Man Accused Of Killing Three Children In Front Of Their MotherWoman Accused Of Filming Friend's Rape Then Posting It To Victim's SnapchatTeen Raped, Murdered Homeless Woman Before Sexually Assaulting Her CorpseTeen Fatally Shot Mother In Head After Argument Over PuppyWoman's Ex-husband Killed Her And Eight Others At CookoutFlorida Man Accused Of Leaving Toddler Out Overnight During Hurricane IrmaMan Kills Ex-wife Then Himself In Front Of Their 9-Year-Old SonTeen Found Dead In Hotel Freezer After Night Of PartyingMan Strangled His Two Infant Sons To Death Before Hanging HimselfToddler Hanged Herself From Car Seat As Mom Was Passed Out On Drugs

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Stuart McIntyre Is An Old Perv

April 15, 2009 at 2:47 am by  
Stuart McIntyre

Stuart McIntyre

Primera, TX– For an elderly man just two months shy of his 89th birthday, Stuart McIntyre sure has a way with the ladies. Well, I mean, the little ladies. What’s his secret? I’m guessing charm because old-fartism doesn’t always earn a child’s trust, even though his mugshot does remind me of ventriloquist Jeff Dunham’s puppet named Walter .…

Jose Perea Sleeps With The Dead

April 15, 2009 at 2:31 am by  

Perea and Hancock

Jose Perea & Helen Hancock

Charleston, SC– One of my favorite songs is Rob Zombie’s “Living Dead Girl”. I remember years ago when I first heard the song how much it seemed to fit my personality and made me feel like I was not the only “weird one” who likes what others may deem as “creepy” shit. The lyrics, alone, are a masterpiece, IMO, as well as the music accompaniment. Does the song make me want to actually see a dead body in real life? Kind of. Would I be creeped out if someone I knew actually slept with one? Hell yes!

The Daily Bite

April 14, 2009 at 8:43 pm by  
Abby Toll and boyfriend Bryan Beck

Abby Toll and boyfriend Bryan Beck

Shit. I was so busy making this site so fucking awesome, that I forgot it was my turn for The Daily Bite. Oh well, here are some stories pulled from Reality Bites.

Brandie & Gary Sherman– Couple charged with felony child neglect after police found 39 cats ranging from kittens to adults, a bird in a cage, two litter boxes and urine and feces covering the floors and furniture of their trailer. Police found it impossible to step inside a 17-year-old girl’s bedroom without actually stepping in the feces coating the floor.

Keisha WaltersA Danville woman was convicted of animal cruelty Monday for allowing her dog to go without medical treatment for days after the dog’s vagina had prolapsed and was hanging out of its body.

Abby Toll – Police found a small dog — its feet, snout and tail bound in clear packing tape, a plastic bag and elastic hair ties — adhered to the side of a refrigerator in a Boulder home this morning, the apparent victim of a domestic dispute between its owner and his girlfriend.…

Love Triangle Trouble

April 14, 2009 at 5:55 am by  
Sixto Balbuena

Sixto Balbuena

Chandler, ArizonaEl Dorado High School teacher Tamara Hofmann, 48, had herself a couple of teacher’s pets. Already involved in a relationship with a former student from a different high school, 20-year-old Sixto Balbuena, Tamara added another student/boy-toy to her collection, 18-year-old Sam Valdivia. Late Friday night, Tamara called Sam’s home…hours later, he was dead.…

Larry Odums: The Dog Whispering Antichrist

April 14, 2009 at 4:26 am by  
Larry L. Odums

Larry L. Odums

Sebring, FloridaLet’s see…what can I tell you about Larry Odums? He’s 26-years-old, lives in a half-way house, hates cops, can speak to dogs with his mind, and believes he is the Antichrist. And well, he might be slightly deranged.…

Zach Petty Ruined Easter

April 14, 2009 at 3:27 am by  
Zach Petty

Zach Petty

Zach’s MySpace

Beech Grove, IN-Ahh, Easter. It can be such a splendid holiday for some kiddies. Not so much for Zach Petty’s kids, though. Instead of waking up to baskets of candy and toys, they woke up to an empty house. Where was dad? He was out looking for someone who, very possibly, could have gone by the name Bunny.

Sara Ann Fazio Likes To Strip

April 14, 2009 at 2:08 am by  

Sara fazio

Sara Fazio

Des Moines, Iowa– The woman pictured above is 27-year old Sara Ann Fazio. She is a stripper by trade. I guess that explains why she had trouble keeping her clothes on after her recent drunk driving arrest. After viewing her picture at the end of this article, some of you may be wishing she kept her clothes on. Consider yourself warned.…

The Daily Bite

April 13, 2009 at 5:32 pm by  

Where is Adji Desir?

Where is Adji Desir?

Our members work their fingers to the bone each day, digging up the dirt on the more depraved members of society. Take a peek at some of their findings over in the Reality Bites section of our forums.

Adji DesirOn January 10, Adji went outside to play…he disappeared. Three months later, 6-year-old Adji is still missing. Little Adji has developmental disabilities and the mind of a 2-year-old. He is non-verbal and has a limited vocabulary.

Christy McGraw & Tammy Sharp-Brainiacs attempt to leave store without paying for $200 worth of vitamins, razors, and other small items stuffed into an empty douche box. Thieves were reeled back in after authorities found some pretty damning evidence left at the scene.

Chris Rondeau-Franziska Stegbauer tried to intervene in a sword fight between her grandson, Chris Rondeau, and her brother-in-law, Adolf Stegbauer. Let’s just say it didn’t end well…for anyone.

Nour Hadid-Nour Hadid is being charged with first-degree murder in the beating death of her 2-year-old neice.…

Joyce Trace Is Not A Sissy

April 13, 2009 at 4:24 pm by  

Joyce Trace

St. Petersburg, FL– If I ever live to be in my eighties, I want to be a feisty old broad like Joyce Trace. In the nursing home or psych ward, wherever it is that my kids decide to dump me off at, I plan to be the motherfucking Godmother of the place and smuggle in as much booze and contraband as possible. I will have my own “soldiers” who will be active in making sure the rest of our “grey ones” are properly taken care of and anyone who tries to interfere with the “family“, will be “sleeping with the fishes” just like Joyce’s attacker.…

Tetyana Meyer Is A Big Meanie

April 13, 2009 at 6:15 am by  
Tetyana Meyer

Tetyana Meyer

Port St. Lucie, Florida–Here at the Dreamin’ Demon, we feature the worst of the worst. Many a story about domestic violence has been written: Helen Sun; Chris Brown; Oumar Lam; Louise Deeringer & Guy Dugas. I could go on, but I won’t. How you could you so severely hurt someone you profess to love? When I came across the article about Tetyana Meyer, I almost cried.…

Brandy Albright Was Passed Out On The Pooper

April 13, 2009 at 4:56 am by  

Brandy Albright

Brandy Albright

Port St. Lucie, Florida–Brandy Albright does babysitting all wrong. Taking care of a 2-year-old child proved to be much too difficult for the pill-poppin’ Brandy. The little boy was found wandering around near a busy highway and Brandy was found in a most unfortunate, and embarrassing, state of unconsciousness.

Not long after arriving at her sister’s remote manor to spend Christmas vacation, Elaine’s two youngest children begin showing flu-like symptoms. Within 24 hours, her sister’s two children are showing the same symptoms. But along with the sniffling noses and vomiting, the children have also started to demonstrate another unhealthy characteristic. They seem to be actively plotting the deaths of their parents. Now the only thing that is stopping the children from accomplishing their goal is Elaine’s rebellious, teen daughter Casey. But she is having trouble getting the adults to believe her, their denial prohibiting them from taking appropriate action before it is too late.…

The Daily Bite

April 12, 2009 at 4:20 pm by  

From the movie “Raising Arizona”

From the movie “Raising Arizona”

Our Reality Bites section is full of more mind-blowing true-crime stories to make you shake your head and wonder if we will ever cease in finding something to shock you with. In this crazy world we live in, I doubt it. Here’s a few that are sure to make your eyes roll.

Jeremy Humphrey The picture above is not a picture of Jeremy Humphrey, but like in the movie Raising Arizona, Jeremy was in need of some diapers for his daughter. Now he’s looking at a possible 30 years in prison for the crime he committed.

Gary SebastianGary is a Palm Bay Firefighter who enjoys sending sex-laced text messages to young girls. He also likes sending them “special” presents. Can you guess what those presents are?

Bertha McKenzie– Bertha’s juvenile son was wanted by police on the charge of simple assault. When the police showed up at her door to arrest him, Bertha’s response to an officer was, ”If any of you touch my son, then you’re going to be the first one I punch in the face.” She was up for a fight and she meant it!…

Jennifer Wills Provided Refreshments

April 12, 2009 at 3:36 am by  
Jennifer Wills

Jennifer Wills

Gresham, OregonNo offense to any young adults who may be perusing the Dreamin’ Demon today, but, I have to say, some kids these days are fucking nuts! What teenager in their right mind would be so desperate for drugs and/or alcohol to even consider boinking Jennifer Wills? I remember being 14-15ish, and there is no way in hell I would’ve sunk to that level of depravity.…

Prosecutors say they’re considering rape and molestation allegations against Melissa Huckaby. San Joaquin County Deputy District Attorney Robert Himmelblau said Monday that a homicide charge against Huckaby could include the special circumstances of rape with a foreign object, lewd and lacivious conduct with a child and murder in the course of a kidnapping.

Melissa Huckaby on

Melissa Huckaby

Tracy, CAWe have been following the story on the disappearance of 8-year-old Sandra Cantu, in the forums for weeks. For those of you unfamiliar with the case, here’s a bit of background. On March 27, Sandra went to a friend’s home to play…she never returned. Sandra’s body was found last Sunday, stuffed into a suitcase and thrown into an irrigation pond. Today, an arrest was made. Melissa Huckaby, 28, is being charged with the kidnapping and murder of Sandra Cantu.…

Cleanup On Aisle 3, Please

April 11, 2009 at 6:04 am by  

Queens Center MallQueens, NY–A trip to the mall is an activity that I try to avoid at all costs. The crowds, the teenagers, the tired and screaming children, the overwhelming stench of three thousand different brands of cologne and perfume, combined to form one extremely noxious vapor cloud…all of it. It’s bad enough to have people elbowing and shoving you out of the way on their quest for a white sale, but to actually have a person land in your lap in their quest for death, that’s a whole ‘nutter thing.

Derrick Munoz and his girlfriend, Daniela Giraldo, were chillin’ at the Queens Center Mall on Wednesday. Taking advantage of the bill-operated massage chairs on the ground floor, the two were casually chatting when they heard ‘Don’t jump! Don’t jump!’ Then, the unthinkable and unimaginable happened. ‘We were talking and all of a sudden I feel something heavy on me,’ said Daniela. ‘I get up and I see a lady on the floor.’ Daniela looked over to her boyfriend–Derrick was bleeding from a wound on his head.…

The Daily Bite – Good Friday Edition

April 10, 2009 at 1:31 pm by  

Image Hosted by

Well, around the world today a section of the population are “celebrating”  Good Friday, the day a man named Jesus got nailed to a tree. So in honor of this event, we felt it necessary to deliver a Daily Bite featuring stories from the Front Page and Reality Bites, detailing other people who who fell victim to the hammer.

Amora Milam – 13-month-old beat to death in some fucked up exorcism. Jessica Carson and Blaine Keith Milam, both 18, charged with capital murder.

Austin M. Schmidt – Beat the bejesus out of an erotic dancer as they sat in his car. Before the attack, he had instructed her to close her eyes, as he had a Sweetest Day present for her.

Thomas Leyshon III – Fat, tub of shit went on a hammer rampage, beating several elderly people with a hammer while robbing a beauty salon

Roberto Lemagnes – Attacked by Luis Felipe Gonzalez-Puc, who was weilding a hammer, after an argument over beer.

Nikki Moreno – Beat her 5-year-old son with the claw-end of a hammer.…

Fubar Friday-Allison Dinsmore

April 10, 2009 at 10:39 am by  
Allison Dinsmore

Allison Dinsmore

Boca Raton, FL– Allison Dinsmore, 26, has been described as an “excellent teacher“. It’s too bad she’s not an “excellent” pet owner. Earlier this year, Allison began spending more and more time at her boyfriend’s place and a lot less time at her own apartment. She spent so much time away from her home, that her neighbor became worried. Why? Allison’s two cats were still living in her apartment and it seemed that no one was taking care of them.…