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Laundry PodKISSIMMEE, FL – A 1-year-old boy has died after eating a laundry detergent pod while at a Kissimmee battered women’s shelter.

Police say Michael Williams was with his mother at the shelter when he ate the highly concentrated pack of laundry detergent and later died. Police are still investigating, but say they do not feel the poisoning was intentional. However, it will be up to prosecutors to file any charges once the investigation is complete.

According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, in 2012, poison centers received reports of 6,231 exposures to the highly concentrated packets of laundry detergent by children 5 and younger. As of July of this year, that number is 5,753. In July, Tide announced it will no longer package their detergent in clear packaging, using an opaque packaging that they hope will prevent kids from thinking it is candy.

That’s cool of Tide, but Terri Durdaller, a spokesperson for the Department of Children and Families, released a statement that I thought better addressed how to prevent such accidents from happening:

“The death of little Michael is a tragedy.…

Robert DavisMARIETTA, GA – A Georgia man stands accused of hideous animal abuse after mutilating two puppies that a neighbor had asked him to keep at his house for a few days.

Robert Williams Davis, 38, was arrested shortly before midnight on Saturday. He was charged with two counts of aggravated cruelty to animals and three counts of tampering with evidence. According to the arrest warrant, Davis allegedly beheaded a 6-week-old black and white pit bull puppy late Saturday night with a pair of scissors.

“The puppy’s neck was completely severed with the head attached to the body by a single piece of skin,” an affidavit says. “The puppy’s body did not appear to contain blood, suggesting the puppy’s head was severed while the puppy was still alive.” That sound you may be hearing is my blood starting to boil.

The unfortunate pooch was decapitated by what was described as a “sawing” type motion, according to the police report. This is I ask, “Just five minutes, worm your honor, him and me alone?” [Pink Floyd reference in an article about a decapitated puppy?

John PuckettWESTMORELAND, TN – A small town Tennessee police officer was arrested after officials said he admitted to having sex with a 16-year-old girl.

John Edwin Puckett, 49, has been charged with two counts of aggravated statutory rape and one count of soliciting sexual exploitation from jailbait.

Westmoreland Police Chief K.D. Smith went to Puckett’s home on Tuesday after the officer failed to show up for work. Smith said that Puckett confessed to having sex with the girl and then resigned from the department.

“When he told me he had been involved in sexual activities with a 16 year old I was speechless,” Smith said.

According to an affidavit filed with the Sumner County Sheriffs Department, the teen’s mother called police after the girl told the woman she had sex with Puckett on at least two different occasions. The mother then confronted Puckett, who admitted to her that the allegations were true.

The victim told investigators that the sex occurred either in her car or Puckett’s, and happened at different spots around Westmoreland.…

CyanideBIRMINGHAM, AL – A man who’d just been convicted of sexually assaulting a young child dropped dead following the guilty verdict, saving Alabama taxpayers some money by apparently from swallowing cyanide.

According to Travis Parker, the emergency medical chief for the Tuscaloosa Fire & Rescue Service, William Thomas Moore Jr., 42, was being booked into jail on Monday when he informed officers that he’d just swallowed a cyanide tablet. Mr. Guilty was dead before rescuers could arrive and was officially pronounced dead at DCH Regional Medical Center a short time later.

“Our guys said the jailer told them he said, ‘I took cyanide,'” Parker told reporters. “It was fast-acting, whatever it was.” Moore was being autopsied, but results weren’t immediately available, and chemical testing was required to determine the exact substance, Parker said.

Moore was looking at a possible sentence of 20 years in the Hotel Greybar for sexual abuse of a child younger than 12. He was acquitted on a sodomy charge moments before the guilty verdict was announced.…

Joscilin SmithMESA, AZ – The parents of a 4-year-old boy have been arrested after police found the boy hidden in a closet, suffering from severe burns he received two weeks earlier.

Mesa police were performing a welfare check at the home of Aaron Roland and Joscilin Smith after receiving a report from CPS regarding a toddler in their home with serious burns.

The couple initially told police that the child was staying with a relative, but police weren’t buying it and found the kid hidden away in a bedroom closet and the reports were right, the kid had some nasty burns.

The couple explained that they had gotten into an argument a couple weeks prior and Joscilin threw a pot of boiling water at Aaron that splashed the child. Instead of getting the child some professional medical help, they treated the child with store-bought creams and bandages.

“The father had gone out and gotten medical attention right away, that day, and got himself taken care of,” said Mesa Police Sgt.…

BrooklynBROOKLYN, NY – Police took a man into custody on Tuesday and charged him in three violent home invasions in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, committed within a few hours.

In the first assault, 24-year-old Edgar Marrero, a homeless man, allegedly pushed his way into a Berry Street apartment just before 8 p.m. Monday evening. According to police, he told the victim, a 27-year-old woman, that he would kill her if she didn’t give him money. Marrero knocked her unconscious with a blow to the head and then allegedly raped her. He also stole the woman’s iPhone and laptop, according to the police report.

Marrero was only getting started, though. Investigators believe he struck again about two hours later, ringing the bell at an Engert Ave apartment in Greenpoint. When the resident, 40-year-old Jenine Gonzalez , answered the door, police say Marrero forced his way inside the home. She told detectives that the suspect punched her in the face before throwing her to the kitchen floor to try and add her to the list of people he wanted to share DNA with.…

Codey EverhartLEE’S SUMMIT, MO — I’m not condoning grown men having sex with 13-year-old girls, but if you do, it’s probably not a good idea not to send the victim’s mother text messages apologizing for what you did.

That’s what  22-year-old Codey Everhart is accused of doing after he allegedly raped a 13-year-old neighbor. According to the girl, shortly after her mother left for work, Codey knocked on her window asking if she wanted to go out. She said no, but allowed Codey to come in to use the bathroom.

According to the girl, when Codey came out of the bathroom he threw her on the bed and sexually assaulted her. She told police she was able to get away from him and hide in a bathroom until Codey left the home. That’s when the girl put her clothes on and ran to a friend’s house for help.

Sometime afterwards, Codey sent the girl’s mother text messages apologizing for what he did. According to court records the text message read:

Omg im so sorry….it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz I’m sorry plz don’t call the cops…Ihave kids…plz I will do whatever u want I’m so so rry handsome sacred I shouldv never said yes when she asked me to come over And scared* I’m so scared….I’m so sorry mam….I sware off girls altogther…plz I’m so sorry….plz say something?

Cracked Spine Book Club: The Shining Girls

August 13, 2013 at 5:20 pm by  

The Shining GirlsHere, Now – I’ve gotten pretty slack on these book suggestions, but it hasn’t been for lack of reading anything worth mentioning. Case in point, “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes. I’d never heard of this lady, although I guess I should have because, well, read her bio.

Her latest book was suggested to me by Amazon, but to be honest I wasn’t too interested once I learned it was about a time-traveling serial killer. Here’s the official synopsis:

In Depression-era Chicago, Harper Curtis finds a key to a house that opens on to other times. But it comes at a cost. He has to kill the shining girls: bright young women, burning with potential. He stalks them through their lives across different eras, leaving anachronistic clues on their bodies, until, in 1989, one of his victims, Kirby Mazrachi, survives and starts hunting him back.

While I am definitely a fan of serial killer related material, and I dig some time-travel stuff, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to jump into a book that mixed them together – that is, until I read the reviews:

One of the scariest and best-written thrillers of the year, not to mention the most memorable portrait of a serial killer since Henry H.

Sarah HopkinsSALEM, OR  – The Marion County Sheriff’s Office have charged 35-year-old Sarah Beth Hopkins with multiple counts of sex abuse and rape after they say she was having a sexual relationship with an 11-year-old boy.

She got busted after the boy’s mother became suspicious of her one-time neighbor’s close relationship with her son and confronted him about it. The boy ‘fessed up and told his mom that he’d been cleaning Hopkins’ mud flaps for the last eight months.

The boy’s mother confronted Hopkins with what her son had told her and Hopkins admitted that it was true. She said she’d been having sex with the boy since February; playing find-the-wet-spot with him in her apartment and in public places when they went on walks together.

When police interviewed Hopkins, she told them she never forced the boy for sex or gave him anything in return. Hopkins was arrested and charged with 20 counts of rape and sodomy. Her bail has been set at $1 million and she’ll be back in Aug.…

Jay Thomas MorganJOHNSON COUNTY, TX – An accused kiddie-diddler, and the man police say created “some of the worst child pornography” they’d ever seen, was found dead in his jail cell early Monday, but who gives a shit?

According to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office, 50-year-old Jay Thomas Morgan, a co-defendant in a two-county child porn investigation, was found dead in his cell.

Unfortunately, his death was not from pliers, fire ants, or large-diameter dildos with rusty nails protruding from them. Turns out the accused pedophile hanged himself in his cell using a T-shirt.

Morgan, who had been in jail since July 31, 2012, was awaiting trial on charges that included aggravated sexual assault of a child and continued abuse of a young child. His bail had been set at half a million bucks, which, luckily, he hadn’t been able to raise. His trial was scheduled to begin in October.

Prison officials said that the cretin wasn’t on suicide watch. “He hadn’t shown any signs at all,” Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford noted.…

Tony Lee DavisSpartanburg, SC – Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to care for any living thing. For example, 33-year-old Tony Lee Davis from North Carolina.

This moron went inside the WestGate Mall and left his 18-month-old bulldog, Thor, in his locked car in 95 degree temperatures. When police officers noticed him, Thor was showing all the signs of heat stroke – heavy panting, rapid breathing, and excessive drooling.

They broke a car window to get the dog out, noting that Thor vomited, his tongue had turned purple, and he was too weak to drink any water the officers tried to give him. At about this time, Davis walked up and was promptly arrested and charged with ill treatment of animals.

Thor was taken to the Spartanburg Humane Society and the CARE Animal Emergency Clinic for care. When he arrived, his body temperature was 109 degrees. It could have been higher, but the thermometer didn’t read any higher than that. He was also suffering from tiny bleeds under the surface of his skin and blindness.…

Muni SavyonManchester, NH – A reportedly depressed father killed shot is 9-year-old son to death during a supervised visit at a YWCA before turning the gun on himself.

Muni Savyon, 54, and son Joshua Savyon were together for a supervised visit with an adult monitor when, halfway through the hour-long visit, Muni pulled out a handgun, shot Joshua and then himself. The monitor was unharmed. A police tactical team entered the building and found the bodies of Muni and Joshua inside.

According to those who knew him, Muni had a lot going on lately. In February Muni was a defeated candidate for the New Hampshire Legislature, the relationship between him and his ex-wife was described as “contentious” by police, and he’d just returned home from his brother’s funeral in Israel.

Rabbi Levi Krinsky said that Muni was distraught when he saw him a week ago. “He was going through a very, very difficult battle over his son,” Krinsky said. “He was visibly distraught, so my guess is that’s what led to this.”

He went on to say that Muni had sent an email to a friend that warned of what he was going to do.…

Brandon FanningSAVANNAH, GA – Police have arrested a 19-year-old after they say he was filming himself having sex with a underage boy and possibly using Skype so others could watch him abuse the boy live over the Internet.

Brandon Fanning was busted after Homeland Security gave the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force in Effingham County a tip regarding Fanning’s online activities. They ended up arresting Fanning on charges of aggravated child molestation, child molestation and sexual exploitation of a child.

“The investigation revealed that Fanning had been molesting an underage boy and possessed videos of the sexual acts between he and the victim which he was sharing,” sheriff’s spokesman David Ehsanipoor said, adding that Fanning was also engaging in sexual acts with a dog.

“Some of the details we have seen on these videos we couldn’t even try to explain on television. It’s one of those disgusting situations and we wouldn’t be able to believe anyone would try to do something like that,” said Ehsanipoor.

More charges are pending against Fanning, but deputies would not say what they were related to – I’m guessing it may have something to do with the poor pooch. …

2013-08-12_081951HOUSTON, TX – Police in Texas have arrested a 10-year-old girl, charging her with the rape of a 4-year-old boy, and I still cannot find what in the hell this girl allegedly did.

Police say the incident happened back in April, but an arrest wasn’t made until last week after a juvenile sex crimes investigator was assigned to the case. The girl’s mother says her daughter has been accused of raping the boy in the courtyard of their apartment complex.

“She was just being a child having fun and playing,” the woman said. “She didn’t know she was doing anything wrong.”

The girl was arrested and taken to the downtown juvenile justice complex where she was fingerprinted, issued a standard jump suit and locked up in a cell. She was reportedly held there for four days without an attorney.

Quanell X, the leader of the New Black Panther Party in Houston, has stepped in to help defend the girl. “This was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay,” Quanell X said. “That’s what this was.…

Vishawn MillsINDIANAPOLIS, IN – An Indiana couple has been arrested and charged with first degree murder and concealing a homicidal death in the murder of a Secor man whose dismembered body was found, well, all over the place.

Rayshawn Lamar Johnson, 23, had the bracelets slapped on Wednesday afternoon by the Indianapolis Police. Following the arrest, he was taken back to Woodford County and charged with first-degree murder. Johnson’s girlfriend, 24-year-old Vishawn Mills was also apprehended by Indianapolis police, though she was transported to McLean County. Her charge so far is concealing a homicidal death, though other charges are possible.

After a torso was found Saturday in the Mackinaw River, police got a tip on Sunday morning, reportedly from a passer-by on an Illinois Route 250 overpass. The tipster was able to provide police with a vague vehicle description, as well as a description of a female possibly involved in littering. I mean, dumping the remains. According to reports, that tipster was actually Mills’ mother.

The pair reportedly took the bus to Indianapolis after chopping the elderly victim up, and told Mills’ mother of the crime.…

Michael A. MartinDONEGAL TOWNSHIP, PA – A Charleroi man relatives say was looking to cash in on his father-in-law’s death has been arrested and charged with murder. Police say they have evidence that suggests Michael Martin, 40, planned the killing, which took place sometime Wednesday evening.

Earl Weygandt, 67, was found shortly after witnesses reported seeing a car on fire late Wednesday night near Kalp Lane on Route 31. Weygandt was found inside his smoked-out Jeep Cherokee Laredo, which had been overheating, not burning, according to police. Martin was taken into custody Thursday.

According to the police report, authorities got a 911 call about a burning car around 10:15 p.m. When officers arrived at the scene, they found a corpse inside the smoking ruin, the body sporting multiple stab wounds. Police say Martin set Weygandt up, luring him to a parking lot along busy Route 31 late Wednesday night. Investigators said Martin had told Weygandt his own car had broken down and he needed help.

“While they were pulled over some type of activity or engagement ensued,” Trooper Stephen Limani said.…

Erica ParsonsROWAN COUNTY, N.C. —  Here’s an odd one out of North Carolina that is starting to get some press.

Erica Parsons, who would be 15 right now, was reported missing by her older brother on July 30. While this is troubling, what makes the situation worse is that Erica was last seen in 2011.

Casey and Sandy Parsons, who adopted Erica when she was two weeks old, have told investigators that sometime around July 2011, they were contacted by someone claiming to be Erica’s biological grandmother.

After some phone conversations and Erica visiting the woman several times in Asheville, the Parsons claim that Erica informed them she did not want to come home and wanted to live with her biological grandmother. The Parsons did not protest, and say they have not heard from their adoptive daughter since.

It has now been revealed that Erica’s biological grandmother died five years ago. So either the Parsons allowed Erica to live with a stranger and just haven’t given a shit about her safety ever since, or something even more sinister has happened.…

Yadzia Ivelisse MoralesSTCLOUD, FL — Police have arrested a mother and her boyfriend after they say the couple poured boiling water on the woman’s 6-year-old daughter as a form of punishment.

Police said Yadzia Ivelisse Morales’ daughter was crying and “misbehaving” so she disciplined her by microwaving a bowl of water until it was boiling then, with the help of her boyfriend Roberto Lopez, poured the boiling water over the girl as she stood in a shower.

The abuse was reported to police by Lopez’s mother who noticed the girl’s burns while babysitting.  The girl is currently recovering at Arnold Palmer Children’s Hospital in Orlando with second and third degree burns over 30 percent of her body. Investigators said the burns were to her neck, face and back.

Both Morales and Lopez were arrested on charges of aggravated child abuse, child neglect causing great bodily harm and aggravated battery. They are being held in the Osceola County jail without bond.

Morales has refused to speak with reporters, but Lopez that he does “feel bad about it” but denies he was involved with burning the girl. …