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Meth Lab Found In North Carolina Day Care

March 3, 2011 at 10:16 am by  

MORGANTON, N.C. – Police arrested two people after a meth lab was discovered in the basement of a North Carolina day care.

After checking the log books people must sign to purchase products like Sudafed, police went to the home of Katrina Epperson for suspicion of buying ingredients to make meth. This home was also the location of a newly licensed day care called Kit Kat’s Place Family Child Care.

When police arrived at the home day care at around 1 p.m. Tuesday, they banged on the door (knock a little louder baby!) until Epperson and Chris Webb finally opening the door at around 3:30 p.m., claiming they’d been sleeping.

Investigators would find a working meth lab in the basement of the home and while they’re not sure how long the lab had been operating, they say that several batches appeared to had been cooked recently.

As the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigations laboratory team dismantled the methamphetamine operation, neighbors expressed shock.

“It’s hard to look at people and think they’d do this type of thing to their own children or someone else’s children,” one said.…

ARVADA, Colo. – Last month we posted an article about the city of Arvada arresting a 11-year-old boy over a violent stick figure drawing he drew while in class.

The image depicted stick figures of himself with a gun, pointed at four other stick figures with the words “teacher must die.” He was later arrested at his home and charged with a third degree misdemeanor, interfering with staff and students at an educational facility.

His mother says the boy, who suffers from ADHD, was simply following a therapist’s suggestion to draw his frustrations rather than act them out. And if you read our article you can tell I thought the entire thing was ridiculous, mostly because of some of the whacked out shit I drew as a kid in school (and now in meetings at work).

But I am backing off on my sentiments in regards to this story after the City of Arvada came out and defended the arrest. Seems as if there is some back-story that they are not allowed to reveal, and that the mother withheld when she went to the media.…

Denver, Colorado – Police in Denver have arrested a 12-year-old boy after his parents were found dead in their home, and two of his younger siblings were found critically injured.

On Tuesday night, the 12-year-old called 911 reporting shots had been fired and that three people in the home had been shot. When police arrived at the home, they found the dead bodies of Charles Long, 50, and his wife, Marilyn Long, 51. They also found a 5-year-old girl and a 9-year-old boy suffering from life-threatening injuries. The 12-year-old was uninjured and taken in for questioning.

The two younger children were taken to Kit Carson County Memorial Hospital and then airlifted to The Children’s Hospital in Aurora, where they remained were listed in critical condition yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday they were not calling the young boy a suspect, although he was being questioned and the police told the public they did not suspect a person at large. Today they announced they have arrested the 12-year-old.

“The case has been referred to the district attorney for the filing of formal charges against the 12-year-old,” said Steve Johnson, the assistant director of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation “There are no other suspects at this time.…

After reviewing John Landis’s BURKE AND HARE (our review), a failed attempt at turning the tale of two real-life serial killers into a black comedy, I felt I owed it to myself, and to you, to re-watch THE FLESH AND THE FIENDS starring Peter Cushing and the great Donald Pleasence. This is a good film about William Burke and William Hare, the vile men responsible for Edinburgh, Scotland’s notorious West Port murders.

Back when religion had a stronger grip on medical practices, researchers could only dissect the bodies of criminals who met their demise at the end of a rope. When supply couldn’t keep up with demand, two Irish immigrants stumbled upon a way to fill the demand for fresh bodies after selling a fairly fresh corpse to local anatomist Dr. Knox. The pair felt corpse selling could be a lot more lucrative if they sped up the dying process a bit, so Burke and Hare began murdering the weak and downtrodden that populated their social circle, selling the bodies to the good doctor before the corpses even had time to cool.…

JACKSON, Miss – I was gonna call it a night, but I got an email that directed me to a story that demonstrates why I label this site as a horror site. Authorities in Mississippi have arrested a woman today after they found her dead 3-year-old son cooking in an oven.

Greenville Police Chief Freddie Cannon said Terrie A. Robinson, 24, was charged with murder and will be arraigned Thursday. Washington County Coroner Methel Johnson said the body of the burned boy was still warm when they pulled him out and that he had some trauma to his head.

They will now try to determine if he was dead before he was put inside the electric oven, and I am praying to Cthulhu that he was.

Officers found the body sometime after midnight while responding to an emergency call at Robinson’s apartment, but the chief didn’t want to release any further details because of an ongoing investigation.

A little girl was also found in the home and was placed in the care of the Mississippi Department of Human Services.…

WASHINGTON – The parents of a 6-year-old girl are upset at their school district, accusing them of covering up an incident in which their daughter’s school bus driver was captured on video jerking their daughter to the floor by her backpack.

The driver, Dan Taylor, can be seen yelling at the kids in the bus to sit down. At one point Ashley Reavely stands up to talk to the kids sitting behind her. It’s then that Taylor grabs her backpack and jerks her backwards off her feet. While she lays on the ground, he berates her and tells her to go sit down…all while the bus is still moving.

Moments later, the still frustrated Taylor can be seen stopping the bus and yell at another kid, possibly putting his hands on him. I’m all for student safety and can understand the driver’s frustration at kids not sitting in their seats, but Taylor seems to be wound a bit tightly, and maybe the impressive, behind the back snatch-and-grab was a bit extreme.…

ATHERTON, Calif.— A teacher at Selby Lane School is on paid leave after he rattled a desk to get the attention of his class and a startled student called 911.

Police were called to the school after receiving a 911 call about a teacher causing a disturbance and possibly throwing things. When they arrived they found a calm teacher with a class in session. Police determined nothing had been thrown, but rather the teacher had simply rattled a desk to get the attention of his 8th-grade math class.

One of the girls in the class, probably a foreign exchange student from France, got scared by this and left the classroom to call police on a cell phone before running through the hallways screaming at her own shadow.

The other students in the class weren’t bothered by the teacher’s actions, said Sgt. Tim Lynch. Though the teacher “dramatically” made his point, “it wasn’t a teacher out of control,” he added.

Because police were called, the teacher, who has never had a complaint filed against him in the past, will remain on paid leave until the investigation is complete.…

NEW YORK, NY – Two women got into a public argument on Facebook over money borrowed to buy diapers that ended with one woman dead and the other in jail charged with stabbing her to death.

Authorities say 22-year-old Kamisha Richards got into a Facebook argument with her brother’s girlfriend, 18-year-old Kayla Henriques. The argument started over Richards lending Henriques $20 for diapers that she spent on something else. The back-and-forth exchange continued to get more and more personal with Richards making this post on Henriques Wall:

I don’t give a f–k. U know ya sister so its not just ova $20 its the principle so don’t make it seem like I’m goin n 4 $20 she kno wat she did and she real f–ked up … this aint the 1st time she did dum sh-t…F–K THESE NOSY PPL!!!!

Henriques then replied on Sunday night with this ominous message:

Dnt try to expose me mama but I’m not tha type to thug it ova facebook see u wen u get frm wrk

Trust, Ima have the last laugh,” Richards responded.…

Calvert City, KY — After receiving reports of two small children wandering along I-24, state troopers responded to the area and found a 2-year-old child lying on the inside edge of the westbound lane. The child had a large laceration to the back of the head. Walking in the opposite direction, a woman carrying a 5-year-old child. The woman was later identified as the mother of the children – 29-year-old Cynthia Palmer.

Palmer told police that she and her children were traveling to Fort Campbell, TN., when she began hallucinating from the bath salts she had snorted earlier in the day. The hallucinations reportedly led her to pull off the roadway and exit the vehicle with her children. As she struggled to carry them both, she apparently dropped the younger one on his head and continued walking, leaving him behind.

The 2-year-old was transported to the hospital for treatment, the 5-year-old was taken into custody by Social Services, and Palmer was booked on charges of assault, wanton endangerment and public intoxication.…

Police: Man Tried To Neuter Dog With Fire

March 2, 2011 at 6:14 am by  

Albuquerque, NM — James Dickie, 23, was arrested last week after he allegedly set fire to his blind dog’s testicles and scrotum because he couldn’t afford to have the critter neutered by a vet.

Authorities said the dog, Charlie, was rescued after a neighbor called Dickie’s grandma and she sent a family friend over to investigate. Charlie was found in Dickie’s bedroom, unable to move because of the burns.

Just two days prior to the DIY neutering, the Dick was reportedly seen drop-kicking the animal several times before tossing the animal into a yucca plant.

Arrested on charges of extreme animal cruelty, Dickie, of course, denied harming the animal. If convicted, the charge carries a maximum sentence of 1.5 years in jail and up to a $5,000 fine. Personally, I think James Dickie should lose a nut…

One neighbor says the Dick is being painted in a bad light – he takes good care of his animals. Animals, plural. Authorities have reported that there are at least three other animals in Dickie’s possession…a dog and two cats.…

Manteca, CA – A woman was treated for bumps, bruises, scrapes and hypothermia early Saturday morning after what police are calling a “harrowing” 40-mile ride atop the hood of a minivan driven by her husband, Christopher Carrol.

The woman told police that after an argument late Friday night, she attempted to stop her husband from taking off in the family grocery-getter by standing in front of the vehicle. Obviously not one of her better ideas….

“Now I know it was one of the stupidest things in my life, but I jumped on the van. He backed out quickly. It turned me and I got stuck. When we were on the freeway, I had no choice but to hold on,” the woman said.

Yes…the freeway. Reaching speeds of up to 100 mph., Carrol drove from Manteca to Pleasonton with the wife holding on to a side mirror and a windshield wiper. “I was so cold, I couldn’t feel my hands anymore. I didn’t know if I was even holding on,” she said.…

Crime Screen Review: The Ninth Gate (1999)

March 1, 2011 at 8:26 pm by  

Greetings, readers. The name Johnny Depp should not be an unfamiliar one. Captain Jack Sparrow, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeny Todd, that kid who got turned into a hundred gallons of puree in the original A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, Depp has shown himself to be a talented, versatile actor. He even, you’ll recall, put on an angora sweater and pumps to play infamous transvestite filmmaker Edward D. Wood, Jr. Unfortunately, I feel like some of his talent has been obscured by the layers of chalk-toned greasepaint Tim Burton has slathered Depp with time and again, turning him into a gaunt idol for fat “goth” girls to fingerbang themselves to longingly.

Tonight’s film, a swiftly forgotten 1999 thriller from kiddie-fiddler/director Roman Polanski, is a reminder that once you scrape away an Insane Clown Posse concert’s worth of white face paint, Depp’s got the cinematic goods.

Depp stars as Dean Corso, an unscrupulous buyer and seller of rare books in this adaptation of Arturo Perez-Reverte’s novel The Club Dumas. We actually are first introduced to the man as he swindles a stroke victim’s family out of a collection of valuable old volumes.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. — I was going to post the story about the tow truck driver who got dragged to death back when it first happened, but some of the details were sketchy. Now they’re not.

Allen Rose, a 35-year-old married father of two, was hooking up an illegally parked SUV to his tow truck when the owner got inside the vehicle and made a run for it. The cable Rose had attached to the SUV snapped and somehow he got tangled up in it. He was dragged screaming one-and-a-half miles down the street.

Reports are that blood streaked long stretches of Platte Avenue, and boots, a tattered jacket, a ball cap, wallet and other articles were scattered along the road. Rose would die later that day from blunt force trauma. The driver of the SUV was found later and identified as 32-year-old Detra Farries.

It is unclear if she knew she was towing a full-grown, screaming male down the street, but as of now she has been charged with manslaughter.…

Man Booked On 234 Counts Of Child Rape

March 1, 2011 at 6:57 am by  

Delta, CO – Just one week after the arrest of alleged kiddy diddler Jeffrey Bigham, Delta police have caged yet another pervy monster. Roberto Vicencio-Miramontes, 28, was arrested last week for allegedly sexually assaulting the same girl 234 times.

Miramontes, a former family friend, reportedly abused the child three to five times a week for the past year and a half. The 10-year-old child told investigators some of the assaults occurred in the same room that she shared with a younger sibling. And not just the same room… the same damn bed.

Miramontes was booked into the Delta County Jail on Thursday. After admitting to investigators that he is in the country illegally, his bond was bumped up to $150,000.…

Glenwood, IL — Prosecutors say 38-year-old Hugo Dominguez and his girlfriend are facing aggravated domestic battery charges for routinely chaining his 13-year-old son to a dryer and beating the boy with a multitude of items.

The alleged abuse was brought to light last week after police received a call from Brookwood Junior High School. When officers arrived at the school, they found the teen to be suffering from a large laceration to his left elbow, bruising on a large portion of both arms, lash marks on his lower and middle back and marks on his lower legs.

The boy told police his father kept him chained to the dryer most nights and ordered him into the garage before school each morning. The teen claimed to have been beaten by both his father and his live-in girlfriend with items ranging from a broken ax handle to a bamboo back scratcher. He also told police his father recently got all stabby with a knife.

A search of the couple’s home revealed the items in question, as well as a chain attached to the washing machine in a laundry room.…

Detroit, Michigan — Lots of shitty mothers in the world today. Police say a Michigan man posed as a psychologist online and convinced several single mothers to sexually assault their children as a form of therapy. These mothers would then send images of the attacks to this wonderful “psychologist’. I can’t even begin to understand how these single mothers could be so easily influenced… and so ignorant.

Steven Demink was arrested in October and police claim that since they arrested him seven children were rescued and at least three mothers have been arrested. All of the children are now safe, although I’m sure they will need years of therapy from REAL doctors.

According to documents in the case, Demink targeted single mothers. He claimed his name was Dalton St. Clair and that he was a single father to a 14-year-old girl. He used a model’s headshot as his own and promised the willing mothers a date with him if they followed through with the abuse. What a prize!!

The mothers he met online were from all over the U.S, including Idaho, Florida and New Hampshire.…

Bangor, Maine — Some people just don’t know how to share. Others take as much as they can get away with. Anthony Bowie will take what he wants and if you don’t like it, he’ll put his cigarette out on your face.

Apparently Bowie and his sister prefer to roll their own cigarettes. His sister, who is also the victim in this case, was kind enough to allow Bowie to have some of her tobacco on Sunday afternoon. When she realized he had taken more than she said he could, an argument ensued.

Bowie was not happy about his sister’s reaction so he did what any normal, sane person would do… he punched a lamp and then pressed his lit cigarette into her face. I can feel the family love.

Bowie, 21, has been charged with domestic assault and criminal mischief. He was charged with an additional count of domestic assault after police determined he had punched his girlfriend two days earlier.…

Houston, Texas – Finding a good roommate can be tough. When you can’t choose your own roommate it’s even worse. When you’re a patient in a mental hospital and have no control over the nutjob in the bed next to you, be sure to sleep with one eye open.

36-year-old Juan Juarez was recently charged with aggravated sexual assault of an adult in connection with an incident that occurred on July 17, 2010. Juarez, a psychiatric patient at Cypress Creek Hospital, reportedly climbed into his heavily medicated roommate’s bed while he was sleeping and sexually assaulted him.

A hospital employee caught Juarez in the act when he walked into the patients’ room.

Once investigators were made aware of the allegations, they conducted a rape kit on the male victim and found Juarez’s DNA. Do you want to know the real kicker? Wait for it. Juarez is infected with AIDS… and was fully aware of his health condition at the time of the offense.

Police are still searching for Juarez.…