Boy Has Both Ears Torn Off By Neighbor's Pit BullsFlorida Man With Mop On Head Arrested For "Terrifying" His NeighborsMan Arrested After Stalking, Throwing Dog At WomanChild Dead After Mom Kicked Her In Stomach For Not Brushing TeethHuman Doodle Pad Back In Police Custody For Failing To Report After Prison Release56-Year-Old Woman Dies After Getting Arm Stuck In Clothing Donation BoxWoman Shoots Boyfriend In Fight Over Cold TacoSeptuagenarian Newlywed Allegedly Shot Wife In Butt For Refusing SexDisabled Navy Vet Beaten After Trying To Save Tortured TurtleMother Busted For Initiating False Amber Alert So Police Would Find Her Stolen Car Quicker

In The Mean Time...

James S. Harris Got His Ass Whooped!

February 26, 2009 at 1:31 am by  
James S. Harris

James S. Harris

KANSAS CITY, Mo.-Crime does not pay. Sometimes, asswipes like James S. Harris, 18, need a little extra help in remembering that statement. I hope this last incident serves as a life-long reminder for him if  he ever gets invited to another party. Hopefully, the next time, he’ll also remember to leave his knife at home.…

Jordan Brown, 11, Shot And Killed Kenzie

February 25, 2009 at 12:51 pm by  

….and her unborn son.

Jordan Brown and Kenzie Houk

Jordan Brown and Kenzie Houk

New Castle, PAKenzie Houk, 26, a mother of two beautiful daughters, was excited about the impending arrival of a son. He was due in just two weeks…she was going to name him Christopher. She never got to meet little Christopher. The lives of both Kenzie and Christopher were cut short the morning of February 20. Their killer? 11-year-old Jordan Brown.…

Jerry Lindau Makes Me Nauseous

February 25, 2009 at 8:27 am by  

Update: 3/4/09-Jerry Lindau, facing seven felony counts of sexual assault against children, was found dead in his cell on Wednesday. More details at end of article.

…while I’m on the subject of bad babysitters

Jerry Lindau

Jerry Lindau

Billings, MT–Jerry Lindau, 62, and his wife Jacque, ran an unlicensed daycare out of their home and cared for at least 12 pre-school aged children. The Lindau’s claim that all of those children are relatives. You probably know where this one is going, don’t ya?…

Noel Kelly Is A Bad Babysitter

February 25, 2009 at 6:48 am by  

Noel Kelly

Noel Kelly

Palm Bay, FL–Parents, let’s imagine for a minute. You’re new in town and you are befriended by an adult male. As you are getting to know the guy, he casually mentions that he is available for child care services if such a need were to arise. Would you feel comfortable leaving your child in the care of a non-related adult male?

Noel Kelly did just that. He befriended a family new to the states from Jamaica. He offered to provide child care for the family’s 12-year-old daughter. He raped her…repeatedly…over the course of a year.

Darrin Eugene Sanford Killed Alycia Nipp

February 25, 2009 at 4:33 am by  
Darrin Eugene Sanford

Darrin Eugene Sanford

Hazel Dell, WA–The piece of shit you see pictured in the above mug shot is 30-year-old Darrin Eugene Sanford, a Level III sex offender. Sanford earned that title back in 1998, when he came across a group of children, ages 8-11, at a playground and offered them cash for oral sex. The victims refused and ran away from Sanford. He caught up with them a little later and tried to lure them into his home ‘to play house.’ The children picked up on the creepy vibes Sanford was emitting and refused. He served about 8 months for that offense, and was later arrested for failing to register as a sex offender, a crime that earned him 17 more months. He was released from the state prison July 31, 2008.

Fast forward…Darrin Eugene Sanford was just arrested in the stabbing death of 13-year-old Alycia Nipp.…

Donald Regis Miller Lacks Restraint

February 25, 2009 at 1:49 am by  
Donald Regis Miller

Donald Regis Miller

BETHEL PARK, Pa.– Donald Regis Miller,18, lacks restraint and after reading about this, I am having trouble restraining myself as well! Miller, A.K.A. future death-wish recipient, sexually assaulted a 7-year old boy in the bathroom of the Bethel Park Municipal building at knife-point. Please read more, but I warn you. I am not feeling pretty today.…

Angela Barksdale Is A Monster

February 24, 2009 at 9:59 am by  
Kevion Shand

Kevion Shand

Bronx, NY–Little Kevion Shand was to celebrate his 5th birthday on March 4th. The little boy with the big smile won’t be celebrating that milestone, or any other. His grandmother, 45-year-old Angela Barksdale, brutally beat him…then left him alone on the couch to die.…

Pervy Twofer Tuesday #2

February 24, 2009 at 5:12 am by  

Update: 3/23/09-Recently released on a reduced bond, Angela Lindel committed suicide in her home early Saturday morning.

Danny Lovvorn and Angela Angel Lindle

Danny Lovvorn and Angela 'Angel' Lindle

Our participants in this edition of Pervy Twofer Tuesday are Danny Lovvorn, 34, and Angela ‘Angel’ Simmons Lindle, 37. Danny is a morning person who enjoys outdoor activities. Angel is a whiny middle school teacher who loves Dale Earnhardt Jr. and young boys.…

Dina Killed Michael Jackson

February 24, 2009 at 2:38 am by  

Dina Jackson

Dina Jackson

Fort Worth, Texas- The King of Pop is dead. Well, the king who supposedly popped Dina Jackson around is, anyhow. She is claiming that she killed her husband, 37-year old Michael Jackson, in self defense. Is this true, or is she just a Dirty Dina?…

Amy Vogt Molested her Son on Webcam

February 23, 2009 at 1:04 pm by  
Amy Kay Vogt

Amy Vogt

Nixa, MO – Amy Vogt’s interests on her Yahoo profile include being outdoors, cooking, watching movies, shooting pool, spending quality time with her friends, and “doing things with my children.” And boy howdy, does she mean it:  Vogt has been arrested for fondling her son on Webcam at another woman’s request.   …

Clarence Meyers Was Looking For Sympathy

February 23, 2009 at 4:18 am by  
Clarence Meyers

Clarence Meyers

Hancock, MD–Clarence Meyers, 38, was faced with a dilemma. He and his girlfriend, Melissa Lindeman, had lost their jobs at an auto-parts factory. Meyers went on unemployment and Lindeman worked at a burger joint to provide for the family. Recently, Meyers’ unemployment checks came to a halt…he was desperate. He needed a plan and he needed it quick.

His plan was this–he would burn his house down, right? Yeah! Then everyone in the community would feel sorry for him and the donations would just come rolling in. Fucking brilliant! Except for one thing, Lindeman’s two daughters died in that fire.…

Christina Kendall Is A Whore-riffic Mother

February 23, 2009 at 2:43 am by  

Christina Kendall and Matthew Bennich

Christina Kendall and Matthew Bennich

Dothan, AL-The nasty tub-of-shit you see above is 38-year old Christina Kendall. She is a prostitute. The fugly man next to her is 40-year old Matthew Bennich. He is one of her clients. I really could care less if these two fucktards want to hook up and bump uglies together. I would rather witness my dog puke up her dinner and watch her re-eat what she spewed a thousand times than have any visual of these two douchebags going at it inside my head. What I do care about is the fact that Kendall made her 14-year old daughter participate in these excursions and that is why she has earned herself a place on the front page.…

Alicia Jo Hocter Has Problems

February 22, 2009 at 7:07 am by  

Great Falls, MT–What do you do when things are rough and you’re having a tough time? Take a long hot bath? How about a nice long walk? Do you curl up into the fetal position, suck your thumb, and cry for your mommy? Or, do you take a crying baby and bash her tiny head into a crib? Guess which option Alicia Jo Hocter (Myspace) went with. Alicia’s boyfriend walked out the door Wednesday afternoon, leaving his 6-month-old daughter in Alicia’s care. When he returned just a couple of hours later, Alicia was rocking the unresponsive child.  He called 911. When paramedics arrived at the apartment, the baby was convulsing with seizures. Medical staff at Benefis Health reported that the baby’s brain was bleeding, her retina was detached and she suffered seizures throughout the night. They indicated that ‘there was quite some force used on the child.’ When questioned, Alicia initially told investigators ‘she was trying to put the baby in a crib and the child slipped out of her hands and struck the edge of the crib.’ Yeah, we already know how slippery little kids can be.…

Gladys Esquilin-Perez Raised Robbers

February 22, 2009 at 2:02 am by  
Gladys Esquilin-Perez and Armando Velez-Esquilin

Gladys Esquilin-Perez and Armando Velez-Esquilin

Osceola County, Fla.- Do you know where your children are? This question was used as a popular service announcement on American television throughout the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s and it usually broadcast around 10 p.m. or 11 p.m. It was the first thing that popped into my mind when I read about 35-year old Gladys Esquilin-Perez, because, not only did she know where her three sons were and what they were doing, she became an accessory to their crime.…

Jessica Clyburn Took The Plunge

February 21, 2009 at 6:59 am by  

…from 5 stories up.

Jessica Marie Clyburn (Myspace)

Rock Hill, SC–Jessica Clyburn, 22, has some issues. In August of 2008, Jessica took a flying leap from five stories up. She landed on a canopy, a canvas awning,  four stories down. At the time, Jessica was 8-months pregnant. She survived the suicide attempt…the baby didn’t. Jessica jumped out of the window because she feared her live-in boyfriend, the baby’s father, was going to leave her.

Gina Garcia Kills Two With One Hit

February 21, 2009 at 2:32 am by  

Cathedral City, CADanica Denton, 18, was a beautiful young woman, had lots of friends, and was described as a very happy person. She had a 1-year old son and was eight months pregnant with another boy she planned on giving birth to the following week. Danica was just starting her life. Unfortunately, on Wednesday, February 11, 2009, her life and the life of her unborn child both came to an end.…

Crystal Wallace Is A Vile, Nasty Beast

February 20, 2009 at 8:06 am by  

…with pedo eyes.

Crystal Dawn Wallace

Crystal Dawn Wallace

Houston, TX–Crystal Dawn Wallace, 34, is a special kind of nasty…the kind you just don’t see every day. See, Crystal likes kiddie porn. To be more specific, Crystal likes to see infants and toddlers being penetrated and violated. The younger, the better.…

James Sanders Gets Hopes Squashed

February 20, 2009 at 12:14 am by  
James Edward Sanders

James Edward Sanders

Pinellas County, FL–James Edward Sanders, 58, had high hopes. On January 7th of this year, he began having an online conversation with what he believed was a mother willing to give him access to her two girls, one under 12 and the other under 16. We all know where this is going, right? Yes Demonites, the woman was actually a detective for the sheriff’s Crimes Against Children unit.…