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SAN CLEMENTE – It wasn’t a gun that saved a woman from an unknown intruder like the story out of Georgia. This time a 5-year-old boy and a Marine are being credited for saving a woman from a man who broke into her home in an attempted sexual assault.

Police believe Jonathan Ashton Aikin was under the influence of narcotics when he broke into the 28-year-old woman’s home and jumped on top of her she was sleeping with her two young children. The victim tried to grab the phone, but he knocked it away.

He then began choking her while telling her how much he loved her. “He was clearly on drugs, he was paranoid,” the victim said. “He was confessing his love to me, even though I’ve never met the person before in my life. I’ve never seen him.” That’s when her 5-year-old badass jumped on Aikin’s back and started hitting him in the head while screaming at the top of his lungs. Aikin responded by punching the kid in the face.…

Middletown Township, PA — A Jack & Jill ice cream truck was pulled over Friday evening, and not because the officer had a sudden craving for a Choco Taco, but because police had received phone calls about its erratic operation. The driver, an independent contractor, was found to be drunk. What was subsequently discovered, though, is what will undoubtedly give you pause the next time you dig into a nice cup of lemon-flavored Italian Ice.

Yassir Hassan, 46 years old and classy as hell, had several boxes of wine – which still makes as much sense to me as the idea of french fries served in a shoe – on board his truck. Also uncovered were three bottles of urine – which now makes as much sense to me as the idea of wine in a box – one of which was found frozen in the same freezer as actual food. One thing they say Hassan didn’t have was any sort of hand-washing facility on board.

Despite a preliminary DUI hearing in his future, as of now there’s not a damn thing stopping Hassan from grabbing his truck and selling ice cream.…

Indianapolis, IN – A man trying to stop a pit bull from attacking a neighbor’s dog was accidentally shot and killed by his girlfriend.

This tragic story, another notable example of “no good deed goes unpunished,” began when 57-year-old Roosevelt Griffin heard a neighbor calling for help across the street as a pit bull viciously attacked her dog. Griffin ran over to help, along with his live-in girlfriend of 10 years, 49 year-old Carolyn Walker, who had also brought a gun.

While the couple were trying to stop the attack, the pit bull turned on Griffin. Walker took aim and tried to shoot the pit bull but tripped, accidentally shooting Griffin in the face. He would die a short time later at the hospital. Police have deemed the shooting an accident and do not plan on pressing any charges.

Friends and neighbors don’t blame Walker for Griffin’s death, but do blame the unknown owners of the pit bull that’s still on the loose. Griffin was described as a  good man who would do anything for anybody in the neighborhood and owned two pit bulls himself, probably explaining why he felt confident intervening in the first place.…

Fullerton, CA — Javier Enrique Perez, 19, was convicted Tuesday of sexually assaulting a 9-year-old boy by anally penetrating him with a toy light saber, and the hand of another child, while at least two other young boys watched.

According to court documents, the attack occurred on July 28, 2008. The 9-year-old boy’s mother had dropped him off at a sitters for the evening and headed off to work. Perez, 16 at the time, was at the home, as were several other children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 19.

At some point during the evening, Perez bent the boy over the kitchen table and forced an 8-year-old child to anally penetrate him with his hand while other children looked on. Perez then grabbed a toy light saber and anally raped the victim as he struggled and screamed in pain. When the assault was over, Perez told each of the boys to keep their mouths shut.

When the child’s mother arrived to collect him later that night, he immediately informed her of the assault.…

Eau Claire, WI – In 1998, Cher Cha Moua, 54, of Wisconsin, fatally shot his wife, Va T. Moua, 37, and his daughter, high school senior Goshoua Moua, 18, at their mobile home. Moua then drove across town and shot his daughter’s boyfriend, Teng Xiong, 16, at the teen’s home about five miles away, seriously wounding him.

Moua reportedly pleaded guilty but, based on psychologist reports, Eau Claire County Judge Benjamin Proctor instead found him not legally responsible for the shooting spree. In May of 1998, Proctor ordered Moua’s commitment to the Mendota Mental Health Institute in Madison.

But, it appears that Wisconsin suffers from a fear of commitment…  Wisconsin state law requires that a petition for conditional release must be granted if a judge determines the individual under a mental commitment no longer is at risk of causing bodily harm to himself or others.

In 2006, Judge Proctor approved just such a conditional release Moua. It didn’t work out so well, though… After being released from a state mental institution, Moua was sent back because he took some sleeping pills and stabbed himself in the stomach, chest and neck — drawing blood.…

Moscow, RU – Proving once again that arresting a cannibal at meal time is a good prosecutorial strategy, police in Moscow apprehended a man suspected of scattering dismembered body parts across the city in recent weeks.

According to published reports, the police visited the suspected cannibal’s apartment early Tuesday morning.

“When the police came to arrest the suspect, he was eating a human liver with potatoes,” a police spokeswoman for the Moscow’s western district said.  The unnamed suspect “admitted he had eaten part of his acquaintance’s liver”, said the prosecutor general’s investigative unit.

Police also reportedly found a stew in the suspect’s refrigerator that had been made from human liver. Police have reported that they believe the liver – along with other parts found throughout the city – belonged to the suspect’s friend.

The decapitated head of a middle-aged man was found in the Moskva River in the west of the city on Wednesday. An arm, which had been severed at the wrist, was pulled from water under a bridge in south Moscow’s Tsaritsino Park on May 2, and two feet were discovered floating nearby in the Moskva River on the same day.…

San Diego, CA — A man in California has been charged with possessing child porn after he was a bit too truthful while applying for a job as a San Diego police officer, and admitted to enjoying child porn.

Robert Williams, 38, was applying for a job with the police department. Part of this process includes a questionnaire in which applicants are asked about past criminal activity. Question No. 172 asked applicants if they’ve ever had sexual contact with a child. Williams answered yes, explaining when he was 29 he had “tried to touch” a younger cousin as she slept.

Question No. 175 asked applicants if they’ve ever viewed, purchased, sold or subscribed to child pornography. Being the honest person that he is, Williams once again answered yes, admitting he had been viewing child porn for the last three years after an argument with his wife. I’m calling bullshit on that reason. I can see a woman driving a man to drugs, alcohol, therapists or murder, but I can’t see them driving a man to jacking off over pics of naked 6-year-olds.…

Bangor, ME — Any of you remember Abraham McDonald? He was featured back in April after police say he threatened to light his grandfather on fire because the man told him he couldn’t light a pile of sticks on fire. Ring a bell? Well, it looks as if I have found McDonald’s kindred spirit…the lovely Miss Emily Cole.

According to court documents, Emily, upset over a recent breakup with her partner, was outside of her grandparent’s home Friday, pouring gasoline on pine needles. When her grandmother, 77-year-old Ernestine Cole, walked outside and told her to knock it off, Emily reportedly doused the woman with gas and lit her on fire. Afterward, police said, Emily left the residence with her mother, Cole’s former daughter-in-law, Annette Jones.

Jones later told police that she was at the home when Emily BBQ’d her grandmother, but in another room. She also told investigators she only agreed to leave the residence with her daughter because she was scared, she had no idea what Emily was capable of.…

Dania Beach, FL — The douche you see before you is 53-year-old Pastro Park – he was taken into custody over the weekend after police learned he had moved his 84-year-old mother out of his duplex and into a cramped tool shed in his back yard for the sole purpose of renting out her room.

Police made the discovery Sunday after being called to Park’s home to settle a landlord/tenant dispute. The tenant, 46-year-old Sheila Kennedy, told officers she had seen a lady living in a toolshed behind the building. They soon learned the woman had been living in the shed without electricity, air conditioning, food or water for two weeks.

According to the arrest report, when paramedics arrived, they found the woman to be malnourished and dehydrated. She had some sort of wound on her head and was reportedly covered in maggots and had a worm burrowing into her neck. She was rushed to Memorial Regional Hospital, where Park’s wife says she is now recovering. Police are unsure whether Park’s wife was aware of the situation, and if so, what role she played.…

Providence, RI — Torn frenulum. Think about that for a second. Though there are several of these on the human body, it’s not a stretch to imagine the pain of any one of them being torn. Now imagine that pain being experienced by a 4 month-old girl. Throw in several other injuries to the lips, mouth and throat. Add two fractured arms, 10 broken ribs-of which the human body only has 24- and significant injury to her vaginal area. Still here? I’m impressed. I’m having enough trouble writing this.

The man responsible for the infant’s care, then 19 year-old Emanuel Baptista, told the girl’s mother the baby had choked on a baby wipe. The mother then took the baby to receive medical care. In the resulting examination, the hospital uncovered all of the aforementioned injuries and reported them to the authorities. Baptista was arrested in August of 2009.

In March of this year, he was convicted on child abuse and child molestation charges. On May 16th he was sentenced to  two simultaneous life sentences and an additional 20 years.…

Phoenix, AZ — Tiana Turnman, 18, and Shykeem Jones, 24, are both in police custody, facing charges of kidnapping and murder, after the two allegedly exacted deadly revenge over an apparent nookie session gone bad.

Police said between Saturday night and early Sunday morning, Turnman and five others were hanging out in the apartment 19-year-old Paul Katoa shares with his pregnant girlfriend. At some point that evening, Turnman reportedly hooked up with Andrew McConnell, a friend of Katoa’s, and the two had sex. When the lovin’ was over, witnesses say Turnman got a little pissy due to “a dispute over money exchanged during the sex act” and because McConnell left before the wet spot dried.

The pissed off woman left the apartment, only to return a short time later with a friend. And that friend, Shykeem Jones, was armed with a handgun.

Police say Turnman locked the front door while Jones ordered the others, three men and two women, to hit the ground. After Jones kicked one of the men in the head, Katoa rushed him, and the two began struggling over the gun.…

Sultan, WA — If you happened to be driving down U.S. 2 in Washington on Thursday, there’s a chance you saw a half-naked woman acting crazy and holding a severed dog’s head with a towel. If you didn’t, consider the possibility that you have not yet lived.

At roughly 11:30 AM police received calls about the nutter from concerned motorists. Snohomish County Sheriff’s department spokeswoman Rebecca Hover said the woman was “…distraught and not making sense,” which is funny because the last time I met a half-naked woman holding the severed head of a canine she was calm, and gave me a very compelling and well-prepared speech on quantum mechanics. In case you needed something to help you visualize this mess, Hover also said the dog might be a German Shepherd/Lab mix.

The woman, 48, was taken to a hospital to be evaluated. Police say they believe she chopped Scruffy’s noggin off at her house, where they also found two cats and another dog. Fortunately, those pets still had their cute, furry heads attached.…

Houston, TX — A woman and her boyfriend are facing felony child abuse charges after police say the woman’s 2-year-old son was repeatedly beaten and never treated for his injuries.

The child in question was transported to the hospital by ambulance on May 1, where he was found to be suffering from severe bruising to the face, head, back, penis, stomach and legs. Doctors said the child also had several internal injuries, including a non-functioning kidney. The injuries are considered life-threatening, and had he not been seen at the hospital, doctors say he would have died.

When questioned, mommy’s boyfriend/babysitter, 21-year-old Ivan Martinez, told police a “spirit” in the home was responsible for the boy’s injuries. After failing a polygraph test (miserably, I would assume), Martinez eventually admitted to punching the kid because he threw his breakfast on the floor.

Police say the child’s mother, 21-year-old Erica Mendoza, was aware of the bruises, but failed to seek medical treatment. In her interview with police, Erica initially tried to blame the toddler’s injuries on his 4-year-old sibling.…

Bakersfield, CA — Danielle Mailloux, 24, was taken into custody Sunday after police say she repeatedly stabbed her 6-week-old daughter with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, the infant survived the attack and is now listed in fair condition with multiple stab wounds to the chest and back.

According to Kern County Sheriff’s spokesman Ray Pruitt, the infant’s father called authorities after he arrived home and discovered the injuries. At this point, it is unknown how many times the baby was stabbed, or even how much time passed between the alleged attack and arrival of paramedics.

Police say this isn’t the first time the woman has been investigated for crimes against children. Danielle reportedly gave birth to a full-term stillborn in March of 2009 – test results showed the infant died as a direct result of Danielle’s methamphetamine use. Though the coroner ruled the death a homicide, no charges were filed because under California law, murder charges can’t be applied if “the act was solicited, aided, abetted, or consented to by the mother of the fetus.”

Danielle’s mother, Lynna Shroyer, has said that the death of that child has been weighing heavily on Danielle lately, and she was feeling a little depressed.…

Houston, TX — Police have made an arrest in the gruesome murder of a man whose headless body was found in the backyard of a vacant northeast Houston home over the weekend.

Noe Morin, 35, was charged Monday in connection with the death of 35-year-old Marlon Thomas – his roommate and best friend of 20 years.

Thomas’ headless, dismembered body was discovered at about 7:00 Sunday evening behind a vacant home adjacent to the duplex he and Morin shared. In the crawlspace beneath the duplex itself, sitting next to a chainsaw, police found a garbage bag containing the missing head and one arm.

Though a neighbor reported hearing two gunshots at about 10:00 Saturday evening, investigators have reported that, except for the whole dismemberment/decapitation thing, there were no other obvious injuries to the victim. The exact cause of death won’t be revealed until after an autopsy is conducted, but my money’s on Husqvarna or Black and Decker…

Police have yet to release a motive in the killing, but friends and neighbors suggest the two may have been arguing about money or drugs.…

PALM BAY, Fla. — Police say a woman originally from Saudi Arabia has been charged with a hate crime after spitting on Walmart shoppers.

It all started on Sunday when 21-year-old Nuha Mohammed Al-Doaifi tried entering the store through the exit and struck the door with her shopping cart. Another shopper told her she was trying to get in through the wrong door and Al-Doafi responded by spitting in their face. She then went into the store with her 2-year-old son to continue shopping.

While in the store, she also did what a lot of us think of doing while in a Walmart and spat at another customer who got too close to her, but missed. Workers were notified and security called police. At first police were going to charge Al-Doafi with battery, but they gave that charge a hate crime spritzer after she allegedly told police her reason for spitting on people was because “Americans are pushing us around.” Now her charge could be elevated to a felony.…

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. — A little late with this one, but a man who broke into a home and attacked a woman has died after she shot his ass nine times.

The 53-year-old woman was home alone taking a shower when the bathroom lights went out. When she pulled back the shower curtain she was greeted by 34-year-old Israel Perez Puentes putting a knife to her throat. The woman fell back into the tub and tried using the shower rod to fight off Puentes pleading for her life and telling him she had money.

Puentes was finally able to force the injured woman into the bedroom where Puentes was unaware she had something much better than a shower rod at her disposal in the form of a .22-caliber handgun. After grabbing the gun, she used it to shoot Puentes nine times. After being turned into Swiss cheese, Puentes tried fleeing from the scene only to collapse in the backyard. He would die later at the hospital.

Police don’t know why the woman, a veteran private school counselor, was targeted by Puentes, a Cuban national, but feel he stalked her for days because neighbors saw Puentes’ car parked in the neighborhood days earlier.…

SOUTH BERWICK, ME — It’s been almost two days and police have yet to identify the body of a boy found dead along a gravel road in South Berwick on Saturday.

What makes this even more disturbing is the fact that as of today, no one has reported anyone missing that matched the boy’s description.

Police released one of those helpful, yet creepy computer-generated photos of the boy shown to be around 4 or 5 with short, wavy dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He was 3 feet, 8 inches tall and weighed 45 pounds wearing a gray colored camouflage hooded sweatshirt, tan colored khaki pants, and “Lightning McQueen” black sneakers.

Police are also looking for a navy blue Toyota Tacoma pickup truck. It has an extended cab and a full cap over the bed with a white license plate. Anyone with information on the boy’s identity or the pickup truck is asked to call Maine State Police in Gray, Maine, at (207) 657-3030.