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Plantation, FL — Rhonda Hollander, 47, a female traffic judge from Florida has been accused of following a man into a courthouse bathroom and photographing him with her cellphone while he was taking care of business at a urinal.

According to the arrest report, a man named Willie Jackson Jr. was preparing to use a urinal in the courthouse bathroom when Hollander allegedly photographed him. Police say she then snapped a keepsake of another man as he entered the bathroom. When Broward Sheriff’s Deputy Darlene Harden approached and questioned Hollander shortly after, Hollander admitted taking a picture of Willie but refused to turn over her phone. Her point, reportedly, was that it was a public restroom and, hence, she was not violating any laws by taking a picture of Jackson’s private – errr… I mean public – parts. Brilliant defense, counselor.

The arrest report went on to describe Deputy Harden then escorting both Hollander and Jackson to an office in the courthouse. Hollander continued to take pictures during this time. Understandably annoyed, Deputy Harden pointed her finger at Hollander and ordered her to stop.…

Amy Winehouse Found Dead

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London — News reports are confirming that 27-year-old singer Amy Winheouse was found dead in her London home this afternoon.

Police said they found her body at her flat in Camden Square, north London, after being called by ambulance services.  Metropolitan police are treating the death as unexplained.

Winehouse has a pretty long history detailing her battles with drugs and alcohol, remaining cannon fodder for the tabloids for a pretty good run until Lindsay Lohan showed up. But her devoted fans had hoped for a comeback when Winehouse started her Back to Black tour after spending a week in rehab. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take.

She was booed off the stage after showing up in Belgrade, stumbling around on stage, mumbling and forgetting the lyrics to her own songs.

Shortly after that disastrous performance, Winehouse cancelled her remaining tour dates while her management released a statement that read: “Amy Winehouse is withdrawing from all scheduled performances. Everyone involved wishes to do everything they can to help her return to her best and she will be given as long as it takes for this to happen.”

I’ll update this as more details become available.…

Bridgeport, CT — Juliette Dunn, 29, was arrested last month after witnesses at a local park flagged down a couple of officers to complain that a mother was forcing alcohol on her children at the playground.

Dunn and her companion, 33-year-old Lisa Jefferson, were spotted sitting in the grass near the playground with two young children next to them. As officers approached the gruesome twosome, they noticed an empty 40-ounce bottle of Steel Reserve beer on the ground beside Dunn’s 4-year-old son. A baby bottle laying next to Dunn’s 10-month-old daughter contained a dark liquid that smelled like booze.

Witnesses reportedly told police they watched as Dunn handed the 40 to her son and demanded that he chug-a-lug. Afterwards, witnesses said, she called the boy an alcoholic.

The children were taken to the hospital where it was determined they both had alcohol in their system. While being examined, the 4-year-old reportedly told a social worker he “likes Natural Ice beer and Budweiser, but doesn’t like the taste of Dog Bite.” The infant also tested positive for cocaine.…

Glencoe, AL — Tracy Payne McCord, 40, has been arrested for abuse and torture of a special needs child, Etowah County Sheriff Todd Entrekin said. The alleged victim is a 12-year-old boy.

The investigation reportedly began after someone saw bruising on the boy’s body. That person contacted the Glencoe Police. An investigation by Etowah County Sheriff’s Office and The James M. Barrie Center for Children was begun.

Etowah County Sheriff’s Office Chief of Investigation Michael Jones said that it is believed that abuse has taken place for about six months at a house in Glencoe. The relationship or circumstances that led to the contact between McCord and the victim has not been reported.

Sheriff Entrekin described McCord as a “career criminal.” She has reportedly also been arrested four bad check warrants.

McCord, whose booking photo is a bit odd, has been charged with torture and willful abuse of a child. She is being held in the Etowah County Detention Center on $50,000 bond for these charges and an additional $4000 bond for bad check charges.…

Monagut, LA — Ron Christopher Chauvin, 39, was arrested after reportedly sending text message photos of his erect penis to five female real estate agents. This after he admitted retrieving their contact information from signs posted at area real estate offerings.

One agent told a Sheriff’s deputy that, after receiving the first message, she replied to Chauvin and told him that he must have the wrong number. After he continued to send more photos of his penis, she decided to contact the Sheriff’s Office.

The deputy reportedly traced the messages to Chauvin. According to police, Chauvin admitted to sending the obscene photos when questioned.

Chauvin has been released from the Terrebonne Parish Jail on a $25,000.00. His arraignment date is set for August 25, 2011.…

GREENFIELD, Ind. — A CNA has been fired and may lose her license after she took a picture of a patient who crapped his pants and posted it on her Facebook.

Taia Armstrong, 30, was a certified nursing assistant at Kindred Transitional Care and Rehabilitation working with a paraplegic 51-year-old male patient who had crapped himself.

“This is too funny. I need to take a picture of this,” court documents say the certified nurse’s assistant told a co-worker.

The co-worker asked her not to take the picture, but Armstrong couldn’t resist, as getting a picture of a shit-covered ass belonging to a helpless man she was supposed to be caring for was just too hilarious to pass up.

She ended up posting the picture on her Facebook wall where I am assuming she felt her friends and family would find it just as funny as she did. That’s when the co-worker went to her supervisor and reported Armstrong.

Armstrong was fired after admitting she took the picture and her case has been referred to the State Department of Health, which oversees CNAs, and could take away Armstrong’s CNA license. …

La Porte, IN — Police in Indiana have arrested a couple and charged them with felony child molesting and bestiality.

The charges came after a 5-year-old girl told someone that after she walked in on Rebecca Bermudez and Jackie Koker having sex with a pit bull, she was invited to join them. The couple allegedly had sex in front of the victim and Bermudez molested the girl while Koker watched.

Bermudez, 40, was charged with child molesting, bestiality and aiding, inducing or causing bestiality. Koker, 44, was charged with bestiality, aiding, inducing or causing bestiality and aiding, inducing or causing child molesting. Every one of these charges are felonies.

Interesting to note is that Koker makes mentions of a divorce he is going through on his Facebook page, including that he is fighting for custody of his kids. On Wednesday, the same day he and Bermudez were ordered held in the LaPorte County Jail on $25,000 cash bond, Koker posted “meeting with the high priced hot shot attorney today for a face to face before the conference with the 4 of us tomorrow, wish me luck.”

I’m just pointing this out because there is always the possibility, as there usually always is, of there being a lot more to this story.…

Port St. Lucie, FL — According to a police report released Wednesday, Tyler Hadley, the teen accused of beating his parents to death with a hammer, told a friend about the brutal attacks at the party he threw the night of the murders.

The friend, identified as “MM,” told police Hadley called him early Saturday and talked of killing his parents. M assumed it was nothing but an empty threat as Hadley had spoke of killing his folks numerous times in the past. Later that day, M told police, Hadley made the same threat again.

At the party that evening, M said Hadley asked to speak to him in private – he then confessed to the murders. When M wasn’t convinced, Hadley pointed to his parents’ vehicles, still parked in the driveway. When that didn’t convince M, Hadley reportedly pointed out a bloody footprint in the garage. When that failed to convince his friend, Hadley then led the teen to his parents’ bedroom. It all fell into place when M looked in the bedroom and saw the elder Hadley’s legs buried beneath a pile of household items.…

Columbus, Ohio — Police were called to the home of Ohio State Senator Kris Jordan on July 11 after his wife, Melissa, dialed 911. The first call was a hangup. The 911 dispatcher then called back. The 11-minute call appeared to be a mixture of the wife describing the situation and wanting to cancel the call.

When the dispatcher first called back, she said, “Just, please, get somebody here. My husband. Please.”  “This is the first time I’ve called,” she added. “He’s done this a lot. I can’t put up with this anymore.

Mrs. Jordan went on to explain, “He’s had some drinks. He was pushing me around, throwing stuff.”

During the call, Mrs. Jordan told the dispatcher that there were guns in the home.

“He’s mad; he’s got the gun,” she whispered. “I don’t want anybody here.”  “He took it out of his pocket and laid it down in the other room,” Melissa Jordan went on to say. “It’s not on him right now.”

During the call, Mrs.…

Galveston, TX –– 20 year-old Austin Jones was arrested Monday after a violent outburst directed at a baby.

Tasers, bath salts, Walmart… these are a few of our favorite things.

The 11 month-old, sitting in a shopping cart pushed by her 24 year-old mother, was just minding her own damn baby business (you know… sucking thumbs, making unintelligible mouth-noises and plotting an inconvenient time to crap in her diaper) when Jones walked through the entrance behind them.

Detective Michelle Sollenberger of the Galveston Police said, “As he approached, he was yelling and screaming at them about the baby. He grabbed the bed of her shopping cart the child was sitting in and started pulling and shaking the shopping cart. The mother kept it from completely flipping over on the child. The little girl had red marks on her legs from the shaking.”

As it happened, two retired police officers where nearby. After calling dispatch, they tried to detain him themselves, but he resisted (and continued to do so) as officers arrived.…

INDIANAPOLIS, IN — A mother is in jail on neglect, drug and intoxication charges while her 4-year-old daughter is lucky to be alive.

The neighbors of 27-year old Mindy Stephens called 911 after she was reportedly wandering the streets, trashed, banging on people’s doors and windows. She was yelling about some keys being stolen while saying her kids were better off without her.

When police arrived, they would find two 7-year-olds in her home as well as a 4-year-old girl who had seen better days. She was rushed to the hospital after being found laying unresponsive on a mattress in front of a fan. She was drenched in sweat and had a temperature of 103. (*tries not to get earwormed by Hot Blooded and fails miserably*)

They would also find the girl’s urine on the floor next to the mattress and her vomit on a nearby couch. These bodily fluids just added to Stephen’s home decor efforts that included dog shit laying around and smeared into the carpet that was already littered with bugs, piles of clothes and cigarette butts.…

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — On June 2, a guest at the Capitol Motel went to the manager and complained about an awful smell in her room. Employees searched for the source of the smell and found it was emanating from the corpse of 26-year-old Jessica Irene Jensen.

She had been stabbed to death and stuffed under the mattress five days earlier.

After police found that Thomas Kumalac, 28, had previously rented the room and had checked out a few days earlier, they released his name to the media as a person they would like to talk to.

On June 2, after seeing Kumalac’s name on the news, the estranged husband of Kumalac’s new girlfriend handed police some very interesting Facebook messages. The messages detailed both her and Kumalac’s involvement in Jensen’s murder.

Acting on a tip that same night, detectives stopped a bus and apprehended Kumalac and his girlfriend. Kumulac would admit to murdering Jensen in the hotel room and hiding her body between the wooden frame and the mattress.…

Brandon, FL — Donald Leet, 37, was charged with two counts of child neglect Tuesday after police say he allowed his girlfriend’s 11-year-old daughter to get behind the wheel of an SUV and play designated driver.

I’m assuming the kid is better at playing house then designated driver, because she demolished a fenced-in water pipe at the First Baptist Church of Brandon, sending a 50-foot geyser into the air.

When police arrived on scene, two kids, the young driver and a 7-year old girl who had been in the backseat, were seen crying and screaming as they exited the vehicle through the driver’s side window. The panicked and traumatized kiddo told police Leet was teaching her how to drive. Neither child was badly injured. Neither was Leet…..unfortunately.

Leet told deputies he had a suspended license and had one glass of wine at dinner, but insisted he was not intoxicated. He then proceeded to get a little mouthy.

“You are going to make me lose my job,” he reportedly told deputies.…

Oklahoma City, OK — Asusena Gonzales, 31, is facing child neglect charges after police and social workers discovered her beaten and emaciated 5-year-old daughter was being forced to live in a closet.

On July 18, an employee with the Oklahoma Department of Human Services called police to ask for their assistance in removing several children from Gonzales’ home. That same employee told police the child in question was made to stay in a closet with nothing but a cup to shit and piss in.

Police said the child appeared to be emaciated and very malnourished. She had very little muscle tissue, was bruised and had several small cuts on her arms. Deputies reported that the child would not look at them when they spoke to her, and when she spoke, they couldn’t understand what she was trying to say. I’m sure it was something like, “Hey, where can a girl get a Big Mac around here?”

Gonzales told police the girl hadn’t seen a doctor in nearly four years. She said the girl was a couple weeks premature and weighed a little more than 4 pounds at birth.…

Fuenlabrada, Spain —  Father Andres Garcia Torres was recently relieved of his position in the parish of Our Lady of Fatima Fuenlabrada for “pastoral reasons.”

The priest alleges that he was fired after rumors that he was engaged in a homosexual relationship with a young Cuban seminarian were heard by his Bishop. The rumors, in part, stemmed from photographs that surfaced of the priest and the seminarian shirtless and in close contact.

The priest has complained to the media that the Bishop of the Diocese of Getafe wants him to abandon the parish, undergo a psychiatric cure and take an HIV test. Undergo a psychiatric cure?

In response, Father Torres has made a simple and obvious request.

“Let them measure my anus and see if it is dilated,” said the priest.

Father Tores has reportedly handed over the keys of the church, after refusing to do so for several days in protest. According to reports, he has also said that he will now go to Rome to ‘show that he is being expelled from his parish unfairly.’

When you read in the next weeks of a man mooning the popemobile while shouting in Spanish, don’t say that you weren’t warned……

Idaho Falls, ID — Alisha Gardner, 28, was pulled over late Saturday night after a sheriff’s officer observed her swerving and crossing the center line. Police reported her blood-alcohol level to be twice the legal limit at the time of the stop and took Gardner to jail.

Gardner’s dog was along for the ride that evening, and police informed her that she needed to have someone come to the police station and retrieve the dog. Her mom, Diana Gardner, 51, soon arrived.

An officer that the elder Gardner spoke with at the police station reportedly smelled alcohol on her. A subsequent test was reported to have revealed her blood-alcohol level to also be twice the legal limit. She, too, was arrested.

The photo above is actually the younger Gardner. Her mother is pictured here.

It was not reported if the dog – which I suspect to have been twice the legal limit of canine intoxication – ever managed to get a ride home.…

Drunk Driver Kills Five Amish

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Benton, NY— 42 year-old Steven Eldridge is facing five counts of  criminally negligent homicide after he side-swiped a van, causing it to collide with the tractor he was impatiently (and illegally) trying to pass.

He’s also being charged with DUI, but that’s really a small turd in the huge pile of shit he landed himself in. According to reports, Eldridge attempted to pass a slow-driving tractor on a stretch of road where that exact thing is prohibited. Clearly demonstrating why it’s a good idea to obey traffic laws, Eldridge struck a van full of Amish farmers. The collision sent the van into the path of the tractor, resulting in this mess right here. While at first glance it looks like the results of one of the Transformers having had an abortion, you can clearly see one of the back doors of the van, which should help you make heads or tails of the accident. Apparently rescue crews were still trying to get people out four hours after the accident. Five  of the thirteen Amish farmers died, 10 other people were injured.…

Man Tries Killing His Mother With An Airplane

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Switzerland — “Are you home mum? I’m just about to drop in,” 47-year-old Konrad Schmidt allegedly said before he flew a twin engine plane through his mother’s bedroom window.

Schmidt was battling depression and had been involved in a long-running feud with his mother ever since she divorced his father who would later die of cancer.

“Schmidt felt very bitter and blamed his mother. He had also suffered depression and financial problems over the past few years,” said a police spokesperson.

On Saturday, neighbors reported seeing Schmidt flying over the houses a few times before he called his mother from the cockpit and then kamikazed into her home. Schmidt would die in the crash, crush the two story home and ignite a giant fireball.

But Schmidt couldn’t even do this right. Although he skillfully navigated a twin-engine plane through a bedroom window, his mother was physically unharmed. She had been in the basement at the time of the crash.…