Two Women Beat Toddler To Death Because He Drank Milk From The JugSex Offender Gets Out Of Prison, Rapes 7-Year-Old Girl Six Weeks LaterMan Gets Dresser Drawer Makeover After He's Caught Sexually Assaulting BabyBaby Died After Mother Left Her In Car For Six Hours While Getting Hair DoneGirl, 12, Killed After Father Runs Her Over With Power BoatBoy, 14, Dies In Apparent Suicide at Florida Gun RangePit Bull Mauls Two Children Strapped In Their Car Seats Inside MinivanGirl, 4, Dies After Being Entangled In House Boat PropellersWoman Accused Of Stabbing Her Four Kids, Husband To DeathFather Beat Daughter To Death Because She Got Math Answers Wrong

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West Hartford, CT – Four days after being let out of jail, a man on Connecticut’s sex offender list was arrested for getting high on spray paint and actin’  a fool.

Around 9am on Monday, 37-year-old Alexander Robles was outside the Jewish Community Center in Hartford with silver paint on his face.  Allegedly, he was knocking on car windows, pulling door handles and yelling at people. Other witnesses say he was standing with his pants pulled down. Police found him with two cans of spray paint in a plastic bag.

“He was not in a good frame of mind,” said Lt Jeremy Clark, which is funny to me since, when I get high on paint, I  generally carry on an aggressive yet civil debate on the intricacies of global politics while baking scones as part of my volunteer work with the elderly.

A nearby daycare was put on lock-down since they hadn’t booked ‘Skippy the Pickle-Swinging Clown’ that day. Robles told arresting officers he didn’t know how he ended up in the parking lot and was simply trying to ask for a ride.…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A woman in California has found herself in a bit of trouble after a recent visit to the DMV where her stepdaughter informed a stranger that she was being abused.

Police say when 35-year-old Duewa Lee went to use the bathroom at the DMV, her 12-year-old stepdaughter informed someone there she was being tortured at the hands of her stepmother. She claimed that not only was she being beaten, but that Lee had burned her with an iron and stapled her ear.

A DMV employee reported the girl’s claims to the Sheriff’s Department, proving that they’re not all totally worthless human beings whose entire purpose in life is to make you as miserable as they are.

On Wednesday, Lee was taken into custody and placed in jail on suspicion of 10 counts of endangering the life or health of a child and one count of torture. The Sheriff’s Department, who placed the girl into protective custody after a medical evaluation, said the abuse had been going on for several months.…

Louisville, KY – Micheatria Donelson has been awarded over one million dollars, still a fraction of what she was asking for, after enduring a truly horrific ordeal of witnessing her premature baby decapitated during birth.

A jury decided yesterday to award Donelson the money, finding that doctors were at least somewhat at fault for what happened to her in the hospital back in 2006.

Donelson wasn’t near pregnant enough to be having a baby. According to the defense, she was only 21 weeks, although her side argued it was 24. Regardless of the time period, she found herself bleeding and in the hospital. Doctors were far from optimistic about the chances of the baby surviving.

Dr. Joseph Bilotta utilized a ‘cerclage’: a string used to keep the cervix closed and my word of the day. The defense claims it would be physically impossible to deliver a baby with the instrument in place, although Donelson’s side claimed that’s exactly why things went the way they did. Whether the cerclage was in place or not, no one argued about what happened.…

Delhi, California — The victim of a burglary ended up in jail on child porn charges after the thieves later called police and informed them they had found child porn in the man’s house.

A 19-year-old and a juvenile broke into the home of 54-year-old Kraig Stockard earlier this month and swiped  50 CD-Rs they planned on using to burn some music.

Turns out that over half of the CDs were not blank and contained a lot of child porn. According to police, a family member convinced the two suspects to call police, admit to the theft and let them know what they had found.

A search warrant was issued and police would grab three desktop computers and three laptops from Stockard’s home. Police have not released what they may or may not have found on these devices, but they did say they believe Stockard has been downloading child porn since 2004.

Police won’t have a hard time proving Stockard owned the CDR’s because for some inexplicable reason, he had already called them to report they had been stolen.…

Houston, TX — Chanta Johnson is accused of abandoning her 5-month-old daughter in a store parking lot last month because she no longer wanted her. That, in itself, is a dick move…but you know what’s even worse? She forced her 7-year-old son to help…

Police spoke with a witness who said she saw Johnson leave the baby in the parking lot. The woman said she picked the baby up and – since she knew Johnson – went after her, finding her at a nearby basketball court. When the woman approached Johnson with the child, Johnson reportedly said she didn’t want the baby and didn’t care what happened her. She also told the woman to go ahead and call CPS on her, she didn’t care.

Distraught and shocked, he woman left with the child, but instead of calling police or CPS, she called another friend. Together, the women approached Johnson with the baby a second time. By this time, the kid was crying, hungry and in need of a diaper change. The second woman told Johnson she needed to take care of the infant, to which Johnson reportedly replied no, adding “I know you are going to call CPS on me, go ahead.” This time, they called the cops.…

Bethel, MN — Accused of repeatedly entering a neighbor’s home through a doggy door to steal cash and other various items, Amanda Rose Owens, 18, told police she did it to support her pornography addiction. Which, I imagine, is much easier to cop to than a meth addiction.

The neighbor, 44-year-old Darin Pake, told police he set up a surveillance camera in his home after noticing several items in his house were missing. Among the missing items were a camera, a briefcase and a jar containing about $300.

Pake told investigators the footage showed Owens – his neighbor and his children’s former baby sitter – crawling into his house through the doggy door at 7:50 Monday morning. She is then seen pawing through the family’s things and snaggin’ a Red Bull out of the refrigerator before exiting the house about 20 minutes later.

When questioned, Owens admitted to breaking into the home on three separate occasions – each time through the doggy door. She reportedly told police she was lifting things she knew she could easily pawn so she could support her pornography addiction.…

Jacksonville, FL — Police were called to a Jacksonville hotel after a man had entered the room – where his girlfriend was reported to be staying – and found blood ‘everywhere.’ The 33-year-old woman reportedly told her fiancé that she had suffered a miscarriage.

Investigators said that, in addition to the blood in the hotel room, there was also blood inside the woman’s car. But… an analysis of the stains showed them as testing negative for blood. Ruh roh.

Police said that when the woman was confronted with the results, she confessed to faking the pregnancy, buying imitation blood from Walmart and staging the miscarriage. …a particularly horrific miscarriage, in fact.

“She says that she got pregnant back in February but immediately lost the child. . .but didn’t want to tell the boyfriend that,” says Sgt. Shawn Coarsey. “So she’s been pretending that she was pregnant this entire time.”

No criminal charges were filed. The boyfriend made the 911 call in good faith, so abuse of the 911 is out.…

OCOEE, Fla. — At the same time Jose Baez was convincing a Florida jury that Casey Anthony did not murder her child, another defense attorney was in the same building trying to convince a jury that Billy Bob Thorton’s estranged daughter was not responsible for the death of her best friend’s 1-year-old daughter.

Back in October 2008, 32-year-old Amanda Brumfield was charged with murder after her best friend’s baby, Olivia Madison Garcia, died in her care. Garcia died after suffering a 3.5-inch fracture of her skull and bleeding on the brain.

Brumfield would tell investigators that the injury was caused by the girl falling out of her crib, but that after the fall the child seemed fine and even ate a banana. She explained the little girl’s lack of distress was the reason why she did not call for help until nearly two hours after the alleged fall, even sending her mother a text saying “Olivia can climb out of her playpen but has learned … she has perfected the landing.”

During the trial, the prosecution would argue there was no way Garcia would have suffered such a massive head injury from the short fall distance Brumfield described, and that it had to come from some other method.…

Lawrence, NY – A man has been charged with attempted murder after he and his 2 year-old daughter were found in his car, sick from being poisoned by chemicals.

Ammonium chloride, as it turns out, isn’t actually all that poisonous. Despite this, police believe 45-year-old Khemchan Sulaiman mixed the chemical with baby formula and gave his daughter the concoction in a bottle. The chemical was also found on the girl, along with a powder believed to be a household pesticide. Allegedly both Sulaiman and his daughter ingested the chemical.

The pair were found semi-conscious in Sulaiman’s car Monday morning, parked behind a block of stores, after someone heard the man honking the car’s horn and yelling for help. Police believe this to be an attempted murder-suicide and that it may have stemmed from some bad blood between Sulaiman and his ex-wife, who is also the girl’s mother. Both were taken to the hospital in critical condition, but as of Tuesday the girl is listed as stable and Sulaiman is expected to make it to court, where he could get up to 25 years.…

Carterville, IL — On the same day members of an Illinois community were mourning the loss of one of their teachers, another hanged herself in her own classroom.

A co-worker found 45-year-old Linda Elaine Walker in her kindergarten classroom late Monday afternoon where she had hanged herself. CPR was performed on Walker before emergency crews arrived but she would be pronounced dead at the hospital.

Walker, a teacher for 17 years, was found hanging in her classroom on the same day funeral services were held for another longtime Carterville kindergarten teacher, 72-year-old Lynn Byrnes, who died last week after complications from surgery.

“These things are so awful. Sometimes we don’t know the best thing to do. Fortunately, our kids, staff and community is a tight, resilient group,” Carterville school district Superintendent Robert Prusator said. “This is a day where everyone digs down and does a lot of work.”

As many as 30 counselors were available at area schools to help the community cope with the losses.…

NORMAN, Okla. – A woman charged with raping a 13-year-old boy has found herself back in jail after she tried to slip the boy a love note wrapped in a burrito.

Amy Blose, 37, was charged with eight counts of rape back in April after police found out about her sexual relationship with a 13-year-old-boy. She had been free on $20,000 bond with stipulations she not have contact with children under the age 18 — especially the victim.

But a judge revoked the former nurse’s bond on Friday after Blose slipped the boy a love note hidden inside the wrapper of a burrito. Reportedly, while taking some kids to school she stopped by Sonic and purchased a burrito. Inside the burrito’s wrapper she placed a note that read “Hey Babe, I love you forever” then had a 15-year-old girl deliver the burrito to the teen.

Because of that stunt, the wife and mother was put back in jail and will remain there until her November court date where she will answer to three counts of rape in first degree, three counts of forcible oral sodomy, one count of lewd or indecent acts to a child under 16, and one count of performing lewd acts in the presence of a child under 16.…

Wheatland, MO — An Overland Park, KS., man was arrested in Missouri late last month after allegedly trying to lure three young girls into his company van.

According to police, 55-year-old Richard Gibisas told the girls to get inside the van he was driving, a van with the words “Broadway Equipment” written on it, when he saw them playing outside. The girls, ages 7, 10 and 12, told police Gibisas got out of the van and told them he was “going to get them.” The girls ran into a nearby house for help.

As an adult from inside the home approached Gibisas, he slammed the door and began backing out of the driveway. The man knocked on the van’s window, but Gibisas just looked at him and drove away.

Police caught up with the alleged perv about 10 miles down the road. Inside the van, police found duct tape, rubber gloves, three Hustler magazines, binoculars and baby oil.

Gibisas denied the allegations, claiming he had no idea what those girls were talking about…he never said a word to them.…

Indianapolis, IN — Alice Howe, 48, is facing multiple charges after a 68-year-old woman she was “caring” for was found gagged and bound in duct tape.

Police were called to the apartment Howe shared with the victim after neighbors called to complain about the banging coming from inside the residence. Upon entry, police found the victim on a mattress in the middle of a dark room.

“She was immobile. She could not move. She was bound by her feet and hands,” said Indianapolis police spokesman Officer Anthony Schneider. “She couldn’t yell or scream because her mouth was bound also.”

Police say the woman had been banging on the wall for hours trying to get someone’s attention. They believe she had been bound for more than 22 hours.

The victim told police Howe lived with her as a caretaker. And when she wasn’t caretaking, Howe was apparently prostituting herself and indulging in a little crack smoking, which, the victim said, made her mean and abusive. Not only was Howe the woman’s supposed caretaker, living in her home rent free, she was also the sole beneficiary on the woman’s life insurance policy and had power of attorney over all of the victim’s financial matters.…

Bartlesville, OK — Some of you may remember the lovely lady to the left, she was charged with manslaughter in November of last year after her 10-day-old baby was found dead inside a running washing machine. Well, she’s been sentenced.

We covered the story when it broke, but for the click impaired, a quickie rundown on the case….

On Thursday, November, 4th, Lyndsey Fiddler called 911 to report that the infant, Maggie May Trammel, was dead. At the time, Fiddler blamed the child’s death on a relative – the same relative that was heard in the background of the 911 call saying, “No, I didn’t kill your baby. You did.”

It was that relative, Fiddler’s aunt, that found Maggie May in the machine. The woman told detectives she watched as Fiddler left the room with the girl to feed her. Fiddler returned a short time later without the baby. When the woman went to look for the baby, she heard loud noises coming from the laundry room and went to investigate.…

Starving Dog Jumps From Third Story Window

October 5, 2011 at 4:33 pm by  

NEW BEDFORD, Mass., — Before you continue reading I suggest you get the full effect of the article’s contents by playing this in the background. Ok, ready?

The other day, an emaciated one-year-old female dog jumped from a third story window in an effort to save herself from starving to death.

The pit bull mix broke her hip and hind leg upon landing and more than likely would have died had had a cop not witnessed the dog’s three-story plunge. Animal control officials were called and immediately began treating her.

Officials would also find a four-month-old puppy starving to death on the first floor of the flea-infested apartment. The property manager told police the tenant had moved out a couple month’s ago and did not have their contact information.

The female, named Miracle, underwent surgery on Monday and will be placed into the custody of Forever Paws Animal Shelter once she recovers. The puppy, Gracie, was in a lot worse shape but is alive and recovering in the shelter’s ICU.…

Eastleigh, England – Virtually an entire family has been convicted for the attempted murder of their wealthy 89-year-old English patriarch. Apparently not willing to merely wait for their inheritence, the brainiacs sought assistance from Google for ways to kill the elderly gentleman. This, and other details, were heard during their court hearings.

The gentleman’s 16-year-old-grandaughter, her 14-year-old sister and 49-year-old mother, reportedly scoured internet for ways to kill the elderly man – along with a 19-year-old grandson and his 17-year-old girlfriend – using cryptic Google searches like “the easiest way to kill an old person”, “can you kill someone with a punch?”, “dangerous drugs for the elderly”, and the completely mysterious “if you hit someone across the back of the head with a brick will they die?”

The court heard that their first attempts – throwing bricks through his window and cutting the fuel line on his car to make it explode – failed. Investigators concluded that they then devised plans to physically attack man – who suffers from dementia – using bricks in plastic bags in an attempt to scare him to death.…

Sante Fe, NM — Derrick Manuel, the bloody guy to the left, was brutally beaten by three men earlier this week after he accidentally hit a 5-year-old girl that darted in front of his vehicle in a grocery store parking lot.

As is apparent in the attached surveillance video, the car in which the child was riding stops in the middle of the parking lot. The girl jumps out, runs behind the vehicle and straight into the path of Manuel’s truck. When Manuel attempted to climb out of his truck to check on the child, three of the kiddos relatives jumped him.

“At one point, I was going to pass out,” said 49-year-old Manuel. “They were hitting my face, they were hitting me, hitting me.”

Both Manuel and the child were taken to the hospital for treatment and later released. No word on the girl’s injuries, but authorities said they were minor. Manuel suffered cuts, swelling and contusions to his face during the rumble, which police say had to be broken up by witnesses.…

Oakville, WA — No, that’s not a picture of Robert De Niro on crack, it’s 61-year-old Ron Antonson – he’s under investigation for placing an ad in a newspaper saying he would like to be a “big brother” to someone’s 7- or 8-year-old daughter.

The ad, placed in the Centralia Chronicle, read:  “I’m 61 years old, I’m retired and would like to be a big brother to your 7 or 8 year old daughter. I like fishing, going to dinner, movies, bowling, etc. Call Ron.”

What? No long walks on the beach? WTF kind of personal ad is this?

Authorities are concerned because of Antonson’s criminal history – he was convicted of indecent liberties, possession of child pornography and public indecency in 1995. Because of the laws at the time of his conviction, Antonson has never been required to register as a sex offender.

The charges, he claims, were all just a big misunderstanding. When asked why he pleaded guilty to said charges, Antonson reportedly replied, “I couldn’t prove myself, they took the word of a 10-year-old boy.” 

When asked why he placed the ad, Antonson said he’s always wanted a daughter.…