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Loveland, CO — Courtney Bowles, a 31-year-old instructional coach who essentially teaches teachers about keeping a professional distance with students, was caught butt-nekkid with a 16-year-old boy last week.

Thompson School District spokesman Wes Fothergill said that though Bowles is not a classroom teacher, she does, on occasion, offer tutoring to students in need. As an instructional coach at Mountain View High School, Bowles’ duties include working with teachers to improve their ability to teach using new strategies, methods, etc., as well as instructing teachers on how best to interact with their students. And according to police, she was doing a little extra-curricular interacting Friday night.

Loveland police said Officer Sharon Hopkins made contact with Bowles and the boy at about 10:40 p.m. because they were in a car parked at North Lake Park after closing time.

“The female was on top of the male and she quickly jumped off of the male when she saw my flashlight shining into the vehicle,” Hopkins wrote in the arrest affidavit. “I told both subjects that I could see they were naked and they needed to get dressed and talk to me.”

Bowles, a married mother of two, admitted she and the teen were having sex.…

FULTON, KY – An investigation is currently underway regarding the death of a 14-month-old girl who died yesterday after being found face down in a bucket of bleach water.

Emergency workers where called to the child’s home Monday evening after she had been found in the bucket. She was taken to Parkway Regional Hospital where she was pronounced dead at 7:30 p.m. Obviously, people have a lot of questions and to make sure this kid’s death wasn’t criminal in nature, Fulton Police Chief Terry Powell plans on getting some answers.

“The incident is currently being investigated by all three agencies — Social Services, the coroner’s office and the Fulton Police Department — to gather the facts of the case for the commonwealth attorney to review and make the determination what, if any, charges should be filed,” Powell said at press time today.

No names have been released at this time, nor have any charges have been filed, but once investigators get the autopsy report back, that may change.…

Fort Pierce, FL — Accused of killing his pet pit bull, Joseph Barker told police he had grown tired of the dog’s incessant barking, so he beat it with a tire iron a bit before stabbing it to death.

According to authorities, on January 8, Joseph Barker paid a friend $20 to drive him and the 3-year-old pit bull to the L-20 canal. After exiting the vehicle, Barker reportedly struck the dog on the head a few times with a tire iron and tossed him into the canal. The blows to the head didn’t kill the dog, and as it tried to climb the embankment, Barker reportedly grabbed it and stabbed it in the neck approximately 26 times. He later told police he didn’t feel that beating and poking the animal full of holes was inhumane.

A family member later learned of the incident and retrieved the dog’s body from the canal before contacting police. Barker, 35, is being held without bond, charged with animal cruelty.…

Man Accused Of Forkin’ Another Man In The Eye

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Fort Myers Beach, FL – Oren Turner, 53, is facing charges for allegedly stabbing another man in the eye with a fork earlier this month.

Police say Turner and the victim, Robert McEwen, had been involved in a physical altercation at the Shrimp Docks restaurant on January 12, and Turner apparently got his ass handed to him. Upset at losing the battle, Turner fled the eatery and went home to arm himself. His weapon of choice…a fork. As he was leaving the home, Turner reportedly told his roommate that he intended to stab McEwen with the fork because he beat him up.

As McEwen and a lady friend were walking past her residence at the Sunnyland Mobile Home Park, Turner approached with his fork and planted it squarely in McEwen’s eyeball. The victim was transported to the hospital with a ruptured globe, a tear in the outer surface of the eyeball, and later underwent surgery to repair the damage.

Turner was arrested late last week and charged with felony battery. Thanks, Dakota!…

Port Richmond, PA — Questioned by police after it was discovered he had been sharing child pornography through a peer-to-peer sharing program, Daniel Toy had a logical explanation for authorities. “Curiosity,” he said. After all, at 81-years-old, Toy claims he’s too damn old to get excited anyway.

Toy, a former front desk volunteer at Richmond Elementary school, was arrested Monday and charged with possession of child pornography and related offenses after a search of the home he shares with his wife and son revealed numerous videos and images of child pornography stashed on his computer. Toy told police he wasn’t looking at the images for sexual arousal because he can’t get excited anymore…he’s too old. When asked why he was downloading, viewing and sharing such vile images, Toy reportedly replied, “Curiosity…I wanted to see what other people are doing.”

The curious octogenarian has already been released on $50,000 bail.…

San Diego, CA — As Morbid reported back in December, Lisa Hench, a 45-year-old real estate agent, pleaded guilty to eight misdemeanor counts of corporal injury to a child after several parents accused her of purposely and severely scratching and pinching their infants.

For the click impaired, Hench reportedly befriended parents of young children and asked to hold their babies. Once the kiddos were cradled in her arms, she’d get to pinching and scratching. Once she got ‘em good and pissed off, she’d hand ‘em back to the parents – scratched, bruised and bloodied. The eight children, all between the ages of 3- and 19-months, were injured on different occasions over a span of four months. As one mother said, “There were pinches, bruises, bloodied scratches. There had been skin torn off from a toe.”

Hench admitted to injuring the children, but never explained what motivated her to do such a thing. In court on Tuesday, the sobbing mother of three apologized to the parents of the young victims. “I truly am, I’m truly, truly sorry.…

Medford, Oregon — A 21-year-old man is accused of sending sexually explicit messages to young children. Zachariah Pergish Griffin was arrested by Talent Police and the Southern Oregon High Tech Crimes Task Force last Thursday.

Griffin . Victims included a 6-year-old from Grants Pass, an 11-year-old from Lake County, and a 10-year-old from Medford. All three received sexually explicit messages from Griffin. Aside from this guy obviously being a pedophile, why on earth do these kids have Myspace and/or Facebook accounts?! What kind of parents would let a 6-year-old have an online profile?

Back to the issue at hand, police say the investigation into Griffin began in June of 2010, when the task force received a tip about the messages being sent to the alleged victims. In October, the task force searched Griffin’s home, seizing computers, and reportedly finding evidence of those explicit messages, along with videos of child sexual abuse.  Griffin also had child pornography on his computer.

An Oregon Supreme Court ruling states that child porn that is streaming, or not downloaded to a computer, is not considered illegal.…

Child Maiming Suspect On The Run

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Cumberland County, NC — This story was originally posted by Morbid in November of 2008, but now Sheriff’s deputies and US Marshals are on a manhunt in Cumberland County for Todd Louis Lanford. The 36-year-old man was the live-in boyfriend of Tonia Michelle Powers. And it was her 11-year-old son that Lanford  threatened, beat, and attempted to cut off the genitals off of. Investigators said the boy suffered bruises all over his body and was cut along the pelvic area.

Lanford was charged with abuse and attempting to sever a child’s genitalia. He was out of jail on a $35,000 bond, when on Monday he walked out of a plea bargain proceeding. He is now a wanted man. Powers was also charged in the case with aiding and abetting a felony and accessory after the fact, so she must have had a role in this brutal crime, as well.

Lanford is described as six feet tall with brown hair and hazel eyes. He has a scar on the left side of his chest and another on his stomach.…

Soledad, CA — Police say 31-year-old Fernando Solano Jr., a repeat domestic violence offender, is back behind bars after beating his girlfriend unconscious and punching his 18-month-old child in the face.

Police were called to the girlfriend’s home Sunday evening where they were told by the woman that Solano, her baby’s father, had knocked her around outside of her apartment before dragging her inside where he kicked and choked her into unconsciousness. He reportedly slashed the woman’s face with a knife, as well. After he was through with the girlfriend, Solano allegedly punched his kiddo in the face multiple times, leaving the kid with a bloody nose and an assortment of bruises.

Though Solano had already fled the scene before police arrived, they soon got a phone call from a concerned citizen at a nearby bowling alley. This person called to report a suspicious person acting all suspicious and stuff while sweating profusely. That nervous man was Solano – he was arrested and booked on several felony charges including attempted murder, domestic violence, violation of a restraining order and child endangerment.…

Toddlers Found In Bedrooms With Doors Chained Shut

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Chillicothe, OH — Kimberly Johnson has been charged with two counts of child endangerment after police say they found her two small children locked in their rooms, their doors chained shut.

Called to the woman’s apartment by contractors performing maintenance work last Thursday, police arrived at the home to find one door chained shut with a dog chain, and the other, a shoestring. Johnson’s 2- and 3-year-old children could be heard yelling to get out. Johnson, 25, also has a six-year-old and is nine-months pregnant. She told police the children were locked up because they liked to play with knives, scissors and razor blades.

“She said she often closes the doors to keep the kids in their rooms because they like to play with knives, scissors, razors, things like that,” said Chillicothe police Officer Bud Lytle. “And she would lock them in their rooms to keep them from playing with those things.  Once they go to sleep, she takes the shoelace and the chain off the doors.”

Metropolitan Housing Authority spokesman William Stansberry said, “It’s shocking!

TITUSVILLE, Fla. – A woman first reported missing with the 7-month-old she was baby-sitting has been charged after the boy’s body was found in a cooler.

On Sunday a woman reported her missing infant to police. She told them that she dropped off her 7-month-old son, Ja-veon Brushan, with 40-year-old Carolyn Miller on Thursday and now could not locate her or her son. She told police it was not out of the ordinary for Miller to watch her baby for days at a time but she is usually able to contact her.

Police found Miller on Monday morning, but she denied having any knowledge of the whereabouts of Ja-veon. After further questioning, Miller admitted she wasn’t being quite honest about that and took police to her boyfriend’s house where in the backyard, was a cooler containing the corpse of Ja-veon.

Miller told police that several days ago she woke up to find the baby dead and did what any rational person does in that situation and packed the baby’s dead body up like a six-pack of beer and pretended it never happened.…

Bartlesville, OK — When police asked 22-year-old Christopher Conner why he bit a pregnant woman during a domestic altercation Sunday afternoon, he reportedly replied, “Because you can’t hit a woman.” Heh…makes sense to me.

Police responded to the Budget Inn last Sunday after receiving a report of a domestic disturbance in progress. After making contact with Conner, they had a talk with the alleged victim, a woman about 6 months along in her pregnancy. She told police an argument about a telephone call progressed into a screaming match between herself and Conner, and at some point, he threw her down on the bed and tried to muffle her screams with his hand before chomping down. She then showed an officer a very distinct bite mark Conner had left behind on her shoulder during the tussle.

Conner admitted to biting the woman, but said he only did so …

Dad Gets 15 To Life For Killing Infant Son

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Troy, Ohio — Jason Durig was sentenced yesterday morning to 15 years to life in prison after being convicted of killing his infant son back in July.

The death of 8-month-old Caleb was caused by blunt force trauma to the head according to the coroner. Both of Caleb’s parents, Jason Durig and Tara Durig, were arrested on July 26th after police found their infant son dead inside their apartment. Tara Durig had called them to the scene at about 11:45 am that morning. Jason Durig caused the death by beating, biting, and strangling the baby.

In December, Durig changed his plea to guilty just before he was scheduled to go on trial for murder and child endangering. Both parents were being held on $1 million bond each. Tara is charged with permitting child abuse and child endangering and is expected to be sentenced next week.

Jason Durig has been in trouble with the law before. In 2007 he was convicted and sent to prison on charges of child abuse and endangering after causing second-degree burns to another one of his children while he was giving him a bath in a kitchen sink.…

Waveland, IN — Chester Mills lost his wife, 43-year-old Amber, and his two children within four days of each other. Amber Mills passed away at home last Monday after a long battle with lung cancer.

On Thursday, as Mills was preparing for Amber’s funeral, his two children, Amanda Mills, 25, and Logan Mills, 21, were driving to the services in Indiana from Florida with their friend Anthony Suggs. They had completed most of their drive when just a few miles from the funeral home, Suggs lost control of the car on the snow-covered road. The car spun out into the northbound lane of traffic, where it was broad-sided by an oncoming tractor-trailer. The car then tumbled into a ravine, where the truck landed on top of it.

Amanda and Logan Mills and Anthony Suggs were pronounced dead at the scene. The truck driver was not injured. It took crews hours to clean up the wreckage. The news about the accident quickly traveled to the funeral home where Amber’s funeral was scheduled to begin at 10:30 am.…

McCOOK, Nebraska – The body found in the Bartley Cemetery has been positively identified as 14-year-old Kailee Clapp, the teen who was reported missing earlier that morning.

Clapp was last seen by family members Thursday night. She was reported missing on Friday morning when she was not found in her room before school. At first it wasn’t believed the teen was in any danger, possibly having left on her own. Her mother, Nora Clapp, even tried getting in touch with her that day through her Facebook page asking her daughter to contact someone.

It wasn’t until police found a large pool of blood in an alley no more than 100 yards from her back door that it was believed her life was in danger. That afternoon, police would bring in 18-year-old Stathis Sebastian Kirkpatrick for questioning. Afterwards, police would locate Clapp’s body in the cemetery. Reports are that she had been mutilated.

Kirkpatrick is being held on $1 million dollars bail, charges pending autopsy reports. His relationship to Clapp has not been revealed, but I did hear a report on the news that he was not a boyfriend.…

Pacolet, SC – Miriam Fowler Smith, 65, is facing one felony count of animal cruelty after admitting she killed her nephew’s pit bull because it chewed her Bible.

When Smith’s nephew noticed his dog was missing, he first assumed it had simply gotten loose and was roaming the neighborhood. But after questioning his aunt, she admitted to killing the dog. She said that after the dog had chewed on her Bible, she felt that it was a “devil dog” and a danger to anyone it may come in contact with. So that’s when God told her exactly what to do.

She took the dog, wrapped an orange extension cord around the dog’s neck, hanged it from a tree, and then set it on fire. The dog’s body was found under a mound of grass on the property and Smith was placed under arrest.…

Austin, Indiana -- I am having severe Internet connection issues this morning, so I apologize for the lack of news this morning. But I did want to post about Amanda Bennett. Over the weekend some of you may have heard about her. She was the mother found dead, along with her three children, inside an Indiana home from a possible murder suicide.

The family of 30-year-old Amanda Bennett asked police to perform a welfare check after not hearing from her or her three kids, ages 4 to 14. When police made entry into the home, they found Bennet and her children with gunshot wounds to the head. Autopsy reports would conclude they died from a combination of the gunshots and smoke inhalation. It was determined that Bennett had shot her three children, set fire to the home, then shot herself.

But what some of you may not be aware of was the drama going on in the days before she killed herself and her children. A lot of what she was going through could be read in the comments section of post made in a Topix Crothersville Forum.…

Oklahoma City, OK — Some of you may recognize the she-beast to the left – Morbid posted a story about her back in September of ’09 after she and a male friend were accused of torturing and starving her 14-year-old son over a span of 4.5 years. Since she was recently sentenced, I figured I’d give the story another go-round.

38-year-old Rhonda McCall and her friend, 40-year-old Steve Hamilton, were arrested after McCall’s son escaped from her house of horrors that September and asked a security guard at a nearby National Guard facility for directions to the nearest police department – he wanted to turn his mother in for child abuse. The story the teen told police was beyond horrific…

He hadn’t been to school in years. He claimed that he had been kept tied up and locked in a closet. The scarred and malnourished child told police his mother and Hamilton poured alcohol on his skin and set him on fire. The pair beat him with a variety of tools including bicycle chains, wire cables and a car jack.…