Man Caught In Sex Act With Child on Disneyland Ride Sentenced To 31 YearsGun Range Employee Cleaning Rifle Accidentally Shot And Killed CustomerMan Accused Of Ejaculating Into Female Co-worker's Water Bottles, Honey JarGirl, 10, Committed Suicide After Fight Video Was Posted OnlineTeen Admits To Molesting Up To 50 Children Starting When He Was 10Woman Killed Thanksgiving Guest Because He Would Not Share His CrackMan Admits To Having Sex With Dead Girlfriend In Attempt To Wake Her UpMan Used Kik Messaging App To Share Child Porn Of His 1-Year-Old StepdaughterWoman Died After Getting Her Head Stuck In Fence Outside Chicago BankGirl, 13, Hanged Herself In Bedroom After Years Of Being Bullied At School

San Antonio, TX — Javier Hernandez, 30, was arrested earlier this week in connection with the death of a prostitute whose body had been found burned to a crisp last month.

The victim’s body was found in a burning garage near Hernandez’s home on January 22. Police have yet to identify her, but describe her as being Hispanic and between 18 and 35 years old. They believe she had brown hair, breast implants and a tattoo on her lower back.

Surveillance video apparently showed a dark truck pulling out of the garage shortly before the building went up in flames.

According to authorities, a witness came forward Thursday and informed investigators that Hernandez admitted to strangling the woman before burning the body in the garage. The witness also said that prior to setting the woman’s body on fire, Hernandez allowed an acquaintance to have sex with the corpse. Not sure if that’s being a good friend? Or a sucky, bad friend….

Anyway, Hernandez admitted that he owned a dark truck, but not the one seen in the surveillance video.…

Shaynna SimsTULSA, OK – Police have arrested Shaynna Sims after they say the 26-year-old walked into a funeral home and sliced open the face of a dead woman who used to date her boyfriend.

According to reports, Sims walked into the Moore Funeral Home last Thursday where the body of a woman she knew was waiting to be interred.

Family members of the deceased woman reported seeing Sims with her hands inside the coffin, and that she quickly withdrew them when they got near.

Those family members notified authorities when they found the dead woman had been vandalized. Her hair had been cut, her makeup smudged and, worst of all, there was a vertical slice to the woman’s face that went from her hairline to the tip of her nose.

Police would locate Sims at the dead woman’s home where, according to the woman’s son, Sims showed up to retrieve jewelry to be used at the funeral. Police would find Sims in the possession of a folding knife with the dead woman’s hair on it, scissors, and a box cutter.…

David VanzoPLYMOUTH, MN – Police say David Vanzo took his dead mother on a taxi ride to the bank so he could withdraw cash from her bank account.

David Vanzo took his 90-year-old mother, Caryl Vanzo, to the bank to take $850 out of her account for himself. Seven hours later he called police to report her death. When police arrived they were overwhelmed by the stench of urine and feces. Caryl Vanzo’s body was found in her bed, wearing a robe with a fur coat over it. She was also wearing boots that were covered in shit.

Bank employees reported that the visit to the bank by Vanzo and his mother was unsettling. Employees could not tell if the woman was breathing and noticed that when she was pushed in her wheelchair her feet dragged on the floor under her.

It was also noted that she did not make single move during the entire transaction. A neighbor who saw the pair leaving in the taxi also thinks there’s a good possibility the woman was dead before they left the house.…

Gregory GrafEaston, PA — Authorities have reason to believe this freak, 53-year-old Gregory Graf, shot and killed his stepdaughter just so he could have sex with her corpse. What? Like you’ve never wanted anyone that bad….

Jessica Padgett, 33, was last seen alive on November 21, leaving her job as a child care provider at a Northampton day care center. Five days and several inconsistent stories later, Graf was charged with her murder.

Graf was taken into custody on November 26, after Padgett’s body was found buried behind a shed on his property. Authorities have stated she was shot in the back of the head.

Police found video footage of Graf violating the woman’s corpse on two separate cameras that had been seized. An additional recording was found on Graf’s computer.

Graf reportedly confessed to killing Padgett, a recently married mother of three, and police have no reason to believe the two were involved in any sort of sexual relationship before her death. Police believe Padgett was dead less than an hour after she  disappeared.…

Slidell, LA – Police have arrested two women after the body of man with no hands was found rotting in a 160-quart ice chest.

Police were sent to a home because 58-year-old Debra Fisher walked into the police station to come clean about the at-least-months-old, liquefying body of her father in a cooler at her apartment. This was mere hours after deputies had paid a wellness visit to check on the man after Fisher’s landlord and neighbors expressed concerns about the elderly man’s whereabouts.

When responding police spoke with Fisher and her roommate, 45-year-old Heidi Todd (pictured), they were told that the man was out gallivanting; at least that’s what I imagine she said.  The deputies, with no reason to search for ice chests with decomposing bodies in them, left.

Now, if I weren’t so inconceivably dumb, I’d surmise that Fisher and Todd had a post-visit discussion and determined that it was only a matter of time before the police started getting significantly nosier about the whereabouts of the old man. …

Toledo, OH – Lawrence J. Clement, 57, has turned himself in to Toledo police after having been told that there was an active warrant for his arrest. This in response to allegations that he was discovered touching a corpse ‘in a sexual manner’ while working at a funeral home.

Police say Clement – of Temperance Michigan – had “sexual contact by means of touching the erogenous zone” of Brenda Shular-Cameron, 51. Shular-Cameron had died Sunday of multiple organ failure. Shular-Cameron’s family was reportedly told that another funeral home employee witnessed Clement “fondling” the woman’s corpse.

Clement, who had worked part time at H.H. Birkenkamp Funeral Home where the incident allegedly occurred, has since been fired by the company, a spokesman said Wednesday. The family of the victim reportedly said they were told Clement worked there for seven years and was a ‘greeter.’

“I’m enraged,” said Anne Lamprecht, the victim’s mother. “My daughter died a horrible death. She was a beautiful young woman. I cringe to even think of them touching her.”

The family had the woman’s body transferred to a different funeral home, but the future is not yet clear.…

Grand County, CO — A couple appeared in court Monday afternoon to answer to charges of evidence tampering, criminal trespass and abuse of a corpse after being accused of stealing items from a murder-suicide scene last month.

When Jerod Reeves and Kimberly McCaffrey stumbled across the frozen bodies of a man and his young son in the Colorado wilderness in December of last year, they did what any good citizen would do – they called authorities and informed them of the discovery. Ha! Just kidding! They robbed ’em and disappeared into the sunset, not even bothering to make one simple friggin’ phone call.

According to investigators, the pair had come across the bodies of 62-year-old William Ahrold and his 9-year-old-son Jackson in Grand County on December 17. (The father and son had last been seen on December 7, and were reported missing on December 13). Authorities found Ahrold’s van over the weekend and quickly came to the conclusion that Ahrold had killed his son before taking his own life. They soon realized that there was a rather important piece of evidence missing – the weapon.…

Two Men Take Dead Friend Out For Night On The Town

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Denver, CO — Two men have been arrested after loading a dead buddy into a car and galavanting about town on his dime.

When 43 year-old Robert Young (click the name…he’s pictured left and looking quite impressed with the size of the gentlemen to his right’s penis) came home around 11pm on August 27th, he discovered the man that he was living with had died. Young, having fallen on hard times, had been offered a place to stay while he got back on his feet. After discussing the situation with his friend, 25 year-old Mark Rubinson (pictured right, still dumbfounded by the sheer size of his penis), Young decided to not call anyone to report the death. Instead, the two took the corpse of 43 year-old Jeffrey Jarrett out for a night he would never forget had his brain still been on.

The pair first stopped at a bar and drank on Jarrett’s credit, leaving him (or what used to be him; I’m not sure how it works, really) in the car.…

Corpus Christi, TX — Michael Aguirre, 18, was arrested Sunday after a fatal accident which took the life of David Garner Jr., 45.  Police responding to the wreck at about 7:15 am reported that Garner’s black 2008 Mazda 5 was struck from  behind by Aguirre’s white 2004 Cadillac Escalade.

Aguirre was reportedly traveling ‘at a high rate of speed’ when the crash occurred.  When Aguirre’s Escalade struck Garner’s vehicle, it caused both vehicles to hit a cement barrier.  Enjoying the ride with Aguirre were his 19-year-old pregnant wife and their 8-month-old daughter.

According to a police report, a witness told investigators that, after the accident, Aguirre got out of his vehicle and started hitting Garner – who is presumed to have been already dead from injuries sustained in the accident – several times with his fists.  Investigators say Aguirre could be charged with abuse of a corpse.  Aguirre then returned to his vehicle and attempted to leave the scene.  He was prevented from leaving by other drivers.

Paramedics took Aguirre’s wife and daughter to Driscoll Children’s Hospital to be checked out for any injuries.  …

Sheraden, PA — Tushon Brown, the registered sex offender accused of fatally stabbing 14-year-old Lauren Deis last year, will spend the rest of his life in prison under a plea deal reached Thursday. Brown, 35, pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and abuse of a corpse in exchange for a sentence of life in prison with no chance of parole.

Deis’ mother, Lisa Deis, cried as she read a statement to Brown during the hearing.  “My daughter was just 14 when you stole her life away,” Lisa Deis said. “You had the nerve to tell detectives lies about my daughter. My daughter’s mistake was to trust you.”

Lisa Deis recounted a letter left by Brown’s daughter at Lauren Deis’ memorial.

“I love you Lauren. We’re so ashamed and embarrassed of our father. But don’t worry, you’re an angel now and he’ll never be able to get out,” Lisa Deis quoted from the letter.

Brown stared straight ahead for most of the hearing.  “I apologize to the family of Lauren and her friends.…

Mobile, Alabama — It isn’t clear who is telling the truth or what actually happened, but it’s obvious that both husband and wife, John DeBlase, 27, and Heather Leavell-Keaton, 22, had something to do with the deaths of DeBlase’s two children. Leavell-Keaton is not their biological mother. Prosecutors have indicated they will now file capital murder charges against Leavell-Keaton after getting new information on the same day as the gruesome testimony. They have not yet decided whether to seek the death penalty. Leavell-Keaton is already jailed on charges of aggravated child abuse and abuse of a corpse, but will have a hearing next week on the two new charges against her. DeBlase is charged with two counts of felony murder and two counts of corpse abuse in the deaths of 3-year-old Chase and 4-year-old Natalie. During a hearing last Friday, investigators testified that Leavell-Keaton told police that DeBlase used rat poison to kill his own children and then dumped their bodies in the woods of south Mississippi and Alabama. DeBlase’s statement to detectives said Natalie died on March 4th after Leavell-Keaton duct-taped her hands, feet and mouth and put her in a suitcase.…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. –– Been a while since necrophilia has been a tag on D’D, but Louisville police have arrested a man they say murdered a missing teen, then had sex with his corpse. The family of 18-year-old Andrew Compton reported him missing on Oct 30th after he had not been seen or heard from in two days. His parents would find out that on the day he disappeared, he had used his computer to communicate with 40-year-old Gregory O’Bryan. Police questioned O’Bryan who admitted he had met with Compton and that they’d had sex at O’Bryan’s apartment. Afterwards he says the teen left on foot. Last week police executed a search warrant on O’Bryan’s apartment where he would change his story. He told police that Compton had died while they were having sex and that he had continued having sex with Compton anyway before disposing of Compton’s body. O’Bryan was arrested and charged with murder, tampering with physical evidence and abuse of a corpse. Compton’s parents had created a Facebook Page in hopes of getting information on his whereabouts and stated they had warned Compton about him meeting strangers online.…

Polk Twp., PA – On June 6th, a doctor in the pediatric unit at Lehigh Valley Medical Center called police to report she was treating a 13-year-old believed to have been recently pregnant. During the course of treatment, the girl admitted to performing a “home abortion” with a lead pencil earlier that week. According to the criminal complaint, the girl attempted the abortion on Wednesday. By Saturday morning, she had grown increasingly ill and began experiencing contractions. When the pain became unbearable, she called her alleged boyfriend, 30-year-old Michael Lisk, and pleaded for assistance. Lisk advised her to “push hard” when she got a strong contraction. The girl eventually gave birth on a toilet in her home. She later told police the baby was stillborn. After the birth, the teen placed another call to Lisk. He told her to wrap the baby in a plastic bag and he’d come over to help. She placed the infant in a bag and threw it near a tree in her yard. Lisk later retrieved the infant and allegedly buried it near his home.…

LOUISVILLE, Kentucky Police went to the home of 88-year-old Sina Harris to perform a welfare check. They were greeted by her son, 52-year-old Julius Harris – who had a gun to his head. This led to a 9 hour stand-off ending with Harris finally surrendering to police. Once in the home, they located Sina Harris. Or rather her corpse. Harris had been living with it ever since she died in her bed over 6-months ago. An autopsy report states she probably died from natural causes, but her son decided not to report her passing away to anyone so he could continue to live off her. “He continued to write checks and cash checks she was receiving from different agencies and companies,” said Louisville Metro Police Department Lt. Barry Wilkerson. Julius Harris now faces two felony charges, one for abusing a corpse and another for theft by deception. No he is looking at another 10 years of free room and board, but this time on Kentuckian’s dime. While I cannot imagine living with a corpse, I sure know what it is like having sex with one.…

James Howard Patton Likes ‘Em COLD

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HOUSTON, Texas – I’ve been wonderin’ were my necrophiliacs been hidin’! But just when I thought they had vanished, James Patton is here representin’ the Necro Ghoul Crew. Ahem.

39-year-old James Patton’s creepy activities were discovered after police got a warrant to seize his computer stemming from harassment charges involving an ex-girlfriend. But investigators found a bit more than they bargained for when they retrieved pictures from Patton’s computer showing Patton placing his member on the foot of a nude female corpse.

They also found an image of a female corpse with the legs spread open. “I can tell you that the defendant’s male sexual organ was seen in various poses with those of dead bodies,” said Donna Hawkins with the Harris County DA’s Office. Insert all kinds of SHUDDER here.

The photos were determined to have been taken in 2004, and Patton admitted to police that he last messed with a corpse a year ago when he was employed as funeral director at the Earthman Funeral Home.…

Asuncion Avila-Villa Lied Through Her Teeth

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Hamilton, OH – Asuncion “Suzie” Avila-Villa is one callous, putrid, vile, waste of skin. Nature mistakenly saw fit to bless this worthless sack of shit masquerading as a human being with the ability to create a little human, and what does she do with that gift she managed to create? She allegedly abused him, neglected him, crushed his tiny skull, and threw him in the trash can. Then the wretched beast thought she could lie her way out of it. On Monday, the gargoyle called 911 and tearfully reported that her baby’s daddy had taken off with her precious little gift on Sunday and she hasn’t seen either one of them since. Boohoo. Sniff. Well, right away, shit didn’t add up and cops were suspicious from the start. And for good reason – the child’s tiny body was found in a trash can in the alley behind the degenerate’s apartment complex on Tuesday. Little Israel Santos was just 5-weeks old. Autopsy confirmed that he had died from a crushed skull prior to being thrown into the trash.…

WTF Happened To Daisja Weaver?

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Dallas, TexasHinky meters were going off like crazy when the story of Daisja Weaver hit the forums last Wednesday. Daisja’s mother, Tamaira Creagh, had quite a frightening tale to tell. Last Tuesday evening, while Tamaira was preparing to move items to a new apartment, a Hispanic male, dressed in red and black, entered her apartment and attempted to sexually assault her…she managed to fight him off. Thwarted, the man grabbed her infant daughter, Daisja, car seat and all, jumped from a second-story balcony, and disappeared into the night. Scary shit, huh? Almost as scary as the real story behind little Daisja’s disappearance.…

Did Codey Miller Rape His Mother’s Corpse?

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Johnson City, TennesseeThere are very few details being released on this case, but, I promise you, the few details that are known are nauseating. First, I was like, ‘huh?’ Then I was like, ‘whaaaa?’ And then, all I could say was, ‘Ewwww! That’s nasty!’ This is the story of Codey Wayne Miller and his accomplice, Christopher Johnson. Miller, 17, is being accused of strangling his mother, 36-year-old Sherry Cooper, and sexually assaulting the corpse.…

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