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Caleb Barnes Accused Of Stabbing His 14-Year-Old Girlfriend's Mother To DeathFather Accused Of Shooting Teen Son In Ass After Orange Juice Ran OutCassie Townsend Charged After Toddler Dies From Drinking Soda Spiked With MethadoneDynel Lane Accused Of Cutting Baby Out Of Pregnant Woman's Womb After Luring Victim With Craigslist AdBoy, 13, Kills Younger Brother Then Commits Suicide Following Argument Over FoodAshley Dack Accused Of Sending Pictures Of Herself Sexually Assaulting Baby To Her BoyfriendMom, Stepmom Accused Of Assaulting Son's Alleged Bullies In School CafeteriaZachary Shelton Charged With Kidnapping For Duct-taping Ex-wife, Drawing Dicks On Her FaceDeasia Watkins Arrested After Decapitating Her Three-Month-Old DaughterTeen Accused Of Murdering Three Children With Machete

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Don’t Ever Pull Chantal Randall’s Hair

January 30, 2008 at 3:53 pm by  

Rosalyn Clark and Chantal Randall

Or she’ll punch you in the gut like she did the 17-month-old she murdered.

OMAHA, Neb. - Back in August of 2006, Chantal Randall, 31, and mother of 7, was watching 17-month-old Rosalyn Clarke when she punched the girl in the stomach after the girl pulled her hair. The punch was so hard that it sent the girl across the room. She suffered blunt-force trauma to the liver and died. Randall didn’t call 911 to help the girl, she wrapped her in a blanket and held her for hours. She then put the girl in her vehicle and shoved a quarter down her throat to make it appear as if she had choked to death.…

Rhonda Lehman Is Pissed

January 30, 2008 at 12:35 pm by  

Rhonda Lehman and Michael McCreery

Thanks to resident pimpstress, Kathy, I have a story full of so much fucked up stuff I don’t even know where to start. We have a 10-year-old who tried to poison his family with lamp oil and BAM! cleaner, a 24-year-old brother who gives him a black eye and a grandmother who locks him up in a dog crate.

WASHINGTON, Pa. — After a 10-year-old boy was not allowed to go on a family trip, he retaliated by lacing the family drinks with lamp oil and a household cleaner. The entire family had been sick with flu-like symptoms for about a month. Somehow, the family found out about what he was doing, and showed their appreciation. The grandmother, Rhonda Lehman, 51, locked her 10-year-old grandson in a feces-filled dog crate for about 90 minutes. She also called a Washington County agency and told them that if someone didn’t come for the boy, she would bury him alive in the back yard.…

Bags Of Body Parts = Deanna Maria Null

January 30, 2008 at 9:53 am by  

UPDATE: The remains have been identified as missing Pennsylvania woman, Deanna Null, 36. No arrests have been made.

SWIFTWATER, Pa. —Someone decided to scatter human remains, in trash bags, along the Interstate 80-380 corridor through Monroe County and into Lackawanna County. These remains included a woman’s severed head. Police said eight bags at eight different locations have been recovered so far. They’re not sure they have all of the remains.…

Jerald Hicks Weighs 185, Starves His Children

January 30, 2008 at 9:11 am by  

Jerald Hicks Sr. and Baby Jerald

Nashville, TN - Jerald Hicks, 24, has earned the distinction of being on the Dreamin’ Demon laundry list of babykillers this week. He didn’t toss his kids out a car window or beat them to death, though, because Jerald Hicks is creative and likes death to take longer. Seventeen month old Jerald Hicks Jr. was taken to a hospital by his father on Thursday evening, but the baby was dead on arrival with a body temperature so low that it could not be registered. Baby Jerald weighed only ten pounds.…

Dead Baby, Carseat Found On Side Of Road

January 29, 2008 at 4:52 pm by  

03/13/11 UPDATE: Travis Mullis has been convicted of capital murder in the death of his infant son, Alijah James Mullis.  A hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 14 to determine the sentence.  Caren Kohberger appears to have gone on with her life in the usual manner, because she’s classy like that. – imp

Travis Caren Kohberger and Alijah James Mullis

Galveston, Texas (January 29, 2008) – At about 9:00 AM local time this morning, Jesse Zaro and his wife were driving in Galveston near Seawall Boulevard and Ferry Road to go birdwatching. They stopped when they saw something that looked like a doll on the side of the road. Curious, Mr. Zaro got out of the car to see what the object was, and then “became ill, cried, and nearly collapsed.”…

Tina Richards & Phillip Waller Suck At Parenting

January 29, 2008 at 11:43 am by  

Update: 3/5/09-Phillip Waller unexpectedly changed his not guilty plea to guilty on Tuesday and was sentenced to serve 2 years of a 10-year sentence. The remaining 8 years will likely be spent on probation. Credited with time-served, Waller still has to serve about 10-months behind bars.

UPDATE 12/18/08 – Tina Richards has pleaded guilty to the abuse of her son Aiden Waller in January, when he was 10 months old.  Now almost 2, Aiden is severely brain injured and his long term prognosis is not good.  This week, Richards was sentenced to 30 years in prison followed by 10 years on probation.  Convicted earlier this year on a previous abuse case involving Aiden, Tina Richards is already serving a twenty-year sentence for  that crime.  Richards, now 20, will not likely get out of prison until 2038.   Phillip Waller has yet to go to trial, and prosecutors say they are working with the defense to cut a deal for Waller, who knew of the abuse  but did not actively try to stop it.

William J. Goddard Is A Very Bad Boyfriend

January 29, 2008 at 10:57 am by  

Worcester, Mass. - William J. Goddard isn’t just a bad boyfriend, he’s also a Level 3 Sex Offender. And now, he’s a killer. Way to keep ‘em locked up, Massachusetts! Goddard, 38, killed his girlfriend Kelly Brackley, a mother of five children, Monday morning.…

Thomas Kaiser Likes Kiddie Porn and Sharing

January 29, 2008 at 7:29 am by  

Harford County, Maryland -  Thomas A. Kaiser, 53, likes to molest little girls.     He also likes to film it.    And, being a great friend as well as a pedophile, he likes to share his homemade kiddie porn.  He’ll even conspire to send the victims over state lines to meet his buddies for play dates.    His buddy Bruce Krumrine can testify to that.  And he’ll probably get to, what with the indictments and everything.  …

Nicola Cotton Shot To Death With Own Gun

January 28, 2008 at 2:34 pm by  

NEW ORLEANS - A female police officer was attempting to arrest a man, wanted in connection with a rape, in New Orlean’s crime-ridden Central City neighborhood. When she approached the man he pushed her and the two struggled. The man was able to overpower her and take her gun away. She was then shot to death with her own gun.…

Lytanza Robinson Pulls A Britney, Kills Baby

January 28, 2008 at 12:21 pm by  

Lytanza Robinson

Atlanta, GA -  Lytanza Robinson’s infant child is dead because she decided to go for a drive with her baby in her lap.  Britney Spears did it, so it must be okay, right?   Wrong.    Robinson, 20,  was driving down an Atlanta parkway with her two-month-old infant sitting between Lytanza and the steering wheel.   Then, just before 7:00 Sunday morning,  Lytanza hit a light pole.  Authorities aren’t saying why. …

Diego Olmos-Alcalde Got Busted

January 28, 2008 at 10:40 am by  

Diego Olmos-Alcalde and Susannah Chase

Colorado - He is currently being held in the 1997 rape and murder of Susannah Chase. Once again, DNA was instrumental in capturing the person, who was not even on the suspect list, responsible for an unsolved cold case. Susannah Case, a University of Colorado student, was walking home alone on Dec. 21, 1997 after an argument with her boyfriend. She was later found in an alley, bleeding from the head. She had been raped and beaten with a baseball bat. She died on Dec 22.…

Sadly, We Did All We Could

January 28, 2008 at 10:04 am by  

While perusing the web for my daily douchebag hunt, I ran across this story written by Barb Ickes in the Quad-City Times. I don’t know who she is, or her views on anything aside from this article she wrote. It details her, and others, witnessing something we have all come across in some degree or another…a parent who has obviously lost it with their kids.…

Donnell Logan Has A Burnin’ Love

January 28, 2008 at 9:44 am by  

Donnell Logan


Deerfield, NJ – When Sonya Mullins kicked Donnell Logan to the curb last Wednesday, she really should have gotten her keys back. Late Thursday night, Logan went back to Mullins’ Deerfield home because he wasn’t done fightin’. By 4:30 Friday morning, Mullins’ home was going up in smoke.…

David Climer Jr. Left His Mama In Pieces

January 27, 2008 at 3:26 pm by  

David Climer Jr.Dorris Ann DeBerry


Gibson, TN - Dorris Ann DeBerry, 62, was last seen before Thanksgiving last year, but her family didn’t get really worried until DeBerry was a no-show at Christmas. After all, her son David Climer Jr., 40, said his mama had run off with “some guy named Ray”. But when New Year’s came and went with no word from DeBerry, her sister started to worry. The sister reported Dorris Ann missing on January 9. Now, it turns out there was no “Ray”.…


January 27, 2008 at 12:27 pm by  

Image Hosted by

Here, Now – As some of you may know already, the site does have a message board. It is seperate from our WordPress blog and requires a seperate registration, but it does have a lot to offer to make it worth your while. It has been restructured to be geared more towards you true crime loving people like myself. It is also set up for you like-minded people to discuss just about anything under the sun. There is also a chat room (which some of you horny people used last night) and some other features you may be interested in EVEN IF you do not plan on using it 100 percent. So do yourself a big favor, and read on……

Pedro Lara Jr. Needs His Quiet, Kills Baby

January 27, 2008 at 11:55 am by  

Alyssa Nicole RamosPedro Lara Jr., Baby Killer

Brownsville, TX - If you’re an infant and Pedro Lara tells you to shut up, you better just go on and do it. Or else he’ll shove your head into a pillow until you’re dead. Alyssa Nicole Ramos, 10 months, found that out the hard way Tuesday night. Alyssa was Lara’s girlfriend’s baby. Of course. Then, on examination, the baby was found to have a badly healed broken arm.…

Alley And The Millers Gang-Rape Teenager

January 27, 2008 at 11:17 am by  

Alan Alley, Dwayne Miller, LaBron Miller

No, they’re not a rock band.

 Jacksonville, FL -   A 16-year-old girl  had a really bad day on Thursday.   She was walking to school on Thursday when a Jeep Cherokee pulled up, a man pointed a gun at her and said, “You need to come with me.”   The girl hesitated, but then decided she didn’t want to get shot immediately and followed orders.     The four men in the Jeep then drove the girl to a house nearby, where all four of them gang-raped her.   When they left her alone in a bedroom, she climbed out the window and took off running.  …

Thomas Delenzik Doesn’t Like His Medicine

January 27, 2008 at 2:29 am by  

Well, I am almost finished revamping the forums, and figured I would at least get a story or two up before I crash. Starting with this guy.

MANORVILLE, N.Y. - Thomas Delenzik, 42, and his wife Myong-Ok Delenzik, 46, had been arguing about his not taking his medicine. This argument started on Wednesday and continued on to Thursday at which time Thomas ended the argument. He did this by hacking Myon-Ok to death with a machete while she laid in bed. He told investigators “I picked up the machete and started hitting her in the head, neck, and back area,’” and he did this while their 17-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son were in the home. They did not witness the actual slaying, but it was the daughter who discovered her mother when she went to her mother’s bedroom to ask for a ride to school.…