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UPDATE March 15, 2011 – Because the autopsy results on Jill Fattig showed no indication of foul play, the charges against Tim Fattig have been dropped. ~Lizard

TOMBSTONE, AZ – A filmmaker was arrested Wednesday after police found a decomposing body inside his home. Police believe the body belongs to his mother.

According to Tombstone Marshal Billy Cloud, a deputy was sent to do a welfare check on 68-year-old Jill Fattig Wednesday. When he arrived at her home, there was no sight of her. With the woman’s welfare still in question, he went to question her son Timothy Fattig.

34-year-old Fattig is a filmmaker for Desert Scream Productions, a horror-film production company.  Originally, he told the deputy that his mother was in a hospital in Tucson. Police investigated this claim and found it to be untrue, at which point Fattig admitted that his mother had been dead for over a year. Apparently, Fattig claims he was so overcome with grief when he found her dead that he never reported her death.…

PARKER COUNTY, TX – After the home of 62-year-old Lois Pearson burned to the ground on March 3rd, no sign of her body was found. Further searches of a 10-mile radius around the burned home turned up no additional clues to her whereabouts, and a friend described Lois as a “loner” who rarely left her house and indicated he believed foul play was involved. Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler disagreed on this final point, suggesting that Ms. Pearson ran from the fire and perhaps was injured, but he expressed his department’s intention to keep looking, because, after all, as he stated, “Everybody’s gotta be somewhere.” Brilliant observation, Sheriff! But perhaps more brilliant was the friend’s statement on camera, because Lois Pearson has been found alive in Corsicana…after having been abducted by 58-year-old Jeffrey Maxwell.

It would appear that Maxwell, who previously lived near Pearson, abducted her at gunpoint on March 1st and then returned to start the fire that would burn the home to the ground. Between her abduction and discovery, Pearson was bound and repeatedly assaulted.…

GARY, IN – When Officer Simon Lillie pulled onto the property of the West Side Leadership Academy, he thought nothing about the van in front of him. Later, Lillie said, “I just thought someone short was driving the van.” The van circled the lot a couple of times and parked; it was a school employee who pointed out to the officer that the driver was a 14-year-old student of the school. Police say the boy stole the van — a church van, no less — because he didn’t want to walk the several blocks to school. And how did he get access to the van? According what the teen’s mother told authorities, he must’ve taken the van’s keys while attending choir practice at Evening Star Missionary Baptist Church earlier in the week.

The combination of these factors — church choir member, indications of sloth, theft of a church vehicle — causes a small bubble of wicked joy to form in my heart. But at the same time, I have to hand it to this kid.…

Burglar Thwarted By Vigilant Clothes Hamper

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MESA, AZ – Mesa police say a home burglary attempt resulted in the arrest of 20-year-old Michael Trias after a common household storage item got involved: after removing the screen from a bedroom window of a townhome Thursday morning, Trias climbed through the window and subsequently became entangled in the clothes hamper that was underneath it. Apparently, upon hearing the commotion, the resident of the home rushed into the room, restrained Trias, and called police.

Police say nothing was taken but reported some damage inside the bedroom in question, which isn’t really surprising–every combative incident I’ve had with a storage solution has resulted in property damage, if not personal injury.

Trias is facing burglary and criminal damage charges.…

Brooklyn, NY — 16-year-old Zhanna Smsarian was arrested Wednesday after admitting to pouring diluted hydrochloric acid on a classmate’s head in hopes of blinding her.

“During [the class before chemistry, Smsarian] was staring at me and giving me an evil grin,” 15-tear-old Albina Eshimbaeva said. “That made me uncomfortable – somehow I knew something was gonna happen.” And something did….

Police say Smsarian approached Eshimbaeva from behind Wednesday morning and poured a beaker of diluted hydrochloric acid over the girl’s head.

“She was standing behind me – I felt it,” Eshimbaeva said. “I felt something was coming. All of a sudden I feel liquid flowing down my forehead. I thought it was water, until I turned and saw the beaker in her hand that had the acid label. Then my skin started burning.”

A quick thinking teacher flushed the girl’s eyes with water and she was immediately transported to the Staten Island Hospital burn center. Doctors say Eshimbaeva would surely have been blinded if the acid had not been weakened when diluted.…

NEW CUMBERLAND, WV – A title that would do this one justice would read more like a paragraph. What we seem to have here is a 19-year-old convicted felon, on house arrest, who was arrested Wednesday night and faces a whole slew of charges related to what he’s been up to in the last month or so. This includes holding his ex-girlfriend captive, responding to classified ads offering dogs, and then torturing and killing those dogs (most of which were puppies) while making the ex watch. And did I mention he made her clean up after these dog-killing sessions?

Jeffery Nally, Jr. was taken into custody following a call made to state police by the ex-girlfriend’s mother about the young woman being held against her will by Nally. According to the mother, Nally said he would kill any officer who showed up at the residence, as well as himself and his ex. (The statement about killing officers may be what led to the arrest being conducted as a joint effort by the county’s version of a SWAT team and the West Virginia State Police.…

CONCORD, N.H. — A woman in New Hampshire acquired a couple felony charges after she assaulted a pregnant woman with a stun gun after becoming enraged over her driving.

Police say 22-year-old Carissa Williams was so angry at 28-year-old Corrine Leclair for driving 35mph in a 35mph zone while talking on her cell phone, that she pulled up alongside her and began throwing bottles and other items at her car before going around her.

Leclair, understandably freaked out, called 911 and began relaying Williams’ license plate number to the dispatcher when both women came to a stop at a stoplight. Williams reportedly exited her vehicle, leaving her 6-month-old in the car, and walked back to Leclair’s car.

After kicking the driver-side window, she opened the back door and got inside Leclair’s car while wielding a stun gun. As the 911 dispatcher listened, Leclair begged Williams stop shocking her because she was ten weeks pregnant.

Williams was arrested, charged with second-degree assault and breach of bail conditions on prior charges out of Grafton County, both felonies.…

Solsberry, IN — Joseph Cunningham, 33, was arrested on multiple charges after allegedly assaulting his mother-in-law because she complained about his malodorous burp.

According to police, Cunningham was a passenger in a vehicle driven by his 55-year-old mother-in-law last Tuesday when he “spat out a sour belch” that reportedly had a foul odor.

When mom-in-law complained, Cunningham got all kinds of offended and claimed he couldn’t help it. An argument ensued…

Cunningham eventually demanded to be let out of the car, and when mom-in-law didn’t pull the damn thing over quick enough, she said her son-in-law reached forward from the back seat and wrapped his hands around her neck. She told police she couldn’t breathe.

Once she managed to free herself and pull over, she said Cunningham exited the vehicle, opened up the driver’s door, grabbed her and punched her in the face and chest. She said he uttered the words, “I’ll kill you, f—— bitch,” before running off.

Cunningham turned himself in Tuesday evening and was booked on charges of battery, intimidation and strangulation.…

Colorado Springs, CO – Did you think it was suspicious that it took Casey Anthony three months to finally report her daughter missing? What about a couple who never informed authorities that their two adopted sons went missing in 2001 and 2003? That’s not suspicious AT ALL, is it?

A search for two boys who haven’t been seen for as long as ten years has been launched in Colorado. On January 22nd, the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office received a report about a suspicious incident regarding the disappearance of Austin Bryant. When police went to investigate, they found that Austin was indeed missing and hadn’t been seen since  sometime between 2003 and 2005. He was 7 years old in 2003. As investigators continued their work, they discovered that a second child–Edward Dylan Bryant–also had been missing for quite some time. He disappeared in 2001, at the age of 9.

Here’s the real kicker… adoptive parents Edward and Linda Bryant never reported either of the children missing. I am immediately thinking the worst in this situation and hoping this new media attention will shed some light on what happened to Austin and Edward.…

Jacksonville, FL — Barran Prakash is being held on assault charges for allegedly holding two co-workers at knife-point after they refused to change the channel to American Idol.

Police say the trio was staying at a Days Inn Tuesday evening when the proverbial crap hit the fan.

Prakash apparently flipped out after asking his roomies to flip the channel over to Idol and they refused. A verbal argument broke out, followed by Prakash threatening to get all stabby, holding a butcher’s knife to one roomies throat. Fortunately, roomie #2 was able to wrestle the knife out of Prakash’s hand and no one was seriously injured.

Prakash, 47, was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon without intent to kill.

In other news, American Idol wasn’t even on Tuesday night. Dumbass.…

Sounding like a direct-to-video Chuck Norris film, ACT OF VENGEANCE was originally released under the much better title, RAPE SQUAD. This title more accurately describes what the film is about, even though it’s probably a little too sleazy for its own good. But no matter what the film goes by, VENGEANCE is a pretty solid rape-revenge effort that gets points for absurdity even if it doesn’t live up to the sleazy nature of its original title. Check out the trailer for more, but be warned, it does feature minor spoilers:

If the idea of watching women being sexually assaulted bothers you (and it should) than proceed with caution as this is a rape-revenge film. The rape footage in VENGEANCE isn’t close to the brutality and degradation featured in films like I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE or LAST HOUSE ON THE LEFT, but it is present and is still not enjoyable to witness.

While many rape-revenge films pride themselves on being as brutal as possible, VENGEANCE does not. In actuality, it’s more ridiculous than vicious with a rapist who wears a hockey mask (and this is about eight years before Jason put his on) and forces his victims to sing “Jingle Bells” while he sexually assaults them.…

Lakeland, FL — A Florida man is sitting in jail after getting into a physical altercation with cops after he cut his neighbor’s grass.

Unhappy with the way his neighbor’s lawn was looking, Joseph Florence pulled a Hank Hill when he went over and cut it himself. He then used the neighbor’s spigot to water the lawn. The neighbor, Steven Roth , was not happy about any of this and called 911 when Florence refused to get off his lawn.

When officers Nicholas Ivancevich and Heather Freeman arrived at Florence’s home, he came outside stinking of alcohol and became very aggressive, claiming that the way Roth keeps his yard is a reflection on his property.

The officers say that when they went to arrest him, Florence punched Ivancevich in the face and tried to choke him. Officer Freeman used a Taser on Florence three separate times, but to no avail. Finally, the two officers were able to get Florence subdued — and by the looks of that mugshot, it wasn’t easy.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — With the help of one woman’s complete stupidity, the Evil Bathtub has claimed another life.

Police have arrested and charged a 23-year-old woman with felony child abuse after she left two of her young children in a bathtub unattended where one of them was scalded and drowned.

Police responded to the apartment of Estella Toleafoa after a call to 911 was placed about an unconscious 9-month-old. Paramedics were unable to revive Erich Tyler Jr., who had burns to most of his body from scalding bath water.

Toleafoa was arrested Wednesday and booked on a felony charge of Child Abuse Recklessly Causing Death to a Child after police say that at the time of Tyler’s death, he was alone in the tub with his 2-year-old brother while Toleafoa was at a nearby convenience store.…

Five Man Brawl In Taco Del Rio Caught On Tape

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Eastvale, CA — I’m late getting this posted, but a wild brawl between a group of men was captured on tape in a California Tacos Del Rio the other day. Nothing really spectacular about it aside from watching no. 69 get 86’d at the beginning of the fight. Also, for a fun drinking game, take a shot every time he is punched or kicked in the head.

Also, for you amusement, check out the Street Fighter remix:


ORLANDO, Fla. — A man has been charged with taking upskirt video of a woman at a Home Depot.

A patron at a Florida Home Depot witnessed a man place his Blackberry in a basket and then position very close to the ass of a female shopper wearing a skirt. The witness alerted the woman and her husband who then confronted the man later identified as 52-year-old James Enos.

Enos took off running while pressing buttons on his phone and jumped in a bush to hide. Whenever I read about someone doing this, I visualize a cartoon bush whose leaves part slightly while a pair of large, white eyes look around blinking.

Police would later apprehend Enos and confiscated his phone and other items from his home. Enos received the embarrassing charge of misdemeanor video voyeurism.…

Spartanburg, SC — Police would like to talk to the idiot who completely failed at robbing a South Carolina convenience store earlier this month.

As the surveillance footage shows, a man enters the Lil Cricket on March 4 and attempts to put on a mask while holding a 9mm handgun. After several attempts, he finally succeeds in getting the mask on without blowing his brains out.

The robber then demanded the clerk to hand over the money in the cash register, but she informed him that she wasn’t able to open it. Undeterred, the robber came around the counter, was also unable to open it.

He left without taking anything.

BROOKLYN — A teen has been charged with one felony count of  animal cruelty after getting into an argument with her older brother, and then brutally killing his pet hamster, Sweetie.

Monique Smith, 19, came home to her apartment to find that her pet hamster, Princess Stephania, was dead. She accused her 25-year-old brother, Aaron, of killing her pet by kicking an exercise ball Princess Stephania had been inside of.

In retaliation, she grabbed her brother’s hamster, Sweetie, and spiked it into the ground. Then she “attempted to pull the hamster’s whiskers out and then crushed the hamster with her hand” in front of three of her younger siblings, according to court papers. She then tossed Sweetie out of the house.

She was arrested after her father contacted the America Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, according to the society’s assistant director Joe Pentangelo.

“Even though the hamster is much smaller than other household pets the hamster was precious to the children who viewed the hamster as their pet,” Pentangelo told 1010 WINS.…

Woman Steals Husband’s Fake Leg, Attacks Him

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ROCK HILL, SC – 49-year-old Vicki Covington has been arrested and faces assault charges after allegedly stealing her husband’s prosthetic leg and attacking him.

York County Sheriffs were called to the home at 11:24 pm on Sunday evening to respond to an assault call. When they arrived, 53-year-old James Covington claimed his wife was intoxicated and had assaulted him. Deputies could see physical proof on James, such as a cut on his left ear, a scratch on his left ring finger and scratches on his back.

Vicki apparently would “not leave him alone” and had even taken his prosthetic leg away from him.  Vicki must have needed a break from all of the fighting so, she stepped outside to smoke. Covington told deputies that he locked the door behind her “to keep her away from him” which left the woman outside with her cigs.

When Vicki realized that her husband had locked her out, she was determined to get back in and decided to break the glass in the door to gain entry.…