Kiria Ferris Barricaded Toddlers In Apartment To Go Drinking At Margarita FestMichael Rush Caught On Camera Hitting Police With A Small DogRobert Smith Charged With Murder, Squeezed Baby Until Something CrackedCharles Weatherford, 84, Dumped Bowl Of Urine On Boy's Head During ArgumentWaiter Poured Boiling Water Over Lady Who Complained About ServiceTeen Accused Of Abducting 5-Year-Old Girl From Home, Beating And Raping HerSchool Janitor Brian Cleveland Accused Of Raping 12-Year-Old Adopted DaughterCourtney Howell Gets 30 Years For Killing Her Baby With MethadoneFour Homestead Job Corp Students Charged In Machete Death Of Fellow StudentLogan Quesenberry Gets 12 Years For Burning Toddler With Cigarettes

In The Mean Time...

Elissa Easterling Is A Liar

July 21, 2008 at 7:49 pm by

Pocono Pines, PA Elissa Easterling, 27, is a damn liar. Not only does she lie about her age on MySpace, shaving four years off her true age, she tells life altering lies to the police. By the way Elissa, you soooo don’t look 23, more like 43. …

Jason Page Is A Jealous Boyfriend

July 21, 2008 at 12:32 pm by  

Jason Page and Denetria Council on

Jason Page and Denetria Council in happier times

Brooklyn, NY – Denetria Council escaped yesterday from a two-week nightmare. On Sunday, July 20, she stumbled out of the apartment she shared with her boyfriend – burned and beaten, but alive. Jason Page, 34, had gotten a little upset over two weeks ago, and Denetria, 22, had spent day after day tied to a baby crib, being tortured, waiting to escape – or die.  …

AJ Kelly is a Grade-A P.O.S.

July 20, 2008 at 9:45 am by  

AJ Kelly at the Dreamin' Demon

Omaha, NE–This is the story of A.J. Kelly. Kelly is no stranger to police…his arrest record consists of charges that include domestic violence, assault and false imprisonment. I bet you can already tell this guy is, well…a waste of oxygen. But, this last charge on him? Well, it’s a doozy! Kelly was arrested Thursday morning for sexual assault. The doozy part? He raped and impregnated an 11-year old girl. My fellow Demonites, gather up your stones and get ready to start tossin’. …

Magic Jeff Wasley on

Kennesaw, GA – Hello, kids!  It’s time for the Magic Jeff Magic Show!  (yayyyyyy!) We’re gonna have games, and fun, and balloon animals, and refreshments!  We’re gonna talk about Jesus, and then Magic Jeff has a special surprise to show one unlucky seven year old boy right over there in the Target men’s room!  …

Mathew Medley Caught With Drawers Down

July 19, 2008 at 9:41 am by  

Cincinnati, Ohio – Down here in Texas, we have a saying that if someone gets into trouble, they’ve been caught with their drawers down. Matthew Medley, 29, was caught literally and figuratively. Jimmy Buffett was giving a rocking concert this past Thursday night in Cincinnati. All the local parrotheads were there. Good fun for all. Mathew Medley even showed up. I can’t say for sure if he’s a Buffett fan. Maybe he was there to cruise for some concert cooter who might have consumed one margarita too many. Lord knows that women weren’t throwing themselves at fat boy’s feet. During the concert, Medley came across a golden opportunity when he saw a female, passed out cold in the backseat of a vehicle. News reports differ on whether the victim made it inside the concert or passed out before. However, she was wasted away in Margaritaville. Mathew Medley decided to give her some unwanted company, and she was in no condition to object. …

Iraq Veteran Kirk Coleman Raped His Baby

July 18, 2008 at 5:47 pm by  

UPDATE 7/18/08 – In an obvious attempt at a bad joke, Kirk Coleman was sentenced to 40 to 60 months in prison after taking a plea deal with prosecutors. Instead of the original first-degree criminal sexual conduct and child abuse charge, he was found guilty of attempted child abuse. Thanks, Circuit Court Judge John McBain and Henry C. Zavislak! You did a great job and I am sure Michigan thanks you for sending out such a strong message to future baby rapers!

Jesus Fucking Christ.

Kirk Coleman

Jackson, MI (Feb. 20, 2008) – Kirk Coleman, 27, is an ex-Army paratrooper who served two tours in Iraq, but a hero isn’t all he is. On Tuesday, Coleman was ordered to stand trial on charges that he raped and nearly killed his three-month-old baby girl. The attack happened last September at their home in Blackman Township. The baby’s mother, Ashley Rogers, was away from the apartment at the time. …

Stan and Colleen Rimer Forgot Jason

July 18, 2008 at 5:30 pm by  

Las Vegas, NV (June 10, 2008) – Not a lot of information on this one yet, but there seems to be another dead kid who was left in a vehicle. On Monday morning, a sibling found Jason Rimer in the family SUV outside of the home, 17 hours after the family had returned from a family outing on Sunday afternoon. Police are saying that Stan and Colleen Rimer forgot the boy, leaving him in the SUV after returning from church activities. The temperature peaked at 90 degrees at about 6 p.m. on Sunday, meaning the inside of the car would have hit 130 degrees within an hour. When I first started typing this up, I couldn’t understand why the kid couldn’t get himself out of a car and figured he may have been restrained. I then found out the boy was not in a car seat at all and that he was mentally disabled.…

LaToya Conley Taught Keisha Davis A Lesson

July 18, 2008 at 9:28 am by  

LaToya Conley on The Dreamin' DemonSamira Davis on The Dreamin' Demon

LaToya Conley, L, and Samira Davis, R

Columbus, OH – The best laid plans of LaToya Conley went awry on Wednesday night.  Conley, 26, swears she wasn’t reeeeally kidnapping two-year-old Samira Davis; she was just “teaching the mother a lesson.”   And in Conley’s mind, “teaching Keisha Davis a lesson” means “stealing her toddler, hiding her in a closet, and joining in the search for about five hours.”  …

Alyssa Dies In Sweltering Death Trap

July 18, 2008 at 9:12 am by  


GREEN OAK TOWNSHIP, Mich. – Or at least that’s what Devin Scillian from Click On Detroit calls it. It was actually a car seat. 18-month old Alyssa died after being left in the family truck for 2-hours while it sat in the driveway of the family’s home.…

Dennis Aloysius Boehm, Myspace Molester

July 18, 2008 at 7:29 am by

Well Dreamin’ Demon lovers, we have another Dennis Boehm being featured here on the news page. What are the odds that we would get two pervert freaks with the same name, and in such a short time too?

GUILFORD, IN – Today’s perverted loser is Dennis Aloysius Boehm. That middle name is rockin’… not! He is a 34 year old pedophile. He is a sex offender registered in the state of Indiana for two counts of attempted rape of a child. The victims were 9 and 11. He was convicted October of 1993. After spending 11 years in prison, Boehm was released to prey upon children once again. …

Stephanie Broz Is A Hypocrite

July 17, 2008 at 7:37 am by  

NORWALK, OH – Stephanie Broz, 22, was a concerned young mother living in Norwalk, Ohio with her infant child. Appearances can be deceiving. In June, she appeared before the Norwalk School Board to advocate drug testing in schools.  She more than advocated drug testing, she insisted it begin immediately. Her proposal was declined due to legal reasons, and no doubt left members scratching their heads and wondering WTF was her real agenda. They were soon to find out. In reality, Stephanie was blowing smoke up the school boards ass as she tried to divert attention from herself. She had been under police investigation for about a year.  During a traffic stop last month, police found drugs in her vehicle.  Stephanie was found to be in possession of heroin. It wasnt a small amount, say for recreational use. She had enough heroin to charged with three counts of drug trafficking. Stephanie Broz admitted to police she has been selling heroin in the Norwalk area.  She further admitted that her appearance at the school board meeting was scam to relieve some of the heat from her own activities.…

Where Is Caylee Marie Anthony?

July 16, 2008 at 10:54 pm by  

UPDATE 7/29/08 – Well, Denizens of the Demon, we did it. We shattered posting and commenting records. We annihilated page view precedents. And …we broke our server! So, to fix it, we now have a new Caylee Anthony article: Where is Caylee Marie Anthony? Part II. It’s a continuation of this one with updates from here on. Comments on this article are now closed, so please follow the link to the new article and comment there. Thanks!

Caylee Marie Anthony on The Dreamin' DemonCasey Marie Anthony on The Dreamin' Demon

Caylee Marie Anthony and her mother, Casey Anthony

Orlando, FL (July 16) – Two-year-old Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen on June 9. But she wasn’t reported missing until last night. And Orange County investigators want to know why not. Tonight, Caylee’s mother Casey Anthony, 22, is in custody and being questioned about the disappearance of her daughter. Caylee’s maternal grandparents reported the toddler missing yesterday after Casey Anthony admitted to them that she had not seen her child in over a month. So where is Caylee? …

Kelly Pecor Is A Puppy Pervert

July 16, 2008 at 10:44 am by  

Sacramento, CA – Kelly Wayne Pecor is a 45-year-old registered child sex offender living in Sacramento, California. Whereas Pecor has annoyed and molested children in the past, he has since turned to his sister’s 5-month-old bulldog, “Chateau”, for perverse puppy pleasure.  Looking like a stray mongrel, perhaps Pecor thought his attentions would be welcomed, or at least tolerated, and best reason of all, dogs don’t kiss and tell like pesky lil’ kids are wont to do. …

Update 10/28/08 – 3 months after Nancy Cooper’s body was found, her husband, Brad Cooper, has been charged with her murder. More info at bottom of article.


Cary, NC – According to her husband, Brad, Nancy Cooper, 34, left for a jog at around 7 a.m. Saturday morning and was supposed to return by 9. She did not take a phone, ID or keys with her when she left. She never returned. Search crews were formed and searched in and around Regency Park, Lochmere Lake, Lake Wheeler and Lake Johnson. They were looking for a woman described as 5 feet 9 inches tall, 120 pounds, hazel eyes and brown hair. She was wearing a T-shirt, running shorts and light blue running shoes. She was not located over the weekend. Around 7:30 pm Monday evening, a man walking his dog in an undeveloped area, discovered a body floating in a pond in The Oaks at Meadowridge off Holly Springs Road. This area is still under construction and no one lives in the few houses in that area.…

Cara LeBlanc Beats and Runs

July 15, 2008 at 9:22 am by  

UPDATE 7/31/08 – Dan LeBlanc, Cara’s husband and father of the victim in this case, has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child by withholding medical treatment. He was arraigned yesterday on the misdemeanor charge.  Cara LeBlanc was flown back to New Hampshire last night and was arraigned today on charges of first degree assault and criminal restraint.  She did not request bond and will remain in jail for the time being, although her attorney says there may be a bail request at a later time.

CaraLeBlanc on

Webster/Concord, NH – You’ve just had a hard day beating your eight-year-old stepdaughter nearly to death. Your arms are sore from pulling her up the stairs by her hair. Your legs are tired from kicking her back down the stairs again, time after time. You have friction burns from tying those restraints to a door, and frankly, it’s looking like the cops are gonna show up, since the little girl is in critical condition all of a sudden. What are you gonna do now?…

Once upon a time, Melinda Denise Hinson lived in Henderson, Kentucky, where she attended North Middle School. But about six months ago, Melinda moved with her mother Rhonda McNallin and older brother Cody to Panama City, Florida, to be with Rhonda’s boyfriend. I imagine moving from Henderson (which doesn’t exactly come across as cosmopolitan and trendy, no offense meant, Hendersonites) to Panama City would seem awesome to a 13-year-old girl. Sun and beaches and spring break, oh my. And from what we know, Melinda was in many ways an ordinary 13-year-old. According to her mother, Melinda had a broken cell phone on which she pretended to have conversations, which is exactly the kind of sweet naiveté you’d expect from a girl her age. Brother Cody (age 15) reported that “She liked to primp a lot” and when talking with people would often look past them to check out her reflection in a window. I remember being that age, so awkward and hopeful, wanting to be seen, wanting to be noticed.…

Melina Perry on The Dreamin' DemonDavid Davis on Dreamin' Demon

L to R: Devan Meeks, Melina Perry, murder victim David Davis

Devan Meeks’ MyspaceMelina Perry’s Myspace

Winnie, TX – David Davis was 43 when he was killed on July 6. Davis was stabbed multiple times in the head, neck and chest. An artery near his heart was severed. To add insult to murder, Davis’ house was set on fire. Who could have done such a thing? Try the teenaged child living in Davis’ own home, sixteen-year-old Melina Perry – and her boyfriend Devan Meeks, 19. Ain’t that gratitude for ya? …

Robert Martin Loves Barbies And Butt Floss

July 14, 2008 at 10:36 am by  

Robert Martin on The Dreamin' Demon

Cape May, NJ – But not hair care products, it appears. Robert Martin, 47, is a Jersey clam digger. He also loves his leopard print seat covers, his Bible, his crucifix, his naked Barbies, his porn, and the ladies’ thong he kept on a gold platter on the dashboard of his car. But was having all that stuff in his parked car a crime? New Jersey said a big “HAIL YEAH” when Martin was arrested last week and charged with maintaining a public nuisance and a weapons violation. …