling – including Davenport telling the other girl she wants to see her daughter kick her ass and informing her she would jump in if any bystanders intervened – the girls finally start swinging in that funny way girls do when they fight.

As the girls are going at it, Davenport can be heard telling her daughter to “hit her in the face!” and  “get her on the ground!” At one point they stop fighting and the victim offers a handshake to Davenport’s daughter, but Davenport eggs them on and the girls continue fighting.…

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Woman Pulls Gun On Walmart Employees During Argument Over CouponCrawfordville, FL - Wakulla County police have arrested 61-year-old Mary Frances Alday after they say she pulled a gun on Walmart employees who said she couldn’t use an Internet coupon.

Last Friday, Alday reportedly began verbally abusing a female employee who refused to honor a “dollar off” coupon. She then got into an argument with the assistant manager, Tracy Stockslager, calling her “a bitch and other foul names” before intentionally striking her with a shopping cart.

Alday was escorted from the store and warned Stockslager not to follow her. Stockslager followed anyway, informing Alday she was going to get her license plate number. Alday warned, “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you.”

She wasn’t joking, either. Alday pulled a loaded .38 Special from her vehicle and began waving it at Stockslager along with three other Walmart employees who had gathered at the store’s entrance. “I have something for y’all,” Alday reportedly told the employees who quickly re-entered the store.

Alday drove out of the parking lot without harming anyone, but was stopped by police a short while later.…

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Alleged Bully Facing Charges, Victim Obtains Restraining OrderFRUITA, CO - A mother in Colorado wasn’t happy with the way the school was handling the 15-year-old girl that beat her daughter in a school cafeteria, so she filed a restraining order against her.

Carrie Thrall said her daughter, Lexi, is a freshman at Fruita 8-9 School and became the victim of extreme bullying after she gave an anonymous statement to the school’s principal regarding a girl and boy she witnessed snorting drugs in a school bathroom.

The girl allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom found out Lexi was the one who reported her and began threatening her. Lexi and her mother notified school staff about the threats but, according to Thrall, nothing was done until after her daughter was beaten up in the school cafeteria.

A portion of the video was recorded and posted to Youtube, and in it you can see as the 15-year-old girl attack Lexi before Lexi’s younger sibling jumps in to help. Lexi was taken to the emergency room suffering a concussion, swollen face and back injuries.…

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Junior Ice Hockey Coach Jailed For Tripping Player On Opposing TeamRICHMOND, B.C. – Martin Tremblay must serve 15 days in jail after admitting he purposely tripped a 13-year-old hockey player while coaching his son’s minor league team.

In June of last year, Tremblay was a volunteer coach for the UBC Hornets peewee hockey team as they played against Richmond Steel at the University of British Columbia. The Hornets ended up winning, but this did not stop the 48-year-old from venting against a 13-year-old player on the opposing team.

At the end of the match, as the two teams line up for the traditional post-match handshake (good game, good game, good game), amateur video captured Tremblay intentionally tripping the 13-year-old and then, as the crowd booed, pointing at the boy aggressively as he lay on the ice.

According to witnesses, Tremblay had been mocking the boy throughout the game, insulting his skating and calling him “twinkle toes.” Later, in the locker room, Tremblay admitted he’d intentionally tripped the boy, who ended up injuring his wrist in the fall and had to wear a cast.…

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