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Woman Charged After Dispute Over Mashed Potatoes

February 12, 2013 at 8:27 am by  

Woman Charged After Dispute Over Mashed PotatoesNiagara Falls — A 23-year-old woman facing charges for allegedly assaulting another woman after a fight over mashed potatoes.

According to police, Shaquina Hill is now facing charges of menacing and harassment, both in the second-degree, as a result.

The alleged victim, an 18-year-old woman, told police she and Hill argued about the mashed potatoes just before 9:00 Sunday evening, and things basically escalated from there.

Vague, I know. Screw a damn reporter who neglects to get to the true heart of a story. Pfft.

The victim reportedly told police Hill grabbed a box cutter and waved it at her, in an unfriendly manner, I’m sure. Hill then dropped the knife and started throwing things at her, the woman said…. things like a heavy ceramic vase and a, uh, coffee table. The victim also told police Hill punched her in the chest.

Ya know, there are three things you just don’t fuck with – another person’s significant other, another person’s alcohol, and another person’s food. Lay your hands on any of the above and you deserve to have some home furnishings thrown at ya.…

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Sixth Grader In Medically Induced Coma After Schoolyard FightDelco, Pennsylvania — Bailey O’Neill, a sixth-grader at Darby Township School, is in a medically induced coma after being in a schoolyard fight.

There isn’t a lot on this one since it’s an ongoing investigation with all parties being minors.

Bailey was reportedly in a schoolyard fight last month that resulted in a broken nose and a concussion. The boy was taken to the hospital by his parents and was given the all-clear and sent home. Once home, however, he didn’t want to eat, had mood swings and started having violent seizures.

Doctors at A.I. duPont Hospital for Children were forced to put the boy into a medically induced coma more than three weeks ago.

“Every day I’m trying to stay strong for him, but when you get into that hospital room and you’re looking at him, I would trade places in a heartbeat. It’s my buddy, you know,” said Rob O’Neill, the boy’s father.

According to the boy’s father, Bailey got in a fight with two bullies, but only one of them was suspended.…

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Kansas City Police Believe Murders Of Tamara Sparks and Nicoleone Reed Are LinkedKANSAS CITY, MO - Police in Missouri believe that the murders of two area prostitutes are linked to the same suspect and that it’s likely there are living victims out there.

During a Friday news conference, a detective with the Kansas City Police Department said that the deaths of of 40-year-old Tamara Sparks and 24-year-old Nicoleone Reed are related.

Sparks’ body was discovered by two cyclists in Oct 2011 near Northeast 120th Street and North Eastern Road in Kansas City. Reed was last seen about Aug. 18 2012 near her home in the area of Independence Avenue and Denver Avenue in Kansas City. Her body was found Aug. 21 in a remote area of southeastern Kearney.

Connecting these two crime scenes is 92 Highway, a fact that police feel is a key to the investigation, as is investigators’ belief that the women’s bodies were meant to be found. They are asking that that the women’s line of work not be the focus point of the investigation.

“These two women were mothers, they’re daughters.…

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Mother Kills 2 Year Old Daughter, Claims Girl Was Suffering From Muslim CurseANNAPOLIS, MD – Police have charged 25-year-old Chelsea Booth with the death of her daughter after finding the 2-year-old’s body in an Annapolis City waste transfer site.

Police spoke with Booth after her neighbors called to report they had not seen Booth’s daughter for days. Booth told the officers that the child was with her father, 28-year-old Antwan Nelson. However, when police spoke with Nelson, he told them that he’d not seen his daughter in several months.

After Booth and Nelson were brought in for police questioning, Booth told police that a “Muslim curse” had been placed on her daughter by the child’s father and that her daughter was possessed by an evil spirit. She said she had no choice but to murder the little girl by laying on top of her and smothering her until she stopped breathing.

Afterwards, Booth admitted she wrapped her daughter in a blanket and then tossed her into a dumpster at her apartment complex. Investigators were dispatched to a Waste Management Inc. center where they searched for the child’s body for hours, finally locating the it inside a rail car that was slated for a landfill in Virginia.…

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Body Armored Stalker Found With Gun, Machete, Valentines Day Card Emmaus, PA – A 30-year-old man accused of stalking his estranged wife while wearing body armor was found to be in possession of several knives, a gun, brass knuckles, wigs and a mask, duct tape and a Valentine’s Day card with drawings depicting violence, Emmaus police said.

D’awwww! Who says romance is dead?

According to police, Flint Andrew Staton was taken into custody on an arrest warrant shortly after an Emmaus police officer watched him trail the victim on her way to work Monday morning.

Police say Anne Staton had been concerned for her safety for months and subsequently filed complaints with police based on the belief that she was being  followed.

Two restraining orders were issued, both prohibiting Staton from carrying a gun in Montgomery county.

Paper is just that… paper. And said paper apparently didn’t bother Staton any – police say he violated those orders on three occasions in the past year.

When he was pulled over Monday, he was clad in illegal body armor. Officers also found a metric shit ton of weapons in the crazy man’s vehicle including  three large knives, a stun gun, a .40 caliber handgun, 10 rounds of ammunition and brass knuckles.…

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Mentally Disabled Teen Handcuffed In Basement For 5 MonthsKansas City, MO - An emaciated, developmentally disabled 17 year old boy was discovered handcuffed to a steel pole in a basement Monday where he had apparently been since being pulled out of school by his father last September.

Police responded to the home on Monday on a tip made from a neighbor on a child abuse hotline.  A woman answered the door when police arrived and stated she lived there with her husband and 17 year old stepson.  When asked where the stepson was, she said he was downstairs sleeping in his room.  She offered to go get him, but the officers requested to go down there themselves.

Their first clue that shit was terribly, terribly wrong was that as soon as their footsteps echoed on the basement stairs, they heard a voice from the basement saying, “I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t do anything,” according to Officer Jonathan Stone’s report.  The report continues, “. . . I turned on the lights.  I then observed a thin frail looking male getting out of the fetal position on the concrete floor around a steal [sic] support pole .…

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Man Accused Of Beating Boyfriend While On Jagged Little PillsJacksonville, Florida – According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, 24-year-old Allen Blair Casey got sick of his boyfriend listening to Alanis Morissette’s songs and decided to beat him in the face with a plate.

According to Casey, “That is all the motherfucker listens to.”

I know, bro. I know. Sadly, I was in the Girl Scouts and in 1996, those bitches listened only to Shakira. THREE DAYS of Shakira ONLY. Took every ounce of willpower I had to not drown them all in the damned lake.

When police arrived at the apartment the two share, they found the 33-year-old victim had suffered a large cut to the left side of the face.

When questioned about the injury, Casey simply stated, “I hit him in the face.”

Casey now faces a charge of domestic battery causing bodily harm.

Police have reason to believe both men were on amphetamines and/or methamphetamines at the time of the alleged incident.

No record of what song or album the victim had listened to enough times to cause the man to faceplate him, or whether it was still playing by the time police arrived.…

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Shoe Salesman Accused Of Chewing Off Tip Of Exs Big ToeSante Fe, NM – Police have arrested 27-year-old Daniel Anaya after they say he broke into his ex-girlfriend’s home and bit off the tip of her big toe.

Police say that after Anaya broke into his ex’s apartment, he  begged her to let him smell her feet. When the woman refused Anaya’s request, he slammed her against a wall. When she tried to call police, he took the phone away from her and threw it.

Then, according to the arrest warrant,  the woman “begged him not to hurt her” as Anaya held her down, took off her socks and shoes, then proceeded to take bites out of her toenail and toe flesh with “a blank look on his face.

She was finally able to kick free and hobble to a neighbor’s house for help. Anaya had already fled the scene by time police arrived, but was picked up on Wednesday. Anaya is facing charges of burglary, false imprisonment, interference with communications and aggravated battery against a household member.

Anaya is a college student with no criminal record who works in the shoe department of a local Dillard’s.…

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Teen So Bloody After Rape, Witnesses Thought She Was Wearing Red DressCYPRESS, TX – The title alone evokes images straight out of a horror movie, but that’s exactly what some people said about a teenager who walked half a mile for help after being brutally raped and beaten.

Police say Tuesday night at around 11 pm, a 16-year-old girl walked out of her home after getting into a fight with a relative.

As she made her way past Cypress Woods High School, a man walked up behind her and dragged her to a nearby field. There the man beat her in the head and face with a blunt object before raping her.

Throughout the entire ordeal, the girl played dead. “She doesn’t move, she doesn’t flinch and he does not say a word to her. He stands over her making sure that she was dead,” said Harris County Deputy Armando Tamez.

After the man left, the girl got up and stumbled a half mile to a Cinemark movie theater looking for help. She was covered in so much blood that witnesses thought the naked girl was wearing a red dress.…

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Mailman Jailed After Choking Girl, 11, For Taunting HimCommerce, CA – U.S. postal worker Daniel Villasenor, 55, was arrested after allegedly choking an 11-year-old girl who laughed at him for mistakenly entering the women’s restroom at a local park Monday.

While in uniform and driving a U.S. Postal Service vehicle, police say, Villasenor arrived at Bristow Park that evening and asked the girl where the bathrooms were located.

It was then that Villasenor apparently wandered into the woman’s room, causing the child and her friend to erupt with laughter.

A presumably red-faced Villasenor quickly visited the men’s room, and when he exited, found the girl was still tittering.

According to the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, Villasenor then chased the girl into the women’s room, and began choking her inside a supply room adjacent to the restroom before two city workers told him to stop.

“He got angry and pushed the 11-year-old child, and then grabbed her by the neck and the collar in what appeared to be a choking motion to the witnesses,” said L.A. County Sheriff’s Sgt.…

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Admitted Horse Bugger Tells Police, I Was Trying To Make The Horse Have A BabyWharton County, TX — I’m a little late on this one, as usual, and I’m not exactly sure when the accused was actually accused of buggering a horse. Whatever… I like the police report.

The Smoking Gun recently released an undated statement drafted for the Wharton County Sheriff’s Department by 29-year-old Andrew Mendoza.

Mendoza had apparently been accused of screwing a neighbor’s horse, and after waiving his rights, laid it all out for police. And, apparently, the internet.

In his statement, Mendoza claims he had been waiting on a phone call from his girlfriend. He told himself that if she didn’t call at a particular time, he was just gonna go ahead and mosey on over to the neighbor’s house and “mess” with their horse.

The girlfriend apparently neglected to call within the allotted time frame, and Mendoza, obviously a man of his word, headed to the neighbor’s place.

He then proceeded to fuck their horse for about 5 or 10 minutes.

Mendoza wrote in the statement that he believed the horse liked it because it didn’t move or nothing, just stood there.…

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Mom Arrested For Passing Drugs To Jailed Son With Open Mouth KissYates County, NY – A 54-year-old woman was jailed after being accused of smuggling drugs to her incarcerated son by way of an open mouth kiss.

According to the documents provided by the fine folks over at The Smoking Gun, the doting dipshit passed a couple of Oxy pills to her spawn during a jailhouse visit Tuesday.

Deputies have not indicated whether there was any tongue involved in the alleged transfer.

The spawn, 30-year-old William Partridge, was being detained at the facility on weapons charges, and is now facing an additional charge of promoting prison contraband. He will be arraigned on the new charges Monday.

Police say the drugs were intended for Partridge’s personal use, not for resale.

Mom, Kimberly Margeson, was charged with a felony drug count and one misdemeanor count of promoting prison contraband.

After posting $2,000 bail, Margeson was released. She has since pleaded not guilty to both charges.

Now, if you’ll pardon me, I must find a pointy stick so I can dig that nasty visual out of my brain space.…

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Seahag Sentenced To 30 Years For Killing Man Over Busch LightConch Key, FL – Carolyn “Seahag” Dukeshire, 62, was recently sentenced to a maximum of 30-years behind bars after pleading guilty to the shooting death of 64-year-old Martin Mazur last year when he refused to give her a beer.

Justified? Perhaps. If the beer in question was anything other than a Busch Light. Ick.

And no, I did not bestow the name Seahag upon this ravishing creature… it’s apparently a self-appointed moniker.

Anyway, back in July of last year, police say the Seahag approached Mazur, a neighbor/acquaintance she had previously done some sort of lobster-trap work for, and asked, “Do you have a cold beer for me?”

Mazur’s reply: “I have absolutely nothing for you.”

The displeased and presumably thirsty Seahag then shot the man. Five times – two to the abdomen, one to the wrist, and two to the back.

Overkill, much?

Mazur was pronounced very dead later that same day, and a grand jury handed down a first-degree murder charge against the Seahag in August.

Dukeshire pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Thursday and must now figure out how to make her own damn hooch.…

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Lawrence Chambers Stabbed Wife Over 100 Times, Beat Stepson With Frying PanHOUSTON, TX – A man in Texas has been accused of stabbing his wife over 100 times and beating his stepson with a frying pan because he “just lost it.”

On February 3, a 14-year-old girl entered her home to find her mother, 43-year-old Jemal Lockridge Chambers, and her 13-year-old brother covered in blood. She ran from the home and went to a neighbor for help.

“She found her mother dead and her brother clinging to life,” a prosecutor said. “She said there was no forced entry into the residence. The front door and burglar bars were locked.”

When police entered the home, they found Chambers’ body in a bedroom, her son was nearby. She had been stabbed 119 times. Her 13-year-old son was also found in the home suffering from blunt force trauma to the head, cuts with a knife and disfigurement to the face. He was rushed to the hospital in serious condition.

The one person unaccounted for was Chambers’ husband, 40-year-old Lawrence Clinton Chambers. He would turn himself into police on Monday after confessing to his brother that he was the person responsible for the vicious stabbing death of his wife as well as the severe beating his stepson suffered

Lawrence Chambers told his brother that Jemal had came at him with a knife and he “just lost it.” Chambers said he did not remember harming his stepson.…

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Georgia Man Accused Of Setting Girlfriend On Fire

February 7, 2013 at 8:30 pm by  

Georgia Man Accused Of Setting Girlfriend On FireCOLUMBUS, GA – I wasn’t aware that setting your girlfriend on fire was such a popular option when ending an argument, but it seems like we post one of these types of stories every other month.

Joining the ranks of men who tried melting their girlfriend’s head is 35-year-old Robert Williams, a Georgia man who, according to police, doused his girlfriend with lighter fluid then set her on fire during an argument.

It happened after the couple got into a domestic altercation on Tuesday inside their Havenbrook Court apartment. While in their bedroom, Williams allegedly poured lighter fluid on 44-year-old Vallen Smith then lit her up.

Before the fire was extinguished, the blinds in the bedroom had melted and Smith was left with second and third-degree burns on her hands and face. She was rushed to a burn center in Augusta, GA where her family said she got out of surgery on Wednesday. Her last officially reported condition was critical.

Williams was arrested and charged with aggravated assault and battery. As someone who has spent considerable time in a burn unit, and watched a relative went through while there, those charges do not seem close to adequate.…

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Teens Stop Crazy Man From Grabbing Toddlers At Florida PlaygroundPORT RICHEY, FL – A mother in Florida is praising a group of teenagers for possibly saving the lives of two children after a man tried grabbing them while they were visiting a local park.

At around dusk Saturday, 28-year-old Sharaya Smith said she’d taken her young daughter and nephew to play at Lake Lisa Park and eat pizza. As they walked through the park’s parking lot, she noticed a group of teenagers playing loud music, kissing and cursing. “We’re trying to have a pizza party,” Smith remembers telling them. “And my kids don’t need to hear your mouths.”

A short while later, while her daughter and nephew played on a slide, she noticed 34-year-old Bienvenido Cintron nearby. He was disheveled, wearing a tan trench coat, and spouting out verses from the Bible he was carrying. Cintron made his way over to Smith, who had already collected the two children, and began yelling at her, stating he was Obama and was sent to rid the world of drug dealers and prostitutes.…

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Mom Sent Pics Of Child With Knife At Throat, Menstrual Blood On Face LUFKIN, TX – A woman in Texas got herself into some trouble after she took pictures of her young daughter with a bloody knife to her throat, then sent those pictures to the child’s father.

Officers were contacted by a man who said that he and his mother received a message from his daughter’s mother, 20-year-old Casey Olford, that stated: “It’s n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for Kaylee funeral. Bye.” Accompanying the message was a picture of a young child on the floor crying with a large, bloody knife under her throat with blood smeared on the child’s face.

When police arrived at Olford’s home, she denied taking or sending any pictures to the child’s father or grandmother. The children in the home seemed fine and Olford allowed police to check out her phone but they were unable to find the text message or picture she’d allegedly sent.

They took her into custody anyway, and while in the back of the police car, Olford admitted to taking the pictures the day before.…

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Dollar Store Employee Used Belt On Customers Demon SonWrightsville, GA – A Dollar Store employee in Georgia is facing multiple assault charges after she took it upon herself to discipline a customer’s unruly child by beating the 8-year-old with a belt.

According to reports, 8-year-old Logan Ivey was in the Dollar Store with his mother, allegedly running around being a little shit. He was confronted by one of the store’s employees, 39-year-old Emilia Bell, who called him a demon.

“So I said ‘I’ll show you bad’ and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her,” said Logan. “So then she starts chasing me around the Dollar General with her belt and takes me behind the counter and starts beating me with her belt.”

Police reviewed surveillance footage and say it doesn’t show what led up to Bell’s disciplinary measures, it clearly shows Bell hitting Logan as many as 26 times with a belt as he screamed for his mother and tried to squirm away. Wrightsville’s police chief Paul Sterling told reporters these strikes were not in one area of Logan’s body, but were all over Logan’s body.…

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Elderly Man Kills Couple After Ongoing Argument Over Noise, Dog FecesDallas, TX -- An elderly man in Texas has been accused of shooting his two upstairs neighbors to death after a year of noise and dog feces complaints.

Police say that on Monday morning, 75-year-old Chung Kim shot 31-year-old Michelle Jackson after she walked out onto the balcony of her Sable Ridge condominium. Kim then went upstairs to her apartment and shot her boyfriend, 31-year-old Jamie Stafford.

When Stafford ran through the back patio door and jumped to the ground, Kim stepped onto the back balcony, leaned over, and shot Stafford again. In all, neighbors reporting hearing eight gunshots.

“I heard three [gunshots], then it stopped and I was about to rise up on the floor, and I heard five more and I got back on the floor,” said neighbor Yolanda Washington.

Kim drive away from the scene but was arrested nearby and then transported to the hospital for an undisclosed medical condition. He is facing two charges of capitol murder.

Jackson was a mother of five children, four of which were at school at the time of the shootings.…

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Bengal Tiger Killed American Trainer At Mexican CircusMexico – Video footage has been released reportedly showing a Bengal tiger killing its trainer in front of an audience during a circus performance in northern Mexico.

The video was shot during an act for Circo Suarez in Sonora state. In it you can see as U.S. citizen Alexander Crispin, 35, circles two tigers during his act. One of the tigers lunges towards Crispin, then pulls down Crispin’s pants causing him to fall to the ground.

What follows is the tiger pinning Crispin to the ground as it claws and chews his face and neck area. As spectators flee the circus tent, circus employees begin beating the tiger in an effort to free Crispin.

No offical word on how they finally got the tiger to let go of Crispin, but some commenters on the Youtube video angrily stated that the tiger was killed. Crispin was rushed to Red Cross hospital Huatabampo, Sonora where he died as a result of hypovolemic shock.

I know this guy died a horrible death, as you can see below, but I just have a hard time feeling sorry for him or anyone who is killed doing that kind of work.…

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