Father Accused Of Drowning His Infant Son In Pond During Family GatheringCouple Charged With Death Of 8-Month-Old Baby After Beating Her With A BeltFlorida Senior Citizen Fatally Mauled, Dismembered By Four DogsTeen Stabbed Couple To Death, Was Found Biting Off Victim's FaceMan Charged With Murder After Punching Baby In Face 15 Times With Closed FistWoman Convicted Of Putting Baby In Oven 14 Years Ago Denied Early ReleaseMissing Jogger Found Murdered Was Sexually Assaulted, Set On FireBoy, 15, Accused Of Killing His Grandfather With A HatchetMother, 62, Charged After Her Son, 6, Beat Newborn Sister To DeathSon Of State Senator, 10, Killed On World's Tallest Water Slide

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MEMPHIS, IN — This is one horrendous story involving a man who was arrested on Tuesday, charged with bashing his wife’s head in with a rock.

Police say it all started with an argument between 44-year-old Joseph Roche and his wife, 46-year-old Brenda Roche. They had been drinking at the home of Brenda’s daughter, and got into a physical altercation after Brenda accused Joseph of cheating on her.

Brenda ran out of the home and tried to leave in her car, but Joseph used a box cutter to cut her and a large rock from the driveway, estimated to be around 25-pounds, to bash the car. Brenda then tried running away on foot, but Joseph hit her in the head with the rock, knocking her to the ground.

Steven Duncan, Jr., a neighbor across the street who heard the commotion, ran over to see what was happening and described a horrifying scene.

“All of a sudden he hit her a couple of times and she went down and he picked up a rock and started smashing her head in and I said, ‘you gotta stop,'” said Duncan.…

Arizona City, AZ – A 22 year-old ‘Juggalo’ is being held on $100,000 bail after he allegedly molested a 16 year-old special needs girl.

For those of you who don’t know by now, Juggalos are fans of the ‘band’ Insane Clown Posse (the guys that still don’t know how magnets work ),who enjoy painting their faces like clowns.

They’re a particular favorite here at D’D — having been featured killing infants, robbing kids of their candyharassing families in parks and, on a more positive note,  pelting Tila Tequila with rocks. This particular Juggalo is facing one count of child molestation and three counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

Police were contacted on July 1st by the girl’s parents, who had reason to believe there was an inappropriate relationship between the two. Though the girl denied it initially, a search of her facebook and e-mail (as permitted by her parents) yielded not only explicit conversation between her and Lowe, but nude photographs of the girl she had sent to him upon request.…

Pleasant Grove, UT – Michael K. Hanks, 40, was apprehended early Sunday morning after a Utah woman woke in her bed with a man reportedly sliding his hands up her shirt and pressing his lips against her breasts.

According to court documents, in the darkness, the man said seductively “Oh, Kathy.”

The unidentified woman, who we will refer to as “Not Kathy,” wasn’t pleased. Not Kathy reportedly pushed the man away while ‘screaming in protest.’  The man, later identified by police as Hanks, fled – although reports do not indicate that he was terribly quick about it.

Not Kathy reportedly then ran to the home of a neighbor – who was, coincidentally, named “Kathy.”  Police responded and, after identifying Hanks as the intruder, questioned him.

Court documents say that Hanks told police that he had been on a date with the woman named Kathy earlier in the evening. He had dropped her off at her home, he said, but then went back and mistakenly entered the victim’s home.  He reportedly maintained that he believed the victim’s home to have been that of his date.…

Pittsburgh, PA — A case of road rage has one man facing assault charges after he punched a woman in the face.

A woman was driving with her two children, taking a left on a green arrow when 56-year-old Donald Finnegan, coming from the opposite direction, ignored his red light and and cut the woman off as he took a right.

Understandably, this did not make the woman very happy. A fact Finnegan says she made quite obvious.

“She [was] swearing at me, cursing at me, flipping the bird off and I had my … window down, my air conditioner don’t work and I could hear over my radio and everything,” he told reporters.

For some reason, whether on purpose or because they were at another light, the woman pulled behind Finnegan, who had stopped.

According to police, Finnegan got out of his vehicle, walked back to the woman’s car, said to her, “I’m sick of people doing this,” and then punched her right in the face.

Finnegan is now facing charges of harassment, simple assault, and careless driving but according to him, he doesn’t rightly give a shit.…

Hey Indiana Police Sniper, Nice Shot

August 2, 2011 at 1:25 pm by  

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — A man holding a woman hostage at gunpoint was dropped by a police sniper outside John’s Food Mart yesterday.

Police were called after witnesses observed a man holding a gun to the head of an unidentified woman at around 1:30 p.m. Monday. Responding officers observed that 50-year-old Richard W. North had a woman in a headlock with a gun pointed at her head, forcing her to walk down the road.

North tried to take the woman into a Sunoco gas station, but the doors were locked. So he just held the woman by the gas pumps while pointing the gun at her, himself and police officers. He refused numerous demands to drop his weapon and witnesses say North fired several shots, at least one towards the police.

Police attempted to negotiate with North, who wanted a drink and a cigarette, but would not give him the items he requested because he refused to put the gun down and continually posed a threat to the woman and other officers.…

MARION, Ohio — Here’s an interesting lawsuit out of Ohio. Two men who saved a woman from a burning vehicle back in 2009 are now suing her for the injuries they suffered while rescuing her.

David Kelley and Mark Kinkaid where driving down Rt. 23 when they saw Theresa Tanner’s Hummer down an embankment. The vehicle was on fire and Tanner was trapped inside screaming for help.

Kinkaid used a tire iron to bust out a window and both men endured heavy smoke and heat as they searched inside the burning vehicle for any other occupants. Kelly was able to get Tanner out of the Hummer, but was so overcome by smoke that Kinkaid had to carry her up the embankment.

It was a very heroic move on both men’s part, one that was recognized by the State Highway Patrol who held a ceremony honoring the bravery of the two men.

Tanner would be admitted to the hospital in critical condition and remain hospitalized for several months while her rescuers suffered injuries of their own that were both physical as well as mental. …

Las Vegas, NV — A teenager in jail for smothering his young cousin to death has now been accused of stabbing his cell mate to death with a pencil.

Carl Guilford, 18, has been in the Clark County Detention Center since May, accused of smothering 6-year-old Christopher Montgomery with a comforter. His cell mate was 39-year-old Francesco Sanfilippo, in jail on 13 counts of possession of child pornography.

The other day, Sanfilippo was found dead inside their cell covered in a white sheet. The floors and walls were smeared with blood and Guilford was sitting on the top bunk with a blank stare. Sanfilippo had been stabbed several times with a pencil.

Guilford would first tell police that Sanfilip came on to him and grabbed his ass, leading to Guilford putting the older man in a choke hold. He says he doesn’t remember what happened after that. He would then change his story and claim that the Devil told him if he did not kill Sanfilippo, then the Devil would make Guilford kill himself.…

Bakersfield, CA – Despite entering a not guilty plea, bail was denied for a California man charged with raping and beating his own 8 year-old daughter, then leaving her to die.

The girl was initially reported missing from her home around 4 a.m. Wednesday morning. The 911 call placed by the girl’s frantic step-mother can be heard here. She was found walking through a dirt field, roughly ten miles from her home, at 10:30am the same day. The girl, still in her pajamas and barefoot, had been beaten severely. She had also been sexually assaulted, and the extent of those wounds would require surgery. Barf.

“The injuries to the child were such that we believe that he may have been trying to kill her,” said Sheriff Donny Youngblood, “and (he) may have, in fact, thought she was dead when he left.”

When he initially spoke to police, Ray Corriell stated he was on his way to work in West Bakersfield when his daughter went missing. However, police pulled his cellphone records which showed he was in fact in the area where the girl was found.…

Bay City, MI — Due to prior convictions, Jeremy K. Haire, 29, could get 15 years in prison for allegedly stomping his fiancée’s Yorkshire terrier, Missy, to death.

Saturday night, Haire’s fiancée, Kayla Stepanski, 21, brought Missy into the Bay Regional Medical Center. She told a police officer there that she and Haire had been to a golf outing earlier that day and that Haire ‘had consumed quite a bit of alcohol.’  On returning to their home, Haire reportedly began punching and shoving her, she said.

Stepanski told the officer that when she went to call 911, Haire yanked the phone cord from the wall. In response, she called to Missy, picked her up and began to leave.

At this point, Haire reportedly pushed her knocking her over a baby gate.  This casued Stepanski to drop the 2-pound dog.  Haire then allegedly stomped on the animal and yelled, “Now your dog is dead!” according to court records.  Stepanski said that she picked up her now-dead dog, ran outside and got in her car.…

WEST STEWARTSTOWN, N.H. — Things aren’t looking too good in the case of Celina Cass, the 11-year-old who went missing from her bedroom last week.

News reports are starting to come out that a female body was pulled from the Connecticut River this morning, a quarter mile from the home Cass shared with her mother and stepfather.

Essex County states attorney Vincent Illuzzi says an autopsy will be performed to determine the cause of death and that the body has not been identified yet. They are not releasing any further info at this time.

Also interesting to note, and sure to get the speculation whipped into a fervor, are reports that Cass’ stepfather, Wendell Noyes, was rushed by ambulance to Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital for undisclosed reasons.

For those of you not following this case, Cass was last seen in her room on the computer a week ago. Her parents told police they woke up on Tuesday to find her missing. This sparked a massive search that included the Connecticut River that runs close to the house.…

Louisiana — A man made of every negative Southern stereotype has been arrested after police found him passed out in his car with his 8-year-old son driving.

Billie Joe Madden, 28,  was intoxicated early Sunday morning, and sleepy to boot. Unfortunately he was in the process of traveling to Texas from Mississippi with his two young children.

Fearing it may be unsafe for him to attempt driving in this condition he enlisted the help of a designated driver…his 8-year-old son. (I have a feeling I just gave him way too much credit and he really just wanted to drool off his stupor)

Louisiana troopers were alerted by motorists calling and saying there appeared to be a child driving a truck down I-12 . Others were alarmed by the erratic driving, although reports state the kid was maintaining the 70mph speed limit which would make him a better driver than 50% of the ones on the road here in South FL. [85% percent of  SC drivers here in NC – Morbid]

The boy pulled over when police turned on their lights and he was found unharmed along with his 4-year-old sister in the backseat.…

Houston, TX — I started writing about 24-year-old Amber Elkins on Saturday. She’s young mother who went missing on July 24 and whose car was discovered the next day covered in blood. Now there’s been two major developments that extinguished anyone’s hopes of her ever returning home safely.

Elkins was last heard from as she headed to court to attend a custody hearing regarding her 9-month-old daughter. She never made it. The next day her car was discovered at an abandoned car wash. The front passenger window was busted and there was a substantial amount of blood inside the car, but there was no sign of Elkins.

On Friday, Texas Equusearch joined the search, combing the 2-3 mile area around the abandoned car wash and on Sunday the group’s founder and director Tim Miller confirmed a body was found by volunteer searchers. This body has not been identified, but they seem pretty sure it’s Elkins.

Today, during a probable cause hearing, prosecutors learned Elkins’ boyfriend of a few weeks, 31-year-old James David Clarke, allegedly confessed to an ex-girlfriend and another woman that he shot Elkins in the head and placed her body in a duffel bag.…

Salem, IN – John Newcomb, 38, a member of the Seymour, Indiana police force and School Resource Officer was arrested for OWI Wednesday night around 10:30PM.

This, reportedly, after a crash that occured while he was driving a pick up truck pulling the Seymour Police Department DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) trailer.  Oopsie.

“I grabbed the phone and called 911,” said nearby resident Scott Robbins. “The damage to the truck and the way it looked wrapped in the tree, he had to be traveling so fast.”

Indiana State Police are investigating.  Indiana State Police say Newcomb was driving through Salem, Indiana on Main Street when he crashed.

“He side swiped a vehicle that was legally parked on the side of the roadway,” said Sgt. Jerry Goodin of the ISP. “After striking that vehicle, he went on and struck a tree.”

“He was sitting on the wall out of the vehicle, holding his head,” said Robbins’ wife, Tina Robbins.

Newcomb, who refused medical treatment after the crash, looks as though he may have needed some.  …

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A grandmother in Missouri is feeling pretty lucky after fighting off a man she found burglarizing her home.

Jessica Thomas took a walk with her grandchildren on Thursday but returned home after 15 minutes because of the heat, surprising a man who had decided to burglarize her home while they were out. After finding the front door kicked in, the armed man grabbed Thomas’ two grandchildren, ages 10 and 5, and told Thomas to come inside. Big mistake.

“You don’t mess with the grandkids. That’s the mother lion instinct,” she said. “I didn’t think if he got us in the house with a gun that we would come out.”

So instead of complying with the man’s demands, she decided to fight him. She ended up with a broken arm and some head injuries after the suspect pistol-whipped her, but I think she came out a lot better than he did. When she began her attack, she stated she “was going to make a field goal kick in his groin.” Which she did.…

THOMASVILLE, N.C. — A waitress in North Carolina got busted taking part in what is probably one of the most unpunished, widespread types of thefts; the altering of a tip amount on a receipt.

Police say they arrested 26-year-old Judy Michelle Proffitt (ha!) after she got busted altering tip amounts left to her by customers at East Coast Wings where she waitressed. Unfortunately for Proffitt, her income was neutered after one couple she scammed did something most of us don’t and reconciled their receipts against their credit card statements.

When they found the disreprency, they contacted the manager at the restaraunt who analyzed all of Proffitt’s tickets and found that numerous tips had been altered. She was fired and police arrested her on seven counts of obtaining property by false pretense. She was held with bail set at $5,000.

Police are asking anyone who ate at the restaurant between February and June to review bank statements to check for any discrepancies. Those who feel they were scammed are asked to call 336-475-5540.…

DETROIT — I have no clue why I have not heard of this story until today (*I’m lying, I know exactly why*) but police have confirmed that the body found in a burning home are those of 5-year-old Mariah Trenice Smith who went missing a week ago.

Smith was reported missing by her mother midday Sunday after a party at their home. She was last seen by her cousin at around 3:30 a.m. sleeping on the dining room floor. “I was the one who laid her down on the dining room floor and I gave her a hug and a kiss and everything,” Felisha Smith said. Later that day, the girl was gone and a window was wide open.

Earlier that morning and a mile away, before and Amber Alert was issued for Smith, the body of a young girl was found after an arson fire in an abandoned home had been put out. Wayne County spokesman Dennis Niemiec reported the body was that of a young girl who had died of asphyxia whose skull had been crushed.…

YORK, S.C. — I know that caring for a disabled family member can sometimes be as deeply enriching and personally fulfilling as it can be difficult and stressful, especially when you have no support. But even if the person you are caring for is purposely trying to make your life hell, beating the snot out of them may not be your best recourse.

Police were called to the home of 68-year-old Robert Bruszenski, a man caring for his 40-year-old, wheelchair-bound daughter. She suffers from multiple sclerosis and he’s been caring for her alone ever since his wife left him a couple years back. Last week he reached a breaking point.

On Wednesday evening, Bruszenski called 911 asking that cops be sent to his home as he’d just beat his disabled daughter, and that if they did not come quick, he was liable to kill her. When police arrived at the home, they found Bruszenski’s daughter with a swollen eye and blood on her face. Bruszenski told them he beat her because “she drove me crazy, she just drives me fricking crazy.…

BONNEAU, S.C. – There have been many times in my life as a female, where I have been competent enough to dig deep into my pockets, clutch my virtual round heuvos with my hand and pull those bad boys out proudly. That’s right, I have balls. I’m badass and hardcore. Apparently, some out there feel the same way about their vehicles.

A woman in South Carolina adorned the trailer hitch of her truck with a set of red, rubber Bull Balls. In case of any of you are not familiar with these things, they look like a pair of big-ass bull testicles down to the veins.

I don’t know about you but a picture of bull nuts on the back of a truck doesn’t scream sex to me. It screams, “I have big tacky balls on my truck because I think my truck is super strong and stuff!”

Obscene? Eh. Classy? YES!

You can take his truck's testicles when you pry them from his cold, dead fingers...

But Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda wasn’t amused by Virginia Tice’s testes proudly swaying in front of him and cited her stating her plumbs violated the state’s Obscene Bumper sticker laws that says “a sticker, decal or emblem is indecent when it describes, in a patently offensive way… sexual acts, excretory functions or parts of the human body.”

Fuda said Tice could have avoided a ticket if she had agreed to remove the dangly orbs.…