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PINE CITY, Minn. — Police have arrested 16-year-old David Doberstein and charged him with shooting his sleeping stepfather in the head with a revolver.

Police were called to Doberstein’s home early Wednesday morning after he woke up his mother and told her that he thought something was wrong with 41-year-old Mark McKeller, who was sitting in a chair bleeding from his head with his right eye drooping.

McKeller was conscious and talking, but had no clue what the hell was going on or why he was bleeding. Thinking the man may have had a stroke and hit his head, paramedics rushed him to the hospital where a CAT scan would find the reasons behind the man’s injuries. It was in the form of a bullet lodged behind McKeller’s right eye.

When police began asking Doberstein questions, he told them that it was an accident. He told them he was trying to sneak out of the house and the .22 caliber revolver he had taken to scare a dog had accidentally discharged as he was leaving, striking his stepdad in the head.…

Columbus, OH — Police have arrested a a teen after he allegedly used a knife to slit the throat of another student during a school assembly.

The incident happened Thursday morning during a Freshman assembly at West High School. It is during this assembly witnesses say Marco Solis pulled a knife out of his pocket and cut the throat of 14-year-old Tyquan Green-Tucker who was sitting in front of him.

The victim was able to walk out of the assembly and towards the nurse’s office. The nurse deemed his injury as a critical one and paramedics were called, along with the Columbus police.

Tucker was rushed to rushed to Nationwide Children’s Hospital where he immediately underwent surgery. He is still there today, listed in fair condition.

Solis was caught and charged with one count of felonious assault and one count of possession of a dangerous weapon. No word on what prompted the attack, but Solis’ mother hinted that her son was being bullied.

“He said, ‘Mom, if I go there, they’re going to beat me up and they’re going to do stuff to me, so please don’t take me there.’,” she told reporters.…

LOUISVILLE, KY — A judge surprised everyone during the sentencing phase of a woman accused of killing her 8-month-old son by rejecting a plea deal the defense and prosecution had agreed upon.

First, here’s a little background. Back in 2010, police arrested Geneva Walters, accusing her being responsible for the drowning death of her son, Michael Cowherd. Police say Walters had given the boy adult-strength Tylenol before leaving him in the bathtub while she prepared formula, stopping short of placing a cinder block on the boy’s chest to keep him occupied.

She would be initially be charged with wanton endangerment and manslaughter, but earlier this year, Walters plead guilty to reckless homicide in a pretty sweet plea deal.

Both her defense and the prosecution had reached a plea agreement that would have Walters serving 60 days in jail and being placed on probation for five years. Not too bad for being an idiot who killed their kid.

Typically, judges will rule in favor of plea agreements, but Judge Stevens surprised everyone Thursday during sentencing when he bitch-slapped that plea deal into oblivion and then sentenced Walters to the maximum sentence of five years behind bars.…

St. Petersburg, Florida — Sometimes I come across a story that really doesn’t need me to do much past writing the title. This is definitely one of those stories.

An elderly man fell asleep in his electric wheelchair outside of a vacant Hooter’s when 22-year-old Josephine Smith jumped on top of him and began biting him.

I’m a vampire, I am going to eat you,” she informed the startled man as she began ripping flesh from his lips, face and arms with her teeth.

Milton Ellis, 69, told police he had met Smith at a neighboring shopping center. The pair decided to hang out together at the former Hooters while Smith waited for someone to come pick her up.

Ellis ended up falling asleep in his wheelchair, only to be awakened by Smith’s claims of being a blood-sucking creature of the night and her attempt to eat him.

In the arrest report, the officer states that Ellis had several bites to his arm that had removed the top layer of skin.…

Tampa Bay, FL — Natalie M. Behnke, 25, was arrested for impersonating a stripper at a local gentlemen’s club after an evening of stripping, dancing, panhandling, and fighting. Wait! That was my evening…

Behnke reportedly disrobed and began dancing at the Baby Dolls club at around midnight Tuesday. After she then asked customers to give her money, authorities said, the staff asked her to leave.

According to the arrest report, she wouldn’t go and, in fact, tried to pick a fight with the real dancers. This because, as we all know, that’s where the big money is…

Behnke was arrested on a charge of disorderly intoxication. At her first court appearance Wednesday, Behnke pleaded no contest to the misdemeanor and was fined $450, according to Pinellas court records.

Behnke, whose last name is also spelled Benke in criminal records, is considered a habitual juvenile offender in Florida, according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. She was described in court documents as a transient.

I, for one, was shocked to learn from this that impersonating a stripper is not a federal crime.…

DUBLIN, Ohio — Let me apologize upfront for the obscene visual of a mother performing sexual acts on her 10-month-old son that I just now put in your head, but that’s exactly what the news is reporting one Ohio woman did — in front of a camera.

Police say that on August 30, 24-year-old Ashley Jessup recorded herself performing sexual acts on her baby, then sent the video to her boyfriend in Michigan.

That man’s former girlfriend found the video and contacted police who arrested Jessup the next day. Police say she did admit to the crime.

She’s now facing life in prison if convicted on two counts of rape, one count of endangering children and one count of pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor.

Spontaneous applause from strangers broke out in the courtroom after the charges against her were read.

She’ll be back in court on Monday for her arraignment so I’m sure we will have more details then.

Police are also reviewing the information to see if there will be any charges filed against the boyfriend, who already has had some equipment seized from his home.…

Burglary Suspect Makes Half-Naked Getaway

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Lemon Grove, CA — Police are currently looking for a burglary suspect who, after a struggle with the victim, ran away in her skivvies.

Richard Sowards went to the store to buy dog food, and upon his return found a petite young woman in his home, holding his laundry basket. When the bright light and angel choir faded, Sowards realized she wasn’t there to give him the gift of hotness and the fresh scent of Gain, but to rob him. Inside the basket were a jewelry box and some computers.

The suspect then ran into the backyard, but was unable to scale the large fences surrounding the property. She ran back towards the house and attacked Sowards. Both the suspect and the victim were attempting to make cell phone calls during the fray, but Sowards said the woman kept knocking the cell phone out of his hands as he tried to contact police.

At some point, the burglar picked up a flower pot and smashed it over Sowards’ head. He would also suffer a laceration to his leg from a piece of the broken pot.…

Who Is Dumping Babies In The Mississippi?

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Winona, MN — I gotta tell ya, Demonites, this has to be one of the strangest stories I have come across in my time here at the Dreamin’ Demon. According to officials, for the fourth time in twelve years, a baby has been found floating in the Mississippi River.

The first body was found in November of ’99 – she was found near Red Wing. A baby boy, discovered near Frontenac in 2003, was believed to be the first infant’s brother. Another child was found in 2007. That baby girl was found near Treasure Island Marina.

On Monday, the body of a newborn baby girl was found floating in a bag just outside of Winona. The infant tipped the scales at about seven pounds and appeared to be just a few days old at the time of her death.

Anybody else see a pattern here?

The circumstances surrounding the baby’s death are being investigated by the Winona County Sheriff’s Office, the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Winona County Attorney’s Office.…

Lubbock, TX — A man claiming to have the devil living inside of him was arrested this week after police say he attacked an officer of the law with a serrated spatula. And I gotta call bs right off the bat, everyone knows the devil prefers chopsticks.

Officer Bryan Schwartner responded to The Center at Overton Park Tuesday afternoon after receiving a report of a man acting strangely and threatening random people. Schwartner and his partner spotted 20-year-old Kabir Isola on a balcony at the complex and attempted to speak with him.

According to police, when the officers made contact with Isola, the man unexpectedly attacked. After hitting Schwartner with a large, serrated BBQ spatula, Isola reportedly tried to gouge the man’s eyes out. Police say he then began choking Schwartner, rendering him unconscious, and attempted to toss him off the 4th floor balcony. Another officer was able to detain Isola, who claimed the devil was inside him.

Schwartner was transported to the hospital with multiple contusions and lacerations and was later released.…

Man Arrested After Stabbing Child With Chopsticks

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Springfield, MA — Vo Duc Au, 31, was arrested Tuesday after police say he attacked a 12-year-old boy with a pair of chopsticks.

According to the young victim, he was just sitting there doing his homework when Au raced down the stairs and started getting all stabby. The kid was poked on the left forearm and bicep, and was left with a 1″ laceration. Au! Bet that hurt. HARR!

When the boy’s father tried to intervene, Au reportedly attempted to stab the man in the face. Fortunately, the man was able to disarm Au before anyone lost an eye.

No idea who Au is in relation to the child and father, just know that he may be a little off. Police say he was shaking and uncooperative at the scene.

Au has been charged with two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. The child was treated at the scene.

Chopsticks, huh? I do believe my sporkin’ days are over. Lord knows I can’t eat with the damn things….…

Speedway, IN — Latoya Price’s inability to STFU earned her a shiny new wardrobe accessory Monday night after she was seen beating her 7-year-old daughter with a belt at a bus stop.

Several witnesses reportedly witnessed the beating, which, according to Price, was dealt because the child had taken a pack of gum from a nearby gas station.

When police arrived, the kid was in tears and 28-year-old Price was livid. She was screaming at the child, and though she was continually asked to lower her voice, she kept on ranting and raving at the responding officers.

Price admitted to hitting the child with the belt, and when an officer suggested that the bus stop may not be the best location to discipline her child, she reportedly poked the kid in the forehead and said, “Fine, I’ll beat you when we get home.”

Instead of ripping that belt out of her hand and giving her a taste of her own damn medicine, the officer kept trying to calm the woman.…

Little Rock, AR — Police are investigating the death of Dexter Williams (FB), whose body was discovered in an empty bathtub next to a sleeping TV meteorologist. According to police, Williams, 24, was found dead early Monday inside the bathtub – naked and wearing a silver dog collar-style chain around his neck. KARK-TV weatherman Brett Cummins reportedly was asleep and lying next to him at the home of Christopher Barbour, 36, who made the discovery.

Maumelle Police spokesman Lt. Jim Hansard said that traces of blood were found in the bathtub. Lt. Hansard said police are awaiting the results of an autopsy and toxicology tests conducted Tuesday on Williams.

Barbour reportedly told investigators that – at around 8PM on Sunday – Cummins brought Williams over to Barbour’s house where the three drank and snorted illegal drugs. Barbour also reportedy said that Cummins and Williams got into the bathtub in his bathroom at around 10PM and continued to drink, according to local press accounts.

Reports say that when Barbour found the pair in the bathroom at around 8AM the next day, he shook the snoring Cummins and the two of them then tried to wake up Williams.…

Mom Punches Woman Accused Of Molesting Her Son

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Warren, MI — I can’t seem to find much info on this one, but according to, Michelle Lester was taken into custody Tuesday after she reportedly fondled a young boy she was looking after.

The boy’s mother, who remains unidentified, was apparently trying to help Lester get back on her feet by offering her a place to stay. On Tuesday afternoon, the woman asked Lester if she would look after her 5-year-old son when he arrived home from school while she attended college classes.

When the boy’s mother returned home, police say a neighbor told her something sexual may have happened to the boy while she was out. The woman then confronted Lester, who reportedly made some sort of admission. And according to the kid’s mother, Lester accused the kid of molesting her.

“What’d he do?” the woman questioned. “Grab a steak knife and say ‘give me the cookies?'” Oooh, that made me LOL.

Understandably upset with the alleged admission, the boy’s mother said she hauled off and punched the 300+ pound Lester, knocking her flat on her ass.…

Police: Serial Butt Slasher Identified

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Fairfax, VA — You guys remember the serial butt slasher, don’t ya? We first learned of his twisted antics back in July, after he was accused of randomly slashing the asses of female shoppers in retail stores across Fairfax county. Well, it appears as if the sicko slasher has been identified.

According to a recent press release, Fairfax County Police have identified Johnny Guillen Pimentel, 40, as a suspect in at least one of the six assaults that occurred over the summer.

Detectives have obtained a warrant for Pimentel’s arrest in the alleged assaults, but believe he has left the area.

Police believe Pimentel may be driving a blue, 2003 Honda Civic, Virginia license plate number KLX2689. Police are asking that anyone with information on his whereabouts contact the Fairfax County Police Department at 703-691-2131 or contact Crime Solvers by phone at 1-866-411-TIPS/8477.

Charges against Pimentel will be determined at the conclusion of the investigation.

Homewood, Ill — The man accused of stabbing his 3-year-old son to death after raping the boy’s mother and tossing her out a window has been ordered held without bond.

Police say that last Friday, 27-year-old Gregory Sandifer raped his girlfriend, 25-year-old Margaret Jefferson, at knifepoint. Afterwards, he stabbed her multiples times in the chest, neck and arms. Sandifer then began beating her, then hit her with her a television before pushing her out a second-floor window.

Still alive, Jefferson began screaming for help.

“There wasn’t any part of her body that wasn’t covered with blood. She was practically naked,” neighbor Kathy Perez told the Tribune. “She kept asking (police) to go get (her) baby. ‘He’s gonna kill my baby.'”

Still inside the apartment, Sandifer allegedly grabbed a carving knife and murdered his 3-year-old son, Jaivon Sandifer, by stabbing him 10 times in the torso, neck and arms as he lay in his bed. One of these wounds was a 14-centimeter stab wound on the back of the boy’s neck.

Witnesses then watched as Sandifer jumped from the second floor porch and landed in the yard of the house next door.…

LAS VEGAS , NV — Police say 19-year-old Javier Righetti admitted to stalking 15-year-old Alyssa Otremba, raping her, then stabbing her over 40 times before setting her body on fire.

Otremba was last heard from on Friday evening while walking home from a friend’s house. She texted her mother, informing her she would be home in 30 minutes and that her phone was dying. When she did not return home, Otremba’s mother began searching the neighborhood for her before calling police.

The next day, Otremba’s charred body was found in a desert area near her home. Autopsy reports show she was stabbed more than 40 times in the face, neck, chest, stomach and thighs.

On Monday, police would get a call from 18-year-old Elizabeth Morales who told them she had some information regarding Otremba’s murder. She told police that on Friday night her boyfriend, 19-year-old Daniel Ortiz, received several phone calls from a very upset Righetti.

“Ortiz told Morales that Righetti wanted Ortiz to come help him,” police wrote in their report.…

Montrose, PA –  A Pennsylvania woman resorted to shooting her 36 year-old son in the chest after he allegedly, and completely, lost his shit.

It all started just after midnight on Monday. Police responded to a domestic disturbance and removed 36 year-old Shane Hazlett from his family’s home, telling him not to return. Hazlett went to a friend’s house and, apparently unsatisfied with what had transpired so far, took to facebook with harassment and threats.

There’s very little information on what the initial spat was about, but what happened after Hazlett left the keyboard and ventured back out into the real world makes for one hell of a tale.

Hitching a ride with a friend, Hazlett returned to the house and threatened to kill his family members. Likely stemming from a desire to not be killed, they closed and locked the front door. Hazlett reportedly used a fire extinguisher to smash the front door open and unlock it.

Once inside, Hazlett pulled an Olivia Newton-John and  decided to get physical.…

Arvada, CO – Angela Martin, a Colorado mother, has been charged for allegedly handcuffing her 14-year-old daughter after an early morning fight last Sunday about Facebook.

The dispute reportedly began after the teen’s parents arrived home at about 2AM. Police reports document Martin’s claim that her daughter posted the words “vagina, vagina, vagina” as her Facebook status. When her daughter’s status displayed in her news feed – presumably, on her phone – she asked her daughter to remove the status.

Martin claims her daughter refused to delete the status or hand over her account password.  Judging on this alone, Martin’s daughter’s position in the teenager’s union appears secure.

“I tried to take her computer, we got in a scuffle. I realized that there was no way that I was going to be able to control her. I handcuffed her and I came back upstairs to call the police. And when I went downstairs she was gone, she had ran to a neighbors in her handcuffs. But no, I don’t beat my children, so hopefully that doesn’t come out that way,” Martin reportedly said.…