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Kathlynn ShepardDAYTON, IA – The search for 15-year-old Kathlynn Shepard is still ongoing after she and a 12-year-old girl were both abducted by 42-year-old Michael Klunder, a registered sex offender who committed suicide hours after the younger girl escaped.

Authorities say Klunder abducted the two girls after they got off a school bus on Monday, luring the girls into his truck with the promise of them making money cutting grass. He then took the girls to a hog confinement farm about 15 miles south of Dayton.

There’s not a lot of details regarding what happened once the girls were at the farm, but the younger girl somehow managed to escape Klunder and make a run for it. She ended up at a neighboring farm where two men found the girl as she was crawling to them underneath a wire fence.

She was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but had no shoes. She also had a thick zip tie cable around one of her wrists that one of the men cut free before grabbing a gun and running towards the hog confinement facility.…

Andrew L. BarnettSalem, OR – Andrew Barnett, 32, received an extra five years in prison for a string of evil shenanigans he’s perpetrated from behind bars.

U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez, who sent Barnett back to the Oregon State Penitentiary with the extra time, feels Barnett  “…has significant personality issues that remain unresolved.” Assistant U.S. Attorney John N. Parmley, a prosecutor called in from San Diego after the previous prosecutor fell victim to Barnett’s mischief, said of Barnett “The longer he stays in a controlled environment, the safer society will be.”

So what kind of douche-devilry draws such dire damnation? What manner of malevolence manifests such maligning? Threatening letters, anthrax hoaxes and poop… not necessarily in that order. Oh, and there’s even a torrid love affair with a not-really-hot-white-supremacist-spree-killer in there for you women folk.

Barnett’s streak starts back in 2008. Barnett, already in jail, mailed threatening letters to Washington County Sheriff Rob Gordon and three of his deputies. In August 2011, Barnett was moved to Portland’s Justice Center Jail, where he allegedly hurled a mixture of urine and feces at the face of Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputy Brett S.…

Taylor PowersBoulder, CO – The Smoking Gun is reporting that 21-year-old Taylor Powers had to be rescued from a Colorado mountain after she ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms, stripped off all of her clothes, and began fighting with friends.

On Sunday, the Boulder County Sheriff’s Office says they received a 911 call that a female hiker in Chautauqua Park was “high on mushrooms and in distress.” A total of 35 personnel from the BCSO, Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, Boulder Fire Rescue, the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, and an American Medical Rescue ambulance were dispatched to the location.

Rescuers found Powers, a University of Colorado undergrad, nude and being detained by two classmates. Rescuers had to handcuff Powers because she was continuing to struggle, and it took several rescuers to secure her inside a rescue basket.

Nearly two hours after first the first call was made, Powers was brought off the mountain and transported to a Boulder hospital, where she was treated and released. Taylor “Buzzkill” Powers was eventually cited for unlawful consumption of a controlled substance and “further charges are pending against others involved,” deputies reported.…

Tiara DrakeBATTLEBORO, NC – Tiara Drake has been accused of trying to poison five of her family members after one of them refused to share some cheese with her.

According to reports, the 24-year-old wanted some of a relative’s cheese on Friday, but the woman refused to give her any. In retaliation for not being given any cheese, Drake waited until the next morning and used a concoction of detergent, window cleaner and a household cleanser to poison the cheese.

When the rest of the family woke up and began to eat the cheese with their breakfast, one of them determined it was tainted and Poison Control was called. Police say medics had four of the family members drink milk to counteract the effects of the chemicals.

Drake seems to be having ongoing issues with her family, with some posts hinting that this latest cheese incident was just the straw that broke the came’s back.

“man i got alot goin on in my mind,” Drake posted on her Facebook page on March 31.…

Erica PeaseTown of Maine, NY – Ericka Pease is facing child endangerment charges after being accused of passing out on painkillers and leaving her two young children to fend for themselves.

Police were called to Pease’s trailer after receiving reports of a small child running around the trailer park in the middle of the night. When officers arrived, they found Pease’s 5-year-old son running around the neighborhood with his dogs. They picked him up and took him back to his mother’s trailer.

The front door to the trailer was wide open, and officers found Pease’s 1-year-old son in a playpen stewing in a dirty diaper. As for Pease, she was found passed out on the living room couch. With the help from responding medics, Pease was finally brought out of her stupor and admitted to taking some painkillers earlier.

Ericka Pease was arrested and transported to the Broome County Jail. She’s been charged with two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Her children were left in the custody of their father, who had showed up to the trailer shortly after police had arrived.  …

Selena VelasquezGlorieta, New Mexico – Selena Velasquez, 17,  is in hot water after being accused of trying to extort $1500 out of a 43-year-old man she allegedly had consensual sex with.

Velasquez met the man at a Cinco de Mayo party, and the two engaged in some casual sex. After their whirlwind rendezvous, Velasquez supposedly told the man she would call the police and claim he raped her if he didn’t give her three payments of $500 over the next three Fridays.

She then went all psycho on his ass and started showing up at his work, as well sending him text messages threatening violence on him and his daughter. The man contacted police who had him call her to get audio recording where they heard “the suspect clearly threatened and extorted the victim.”

The man agreed to pay Velasquez and made plans to meet at a local Wal-Mart where he would give her the first payment. Instead of $500 bucks, she was welcomed by a swarm of police officers and was arrested at the scene.…

Andres Munos-MunosHouston, TX – According to police,  23-year-old Andres Munos-Munos was driving drunk when he struck and killed 47-year-old Sgt. Dwayne Polk.

The Houston Police Department say Munos-Munos drove through a red light and hit the Polk’s personal truck at approximately 3 a.m. Sunday. There were no skid marks on the road, signifying Munos-Munos didn’t even try to stop or slow down before the crash.

Munos-Munos suffered only minor injuries, while Sgt. Dwayne Polk would be pronounced dead on the scene. Polk had been with the sheriff’s office for 16 years, and was in uniform when he was killed. By Sunday afternoon, the intersection where Polk was killed had been turned into a memorial as friends and family left mementos and notes.

“Tough morning,” Sheriff Adrian Garcia tweeted. “The HCSO suffered a terrible loss & we are all grieving. Keep HCSO members & their families in your prayers.”

Munos-Munos, who is in this country illegally, has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter and is currently being held without bond. This is not Munos-Munos’ first rodeo.…

facebookChicago, IL – Cook County prosecutors say Scandale Fritz, 16, Kenneth Brown, 15, and Justin Applewhite, 16, raped a 12-year-old girl at gunpoint, then posted a video of the sexual assault on their Facebook pages.

It happened in December of last year when the victim went to Fritz’s home to talk to him. Once inside, the girl said that Brown and Applewhite were also there and that Brown had a gun in his pocket.

Fritz took the girl into the basement were he raped and sodomized her. He then ordered her to have sex with the other two teens. She refused, but later complied because she was scared Brown would kill her.

The girl “knew that all three defendants were gang members of the Black Disciples faction ‘Tay-Town’ and was fearful that [Brown] would shoot her,” Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Bridget O’Brien said.

Tt’s quite common for teens to videotape their illegal activities so they can then share them online, and these teens were no exception. This particular video shows Brown waving a gun in the air while the girl performs a sex act, and all three shouting gang slogans, prosecutors said.…

Andrea RebelloLong Island, NY- A 21-year-old Hofstra University junior was killed early Friday morning when she was accidentally struck by a bullet fired by a police officer.

The incident happened in an off-campus house rented by Andrea Rebello, her twin sister and two other students. Sometime around 2am, Rebello’s boyfriend went outside to move a car, reportedly to avoid a parking ticket. It was during this time that 30-year-old Dalton Smith, dressed in black and wearing a ski mask, entered the house. Smith, a parolee with an extensive rap sheet that includes attempted robbery, weapons possession, assault and being an all-around charming fella, was armed.

He ordered Rebello, her twin sister Jessica and a third woman onto a couch. He did the same to Rebello’s boyfriend when he returned and demanded valuables from the four. I’m going to go out on a limb at this point and say Dalton likely never went to college: he was unsatisfied with what the four produced. I don’t know how much you could expect to fleece a few college students for, but I wouldn’t have expected more than a few beers and some dental dams.…

Attifa BrownPhiladelphia, PA – Police arrested 26-year-old Attifa Brown inside her daughter’s school after she allegedly assaulted an 11-year-old girl she says has been bullying her daughter.

Brown says while she did go to A.B. Anderson Elementary School with her daughter to confront the other girl, she says she never touched her. “I don’t beat my own child, let alone somebody else’s,” said Brown.

“The problem here is that we have a 26-year-old mother who has no reason to approach an 11-year-old child, so her credibility as far as I’m concerned is shot,” said Lt. John Walker, Philadelphia Police.

Besides, they say there is video of the incident. According to the 11-year-old victim’s mother, it shows Brown “over my daughter for minutes, poking her in the face, pulling her hair and beating her,” said Bobby Webster.

Brown is facing a myriad of charges, including terroristic threats, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and defiant trespass. School officials are looking into how Brown was able to walk into the school without signing in or without being questioned.…

Alexander Navidad-HernandezOrem, UT – A father in Utah got so pissed off at two men who solicited his teenage daughters for sex that he helped arrange a sting that got both of the men arrested.

It happened on Wednesday when the man’s two daughters, ages 14 and 16, were walking through a Macey’s parking lot and were propositioned by 27-year-old Alexander Navidad-Hernandez.

After driving up beside them, he asked the girls if they needed money. He then handed them a five dollar bill with a phone number written on it, telling them to call the number if they needed more dough.

Frightened with their encounter, the girls hurried home and immediately told their father what had happened. Pissed, the father had the oldest daughter call the number to find out exactly what they had to do for the money.

Not surprisingly, the man wanted sex. When the girl agreed to $100, Navidad-Hernandez said that was too high and that he would only pay $30, as would a friend of his who wanted to participate.…

Krystle HarrisonBradenton, FL – According to police, when 19-year-old Krystle Harrison’s live-in boyfriend refused to have sex with her, she bit his dick in retaliation.

According to the police report, Harrison and her boyfriend, 24-year-old Jeffrey Wilkinson, were in bed when Harrison got horny and began touching on Wilkinson.

But Wilkinson had no desire to give his dog a bone and told her several times that he did not want to have sex. When he turned away from Harrison, that’s when he said she grabbed him and “bit his penis.”

Aftr getting up and walking out of the home the couple shares with their infant son, Harrison followed and allegedly slapped Wilkinson in the face before spitting in it.

Deputies noted Wilkinson had some minor scratches to his chest but he declined medical treatment for that or his bit penis. He also declined signing a sworn affidavit about the incident, telling police he did not want to press charges against his girlfriend.

Regardless, the couple were handed Domestic Violence packets and Harrison was arrested on charges of misdemeanor domestic battery.…

David HernandezALBUQUERQUE, NM –  Would-be kidnapper David Jesus Hernandez is in custody after a New Mexico mother, alerted by a group of teenagers that he’d just taken her 4-year-old daughter, chased the man down, ramming his vehicle with her own.

The woman, who wasn’t identified, apparently didn’t know that the 31-year-old kidnapper had shoved the girl out of the car before the chase began.

“Albuquerque police Chief Ray Schultz said neighbors began yelling, which is what made the suspect push the child out of his car,” KOAT TV reported.

KQRE reported that the mother was in contact with Albuquerque police during the hot-civilian-pursuit, which started shortly after six p.m. on Indian School Rd, near the family’s apartment.

The chase lasted all the way through the North Valley and finished in the Southeast Heights, when the feisty mom went all Grand-Child-Theft-Auto on Hernandez, and slammed her car into his. Hernandez abandoned his vehicle and fled on foot.

Police launched a manhunt which included more than two dozen officers going door-to-door in efforts to locate Hernandez, as well as a helicopter equipped with heat-seeking capabilities.…

Charles WingateColorado Springs, CO – A former Colorado Springs city councilman and his wife have been cited with child neglect after officers responding to a welfare call discovered a naked 13-year-old with autism living in deplorable conditions.

Charles Wingate and his wife, Sharon Starkey, were not home at the time police responded to the call by a concerned neighbor. But the boy wasn’t completely alone in the home, as police found him amongst a savory assortment of both live and dead rodents, as well as scattered feces.  The condition of the home was so bad, code enforcement was sent out immediately and condemned the house as unsafe for living.

It’s unclear what prompted the neighbor to call authorities, especially since neighbors said they hadn’t seen the boy outside of the home in years.  Here comes the real sad part:  “The boy stated he is an only child, home-schooled, and does not remember ever being outside the house,” local police stated in a news release. It’s not conveyed in the source whether the child is the biological progeny of one or both of these two fine human beings.…

Caleb Lawrence McGillvaryPHILADELPHIA, PA – Police have arrested the Internet ‘celebrity’ known as “Kai the Hatchet-Wielding Hitchhiker” and have charged him with the murder of a New Jersey lawyer.

Kai, better known to his friends and relatives as 24-year-old Caleb Lawrence McGillvary, was tagged with the less-than catchy nickname after he used a hatchet to subdue a man who tried to run over a California utility worker in February.

A rambling, profanity-laced interview with the local media went viral, sparking his rise to low-level internet stardom that included appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Authorities believe McGillvary killed 73-year-old Joseph Galfy after after the two met in Times Square Saturday night. Prosecutors allege Galfy brought McGillvary back to his house in Clark, NJ, for a sexual encounter.

On Monday, Galfy’s body was found by police conducting a well-being check. Galfy was discovered wearing only his socks and underwear. An autopsy later determined the cause of death to be blunt force trauma.

McGillvary posted on Facebook Tuesday, presenting the idea of waking up in a stranger’s house, groggy and having been raped in the mouth.…

smiling pitChicago, IL – A pit bull was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer while the dog was in the middle of eating a teenager.

The teen wasn’t the demon’s first victim, either. The first was 63-year-old Gerald Myers earlier in the day. The 90-lb Hell-Hound attacked the man, pulled him to the ground and dragged him down the street. Myers ended up with 11 stitches, but only because the guy knew a demon’s weak spot – the window to the soul.

“He switched legs and got on my right leg. And that’s when I stuck my fingers in his eyes and he let me go,” Myers said.

A police sergeant got the call regarding the attack on Myers and went in search for the beast. When he found the dog, it was already making a second attempt at a sacrifice for Satan. Tyrell Henry had been walking to school when the skies grew dark and the air dropped by 15 degrees. That’s when the monster attacked, seemingly coming from nowhere.…

John WeldenTAMPA, FL – John Welden, a 28-year-old pre-med student at the University of South Florida, has been accused of killing his unborn child by tricking his pregnant girlfriend into taking an abortion pill.

Weldon’s girlfriend, 26-year-old Remee Lee, says that when she learned she was pregnant, Welden took her to see his father, an OB/GYN. A sonogram and blood test would confirm that Lee was six-weeks pregnant. The next day, Welden called her saying that the blood tests revealed she had a bacterial infection and would need to start taking Amoxicillin, an antibiotic.

But a federal indictment states Welden had figured out a heinous way to get rid of the baby he did not want, and forged his father’s signature for a prescription pill that can terminate pregnancies. He then switched the labels to make the bottle look like it contained Lee’s antibiotics.

On Good Friday,  he showed up with a care package that contained her antibiotic prescription. “He told me to keep taking them. I was supposed to take three a day for days,” she recalled of Welden’s instructions.…

Billie Jean WilliamsOcklawaha, FL – Police arrested Billie Jean Williams, 27, and Mary Joyce Daffron, 28, after they say the two women left their young children alone at a beach bar on Mother’s Day so they could go on a booze cruise.

On Mother’s Day, law enforcement were called to Gator Joe’s Bar and Grill on Lake Weir after two children, ages 8 and 6, approached employees to say they could not find their mothers and felt that they had been abandoned.

The children told responding police officers that they were playing on the beach when they noticed their mothers were missing. Police started looking for the women but only found their chairs and belongings undisturbed on the beach.

That’s when a man named “John” approached deputies and told them he knew one of the women and had seen her and the other woman get on a boat an hour earlier. The boat the women were on eventually came back to the beach and the two women, who were highly intoxicated, fell into the water as they tried to get off.…