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Lila WarwickWILLMAR, MN – Police have charged three teenagers with the murder of a 79-year-old woman killed during a robbery orchestrated by her own grandson.

Lila Warwick was discovered in the basement of her home after failing to pick up her 14-year-old granddaughter for vacation Bible school. Autopsy reports showed that Warwick died from multiple stab wounds and strangulation.

Police would eventually arrest three teens – Warwick’s grandson, 17-year-old Robert I. Warwick, 19-year-old Brok Junkermeier, and 16-year-old Devon J. Jenkins. According to prosecutors, Robert Warwick was under the impression that his grandmother had $40,000 in a safe, so he enlisted the help of both Junkermeier and Jenkins in helping him steal it.

According to prosecutors, Jenkins accompanied Junkermeier to the victim’s home early Monday morning. Jenkins waited in the car while Junkermeier made entry into the woman’s home using a garage code he obtained from Robert Warwick. Junkermeier waited in the garage for two hours, ambushing the poor woman as she walked into her garage. He then proceeded to “cut her with a sword-like knife, forcing her to write out a $1,500 check.”

Police say he then attempted to strangle her, but when she wouldn’t die he stabbed her repeatedly before eventually throwing her down the basement stairs.…

John MoodyGULFPORT, FL  — The driver of the school bus accused by some of not doing enough to protect a 13-year-old kid who was getting his ass kicked by three teens will not face any charges.

According to Gulfport police, the bus had left Lealman Intermediate School when three 15-year-olds — Lloyd Khemradj, Julian McKnight and Joshua Reddin — punched and kicked the 13-year-old victim dozens of times, fracturing his hand and robbing him before leaving via the rear emergency door.

The motive behind the beating stems from the victim telling school officials that one of the attackers had tried to sell him pot in the school bathroom two weeks earlier. The three boys are now facing charges of aggravated battery with one of them facing an additional charge of robbery for taking the victim’s cash.

Police initially wanted charges filed against the bus driver, 64-year-old John Moody, for failing to properly help the victim. “There was clearly an opportunity for him to intervene and or check on the welfare of the children or the child in this case and he didn’t make any effort to do so,” said Chief Robert Vincent of Gulfport Police Department.…

Nathan CampbellLOS ANGELES, CA – One woman is dead and 15 people were injured after the driver of a car sped across a sidewalk and straight into a crowd enjoying the Venice Beach boardwalk.

According to both security video and witness statements, 38-year-old Nathan Campbell parked the black Avenger next to the Cadillac Hotel, twice leaving the car to walk out to the boardwalk before getting back in and accelerating onto the boardwalk, swerving to avoid the yellow poles meant to prevent cars from getting into the area designated for pedestrians-only.

“The driver was out for blood,” a witness said, describing a driver’s attempt to turn the world-famous Venice boardwalk into a real-life version of Grand Theft Auto, running over pedestrians and vendors in a black Dodge Avenger.

The incident was called in to police shortly after 6 p.m. Saturday, and witnesses told police and reporters that the driver looked to be in control of the car as it ran people down, intentionally trying to hit those enjoying the boardwalk on a crowded summer afternoon.…

Timothy John TJ BrewerMoab, UT – Think you are having a bad day? Well a cop in Utah has been accused of trying to kill his father after he caught him having sex with his wife.

According to reports, 33-year-old Timothy John “TJ” Brewer, a deputy with the sheriff’s department in Grand County, invited his father,  Moab fire chief Wesley “Corky” Brewer, to his home for dinner and drinks.

Sometime in the early morning hours, TJ’s wife, Logan Brewer, said she was going to take one of their children to bed. When that kid came back downstairs, TJ realized he was alone and went upstairs to find the door to his 4-year-old son’s bedroom was locked. When he made entry, he found his wife on top of his father, with “his dad’s dick” inside her.

As you can imagine, poor TJ lost it. He “beat the fuck” out of his old man before leaving the room and coming back with a handgun. Logan told investigators that she heard her husband “rack a round” into the gun’s chamber before he started smacking her around a bit.…

Tammy PierceLAKE WORTH, FL – Police have arrested a 26-year-old stripper at the Cheetah Club after they found her two hungry children living in a filthy home with no power and covered in insect bites.

Police responded to the home of Tammy Pierce after they received a call from an unidentified female at the home crying because “she hasn’t eaten in three days.” When police arrived at the home, they found Pierce lying on the floor complaining of stomach pains from drinking too much at the club the night before.

Her two children were walking around the “dirty” home, trying not to step on the cigarette butts that were strewn about the home. They were covered in insect bites and told police they were hungry and had not eaten. The officers noted in their report that the home had no power and that the food in the refrigerator had spoiled.

Firefighters ended up going to a nearby store to get the kids some food, and their Godmother eventually picked them up and took them to her home. …

Tawanda ReavesBaltimore, MD – A grandmother’s attempt to get her grandson to go to sleep by applying methadone to his gums worked a bit too well and now she’s in jail facing murder charges.

On July 4, Towanda Reaves was watching her two grandchildren and put them to bed at around 8pm.  She called 911 at 4am the following morning when she found one of the children unresponsive. Despite attempts to revive 17-month-old Aadyn Overton, he was pronounced dead at the hospital an hour later.

Police initially thought the death was accidental until they received a call from the hospital. Turns out the dead infant’s younger sister was admitted to the hospital later that same day and tested positive for methadone. When questioned, Reaves admitted she’d rubbed methadone on both of the infants’ gums to help them go to sleep.

Reaves was arrested and charged with second-degree murder, child abuse resulting in death, first- and second-degree assault, first-degree child abuse and reckless endangerment.

Those who knew Reaves say they are shocked at the allegations, saying that the woman seemed like a doting grandmother.…

Tawana BrawleyNew York – It took twenty-five years, but Tawana Brawley made her first payments to one of the men she falsely accused of raping her in 1987.

A lot of us older folk remember this case like it was yesterday. A young black woman discovered in a trash bag covered in shit claiming she’d been gang raped by a group of white men who scrawled the words “KKK”, “Nigger”, and “Bitch” on her body.

She told police that she was abducted by two white men who took her into the woods where four other white men joined in raping her 33 times. She was unable to give clear descriptions of any of the men, and would only answer police with nods and blank expressions. However, one detail she revealed was that one of the men had blond hair, a holster and a badge.

The story alone was enough to get the public’s attention and outrage, including celebrities like Bill Cosby, Spike Lee and Don King. But when Rev. Al Sharpton, a relatively unknown at the time, began handling Brawley’s publicity with attorneys Alton H.…

Boy with gun 2Johnstown, PA – Police have charged a 12-year-old boy with armed robbery after he allegedly robbed a lemonade stand with a BB gun.

It happened on Wednesday when a 10-year-old running a lemonade stand was approached by the older boy who had a BB gun in his waistband and threatened the victim.

The two boys “got into a wrestling match over the money box” but the 12-year-old ended up getting the upper-hand and made off with $30.

The victim chased after the boy, along with his a few friends — ages 8, 10 and 13 — and tracked him down at his home. “The boys were all familiar with each other, so it wasn’t difficult to spot the suspect,” Johnstown Police Captain Andrew Frear said.

Police said the 12-year-old, who is not being identified because of his age, will face charges in juvenile court of robbery and recklessly endangering another person.

This isn’t the first time we’ve reported on young people committing armed robberies. In 2012, an 11-year-old boy tried to carjack and rob a woman at gunpoint in a church parking lot.…

Owen GilmanSTONINGTON, CT – A 10-year-old boy in the backseat of his father’s car called 911 to report his dad was driving drunk moments before his father crashed.

Rhode Island State Police received a 911 call from the boy who said he and his 12-year-old sister were passengers in a Mercedes driven by their father, Owen Gilman. The boy said he was in fear for his life because his old man was drunk and driving erratically.

The boy told them he was so scared that he was contemplating jumping from the moving vehicle because that would be better than crashing at the speeds his father was currently driving. The boy didn’t have time to test his theory, because moments later his father rear-ended a Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Gilman hit the Jeep so hard that he sent it 50 feet off the shoulder of the interstate and down an embankment where it overturned. The driver of the Jeep was taken to the hospital to be treated for blunt force trauma and lacerations and was last listed in fair condition. …

Jennifer RosoffNew York, NY – A 35-year-old woman on a first date died after she plunged 16-floors to her death when the balcony she was sitting on collapsed.

Jennifer Rosoff was on a date with Stephen Close at a Mexican restaurant before she brought him back to her apartment a little after midnight. Once inside, Rosoff stepped out on to her small balcony, sat on a metal railing and had a smoke.

Her date got nervous and told Rosoff she may not want to sit on the rail.  “She said that she had done it before and wasn’t worried. She didn’t think it was a problem,” said Paul Browne, the NYPD’s chief spokesman.

Close said shortly afterwards, he heard two cracks or pops before the railing Rosuff was sitting on bent and sent the woman 140 feet down to her death, dying instantly upon landing on top of some construction scaffolding.

Some residents say they heard Close screaming while others saw him in the lobby. “He was hysterical,” a resident said. Police do not suspect foul play and the Department of Buildings are now investigating.…

Shana SuggsMcALESTER, OK – Police have charged a mother with child abuse by injury after she poured gasoline her 5-year-old daughter’s head to treat head lice, which then caught fire.

According to an affidavit,  25-year-old Shana Suggs attempted to treat her daughter’s head lice with gasoline back in January. Not sure how well that would have worked, but the fire that started when a nearby space heater ignited the gas probably did the trick.

Suggs’s boyfriend said he ran to the bathroom when he heard Shuggs scream and found her and her daughter on fire. He rolled the girl on the ground, but could not extinguish the flames until he wrapped her in a jacket.

On the one hand, the girl didn’t have a head lice problem any longer but on the other, she suffered second- and third-degree burns over 60 percent of her body. Suggs was burned on her forearms, hands and foot.

Suggs’ daughter wen through lengthy treatments at a Tulsa burn center and a Texas Shriner’s hospital and is now living with relatives. …

Jeremy CramerAnaconda, MT – Jeremy Brent Cramer, 38, pleaded not guilty on Wednesday to stabbing and beating his 3 year old son to death and leaving his body in a field in southwestern Montana.

On July 8th, Cramer’s wife, Nataliya, called police in their hometown of Lacey, WA to report that her husband had left with their son and now she could not get a hold of him.  She was alarmed to discover that he had used his gas card to fill up in Moses Lake, about 3 1/2 hours away from their home, but she did not think her son was in danger, so no Amber Alert was issued.  There was a missing person report and a “be on the lookout” for Cramer and his son.

Later that same day in Montana, Cramer was discovered in a bathroom by a convenience store clerk, washing blood from his clothes and minus a son.   Apparently, he had hitched a short ride there and the man who gave Cramer a ride asked him about the blood on his clothes, to which Cramer responded, “I had a traumatic experience and no one is dead.”  Liar. …

Louis JanishFLINT, MI – Police have charged 74-year-old Lois Arlene Janish with the murder of her 14-year-old granddaughter who disappeared in 1998.

Coral Hall was last seen or heard from on September 22, 1998 after getting into an argument with her grandmother about skipping school. One of her friends told police she was supposed to spend the night with Coral but she never showed up at their pre-determined meeting spot.

Another friend told police a similar story, saying that Coral had called her that day to say she and her grandmother were fighting and that she needed a place to stay the night, but that Coral never showed up.

Coral had been living with her grandmother and her grandmother’s boyfriend at the time of her disappearance. She moved in with her grandmother after a judge ruled Coral’s mother was unable to care for her. Coral’s mother would die in 1996 from a drug overdose.

Genesee County Prosecutor David Leyton stated Janish has always been a suspect in Coral’s disappearance, but they never had enough evidence to arrest her.…

Sergio Martinez-PerezOMAHA, NE – Prosecutors have charged a a 19-year-old with first-degree murder and sexual assault after his victim, a 93-year-old widow, died from her injuries after being raped and brutally beaten.

Louise Sollowin died Wednesday, three days after the man broke into her home and attacked her, Omaha police said. Sollowin was found by an officer sent to the south Omaha house where the woman had lived for the past 71 years. She was discovered in her bedroom, bleeding, around 9 a.m. Sunday, according to reports.

Sergio Martinez-Perez, 19, was still in the house, naked and passed out on top of the woman, when police arrived. Now, I’m no lawyer, but I’d say that’s gonna be a pretty tough thing to explain away at trial. Authorities believe Martinez-Perez entered the home through an unlocked door.

Prosecutors say that Martinez-Perez admitted to assaulting and raping the elderly resident because he was “angry with women” after a night of drinking. Douglas County Attorney Don Kleine filed the murder charge on Thursday, adding it to already-pending charges of first-degree sexual assault, first-degree assault and burglary.…

CliffSAN DIEGO, CA – A man is in the hospital after driving his car off a cliff in the Sunset Cliffs neighborhood of San Diego.

According to San Diego police, the driver of a sedan sped through a locked gate and off a 40-foot tall cliff, slamming into the beach below, in the early morning of July 29th.

The vehicle, shown suspended from tow cables in this photo, has extensive damage to both the front and the rear. The driver was able to walk away from the vehicle and ignored onlookers shouting at him from the top of the bluffs. “He was pretty unresponsive,” said a witness. “He didn’t look up at us.”

When rescuers arrived the man resisted rescue efforts, preventing them from placing him inside a rescue helicopter.  Maurice Luque, of the  San Diego Fire Rescue Department said, “He was combative, he wanted to fight with our crews, he wanted to be left alone.”

The fire rescue captain stated, “We put him in a bag called a Bowman bag which pretty much just wraps him up like a burrito.”  The human burrito was then transported to the hospital via helicopter with “serious but not life-threatening” injuries.…

Daniel BarteltHartford, WI — A couple weeks ago I reported on the death of 19-year-old Jessie M. Blodgett, an aspiring artist from Wisconsin who was found dead in her bed. Yesterday police arrested a friend of Blodgett’s, 19-year-old Daniel Bartelt, and charged him with her murder.

For those of you who didn’t read the story, Blodgett had just wrapped up a performance of Fiddler on the Roof on Jul 14 and returned home the following morning at around 1:00 a.m. after attending a cast party. Blodgett’s mother said she placed clothing in her room around 8 a.m. before leaving for work, and saw that her daughter was in her bed alone.

It wasn’t until she arrived back home sometime after noon that she realized that her daughter was dead.

Police would find ligature marks on Blodgett’s neck, left wrist and ankles and preliminary autopsy findings revealed Blodgett died of ligature strangulation. Investigators would find a roll of duct tape underneath Blodgett’s bed that contained fingerprints later matched to 19-year-old Daniel Bartelt.…

Caleb CooperNEW CASTLE, Ind – Police have arrested 19-year-old Caleb Cooper, accusing him taking a 6-year-old girl from an apartment playground and molesting her inside his apartment.

According to reports, Cooper approached four children at his apartment complex’s playground and started pushing them on the swings while telling them about a kitten in his apartment. At some point he took a 6-year-old girl by the wrist and took her inside his apartment.

The older brother of the girl knocked on Cooper’s apartment door but Cooper would not answer. Fearing for his sister’s safety, he and the other two children began knocking on other resident’s doors asking for help until one neighbor called police.

When police arrived at Cooper’s apartment, the teen let them in only after they threatened to kick in his door. Inside, Cooper looked as if he had just gotten dressed and directed the officers to a bedroom when they asked about the girl.

In the bedroom, the officer found the girl, “totally nude, trying to put her panties on.” The girl told police Cooper kissed her and tried to have sex with her.…

Brita WestHuntsville, TN – A woman arriving at a Tennessee prison to marry her inmate fiancee was arrested after the bride-to-be was caught trying to smuggle meth under her dentures.

The Scott County Sheriff’s department reported that on Sunday, Brita West arrived at the detention center where the groom, Willard Tinch, was being held. During a search, West asked an officer how she would be able to kiss Tinch when the ceremony ended.

During this conversation, the officer noticed that West’s dental work was a little sloppy, as her dentures kept falling down. That’s when the deputy figured out that having teeth like an Englishwoman wasn’t the only problem with West.

She’d apparently concealed a package behind her choppers which, when searched, turned out to contain methamphetamine and two suboxone strips. West, clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer, then granted officers permission to search her purse and car.

This time, prison officials say they came away with more meth, several syringes, and a folded dollar bill which contained a crushed pill which has not yet been identified but which you can bet isn’t going to be an Alka Seltzer.…