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Lakeland, FL — A sixth-grade geography teacher at Lakeland Highlands Middle School has been charged with battery after she threw her food through the driv-thru window of a Florida McDonald’s.

According to the arrest report, 39-year-old Simone Paolercio was upset with her $20 McDonald’s order Saturday morning. She wasn’t happy with two of the hash browns she had received and was demanding a refund.

When the manager refused to refund Paolercio her money, video captures Paolercio as she hurls a bag of food back through the window, hitting an employee in the face and chest. She then proceeds to place a seemingly never-ending supply of McDonald’s breakfast items on the window sill, which fall to the floor.

She takes off before police arrive, but they eventually catch up to Paolercio at her home where she would first deny ever throwing any food at the McDonald’s worker. But unlike the manager, she couldn’t argue with the surveillance footage and was arrested on a charge of battery. She has since been released and is awaiting a trial date.…

LAKEVILLE, Minn. – A father in Minnesota was charged with assault after he allegedly punched his son in the face after his son’s team lost a basketball game.

Witnesses described seeing 52-year-old Steven O. Wilson hold his eighth-grade son down and then punch him in the face outside the gym at Lakeville South High School where the boy’s team had just lost a game in a youth basketball tournament.

Other parents stepped in and separated Wilson from his son, who they say never raised a hand towards his dad. Police soon arrived and after talking with everyone involved,  arrested Wilson and charged him with fifth-degree domestic assault.

He spent the night in jail and was released on Sunday after posting his $10,000 bail. If convicted, Wilson could get up to 90 days in jail. But some feel that isn’t enough. The Eagan Athletic Association, as well as other parents, want Wilson banned from all future games. Some have expressed concerns for the boy.

“It breaks your heart,” said Tara Falteysek. “I can’t imagine how that young boy feels, that dad would do that to him — and in front of friends.”

An eight-grade coach echoed the same sentiments some of you have probably already started typing.…

LIVINGSTON, TN — If any of you are in Tennessee and would like a job teaching math to elementary kids, Allons Elementary is about to have a job opening after one of their math teachers used a permanent maker to write “stupid” on one of his student’s forehead.

The incident reportedly happened on Dec 6 when a student in Alex Boles’s math class asked a reasonable question about their lesson. Boles answered the student then used a permanent marker to write the word “stupid” on the kid’s forehead. For a bit of added scumbag, he wrote it backwards so the kid could read it when they looked in the mirror.

Reports are the student sat in class with the word on their head for two hours. Another employee told Superintendent Matt Eldridge about what Boles had done, and his reaction was immediate. He suspended Boles and minced no words when he told reporters he will do what he can to ensure the teacher loses his job after the investigation is complete.…

Colonie, NY – A man that suffered a heart attack after a struggle with police after pulling a nutty inside a gym had PCP and steroids in his system, according to reports.

A toxicology report found the drugs inside the 235 pound, 6 foot tall body of 32 year-old Chad Brothers. The drugs are blamed for the state of ‘excited delirium‘ that led to his death. Based on my medical expertise, I’d say that it looks something like this.

Early on October 31st, Brothers was at the gym ‘lifting zing ups and putting zem down’ when he lost his goddamn mind. During the super-sized temper tantrum, Brothers apparently toppled weights, started winging dumbbells and punched another patron.

Police, attempting to subdue the man-beast, employed tasers several times with little effect. It even appears that Brothers may have tased himself during the confrontation. Whether or not that was intentional is unknown, but let’s all give him a big ‘Like a Boss!‘ and a round of applause anyway and pretend it was.…

Palm Springs, CA — A 67-year-old woman was taken into custody over the weekend after police say she tried to snip off her hubby’s willy with a pair of scissors.

Police responded to the couple’s home Saturday evening after receiving a call from the “distressed” 62-year-old man. When they arrived, they found the man suffering from lacerations to his genital area. The man reportedly told police his wife of 32 years tried to sever his penis with a pair of large scissors…scissors that police say resembled poultry shears. Ouch.

Fortunately for him, she did not succeed. The man was taken to a local hospital for treatment. The injuries were deemed non-life threatening and he was soon released.

Police say the alleged snippin’ may have been the result of a long-standing marital dispute.

Virginia Valdez has been charged with mayhem, assault with a deadly weapon and felony domestic violence. She was released Sunday on $100,000 bond.

Woman Attacked With Knife At Grocery Store

December 5, 2011 at 5:03 am by  

Des Moines, IA — A woman is recovering from minor stab wounds to the cheek and shoulder after apparently being attacked by a random crazy lady inside Linn’s Super Market over the weekend.

The victim, Glenna Hays, told police she and a couple of family members were inside the store Saturday evening, just talking amongst themselves, when they were rudely interrupted by the alleged crazy lady, 33-year-old Alyssa Wright.

According to one of Hays’ family members, Wright eyeballed the trio as they were conversing and asked, “Are you talking to me?

No word on whether Wright delivered the line with the correct inflection…

When the trio informed Wright that, no, they were not talking to her, she allegedly jumped Hays.

At some point during the beat down, Wright apparently pulled a knife and got to stabbin’. Fortunately, Hays’ relatives were able to pry the crazy lady off before any body parts were severed. Hays was able to transport herself to the hospital for treatment.

The store manager followed Wright out of the store and flagged down a passing police officer.…

Greenwich Village, NY — Back in October, Jaded posted a story about Rayon McIntosh, the 31-year-old McDonald’s cashier caught on video beating two female customers after they jumped the counter and attacked him. Yesterday, a grand jury dismissed all charges against him.

The incident happened one morning when Rachel Edwards and Denise Darbeau, both 24, tried to pay for their food with a $50 bill. The pair became irate when McIntosh told the women he needed to scan their bill for authenticity before he could give them their food. During the argument that followed, Darbeau leans over the counter and slaps McIntosh across the face.

The two women then make their way behind the counter to continue their confrontation with McIntosh, but he introduces the women to his little friend — a metal rod. McIntosh starts swinging for the fences and both women go down faster than your teen daughter on her date to the prom. By time it’s over both women are writhing on the greasy floor, one with a fractured skull, wondering what year it is.…

ARBUTUS, Md. — Police have arrested a woman in connection to the bleach attack that occurred in the aisles of a Maryland Walmart on Saturday morning.

Theresa Monique Jefferson, 33, got into an argument with her baby’s daddy’s new girlfriend and followed her into a Walmart where she assaulted the woman.

Once Jefferson had the victim on the ground, she began grabbing bleach and ammonia products off the shelves and pouring the liquids on top of the other woman.

Aside from it sucking to have any of the two chemicals poured on you, both of them together is even worse, creating toxic fumes that sent a handful of customers and employees to the hospital.

After police, firefighters and hazardous materials crews arrived at the store, they made the decision to evacuate it and keep it that way until the mess could be cleaned up.

Fire officials said 19 people had to be taken to the hospital for treatment, including one suffering from a serious eye injury. Jefferson was arrested and charged with charged with first- and second-degree assault, theft under $100 and malicious destruction of property.…

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — I’ve got two stories this morning involving adult women fighting with teenagers, starting with one from last week involving 23-year-old Cynthia Haynes, accused of boarding a school bus and punching two students.

A little earlier, Haynes’ 11-year-old sister had walked home and told her she had gotten into a fight with another 11-year-old girl at a bus stop.

Haynes and her little sister then got into a car and began driving around looking for the school bus. Once they found it, the 11-year-old entered the bus and began fighting with the 11-year-old she had fought with at the bus stop.

Reportedly enraged, Haynes decided to intervene and boarded the bus, storming past the driver.

During her intervention, Haynes slapped the 11-year-old fighting with her sister, then drags a 14-year-old girl down the center aisle of the bus by her hair. Neither of the two victims were seriously injured but did have some scratches on their faces.

Haynes was arrested and charged with  two counts of child abuse and burglary with assault or battery, and one count of conspiracy to interfere with the education process.…

Galveston TX – Police arrested a  man who broke into the apartment of a woman he did not know, wearing only his boxer shorts, in an attempt to quell his vampiric blood-thirst by biting her neck.

The incident occurred Saturday. Lyle Monroe Bensley, actually 19, kicked in the door of a woman’s apartment in the wee hours of the morning. Clad only is his undies, Bensley began biting the woman’s neck and hitting her.

At one point during the feeding assault, Bensley dragged her into the hallway. It was here that she managed to escape and hop into a car driven by her neighbor.

Bensley took to running after the car, apparently hitting it as it sped off. When police arrived, they followed the hissing and growling sounds they heard in the parking lot. This led them to Bensley, who was, well… hissing and growling.

The police did eventually catch him, but they were forced to endure quite a bit of nonsense before they did so. Before the arrest, Nosferatu Bensley scaled two fences.…

GLENDALE, CA – Police have arrested a woman who used her SUV to hit her ex-boyfriend twice in a grocery store parking lot all because he insulted her mother.

It happened on Saturday in the parking lot of a Smart & Final in full view of other shoppers. Tangik Khodaverdian, 25, allegedly drove her SUV into the lot and pinned her ex-boyfriend to the brick wall he was sitting on.

As she was driving off, her ex was able to get back on his feet and use his cell phone to snap a picture of her license plate. Khodaverdian witnessed this, put her vehicle into reverse and then struck the 32-year-old man a second time before driving off.

The man suffered non-life-threatening injuries to his leg and back and was taken to the hospital. Khodaverdian was arrested at her home later that day.

She told police she didn’t pin her ex to a wall, she merely parked in front of him after he insulted her mother. She did admit to reversing into him, but says she only did so because she saw him trying to get her tag number and she was afraid of him.…

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — Police said Nathan Engle, 24, died on Monday after he was punched in the face by 24-year-old Terance Dejuan Wilson at about 1:40 a.m. Saturday.

Engle’s uncle was with him when it happened and says there was no confrontation between his nephew and Wilson – his nephew just happened to walk between Wilson and another man. When he did, Wilson turned and delivered a sucker punch to Engle’s face causing him to fall and strike his head on the pavement.

Engle, the father of three children, would last two days before dying from blunt force head injuries. Wilson was initially charged with assault, but the charges will more than likely be upgraded now that the coroner has determined Engle’s death was a homicide.

Wilson is no stranger to police, having past convictions for harassment, false imprisonment, assault, resisting arrest and vandalism. If convicted for Engle’s death, this will be Wilson’s fourth stint in prison. He served one year for check forgery in 2007, one year for attempted escape in 2006, and two years for attempted robbery in 2003.…

Summersville, WV — A West Virginia man is facing multiple charges after a violent rampage allegedly fueled by bath salts.

Bath salts, which are neither a bath nor salt, apparently made 43 year-old Mitchell Alderman do some really dumb things Thursday. The first stop on Alderman’s crazy train was a home which he forced himself into at approximately 1:30 am. As it happens, the home belongs to Cpl. David Hopkins of the Nicholas County Sheriffs Department.

Alderman was promptly pushed right the hell out of the house and arrested. When he arrived at the Nicholas County Courthouse, he fled on foot and scuffled with the officers attempting to re-apprehend his ass. Police say that pepper spray and a Taser were used. One deputy went to the hospital with a sprained wrist.

Inside the courthouse, Alderman apparently damaged a booking room. En route to jail, he kicked out one of the windows as what I imagine could only be a  mature expression of his distaste for riding in the backseat.…

CLEVELAND, OH –– Come on…you really didn’t think I was going to let that McDonald’s story out of Ohio go without posting it, did you? If you have been reading here for a bit, you know I cannot resist any kind of  fast food restaurant shenanigans. I also just realized that’s the first time I’ve ever spelled out the word”shenanigans.”

Anyway, on Tuesday a McDonald’s was holding its “National Day of Hiring” in which they hire thousands of people to serve me my food. While a crowd of people watched, two women got into a physical fight over a boy that had all the weave pulling and spitting any red-blooded gawker could ask for. But things turned deadly after the fight moved inside of a car, one woman beating another sitting in the driver seat.

As you can see in the video, the car moves forward for a bit, and then goes in reverse, hitting three people standing behind it. Those three people were 59-year-old Turan Strange, owner of the McDonald’s; Marilyn O’Stricker, manager of the McDonald’s; and a 17-year-old.…

Corpus Christi, Texas — A man has been arrested, charged with attacking his step-daughter’s boyfriend with a samurai sword.

Robert Salyer, 40, lives with his step-daughter and her 25-year-old boyfriend. On Thursday night, the daughter and her boyfriend were arguing when Salyer decided it was time to step in and made the step-daughter’s boyfriend get out of the house.

Now, let me just tell you that any boyfriend I ever had knew better than to be anything less than perfect when my dad was around. My dad surely would have intervened and kicked some serious ass if a guy was disrespecting me. Unfortunately for the step-daughter’s boyfriend, he was never taught this lesson, as evident by him returning a little while later.

Salyer refused to let his daughter’s boyfriend enter the home, at which point the boyfriend decided he was going to force his way in and started kicking in the front door. Salyer grabbed his samurai sword and went into action on the little twerp, slicing open his upper lip. …

Woman Steals Husband’s Fake Leg, Attacks Him

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ROCK HILL, SC – 49-year-old Vicki Covington has been arrested and faces assault charges after allegedly stealing her husband’s prosthetic leg and attacking him.

York County Sheriffs were called to the home at 11:24 pm on Sunday evening to respond to an assault call. When they arrived, 53-year-old James Covington claimed his wife was intoxicated and had assaulted him. Deputies could see physical proof on James, such as a cut on his left ear, a scratch on his left ring finger and scratches on his back.

Vicki apparently would “not leave him alone” and had even taken his prosthetic leg away from him.  Vicki must have needed a break from all of the fighting so, she stepped outside to smoke. Covington told deputies that he locked the door behind her “to keep her away from him” which left the woman outside with her cigs.

When Vicki realized that her husband had locked her out, she was determined to get back in and decided to break the glass in the door to gain entry.…

Louisville, KY — Police have arrested a 12-year-old after they say she and her mother dragged a school bus driver off her bus and beat her.

Police say that on Tuesday afternoon, children were getting off  the bus when 30-year-old Chesica White and her 12-year-old daughter got on to confront the driver about White’s 7-year-old son being bullied. She says her son has been bullied all school year and the driver, Johnetta Anderson, is not doing enough to stop it.

Anderson attempted to keep White and her daughter from entering the vehicle, leading to some pushing and shoving. White and her daughter allegedly ended up grabbing Anderson by the ankles and dragging her off the bus on to the pavement. She was able to get back on the bus and call police.

Anderson is being treated for bruises and a possible pulled hamstring and will be out of work for a few weeks. A 5 or 6-year-old who was trying to get off the bus when White and her daughter entered, caught up in the scuffle and is sporting a busted lip and cuts to his face.…

Milwaukee, WI — A day care worker may be facing criminal charges after a 3-year-old boy beat the snot out of a toddler crawling on the floor. Rosetta Strong. the owner of Kidology Day Care in Milwaukee, had installed surveillance cameras after a recent break-in but what they ended up capturing was a 3-year-old boy attacking an 11-month-old girl. The video reportedly show the boy attacking the girl as she crawled on the floor. He beats her, punches her in the back and bites her hard enough to draw blood. But the one thing the video does not show is the day care worker in charge of the more than a half dozen children in the home at the time of the attack. Now this worker may be facing a neglect charge for each of them. The worker failed to show up at the district attorney’s office and Strong has voluntarily closed the day care. The mother of the baby girl told reporters she is not ready to talk at the moment, but that the baby is recovering after having been released from the emergency room.…

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