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Thomas Ramirez Is Sorry

June 10, 2008 at 2:27 pm by  

Thomas Ramirez on

PASADENA, TX – Thomas Ramirez, 17, ran into a problem a lot of us have had before at some point in our lives. When the friend of a person you are dating just doesn’t like you. Ramirez, a student at Sam Rayburn High School, found himself in a similar situation when his girlfriend’s best friend didn’t like him and did not approve of the couple’s relationship. He felt that this is why his girlfriend broke up with him and was also preventing any type of reconciliation. So Ramirez did what any normal kid would do in that situation. He hired a hit man to kill the girl.…

Bobby Jones And His Son Got Burned

June 10, 2008 at 12:36 pm by  

Update 6-20-08: Charges Dropped. More info at end of article

Bobby Jones on

Bobby Jones, 27, was with is two-year-old son in front of the trailer they lived in last Sunday. It was a hot, sunny day and Bobby let his sun play in the yard with no shirt on for about an hour and a half. The problem is that this Jones didn’t put any sunscreen on the kid and the toddler ended up getting 1st and 2nd degree burns that include some nasty blisters. When the mother picked him up, she alerted police. Now, Bobby Jones is in jail, charged with criminal abuse and served with an emergency protection order keeping him from seeing his son for 14 days.…

Derrick and Linda Yancey on

Here is a story out of Georgia that I am really interested in. Police received a 911 emergency call at 1:10 p.m. that there were two victims at 5515 Mountain View Pass. Derrick Yancey, a DeKalb County sheriff’s deputy states that he was at his home when an unknown male intruder came into the house and shot his wife Linda Yancey, 44, to death. Derrick Yancey told investigators he then shot the stranger to death.…

Riva Higgins and Ruby Bonds Are Idiots

June 10, 2008 at 9:00 am by  

Shavon Riva Higgins on The Dreamin' DemonRuby Marie Bonds on The Dreamin' Demon

Shavon Riva Higgins and Ruby Marie Bonds

Mobile, AL – It’s not that hard to figure out, people.  You’re going to Wal-Mart, perhaps to buy all the pseudoephedrine the pharmacy will sell you.  It’s ninety degrees outside.  Do you:  A.)  take the kids with you to use as a diversion,  B.) Take the kids with you and tell them to sit on the bench and stay put; or C.) leave them in the car in the parking lot in direct sunlight with the windows down a bit?    If you guessed “C”, then you are probably Shavon Riva Higgins or Ruby Marie Bonds.  ‘Cause that’s what they did on Saturday.  …

Donna Williamson on

SC – Donna Hutto Williamson, 47, is a is well liked and respected Aiken County magistrate judge. But on Monday morning she fucked up big time. Williamson has a concealed weapons permit and when she and her four-year-old granddaughter went into a local Sam’s Club to buy supplies for a beach trip, she had a small caliber handgun in her purse. A purse that was sitting beside the little girl in the shopping cart. Can you see where this is headed?

If you are a frequent visitor of this site, I am sure you know exactly what happens next. But I will go ahead and tell you anyway. While at the pharmacy area of the Sam’s Club, Williamson took her eyes off the child just long enough for the little girl to go into her purse, retrieve the handgun and then accidentally shoot herself in the chest.…

Weleetka, OKIt’s a small town in the middle of nowhere, ninety miles east of Oklahoma City. The kind of place where nobody would worry too much about two girls going out for a walk, even young girls. And when they don’t come home right away, parents don’t think “murdered”, they think “grounded”. But murder is what happened to Taylor Dawn Paschal-Placker, 13, and Skyla Jade Whitaker, 11, on Sunday evening.…

Ricky Dale Simonds Made A Big Stink

June 9, 2008 at 3:46 pm by  

and Jamie Fraley is still missing.

Ricky Dale Simonds, Sr. on The Dreamin' DemonJamie Fraley on The Dreamin' Demon

Gastonia, NC – Kim Sprenger’s car smelled funny all weekend. She first noticed it on Saturday night, but the smell was worse on Sunday when she drove some women to church. By 6:00 Sunday evening, Sprenger started scouring her car for the source of the stench. When she opened the trunk of her 2007 Ford Taurus, she found it. Her ex-boyfriend, Ricky Dale Simonds Sr., was inside her trunk. And he was ripe with the miasma of decomposition. …

Joland Newberg Just Left

June 9, 2008 at 1:58 pm by  

Joland Newberg on The Dreamin' Demon

Dallas, TX – Last Friday morning, Joland Newberg left Fayetteville, Arkansas with her twelve year old son. They were flying from Fayetteville to San Jose, California, with a layover at DFW – Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. But once the pair arrived in Dallas, Newberg’s son went to the restroom – and came out to find his mother was gone. …

Adam Lee Berard on Dreamin' Demon

Rock Hill, SC – Adam Lee Berard, 26, is a sick bastard.   It’s not enough that he was already a convicted sex offender by the ripe old age of 22.  Now he’s in jail for sexually assaulting a 69 year old woman – who happens to be his grandmother.  Way to perpetrate the mother of all family dysfunctions, dude.  Everybody has that weird pedophile family member,  but not just anyone can tell the heartwarming family story of the time Adam raped Grandma.  …

Yanira Arias-Ortiz Wanted Answers

June 7, 2008 at 11:33 am by  

EASTON, Pa.There are some parents that have good intentions but just aren’t good at it, and then there are some parents that aren’t fit to raise earthworms. Juan Ortiz, 32, and his wife Yanira Arias-Ortiz, 30 are two of those people.

Sometime in April, their 11 year old son got into some trouble for stealing a coin from another boy. Ortiz decided to teach his boy that stealing is bad with a flat, wooden piece of a railing. When the staff at Cheston Elementary School noticed his injuries, they reported it. Ortiz was charged on May 5th and released on $1,000 bail. One of the conditions of his release was that he was not allowed to live in the home with the child.

End of story right? Nope.…

Dennis Boehm Does His Research

June 6, 2008 at 1:48 pm by  

Dennis Boehm on

DERRY – Aside from being one ugly motherfucker, Dennis Boehm (Myspace) is also an alleged pedophile. He has been arrested due to accusations that he forced a 4-year-old boy to perform oral sex on him. He was arrested in the Derry Public Library, where he was reading a book called the “Encyclopedia of Rape.” He also possessed a pair of handcuffs.…

Ryan Taber Loves His Dog

June 6, 2008 at 11:08 am by  

Ryan Taber on

Actually, Ryan Taber needs help.

Ryan Taber was busted in April for some on-line conversations he was having with what he thought was a 14-year-old boy. It turns out that the 14-year-old boy was actually Keene police Detective James McLaughlin. Taber had just been snagged in a sting and charged with using the internet to seduce, solicit, lure or entice a child to commit the offense of lewdness or indecent exposure. He was indicted by a grand jury on on May 16. This alone is almost a non-story to me in regards to an idiot teen using the internet to talk sex with another teen on the internet, and I almost would like to know how Detective James McLaughlin felt engaging in sexual conversations with a minor…but that’s a topic for Three Things. This story got interesting when investigators found child porn on his computer, as well as media involving him fucking the family’s golden retriever.…

Elizabeth Thornton Charged In Death Of Son

June 6, 2008 at 9:50 am by  

Elizabeth Thornton on

CHARLESTON, W.Va. – When a friend of Elizabeth Thornton, 21, came over to their apartment, they found Elizabeth’s 2-year-old son, Constatine Alexander Washburn, lying unresponsive on the floor. He was taken to Charleston Hospital where he was found to be suffering from severe brain trauma. The injuries were too severe and the doctors were unable to save Alex. Things may have turned out differently for Alex had his parents brought him to the hospital immediately after he suffered the injuries…which happened to be THREE FUCKING DAYS EARLIER!…

Gary W. Miller Went Shopping

June 6, 2008 at 9:50 am by  

PEORIA, IL – On Sunday at around 10:30 a.m., a woman was putting groceries in her car at her local Krogers. She had her 7-month old child she had already placed in the backseat of the vehicle. 25-year-old Gary W. Miller Jr approached her, forced her into her car took her keys and abducted her and her baby. While driving, Miller performed a sex act on the woman, and then made the woman perform a sex act on him. Fearing for the safety of her and her child, the woman was able to talk Miller into parking the vehicle. He then took the woman back to Kroger where he got out of the vehicle and fled the scene. Miller was caught after police released surveillance video of a suspect at a nearby McDonald’s Restaurant. A friend of his saw this video,recognized Miller and called police. Miller admitted his involvement. This asshat now faces 30 years in prison and is charged with aggravated vehicular hijacking, vehicular hijacking, aggravated criminal sexual assault and criminal sexual assault.…

Marquis Lee Was Desperate

June 6, 2008 at 9:49 am by  

Marquis Lee on

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. – A police officer was approached by a woman at around 1:30 am telling the officer that she had just been assaulted by her boyfriend. The officer noticed that the woman had discolorations on her face and neck. Her boyfriend, Marquis Lee, 26, then walked past carrying the couple’s 10-month-old daughter. When the officer attempted to make an arrest, Lee took off running…but not before tossing the infant at the police officer.…

Donna Mitchell Is Accused Of Bribery

June 5, 2008 at 11:31 am by  

Donna Mitchell on

TERRE HAUTE, IND – John Beaty, 73, is a former principal and teacher at Martinsville High School. He now faces charges of sexual misconduct with a minor after being accused of having sex with a 14-year-old boy. Normally, especially on this site, that would be the story in a nutshell. But this story isn’t about Beaty as much as it is about the 14-year-old boy’s mother, Donna Mitchell, 35. Mitchell is accused of trying to extort money from Beaty by telling him that if he were to give her 300,000 dollars, she would not turn him in to police.…

Algernon James; Dyed In Pawn Shop

June 5, 2008 at 9:10 am by  

Algernon James on

Unamused Cat posted this story in our forums, and the mental image was funny enough that I thought I would put it up to the front for everyone. On Monday, Algernon James, 39 and a father of three, decided to rob the Pompano Beach Washington Mutual by handing a teller a note demanding money. He was given an envelope of cash, which he stuck in his pocket and then fled the scene, making a seemingly clean getaway.…

Nicole Erdman Was Thirsty

June 4, 2008 at 9:03 am by  


Ever have on of those days where you would just like a nice, cold beer? Nicole Erdman, 32, had one of those days and drove to a Circle K 3 miles from her home to go get one. No big deal except for the fact she left her two children, ages 1 and 3, in a bathtub half full of water in the process.…