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theophilous-washingtonMILLERSVILLE, PA — A Pennsylvania university student is accused of trying to abort his girlfriend’s fetus by having her unknowingly drink bleach.

Theophilous Washington, 20, was with his pregnant girlfriend Friday morning when he suggested she take some water from his fridge as she was leaving.

When she returned to her on-campus room and drank from the water bottle, she felt a burning sensation in her throat, vomited, and then called 911. Police eventually interviewed her and Washington, who admitted he’d put bleach in the water his girlfriend drank.

He explained that he did not want his girlfriend to have the baby, and hoped to kill it by having his girlfriend drink bleach.

In response to his surprise abortion attempt, Washington was charged with criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder of an unborn child as well as reckless endangering. He is being held in jail on $1 million bail. Dayum!

“The charges are twisted and the intended result nothing short of horrifying,” said District Attorney Craig Stedman. Washington’s girlfriend and her 2-month-old fetus appeared unharmed, according to the doctor who examined her.…

lonnell-mcdonaldDALLAS, TX – One of the individuals accused of jumping on a pregnant teen’s stomach to successfully force an abortion after she was raped, has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Lonnell McDonald was found guilty on Friday and sentenced to 10 years in prison for aggravated assault. The 28-year-old is still facing a pending charge for conspiracy to commit capital murder.

For any of you who may have missed the original story, the victim was raped and impregnated by her older brother in 2012 when she was just 14-years-old. She did not report the crime because she was embarrassed, but five months later her family could see that she was pregnant.

Fearing other children in the home would be removed by CPS if the details surrounding the girl’s pregnancy were investigated, the family decided to hide the crime. At first, 45-year-old Sharon Jones tried giving the girl multiple doses of birth control pills, emergency contraception pills and cinnamon tablets.

When none of these methods killed the baby, the family decided the only course of action was to beat the baby out of her.…

Anna YoccaMURFREESBORO, TN – Police in Tennessee have charged Anna Yocca with attempted first-degree murder after she tried using a coat hanger to kill her unborn child and, well, made a mess.

Back in September, the 31-year-old filled a bathtub with water and tried to abort her 24-week-old baby by stabbing it to death with a coat hanger.

She got scared when she started bleeding, so she had her boyfriend take her to the hospital where she told the staff she wanted to terminate her pregnancy. Instead, doctors delivered her 1.5 pound baby boy.

Because of Yocca’s lack of follow-through, the boy will now need medical support for the rest of his life due to the damage Yocca had done to his lungs, eyes, and heart.

“The whole time she was concerned for her health, her safety and never gave any attention to the health and safety to the unborn child,” said Sergeant Kyle Evans.

Police arrested Yocca on Wednesday, charging her with attempted first-degree murder. She was ordered jailed in the Rutherford County Adult Detention Center on a $200,000 bond.…

Sharon JonesDALLAS, TX – Four members of the same family have been arrested after allegedly beating a pregnant 14-year-old in order to force an abortion, then burning the stillborn’s remains on a charcoal grill.

According to reports, the victim went to police this month to report what had happened to her. She said that she got pregnant after being raped raped by a family member in August 2012. She did not report the crime at the time because she was ’embarrassed’.

Five months later her family could see that she was pregnant. They feared other children in the home would be removed if CPS investigated the details surrounding the girl’s pregnancy, so they decided to hide the crime.

Plan A involved 45-year-old Sharon Jones reportedly giving the girl multiple doses of birth control pills, emergency contraception pills and cinnamon tablets. When none of these methods killed the baby, the family went to Plan B; beat the baby out of her.

The girl, along with a witness who went to the police station with her, told police that in the living room of Jones’ house, 25-year-old Cecilia McDonald held her arms down while Lonnell McDonald kicked and bounced up and down on her stomach.…

Purvi PatelSOUTH BEND, IN – A 33-year-old Indiana woman accused of ending her own pregnancy became the first woman in the U.S. to be sentenced to prison for feticide.

According to court documents, Purvi Patel arrived at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center maternity ward in July 2013 with an empty umbilical cord protruding from her nethers. She told doctors she’d miscarried and left the fetus in a dumpster behind her family’s restaurant.

Police located the dumpster where a male fetus was found dead inside a plastic bag. Patel stated she’d been aware of her pregnancy for approximately three weeks before she went into the bathroom where “it all came out.” She further stated she found the lifeless fetus amidst all the blood, so she attempted to perform CPR but was unsuccessful.

When detectives asked why she didn’t call 911, she stated she “didn’t know what else to do,” and didn’t want her parents to find out she’d had premarital sex, or had become pregnant as a result of her liaison with the baby’s father.…

Antibaby smoothieTRONDHEIM, NORWAY – A 26-year-old man from Norway is facing seven years in jail after feeding his ex-girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child, a smoothie laced with an abortion drug.

The pair had a short relationship and a child together already, but were no longer together when they met at a party and  decided to scrump. This resulted in the woman getting pregnant with his second child and the man suffering from some serious post bang regret.

“He tried several times to convince me to have an abortion but it was not an option for me,” the woman told the court in Trondheim.

Feeling that he had no way out, the man researched abortive medications and purchased the drugs online. He gave the woman the pills under the guise that they were over-the-counter pain killers. His first attempt was unsuccessful and evident at a pregnancy check-up which showed the baby was still developing. He freaked knowing that if a developing child were exposed to these drugs they could be born with severe deformities.…

Justin Lee ColbyPASCO COUNTY, FL – Justin Colby is behind bars facing attempted murder charges after the 33-year-old allegedly tried aborting his girlfriend’s baby with a 2006 Dodge Charger.

On Monday, Colby got into an argument with his girlfriend, 32-year-old Crystal Noordhuizen, who is seven months pregnant. Not wanting to exasperate the situation, Noordhuizen left their home and began walking down the street.

That’s when police say Colby called her on her cell phone and asked, “Are you ready for your abortion date?” before veering his vehicle off the road and striking Noordhuizen from behind. Colby crashed into a pole, got out of the car and walked to his home where he fled on a white motorcycle.

Noordhuizen was taken to Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point with minor injuries, while Colby was later picked up by police and charged with attempted murder.

This isn’t the first time Colby has been accused of hitting someone with a car. In 2012, Colby was charged with aggravated battery causing great bodily harm after he ran over his brother.…

John WeldenTAMPA, FL – John Welden, a 28-year-old pre-med student at the University of South Florida, has been accused of killing his unborn child by tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill.

Weldon’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Remee Lee, says that when she learned she was pregnant, Welden took her to see his father, an OB/GYN. A sonogram and blood test would confirm that Lee was six-weeks pregnant. The next day, Welden called her saying that the blood tests revealed she had a bacterial infection and would need to start taking Amoxicillin, an antibiotic.

But a federal indictment states Welden had figured out a heinous way to get rid of the baby he did not want, and forged his father’s signature for a prescription pill that can terminate pregnancies. He then switched the labels to make the bottle look like it contained Lee’s antibiotics.

On Good Friday,  he showed up with a care package that contained her antibiotic prescription. “He told me to keep taking them. I was supposed to take three a day for days,” she recalled of Welden’s instructions.…

Turkey — I normally don’t post stories from other countries but I couldn’t pass this one up. A woman in Turkey got sick of being blackmailed by the man who raped her and got her pregnant, so she shot the asshole, decapitated him, then threw his head into the village square.

The 26-year-old woman is five months pregnant with her rapist’s baby and claims the man had taken naked pictures of her that he would routinely threaten to show to her family if she didn’t continue sleeping with him. Since honor is a big thing over there, and he was mucking hers up, she admits that after months of being abused that she took matters into her own hands.

The mother of two did this by shooting the man ten times, several of those being to the dick, before stabbing him in the abdomen, cutting off his head, and then hurling it into Yalvac’s village square. When she was arrested near the man’s severed head she reportedly said, “That is the head of one who toyed with my honor.”

The woman is now trying to abort her baby, even though she is beyond Turkey’s ten week limit allowed for abortion.…

Moscow — A Russian fisherman stumbled upon a quite horrific sight Sunday night when he found four plastic barrels that contained 248 fetuses left in a forest in Russia’s Ural Mountains .

“A friend called at night and said he went fishing and wanted to get some wood for his fire. He ran into some water canisters and wanted to take them home, but when he came closer he saw little baby bodies,” local resident Sergei Tveritinov told state television.

Photographs from the site showed fetuses with tags with numbers and inscriptions that Russian media said were the names of families.

Police say that the fetuses were preserved in formaldehyde and kept in barrels marked with surnames and numbers. Depending on which article you read, it is believed that the remains are from three or four local hospitals.

“It seems the company responsible for disposal of the bio-medical waste did not carry out its duties,” the deputy head of the regional government, Vladimir Vlasov, said on state television. The fetuses have since been placed in a local morgue.…

New York — A woman in New York just became the fifth person in 30 years to be charged with self-abortion in that state, after a dead fetus was found in the trash.

Police have charged 20-year-old Yaribely Almonte with self-abortion after a man was sorting recyclables outside a Manhattan building, and discovered a seven-inch long fetus wrapped in a trash bag.

The age of the fetus has not been reported but in New York, abortion is illegal after six months of pregnancy unless it’s performed to save the mother’s life. Almonte rented a room in the building for a short while and allegedly ended her pregnancy by drinking an herbal tea that can cause a miscarriage.

The concoction has become increasingly more common in Mexico and other parts of Latin America in recent years. Abortion rights advocates say this is because because of a lack of insurance or mistrust of the medical system, even.

“It’s been well discussed in the Latino community that there’s an issue about health and safety and the use of medication outside of a doctor’s care for pregnancy termination,” said Elizabeth Toledo, a public relations consultant for abortion rights groups.…

Houston, Texas —  Police say a woman tried to cover-up the sexual assault of her adopted 12-year-old daughter, allegedly raped by her 18-year-old son, by taking the young girl to get an abortion.

CPS started their investigation regarding the girl’s pregnancy after an anonymous tipster informed them 50-year-old Cynthia Greenwood had taken the special needs girl to an abortion clinic.

The caller said that the 12-year-old was 17-weeks pregnant but was too hysterical for the procedure to be performed. Greenwood refused to say how the girl became pregnant and the girl would only tell a CPS employee that an adult had touched her privates.

Two weeks later, Greenwood tried again and took the girl to the Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland, Ohio where an abortion would be performed two days later.

Police would interview Greenwood a couple weeks after that and while she admitted she had taken the girl to have an abortion, she denied knowing how the girl got pregnant. The 12-year-old and her sister were taken from the home by CPS on that same day.…

ALAMOGORDO, N.M. — Currently, motorists on Alamogordo’s main thoroughfare are being treated to a billboard from a man saying his ex-girlfriend had an abortion against his wishes.

The (creepy) sign shows 35-year-old Greg Fultz holding the outline of an infant. The text reads, “This Would Have Been A Picture Of My 2-Month Old Baby If The Mother Had Decided To Not KILL Our Child!”

As you can imagine, this has stirred up quite the debate. The ex in question has taken Fultz to court for harassment and violation of privacy in an effort to have the sign taken down, but Fultz’s attorney says removing the sign would violate his client’s right to free speech.

“As distasteful and offensive as the sign may be to some, for over 200 years in this country the First Amendment protects distasteful and offensive speech,” Todd Holmes said.

The ex-girlfriend’s attorney counters this by saying her client’s right to privacy has been violated and the billboard has caused severe emotional distress. She adds that she has no issue with Fultz arguing for father’s rights, just not at the expense of someone else’s private life.…

Philadelphia, PA — A doctor has been charged with eight counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and seven babies who were born alive and then killed with scissors.

This story truly seems like a really bad script for a horror flick. Over the last 30 years, 69-year-old Dr. Kermit Gosnell has made millions of dollars performing a procedure that most doctors will not do — late-term abortions. Prosecutors say that the doctor would prey on minorities, immigrants and poor women, lying to them in regards to how far they were in their pregnancies.

Gosnell charged $325 for first-trimester abortions and $1,600 to $3,000 for abortions up to 30 weeks. Abortions are legal up to 24 weeks gestation in Pennsylvania, although most doctors won’t perform them after 20 weeks, prosecutors said.

Prosecutors say that most of the women were lied to in regards to how far they were along in their pregnancies and that once labor was induced, the women would give live birth to viable babies in the sixth, seventh, eighth month of pregnancy.…

Dominic Holt-Reid Doesn’t Want Any More Babies

October 11, 2010 at 9:56 am by  

Columbus, OH – Dominic Holt-Reid, 27, was jailed Wednesday after he allegedly pulled a gun on his pregnant girlfriend and forced her to drive to an abortion clinic, threatening to shoot her if she didn’t. The woman, 26-year-old Yolanda Burgess, told police she and Holt-Reid had just dropped their 4-year-old son off at nursery school and were heading to the clinic for an appointment when she decided she didn’t want to go through with the procedure. The change of heart apparently displeased the man. Burgess said Holt-Reid reached into the glove-box and pulled out a .45 and told her that she was going to make that appointment or he was going to shoot and cause her to miscarry. When the two arrived at the clinic, Burgess wrote a note detailing her situation and passed it to a clinic employee. The employee called police and Holt-Reid was arrested in the parking lot – the gun was found tucked in his waistband. He’s been booked on charges of kidnapping and carrying a concealed weapon.…

The Daily Bite

May 25, 2010 at 4:20 pm by  
  • Another day, another day I made a shitload of money. Keeping it short and sweet as I got to go finish planning my assault on Fort Mercer.
  • WICHITA, KS – A Wichita man has been arrested for allegedly attacking a man’s miniature dachshund with an ax. Police found the man in the area and arrested him for animal cruelty. No word on why he attacked the dog — which was still alive at the time I typed this out.
  • HILLSBOROUGH, NC – Demario Atwater agreed to plead guilty to first-degree murder, first-degree kidnapping, and armed robbery – effectively removing the death penalty from the table and making sure that tax payers take care of him for the rest of his life. He and another man killed UNC Student Body President Eve Carson. She was taken from her home, driven around to various ATM’s before Atwater used a sawed-off 12-gauge shotgun to kill her. Fire that prosecutor.
  • NEW CITY, NY – A good Samaritan tried to break up a fight between two dog owners at Kennedy-Dells Park and was bitten by one of the men involved.

Alex Santana Should Have Used A Condom

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Southbridge, MA- Or more like his parents should have used one. Alex Santana, 18, is a selfish prick who doesn’t want to man up and take responsibility for his actions. Santana had been fighting with his 28-year old girlfriend, Leah Diver, for the past several weeks over the fact that she was pregnant with his child and he wanted her to have an abortion. Driver adamantly refused to have the baby aborted, so Santana went over to her residence last Friday and decided to abort the bastard himself. Once he was at the apartment, Santana argued with Diver even more and told her “she was going to abort the baby one way or the other.”

A Florida House Committee is trying to get a bill passed that would require women to take mug shots of the offending tyke before having them vacuumed out.  The idea is that it is unfair to the pictorial process that other capital punishment victims go through to allow these fetuses to ‘skirt’ the ordeal. However, I could be reading the story incorrectly.  This may also be a ploy by right-to-lifers who think that seeing the salamander growing in her tummy will avert the slaughter being waged by pre-teens and rape victims across our country.  If that is the idea, much good could come of this.…

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