Dad Attacked Man For Allegedly Pimping Out His 12-Year-Old DaughterWoman Cut Off Three-Year-Old Nephew’s Penis Because He Wanted To Use Her PhoneBecca Campbell Accidentaly Killed Herself With Gun She Just PurchasedTwo Teen Girls Accused Of Trying To Have Man Murdered For $2000 Kansas Woman Dies One Week After Being Raped, Set On FireChrista Engles Killed After Her Toddler Shoots Her In HeadToddler Mauled To Death By Family Pig After Crawling Into Its PenMan Lives After Setting Self On Fire At Gas Station, Cutting Throat With Ice ScraperPhuc Kieu Accused Of Robbing Man Before Attempting To Rape HimCaregiver Caught On Camera Raping Elderly Alzheimer's Patient

In The Mean Time... has a pretty in-depth article about Joshua Komisarjevky, 26, and Steven Hayes,44, the two men accused of killing Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 48, and daughters Hayley, 17, and Micheala, 11, during a home invasion. A lot of the info has already been reported on, but this article has it all in one six-page story. They provide much more detailed insight on Joshua and Steven’s background and events that led up to the early morning break-in. They also present a much clearer picture of the horror …

Kevin Wade Daley Likes Homosexual Necrophilia

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CITRUS SPRINGS - Citrus Springs detectives foiled a plot that consisted of Kevin Wade Daley, 50, killing a man and using the corpse for his sexual activities. Authorities were notified when a man Daley met online came forward, a man Daley had been trying to recruit into his plot to murder a man from Homosassa who was doing construction work in his neighborhood. “He actually came up with his name and his place of business, and actually called the man’s place of business on the prospect of saying what a good job he had done on the work he did in the neighborhood,” said Gail Tierney, Citrus County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson. Police recorded Daley’s phone conversations as he …

Memorial Fund Set Up For Harmony Jade Creech

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Since Harmony Jade Creech has been brought up into the forefront of my memory today, I thought I should let everyone know that memorial contributions may be sent to the Harmony Jade Creech Memorial Fund, c/o First Citizens Bank, P.O. Box 70030, Fort Bragg, NC 28307-0030. Contributions also will be accepted at any First Citizens Bank branch office. Checks should be made payable to the Harmony Jade Creech Memorial Fund.

The father of this baby, Sgt. Ronald Creech, has had it pretty rough. Not counting he has been serving over in Iraq, …

Jon White Plays The Tasting Game With 2nd Graders

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Jon White and "The Tasting Game"

URBANA – Jon White, 26, a teacher with Thomas Paine Elementary School during the 2005-06 school year, liked to play the "Tasting Game" with some of the 2nd grade girls he was supposedly teaching. Basically, the tasting game consisted of blindfolding the girls, putting some type of topping on a banana, putting it in their mouths and asking them to guess what the topping is. Other variations of "The Tasting Game" included him putting a banana in their mouths while he placed his hand on the back of their heads and had them "bob" on a banana. As you can probably guess, especially seeing as it is being posted here, you can go ahead and substitute every instance of the words "a banana" in this article with the words "his cock". After several complaints …

Missing: Mary Elizabeth Nunes

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Periodically, we will be asked to help get information out on active cases. This will usually be requests from other crime related websites. Crime Scene Blog, another site who belongs to The Coalition of Crime Bloggers, is asking that we help get information out on the active case of Mary Elizabeth Nunes a girl missing for 3 years and allegedly abducted by …

Second Grader Hangs Himself Over Bad Grade

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VINELAND, N.J. — A 7-year-old boy used a belt to hang himself in his bedroom on Wednesday, reportedly over receiving a bad grade earlier in the day. The boy's siblings, mother, stepfather and grandfather were home at the time and discovered his body when he  failed to respond to his parent's call to dinner. Read the full article…

Former Marysville police Officer Robert Pavlovich is shown at his arraignment before District Justice Daniel McGuire in connection with charges alleging sexual assaults against minors. MICHAEL FERNANDEZ/The Patriot-News

DUNCANNON, Pa. — Police officer, Robert J. Pavlovich Jr., has been accused of molesting or propositioning 14 girls ranging from the ages of 12 to 17. These girls included a mentally retarded girl, a girl with bipolar disorder who was sexually abused by a neighbor, a girl with a broken arm and a girl whose mother was deployed to Iraq. He is also to have allegedly have girls meet him after curfew in return for favors he would provide such as letting girls use drugs in front of him, alter Breathalyzer test scores, and fail to arrest associates of the girls.

In 1995, Pavlovich was acquitted by a jury of indecently …

Emily Haddock Murder Another Racial Hush Crime?

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In a rural area of North Carolina, 12 year-old Emily Elizabeth Haddock was staying home from school because of strep throat. Both of her parents worked and left her by herself, her grandfather was to check on her later in the day. Also in the neighborhood that morning were five black youths. Van Roger Smith, 16, Sherrod Nicholas Harrison,19, Michael Graham Currie, 18, Perry Ross Schiro, 19 and Ryan Jermar White, 18 broke into Emily house, reportedly with robbery as a motive. While no one knows exactly what happened in the home, what is known is that …

Jennifer Kukla Gets Life

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Jennifer Kukla was a single mother living in a trailer with her two kids, 8-year-old Alexandria and 5-year-old Ashley. Jennifer had a hard time paying bills as a McDonald's employee and with one of the girl's father in prison and the other absent, caring for the girls was hard. Child Protective Services had taken her children before, for not having a clean residence, and she was afraid that they were going to take her two daughters away again. On top of all this, her car had broken down and she may have lost her job. On one cold morning in February, Jennifer finally snapped. Fueled by the stress, alcohol and a possible mental illness, Jennifer grabbed a large knife from the kitchen and…

Christine Baxter Starved To Death

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AUGUSTA, Ga. - Christine Baxter, 30, was blind, deaf and unable to feed herself. Her sister, Jeanne Peterson and Peterson's husband Buel, were supposed to be her caregivers. After a 911 call was made, paramedics found Christine in the front yard of the house. She weighed only 46 pounds and had died from malnutrition. The Peterson's would not let police into the house, but once they were able to get inside, what they found was disgusting. Animal shit from …

Patrick Graham Arrested for Gamestop Murder

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Matthew Cherry 

MARIETTA, Ga – Patrick Gray Graham, 36, has been arrested in connection with the robbery of a Gamestop store that left store employee, Matthew Cherry, 21, dead of suffocation after his mouth and nose was duct taped. Graham is charged with murder, three counts of kidnapping, three counts of false imprisonment, three counts of armed robbery and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Graham was found by …

Mother Throws Child Off Balcony

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Rita Kraft has died while in custody. Looks as if it were some type of drug overdose. Details at the end of article

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. – Rita Kraft has confessed to throwing her 18-month-old child off a balcony. The infant fell 30 feet to the ground. A family friend was able to revive the toddler by performing CPR. Authorities said has been charged with attempted murder. Kraft has pleaded not guilty.

Update 5-08-08

Wow. So this is how short our entries were when we first started? Anyway, a seemingly final footnote to one of our very first stories (Thanks for commenting…all two of you) back in October. As you already know, Kraft was accused of tossing her kid off a balcony with every attempt to kill him. The baby lived, Kraft went to jail and has been sitting there ever since waiting on a trial.

On Tuesday, she was found to be unresponsive in her cell while her cellmate was trying to help. Lt. Craig Wilson says drugs were found in the cell the Kraft shared with another female inmate.…

A candidate for the television show, the Bachelor, and one of People Magazine's Most Eligible bachelors , Gary Zerola, has been arrested for allegedly drugging and raping a college student he met at a Miami Beach nightclub. He allegedly brought her to his room, ''held her face with his hand and forced her to take an unknown amount of pills with an unknown liquid'' and she awoke later, naked bloodied, and called police.

These charges are on top of another charges stemming from an attack in 2004. In November 2006, Zerola was indicted on charges of rape, indecent assault and battery. He was also indicted in connection with a 2006 attack on a …

Jeanette Sliwinski Was Insane? *Update*

October 23, 2007 at 3:40 pm by  

Jeanette Sliwinski, 23, the bi-polar, alcoholic, suicidal, stripper, model, and overall nutcase, attempted to commit suicide by ramming her 2000 Ford Mustang into another car at 87 m.p.h back in 2005. The car she hit contained three friends on a lunch break waiting at a red light. Michael Dahlquist, 39, John Glick, 35, and Douglas Meis, 29, and were all killed on impact. Sliwinski decided to not break from her normal pattern of failure and did not kill herself as intended, but rather broke her ankle.

The trial has been underway, Sliwinski facing first-degree murder charges and possible life in prison. She has pleaded not guilty to three counts of first-degree murder by reason of insanity and today, the defense presented a pyscologists, Dr. Orest Wasyliw, who tesitified that (surprise, surprise) Sliwinski truly was insane and could not understand the …

— A black male in his 20's or 30's entered the Gamestop store at around Fifteen minutes later, after the last customer had left, he pulled out a pistol and subdued Manager-in-training, 21-year-old Matthew Cherry and another store employee, using duct tape to restrain their hands behind their back and around their mouths. The man then lured the employees father, who was waiting outside in his vehicle, into the store where he was also restrained in the same fashion. After spending an hour in the store stealing video game consoles, video games and DVDs, the entire time, Matthew Cherry was suffocating …

Horacio Benitez Likes ‘Em Young

October 22, 2007 at 1:18 pm by  

FORT PIERCE, Fla. — Horacio Benitez, 20,has been charged with solicitation to commit lewd molestation and attempted child abuse. Benitez admitted that he showed the girl cash and asked her for a lap dance while she waited for her school bus. The girl told investigators that she did not know what a lap dance was. She also told investigators that the man had tried to get her into his truck the day before. Benitez also told police that he has had thoughts about …

Father Charged In Daughters Sledding Death

October 22, 2007 at 12:32 pm by  
Peter and Madison 

VANCOUVER, Wash. – Peter Gecho has been charged with vehicular manslaughter in connection with the death of his 9-year-old daughter, Madison Gecho. Just after dark on Jan 16th of this year, Peter was using his pickup truck to pull an inflatable raft containing his daughter and teenager, Daniel Garris. After driving down some country roads, the pulled into the snow-covered grounds of Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Peter then revved the engine and began to do "doughnuts", when the inflatable raft hit a low-lying brick wall at about 20 mph.

Garris was thrown over the wall and sustained minor injuries, but Madison was killed.This has led to tension between not only the investigators and prosecutors, but the community as well. Debates on why Gecho wasn't arrested after his daughter died with others who feel he was a loving, grieving father who should not face criminal prosecution.

The vehicular manslaughter charge was supported by witnesses who testified that Peter had been drinking whiskey earlier that day, and had been drinking beer while filling the raft with air.…

Cleveland - As Demesha Sharp, 15, and Christian Hardick, 16, were walking to a bus station near East 140th Street and Darley Avenue, an SUV reportedly tried to run them down, striking Christian. A 17-year-old girl, her 38-year-old mother and 52-year-old grandmother and a 19-year-old male relative then got out of the vehicle and attacked Demesha with electric stun guns and knives. Christian was stabbed three times in the back. Demesha was stabbed in the stomach and died. Others at the scene tried to help but were held back by the attackers, whom witnesses said were armed with stun guns, bats, bricks, pepper spray and guns.

Demesha knew the girl who killed her as she had been bullied by the 17-year-old girl in school. Tensions between the two had escalated over the summer.  Relatives stated that the teenage suspect had been "bothering and bullying" Demesha for …