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Robbery Suspect Shot With Own Gun

August 8, 2011 at 4:08 pm by  

St. Petersburg, FL – A would-be robber ended up taking a bullet from his own gun Friday after the intended victim’s boyfriend thwarted him.

Almedin Muratovic, 25, approached Cristina Hopkins as she used the ATM at Regions Bank. Muratovic was brandishing a .22 handgun and demanded cash from the woman.

What he didn’t count on was 28 year-old Anthony Hall, Hopkins’ boyfriend, to emerge from a parked car to confront him. A struggle ensued, during which the pistol was fired, striking Muratovic in the chest. Hall tossed the gun out of reach and held the assailant on the ground until police showed up.

Muratovic was transported to the hospital and, being that he’s expected to survive, will have two charges of attempted armed robbery and one count of felon in possession of a firearm waiting for him when he gets out.

Based on the scoring system of my yet-to-be-written ‘Man Handbook’, Hall has officially reached the status of ‘Badass’. With this epic fail and two particularly funny past charges of fleeing and eluding and resisting arrest without violence (how exactly that works is beyond me) Muratovic has been demoted to ‘Girl Scout’.…

SANTA FE, N.M. — A rollover crash put an end to a day long crime spree perpetuated by two 15-year-olds and a 12-year-old.

This crash was a footnote to a drug-fueled, crime-filled day for the boys that began early Sunday morning when they stole two bikes from a mobile home.

They then waited for a homeowner to leave so they could use a rock to bust a window and get inside. The trio drove off in a vehicle using a set of keys they snagged from inside the home.

Police were called after the 12-year-old, who was driving, almost hit an off-duty cop in an unmarked vehicle. This led to a high-speed chase that ended with the boy flipping the car.

Police would find stolen electronic equipment in the car along with three stoned boys who admitted they had already sold some of their loot to buy drugs and had been smoking weed right before the crash.

They were all taken to the hospital to treat minor injuries.

Get this… the 12 year-old has been on probation since he was 10 and wears GPS tracking bracelet.…

Philadelphia, PA — A Chestnut Hill College professor committed suicide Wednesday afternoon by jumping off a second-story balcony inside the school.

On Wednesday afternoon, 71-year-old Rudolf Alexandrov was to teach Mathematics for Business as he did every Monday and Wednesday. But instead of walking into his classroom inside St. Joseph’s Hall, he stepped over the hall’s second-floor railing overlooking the veranda.

Staff and security were alerted when he was seen standing inside the railing and tried to talk him out of doing anything drastic, but he wouldn’t respond to them. He then killed himself by diving headfirst off the balcony, falling approximately 30-feet to the marble floor below.

Alexandrov had a history of depression and had talked about harming himself before. The previous Friday his wife, who also teaches at the college, filed a missing person report on he husband who was found later walking around the neighborhood.

The college released a statement on its website that attempted to clarify some earlier, incorrect reports.

“The College continues to mourn the loss of Rudolf Alexandrov, an adjunct professor of mathematics, who committed suicide inside the Rotunda on Wednesday, August 3rd,” the statement read.…

Sister Shoots Brother In Head With Arrow

August 8, 2011 at 9:26 am by  

LANCASTER, N.Y. — A 10-year-old boy is lucky to be alive after his sister shot him in the head with an arrow.

The incident happened last Thursday as the boy and his 14-year-old sister were playing in their backyard. The sister was using a bow and arrow to shoot at trees when somehow she scored a bulls-eye, adorning her little brother’s forehead with one of her arrows.

He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery. He was initially listed in critical condition, but on Friday he was upgraded to stable.

Though the boy was unlucky as a human target, he was lucky that the arrow did not pierce his brain, just like another boy from a few years back who also received an arrow through the eye socket from a girl playing with a bow and arrow.

It’s not clear if the shooting was accidental or on purpose, and with the stories we’ve seen on this site it wouldn’t surprise me either way, and police are investigating.

“We haven’t determined exactly the full cause of what occurred yet, and we’re consulting with the District Attorney’s office,” Police Capt.…

Manhunt Still On For Dougherty Siblings

August 8, 2011 at 8:37 am by  

Florida — Three siblings from Florida, with 20 felonies among them, are still on the run from law enforcement following a high-speed chase in which they fired shots at police, and a Georgia bank robbery.

The FBI have joined in the hunt for Ryan Edward Dougherty, 21, sister Lee Grace E. Dougherty, 29, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26 that started on Monday,  shortly after Ryan Dougherty was sentenced to 10 years’ probation for sexting with an 11-year-old girl.

He sent his mother a text message: “There’s a time for all of us to die,” before cutting off his GPS monitoring ankle bracelet and leaving with his two other siblings in a stolen vehicle owned by Ryan’s live-in girlfriend.

Early Tuesday morning, a Zephyrhills, Florida police officer tried pulling over three for speeding. This led to a five-mile pursuit that reached speeds of 100 mph in which the occupants of the car shot numerous rounds at the officer, one of them disabling the officer’s car.

Later that same day, and 200 miles away, three individuals wearing nun masks and armed with AK-47’s entered the CertusBank in Valdosta, Georgia.…

Fort Walton Beach, FL – Lon Allen Groves, 40, was arrested after reportedly pushing his wife to the ground and holding a 9mm handgun to her head during argument over which of their grandchildren was ‘the favorite.’

According to an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s arrest report, the woman’s son walked in and saw Groves holding the semi-automatic pistol to his mother’s head.  He grabbed his younger sibling, got themselves safely outsde the home, and called 911.

When deputies arrived, Groves allegedly walked out carrying an AR-15, semi-automatic rifle, the loaded pistol and a second magazine.  A brief standoff with Groves was reported to have occurred.

This was presumably while Groves argued with police over whether the Gator program was stronger than the Georgia Bulldogs.  Able to resolve that question without an apparent need to kill, Groves put down his weapons and was arrested.

Groves was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, battery, kidnapping, and firing weapon while under the influence.…

Two Ohio Teens Killed In Murder Suicide

August 5, 2011 at 4:17 pm by  

Deerfield Township, Ohio  – As 17-year-old Amanda Borsos  stood outside of Four Paws Pet Care where she worked,  her ex-boyfriend, 18-year-old Troy Penn, leveled a shotgun at her chest and pulled the trigger.

Her co-workers ran out to find Amanda laying wounded in the grass and called 911.  She was rushed to the hospital but sadly, did not make it. It was her 17th birthday.

Shortly after the shooting, Penn was seen by a neighbor running through yards with a shotgun.  He also called his mother and father, informing them both of what he had done before barricading himself in the family’s home.

When police arrived at Penn’s home, they tried to communicate with Troy through his two siblings who were also inside with him. But before contact could be made, Penn used a hanger to pull the shotgun’s trigger, shooting himself in the chest, killing him.

The 911 transcript notes that Penn also had the shotgun, “rigged to the curtains so if the curtain moved, the gun will fire.”

Friends say all of this came as a surprise as the teens had only been dating a few months, and just broke up a week ago.…

TOWSON, Md. — Teonna Brown, the 19-year-old woman who was captured on video beating a transgendered woman silly inside a Maryland McDonald’s, has plead guilty to first-degree assault and to a hate crime.

For those of you who were unaware of this story, Chrissy Polis, a 22-year-old transgendered woman, was inside a McDonald’s when she was attacked by Brown and Brown’s 14-year-old friend.

While restaurant employees stood around and watched, one even filming the entire event, Polis had the crap beat out of her as she was punched, kicked and dragged through the store by her hair.

The only person who tried to help Polis was Vicki Thoms, who was in the restaurant. She was punched by one of the girls for her efforts.

Thinking the entire event was hilarious, the employee filming while providing giddy commentary, posted his video online and within no time the video went viral.

If she gets the maximum sentence on both charges, Brown (who you can see here) could be looking at 35 years behind bars.…

COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa — Police have arrested man they say raped a cat before throwing it out a seventh-floor window.

Someone called 911 Wednesday morning after witnessing 30-year-old Gerardo Martinez masturbating in front of his apartment window and then throwing a cat to the sidewalk below.

When police arrived they found a bleeding, gray cat barely alive on the sidewalk. With the help of witnesses, police were able to identify Martinez’ apartment.

When he answered the door, he did so shirtless and with his pants down. Police asked him to pull up his pants and then asked him about the cat.

Martinez first denied he had a cat, then changed his story saying his boyfriend had tossed the cat a few hours earlier.

When presented with the fact that they had witnesses saying the he threw the cat out the window a little more recently, Martinez then admitted that while high on meth he raped the cat and then threw it out the window along with a pornographic DVD.

Martinez was arrested and charged with animal torture, bestiality and indecent exposure.…

Idaho Falls, ID – After receiving  information about a man in a black bunny scaring the hot piss out of neighborhood children, Idaho Falls police told 34 year-old William Falkingham to hang it up.

On Monday, one of Falkingham’s neighbors called to report that he was hiding behind a tree and scaring small children. The neighbor also stated he had pointed his finger at the child like a gun, which I’m sure is an exaggeration.

It is also being mentioned in the comment sections of some news articles that the bunny suit isn’t the Easter Bunny type suit you are probably envisioning, but rather the Playboy Bunny type. If that’s correct, imagine the man pictured dressed like that while hiding behind trees in his backyard. Not exactly Frank the rabbit, but almost just as scary.

Of course this case isn’t without it’s  controversy. An ACLU loudmouth spokesperson has already chimed in, saying this may be a violation of  Falkingham’s constitutional right to free expression, although they don’t plan on stepping in as they have not been contacted by Falkingham.…

Augusta, GA — Police have arrested a woman, accusing her of killing her roommate with the heel of a shoe.

Police say that on Sunday evening, Carter was drinking when she got into an argument with 58-year-old Robert Higdon inside the trailer they shared.

“She said she got upset with him. He put his hands on her and she took her shoes off and hit him in the head,” Lt. Calvin Chew of the Richmond County Police Department. Higdon fell on the floor and Carter left to stay in a hotel with her boyfriend.

She said she got worried when she had not heard from him, so she returned the following morning to find Higdon dead, lying in the same spot she had left him in. Uh-oh. To her credit, Carter called police.

The heel on the shoe Carter used was not a stiletto type as some lamer other sites are reporting, but rather the wide kind.

They currently have no idea how many times Carter hit Higdon on the head as there was no visible trauma to his noggin, but Lt.…

Feds Bust Up Online Global Child Porn Ring

August 4, 2011 at 1:59 pm by  

Washington — First the good news. Federal law enforcement officials announced they’ve busted up a child pornography ring, based in the United States, that spanned across five continents and 14 countries. They’ve also charged 72 people who were part of a pedophile website called Dreamboard.

Now the bad news. Federal law enforcement officials released some extremely sickening details regarding this website and what the members of the site were doing. Fair warning, some of the below info is pretty disturbing…and that’s coming from me.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement began “Operation Delego” in 2009 and became focused on the private message board of more than 500 members whose purpose was to manufacture and distribute child porn. “Dreamboard was a self-described global ‘community’ of pedophiles dedicated to the relentless victimization and exploitation of children 12 and under,” Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer said in a statement.

For obvious reasons, membership to the site was tightly controlled by the administrators who required prospective members to upload child pornography portraying children 12 years of age or younger when applying for membership. …

Denver, CO — A cross-dressing wo-man named Daryl Rasmussen, 55, was arrested in California Monday night in connection to the February double murder of his roommates, Ronald Ford, 63 and his partner Rome Sanchez, 55.

Ford’s body was found at his home during a welfare check while Sanchez wasn’t found until a week later when police returned to re-investigate the crime scene. His body found in the basement of the home, hidden beneath storage items and bags. Autopsies determined both died from  blunt force trauma to the head.

Rasmussen, also known as Ms. Puppy, had not been seen since the bodies were found and police named him as a person of interest. On Monday night, a customer of the Score Bar in Palm Springs recognized Rasmussen from news reports he’d seen while in Denver.

"Would you f*ck me? I'd f*ck me. I'd f*ck me so hard."

He wasn’t hard to miss as he was walking around the establishment while wearing neon pink see-through mini dress with white bra and panties and sandals.…

Louisville, KY – Prosecutors have filed animal cruelty charges against former Sheriff’s Deputy Randy Taylor and former highway worker Adam Decker.

Why are they former everything, you ask?

Investigators say that a dog, named “Chance”, had been hit by a car but did not die in the accident.

When Taylor and Decker found Chance, they decided to help her by beating her over the head with a garden hoe.

Afterwards, the pair buried Chance in a shallow grave by the side of the road.

The two men probably would have never gotten into any trouble for their DIY euthanasia had Chance decided not to die.


Despite being in a car accident and having her head tilled, Chance was still alive and proceeded to dig her way out of her grave.

She was reportedly discovered alive by a different highway worker a few days later who opted not to continue caving in her skull.

Ohio County Sheriff David Thompson fired Taylor – a five year veteran – after a two-week internal investigation.  …

East Lancashire, UK – Stephanie Knight, 19, has been convicted of luring two teenage girls with the promise of a night of clubbing that instead became a gang rape by “her boys.” After the promise of a night out, the two 16-year-olds were driven around, provided alcohol, and then brought to an abandoned house.

Knights “boys” – brothers Amjad, 34, and Shahid Hussain, 37, and their cousin Tanveer Butt, 39, (pictured left to right) reportedly raped one of the girls repeatedly throughtout a night in December 2009 while the other teen was held captive.  Amjad Hussain then raped both girls as he drove them home, prosecutors told the court.

As a part of her defense, Knight denied there was any agreement for the sexual assaults to take place. The prosecution countered that Knight, whom the girls had known only for about one week, was heard to say “got them” in a mobile phone conversation naming the girls when discussing the evening.

According to the court, Knight said she first met Amjad Hussain six months earlier when he pulled up beside her in the street and asked for her mobile phone number.…

PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — A couple in New York have gotten themselves into some trouble after they tried resolving a bullying problem by holding down a 10-year-old girl so that their twin 7-year-old daughters could hit her.

Police say Samuel Randolph, 25, and Latena Fitzgerald, 26, came to the Peekskill’s Kiley Youth Center with their girls to confront a girl who they say was bullying their girls and try to put a stop to it.

Going by the news reports and the charges that were filed against the couple, things didn’t go exactly as planned.

“The 10-year-old alleges she was held by the mother of the other girls, and the parents allowed their two daughters to assault her while she was being held,” Peekskill Police Chief Gene Tumolo said.

The girl also says that Randolph hit her in the back with a chair before the facility’s staff were able to break up the fight. Fitzgerald says she never touched the girl and simply told her to leave her kids alone.

She said that she and Randolph, who works at the center, have repeatedly talked to the alleged bully and her mom about the issue to no avail.…

Crestview, FL – Robert Russell Ray, 37, reportedly called the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s department late July 8th to request a hazardous materials team be sent to his house because he had constructed an explosive device and, well… nobody quite knows why he called them about it.

During the call to police, Ray allegedly said that he had constructed an explosive device primarily comprised of chlorine and brake fluid. As a result of the call, professional hazardous weapons experts wearing protective suits were deployed.

“The actions and statements of this defendant did indicate that he was threatening to utilize a weapon of mass destruction, to wit a device that is designed or intended to cause death or serious harm to any human/animal, utilizing toxic or poisonous chemicals (chlorine),” his arrest report stated.

Ray was charged with the felony weapon offense of manufacture, possession, sale, delivery, display and/or use of a weapon of mass destruction.

The only past offense that I found for Ray was a DUI arrest in 2000.  A comparison of booking photos suggests that it has been a rough 11 years.  …

Man Admits To Killing Neighbor’s car

August 3, 2011 at 3:12 pm by  

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — I’m working on a handful of stories that probably won’t get published until tomorrow, but  I did find this quick one involving a man who has confessed to shooting his neighbor’s car to death. Figured some of you would get a kick out of it.

Police were called to the home of 60-year-old Charles T. Tidwell after his neighbors complained that the man was sitting on his porch and shooting at a neighbor’s car parked in a nearby driveway.

When officers arrived, Tidwell admitted to using his Bushmaster 223 and a Winchester 22 semi-automatic to shoot at the passenger side of the car. When asked why he shot the car, he told them he hated it, so he killed it.

Tidwell was charged with criminal mischief and wanton endangerment. They should put him and Donald Finnegan in an apartment together and make a reality show out of it.…