Woman Charged With Raping Male Taxi Driver At KnifepointAlleged Rapist Calls 911 After His Young Victim EscapesWoman Charged With Decapitating Ex-Boyfriend's GrandmotherMississippi Police Officer Kills Himself After Admitting He Molested Teen BoysGirl, 8, Suspect In Death Of 1-Year-Old At Michigan Home Day CareBoy, 5, Crushed To Death Inside Atlanta Rotating RestaurantCompetitive Eating Contests Leave Two DeadTeen Accused Of Sexually Assaulting, Killing Elderly Woman On High School TrackFather Charged With The Rape And Murder Of His 9-Month-Old DaughterPolice Say Man Threw Puppy Through Wall, Beat It To Death With Knotted Rope

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Robert Adisano: Wanna See My Pig?

March 16, 2009 at 5:15 am by  
Robert Anthony Adisano

Robert Anthony Adisano

Key West, FL–Ladies, it has come to my attention that Robert Anthony Adisano, age 25, is looking for some companionship. Once you get past the hat-hair, the bushy eyebrows, and the goofy grin…you will find a man who is willing to go that extra mile to impress a member of the fairer sex.…

Kids Say The Darndest Things

March 16, 2009 at 3:22 am by  

Phillip Holmes

Phillip Holmes

Melrose, NM–On March 5, police were called to the emergency room at Plains Regional Medical Center in regards to a 3-month-old baby girl. The child was suffering, among other injuries, broken arms and skull fractures.

The officer approached the child’s family in the waiting room. While questioning the family about the injuries, Phillip Holmes’ young son said he knew how the baby got hurt…‘Dad chokes the baby.’ A family member shushed the child before he could say anymore and told the officer he couldn’t use the boy’s statement because he was an ‘unreliable source.’…

Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delrosa

Miguel Alejandro Torres-Delrosa

Palm Bay, FL– I have never enjoyed changing diapers, especially the stinky soiled ones, but, unfortunately, it is one of many, many nasty responsibilities you take on when you become a parent or care-provider of children. It’s a dirty job with no pay, but the benefits are, by far, the best you could ever hope for. One of those benefits is knowing that the child feels safe in your care and can always count on you to be understanding even when they have an accident that displeases you. I really wish the asshat pictured above was smart enough realize that before he had kids. Unfortunately, he was not.…

Tayaun Chism Demands Respect

March 16, 2009 at 2:11 am by  

Tayaun Chism (Myspace)

Indianapolis, IN–Tayaun Chism, 18, beat the shit out of a 14-month-old baby because she failed to show him respect. Lillianna Goodmann died on Friday, two days after she was beaten for more than an hour. Not only was she disrespectful to Chism, she wouldn’t eat her dinner. For that, she received the ultimate punishment, death.

Stephanie Lighten Really Wants A Baby

March 14, 2009 at 12:02 pm by  

Stephanie Lighten (Myspace)

Pittsfield, MA–Stephanie Lighten has a recipe for makin’ babies. The ingredients; some borrowed sperm, turkey baster, ice pack, and a willing participant. Directions; put borrowed sperm into turkey baster, insert into willing participant, sit back and wait for results. Simple.

While Stephanie had the first three, she was lacking in the most important ingredient…a willing participant.

Robert Conde Is A Sick Fuck

March 13, 2009 at 5:55 pm by  
Ruth Ann Trueblood & Robert Conde

Ruth Ann Trueblood & Robert Conde

Fort Lauderdale, FL– One thing I learned, after being married for going on 15 years, is that you don’t mess with a man’s beer. If my hubby wants a cold one when he gets home, especially after working a 16-hour shift, it’s there for him in the fridge. He’s been disappointed a few times when I forgot to pick some up, but he never thought about killing me because of it. At least, I hope not. This is the reason why Robert Conde is gracing our front page today. A lot of crazy people kill for the most ignorant reasons and murdering someone over beer is one of them.…

Who Killed Brian Tzeo’s Family?

March 13, 2009 at 4:56 pm by  

UPDATE – Suspect identified as Chiew Chan Saevang, a suspected opium smuggler . Washington County Utah it is being reported police were involved in a car chase with the suspect early this morning, who was with is girlfriend, Yer Yang. Catawba County Sheriff’s Office tells NewsChannel 36 the suspect shot Yer Yang as they were being followed by Utah authorities and then turned the gun on himself as the vehicle ran off the roadway. Drugs seem to be the motive.

Chiew Chan Saevang on dreamindemon.com

Chiew Chan Saevang

CATAWBA COUNTY, N.C. — I don’t normally like to report on cases like this as they will usually get enough major press anyway. But this one is local to me, the story quite tragic, and someone out there killed four people on Thursday morning and has not been caught yet. The picture above is a sketch of the person they are looking for. On Thursday morning, a friend of 18-year-old Pauline Chao arrived at her home to take her to Bunker Hill High School. She observed a man run to the back of the house as they were driving off and informed Pauline what she had seen.…

Don’t Mess With Nathan Moore’s Balls

March 13, 2009 at 8:11 am by  
Nathan Moore on crimecritics.com

Nathan Moore

GOODYEAR, Ariz. — On March 1 Nathan Moore, 37, was participating in a golf tournament at the Golf Club of Estrella in Goodyear. At the same time, a group of young boy were there collecting golf balls. Somewhere around the 15th hole, Nathan got into a dispute with one these boys and accused him of stealing his ball. The boy, 12, apologized to Nathan and tried to give him his ball back, but Nathan wasn’t having it. He allegedly picked the boy up by his throat and crotch, tossed him into some nearby bushes, and then hit him with his golf club. Nathan then resumed playing.…

In the future, the world’s energy problems have almost been completely solved with Earth no longer suffering from the cost of electricity and the environmental pratfalls associated with fossil fuels. 70 percent of all power needs are now being handled by Helium 3, a clean burning fuel harvested from rocks on the moon. Lunar Industries is a corporation that places massive, automated harvesters on the moon’s surface to gather the Helium 3, using a lone employee to oversee the operations from within the Selene moon base. This employee honors a 3-year contract before a replacement is sent to the moon and he then returns to Earth. In Moon, Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell) is one of these Lunar Industry employees with only two weeks left on his contract. He is anxious to get back home to his wife and young daughter and it couldn’t happen at a better time, as lately he has been experiencing hallucinations and deteriorating health. Things get a bit more complicated while on a routine patrol to check on a harvester, when he is involved in an accident that has him waking up in the stations infirmary with his new replacement – an identical version of himself.…

Orion Stoltman Is A Goatnapping Juggaho

March 12, 2009 at 9:13 am by  

Orion Kent Mitchell Stoltman (Myspace)

Tooele, UT–Orion Kent Mitchell Stoltman has a really long name, and really freaky eyes, and damn, WTF is up with his nose? Orion needs a new hobby…an activity that will keep him away from pygmy goats.

Kimberly Potter Is A Shitty Mother

March 12, 2009 at 6:05 am by  

Kimberly Potter (Myspace) & Michael Jones (Myspace)

Unicoi, TN–As a parent, it is your responsibility to protect your children from harm, not bring harm to them. Kimberly Potter fails as a responsible parent…she fails miserably. She knew her new boyfriend Michael Jones was a sex offender, but yet, she allowed him to move into her home; a home she shares with two young daughters, ages 11 and 16. Read on, it gets worse.

Bruce Benford Has A Really Slippery Baby

March 12, 2009 at 4:22 am by  

Bruce Benford (Myspace)

Daytona Beach, FL–Bruce Benford, 23, is either really clumsy, or his 2-month-old son is really slippery. In the couple of months the child has been alive, he has been dropped no less than four times!…

Scotty Was “Beaming One Up!”

March 12, 2009 at 12:58 am by  
Scotty Vest

Scotty Vest

Little Rock, AR- It’s getting to be that time of year again. A warm sunny day is a sure guarantee to entice families to come out of the house and possibly spend a day at the park with the kiddies. Some parents in Little Rock spent some time enjoying the weather at Burns Park with their children. Imagine their surprise when they learned that, just a few yards away, a local cross-dressing pedophile was trying to charm some of their kiddies into a bathroom by jerking off his Johnson in front of them.…

Carlyle Blackburn Picked The Wrong House

March 11, 2009 at 11:57 am by  
Carlyle Blackburn

Carlyle Blackburn

Lake Worth, FL–Every once in awhile, you need to read a feel good story. Guess what? I got one for ya! Meet 40-year-old Carlyle Blackburn, a registered sex offender. Blackburn was released from prison in January after serving 15 years for rape. It looks like Blackburn is at it again…this time though, he got his ass handed to him.…

Beverly Chacon Hit and Killed Brenda Melton

March 11, 2009 at 10:40 am by  
Beverly Chacon and Brenda Melton

Beverly Chacon and Brenda Melton

Albequerque, NM – If someone stepped up and raised your children for you while you were serving time in prison, how would you thank them?   Would you drive drunk again and slam into them head-on, killing them?  Me, neither.  But that’s how Beverly Chacon, 40,  repaid long-time family friend Brenda Melton for years of kindness.  …

Zachariah Williams Was Feelin’ Stabby

March 11, 2009 at 10:30 am by  
Zachariah Williams

Zachariah Williams

Palatka, FL–DayQuone Hill, 8, may have been trying to protect his mother Tuesday night when he got into the middle of a fight between her and her boyfriend, 20-year-old Zachariah ‘Gator’ Williams. Zachariah’s anger turned from the mother to her child…he stabbed DayQuone half a dozen times or more with a pair of scissors.…

Jami Anderson Has A Helluva Swing

March 11, 2009 at 9:14 am by  

Jami Renee Anderson (Myspace)

Alton, IL–Jami Anderson brags on her Myspace, ‘Yay! I just got Married! It’s Mrs. Anderson now!’ With Jami’s new marriage came some new responsibilities…one of those being her new husband’s 22-month-old son, Chase Anderson. I guess we all know that Jami isn’t being featured here on the Dreamin’ Demon for lovin’ the kid too much, right?

Jennifer Morris Is A Crooked Cunt

March 11, 2009 at 3:00 am by  
Jennifer Morris

Jennifer Morris

Framingham, Mass.- Jennifer Morris, 36, recently gave birth to a baby girl at Metro-West Medical Center. When she was released with her newborn last Saturday, she ended up taking home a few extra items that did not belong to her.…