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Tiona RodriguezManhattan, NY – A security guard at a New York Victoria’s Secret found more than stolen merchandise inside a suspected teen shoplifter’s bag, he also found a stillborn baby.

It happened on Thursday after the security guard noticed 17-year-old Tiona Rodriguez and her friend taking clothing off the rack and shoving them into their shopping bags. The security guard confronted the girls and took them both into a back office where he called police.

While searching Rodriquez’s shopping bag, he found a smelly plastic bag inside, underneath some stolen merchandise. When opened the bag, he found the smell was emanating from the stillborn baby boy.  Rodriguez told police that she’d had a miscarriage the day before, and didn’t know what to do with the body.

We’re not talking about a tiny fetus, but rather a stillborn that came out of a teen police say was anywhere from 6 months pregnant to “nearly full-term.” On the day she gave birth, police believe she was spending the night with a friend. That night, Rodriguez posted on her Facebook page regarding an upcoming job interview and experiencing bad cramping.…

Irene GonzalesHOUSTON, TX – Police have accused a woman of instructing her 5-year-old nephew to bite his 7-year-old sister and cut her with a knife.

Irene Gonzales, 37, has been charged with injury to a child after teachers at her niece’s school noticed the girl was sporting bruised bite marks and cuts on her back. When asked how she received her injuries, she told them her little brother did it. When asked why he would do that, she told them it was because her aunt told him to.

When police questioned the boy, he confirmed his sister’s story and said that he’d bit his sister after being told to do so by Gonzales. When Gonzales was questioned, she actually admitted she’d told the boy to bite his sister as a form of discipline, and to cut her back with a knife as a form of punishment.

Gonzales, who has custody the two children, is being held on $5,000 bond. Child Protective Services says it’s investigating and the children have been placed with another family member.…

Montia ParkerMINNEAPOLIS, MN - This happened last week, but I missed it. Montia Parker, a former cheerleading captain at Hopkins High School, was sentenced to three years in prison after she pimped out a 16-year-old fellow cheerleader for a pair of sneakers.

Earlier this year, Parker had some great advice for a fellow cheerleader who was looking to make some money. Prostitution. Through an ex-boyfriend, Parker learned you could sell yourself online using, and informed the girl she should try it.

After the younger girl agreed, Parker placed an ad for her on the website, listing her own phone number as the contact. Parker later told police she received “a lot of calls” and eventually took the girl to an apartment where she sucked a man’s dick for $60. The girl turned the money over to Parker, who kept it and allegedly used it to buy herself a pair of sneakers.

The very next day, Parker got the girl out of school by pretending to be her mother. She then drove her to another man and instructed to have sex with the man.…

Richard SchlactaLAS VEGAS, NV – A man accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl is now facing the possibility of more charges being filed against him after being accused of trying to have the girl killed.

Back in August, 48-year-old Richard Schlacta was arrested and charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting the teen at knifepoint. The victim said she was locking up her bicycle at Woodbury Middle School when she was approached by Schlacta who was brandishing a knife.

The girl said she was sexually assaulted multiple times by Schlacta before she was able to escape and flag down a passing motorist for help. Police were called and found Schlacta a few blocks away from the school. After a foot chase, Schlacta was apprehended and taken into custody.

Since then, he’s been in the Clark County Detention Center on three counts of sexual assault with a victim under 14, attempted sexual assault with a victim under 14, first degree kidnapping, coercion with force or threat of force, battery with a deadly weapon and battery with intent to commit sexual assault with a victim under 16.…

burning crossPALM BAY, FL — We have yet another story of a man accidentally setting himself on fire, but at least this time it didn’t have anything to do with a cigarette. This one involves a man accidentally setting himself on fire while lighting a gasoline soaked cross in his yard for Halloween.

Police say 50-year-old Ron Neilson was putting out some Halloween decorations Tuesday night at his home, including a set-piece that consisted of a small burning cross surrounded by some lit candles. After Neilson had arranged the candles around the gasoline-soaked cross, he attempted to light one of the candles.

Although he didn’t get gas on himself, when Neilson tried lighting the candle the surrounding gas fumes ignited and created a small explosion that set Nielson’s clothes on fire. Neilson immediately began screaming for help as he rolled on the ground in an attempt to put out the flames that witnesses say reached as high as six feet. Lucky for him, his wife and neighbors heard his screams.…

Carlton Walker JrMIDDLESEX COUNTY, VA – If you ever wanted to know what not to if your daughter comes home past curfew, then I have a story for you. A father in Virginia is facing some very serious charges after his daughter missed curfew and he held two teens in his driveway with a shotgun before shooting their vehicle.

Carlton Walker Jr. was mighty pissed when two of his daughter’s teenage friends brought her back home two hour past her curfew. Walker blocked their car in the driveway with his pickup and confronted the driver while brandishing a shotgun. He told the driver and his girlfriend they weren’t goin’ nowhere and told his wife to call police.

When the two teens tried to pull forward and turn their vehicle around, Walker fired a shot into the back of their car. The teens called 911 and police arrived on the scene where Walker wanted the couple to be arrested for keeping his daughter out all night.

Police arrested Walker instead, seeing as he was the only one committing any crimes that night.…

Tye LeeKANSAS CITY, MO – Police have accused a teenager of murdering his uncle during an argument over chores.

On Saturday, police were called to a home shortly before 6 p.m. on a reported shooting. Once there, they found 37-year-old Robbie L. Lee inside the home, dead from an apparent gunshot wound to the chest.

Also in the home was Lee’s 17-year-old nephew, Tye Lee. A witness told police that Tye was the person who shot Robbie. They said the two got into an argument after the uncle told his nephew he was lazy and needed to do more chores around the house.

Robbie, who had just underwent shoulder surgery, told his nephew, “I’ll stand up to you.” The teen apparently didn’t like this too much and retrieved a gun from the living room. He then shot his uncle in the chest before sitting on the front porch to wait on police.

Tye Lee has been charged with second-degree murder. His bond has been set at $750,000.…

James McGonegalCleveland, OH- A Catholic priest in Ohio is facing felony charges after he tried to solicit sex from a park ranger, knowing that he was HIV positive.

According to the arrest report, Reverend James McGonegal was in his Jeep at Edgewater Park when he struck up a conversation with a park ranger dressed in plain clothes. McGonegal told the ranger he was “cruisin” and would pay him $50 to help him “get off.” During this conversation, McGonegal was rubbing his dick through his pants.

This alone was enough for the ranger to charge McGonegal with soliciting sex after testing positive for HIV, which is a felony. But this ranger went the extra mile and got a public indecency charge after he asked the priest to show him his dick, and the priest obliged.

That’s when the ranger identified himself and arrested McGonegal. Later, while in the back seat of a patrol car, McGonegal informed the ranger that he was HIV positive.

A search of the priest’s Jeep yielded  at least three sex devices, including a cock-ring wrapped around a bottle of Isobutyl Nitrate, an inhalant commonly used to intensify orgasms. …

William HappStarke, FL – William Happ was put to death yesterday for the 1986 rape and murder of Angie Crowley, and was the first Florida inmate executed with their new lethal injection mixture.

William Happ has been on Death Row for 27 years, convicted of the rape and murder of 21-year-old Angie Crowley in 1986. Crowley had recently moved to Florida from Illinois, and was making a 300-mile drive to visit a college friend in Yankeetown.

Crowley was prone to getting lost, so she had meticulously planned her route, and was to meet her friend at a convenience store in Crystal River so she could guide her the last few miles to her home. Crowley made it to the store, but before she could use the pay phone to call her friend, Happ smashed her car window.

Happ kidnapped Crowley and took her to a nearby canal where he gave her 10 to 20 severe blows to the head before raping her. Afterwards, he strangled Crowley to death with her yoga pants and then dumped her body in the canal.…

Dioscoro FloresChicago, IL – A male nurse has been accused of fondling a paralyzed soldier in his room at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago.

The 24-year-old soldier has been at the institute since June after an undisclosed injury. He is paralyzed and unable to speak, but let his father know 39-year-old Dioscoro Flores had fondled his junk on two occasions.

According to a police report, he was able to use eye movements and a spell board to accuse Flores of molesting him twice in his room between July 4 and August 6.

The unidentified man told his father he wanted to press charges against the registered nurse, so his father alerted hospital staff and contacted police. After an investigation, Flores was arrested this week and charged with felony aggravated criminal sexual abuse. On Thursday, Flores was ordered held on $50,000 bail.

“It was shock at first and then anger afterward,” said the father. “The first initial shock was just, did you just tell me what you told me? Because my communication with him isn’t really easy.”

His son was a sharpshooter and did a year-long tour of duty in Afghanistan starting in June 2011.…

man on fireToledo, OH – A man who died after accidentally setting himself on fire was seen moments earlier smoking a cigarette while carrying a gas mower.

Jamar Allen, 41, was seen smoking while carrying a gasoline-powered lawnmower into the basement of an apartment building where he lived and worked as a maintenance worker. Witnesses said they heard a crash, then watched as a screaming Allen came running out of the basement engulfed in flames.

Firefighters arrived on the scene to find Allen in the street. He was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later. As for the building, it suffered minimal damage as the blaze was confined to a concrete block room in the basement.

Not surprisingly, seeing as we now have over 8000 articles, this isn’t the first story we’ve reported on in which a man burned to death because he was smoking a cigarette. Last year we told you about 43-year-old Gary Banning. He was the North Carolina man who took a drink from a friend’s mason jar, not realizing it was gasoline.…

trailerLIBERTY COUNTY, TX – A mother and her sister have been arrested after police found twin two-year-old girls nude in a locked bedroom inside a filthy trailer.

According to police, they were at the trailer to check on the twins’ mother, 20-year-old Brandy Dominguez, who is on pre-trial release for a human trafficking charge. She wasn’t home, but her sister, 27-year-old Amy Castillo, was there and let the officers inside the trailer.

Once inside the trailer that the officers would describe as deplorable, they heard scratching noises coming from inside a locked bedroom. Castillo allowed the officers to enter the room, and that’s when they found the two girls. The room reportedly smelled of human waste and aside from the two nude girls, contained nothing but a blanket on the floor.

Castillo was arrested and is facing charges of child abandonment and child endangerment. Dominguez arrived at the scene while police were still there and told them she’d only been gone for a short amount of time. Charges against her are still pending.…

David EdwardsFayetteville, NC – A former principal at a North Carolina middle school is facing sex crime charges after he allegedly sexually assaulted at least three young boys inside his office.

Former Douglas Byrd Middle School principal, 49 -year-old David Edwards, has been arrested after police began investigating claims that he’d sexually abused at least three students between the ages of 11 and 14 years old, on two different campuses, between 2009 and 2011.

The boys told investigators that Edwards not only inappropriately touched them and forced them to perform sexual acts in his office, but that on at least one occasion, performed sex acts on a boy while his unsuspecting parents waited right outside the office’s closed door.

Edwards was charged with two counts of second-degree forcible sex offense, two counts of sexual acts with a student, five counts of taking indecent liberties with a minor, and a count of crimes against nature. The judge let him go on a $140,000 bond, but at least gave him an order to stay away from any kids under 16.…

Lynne SpauldingSan Francisco, CA - A woman who went missing from her hospital room was found dead 17 days later in one of the hospital’s stairwells.

On September 19th, 57-year-old Lynne Spaulding was admitted to San Francisco General Hospital, apparently for complications from a bladder infection. Her family says she was frail and thin when admitted, and were worried about her condition. Hospital staff were supposedly checking on Spaulding every 15 minutes due to her “frail condition and confused mental state,” which sounds a bit more serious than a simple bladder infection. Although, some sources are saying the medication the hospital had her on was making her disoriented.

The hospital said they last saw Spaulding in her fifth floor room at 10:15 am on September 21st, and that her condition had improved. A nurse checked on her fifteen minutes later and she was gone. When her boyfriend and two friends came to visit Spaulding shortly after, they were told she’d gone missing. Her family filed a missing persons report after the San Francisco Sheriff’s Department and hospital staff conducted, what they believed to be, a thorough search of the hospital.…

Elizabeth PesterTulsa, OK – A couple of stereotypical Second Life players have been arrested after their 3-year-old daughter was found weighing only 13 pounds.

Mark Knapp, 48, and Elizabeth Pester, 33, are both in jail on child abuse and child neglect complaints, but before I talk about why, I’m going to tell you about their ongoing relationship with the Department of Human Services.

DHS first took custody of the couple’s daughter in 2010, weeks after she was born. They were worried about the infant having feeding issues and the fact that the couple were not spending time with the baby. She was returned to the couple on March 17, 2011, but was taken to the hospital in June 2012 after being found malnourished and weighing only 13 pounds.

Once again, the baby was returned to the couple with instructions that the baby was to be weighed weekly beginning July 19, 2012.  DHS also had a therapist from Sooner Start, an organization that helps families raising infants with developmental delays, to visit the child weekly to be weighed.…

Kellye TaylorLong Beach, CA – Police say a teacher was sitting in a chair watching her elementary students play when her son-in-law walked up and fatally stabbed her in the neck.

On Friday afternoon, 53-year-old Kellye Taylor was sitting in a chair at Orizaba Park across the street from Huntington Academy. Every Friday, her young students are allowed to play in the park as part of a weekly outing. What should have been some fun in the park turned into a nightmare when Taylor’s son-in-law, 50-year-old Steven Brown, walked up to Taylor and stabbed her in the neck.

“She was sitting inside of a folding chair, just inside of that concrete bench, when the suspect came up from behind and stabbed her,” said Sgt. Aaron Eaton with the Long Beach Police Department.

This cowardly attack was done in full view of Taylor’s students, some of whom ran back to alert Taylor’s younger sister, Pamela Huffman, who also works at the school.  “All I could do was run to her. I saw her slip away.…

Jennifer WilsonBARTLESVILLE, OK – A mother has been arrested after allowing her 10-year-old daughter to get a tattoo with ink that contained human ashes.

Jennifer Wilson, 31, is facing child neglect charges after a school counselor at Jane Phillips Elementary School contacted Washington County Child Welfare about a tattoo they noticed on the left side of the girl’s body. Wilson was arrested with her husband, 33-year-old Amos Wilson, during a drug raid Thursday morning. Amos was allegedly breaking bad and making meth inside the home.

After the couple were questioned by police, they learned that the person responsible for giving the young girl the tattoo was an unlicensed tattoo artist, 31-year-old Brandon Brown. He was charged with unlawful tattooing and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He told investigators that despite not having a license to practice, he was a very clean tattoo artist and didn’t expose his clients to any health risks.

I know that the words “clean” and “health risks” can evoke various different definitions depending on the person you ask, but Sgt Elizabeth Mitchell said they checked out Brown’s workspace and found that “there were live and dead baby roaches present, along with roach feces on the open box of disposable gloves.” They also found the ink that was used on the girl had been mixed with human ashes.…

Man Killed After Being Pulled Into Asphalt Grinder

October 11, 2013 at 11:10 am by  

grinderCORONA, CA – A 34-year-old man died an unbelievably horrible death earlier this month after he became entangled in a conveyor belt and was pulled into a machine that crushes asphalt.

Rolando Anaya was working at an asphalt production plant when the poor guy got caught up in the conveyor belt of a mobile asphalt crusher, a machine that makes crushed aggregate used in road construction.

“The laborer was working near a conveyor belt underneath an asphalt grinder and got caught on the conveyor belt and pulled into the grinder,” said Kathleen Hennessey of Cal-OSHA.

OSHA inspectors went out to the plant to check things out, then later closed it down until certain conditions are fixed. “I don’t know the specific conditions, but it appears there are more than one,” said Hennessey.

It’s been a while since we’ve posted a workplace death, but now we can add being crushed in a mobile asphalt grinder to horrifying ways to die while on the job, including being cooked to death in an industrial tuna steamer, dying from an exploding beer keg, falling into a wood chipper, dying in a manure pit, being pressed in an industrial paper rolling machine, cooking in an industrial dryer, suffocating in a pile of pinto beans, drowning in a vat of boiling chocolate, and falling into an industrial meat grinder.…