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Man Drowns After Being Attacked By Swans

April 17, 2012 at 8:44 am by  

DES PLAINES, IL – A 37-year-old man in Illinois drowned in a condo’s retention pond after being attacked by one or more swans.

Anthony Hensley worked for Knox Swan and Dog LLC, a company that places swans or dogs in areas experiencing problems with the geese population. Hensley was at the Bay Colony Drive condos early Saturday morning, caring for swans they’d placed in their retention pond.

Residents say Hensley has been a regular visitor there for years, often seen on the pond in his kayak caring for the swans and feeding them. But tragedy struck that morning when one or more of the swans attacked him. No one knows exactly what prompted the attack — some thinking he just got too close to their nest or eggs — but whatever the reason, it resulted in Hensley’s kayak flipping over.

He was a good swimmer, but a combination of being fully clothed and wearing boots made it difficult for Hensley to keep his head above water. This was made especially laborious by the swans who continued their assault on Hensley as he tried to swim to shore.…

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