Two Teen Boys Arrested In Connection With Videotaped Attacks On Mentally Challenged Man Teacher Leaves School After Heated Phone Call Then Stabs Herself To DeathTeen Raped In School Bathroom After Teacher Uses Her As Bait In Sting OperationToddler Suffered Burns After His Mother's Boyfriend Put Him In Clothes Dryer Three Dead Infants Found In Rat Infested Home Where Four Kids Were RemovedRuby Brown Arrested For Not Seeking Help For Boy Set On Fire By Another ChildMan On Way To Buy New Truck Killed By Train After His Truck Stalled On Tracks  Three Teens Facing Murder Charges After Friend Killed During BurglaryPolice Trying To Identify Suspects In Large Group That Attacked Random People In Kroger Parking LotRyan Watenpaugh Accused Of Feeding Girlfriend Her Own Dog

In The Mean Time...

LOL! This Guy Is Screwed

October 8, 2007 at 11:00 am by  

The guy in this photo is fucked.

Interpol has issued a worldwide public appeal in help identifying a pedophile. He has been shown sexually abusing children in Vietnam and Cambodia. The photos have been posted on the Internet. The international police organization said German specialists had succeeded in producing identifiable images of the man, from the original pictures, where his face had been digitally blurred.

Anders Persson, a Swedish police officer who oversees Interpol’s database of images of child abuse declined to detail how specialists unblurred the photos, but did state, “Techniques are always developing. What is impossible today is possible tomorrow…there were several attempts to clear the face … We are sure that you can’t get better pictures and the people in his neighborhood — family friends, colleagues, whatever — they will recognize him.

Here is another pic:

With any luck, the next new story we read about this guy will be the fact that he was identified and subsequently blew his brains out.


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The Wisonsin Pizza Party Massacre

October 8, 2007 at 7:54 am by  

Wisconsin – 20-year-old sheriff’s deputy, Tyler Peterson (pictured, left), entered his ex-girlfriend’s residence at around 3 a.m. where a group of youths were gathered for a pizza and movie party. He then opened fire, killing six of them before he was taken out by a Crandon SWAT sniper. The dead have been listed as Jordann Murray, 18, the suspect’s former longtime girlfriend; Katrina McCorkle, 18; Leanna Thomas, 18; Bradley Schultz, 20; Aaron Smith; and Lindsey Stahl, 14.


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John Atchison Does The Right Thing

October 5, 2007 at 8:21 pm by  

John Atchison, the man who tried to hang himself in his cell after being charged with trying to have sex with a 5-year-old, has shown us that the same gusto he used in the pursuits of fucking a child could indeed help in other areas of his life. In this particular case, ending it. He was found unresponsive in his cell and pronounced dead at a local hospital. Kudos to you, Mr. Atchison, along with your persistence. The world is now a better place.


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Amazing! Authorities in Columbus Ohio have put out a missing person’s report for Olivia Maricela Soriano-Almendaris, who is 9 months pregnant, after she was last seen at a bank on Oct. 2nd. She was due to give birth that day. Authorities have no leads.


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Custody of amputated leg in dispute

October 5, 2007 at 10:40 am by  


A US man who stored his amputated leg in a barbecue smoker that was later auctioned off is locked in a custody dispute with the man who bought it.

John Wood’s smoker was sold to Shannon Whisnant last week after he fell behind on payments at the storage facility in North Carolina where it was kept.

He wants his leg back but Mr Whisnant says he has a receipt for the smoker’s contents and wants to share ownership.

Mr Wood’s leg was amputated above the knee after a plane crash in 2004.

He asked to keep the leg so he could be buried as a whole man when he died, and stored it at the facility in Maiden after losing his home.

But when Mr Wood failed to pay the necessary rental fees, the storage company auctioned the smoker and all its contents.

‘Strange incident’

After buying the smoker last Tuesday, Mr Whisnant looked inside and found a man’s leg wrapped in a wire screen.

He initially gave the leg to the police, who concluded it had not been removed as a result of a crime and sent it to a funeral home until Mr Wood could pick it up.…

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Jeanette Strowder is Uptight

October 4, 2007 at 9:34 am by  

Chicago – Jeanette Strowder, 58, is facing a first-degree murder charge after shooting her boyfriend, Jesse Martin, 54, to death. Strowder and Martin had lived together for two years, and dating for almost 15. All of this came to an end on Tuesday when Jeanette found Jesse’s stash of porn. She states that she lost control, got a gun and shot him multiple times, including twice in the head. Jeanette then allegedly smashed the windshields of both Martin’s motorcycle and car, and scratched the name of one of the women in the porn onto one of his vehicles. Her bond has been set at $600,000, and her preliminary hearing was set for Oct.22.


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Mother Drowns Daughters In Bathtub

October 2, 2007 at 10:23 am by  

22-year-old Amber Hill is accused of drowning her two daughters, 2-year-old Ceccies Hill and 4-year-old Jonelle Cintron, in a bathtub. She then called the girls’ father, 23-year-old Jamie Cintron, at work and informed him that the girls “are at peace”. When he arrived at the apartment, he found his daughters laying in the bathtub and pulled them out.

Both my daughters are laying here dead! Why? Why are my daughters dead?” a weeping Cintron screamed into a telephone while making a 911 emergency call to police.

Friends and neighbors claim Amber Hill did not have a mental history while many others said she was suffering from depression and was taking medication. Hill would not answer any questions aside from providing her name, age and address. She showed no emotion when she was taken away by police.

Forum Discussion

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After kicking his girlfriend’s ass, Jeffrey Carter Albrecht then went next door to the neighbors house at around 4 a.m. and tried kicking in their door. The neighbor yelled through the door for Albrecht to leave and then fired his handgun through the door. Albrecht was shot in the head and died on the scene. Jefferey had been a member of Edie Brickell & New Bohemians since 1999. Edie Brickell & New Bohemians will eventually be looking for a new keyboard player if anyone is interested.

Update: Thanks to the wonderful “Jim”, who pointed out that the band would not be looking for a new keyboard player the day after the death of Jeffrey, the article has now been changed to reflect that.

Thanks, J-I-M!


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John Atchison Is Nasty

September 27, 2007 at 8:01 am by  

Well, there is a lot more info coming out about this guy. For those of you too lazy to read two articles down, Roy Atchison, 53, was arrested Sept. 16 after flying to Detroit, Mich. to allegedly have sex with a 5-year-old girl. He has been charged with using the Internet to find illicit sex with a minor and crossing state lines to engage in sexual contact with someone younger than 12. He has also pleaed not guilty to all charges. Roy made the news not only because of the charges against him, but also because he attempted to hang himself in his cell.

It is now known that Atchison is married and has three children, one college-aged son and two high school-aged daughters. Atchison’s wife Barbara is a science teacher at Gulf Breeze High School. He also has a MySpace page with some great tidbits in which he explains that he likes “younger girls who like older guys…also AB/TB girls, DL girls needing a Daddy to pamper, spoil, change and take care of them.

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Man Helps God, Stabs Baby To Death

September 26, 2007 at 2:56 pm by  

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Eric Sawyer, 38, was arrested after police found his 1-year-old nephew Brandon Cole wrapped in bloody sheets in the laundry room of a home on the 5800 block of Orchard Way in West Palm Beach. When police arrived at the home in response to a possible dog attack, Sawyer stated he had caused the injuries to the child. “I thought the baby was possessed, so I had to cut it out of him,” he told poilce. Sawyer also admitted that he had been thinking of stabbing the boy for days, and eventually used a butcher knife he found in the kitchen to inflict numerous stab wounds to the infants abdomen in an attempt to “release the evil spirits“.

Sawyer is known to have mental problems and has also been known to quit taking his medications. He is being held without bond on a first-degree murder charge.


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Couple Demonstrates Superb Priorities

September 26, 2007 at 9:16 am by  

 The Times/CLIF PAGE  Crystal Adams walks around what remains of her home that the Tate Mobile Home Park in Center Township after a fire at an adjacent trailer spread to her home.

Police knocked on the door of Crystal Adams, 31, and James Chandler, 33, to evacuate them because a neighboring trailer was on fire. They then scooped up their two pet dogs and their marijuana and ran outside, informing the police that there was no one else inside. 20 minutes after police and firefighters had arrived, they learned that Chandler’s 4-year-old son, Adam, was still in the burning trailer. The two allegedly told firefighters they had simply forgotten he was inside even after being repeatedly asked if there were any other occupants.

The young boy was treated for smoke inhalation after a firefighter ran inside and found him conscious and crying on the floor of his bedroom.

It blows my mind. I’m a father of three children. When they brought that boy out, it hits you totally,” Center fire Chief Bill Brucker said Tuesday. “How do you put somebody to bed and not remember that they’re inside? I just find it hard to believe.

The couple are now accused of reckless endangerment and Adams was also charged with possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.…

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John Atchison Almost Does The Right Thing

September 20, 2007 at 12:39 pm by  

Detroit - John Atchison, 53, a federal prosecutor from Florida, flew to Michigan for a sexual encounter with a 5-year-old girl in an arrangement he had set up on-line with what he thought was the girl’s mother. When he arrived at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport he was arrested and found that the mother was actually a Macomb County sheriff’s detective participating in an Internet sex sting operation.

Well, as sickening as all that is, he almost did one thing right by attempting to hang himself in his cell at the Sanilac County Jail using a bedsheet. Unfortunately, another inmate notified deputies who were able to stop him from finishing the deed. But the man has shown persistence in the past, especially when it comes to fucking children, so who knows…maybe he will show the same diligence and actually get it right before any more money is spent housing him. If this had been my jail, his cell would not only have contained a bedsheet, but also packs of shoelaces, a box of razors and a gallon of complementary anti-freeze.…

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Mother Sets Herself, Three Daughters On Fire

September 20, 2007 at 8:18 am by  

HALTOM CITY, Texas — Alysha Green, 29, coaxed her three girls, ages 7, 5 and 3, into a closet by telling them they were playing a game. She then doused them all with gasoline and set them on fire. A neighbor, Kevin Lopez, heard a commotion and looked toward the Greens’ house a few doors down and saw the girls and their mother in the yard, on fire and screaming.

The oldest girl was screaming, “Why mommy? Why mommy? Why did you do this to me?

As another neighbor sprayed the kids with a hose, Lopez grabbed some wet towels and ran to the house, which he wrapped around the 7-year-old. Her youngest sister’s hair and body were so badly burned that Lopez thought she was a little boy.

I couldn’t recognize them,” Lopez said.

The youngest, 3-year-old Ariania Green, has been taken off of life support and died at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas. The remaining sisters, 5-year-old Alexandria and 7-year-old Adamira, remain at Parkland, where they are being treated for severe burns, police say.…

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Another Christian House of Horrors

September 20, 2007 at 8:16 am by  

HARRISBURG, Pa. — James and Stephanie Dickinson have been receiving $9000 a month to care for 5 disabled boys who ranged in ages from 6 to 15 and two disabled women who are in their 50s. The boys were placed in their care in 1998 while the women were placed in their care in 1992 and 1995.

They were also locked in a basement cell called “the toy room”, fed meager food consisting of peanut butter sandwiches and a specialty of Stephanie Dickinson’s called “doggie doo stew”. Two of the inhabitants were allowed to shower about once every week or two while the rest would wash or be washed in the basement sink. Some slept on the basement floor with a blanket. House rules kept the seven from the basement refrigerator, required them to drink water from the sink, limited radio and television to Christian stations, spankings using a spatula or wooden paddle and none were allowed upstairs.

The pair has now been charged with false imprisonment, recklessly endangering others and endangering children’s welfare.…

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Wii are winning the console war!

September 15, 2007 at 9:57 pm by  

Yah Wii

And I’m proud to say that I did my part by buying two of them (though I sold one to my boss).

In the 10 months that the Wii has been on sale, it has sold 9 million units worldwide, compared to the 2nd place holder, the Xbox 360, which has sold 8.9 million in its (almost) 2 years on the market. This number is more telling when you factor in that at least a small portion of the 360 units sold were repurchases to replace units that succumbed to the RROD. Astounding!

I knew Wii could do it! When are you getting one, Morbid?


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ROSELAND, IN – Being escorted out of a council meeting that he was ejected from, Roseland Indiana council member David Snyder turns back to the police officer and says something inaudible to the cop. Cop then gives Mr. Snyder a good shove – good enough that it looks like his face smashed into the glass door. The crowd goes nuts, with one woman saying “Ohhhh myyy goddd.”

Meanwhile, outside on the pavement, Snyder is getting his face bashed in by the cop until Snyder finally relents and is cuffed.

I can’t stop laughing at this video. I think I’ve watched it ten times now. (Video on source page)


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Whole school rallies around picked-on newbie

September 14, 2007 at 6:33 pm by  

Seniors in action: David Shepherd and Travis Price

When the new kid showed up for his first day of 9th grade in his new school wearing a pink shirt, a group of older bullies started calling him a homosexual and threatening to beat him up. Tired of the harassment bestowed upon other students, a couple of seniors got together and hatched a plan. They bought 75 pink shirts and encouraged the entire student body to wear pink shirts to school on a specific day. Making sure that the bullied Freshman also had a pink shirt to wear, they sat back and marveled at the sea of pink, as they estimate half of the school was wearing pink.

Pissed off the bullies so bad that one of them was throwing chairs in the cafeteria.

Says senior Travis Price:

Kids don’t need this in their lives, worrying about what to wear to school. That should be the last thing on their minds.


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Man Builds Guillotine; Kills Himself With It

September 13, 2007 at 8:16 am by  

ALLEN PARK, Mich. – A 41-year old man built a six-foot tall guillotine and then used it to kill himself. His body was found in a wooded area by workers from a shopping center near his home. The guillotine was bolted to a tree and included a swing arm.

“I can’t even tell you how long it must have taken him to construct,” Police Chief Dale Covert said. “This man obviously was very determined to end his life.”


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