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MICHIGAN CITY, IN – A woman was arrested after a domestic dispute that ended with her ripping off one of her boyfriend’s testicles.

The rippin’ and the tearin’ happened on Thursday during an argument between Tara Pegues and her boyfriend, Anthony Black, inside their apartment.

Police were called to the scene by a neighbor and arrived to see the couple shouting at each other. Both Pegues and Black told the cops that everything was fine and that their argument was not physical.

But, as the Black was speaking with police, he “reached down and picked something up that had rolled onto the ground,” according to reports.

Police said his posture changed immediately and he told them that “his testicle had just fallen out onto the ground.”  (*GOT DAYUM!*)

Once Black was rushed to the hospital for treatment, he told police what had really happened. He said Pergues “snapped” during and argument over Black’s possibly infidelity, and began physically assaulting him.

Black said when he went to leave the apartment, Pegues grabbed his testicles and caused one of them “to detach from his body.”

Pegues was subsequently arrested and charged with both aggravated and domestic battery.…

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