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Melbourne, Australia - A truck accident on a highway overpass led to hundreds of sheep ‘raining’ on the cars below causing damage and a rollover crash. Nearly 400 sheep died as a result of the incident.

Police say last Thursday night a truck carrying 400 sheep flipped on its side, causing it to hang precariously from an overpass. Sheep in the truck’s damaged trailer then began falling onto vehicles driving at highway speeds on the Princess Highway below.

“All of a sudden these sheep are falling down from the top of an overpass.” said driver Robert Leardi, adding that he was lucky he was not seriously hurt when the falling livestock damaged his car.

“We looked up and we could see the truck flip on its side and then the next minute, we were underneath.” said motorist Kristy Davis. “Raining sheep doesn’t happen everyday.”

According to reports, the sheepstorm led to one rollover crash and additional damaged cars. Paramedic Allan Eade said there were “a large number” of dead and injured sheep.…

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Portland, OR – A school bus driver suffered bites, scratches and bruises after she was viciously attacked by a 10 to 12-year-old autistic boy riding on the bus.

According to reports, 68-year-old Alice Scoggin was transporting two special needs students to Rock Creek Middle School when a a student with autism began biting her repeatedly, continuing his assault even after she had pulled over.

A passing motorist stopped to assist after seeing the bus with its emergency lights on and Scoggins waving her bloody arms outside the window. The man, a volunteer firefighter, said he witnessed the student biting Scoggin, and that the boy also tried to bite him when he got on the bus. When police arrived to take the boy into custody, he even tried to bite the arresting officer.

Scoggin was transported by ambulance to Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center, suffering from bites on her hands, her arms and possibly her face. Her injuries were not life-threatening. The boy was taken into protective custody at a secure facility, where he’ll undergo a psych exam.…

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Gastonia, NC – I know there are a ton of updates going on regarding Luka Magnotta and the Miami face-eater, but a woman was arrested Sunday afternoon after she got into an argument with a man over groceries and began beating him with her prosthetic leg.

Police say the unnamed woman showed up at the home of 29-year-old Charles Talbert to confront him about continually harassing her, over the last two days, about going to the grocery store.

An argument ensued that got so heated that the woman reportedly leaped out of her wheelchair and struck Talbert in the face and chest. Not content with just beating him with her fists, the woman removed her prosthetic leg and began beating Talbert with that as well.

Talbert wasn’t seriously injured in the attack, but he reported that his cellphone and glasses suffered an estimated $300 in damages. The woman didn’t fare as well and was taken to the hospital after witnesses at the scene pulled her off Talbert and inadvertently pulled  her dialysis tube from her neck.…

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LOUISVILLE, Ky — A couple in Kentucky have been arrested after a 3-year-old was found playing on some railroad tracks by herself.

Police received a call from a concerned citizen who reported seeing the 3-year-old daughter of 26-year-old Victoria Carroll, playing on some railroad tracks with no adults in sight.

Officers were able to find the girl, and already knew where she lived. They had been to the child’s home several times in the past on reports of the toddler wandering the streets alone.

When the officers arrived at the house they found the front door open and Carroll’s boyfriend, 34-year-old Joshua Tate, passed out in the bedroom. He had no knowledge that the child was out of the house.

Carroll had left her daughter in the care of Tate, even though CPS had forbid her from doing so on a previous call, while she visited the neighborhood methadone clinic. Both she and Tate were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor.

Tate, being the absolute winner he is, banged his head on the asphalt as well as the protective screen inside the patrol car during his arrest.…

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Phoenix, AZ - Phoenix police arrested the mother of a 5-week-old baby who was found in a car seat in the middle of a city intersection. This after the mother reportedly forgot that she placed the infant on the roof of the car and drove off.

By all accounts, Catalina Clouser, 19, was already having a rough day. After reportedly smoking marijuana with her boyfriend and others at a city park, she and her boyfriend went on a 11PM beer run. They took her 5-week-old baby along for the ride. During that trip, Clouser’s boyfriend was pulled over and arrested for aggravated DUI.

Understandably distraught, our new mother Clouser drove her baby to her friend’s home to drown her sorrows in ‘one or two more bowls’ of marijuana. According to her friends, Clouser and her baby left around midnight. Police say that Clouser placed the baby’s car seat on the roof of her car and, forgetting about it, got in and drove off.

Despite having survived 5 full weeks with its mother already, the baby – surprisingly – did not manage to hold on through the turn at the corner of 45th Avenue and Cholla Street and ended up in the intersection.…

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St. Petersburg, FL - A Florida mother is facing child abuse charges after being accused of choking a teen who was allegedly cyber-bullying her daughter on Facebook. The incident was caught on mall surveillance video.

Debbie Piscitella, 46, is the mother of 13-year-old MacKenna. According to Piscitella, MacKenna has been the focus of a relentless stream of Facebook comments being made by a 14-year-old classmate named Jon on a shared page.

“The boy tells my daughter that she is a fat f*****g whale and didn’t deserve to live because she is so nasty that he wouldn’t even rape her,” Piscitella explained. Piscitella added that another Facebook comment by Jon talked about the 13-year-old performing oral sex, reading, “Tell her to keep s*king d*ck.”

Piscitella maintains that the comments were affecting her daughter emotionally.

“She wanted to kill herself,” said Piscitella. “She doesn’t want to go do anything. She doesn’t want to go out. She doesn’t even want to go to her dance.”

The situation reportedly came to a head when Piscitella – a married mother-of-two who is studying to be a nurse – was with MacKenna at Tyrone Square Mall on Memorial Day.…

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DEERFIELD BEACH, Fla – It’s been almost three years since we first reported on Michael Brewer, the then 15-year-old boy who was set on fire by three teens over a $40 debt. A lot has happened since then, but jury selection has started for one of the accused who decided not to take a plea.

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, and don’t feel like clicking the above link, here’s a quick synopsis.

Brewer allegedly had not paid 15-year-old Matthew Bent $40 for a video game. To re-coup his losses, Bent tried stealing a $500 custom bicycle off the Brewer’s front porch. He was caught in the act and arrested.

The following day, Bent and two other 15-year-olds, Denver Jarvis and Jesus Mendez, found Brewer skipping school at an apartment complex. Bent allegedly ordered Jarvis to pour a bottle of rubbing alcohol on Brent, which he did. Mendez then used a lighter to set Brewer on fire.

Engulfed in flames, Brewer ran and jumped into the apartment complex’s swimming pool.…

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JOPPATOWNE, MD – We went through a period of time where our cannibalism category remained relatively unpopulated with stories, but wow, how that has changed within the last month.

Aside from the psycho who ate another man’s face and the gay porn actor who likely ate a chunk of a dead man’s ass, we now have a 21-year-old man in Maryland who admitted to killing a man and then eating the victim’s heart and portions of his brain.

Police say 37-year-old Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie had been reported missing a week ago, having disappeared from the home he shared with Antony Kinyua and Kinyua’s two sons. Detectives were unable to find any evidence of foul play or his possible location, so on Monday they asked for the public’s help in finding the man.

The following night, Antony called police to report that his son had found a head and two hands inside two metal tins in the basement. When his son confronted his brother, 21-year-old Alexander Kinyua, about the body parts, Alexander explained they were just animal remains.…

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PALM COAST, Fla. – This story started off about a man who admitted to biting the lips off a kitten, but the more articles I read about it, along with comments from friends and family of the accused, the more a popular subject on our D’D Podcasts kept coming to the surface; What should society do with the mentally ill who commit criminal acts?

I’ll address that question in a minute, but first here are the details surrounding 28-year-old Angel Roman’s arrest for abusing his roommates’ kittens. If you want the short version of this entire article, it’s the last sentence. You’re welcome.

Roman was living with two women who had rented a room to him. He reportedly spent a lot of time with his roommate’s kittens and was often seen holding them and caring for them. It is believed he began abusing the animals after his roommates went out of town, leaving Roman to care for them.

While they were gone, Roman called the women to inform them he had found someone interested in taking two of the kittens off their hands, to which the women agreed.…

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OCALA, FL – An Alabama woman was arrested in Florida late Sunday night after treating passing motorists on a busy freeway to a solo, sexy-time show.

The 35-year-old exobitionist, Ashley Holton, is said to have been driving on highway 484 near Interstate 75 when she decided to pull over onto the shoulder and beat around the bush.

Wearing only a pink shirt, Ms. Holton began flickin’ the bean for over a half an hour, causing several drivers to execute illegal u-turns in order to turn around and watch.

When officers finally arrived on the scene almost an hour after receiving multiple 911 calls, Holton continued to expose herself and resisted arrest.

Investigators say that while police attempted to subdue the woman she bit and then kicked an officer. Holton denies this, describing her contact with the officer as a “love tap.”

Holton was booked in Marion County Jail and charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, disorderly conduct and exposure of sexual organs. Her bond has been set at $16,250.…

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Montreal – This story was originally written and submitted by The LadyDragon, but it was done before all the details had emerged. I hate to hijack it, but there was no way I could get all the new details into her original article without completely re-writing it. I have included her original article in quotes.

It’s a gruesome story out of Canada that, at first, seemed to involve three separate crimes that would quickly turned out to involve just one murderer and his unfortunate victim. Be warned, some of the details are disturbing.

A bloody package containing a severed human foot has been mailed to the Conservative Party’s downtown Ottawa headquarters according to police. One Conservative Party source said this first package was a simple white box with a red cartoon heart drawn on it. The package was addressed to the Conservative Party of Canada rather than a specific individual.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own campaign manager Jenni Byrne was present when the foot was received by a stunned receptionist.

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Houston, TX – A drunk pregnant woman in Houston is facing multiple charges after she stumbled into a tattoo parlor looking to get pierced.

Police say that at around 2:30 a.m. Tuesday morning, 20-year-old Stephanie Santana, who is 7-months pregnant, pulled up to a tattoo parlor and stumbled inside to see how long it would take to get a piercing.

Santana needed it done in a hurry because she was a responsible, drunk, pregnant woman driving in the early morning hours with her 1-year-old daughter. Leaving her child unattended in the car for too long would just be bad parenting.

The employees, noticing she was drunk, told her that they would not be able to help her and told her to get out of the store. Police were called after an employee discovered the child in the car and mommy passed out in the driver’s seat with the car idling and the door wide open.

When police arrived, they found Santana still sleeping in the idling car with her daughter and woke her up.…

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Huber Heights, OH — Jesus. I am having a hard time finding anything to write about today that comes close to the face eater, the intestine thrower and the dog that was skinned alive. I’m guessing that’s actually a good thing.

So here’s a story about a man who drove his truck into a Taco Bell because they left a 99-cent taco off his order.

According to police, Michael Smith had driven away from a Taco Bell drive-through with a meal for him and his girlfriend when he realized they had left off a taco. Slightly annoyed, Smith drove back through the drive-through and politely pointed out the error to the employees because, well, shit happens.

Sorry, that was me. I get enraged when people almost kill me in traffic, or the DD server goes down as I am publishing a story… I don’t get ‘roid rage whenever some teen making minimum wage gets my order wrong at a fast food restaurant. I just assume that’s gonna happen so that I am pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t.…

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MONTEVALLO, AL - A family is distraught after having to have one of their dogs euthanized because someone had skinned the animal alive.

When Delana Dunnaway woke up Friday morning, she realized that one of her dogs, a 2-year-old pug named Bama, was missing. After a few hours of searching for the dog, her son-in-law found him in some woods behind their home.

“When he walked up on him, at first he thought it was something another animal had drug up and said, this can’t be possible.” Sadly, it wasn’t something another animal had drug up. It was, in fact, Bama. To their horror they realized that Bama was missing large amounts of skin and was barely alive.

They rushed him to the Calera Animal Clinic where the vet there informed them the horrible news that someone had skinned the poor dog alive. Doctor Rhonda Ellison says there were distinct straight edge cuts on the skin.

“The skin was completely off his back and off side of his flanks and from his neck to his legs, so completely skinned, someone intentionally did it,” she said.…

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Philadelphia, PA – Police in Philadelphia have accused a woman of killing her twin babies, and attempting to kill her young daughter, after learning the children’s father was having an affair with one of her family members.

After returning home from work last Thursday, Ronald Smalls found that his wife, 41-year-old Stacey Smalls, had murdered their twins, tried to poison their 4-year-old daughter, and had slit her own wrists. Police believe Smalls, a former corrections officer who worked at a nursing home, strangled one twin and drowned the other.

She also tried to poison their 4-year-old by having her ingest a poisoned drink. The girl probably saved her own life after becoming suspicious and refusing to drink all of it. She was admitted to St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children and is expected to be released to her father.

Smalls was taken to the hospital after unsuccessfully trying to take her own life by slitting her wrists. She is currently in police custody on two counts of 1st-degree murder and is on a suicide watch.…

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PERKINS TOWNSHIP, Ohio — A Peeping Tom in Ohio got more than he bargained for when he made the mistake of using his cell phone to secretly capture Nancy Yingling trying on clothes in a Target dressing room.

According to police, Yingling was trying on clothes at the Target on Milan Road in Perkins Township when she noticed someone was holding a cell phone underneath the changing room door.

“I reached down and snatched it out of his hand, pulled my pants up and darted out the dressing room door. That’s when I got in his face, kind of had my way with him,” said Yingling. Rawr!

As Yingling called police, the suspect, 21-year-old Zachary Van Zandt, lunged at her in attempt to retrieve his cell phone. That would be the second mistake Zandt made with Yingling.

“I pushed him off of me and then I hit him across the face, punched him across the face a few times until he went down,” said Yingling.

When police arrived at the location, a very subdued Zandt was found sitting down with his head hung low.…

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Warren, MI — A 22-year-old pregnant woman and her unborn child are lucky to be alive after the expectant mother survived being abducted, set on fire and then shot.

The woman, who is 9-months pregnant, told police that the incident started after seeing a movie with her baby’s father and dropping him off at his new girlfriend’s home.

After pulling into the garage and getting out of the car, the garage door unexpectedly closed and someone grabbed her by the throat, put a gun to her head and told her to get on the ground.

According to Warren Police Commissioner Jere Green, duct tape was placed over her mouth and wrapped around her hands and feet. She was then blindfolded, placed in the back of her car and driven to an alley in Detroit.

The woman said her kidnapper had a male voice and implied that this was happening because of her pregnancy. He asked how far along she was before she felt lighter fluid being poured over her. To her horror, the next thing she heard was a match being struck before she was set on fire.…

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Syracuse, NY — Aaron Hickman, 20, is facing charges of assault and child endangerment, after reportedly admitting to pouring bleach in his nephews’ milk after an argument with the boys’ parents.

Hickman, an apparent mooch, told police he and his brother had argued about Hickman’s lack of financial contributions to the household in the month and a half he had been staying there.

In his statement to police, Hickman claimed his brother and the mother of the two boys called him names and accused him of being “slow and stupid.”

Hickman apparently decided he had had enough of their bad-mouthin’ and decided to move out. Before he did, though, he went and proved ‘em right….

“There was a bleach bottle in the kitchen,” Hickman told police. “I took the bleach and I poured it into a milk container that was in the refrigerator.”

In addition to fouling the milk, Hickman also admitted to pouring bleach into a bottle of mouthwash in the couple’s bathroom.

After drinking the spiked milk on Thursday, the boys, ages 1 and 3, became violently ill with severe vomiting and diarrhea.…

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