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Stock Island, FL — 60-year-old Urania Lot is behind bars after police say she hit her 18-year-old son with a hammer over an argument about where he should eat his sandwich.

Police were called to Lot’s home Monday afternoon and first made contact with the victim. The teen, nursing a sore arm and sportin’ a battered head, told officers that he and his mom had been arguing over a sandwich.

Lot apparently requested that the boy eat his sandwich at the table in the dining room instead of in the living room. When the teen refused, the woman threatened to smash his television to bits and kick his disrespectful ass to the curb. Her threats fell on deaf ears.

Frustrated, the woman reportedly grabbed a hammer and whacked the boy on the arm before pummelin’ him in the head a bit with her fists. Police say she also bit the boy on the wrist.

When questioned, Lot and her granddaughter told police the teen was both rude and belligerent in his refusal to follow house rules.…

Serial Semen Squirter Gets Probation

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Rockville, MD — Got another quickie update for ya this morning, mainly because I wanted to use “Serial Semen Squirter” in the title.

Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., 28, made his debut here at the D’D in August of last year after he was accused of squirting semen on a woman in a grocery store parking lot.

Two weeks after his arrest, investigators linked him to a similar incident that occurred outside of a Michael’s craft store in November of ’09. In addition to those two cases, police say three more women came forward claiming to have been splattered by Michael’s spooge.

Charged with two counts of second-degree assault, Michael appeared in court in November and pleaded guilty to the charges. On Thursday, a judge sentenced him to three years in prison, but suspended the sentence and gave him three years probation instead.

Michael’s attorney claims his client is a law-abiding and churchgoing member of the community, and his actions were the result of misplaced anger after breaking up with a girlfriend.…

Bakersfield, CA –  Though I had high hopes that this ass would choke on his own tongue in his cell, Angelo Mendoza Sr. was found not guilty by reason of insanity earlier this month. For those of you unfamiliar with Mendoza, here’s a little history…

We first featured Mendoza a couple of years ago after he went batshit crazy and ate his son’s eyeball right out of his little 4-year-old head. Off his meds and feeling all bitey, Mendoza attacked his son, biting both of the child’s eyes..blinding him. After that little bout of insanity, the wheelchair-bound Mendoza escaped to a vacant home in the neighborhood where he attempted to cut off his own legs with an ax and a ceramic plate. Though it appeared as if the dude was high on PCP at the time, it turns out he’s just fucking crazy.

When officers arrived at the home, a naked and bloodied Angelo Mendoza Jr. was found on the kitchen floor in his father’s apartment. His eyes were swollen shut and he had several bite marks on both hands.…

Crime Screen Review: All Good Things (2010)

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ALL GOOD THINGS has a lot of potential. It is helmed by Andrew Jarecki — the man behind the devastating documentary CAPTURING THE FRIEDMANS (2003), co-produced by Barbara A. Hall (who was partially responsible for bringing Gus Van Sant‘s MILK to screen), and stars Ryan Gosling, Kirsten Dunst, and Frank Langella. If the talent behind the camera and on screen isn’t enough to sell this, then how about the fact it’s based on the true story of the biggest missing persons case in the state of New York’s history?

The case upon which the film is based is that of Robert Durst, who was suspected of murdering his wife after she disappeared in 1982. That case remains unsolved today. The names of the players have been changed, with Gosling playing the Durst-based character David Marks and Dunst playing that of his wife Katie Marks. Unlike many true crime films, this is surprisingly not based on a book. The screenplay is credited as being “original,” and, from what I can tell, no book has been written about the incident(s) as of this time.…

Crime Screen Review: Burke And Hare (2010)

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It’s been 12 years since John Landis directed a movie and about two decades since he directed a good one. But now he’s back with BURKE AND HARE, a black comedy about two real-life serial killers from Ireland who operated in Edinburgh, Scotland, in the 1800s, selling their victims’ bodies to the local medical college for dissection. So how does Landis do? Pretty friggin’ bad. Lets check out the “hilarious” trailer, which is almost as bad as the movie. Almost.

The crimes of William Burke and William Hare have already been adapted for the big screen about five times, from The Body Snatcher (1945) to The Doctor and the Devils (1985), all to varying degrees of success. And why wouldn’t someone want to adapt this nasty bit of history? It’s a morbidly fascinating tale that doesn’t need to be embellished or altered to make a compelling film. That’s why I have no clue why Landis decided to make a black comedy in which Burke (Simon Pegg) and Hare (Andy Serkis) are made out to be two aloof scoundrels who simply stumbled into their ghoulish profession and continued committing their heinous crimes for justifiable reasons.…

Elgin, IL. — Today I’m questioning everything I thought I knew about the sex drive of the elderly. A 74-year-old man has been accused of drugging and sexually assaulting his health caretakers.

Police were notified by a home health service company that one of their employees, a 54-year-old home healthcare worker, suspected that 74-year-old Raymond Kvacik had tried to spike her orange juice with sleeping pills.

When police began their investigation, they sent an undercover police officer to the home posing as a caretaker. Sure enough, wily, old bastard was caught red-handed as he dropped sleeping pills into the officer’s drink. Need less to say, he was arrested.

Police say that on Feb 14th, Kvacik took things a step further after drugging up another caretaker when he sexually assaulted her. The pervy coot has been charged with two counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse and three counts of unlawful delivery of a controlled substance. He appeared in bond court today, where bond was set at $150,000.…

Sacramento, CA – When I posted the video of a FOX news crew being attacked by a mob of mourners outside a California IHOP, I only did so because it was a slow news day. Also, I thought the chick in green was the most annoying person ever and the way reporter John Lobertini used his mic against the angry crowd was hilarious. He was like a fairy waving a wand.

I didn’t have much of an opinion on it because I didn’t know what words were exchanged between the crew and the crowd that had gathered at an impromptu memorial for a man that had been shot and killed there earlier that day.

But I did think that at least some of those people involved would be charged with dragging camerawoman, Rebecca Little, to the ground by her hair and then kicking her while she was down. But to date that has not happened and a growing number of people want to know why — including the people who started the obligatory Facebook Page.…

Drunk Mom Leaves 8-Year-Old At Scene Of Crash

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PHOENIX, AZ – A mother was arrested Saturday night after she drove drunk and crashed her vehicle with two children inside, leaving one of them behind when she fled from the scene.

Carla Flanagan, 34, allegedly drove drunk with her 5-year-old daughter and a friend’s 8-year-old son in the car when she collided with another vehicle Saturday night.

The accident injured the boy and left Flanagan with a bloody face, but that didn’t stop her from grabbing her daughter and take off running, leaving the 8-year-old behind.

Officers said they found Flanagan hiding under an apartment complex stairwell. She admitted to drinking four beers before she got behind the wheel with the two children.

Flanagan was booked into jail for aggravated DUI, aggravated DUI with a passenger under 15, failure to stay, and endangerment. She’s unable to post the $7,500 bond. To top things off, she wasn’t supposed to be driving even had she not been drinking, as she was driving on a suspended license.

Her sister spoke to reporters about the incident, saying that there is no excuse for what her sister did, but that the blame should go to the person who gave her sister the keys.…

Autistic Boy Set On Fire At Sleepover

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LAWRENCEBURG, Tenn. – James Whalen, 12, is suffering from third-degree burns on his face and neck area with less serious burns on other parts of his body, after a teen doused him with cologne while he was sleeping and set him on fire.

Trudy Smith said her son is autistic and that he’s been bullied in the past, including having a tooth broken and being urinated on. But she allowed him to attend a sleepover thinking that he and the 13-year-old boy who lived there would be the only kids there. Turns out there were 14 children there.

Whalen says that after he went to sleep that night, he woke up in pain.

“I went to sleep. (The) next thing I smelled something good then I felt something burning then I smelled something good again and then I felt fire,” he said.

Turns out someone thought it would be hilarious to douse Whalen with cologne and then light him up.

With his shirt on fire he ran to get help, falling down the stairs and setting the carpet on fire.…

Man Arrested On 873 Counts Of Child Sexual Assault

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Delta, CO – Acting on an a tip, Delta police arrested 47-year-old Jeffrey Bigham last Tuesday and will likely charge him with nearly 900 counts of child sexual assault.

According to a heavily redacted arrest affidavit, the victim told police Bigham molested him “seven or eight times a week.” The abuse reportedly started when the kid was 11-years-old and continued through his sophomore year in high school. Police allege Bigham performed oral sex on the boy at his home and in his vehicle in addition to showing him pornography.

During one assault, police say Bigham had the boy in his bathroom and had forced him to strip from the waist down. When another person walked into the bathroom and saw what was going on, Bigham told that person he was “simply teaching the (child) how to” engage in auto-erotic behavior. This other person apparently confronted Bigham about the abuse, to which he reportedly replied, “Yeah, I know it’s not right.” And I’m assuming that it was this other person that eventually tipped off the police.…

Durango, CO — Paul Andrew Kausalik, 61, was arrested earlier this month on suspicion of drunk driving. That’s not what earned him a spot here at the Dreamin’ Demon, though…he earned his 15 minutes of shame by allegedly spitting his own feces on the face of the arresting officer.

The alleged shit-spitter was pulled over on February 11, after Officer Chad Langley observed him taking a right without using his turn signal. After making contact with Kausalik, the officer detected the aroma of alcohol on his breath. Though Kausalik denied being under the influence, he reportedly blew a .142, almost three times the .05 legal driving limit in the state of Colorado. Kausalik was placed under arrest and transported to the cop shop for a formal breath test.

Upon arrival at the station, Kausalik asked to use the facilities. Officer Langley reported that he was forced to enter the shitter to wake the man twice, telling Kausalik that he couldn’t stay in the restroom all night to avoid the breath test – he needed to either take the test or choose a refusal.…

Santa Ana, CA — Some of you may remember Michael Lallana, we featured him back in August after he was accused of ejaculating into a co-worker’s water bottle. There was no doubt of the man’s guilt, DNA tests confirmed the spunk belonged to him, but many of us were left asking, “Why?”

Well, Lallana’s case has finally made it to trial. Jurors yesterday heard Lallana’s taped confession, in which he explained why he felt compelled to pollute that poor woman’s water on two separate occasions.

In an interview with Orange Police Department detectives last year, Lallana admitted that he did it because the woman was attractive and because her lips had touched the bottle in question. “It was the closest I could ever get to someone as good looking as that without tampering with my marriage or hurting anyone,” he said. “I saw her water bottle and I did it. For me, it’s a release. I think about my wife.” Lucky lady, huh?

He told police he never thought she would actually drink it.…

Phoenix, Arizona – Back in 2009, we reported on 50-year-old Faleh Hassan Almaleki, the Iraqi immigrant who was charged with running over his daughter because she had become too “Westernized.”

Yesterday, a jury found him guilty of second-degree murder, aggravated assault and two counts of leaving the scene of an accident.

Defense attorneys tried to argue that Almaleki was simply trying to spit on his daughter, 20-year-old  Noor Almaleki, when he accidentally swerved into her and her boyfriend’s mother in the Arizona Department of Economic Security parking lot.

Noor would remain in a coma for two weeks before dying from her injuries.

After striking his daughter, Almaleki abandoned his vehicle in Mexico, then flew to Britain. You know, all the things a father does when he accidentally hits his daughter with a Jeep. Luckily he was denied entry into the country and was sent back to the United States.

Authorities say the Almaleki was enraged at that Noor had refused an arranged marriage, went to college, and had a boyfriend he did not approve.…

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va – A 22-year-old man serving time for raping an elderly woman has pleaded guilty to raping an 88-year-old woman last year.

Took me awhile to hash this out because the news reports on this were shoddy at best, but WVEC got it hashed out. Kindale Moore was charged with raping a 77-year-old woman and sentenced to 60 years in prison back in January.

Now DNA evidence has linked him to the February 2010 rape of an 88-year-old woman in her home.

The victim told police she had been watching television in her living room just before she was grabbed by Moore as she walked towards her bedroom and was sexually assaulted.

Now, on top of the object sexual penetration and burglary charge he is already serving time for, Rapé Le Pew will go on trial in May on charges of forcible sodomy and burglary with intent to commit rape.…

EL PASO, Texas – Abel Gil, 28, and Jennifer Smith, 19, are charged with aggravated kidnapping and unlawful restraint after they allegedly kidnapped a 19-year-old co-worker.

Gil and Smith both blame the other for luring a teenage co-worker to their house Friday night where she was bound, gagged and locked in a closet. She told police that Gil threatened her with “serious bodily injury” and “terrorized” her.

Fortunately she was able to escape the home on Saturday morning and alert police. Good thing, as it turns out the couple, whose Facebook pages contained images from the film NATURAL BORN KILLERS, had some pretty nasty plans.

During her interrogation, Smith confessed to the crime, saying she and Gil planned to sexually assault the woman for a month before killing her. Gil admitted to planning the abduction.

The couple, who worked with their victim at San Eli Supermarket,  are being held in the El Paso County Jail, each on a $155,000 bond.…

Brother of notorious English serial killer Fred West is planning to release a book on his infamous brother and lovely wife Rose and their House of Horrors. Fed up with people always getting it wrong, he wants to set the record straight on what really went on behind the doors of 25 Cromwell Street, Gloucester, England.

Doug West, 64, claims “Nobody knew Fred and Rose like I did. Nobody spent as much time with them over the years outside of their family.”

“Hardly any of the stuff you read about them in other books is right, which really annoys me. They are full of inaccuracies and get so much wrong. A book of my own would be a good opportunity to put the record straight.”

This charming couple tortured, raped, and killed at least 12 women and young girls over a 20-year period between 1967 and 1987, including their daughter Heather whose remains were found under their patio. Rose is also responsible for killing Fred’s stepdaughter Charmaine whilst he was incarcerated for theft.…

Judge Found Guilty In “Kids For Cash” Scheme

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Scranton, PA - For years, Luzerne County’s juvenile justice system was a hot mess and one man, Judge Mark Ciavarella Jr., was largely responsible for creating it.

In 2009, investigators claimed this juvenile court judge was doing the unthinkable – sentencing hundreds of kids who should have gone home with mom and dad to hard time instead… in return for monetary kickbacks from the owner of the local for-profit juvenile incarceration facility. The scandal, perhaps the worst in judicial history, was termed “Kids for Cash” and, on Feb. 19th, ex-judge Ciavarella was finally convicted for his part in it.

The investigation began back in 2007, after pleas for help came flooding into the Philadelphia-based Juvenile Law Center from kids who felt they got the shit end of the stick during sentencing. Lawyers from the law center petitioned the Supreme Court of PA for relief on behalf of these kids, citing insufficient defense. The petition fell on deaf ears, however, until it was reconsidered in 2009 for some strange reason.

Okay, so the reason wasn’t all that strange – charges of corruption against the judge had surfaced and the IRS got involved.…

Poplar Bluff, MO — 28-year-old Jeremy McIntosh is being held in the Butler County jail on $1 million cash-only bond in connection with the beating death of 4-year-old Zoey Slagler.

According to police, Zoey’s parents, Jennifer and Adam Thrower, left her next-door with Jeremy and his wife, Jamie McIntosh, on Thursday. It was agreed that Zoey would spend the night with the couple and Jennifer would pick her up at about 4:00 p.m. the following day.

When Jennifer called Jeremy on Friday to inform him she was on her way home, he said he would just take Zoey over to her place. When Jennifer arrived home to check on her daughter, she found her unresponsive. Police say the severely bruised child had no pulse when first responders arrived at the home.

Jeremy was placed under arrest after he reportedly admitted to striking the child several times because she wouldn’t obey him and because she continued to cry for her mother and father. Autopsy results showed that Zoey died from blunt force trauma to the head.…