Two Young Boys OD On Klonopin At School, Mother ChargedMan Who Taped Dog's Muzzle Shut Sentenced To 5 Years In PrisonNorth Carolina Teen In Custody After Decapitating His MotherMan Shoots, Injures Son After Catching Him Injecting HeroinNine High School Athletes Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Fellow Students9-Year-Old Boy On Life Support After Being Shot By Toddler Sibling, Parents ArrestedJonathan Schrap, Juggalo Extraordinaire, Sentenced To Prison For Pinky AmputationWoman Charged With Killing Husband After Fight Over Burnt CasseroleWoman Arrested For Filming Herself Screwing The Family Dog, Texting It To HusbandShelter Employee Arrested For Screwing The Pooch, Capturing It On Film

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LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. — A 44-year-old woman has been accused of throwing alcohol-infused parties for minors and having sex with the juvenile members of her son’s hockey team.

Police began investigating Katia Maria Davis after a boy under 16 told his mother that he had been slap shotting his biscuit between Katia’s pipes for over a year, and that she occasionally held sex-parties at her home.

During their investigation  a second victim came forward telling police that he had also spent some time with Davis’ five-hole when he was under the age of 14.

Davis was arrested at her home on suspicion of having unlawful sex with a minor under 16 and committing lewd acts with a minor under 14. Police feel there are probably more victims and ask that you  contact them at 949.770.6011 if you know anything.

I’m embedding the following video from KTLA to replace the disturbing images of a naked Davis polluting my brain with the delicious images of a nekkid Mary Beth McDade.

CONCORD, N.C. — Some patrons inside a North Carolina Lowe’s were treated to a gruesome spectacle yesterday afternoon when a man shot his wife, a Lowe’s employee, then turned the gun on himself.

Witnesses state 31-year-old Por Ye Lor came into the store and got into an argument with his wife, 25-year-old Vivian Xiong, who worked as a cashier.

Lor eventually pulled out a gun and shot Xiong to death before using it to commit suicide.

Police say there were dozens of employees and customers inside the store at the time, but that no one else was injured.

Lor’s brother told reporters he last talked to his brother earlier that day and nothing seemed wrong. He also said both his brother and sister-in-law were from Laos and had three children.

Grief counselors are expected to be at the store today for any employees who need help dealing with what happened to Xiong, a six-year employee of the store.

Deerfield, OH — Charles Patrick Clark, 42, is being held in the Warren County jail after responding poorly when the person who offered him a place to stay expressed displeasure at Clark’s reported desire to turn the person’s property into a functioning methamphetamine lab. The nerve of some people.

According to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office, Clark and the property owner and victim, Gary Moore, Jr., began arguing about 3PM Saturday. Neighbors were reported as saying it started when Moore came home and found the chemicals in his home. Witnesses reportedly said Moore was angry that Clark was cooking illegal methamphetamine on his property.

“He let them stay there a couple days, then he comes home and finds out what they were doing and said, ‘Get out,'” a neighbor said.

Clark, in a response clearly honed from years of participation in secondary school and collegiate speech and debate, allegedly rammed Moore’s vehicle with his own, threatened Moore with a knife, and then threw an unknown caustic chemical – presumably from the meth manufacturing process – in Moore’s face.…

Plant City, FL — A Florida caretaker was arrested last week after allegedly forcing a mentally disabled man to stand barefoot on fire ant hills as punishment for stealing money.

Quentin Amos, 21, a caretaker at a Plant City group home, was arrested in connection with the incident and another caretaker remains under investigation.

According to police, another caretaker at the home, Martine Florexil, reported the theft of $390 in cash and three checks back on September 8. Amos had reason to believe a 21-year-old resident of the home had something to do with the theft, so he decided to dish up some punishment.

On Sunday, September 11, Amos and another caretaker forced the victim to remove his socks and shoes and stand on the ant bed for an undisclosed amount of time. After being bitten multiple times, the victim was then forced to place his hands atop the bed. The man later told police Amos threatened to hit him if he stepped off. A second resident of the group home told deputies he was punished in the same manner.…

Adrian, MI — Nine months ago, the city manager of Hudson, Michigan, was charged with a misdemeanor after a female in another vehicle reported that he was fondling himself while driving in a city-owned vehicle. That man is 50-year-old Steven Hartsel.

According to an Adrian Police Department report filed at the time of the incident, the woman was in a City of Tecumseh truck that was on the roadway alongside a minivan driven by Hartsel. The witness, Sue Sellers, said in court testimony last week that she stopped for a red light on South Main Street at Beecher Street and happened to glance from her pickup into a van stopped in the lane on her right.

“I couldn’t believe what I saw. I looked over and I saw a man with his penis in his hand,” she testified. She glanced over at least five times, she said in court, going from feelings of shock to anger. Sue Sellers told the jury she had no doubt about what she saw.

“I could have been driving a bus full of kids,” added Sellers in court testimony.…

Belleview, FL — Linda Vaughn is facing multiple charges after a friend complained to police that Vaughn held her against her will last week, attempted to light her hair on fire, and, among other things, make her lick a wound on her arm. No, really, I’m not kidding.

According to the 34-year-old victim, the hilarity began shortly after she arrived at Vaughn’s residence Wednesday morning. The victim told police Vaughn put the moves on her, and when she turned her down, Vaughn jacked her cash, ID cards, debit cards and other related documents.

The alleged victim then went on to say that Vaughn threatened her with a stick and refused to let her leave the residence. In addition, Vaughn reportedly burned the woman’s right wrist with a cigarette, cut her wrist with a butter knife and attempted to light her hair on fire. The victim also accused Vaughn of punching, kicking and stepping on her.

While all this was going on, Vaughn reportedly continued to make sexual advances. The victim told police that she continued to deny Vaughn, and because she wouldn’t play along, Vaughn forced her to lick a wound on her arm, claiming afterwards that she had AIDS.…

Three Teens Charged With Shooting Man To Death

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POOLER, GA — We were contacted by someone asking if we would post about the death of Timothy Moore, the 27-year-old man police say was murdered by three teenagers on Labor Day.

Two women were with their children looking for bugs in the woods when they stumbled across Moore’s corpse. They ran away not knowing if the culprit(s) were still nearby and contacted police.

It was determined that Moore, who lived nearby, had been shot to death at around dusk the previous day. Not long after, police would arrest 17-year-old Nathanial Quinton Betterton (Facebook) and charge him with murder and armed robbery. Last Thursday they would also arrest two 16-year-olds and charge them with murder and armed robbery as well.

Police say the three teens knew Moore and that Betteron lived in a trailer park near Moore’s home. They have not released a motive for killing Moore although going by the charges and comments by family members, money seems to be the motivating factor.

Police say they’re not releasing the names of the two younger teens until they are indicted.…

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — I swear I thought we posted about this woman on our front page, but a search only shows a forum post by Dakota Valkyrie. Anyway, opening statements began on Friday for Kimberly Fry, the 38-year-old woman accused of murdering her 8-year-old daughter for not taking a bath.

Camden Fry was last seen alive by her father as he left for a hockey game back in August 2009 as she sat on the couch watching television with her mother. Later that evening, he would get a call from Fry stating that she was having problems getting their daughter to take a bath.

The next morning, Camden’s father would find her dead body in her bed and call 911. When officers arrived at the home, Fry told them that her daughter had fallen in the shower and that she had pulled her out and placed her in bed. Hours later, Fry was admitted to the intensive care unit.

While at the hospital, she admitted to an employee that she had killed her daughter.…

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. — Is it really Monday already? Give me a bit to clear the cobwebs out ma’ brain and I’ll get some stories posted for us to comment on. I’m gonna start with a 12-year-old who has been accused of choking out a fellow student inside a classroom.

An 11-year-old and a 12-year-old were arguing in a classroom at Nova Middle School last week when the older boy wrapped his hands around the 11-year-old’s neck, lifted him out of his chair and choked him until he was unconscious.

A witness said the boy choked the victim “until he dropped.”

The victim was taken to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital and released on Thursday while the 12-year old was taken to a Juvenile Detention Center and is facing battery charges. He was later released into the custody of his parents.

There was a teacher in the classroom at the time of the incident, but reportedly they were not aware anything was going on between the two boys until they turned and saw the victim on the floor.…

Denver, CO — Two men have been arrested after loading a dead buddy into a car and galavanting about town on his dime.

When 43 year-old Robert Young (click the name…he’s pictured left and looking quite impressed with the size of the gentlemen to his right’s penis) came home around 11pm on August 27th, he discovered the man that he was living with had died. Young, having fallen on hard times, had been offered a place to stay while he got back on his feet. After discussing the situation with his friend, 25 year-old Mark Rubinson (pictured right, still dumbfounded by the sheer size of his penis), Young decided to not call anyone to report the death. Instead, the two took the corpse of 43 year-old Jeffrey Jarrett out for a night he would never forget had his brain still been on.

The pair first stopped at a bar and drank on Jarrett’s credit, leaving him (or what used to be him; I’m not sure how it works, really) in the car.…

Sarasota County, FL — A Comcast cable installer was booked on exposure charges Tuesday night after a female customer accused him of jerkin’ his gherkin’ in her living room late last month when he was supposed to be hooking her sh*t up.

According to the 24-year-old victim, Shane Wheatley arrived at her home on July 31 to hook her up with cable and internet. At some point during the installation, Wheatley reportedly began touching himself through his shorts. The woman told police she looked away, but when she looked back, he was fully exposed. She said he then began masturbating while staring and smiling at her. Out the door she went.

Wheatley denied the accusations and requested a polygraph to clear his name. But based on the results of the investigation, the sheriff’s office believed they had probable cause to arrest Wheatley for the alleged fappage. He’s been charged with exposure of sexual organs.

Huh…I feel a little cheated. All I ever got was a free month of Starz.


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. – Looking for someone to hate this Friday? Then meet 25-year-old Lindsey Lowe. She has admitted to giving birth to twins in a toilet, then suffocating them just minutes after they were born.

According to the affidavit, Lowe gave birth to her first son sometime between 9:30 p.m. and 10 p.m. Monday night while sitting on a toilet in her parent’s home. Lowe’s parents were unaware that their daughter was even pregnant and Lowe was hell-bent on keeping it that way.

So when the baby fell in the toilet and started crying, she told detectives that she covered the infants mouth and nose with her hand until he stopped breathing. She said that took about two minutes and she never checked the sex of her child.

She then gave birth to her second son, who also fell in the toilet, and proceeded to suffocate him in the same manner she did her other son, telling detectives he died quicker than his older brother.

Lowe took their bodies and hid them in a laundry basket in her bedroom, covering them with a blanket.…

UK — Over the years, it has become quite common for the friends and family of somone who has died to create a Facebook page in an attempt to honor or remember them. This is especially true for young people who have died in some fashion.

It has also become quite common over the years, for trolls to visit those pages created by friends and family and leave some pretty vile comments or images for no other reason than to compound someone’s grief for kicks and the lulz.

I’ve always felt it takes a really special type of asshole to take such an easy route in an attempt to troll somebody, and normally they can conduct their activities in relative safety, wrapped in the soft and cozy blanket of anonymity. Well, except for 25-year-old Sean Duffy.

Duffy was prosecuted under the Malicious Communications Act and sentenced to 18 weeks behind bars for mocking the deaths of several teenagers, posting images on their Facebook pages and posting Youtube videos that made fun of them and taunting their families.…

Queens, NY – 30 year-old tough guy Milan Rysa is accused of winging his dog, Brooklyn, through his apartment window Monday night.

You can see just how adorable this dog was by clicking here, which will bring you to a photo album on Rysa’s woefully public facebook page. Rysa, a bodybuilder, dedicated this entire album to his ‘LIL BAD BOY.’

When police arrived with some heavy gear, including a battering ram, Rysa simply told them he had been asleep. They didn’t buy his story and placed him in a pair of douche-sized handcuffs, arresting him for aggravated animal cruelty and reckless endangerment. He was sent to the hospital for a mental evaluation and faces arraignment this morning.

The incident occurred around 9:20 pm Monday, when a someone witnessed Rysa throw something from the window of his apartment while loud dance music pumped. The witness called P.F. Chang’s police when upon seeing that  it was roughly fifty pounds of General Gao’s Chicken Shar-Pei that yelped before hitting the pavement.

The only, remotely bright side to this is that the dog  died instantly instead of suffering the effects of so much gravity.…

Self-Described Vampire Charged In Triple Homicide

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AUGUSTA, Maine — Police say a man currently in jail for his role in a Massachusetts triple homicide previously served time in prison after an assault in which he licked a teenager’s blood and claimed to be a vampire — and his facial tatts, piercings and body modifications on display in his mugshot are making him quite the online sensation.

Caius Veiovis, 31, along with Adam Lee Hall, 34, and David Chalue, 44, has been charged with three counts of murder, kidnapping and witness intimidation after the men allegedly murdered then disposed of the bodies of 44-year-old David Glasser, 58-year-old Edward Frampton, and 47-year-old Robert Chadwell.

The murders were allegedly an attempt to keep Glasser from testifying against Hall, a ranking member of the local Hells Angels, in his upcoming trial for kidnapping, assault and battery and witness intimidation. Not surprisingly, Veiovis is no stranger to the justice system.

He’d already served over seven years in prison after being found guilty of elevated aggravated assault, aggravated assault and reckless conduct back in 1999.…

Pooler, GA – A woman found unconscious in a McDonald’s bathroom last Wednesday died shortly thereafter from asphyxiation due to carbon dioxide leaking through the walls from a faulty gas line leading to a soda fountain.

Firefighters were called when two women were found in the restroom completely out. Initial investigations pointed to Knoxxxious noxious fumes released by cleaning chemicals, however that was ruled out after the autopsy of  80 year-old Anne Felton from Ponte Vedra, Florida showed death by suffocation. Imagine drowning on dry land…

Carbon dioxide (not to be confused with the super-deadly carbon monoxide) is generally harmless. We produce it as a product of oxygen consumption, and it is then used by plants who produce oxygen. This is called ‘The Circle of Life’ and has nothing to do with this story other than to tell you that carbon dioxide usually doesn’t kill people and to reference The Lion King.

Carbon dioxide is so harmless we use it to make bubbles in our soda, which is exactly what the carbon dioxide in this McDonald’s would’ve been doing if it weren’t for a leaky line.…

Long Island, NY — Here is my second story today involving a grown woman fighting with a teen girl, and the second one this week involving a woman egging on a fight between her daughter and another girl.

Daphne Melin, a 32-year-old mother of three who takes perfect pictures for news sites to use, was arrested after a video emerged of her egging on a fight between two 12-year-olds before attacking another 12-year-old who tried to stop the fight.

Reportedly, the fight was the result of Melin’s daughter being cyber-bullied on Facebook. She told reporters that after exhausting all her options in attempts to have it stopped, she took matters into her own hands and arranged a fight between her daughter and the alleged bully outside of William Floyd Elementary School.

Some reports say that one of the girls seen in the video is Melin’s daughter while others say it is a girl standing in for her daughter. Another report says that it is Melin’s daughter fighting a girl standing in for the alleged bully — echoing another story we posted this year.…

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — I’ve got two stories this morning involving adult women fighting with teenagers, starting with one from last week involving 23-year-old Cynthia Haynes, accused of boarding a school bus and punching two students.

A little earlier, Haynes’ 11-year-old sister had walked home and told her she had gotten into a fight with another 11-year-old girl at a bus stop.

Haynes and her little sister then got into a car and began driving around looking for the school bus. Once they found it, the 11-year-old entered the bus and began fighting with the 11-year-old she had fought with at the bus stop.

Reportedly enraged, Haynes decided to intervene and boarded the bus, storming past the driver.

During her intervention, Haynes slapped the 11-year-old fighting with her sister, then drags a 14-year-old girl down the center aisle of the bus by her hair. Neither of the two victims were seriously injured but did have some scratches on their faces.

Haynes was arrested and charged with  two counts of child abuse and burglary with assault or battery, and one count of conspiracy to interfere with the education process.…