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Hallandale Beach, FL – A group of hearing-impaired men have been hospitalized with stab wounds after police say their sign language was mistaken for gang signs.

31-year-old Alfred Stewart (pictured) was celebrating a birthday with a group of hearing-impaired friends at Ocean’s Eleven Lounge Saturday night when another patron in the bar, 45-year-old Barbara Lee, mistook their sign language for gang gestures and got all kinds of offended. Police say Lee, a suspected gang member, approached the group and began throwing her own signs. Witnesses say the friends motioned for Lee to leave them alone.

Lee exited the bar, but returned a short time later with a couple of thugs in tow, one of them an unidentified juvenile. The other alleged thug, 19-year-old Marco Ibanez, reportedly pulled out a knife and started getting stabby.

Stewart and two of his friends reportedly suffered stab wounds to the back and torso. A bouncer who intervened in the attack was hospitalized after being hit over the head with a beer bottle multiple times.…

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Florida — Sgt. Reinaldo Ruiz of the Miami-Dade police department was arrested for domestic violence after he allegedly assaulted a woman he was dating for not holding his hand at a Miami Heat game.

The incident occurred on March 27 at a game the Heat won against the Houston Rockets at AmericanAirlines Arena.

Police say Ruiz made the unnamed woman catch a cab back to his house in Southwest Ranches for not showing him a little public affection at the game. When the woman finally made it to the house, she was greeted by Ruiz, who she claimed was holding his semi-automatic service pistol. He reportedly chambered a round and paced as the woman packed her bags.

According to the arrest affidavit, Ruiz dumped the woman’s luggage and knocked the phone out of her hand as she tried to call 911. Officer Ruiz then grabbed the woman by her hair and dragged her around the house.

When the woman finally broke free, she ran to a closet with a phone while Ruiz upgraded his weaponry to an AR-15 assault rifle, the report said.…

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Missing Girl Scout Cookies Leads To Beat Down

February 22, 2011 at 2:24 am by  

Naples, FL — Hersha Howard was arrested on assault charges early Sunday morning after reportedly beating another woman’s ass over a box of Girl Scout cookies. But these weren’t just any Girl Scout cookies, Demonites…we’re talking Thin Mints!

Police say Howard entered her roommate’s bedroom that morning and accused the sleeping woman of eating her cookies. The victim denied it, claiming she fed the cookies to Howard’s kids who were up, and hungry, at 1 a.m. She then reportedly offered to pay Howard $10 for the cookies. Apparently in no mood to haggle, Howard refused the cash and got busy with the bitch slappin’.

As the two struggled, the victim’s husband managed to pry Howard off his wife, allowing the alleged cookie thief to escape the bedroom. Armed with a pair of scissors, police say Howard chased after the woman, following her down the stairs in a “threatening manner.” She soon traded the scissors for a board and commenced to beating the woman with it.

The fight spilled into the kitchen, where the victim’s husband intervened once again.…

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Man Accused Of Running Toddler Over With Bicycle

November 12, 2010 at 4:32 pm by  

Santa Cruz, CA – Sorry for the delay in stories today, folks, but Morbid was tinkering with the site, and I, as usual, was comatoast. Anyway, this little gem was sent to us by one of our faithful readers, Anna. Eric Lamb, 38, was arrested on Wednesday and booked into the county jail in connection with assault with a deadly weapon and willful cruelty to a child. Seems Mr. Lamb doesn’t like kids much. Witnesses report that Lamb was seen riding his bike through San Lorenzo Park, screaming obscenities at children and telling ‘em to move out of his way. According to police, Lamb then swerved roughly 7 or 8 feet out of his way to deliberately strike one of the children. A 3-year-old boy was run over and injured – the mark from a bicycle tire left on his sweatshirt. The tyke suffered abrasions and some bruising, but is expected to be fine. Lamb was picked up a short time later, positively identified by witnesses and arrested.…

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Boy Tells Girl She Has Stinky Feet, Boy Gets Stabbed

September 17, 2010 at 10:40 am by  

Everett, WA – According to police, 18-year-old Dallas Amber Smith was hanging out at an ex-boyfriend’s house drinking and watching movies with friends earlier this month, when she started bragging about her mad back flippin’ skillz and her ability to do one off of just about any surface. A 19-year-old boy at the gathering challenged her to do a flip off the deck. She removed her shoes and socks and prepared to wow the crowd. Unfortunately, she failed – her back flip was a dud. The boy who challenged her started laughing and told her she had stinky feet. She playfully rubbed her socks in his face and ‘rassled around with him a bit before she starting hitting him. A few seconds of ‘rassling with the stinky-foot girl was enough for the boy and he pushed her away. Dallas then grabbed her coat and a steak knife and headed for the door. On the way out, she walked up to the teen and stabbed him in the back. That’ll teach him.…

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Lake Forest, CA - I used to have a beautiful little poem hanging on my bathroom mirror – it went a little something like this: If you love something, set it free. If it loves you, it will return. If it doesn’t, hunt it down and kill it. Sounds great, in theory – in real life, not so much. You just can’t force someone to stay in a relationship, unless, of course, duct tape is involved. Alireza Sazegari knows where I’m coming from – he’s just been arrested for beating and duct-taping his wife. According to police, deputies responded to the Sazegari home Wednesday morning after the wife’s friend found her beaten and bound in duct tape in the bathroom. The wife told police that Ali frequently beats her and refuses to allow her to leave the home unless she’s accompanied by him or going to work. Furthermore, she says she’s only allowed in specific rooms in the home. She was beaten and bound that morning because Ali got pissed off when he found out the woman spoke to an “unauthorized man.”

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Temecula, CA- Back in January, 23-year old Justin Moore sent a photo of his genitals to several friends as a joke. One of those friends was the 17-year old daughter of William Atwood Sr., 45, and he did not think the joke was very funny at all. Atwood called the Sheriff’s Department and reported Moore for sending pornography to a child, but before detectives could investigate the claim, Atwood told deputies that Moore came to his home uninvited. Deputies found Moore at Atwood’s home naked, tied up and scared shit-less. Moore told the deputies that Atwood called him and invited him to come to his home to discuss the photo. Moore said when he arrived, Atwood was holding a shotgun, ordered him out of his car and then fired a shot. Moore said Atwood pulled him off the ground by his feet which resulted in him injuring his shoulder. Moore said Atwood told him he had connections with the Pechanga tribe and was going to have him buried on the reservation.…

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FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida – Landlord, John Henry Hill, 63, got into an argument with one of his tenant’s father when he asked that the man, Franklin Parker, 59, not park in the grass. Parker threatened, “I am going to get you, mother fucker!” and that he was going to “run ya’ll over“. A security camera catches the rest as Hill is seen fleeing for his life but ultimately ends up pinned under Parker’s 1992 Ford Taurus after Parker deliberately runs him over. Witnesses on the scene fight with and ultimately subdue Parker as others lift the car off of Hill. Parker has been charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and two counts of assault for getting into fights outside the car. Hill fractured his pelvis and was recovering a rehabilitation center. Video of incident after the jump.…

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December 14, 2009 at 7:22 am by  

Greensboro, N.C. – Way back, when I was merely half-jaded, my little brother and I were fucking around with a golf club we found lying on the side of the road. We invited a few of the neighborhood kids over and an impromptu game of ‘Hit the rock with a golf club’ was on. Because I was an idiot, I called dibs on being catcher. My brother was at bat. After two balls, and two strikes, my brother started to get a little pissy. (It could have been because I told him he swung like a girl. Who knows)? When the next pitch was thrown, he swung. Hard. Everything went into slow-motion – I knew I was about to get it. I could clearly hear birds chirping, children playing, paint drying – I was marveling at the beauty of the sunshine sparkling off the silver club when it hit. Right upside my head. The two kids who stuck around after I hit the dirt said I was only out for about three minutes.…

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Sacramento, CA – I am not even ashamed to admit that I am very territorial when it comes to food – there are a few items in my house that you had better not even think about consuming. The punishment for snarfin’ down anything I have laid claim to (ice cream sandwiches, Goldfish crackers, pizza rolls, chocolate milk) is swift and severe and usually involves a spork. Which, in comparison to Chavonna Gough’s alleged brand of punishment, is actually pretty tame. When Chavonna surmised that her 16-year-old son ate the last pork chop, the bitch came unglued. First, without even thinking about all the starving kids over in Ethiopia and how much they might appreciate an omelette, Chavonna busted a couple of eggs over the kid’s head. Then she punched him in the face. She wasn’t done yet. She got her hands on a kitchen knife and chased the kid outta the house. Damn. Psycho much? The teen, who was taken into protective custody, is probably looking at years of therapy.…

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William Pious Likes To Cook

September 11, 2009 at 9:10 am by  

San Francisco, CA – I was in the kitchen a few days ago frying up a batch of chicken. Being somewhat accident prone, I fear the kitchen. I mean, that’s where I keep all the stabby stuff and other implements of pain. (ie: hot stuff, poisonous stuff that makes your eyes burn and nose run, heavy slippery stuff labeled ‘vegetables’ that inevitably end up squashing toes, etc.). Anyway, as my breasts were turning a delicious golden brown, I lifted the lid to check for done-ness and shit started popping. Hot oil was flying everywhere – I couldn’t escape. A teaspoon sized oil blop came my way and splattered all over my foot. I’m sure the scream could be heard for miles and the crying lasted for hours. Blisters instantly formed and the damn thing still hurts. That’s just one itty, bitty part of my body – I couldn’t imagine having that kind of pain spread out. To imagine 30% of my body burned and blistered by hot cooking oil is terrifying.…

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Roberto Carranza Was Having A Party

August 25, 2009 at 8:43 am by  

San Juan Bautista, CA- Last Friday, a 40-year old woman went to Carranza’s trailer for a party she had been invited to. When the party ended, Carranza refused to take the woman home because the sick and evil bastard had a more sinister party in mind. Carranza tied the woman up in duct tape and chicken wire and proceeded to rape her numerous times over the weekend. Even though there were many residents living in the area, no one could hear the woman’s torture because she happens to be deaf and mute. I cannot imagine the sheer terror and agony that asshole put her through. It was when Carranza finally left for work on Monday morning that the woman was able to escape his trailer of terror.  The woman was found still bound in duct tape and chicken wire while walking along a highway and she was taken to the Watsonville Police Department. Carranza has been charged with rape, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. He is expected to be arraigned Friday.…

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Rosie Lewis’ Frying Pan Is A Deadly Weapon

August 18, 2009 at 12:57 pm by  

Enfield, NC- There’s a simple rule in my house. If you don’t like what I cook, you starve. Last Friday morning, 85-year old James Lewis made a grave mistake when he argued with his 71-year old wife, Rosie Lewis, about what she had cooked for breakfast. The couple continued to bicker while Rosie cooked her man up another meal and it escalated when James raised up his cane as though he was going to strike Rosie with it. That was when Rosie began hitting James several times with an iron skillet and knocked his unappreciative ass to the floor. Police responded to the domestic dispute call and James was taken to a hospital where he received 50 stitches to close the wounds in his head. Rosie was charged with assault with a deadly weapon, and she was being held without bond because the charge stemmed from a domestic dispute. Now, in no way do I condone what Rosie did to her dear hubby, but when I saw the satisfied look on her face in her mugshot, I giggled.…

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Vallejo,CA- Seems like a lot of people are still having difficulty dealing with the death of Michael Jackson. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about it every single day, especially when every time I use google to research stories, his name pops up a gazillion times. I guess that can be a good thing, considering that some of those people still out there googling for their latest fix on the guy’s death will find this story and be introduced to the incredible amount of awesomeness that the Dreamin’ Demon is oozing with. So, welcome to all of you who may be visiting this site for the first time and are now realizing this story is not really about Wacko-Jacko. It is about another wacko named Dana Stevenson, 47, who decided to assault a 7-year old boy with a knife in a grocery store and thankfully the boy’s parents and others were able to stop her freaky frenzy before anyone became seriously injured.…

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Oklahoma City, OK - There is still very little information on this one, but the few tidbits I could find were plenty terrifying. It all began with a frantic call to 911 early Friday morning: “There’s a woman naked in the apartments, screaming with a baby. She’s like completely naked with a baby – and the baby is also with no clothes,” the caller said. “She walked towards the Circle K store that’s right on the corner. She was like screaming, screaming very loud. She’s, like, crazy out there. I’m worried because she has her baby with her.” I’m thinking that ‘crazy’ would be an understatement in this case. A short time later, the woman’s 5-month-old baby boy was found in a trash can. He had been stabbed multiple times. …

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Gibsonville, North CarolinaHe broke into her home around 6:00 Tuesday evening, bound in her duct tape, and beat her with a bat. For almost 10 hours, the woman lay there in her home, hog-tied, while her son beat the ever-lovin’ shit out of her. He repeatedly beat her in the chest and head with a baseball bat. The fucker tore her ear right off of her head. He ripped her off, stealing her wallet and money, and left the home. Despite her numerous injuries, the woman managed to break free at about 3:45 a.m., and sought help from a neighbor.…

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“I Don’t Shoot No Kids!”

January 8, 2009 at 2:48 am by  

Jackie NanneyGastonia, NC– It reportedly happened on a fairly regular basis for about 3 months… Jessica Pack, 31, and her 23-year-old boyfriend, Jackie Nanney, would shoot at her three children with a BB gun. It wasn’t necessarily a form of punishment, it was mainly for shits and giggles. Hey, asshats, really… get a new hobby.

The children, ages 4, 5, and 7, were apparently shot at for sport. In the bathtub, riding their bikes, playing in the yard, etc. Hey, they were fair game. At one point, Nanney had the 7-year-old trapped behind a door and then shot at him through the crack. The BB’s left welts and bruises and occasionally, the BB’s would draw blood.

When the pair made their first appearance in court on Wednesday, Pack told the court she did shoot the 4-year-old, and that she allowed Nanney to shoot all three of the children. But Nanney says, ‘I don’t shoot no children! I shoot cans and stuff.’

Nanney cried to judge, begging for a lower bail.…

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