Mom Charged After Emaciated Boy Found Locked In Bathroom For Up To Two YearsPolice Looking For Man Who Killed Rival With Motorcycle Helmet Inside WalmartMom Helped Boyfriend Rape, Dismember Her Adopted Teenage DaughterGirl, 17, Charged With Raping 19-Year-Old Man At Knife PointMan Stabs Friend To Death After Fight Over Video GameMan Accused Of Using Syringe To Spray His Semen On Women Inside Ohio WalmartParents Charged After Missing 5-Year-Old Found In Their Chinese RestaurantWoman Charged With Murder After Mutilating Her Young Daughter To DeathMan Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Family Pit Bull For Last Three YearsWoman Searching For Dog Shot To Death By 83-Year-Old Neighbor

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Parents Charged After Baby Drowns In Bathtub

September 1, 2011 at 4:16 am by  

Albuquerque, NM — The she-beast to the left is 35-year-old Marisa Tso – both she and her man, 27-year-old Christopher Richards, are behind bars after their 10-month-old son drowned in the bathtub.

Tso and Richards apparently had better things to do than to hang out with their offspring Friday evening, so they plopped the baby in the tub with his 2-year-old brother, locked themselves in a bedroom and proceeded to get their drink and nookie on.

Two hours had passed – yes, I said two hours – when their toddler, concerned about his little brother, knocked on the bedroom door and said, “Baby.” Oops, baby was dead. And, really…can you believe the nerve of that kid? Getting all dead and stuff, ruining mommy and daddy’s buzz? Damn brat…

Anyway, Richards reportedly tried to resuscitate the child while Tso coached and prayed to the Lord Jesus above to make her baby all better. Just kidding…Tso started picking up all the empties around the apartment. Wouldn’t want police and paramedics to think she was a slob now, would she?…

Uniontown, PA – Elaine Weimer, 50, is heading to jail after being convicted of using her 8-year-old granddaughter to help steal items from a Walmart store June of last year. Police said Weimer walked through the aisles of the Pennsylvania Walmart and took things off the shelves – making her granddaughter carry them.

When the two left the store, they were stopped by an employee. That’s when, according to investigators, Weimer told the employee that she did not know the girl. She then reportedly got in her car and left. Nice.

“She compounded the retail theft charge. By leaving the child at the location, she’s now facing additional criminal charges,” Trooper Scott Krofcheck said at the time of the arrest.

Police said the child identified her grandmother who was captured in surveillance video stuffing a Jeff Gordon hat and hair products into the granddaughter’s bags. According to police, Weimer also stole new clothes, a toothbrush, teeth whitening strips and anti-aging cream – all of which appeared sorely needed from video interviews.…

Gilbert, AZ — Jessica Callaway, 21, is facing numerous charges after her roommate filmed her smacking her 10-month-old baby around.

The roommate, 18-year-old Alexandrea Kingsley told she had been rooming with Callaway and baby Laura for a couple of weeks. During that time, Kingsley compiled a pretty substantial list of “terrible things’ Callaway had done to the child.

“She would leave the baby in dirty diapers until they were so heavy they were falling off her,” said Kingsley. “There’s times she yelled ‘I wish I never had you, maybe I should just give you away, you’re such a mistake I hate you, you piece of….”

Kingsley went on to say that she had witnessed Callaway hitting the child, blowing marijuana smoke in her mouth and feeding her cold medicine to make her sleep.

Finally, on Friday, as Callaway stomped around the house in a snit, Kingsley decided she’d had enough and out came the cell phone. While pretending she was texting, Kingsley began filming the Mother of the Year at work.…

LONGMONT, Colo. — A 15-year-old is currently spending some time in a juvenile detention facility after police say he stabbed his dad during an argument over the teen’s chores.

Police say that the teen’s father was angry over the boy not taking out the trash (yakety yak) and responded by taking away the teen’s cell phone (don’t talk back). The teen responded by retrieving an ax and using it to hack into his parent’s bedroom door.

The boy’s father was able to get him in a bear hug, but that did not prevent his son from using a knife to stab him six times in the back. The boy’s mother was eventually able to disarm him while the dad was taken to the hospital and treated for minor wounds.

The 15-year-old, who already has a criminal history, faces charges of felony menacing, first degree assault, reckless endangerment and criminal mischief.

One of my kids is the same age as this boy, but had he done what this kid did, the headline would have read something like “Man’s Shoe Removed From Son’s Ass” or “Teen Missing.”

Sorry for the lame picture.…

Phoenix, AZ – James Stark, 58, experienced the business end of the Arizona justice system when he was sentenced last week to 7-consecutive life sentences – and an additional 102.5 years in prison – for molesting his granddaughter.

Stark was arrested January 2010 after his 8-year-old granddaughter told a family friend of the abuse and that led to a police investigation. Prosecutors said that Stark had been living in the same home as the victim’s family since November 2008. The Buckeye (Arizona) Police Department investigation led by Det. Joseph Kirby established that Stark molested the girl for more than a year. This means that the molestation must have begun almost immediately.

When the victim’s mother learned of the situation – presumably from the family friend – she took the 8-year-old to the Buckeye Police Department. A statement from the Maricopa County attorney said:

In a subsequent forensic interview the 8-year old disclosed the defendant had performed a variety of sexual acts on her. These acts included showing her pornography, teaching her how to masturbate, digital contact, digital penetration and oral-genital contact.

Houston, Texas —  Police say a woman tried to cover-up the sexual assault of her adopted 12-year-old daughter, allegedly raped by her 18-year-old son, by taking the young girl to get an abortion.

CPS started their investigation regarding the girl’s pregnancy after an anonymous tipster informed them 50-year-old Cynthia Greenwood had taken the special needs girl to an abortion clinic.

The caller said that the 12-year-old was 17-weeks pregnant but was too hysterical for the procedure to be performed. Greenwood refused to say how the girl became pregnant and the girl would only tell a CPS employee that an adult had touched her privates.

Two weeks later, Greenwood tried again and took the girl to the Center for Women’s Health in Cleveland, Ohio where an abortion would be performed two days later.

Police would interview Greenwood a couple weeks after that and while she admitted she had taken the girl to have an abortion, she denied knowing how the girl got pregnant. The 12-year-old and her sister were taken from the home by CPS on that same day.…

Elderly Man Impaled With Pruning Shears

August 31, 2011 at 9:05 am by  

TUCSON, AZ — Earlier this week we had a story about a woman who survived a tree branch impaling her through the eye socket and touching her brain.

Now we have an elderly man who has survived pruning shears impaling him through the eye socket — handle first — and lodging themselves in his neck.

Leroy Luetscher, 86, was bending over to pick up some pruning shears he had dropped while doing some gardening last month when he lost his balance and fell on top of them with his face.

As you can see by the accompanying, cringe-inducing x-ray, the handle of the shears entered through the mans eye socket and went down into his neck.

Luetscher said he realized he had picked up the tool in one of the worst ways possible after he stood up and felt the shears sticking out of his face. He also stated it was the worst pain he had ever experienced in his life.

“I didn’t know if my eyeball was still there or what,” Luetscher told The Associated Press on Tuesday.…

Hamilton, OH — A man who was once accused of having sexual relations with a four-foot inflatable Halloween pumpkin is in hot water again – this time for bangin’ an inflatable pool raft. Rawr?

Edwin Tobergta, who has several public indecency charges under his belt, was arrested Sunday after a neighbor reportedly caught him sexually assaulting the pink raft in an alley behind his home.

Police said that when the neighbor (the owner of the raft), yelled at Tobergta, he stopped what he was doing, pulled up his pants, threw that sexy piece of pure heaven over a fence and ran off with it. Unfortunately, there is no word on the condition or whereabouts of said raft at this time.

Tobergta reportedly admitted to the act and told officers that he has a problem and needs help. And he ain’t kiddin’, either…

When Tobergta’s name first hit our forums in 2008 – a full six years after the alleged punkin porkin’ – he already had at least six public indecency convictions and was in court to plead guilty to yet another charge.…

Fort Worth, TX — Jonathan Hudson, 22, was a juror on a civil case last month regarding a 2008 car accident. During the trial, Hudson reportedly posted innocuous updates like “Hey, I’m on a jury” and “Sorta boring.” Technically, this was probably not allowed – but I doubt that anybody would have cared. Until…

After the trial recessed for the day on July 18, Hudson reportedly friend-requested the defendant, Courtney Downing, on Facebook. She became concerned and told her lawyer, who told the judge. The next morning Hudson was off the case.

Hudson reportedly made matters worse by contacting Downing again with an apology. According to the court records, he claimed in the follow-up message that he thought she was someone else. She didn’t believe him, so it didn’t accomplish anything.

“I’ve never seen this before,” prosecutor Chris Ponder said. “But I’m afraid this is a new reality as the technology is so ubiquitous that we’ll have these types of things occur.”

I do agree, but I have never liked the word “ubiquitous.” You see it absolutely everywhere.…

Man Decapitates Self After Domestic Dispute

August 31, 2011 at 4:47 am by  

Yorktown, VA — An unidentified 46-year-old man is quite dead after decapitating himself following a domestic dispute with his ex-wife and a brief standoff with police.

Shortly after 10 a.m. Tuesday, deputies arrived at the ex-wife’s home in response to a report of a domestic dispute. The man, however, had already vacated the premises.

As one officer was taking a statement from the woman, another officer in the area noticed a utility trailer in flames. When firefighters arrived to douse the flames, they found the man in question sitting inside the Ford Explorer that had been towing the trailer. Police say he ignored repeated commands to exit the vehicle.

At some point during the standoff, firefighters noticed the man had a cable attached to his neck…the other end was attached to a nearby tree. As officers approached to speak to the man, he hit the gas. He was pulled from the vehicle and decapitated, putting an abrupt end to any future arguments with the ex.

York-Poquoson Sheriff Danny Diggs said the man and his ex had apparently been arguing about his living arrangements.…

ASHEVILLE, NC — Police have a charged a North Carolina mother with murdering her two young daughters with a hatchet before trying to use it on herself.

Neighbors say that on Saturday they heard blood curdling screams coming from the home of Naiyana Patel. She and her husband have run the Ash Pantry Food Store for the last couple years and had recently moved into the home with their two daughters, 8-year-old Jiya, and four year old Piya.

Her husband, Lalji Patel, called 911 after returning home from work Saturday morning and finding his two daughters dead and his wife injured. Police say Naiyana used a hatchet to murder the two girls before using it to repeatedly strike herself in the head.

Naiyana was rushed to the hospital where she is recovering, despite her wishes to die, with a guard posted outside her door. She told police that she wasn’t responsible for murdering her kids, but rather a “ghost killed her children.”

Not surprisingly, it’s being reported that Naiyana has some mental issues.…

Louisville, KY – Lawrence Hyman, 43, was arrested when – during an apparent road rage incident – he allegedly pointed a semi-automatic handgun at another motorist and his family. That motorist was an off-duty Louisville police officer.

According to the arrest report, Hyman was driving alongside an off-duty police officer who was traveling in an unmarked white van with his wife and two children. The two drivers were on a road that merges onto the interstate highway.

The officer in the incident stated that Hyman, “started driving very aggressively, passing officer and slamming on his brakes.” The officer reported that he attempted to pass Hyman, but Hyman sped up. It is at that point, according to arrest records, that Hyman reportedly pulled a gun and pointed it at the officer.

The officer responded by displaying his badge. The arrest reports stated that this caused Hyman to flee the area. Police located Hyman nearby. Police said a Ruger handgun was found in the center console of his vehicle.

Hyman is charged with four counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.…

Canyon County, ID – An Idaho man has saved the state a lot of money and time by simply admitting he molested a toddler during a camping trip.

Anthony J. Asbell, 25,  has also saved me the aggravation of having to use words like ‘allegedly.’ If only all people were so selfless…

Back in July, Asbell went camping along the Snake River with his fiancee and some friends who had children, one of which was a 3 year-old girl.

Asbell would later admit, during a phone call with one of the child’s parents that just so happened to be recorded by police, that the girl “might have excited me because she was running around all day in a bikini. I don’t know what was going through my head, but it wasn’t good.”

I do know what’s going through my head right now, having to read about this sick animal, and you can bet your ass it isn’t good.

All hot and bothered, Asbell decided to take a dip in the water and bring the girl with him.…

SANTA ANA, Calif.— A man was arrested and charged with child endangerment after police say he threw his crying 7-year-old overboard while arguing with his girlfriend on a sight-seeing cruise.

Sloane Briles, 35, was on the 42-foot “Pavilion Queen” with his girlfriend and his two young sons from a previous marriage. They were with approximately 85 other people enjoying a 90-minute sight-seeing tour that goes past the homes of celebrities like Shirley Temple and John Wayne.

Witnesses say that Briles, who appeared to have been drinking, began arguing with his girlfriend and his 7-year-old son. Witnesses began to get angry with Briles as he started smacking the boy around while telling him he needed to toughen up.

When the boy would not stop crying, Briles informed him if he didn’t stop he would throw him overboard. If the passengers were upset with Briles before, I cannot imagine how they felt about him as he followed through with his threat and tossed the crying boy in the water 5-ft below.

Someone on the boat immediately tossed the kid a life ring and Briles jumped in to help his son, but another boater got to him first and pulled him out of the water.…

STAMFORD, CT – Tremain Stephens, 28, was arrested after he chased women around a downtown apartment building just after noon on Wednesday, police say.  The fact that he was not fully clothed complicated the matter.

Police were originally called with a report of a ‘naked man’ chasing women through an apartment building court yard.

When contacted, Police Sgt. Simon Blanc said that one woman complained that Stephens called to her at least twice – saying “hey baby” and “mommy” – and attempted to grab her while she left the apartment building.

The 29-year-old woman said she did not respond, trying to avoid him by re-entering the building and attempting to hold the door closed behind her.  Stephens reportedly pushed through the door began chasing the woman around the building courtyard.  According to Blanc, Stephens was also witnessed with his pants down exposing himself to other women in the courtyard by the apartment pool.

Police apprehended Stephens nearby.  Blanc said that one responding officer reported Stephens looked “zoned out” and was sweating profusely.…

ARVADA, Colo. — An assistant principal at Arvada High School has been charged with sexual assault after his wife busted him having an affair with one of his 15-year-old students.

Anthony Alvarez, 40, turned himself in to police after his wife caught him on the phone talking dirty to a teenage girl. She then did some snooping and found some sexually charged messages between the pair on Facebook.

According to the arrest affidavit, Alvarez’s wife confronted him with this information and then forced him to turn himself in to police where he admitted to the affair.

He told them that he was not the pursuer and that the teen, who he met when she was in 7th grade, was the one that came on to him first. He assured them that he was not a child predator and while he may have cheated on his wife with other women, unlike this particular girl, they were all over the age of 18.

The victim told cops a slightly different story. She says she was only involved with Alvarez because he was blackmailing her.…

Lufkin, TX —  A 55 year-old man has been arrested after he allegedly molested a teenage boy after watching porn with him.

William Joseph Bass (who really looks like some sort of botched Lemmy Kilmister clone) and I both enjoy booze, porn and masturbation. However, whereas I would’ve thrown in a blowtorch and some gummy bears to spice things up, Bass apparently decided that a 14 year-old boy was a good addition.

On August 15th the boy was staying the night at Bass’s residence, which strikes me as odd since, based just upon looks, I wouldn’t trust this fella to watch the crumbs in my toaster.

Police are saying that Bass was drinking and had watched porn with the lad. He upped the creep factor by masturbating in front of the boy. After viewing several movies, the boy decided to go to bed.

During the night, the boy reportedly awoke to Bass climbing in the bed where he slept to assault him. A medical exam revealed injuries to the boy consistent with the story he told.…

ROWAN COUNTY, NC — An assistant coach is facing some legal troubles after he allegedly choked a student, fought with a parent and then got his ass tased multiple times by police.

It all started on Thursday evening after football practice at Rowan County middle school. Jared Gallagher, a 40-year-old assistant football coach,  was walking to the locker room when he pulled a 12-year-old boy aside and allegedly started hitting and choking the boy.

When told to stop by Douglas Pruitt, the school’s coach, Gallagher reportedly began attacking the coach and even put the man’s arm behind his back when he attempted to call 911.

At this point, a concerned parent got involved and began fighting with Gallagher, distracting him long enough for Pruitt to call police.

When police arrived at the scene and approached Gallagher, he allegedly asked the deputies, “Are we going to do this?”

Ignoring repeated demands to put his hands behind his back, one of the officers tased him. Gallagher reportedly removed the prongs from his skin and was subsequently tased a second time in the back.…