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Emily Anna AsbillCLINTON, SC – This happened last week, but it doesn’t seem like a lot of people are covering it. Six people in South Carolina have been charged after 19-year-old Emily Anna Asbill was strangled to death by her 29-year-old boyfriend.

A couple of weekends ago, Michael Beaty Jr. showed up to his stepfather’s home with Asbill unconscious in his car. Beaty’s step-dad called 911, but Asbill would be pronounced dead at the hospital. The Laurens County Coroner’s Office says Asbill died of asphyxiation due to strangulation.

Beaty had an on-again, off-again relationship with Asbill, who was the daughter of a South Carolina Law Enforcement (SLED) Agent.

Police would learn that earlier that night, Asbill accompanied Beaty and 30-year-old William Alexander to a party where the adults there supplied Asbill with alcohol and drugs. After leaving the party, Beaty, Alexander and Asbill reportedly drove around for an hour before ending up at Beaty’s stepfather’s home with an unconscious Asbill.

There have been no details on what happened between Beaty and Asbill within that hour, but police charged Beaty with Asbill’s murder and charged Alexander with  accessory after the fact for trying to cover up the crime, Clinton Public Safety Chief Robin Morse during a press conference.…

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aint to proud to begHere, Now – It’s that time again, dear readers. Time for your not-so-humble host to ask for your help in keeping this crazy train rolling by donating some of your hard earned cash.

As a lot of you know, I have been operating D’D for nine years. In that time, it has been funded totally out of pocket and with the help of some of our fans who’ve dedicated their time, money or both.

We’re not owned by a a company or affiliated with anyone, so making money off a crime site has been a bumpy road. We’ve been dropped or rebuked by Google, Yahoo, Bing, and a host of other higher paying advertisers because of our “inappropriate content.”

We could have softened things up a bit, but we felt that changing the tone of the site would take away from why people visit and, ultimately, why I even bother doing it.

To compensate, I am signed on with lower-paying advertising alternatives but choose not to use higher-paying pop-up, pop-under and flyover ads – all in the belief that we could continue operating purely on my dime, a little ad revenue and reader donations.…

wooded cabinLAPORTE COUNTY, IN – A man died inside the home he broke into after the homeowner shot him once in the chest.

At around 9:15 a.m. Monday, the sheriff’s department received a phone call from a homeowner who informed them he had just shot a man who had broke into his home. When police arrived at the home they found the “extremely upset” homeowner and the suspect, 23-year-old Jason Rabe, dead from a single gunshot wound to the chest.

The homeowner told police that he was sleeping when he was awoke by the sound of breaking glass. After arming himself with a pistol he went to investigate and encountered Rabe, who was armed with a hatchet. The two exchanged words and got into a a physical altercation that ended when the homeowner shot Rabe and the bullet ruptured Rabe’s heart.

Police say the suspect arrived at the home on a moped with the intent of breaking into it and had entered the home after breaking a rear window. The homeowner says he does not know Rabe, who police believe chose the home because it is hidden by woods.…

Taylor HarrisOrlando, FL – A 21-year -old has been arrested after sending his father to the hospital in critical condition with a single punch, moments after learning his father was having an affair.

Taylor Harris was with his mother and father eating dinner at an Orlando Dave and Buster’s restaurant. They were on a vacation from Mississippi and Taylor had just learned his father was cheating on his mother. An already angered Taylor became even more agitated when he saw his dad was receiving text messages from his lover while they were eating dinner.

Taylor stormed out of the restaurant, yelling behind him that his father better not follow him into the parking lot. Taylor’s mother would later tell police that she urged her husband to follow Taylor outside to find out why he was so upset.

When father and son met in the parking lot, an argument ensued. When Taylor’s father turned to walk away, Taylor swore, pushed his dad and hit him once in the face. According to the police report, a witness stated, “When the victim fell and hit the concrete she could hear the victim’s head hit the concrete three car lengths away.”

As his father lay in the parking lot, Taylor went back in the restaurant crying and told his mother he left the restaurant to cool off but his dad “got in his face and would not leave him alone.”

Meanwhile, out in the parking lot, a medic and his registered EMT wife, arrived for dinner and saw the man lying motionless.…

Kenneth EnlowTulsa, OK – Rescue workers had to remove a man from a septic tank after a woman and her daughter went to use the bathroom, pulled up the lid and found him staring back up at them.

According to a Tulsa County Sheriff’s Office report, a 29-year-old woman and her 7-year-old daughter were using the restroom at White Water Park and found Kenneth Enlow staring back at them from inside the septic tank underneath the facility.

She told investigators that when she and her daughter saw Enlow looking up at them he “was sitting down and that he never said anything or asked for help.” When a ranger entered the facility, he removed the plastic toilet lid and Enlow stood up and talked with the ranger.

When police arrived, they saw Enlow with his head and shoulders sticking out of the toilet. Enlow told investigators he wasn’t spying on women from inside the septic tank, but that a woman named Angel had hit him in the head with a tire iron, then drove him to the park and “dumped him in the toilet.”

Rescue workers helped the 52-year-old, 6’, 240-pound turd climb out of the tank and used a fire hose to clean all the shit off of him. …

Matthew ZenoBrooklyn, NY – A drunk man returning home from a bar died after he reportedly pissed on the third rail of G train.

Matthew Zeno and a friend were walking along the tracks for the southbound G train around at around 3:00 a.m. when the 30-year-old “inadvertently made contact with the third rail and was electrocuted,” according to the NYPD press office.

Headlines are a bit more eye-catching when they conclude the “inadvertent contact” was made with a stream of piss, but Zeno could have just of easily made some other kind of contact with the rail while looking for a place to take a leak. In fact, I didn’t think it was possible to be electrocuted that way because you pis is not a steady stream after a certain amount of distance. I’m not testing the theory, but I’m guessing he was electrocuted while pissing, not by the piss itself.

Regardless of how Zeno made contact with the third rail, 625 volts of electricity coursed through his body when he did.…

ClotheslineMINNEAPOLIS, MN — A 9-year-old boy was found hanging from a clothesline behind an abandoned home last Thursday. Minneapolis police are now calling the boy’s death suspicious and think the kids he was playing with that afternoon may know what happened.

Neighbors found the boy with a rope around his neck and hanging from a clothesline in the backyard of an abandoned home. His feet were dragging the ground, but he was already limp and unresponsive by time they were able to get him down and remove the clothesline that had been wrapped around his neck. Police and paramedics arrived on the scene within minutes, but the boy never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead Monday night.

Then next day, community activists were in the neighborhood talking to the kids. Police also interviewed people in the area, including other children they feel know what happened to the boy, who was visiting from Georgia with his family.

“It is my understanding is that he was playing with a group of kids that were 7 and 8 years old, possible some older kids.…

Aiden CooperEDMOND, OK – An 8-year-old boy was killed Thursday morning after he fell off the parade float he was riding on and was accidentally ran over by his father.

Aiden Hooper was one of 35 other kids and adults riding on the back of a flatbed trailer during the annual Edmond 4th of July parade. As the parade was winding down and the floats were returning to a staging area, Aiden either fell or jumped off the float.

Officer James Hamm said, “We’ve been speaking with witnesses. Some have said he kind of physically got off and some he looked like he may have fell. So we’re just trying to determine which one of those is accurate.”

The trailer loaded with hay bales knocked Aiden to the ground and when his father continued driving, unaware anyone had fallen off the float he was pulling, the trailer ran over his son.

People in the crowd administered first aid until emergency personnel arrived and rushed Aiden to the hospital. An hour later, Aiden was pronounced dead.…

Robert ColeTULSA, OK –  A man in Tulsa tackled and hogtied an attempted burglar, then left him in the front yard for police because he had to go to work.

On Wednesday, Denay and her husband heard glass break outside their daughter’s bedroom around 6 a.m. and then heard someone rummaging around inside their garage. Denay’s husband, Willie, waited by the front door and waited for whoever was in the garage to come out.

When 31-year-old Robert Cole emerged from their garage, Denay’s husband bum-rushed him in the front yard and then hogtied him. As soon as Cole was secured, Denay said her husband called police and told her he had to get to work and then left.

“That’s just the type of person he is, you know? That’s just the type of person he is. Business is business. ‘I got to take care of business, he’s safe, the police are coming, I got to go,'” Denay said.

When asked if her husband raised his arms in victory like people who hogtie cattle, which would have been hilarious, Denay said he did something even more awesome.…

Not His Bike Just A Stock PhotoSpotsylvania, VA – I know it’s late, but there has been a possible abduction in Virginia I just read about and thought I would get something posted about it. A witness told police they watched a man grab a kicking, screaming boy and forced him into a van before taking off at a high rate of speed.

It happened in Spotsylvania, Virginia at around 1:45 p.m. near the intersection of Smith Station Road and Holleybrooke Drive. A resident called police to report seeing a man force the boy inside the van and sped off, running stop signs to get away. The boy was reportedly fighting to get away, screaming for help and biting the suspect. Investigators on the scene found an abandoned gray BMX bicycle the boy was believed to be riding before the van approached him.

The boy is described as a 10-12 year old white male, 5 feet tall, slim build with brown hair that extends to the middle of his neck. He was wearing a red and white horizontal striped pullover shirt with dark colored cargo shorts.…

Cirilo CastilloHidalgo County, TX – Police in Texas have arrested a man for having sex with the same horse twice in the last three months.

Cirilo Castillo, 43, was recently arrested for having sex with a horse named Nadia and was just released from jail in April. After that encounter, Nadia’s owner ended up setting up a security camera in the horse’s corral after finding a “mystery bucket.”

Once they reviewed the surveillance footage, they found that Castillo just can’t stay away from the warm embrace of Nadia’s vagina and turned over their findings to police.

“We have a hell of a surveillance tape,” said Hidalgo County Sheriff Lupe Trevino. “It is not going to go to, ‘America’s Funniest Videos,’ that is for sure.”

Castillo was arrested, but since there’s no law against bestiality in Texas, Castillo can only be charged with trespassing. If there’s evidence Nadia was hurt during the sexual encounter, he may be charged with animal cruelty.

Trevino described Castillo as a laborer with prior arrests for theft, marijuana possession and the first time he got busted having sex with Nadia.…

Osmond MontgomeryTampa, FL – Three people have been arrested after a bedridden family member was left to rot to the point that maggots were found inside her body that had become fused to her bed sheets.

When 66-year-old Mary Winston died last October, the degree of neglect she had suffered was so severe that her death was ruled a homicide. Three years prior, Mary became bedridden due to rheumatoid arthritis, leaving her to rely on her husband and three adult children living in the residence to take care of her. Instead, they left her to rot in her bed for three years.

When Mary was found, she was covered in her own feces and urine and suffering from horrendous bed sores. A bed sore on her back was so deep, her rib cage was exposed to open air and maggots were found inside and outside of her body. She had been left in the bed so long, her legs had fused together and her back had fused to the bed sheets beneath her.…

Sidney GoodPANAMA CITY BEACH, FL – Two Indiana teenagers are still in critical condition after getting into a parasailing accident off Panama City Beach.

Sidney Good and Alexis Fairchild, both 17, were parasailing in tandem on Monday when the line attached to the boat became detached. Austin Ward was on the parasail boat waiting for his turn and explained what happened.

‘The wind got so bad it was pulling the parachute, and it started pulling the boat. So they threw the anchor down,”  he said. “Once they threw the anchor down the parachute stopped but then they couldn’t get the string to come back in and they tried to get the string to come back, tried flooring it and the rope snapped.”

The high winds carried the girls on to the beach and screaming into the loving arms of a balcony on the 13th floor of a nearby condominium. They hit it so hard that they buckled the balcony. Afterwards, the asshole wind carried them into a power line before dropping them on top of an SUV, caving  in the vehicle’s roof and front windshield.…

Mary Amber MooreCovington, GA – Police arrested Mary Amber Moore after the 32-year-old woman went inside a Kmart to do some shopping and left her 5-year-old son outside in a car in the 90 degree heat.

Police were called to the Kmart at around 7:30 p.m. Saturday after someone saw the boy sitting inside the car, with all the windows rolled up, crying. When police arrived, they found the car sitting in direct sunlight and the boy sweating in the backseat holding a towel.

The doors were unlocked so the officers were able to get the boy out of the car. He told the officers that his mom left him in the car while she went shopping and had instructed him to get on the floor and cover up with a towel so no one would see him.

Police found Moore inside the Kmart and brought her back to the parking lot so she could retrieve her identification she said was in a small pink bag inside her car. While retrieving her ID, officers allegedly found a pill bottle that contained a variety of pills

She told them that the pills were Adderall, which was prescribed to her, but that they were just a variety of colors.…

James HendersonAptos, CA – James Henderson is accused of killing his 71-year-old father by intentionally running him over with a BMW and then bludgeoned his 68-year-old mother to death after she called 911.

Just before 5 p.m. Sunday, Edy Henderson called 911 to report that her transient son had ran over her husband outside of their house. During the call a struggle ensued and the line disconnected, according to emergency dispatches.

When police arrived at the couple’s home, they found Joseph Henderson dead on the front lawn and Edy bludgeoned to death inside the home. After a three hour manhunt, police arrested the couple’s son, 39-year-old James Henderson, after he was found laying with his eyes closed next to a neighbor’s horse corral.

James is currently in the Santa Cruz County Jail in lieu of $750,000 bail.

Friends of the couple describe them as “the kindest, gentlest, sweetest people.” Edy was a cancer survivor and retired software developer who also acted as the vice president of artistic advisory for the Santa Cruz County Symphony Orchestra, and the author of Vegan Recipes From The Heart.…

Scott HammondTahmoor, AU – A man who used his pit bulls to attack four people in 2011 was found beaten to death in his home Monday afternoon.

Scott Hammond was found dead on his living room floor after a friend called police concerned about his welfare. While the exact cause of death is not known, police say the 48-year-old suffered “substantial” head injuries.

Homicide detectives are treating his death as a targeted attack and have many motives to sift through. The suspect list is long as Hammond was well known by police and feared by many locals, who say the man had enemies.

“It appears that the incident was a targeted attack and we have other motives that have to be looked at,” Acting Superintendent Danny Doherty said. “There are a number of lines of inquiry including the man’s history in relation to previous dog attacks.”

These previous dog attacks involved Hammond instructing his two dogs, Chocka and Girlie, to attack people. In 2011, Hammond instructed the dogs to attack a 16-year-old and his friend as they were walking along a street.…

Carroll Bumgarner-RamosWILLIMANTIC, CT – Carroll Bumgarner-Ramos has been arrested after his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter died from “indescribable atrocities” which included a skull fracture, bite marks, burns, trauma to her genitals and swollen eyes.

The girl’s mother, 26-year-old Kim Lam, had only been living with 29-year-old Ramos for a month when she let Ramos babysit her daughter on June 22 while she went to work. When she returned that night, her daughter had a bruise on her forehead that Ramos claimed was a result of the girl falling off the bed and hitting her head on a heater.

Lam said she that she was suspicious of Ramos’ explanation, but let it go because she didn’t think her boyfriend would harm her daughter. She then let Ramos babysit her daughter again last Thursday. When she returned home from work at around 9 pm, she found her daughter in bed covered with vomit. She was babbling incoherently and her face was swollen.

She told police that Ramos suggested the girl was suffering from Lyme disease, an illness he had once and had similar symptoms.…

SaginawSaginaw, TX – On Monday night, some teens found the body of a young girl underneath a tarp in the middle of a neighborhood street. She was wearing only purple underwear, her feet and legs were bound and she had a plastic grocery bag over her head.

The neighborhood kids discovered the tarp in the middle of the street near Roundrock Drive and Cindy Lane. They found the girl’s body, believed to be around 4 or 5 years old, when they lifted the tarp.

“At first, I just thought it was some rubber stuff at first, and then I got a closer look and all I saw was a bag and I saw some hair sticking out and so, I was like, ‘Oh my God! It’s a girl!’ And that’s when I dropped to my knees and just started crying,” said 18-year-old John Smith.

Saginaw police have requested help from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and an FBI Evidence Response Team was collecting evidence and taking photographs of the crime scene early Tuesday morning.…