Scott Sholds Accused Of Using Cell Phone To Record Himself Raping 2-Year-Old GirlPolice Officer's Son Charged With Stabbing Death Of Five Students At PartyHolly Morrison Accused Of Allowing Boyfriend To Sexually Assault Child RelativeDisney Cruise Line Worker Accused Of Molesting 13-Year-Old Passenger Demetrio Campbell Accused Of Breaking Into Home, Raping 4-Year-Old GirlMostly Nekkid Lady Goes On Rampage Inside McD's; Breaks Stuff, Eats Ice CreamWoman Finds Decomposing Homeless Man Under Deck During Easter Egg HuntAmber Alert Issued For Teen After Alleged Kidnapper Calls To Taunt FamilyRapper Andre Johnson Cut Off His Penis Before Jumping From BuildingMegan Huntsman Accused Of Using Garage To Store Her Murdered Babies

Video Captures Jason Scales Body Slamming Security Guard Inside DMVMILWAUKEE — Cell phone video was posted on Youtube that showed Jason Scales body slamming a DMV security guard after he was asked to leave the building, while other patrons cheered him on.

The 35-year-old man had been asked to leave the north side DMV after he refused to turn down the music on his cell phone. Scales got mad and refused to leave, so a security guard stepped in to escort Scales out of the building.

As you can see in the video below, the guard has some trouble getting Scales to leave, and ends up getting body slammed to the ground while the crowd laughed and cheered for Scales. After getting off the ground, the guard pulled his gun on Scales as he finally left the building.

Milwaukee police say the man was eventually arrested and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct, but no felony assault charges.

Law enforcement expert Brian Dorow said that while the confrontation would have been challenging for an experienced officer to control, guards or officers should not touch an unruly person if they are not posing an eminent threat.…

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Police Say Moron Mom Incited 12 Year Old Daughter To FightCLIFTON HEIGHTS, PA – Police arrested 45-year-old Michele Davenport after they say she enticed her 12-year-old daughter to fight another 12-year-old girl in a school parking lot, an incident that was caught on video.

No reports on how police originally got involved, but they released video taken at Primos Elementary School that showed Davenport encouraging her 12-year-old daughter to fight another girl they allege is her daughter’s bully.

The girls do not seem eager to fight, but after Davenport’s insistent yelling – including Davenport telling the other girl she wants to see her daughter kick her ass and informing her she would jump in if any bystanders intervened – the girls finally start swinging in that funny way girls do when they fight.

As the girls are going at it, Davenport can be heard telling her daughter to “hit her in the face!” and  “get her on the ground!” At one point they stop fighting and the victim offers a handshake to Davenport’s daughter, but Davenport eggs them on and the girls continue fighting.…

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Woman Pulls Gun On Walmart Employees During Argument Over CouponCrawfordville, FL - Wakulla County police have arrested 61-year-old Mary Frances Alday after they say she pulled a gun on Walmart employees who said she couldn’t use an Internet coupon.

Last Friday, Alday reportedly began verbally abusing a female employee who refused to honor a “dollar off” coupon. She then got into an argument with the assistant manager, Tracy Stockslager, calling her “a bitch and other foul names” before intentionally striking her with a shopping cart.

Alday was escorted from the store and warned Stockslager not to follow her. Stockslager followed anyway, informing Alday she was going to get her license plate number. Alday warned, “If you follow me, I have something in my car for you.”

She wasn’t joking, either. Alday pulled a loaded .38 Special from her vehicle and began waving it at Stockslager along with three other Walmart employees who had gathered at the store’s entrance. “I have something for y’all,” Alday reportedly told the employees who quickly re-entered the store.

Alday drove out of the parking lot without harming anyone, but was stopped by police a short while later.…

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Alleged Bully Facing Charges, Victim Obtains Restraining OrderFRUITA, CO - A mother in Colorado wasn’t happy with the way the school was handling the 15-year-old girl that beat her daughter in a school cafeteria, so she filed a restraining order against her.

Carrie Thrall said her daughter, Lexi, is a freshman at Fruita 8-9 School and became the victim of extreme bullying after she gave an anonymous statement to the school’s principal regarding a girl and boy she witnessed snorting drugs in a school bathroom.

The girl allegedly doing drugs in the bathroom found out Lexi was the one who reported her and began threatening her. Lexi and her mother notified school staff about the threats but, according to Thrall, nothing was done until after her daughter was beaten up in the school cafeteria.

A portion of the video was recorded and posted to Youtube, and in it you can see as the 15-year-old girl attack Lexi before Lexi’s younger sibling jumps in to help. Lexi was taken to the emergency room suffering a concussion, swollen face and back injuries.…

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Junior Ice Hockey Coach Jailed For Tripping Player On Opposing TeamRICHMOND, B.C. – Martin Tremblay must serve 15 days in jail after admitting he purposely tripped a 13-year-old hockey player while coaching his son’s minor league team.

In June of last year, Tremblay was a volunteer coach for the UBC Hornets peewee hockey team as they played against Richmond Steel at the University of British Columbia. The Hornets ended up winning, but this did not stop the 48-year-old from venting against a 13-year-old player on the opposing team.

At the end of the match, as the two teams line up for the traditional post-match handshake (good game, good game, good game), amateur video captured Tremblay intentionally tripping the 13-year-old and then, as the crowd booed, pointing at the boy aggressively as he lay on the ice.

According to witnesses, Tremblay had been mocking the boy throughout the game, insulting his skating and calling him “twinkle toes.” Later, in the locker room, Tremblay admitted he’d intentionally tripped the boy, who ended up injuring his wrist in the fall and had to wear a cast.…

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Woman Jailed After Assaulting Boyfriend With Furby

February 23, 2013 at 3:00 am by  

Woman Jailed After Assaulting Boyfriend With FurbyMoon Township, PA — Sad panda to the left is 27-year-old Ashley Trimmer — she’s been accused of assaulting her boyfriend with a Playstation controller and a Furby.

According to police, Trimmer and her beloved, William Ley, got into a heated argument after Ley apparently posted something on Facebook that displeased Trimmer. (No, I don’t have a link to their Facebook profiles. Yes, I’m too fucking lazy to do a search).

The argument quickly turned violent when Trimmer picked up a Furby and tossed it at Ley’s head, leaving a cut on the right side of his face. That little shit-fit apparently did little to appease her, so she threw a Playstation controller at him, too, leaving a mark on the left side of his face. Being OCD, I totally get the reasoning behind the second assault….

When officers responded they found Ley bleeding from his face, with a red mark and bump on the head.

Trimmer was transported to jail and charged with assault. After making bond, she was promptly sent to her room without dinner to think about what she’d done.…

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Woman Destroys Cheating Hubbys Penis With Boiling WaterMartinez, Columbia — According to authorities, a pissed off Columbian woman poured boiling water on her sleeping hubby’s junk after learning he had been untrue.

From what I understand Yolivel Lopez got a call from the cheatin’ bastard’s mistress and was informed the two had just got done doing the nasty.

The clueless hubby, Nefer Netan, finally arrived home early Tuesday morning and explained that he had been out drinking with friends. He then fell asleep… poor, dumb fucker.

Once he was out, Lopez proceeded to boil a pot of water. She then reportedly walked into the bedroom and poured it on Netan’s crotch.

According to the couple’s neighbors, Netan’s screams “pierced the night sky.”

Doctors say Netan’s junk was “utterly destroyed” in the incident. And Lopez? She hasn’t been seen since the alleged attack. Something tells me that mistress better watch her back….

Speaking of boiled hot dogs, we have featured at least three stories in the past few years involving ruined peni….

One woman set fire to her husband’s jewels with a cigarette lighter, another with gasoline and her trusty Bic.…

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Joe Rickey Hundley Accused Of Slapping Crying Toddler During FlightAtlanta, Georgia. It is alleged that on February 8th, Joe Rickey Hundley, 60, slapped a toddler that sat next to him on his mother’s lap as the plane they were both in descended from a Minneapolis to Atlanta flight. Who doesn’t hate crying babies in enclosed spaces?

According to the toddler’s mother, Jessica Bennett, 33, she was sitting in seat 28B on a MD-90 twin engine jet, with her son 2y.o. Jonah. Hundley was seated in 28A. As the jet went into it’s final descent, the change in the altitude bothered the toddler enough to make him cry.

Bennett recalled that as the child cried, Hundley used the “N-word” when referring to her child. The exact words were, according to the child’s mother: “Shut that nigger baby up.”

Hundley then reportedly turned around and slapped the kid in the face with an open hand, causing the baby to scream louder. Because nothing says quiet like a slap to a kid’s face. The slap, according to Bennett, “caused a scratch below the tot’s right eye.”

Todd Wooten, seated in 16C reported to the FBI Agent Daron Cheney (in flight) that he heard “derogatory language coming from the rear of the aircraft,” prompting Cheney to investigate.…

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Man Stabbed After Refusing To Switch Positions During Ménage A TroisFargo, ND — One man is facing charges and another is nursing a wounded arm after a threesome apparently went from sexy to stabby.

According to police, 33-year-old Ashley Hunter and former prison pal, Orlando DeWitt, 37, had been drinkin’ it up with a few friends of the female persuasion, when they decided to take the party to Hunter’s house.

DeWitt and one of the women, identified only as Leticia, started snoggin’ on the couch. That, of course, led to a coupling. DeWitt told police that he caught Hunter watching them from another room.

At some point during all this sexy, Hunter apparently materialized in the living room and began kissing Leticia’s bewbies. Leticia then began blowing Hunter, while DeWitt was still getting his groove on.

Everything was all hunky-dory…. for a minute.

Hunter reportedly demanded to have his turn down below. When DeWitt refused, Hunter got pissy and the two began to argue. Shit got real serious when DeWitt called Hunter a “fucking retard.”

It was then, police allege, that Hunter whipped out his big, 12-inch ……… knife.…

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Man Accused Of Swallowing Cousins Earlobe After Drunken Brawl Over MusicStamford, Connecticut — Emilio Mendoza, 27, apparently hates getting told what to do. And who doesn’t after moving out of your parents house!?

According to police, on Feb. 11th, Mendoza’s cousin/roommate, Ruiz Clemente-Pérez, asked him to turn the music down because he had to go to work in the morning. Oh, hell no! You are NOT going to mess with his jam. Mendoza then proceeded to punch Pérez in the head, police say.

At some point during the brawl, Mendoza allegedly bit Pérez’s left ear, tearing part of his earlobe off. Stamford Police Sgt. Richard Barbagallo told the press that an intoxicated Mendoza then swallowed the chunk of ear meat. No longer an empty stomach? Can keep on drinking.

Mendoza alleges that Pérez threw the first punch.

Pérez was hospitalized with a broken nose and fractured eye socket. Sadly, he also never made it to work the next morning since he was charged with third degree assault.

Mendoza’s bail was set at $100,000, and he was charged with first-degree assault, interfering with police, forgery and disorderly conduct.…

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Mother Charged After Helping Teen Daughter Beat RivalCincinnati, Ohio – My mother has taught me many things in life – some positive, others negative. One thing that sticks in my mind after learning about the two women in this story, is a saying my mom liked to threaten me with: “I better not catch you doing *insert action here* because I will *insert punishment here*.” As I grew up, I was able to read between the lines and what I learned from the above statement is: “When doing the crime, HAVE NO WITNESSES!”

Precious Allen’s mother apparently did not teach her that. Or maybe she can’t read between the lines. You see, Allen, along with friend Dawn Brunner and her 14-year old daughter, reportedly busted into a classroom of Withrow High School last week – police say the women gained entrance to the school by knocking on the door until a student opened it – the trio proceeded to ignore the many warnings of checking into the office and walked into a classroom.

Allen started arguing with the 15-year old victim in the classroom.…

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Shoe Salesman Accused Of Chewing Off Tip Of Exs Big ToeSante Fe, NM – Police have arrested 27-year-old Daniel Anaya after they say he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and bit off the tip of her big toe.

Police say that after Anaya broke into his ex’s apartment, he  begged her to let him smell her feet. When the woman refused Anaya’s request, he slammed her against a wall. When she tried to call police, he took the phone away from her and threw it.

Then, according to the arrest warrant,  the woman “begged him not to hurt her” as Anaya held her down, took off her socks and shoes, then proceeded to take bites out of her toenail and toe flesh with “a blank look on his face.

She was finally able to kick free and hobble to a neighbor’s house for help. Anaya had already fled the scene by time police arrived, but was picked up on Wednesday. Anaya is facing charges of burglary, false imprisonment, interference with communications and aggravated battery against a household member.

Anaya is a college student with no criminal record who works in the shoe department of a local Dillard’s.…

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Mom Sent Pics Of Child With Knife At Throat, Menstrual Blood On Face LUFKIN, TX – A woman in Texas got herself into some trouble after she took pictures of her young daughter with a bloody knife to her throat, then sent those pictures to the child’s father.

Officers were contacted by a man who said that he and his mother received a message from his daughter’s mother, 20-year-old Casey Olford, that stated: “It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” Accompanying the message was a picture of a young child on the floor crying with a large, bloody knife under her throat with blood smeared on the child’s face.

When police arrived at Olford’s home, she denied taking or sending any pictures to the child’s father or grandmother. The children in the home seemed fine and Olford allowed police to check out her phone but they were unable to find the text message or picture she’d allegedly sent.

They took her into custody anyway, and while in the back of the police car, Olford admitted to taking the pictures the day before.…

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Dollar Store Employee Used Belt On Customers Demon SonWrightsville, GA – A Dollar Store employee in Georgia is facing multiple assault charges after she took it upon herself to discipline a customer’s unruly child by beating the 8-year-old with a belt.

According to reports, 8-year-old Logan Ivey was in the Dollar Store with his mother, allegedly running around being a little shit. He was confronted by one of the store’s employees, 39-year-old Emilia Bell, who called him a demon.

“So I said ‘I’ll show you bad’ and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her,” said Logan. “So then she starts chasing me around the Dollar General with her belt and takes me behind the counter and starts beating me with her belt.”

Police reviewed surveillance footage and say it doesn’t show what led up to Bell’s disciplinary measures, it clearly shows Bell hitting Logan as many as 26 times with a belt as he screamed for his mother and tried to squirm away. Wrightsville’s police chief Paul Sterling told reporters these strikes were not in one area of Logan’s body, but were all over Logan’s body.…

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Woman Accused Of Kicking Random Pedestrians In The BabymakerBradenton, FL — Ever have one of those days where you just feel like running around kicking members of the general public in the genitals? Don’t lie…. I know it’s not just me.

According to Manatee County Police, 38-year-old Katina Jane Collins did just that earlier this week.

The arresting officer was presumably just hanging out in his patrol car Tuesday afternoon when the following message flashed across his MDT:

“A woman with long braids and red pants was on a street kicking people in genitals and running around kicking a man.”

No word on whether she was giggling as she did so.

The officer spotted a female who matched the description, Collins, and asked her to walk towards him, police say.

Collins first walked, then ran away from the deputy — but then stopped dead in her tracks, turned to the left and popped the pursuing deputy in the face with a closed fist, knocking his sunglasses off.

The deputy was able to restrain and handcuff Collins.

According to jail records, just 12 days prior, Collins had been booked for battery on a police officer, fire-fighter or EMT.…

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Jason London Is Dazed And Confused, Allegedly Shit Himself Inside Cop CarScottsdale, AZ – Jason London, the actor best known for his role as Randall “Pink” Floyd in DAZED AND CONFUSED, was arrested after getting his ass kicked by some bouncers at an Arizona club, and produced one of the most hilarious celebrity mugshots I have seen since Nick Nolte’s. He also allegedly shit his pants on purpose, but we’ll get to that in a second.

The 40-year-old was with his wife at the Martini Ranch nightclub in Scottsdale, Arizona when he reportedly sneezed on a bouncer. When the bouncer asked for an apology, London punched the man in the face.

This led to London being ejected from the club and getting his face rearranged in the process. When police arrived, London became even more belligerent and shoved one of the paramedics who had arrived to treat him.

London then had some choice words for the police when they arrested him for disorderly conduct and assault. “Guess what faggot? I fucking love this. I fucking own you guys so hard,” London reportedly yelled at the officers.…

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Man Accused Of Hog Tying, Shooting Stepdaughter, 4, With Airsoft Pellet Gun Everett, WA — A Washington man is accused of hog-tying his 4-year-old stepdaughter with zip ties and duct tape before shooting her 36 times with an Airsoft pellet gun because she woke him up early.

Stetson Tedder, 26, was arrested Thursday on charges of second-degree assault of a child and unlawful imprisonment.

The injuries were discovered after the child’s grandmother, believing she had chicken pox, had her seen at the hospital. A registered nurse at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett counted more than 36 red marks over the girl’s body. After it was determined the child was not suffering from an illness, medical staff called 911.

The child reportedly told her grandmother Tedder tied her up and shot her with the pellet gun as punishment for waking him up.

For those of you unfamiliar with Airsoft guns, they fire plastic BBs made to sting but not break the skin.

Regardless, Tedder “knowingly inflicted bodily harm which by design caused pain as to the equivalent of that produced by torture,” Snohomish County sheriff’s deputies said.…

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Chicken, Pillow, Tire Iron Used As Weapons In Fight Over Big Peach SodaDallas, TX — A family argument over a Big Peach soda apparently got so heated last week, one family member retaliated by throwing chicken. No word on whether it was fried, baked or broiled.

Diamond Lydia, 18, is facing charges after reportedly assaulting a female in the residence with a box of chicken, a pillow and his fists.

According to police, soon after the argument over the soda began, the 24-year-old victim went to her room. Diamond apparently followed and threw the box of chicken at her.

One witness told police Diamond started hitting the woman on the head with a pillow, and then climbed on top of her and started in with the punching. At that point, the victim grabbed a glass jar from her dresser and hit him on the head.

The witness apparently tried to break up the fight, and told Diamond to go downstairs. But as Diamond left the room, the witness said, he grabbed a tire iron and yelled, “I’m going to kill you!”

Diamond attempted to hit the woman with the tire iron, but the witness was able to step in and keep her from getting injured.…

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Woman Arrested For Assaulting Man With Jar Of OlivesAthens, GA — An Athens woman was arrested Thursday night after allegedly beaning a neighbor in the dome with a jar of olives because he refused to give her money to buy crack.

Police were called to the Riverview apartments on a report of a fight that evening, and found the unidentified 44-year-old victim bleeding from a wound near his eye.

The man told police he and the suspect, 49-year-old Tammie Elaine Johnson, were at a neighbor’s home when an argument broke out. In addition to being upset she couldn’t get any money out of him to purchase crack, he said, “they were arguing because Tammie wanted to be with him but he was not interested in her.”

Johnson didn’t deny assaulting the man. In fact, she reportedly told police that after the neighbor had kicked ‘em out and they decided to resolve their differences in the parking lot, she stopped by her own apartment real quick like and armed herself with olives. She said she did so because she knew she couldn’t take him.…

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Woman Accused Of Arranging Husbands Painful Attitude AdjustmentMankato, MN — Ashley Stillwell, 24, was jailed after police say she asked a couple of thugs to beat the snot out of her husband with a baseball bat.

According to police, on January 8, Stillwell left the house after an argument with her husband over bills, later returning with two men dressed in dark, hooded sweatshirts and armed with aluminum baseball bats.

When the victim, Gary Stillwell, asked the men to kindly get the fuck out, they refused and began beating him.

The victim told deputies that he was kicked in the face and struck with a bat several times. During the assault, Mr. Stillwell said, he overheard his wife, who was holding one of their children, yell, “Not in front of my babies!”

Thugs must not hear so well – one of the children was able to confirm the attack.

After the assault, the husband found a car key on the floor and handed it over to authorities. Investigators determined the key belonged to a Jeep that had been abandoned near the Stillwell’s residence.…

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