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Wellington, FL — Sheila Lederer, 32, was arrested on two counts of child neglect Wednesday for an incident that occurred back in July in which Lederer, reportedly high on Xanax, demanded that police arrest her mailbox. No, that’s not a euphemism. Sickos.

According to the probable cause affidavit, deputies went to Lederer’s home to conduct a welfare check on July 7. Shortly before they arrived, Lederer called 911 claiming someone was hiding in her bushes. Again, not a euphemism.

When deputies arrived at the home, they found Lederer in the yard, screaming at a tree. As an officer approached, Lederer reportedly yelled, “Get out of here!” Not to the officer, mind you, but to the tree. When the officer explained that “the tree was unable to talk and that the tree was not a person,” Lederer reportedly demanded that the officer arrest her mailbox. On what charges, you ask? I have no friggin’ clue.

At that point, police say Lederer tried to climb into a bush, screaming the whole time that someone was sitting in her bushes, spying on her.…

Yeadon, PA — Police say four men who orchestrated an armed heist of a 13-year old’s meatball sandwich are now in custody. As a result, meatball sandwich brokers worldwide – who are often the target of organized meatball sandwich theft rings – are breathing a collective sigh of relief.

According to court documents, on Saturday night, the young man had just bought a meatball sandwich at a nearby deli. While on his way home, two men – possibly aware that the teen would be transporting a meatball sandwich – exited a black Ford Expedition and approached him.

One of the men, later identified as Rashawn Ameer Mallory, 21, (pictured) displayed a black revolver. The probable-cause affidavit quotes Mallory as telling the teen, “Whatever you do, don’t move,” and then adding, “If you do anything, I’ll cap you.” A second assailant, later identified as Ernest Wellington Barnett, 22, went through the teens pockets. Police say that the suspects established that – other than the meatball sandwich – the teen had nothing of value.…

Daytona Beach, FL — I hate writing stories about baby rape almost as much as I hate baby rapers, but I couldn’t talk Jaded into writing this article about a teen accused of raping a 9-month-old girl, so here goes.

On Thursday afternoon, a woman called 911 to report her neighbor, 19-year-old Edwin Wren, came to her house stating there was an emergency in the home where he was staying. She said she ran to the neighbor’s house and immediately saw blood on the carpet.

Knowing that the couple who lived there had a baby girl they often left in Wren’s care, she started looking for her and found the infant crying in pain and bleeding profusely.

“I went in there to check on the baby … and it looks like the baby has been raped,” the distraught neighbor sobbed in the 911 call. “She was crying really bad when I got there.”

The baby was taken by EVAC ambulance to the hospital where she underwent surgery to repair tears to her body, Gary Davidson, Volusia County sheriff’s spokesman said.…

Lakewood, CA — A 47-year-old transient was arrested on suspicion of murder Tuesday, accused of bludgeoning an elderly man to death with a baseball bat in the sporting goods section of the store. Police are calling the attack random and unprovoked.

Surveillance cameras show Richard Lawrence Kalfin wandering the aisles for a short time before the 74-year-old victim even entered the store. Kalfin’s wandering led him to the sporting goods section of the store, where he grabbed an aluminum baseball bat from a display rack.

Kalfin continued walking through the aisles, stopping only when he spotted the 74-year-old victim. Witnesses claim Kalfin asked the man for change, and when he was denied, he started swinging. And he didn’t stop until the victim was good and dead….

“It was very scary — very, very scary, to hear the noise of someone’s life being taken away,” said witness Jennifer Thompson. “Noises like moans and groans … you could hear when he hit him. It was awful, so awful. And then I went around the corner and peeked … and he just walked out like it was nothing.”

Kalfin was arrested at the scene.…

Anaheim, CA — A pervy parolee was charged Wednesday after police say he broke into a couple’s home and molestered the woman of the house as she slept next to her husband.

Christopher Schwanke, 35, was arrested outside the couple’s home Monday evening after a brief tussle with the man of the house. Schwanke. Heh.

The woman apparently thought her hubby was trying to get all romantical when she first felt the hand on her crotch. Imagine her surprise when she realized dear hubby was sound asleep. Now imagine the horror that poor woman felt when she leaned over the side of the bed and found that Schwanke was attached to the digits buried in her lady bits.

After what I imagine would be at least three full minutes of violent projectile vomiting, the woman dialed 911. In the meantime, her husband opened up a can of whoop ass on the depraved prowler, restraining him until police arrived.

The couple later reported having had a couple of run-ins with the bozo in the past month.…

Steger, IL – Robert J. Deja, 45, was back in court on a second sexual assault charge. …and judging by the now $12 million bail, prosecutors are clearly not amused.  If you are near a dry erase board, it may come in handy on this one…

Deja’s legal woes began in July after authorities reportedly learned of allegations that he had been sexually abusing his adopted daughter for approximately four years. Police then learned the young woman has a 3-year-old child fathered by Deja.  Police reports say Deja became upset when he found out that his now 20-year-old daughter had a new boyfriend. This reportedly prompted Deja to kick his daughter out of the house. Deja then attempted to hire his brother as a hit man to kill his daughter and her boyfriend. It is believed that the brother – who is, of course, the woman’s uncle – tipped off authorities.

On October 12, Deja was arrested and held on $7 million bail on charges of solicitation to commit murder and criminal sexual assault.…

Bonita Springs, FL – A man in Florida is in jail facing battery charges for allegedly beating up his girlfriend after she woke him up playing with a sex toy in bed.

Police were called to the home of 53-year-old Jeffery Bowers where they found his girlfriend in the front yard sporting a swollen eye and bruises on her arm. She told police that Bowers had kicked her in the face, dragged her through the home and locked her out of the house.

Bowers’ side of the story was a little different. He said he had brought his girlfriend over so she could make him something to eat. Later that night he was awakened by the sound of his girlfriend playing with a sex toy. He asked her to stop so he could sleep and then asked her to retrieve his cigarettes off the front porch. When she walked outside to get them, he locked the door behind her.

I’m not excusing the guy if he did indeed beat this woman, but I have to admit that bringing a girl over to fix dinner, then having sex with her before locking her out of the house sounds a lot like a Morbid date night.…

Texas Judge Captured On Video Beating Daughter

November 2, 2011 at 8:38 am by  

Texas — As a redditor (AuntieChrist) who mainly lurks in /r/wtf to keep an eye out for any interesting news articles, I have watched a video posted on Reddit blow the fcuk up this morning. The video shows a man beating the crap out of his teen daughter because she was downloading music and games on to her computer using Kazaa.

The video was made in 2004, but the girl getting assaulted has waited until now to upload the video because she “wanted the world to know the truth.” While most readers of D’D read articles here detailing abuse that make the following video look like family game night, I am posting it because the man doing the beating is William Adams, a Texas court-at-law judge.

You can watch the original video posted on Youtube, but in case it gets deleted I am embedding the video from

If you watched the video, there is no doubt that what you witnessed was an assault. Normally I shy away from posting stories like this, as I prefer to post on stories in which someone has been accused of a crime, even though the video clearly shows Adams committing one.…

Man Injured In Halloween Chainsaw Attack

November 2, 2011 at 5:48 am by  

Salt Lake City, UT — A 48-year-old man escorting a woman and her 2-year-old daughter while trick-or-treating Monday night was injured in what police believe was a random chainsaw attack carried out by a man in a multi-colored mask.

Very few details at this time, but based on what the woman told police, the chainsaw carrying masked man approached the trio at about 10:00 p.m. As the victim raised his arm to fend off the attack, the saw made contact with his forearm, causing a deep gash.

According to Salt Lake City Police Det. Cary Wichmann, judging by the injury to the man’s arm, it appears as if the saw was running, but without the chain.

“Similar to what is used at haunted houses to give people a scare,” he said. “Even without a chain, the saw can injure.”

Police were unable to get much of a suspect description – in addition to a language barrier and a very frightened and freaked-out woman, the victim was already under sedation at the hospital by the time the authorities were even notified.…

Aiken, SC — Two 10-year-old boys were taken into custody Monday after one of them reportedly pulled a gun on a woman who jokingly threatened to steal their candy.

According to police, the 26-year-old woman recognized the boys as they made their way through the neighborhood Monday night. When she approached and joked about taking their candy, one of the boys pulled out a TEC-9, aimed and responded, “No, you’re not (expletive).” The boy’s brother indicated that he had a gun, too…he just wasn’t waving his around like a crazy man.

Fortunately, neither of the boys had an itchy trigger finger and the woman went home that night, ass uncapped. Police recovered two handguns, and though neither was loaded, one of the boys was found with an ammo clip.

The boys were taken to the station for what I’m sure was a “good talking to,” and released to their parents. The little shits apparently snatched the guns from their grandfather without his permission before heading out for the night.…

Rapid City, SD – David Spencer, 54, from Kent in the UK, was arrested Monday after an employee in a South Dakota shopping mall complained that his attempt to sell her a sex fetish paddle went too far. Well… just a little too far.

RCPD spokesperson Tarah Heupel reported that the female employee of Northern Lights Art said Spencer came into the store Saturday and tried to sell her a sex fetish paddle for $10. She reportedly refused. The complaint then described Spencer offering to let the employee spank him for $1 – highlighting, of course, the low cost of living in South Dakota. The victim told police she let Spencer smack her ass once with the paddle, but – according to the criminal complaint – Spencer allegedly spanked her a second time without her permission.

The employee did not report the incident to police until she spotted Spencer in the mall again on Monday. She then called mall security, who, in turn, called police.  During the investigation, Spencer told police he was, essentially, funding his travels through the US one fetish paddle and/or spank at a time.…

Oregon — The 21-year-old Oregon woman who got naked and climbed inside the bloody carcass of a horse so that she could  “feel one with a horse” will not be charged with a crime as none were found to have been committed.

Police say the couple had recently taken over care of the 32-year-old horse in declining health and in an effort to humanely put it down and harvest the meat, they shot it with a high powered rifle. Then they broke out the camera and snapped a few photos.

A few of the photos show the blood drenched couple holding pieces of the dead horse while others, the really “wtf” ones, show the woman nude and inside the dead animal. And when I say inside, I mean “Luke Skywalker stuffed in his Tauntaun” inside.

If you want to look at the unedited photos, click here and do so, just be warned that they are nsfw and may be upsetting to some of you. A few of the pics look like someone gutted a horse and found that it had recently swallowed a naked blond with a nice ass whole.…

Man Dies After Trying To Remove His Pacemaker

November 1, 2011 at 12:56 pm by  

Chicago, IL — Interesting news report out of Chicago where a man has died after he tried to remove his own pacemaker.

Channing Askew, 47, told a worker at the group home where he lived that he was experiencing chest pains and needed an ambulance. While the worker called for help, Askew went to his room and waited for the paramedics.

Once they arrived, Askew repeated that he was having chest pains and then fell unconscious in the ambulance. As paramedics tried to revive him, they took off his shirt and noticed a stab wound in his chest then notified police. Askew would never regain consciousness and died a short while later.

After he was examined at the hospital, a doctor told police that it looked as if  Askew had actually stabbed himself with an unknown instrument in an effort to remove his pacemaker. Not surprisingly, police say Askew may have suffered from mental issues.…

Seattle, Wash. — State medical authorities have suspended the license of a surgical assistant accused of playing with an unconscious female’s nipple during her breast reconstruction surgery.

In April of last year, Stanley Romes was at Swedish Medical Center assisting a surgeon performing reconstructive breast surgery on a woman who had undergone a mastectomy.

After the surgeon had asked Romes to hold the woman’s right breast up and away from her left breast, the surgeon noticed Romes playing with the woman’s nipple. When the surgeon asked Romes what the hell he was doing, Romes allegedly laughed and continued playing with the unconscious woman’s nipple.

The Secretary of Health suspended Romes’ license for six months and are requiring him to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation before applying for reinstatement.…

Body Of Jasmen Gonzalez Has Been Found

November 1, 2011 at 9:51 am by  

Carrollton, Texas — The child’s body found Sunday afternoon has been positively identified by the Dallas County Medical Examiner as 10-year-old Jasmen Gonzalez, who went missing Saturday night.

Jasmen and her parents are from Oklahoma and were in Texas visiting relatives. On Saturday a party was held at the home where they were staying and Jasmen was reported missing shortly before midnight.

Initial reports stated the girl may have been sleepwalking and gotten lost in an unfamiliar neighborhood, but those reports were later dismissed with police saying the girl had been abducted.

Her body was found on Sunday afternoon, a few blocks from the home she vanished from. According to a police affidavit, there was no shirt on Jasmen’s body, and her pants and underwear were pulled down. The medical examiner reported Jasmen died from a stab wound to the chest.

Police have towed two cars from the apartment complex’s parking lot and say they are questioning 23-year-old  Jose Concepcion Sifuentes, who attended the party held at the home where Jasmen and her parents were staying.…

Valparaiso, IN – Tara Dawn Tryon, 21, of Wanatah, Indiana has been charged based on allegations she photographed and videotaped herself molesting a 3-year-old boy she was hired to babysit.

According to the probable cause affidavit filed by Det. Sgt. Rick Strong of the Indiana State Police, LaPorte County Sheriff’s Police received a call from an anonymous caller who reported receiving – via email – photos and video “of a woman engaging in the sexual molestation of a young male child.” The caller identified the woman in the photos as Tryon. The affidavit also says that the caller stated that she also reported the abuse allegation to the Department of Social Services’ hotline.

Strong was provided a memory card with the photos and video. “Throughout the 39 images and two videos, Tara Tryon is seen committing numerous acts of deviate sexual conduct” on the boy and the boy “performing acts of deviate sexual conduct on Tara, in addition to acts of fondling.” The acts were committed “on or between” Oct.…

Haunted House Worker Accidentally Hanged Herself

October 31, 2011 at 2:57 pm by  

FENTON, Mo. — A teenager is lucky to be alive today and became more urban legend debunking material after she accidentally hanged herself with a noose while working inside a Halloween attraction.

The 17-year-old girl somehow got herself entangled in the prop while working at Creepyworld Thursday night. She was rushed to the hospital in critical condition after a co-worker making rounds found the girl unconscious.

She has since been moved out of the intensive-care unit and her condition is improving.

Creepyworld is a haunted attraction designed to look like a small, haunted town. They claim to be St Louis’ largest haunted attraction with seven haunted houses in one location, with over 100 employees.

This girl is not the first teenager to hang themselves at a haunted attraction. Back in 1990, Brian Jewell accidentally hanged himself while scaring people at a haunted hayride.  Many patrons who were driven by the dead teen were unaware that it was a stunt that had gone wrong.

Another teen suffered a similar fate at a haunted hayride in 2001.…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — I am still recuperating from a weekend full of pulled pork and Evan Williams, so bear with me as I fumble through a few stories on my favorite day of the year. Starting with one out of Louisville in which another Cintas worker suffered a horrible fate after getting stuck inside an industrial dryer.

Reports are that 55-year-old Kevin Burgess arrived to work early Friday morning and began working on an industrial dryer before any of the other employees arrived. Investigator are not sure how, but Burgess fell through the top of the dryer while it was running. They believe the machinery may have jumped started, knocking him in. He was in there for almost 30 minutes until a co-worker came into work and found him. Sadly, Burgess died from multiple blunt force injuries.

Burgess would have not been able to free himself on his own, due in part to the doors closing automatically once the dryer is started and the fact that are no safety mechanisms to stop the dryer in this particular circumstance. …

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