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Man Shot After Eating Another Man’s Cake

January 18, 2011 at 11:07 am by  

Philadelphia, PA – According to Philly police, a 31-year-old male was rushed to Hahnemann University Hospital early Monday morning after getting shot in the gut for eating another man’s cake.

Police say two friends were sitting in a vehicle at about 2:40 a.m. on Monday, when the passenger began eating a piece of cake the driver of the vehicle had in his car. This displeased the driver…immensely. Though authorities have chosen to remain tight-lipped on the flavor of the cake in question, I’m assuming it was chocolate because all kinds of hell broke loose. The two began arguing inside the vehicle and I’m sure some rather harsh words were tossed about. The fight continued outside of the vehicle, but quickly ended when the driver reportedly pulled out a gun and shot the alleged cake eater.

“They weren’t supposed to be sharing” a Central Detectives investigator said. “One was eating the other’s food, they got into an argument and ‘Bang! Bang!’” The investigator denied a conflicting report that french fries were at the center of the argument.

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Novi, MI – Police were called to the home Mark Schons shares with his wife and two children Friday afternoon after the boys, Camden, 4, and Tynan, 6, failed to show up for school, and his wife Jennifer, 38, missed an appointment with friends.

When officers arrived, Jennifer and the boys were found dead in separate rooms of the home. Jennifer had apparently been stabbed to death, and Camden and Tynan died of asphyxiation due to compression — Camden with smothering as a secondary cause of death. Hours later, 39-year-old Mark was found dead inside his vehicle in a WalMart parking lot a few miles from his home – police say the cause of death was carbon monoxide poisoning.

“He apparently purchased the grill somewhere, placed it on the passenger seat next to him, and just went to sleep,” Novi Police Chief David Molloy said. “It (grill) was still warm when his body was found.” Molloy also said a knife found inside the vehicle is believed to be the weapon used to kill Jennifer Schons, and is still undergoing testing.

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Big Coppitt Key, FL – Richard Gervasi, a 43-year-old Pennsylvania resident, was arrested early Sunday morning after police say he was running nekkid through traffic on US 1 after combining LSD and alcohol.

Police were called to Bobalu’s Restaurant at about 1:30 a.m., after receiving a report of a butt-nekkid crazy man on the premises. Police arrived on scene to find three men in the restaurant parking lot – one of them reportedly being attacked by a nude Gervasi. When ordered to cease and desist with the attack, Gervasi allegedly turned and ran toward the deputy, ignoring her orders to stop. The female deputy deployed her Taser, but that apparently had little effect as Gervasi just plucked the prongs from his skin and continued toward her. Another deputy zapped him, dropping Gervasi to the ground. He was soon up and moving again, this time, heading for the other two men in the parking lot.

Meanwhile, back-up arrived and Gervasi was zapped yet again. The third time was the charm. Handcuffed and in the back of an ambulance, Gervasi continued to put up a fight, telling paramedics he was made of steel…king of the world even.…

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Indianapolis, IN — An Indianapolis mother has lost custody of her five children for the second time in one month.

The first time was at the end of December after police, investigating a domestic disturbance call, found 27-year-old Alicia Clark’s five children, ages 8 to 2, complaining of hunger and living in an apartment with no food, stove or refrigerator.

Her children were taken from her and she was given a specific set of instructions she could follow to get them back She must have followed them because the kids were at her home this past Saturday when police received a tip that her five kids had been left at home alone.

When police arrived, they found Clark’s five children alone inside the home and left with specific instructions not to answer the door — especially for cops. Clark called the home while police were there, but told them she would love to come home to be arrested, but that she could not leave her job at Walmart. Undaunted, police went to Walmart and found that she was not there.…

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Principal And Son Arrested On Drug Charges

January 17, 2011 at 3:09 pm by  

CORAL SPRINGS, FL --  As Morbid mentioned earlier in his article about the principal charged with beating his kid with an extension cord, the principal for Coral Park Elementary was arrested on drug charges over the weekend, along with her 18-year-old son.

Amanda Miles, 60, was arrested Friday at her home after investigators executed a search warrant in connection with an ongoing drug investigation involving Mile’s 18-year-old son, Michael Miles. During their search, investigators found weed in plain view all over the master bedroom, including marijuana in a glass jar on the nightstand next to Miles’ bed and a wooden pipe with fresh weed residue and rolling papers next to it. All total, she was found to be in possession of 20 grams of pot. (That’s about one quarter bag short of an ounce –Morbid)

When asked where all the herbage came from, she refused to answer and requested an attorney. Smart girl. She was subsequently charged with felony drug charges. However, her son is fully cooperating with the police possibly because his charges are a bit more serious.…

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LONG ISLAND – A mother and daughter have been arrested and charged with multiple felony animal-cruelty counts after police rescued more than a dozen tortured dogs and cats from their filthy home littered with trash and the remains of more than two dozen decomposing animals.

Faith Ross, 54, and her daughter, Francesca Maselli, 24, have each pleaded not guilty to three counts of animal cruelty. The charges were filed against the two after a neighbor complained about a smell coming from their home and police would arrive to find a house of horrors. Among the two feet of trash that hid the floors in every room of the home, 15 dehydrated animals were found covered in urine and feces along with the rotting corpses of dozens more.

Make me puke, New York Post:

There were six Chihuahuas, three dachshunds, an English bulldog, a Yorkshire terrier, a Shih Tzu, a boxer and two cats among the survivors. Another pooch, a collie mix, was taken directly to an animal hospital for emergency care.

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Not sure how many more lame puns I can squeeze into the title, but there you go. Two. The following video shows a magician performing a trick in which he slams his hand down on paper cups in an attempt to avoid the one that has some kind of spike in it. Obviously he screws up or it wouldn’t even be posted here. Be warned, while it isn’t very gory or anything, it is cringe inducing.

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FT. LAUDERDALE, FL — A second Broward County school principal got themselves arrested this last week. The first was Coral Park Elementary Principal Amanda Miles who was arrested after police reportedly found drugs in her home. The second was a principal at Hallandale Beach high school who has been charged with aggravated child abuse after allegedly beating his 16-year-old daughter with an extension cord.

Darren Jones, 42, reportedly admitted to using a power cord to hit his daughter on her arms, legs, back and hands on January 9 because he was simply trying to discipline her. The beating left visible bruising on her arms, legs and back according to Child Protective Services report. The teen has since been removed from the family’s home.

Jones, the principal at Hallandale High School for the last two years, bonded out of jail on Saturday and is co-operating with police. He isn’t speaking to the media, which is probably a very wise move, leaving that to his lawyer.

“This is a family matter, a parenting matter.

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Mother Accused Of Killing Son With Hibachi Grill

January 17, 2011 at 8:21 am by  

QUINCY, Mass. – A mother has been charged with killing her 8-year-old son after they say she intentionally left a hibachi grill burning inside their home in a murder-suicide attempt.

When Li Rong Zhang’s 16-year-old son returned home on Thursday he smelled smoke and called 911. Firefighters arrived and found Zhang and her 8-year-old son, Brandon Yang, unconscious in an upstairs bedroom that had been barricaded shut with a large piece of furniture. The room was full of carbon monoxide emanating from a hibachi grill burning charcoal.

The pair were taken to the hospital where 8-year-old Brandon Yang would later die and Zhang would be charged with his murder.

“A short time ago, Ms. Yang was served with the arrest warrant and subsequently arraigned on murder charges in a Boston hospital by the judge and clerk of Quincy Court,” said Norfolk County District Attorney Michael Morrissey.

Police are still not sure why Zhang would attempt to kill herself and Brandon. Her 16-year-old is currently staying with relatives and I am guessing probably has a lot of insight into his mother’s mental condition in the days leading up to Thursday. …

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Aurora, CO- One thing for certain is that there are a lot of heartless assholes in this world and 30-year old Theodore Madrid is one of them. On January 5, Madrid was drunk and high on marijuana while watching his girlfriend’s 2-year old son, Caden Rodgers. Madrid told police that he was wrestling with Caden and when the boy didn’t want to wrestle with him any more, it made him angry.

Madrid first said that out of frustration he body slammed Caden onto a bed, but later changed his story and said he picked Caden up and threw him across a room, likely slamming his head on a bed frame.

Caden’s mother, 26-year old Ashley Rodgers, called 911 sometime after midnight on Jan. 5 and said that her son, who was being watched by Madrid while she worked, had hit his head and wouldn’t wake up. When the police entered the apartment, they found Caden lying on the floor and bleeding from the back of his head. He also had bruises on his forehead.…

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Sarasota, FL- Last week, 55-year old William Amory was substituting for a second grade class at Booker Elementary School. For reasons unknown (other than the crotchety old coot probably couldn’t handle a classroom full of eight-year olds), Amory became angry when he could not get to the classroom’s ActivBoard (an interactive whiteboard) to work.

According to the report, Amory threw the remote control and then yelled and cursed at the students. Amory then allegedly punched two of the students and shoved a third child. As far as I can tell, not one of the students said a word about the incident until the following day when their regular teacher returned. As soon as they told their teacher what happened, their teacher alerted the principal who immediately contacted the police. William Amory was arrested on child abuse charges and his bail was set at $30,000.

It does seem strange that not one of these kids said anything to their parents, guardians, or siblings, though. I know it could have been because they were frightened over the alleged ordeal, but there is not one day that goes by that my eight-year old (aka The Informer) doesn’t give me a detailed account of how his day went.…

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Bozeman, MT- It seems like there has been a lot of stabby, crabby people this month and it makes me glad I choose to hibernate during Winter. Deputies responded to the home of 52-year old Kimberly Parac-Kesler last Wednesday night after receiving a report of an assault. The officers found Kimberly in her home “visibly intoxicated, emotionally charged and alternated between being angry and crying sorrowfully.” Kimberly told the officers that she and her disabled husband, whom she provides care for, had been arguing after returning from a bar. Sometime during the argument, Kimberly picked up a hatchet and whacked her husband in the head with it. The blow left a rather large laceration in the poor guy’s noggin. Court documents state Kimberly’s husband was seated when she struck him and there was no physical contact prior to the assault. Kimberly Parac-Kesler, who is also disabled, was charged with assault with a weapon.… Her bail was set at $10,000.

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Brodnax, VA — A former corrections officer has been charged with murder after allegedly stabbing her husband to death, reportedly after an argument over chili beans.

Police say that 34-year-old Tiffany Harrison stabbed her husband, 28-year-old William Harrison had been arguing off and on all day. But things got real bloody after William returned home from the store with the wrong kind of beans to be used in the chili Tiffany was making. The argument escalated to the point that Tiffany grabbed a knife and stabbed her husband.

Afterwards she dropped her husband off at the hospital and returned home to clean up the mess. It has not been reported where or how many times William had been stabbed, but the damage was so severe that he would die at the hospital and the staff would call police. After talking with Tiffany, she was arrested and charged with murder.

Tiffany met William while he was serving time at the Brunswick Correctional Center where she worked as a corrections officer. He had just moved into Tiffany’s home after being released from prison in October.…

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Hawthorne, FL- Ronnie Ganley, 30, is another wacky representative from one of my favorite states I like to write about and more than likely will never, ever visit.

Late last Monday night, Ronnie got a tad ticked off with his mother and stepfather. The reason? They cut off the electricity to Ronnie’s camper that resided behind their home. Surely you can sympathize with the fury Ronnie must have felt when he was no longer able to sponge off rely on his parent’s generosity and use their electricity to cook his five-star cuisine dented can of spaghetti-o’s. (Actually, that’s just a guess. I don’t know if he was cooking spaghetti-o’s. Just going by his looks alone, I would have to say cooking meth would probably be more like it.)

Anywho, after the power was cut, Ronnie decided to get even by stabbing his mother and stepfather. He then immediately ran into the woods and hid. The police arrived with a K-9 team to help search for Ronnie and located him within 45 minutes.…

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Fergus Falls, MN — Timothy Peterson, a self-described medicine man and soul collector, was charged with attempted murder after he reportedly tried to stab his neighbor to death in order to steal his soul.

Ivan Mallas, owner of the soul in question, told police Peterson, armed with a Bowie knife and a Coke bottle containing alcohol, showed up at his house early Sunday morning and declared he was there to kill him. When Mallas inquired as to why he had to die, Peterson reportedly responded, “Because I own your soul.” Oh, well in that case….

Peterson then commenced to gettin’ stabby…starting with Mallas’ toes. “He started stabbing that knife in between my feet; closer and closer, and I didn’t move,” said Mallas. He said Peterson was chanting, calling himself a “medicine man” and a “soul collector.” Peterson reportedly told him he’d already killed 13 people. Once Mallas started resisting, Peterson gave up on the toes and moved forward to the man’s head, threatening to scalp him. Mallas grabbed hold of the knife and the two began struggling.…

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Schenectady, NY — 35-year-old Jose Dones, a Level III sex offender, is facing numerous charges, including child endangerment and unlawfully dealing with a child, after police learned he’s responsible for inking several juveniles in the neighborhood in the past year.

According to,

An investigation by the police department’s Youth Aid Bureau discovered that several adolescents were tattooed by Dones. Police asked that any parents whose children may have been tattooed by Dones call the Youth Aid Bureau at 518-382-5256 to file a complaint.

Though I have not been able to unearth all the ugly details of how he obtained his status, Dones apparently served a 6 month prison term in 2008 after being convicted on charges of forcible touching. The victim in that case was a 16 year old girl.

Dones was arrested at his girlfriend’s home on January 8th for failing to register as a sex offender, again. As for the tattooing of juveniles, authorities are uncertain at this time as to whether any of Dones’ minor clients have actually been subjected to any sort of sexul assault.…

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Joliet, IL — Personally, I kinda think Bradley Drew is a diamond in the rough…an imaginative man who thinks outside the box. Police, however, think that Bradley Drew is a stalker…a litterer even.

Unsatisfied with the more conventional gifts one gives when a member of the opposite sex sets their heart aflutter, Drew passed on the flowers, candy and saccharine-sweet love letters and gave the gift of pornography. Repeatedly.

According to Deputy Chief Mike Trafton:

“Since Dec. 10, Drew has dropped different pornographic magazines by this woman’s car six times. She felt it was suspicious and contacted police,” he said. Police put the woman’s car under surveillance and reportedly spotted Drew.

Once taken into custody, Drew told police he had been watching the woman for a long time and thought she was pretty – he just wanted to get her attention. She wasn’t the only one he chose to shower in fap mags – at least one other woman made a similar complaint against Drew.

The misguided Romeo has been charged with stalking/causing personal distress, disorderly conduct and littering.…

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Bloomington, MN- Stephanie Moreland, 46, is a whole lotta woman and she’s got the big-girl panties to prove it. On New Year’s Eve day, an employee at the Alaskan Fur Company noticed Morreland was acting suspiciously while her accomplice tried to distract the store’s employees. When the employee spotted Moreland kneeling on the floor and a $6500 short mink coat was missing from the rack, she confronted Moreland. Moreland denied having the coat. She then pulled up her dress, showed the employee her bare ass, and took off out of the store. After what I am sure was a temporary loss of vision, the employee was somehow able to write down the license plate on the getaway car that Moreland, her accomplice, and a third person drove off in. Police pulled over the car later that day and searched the vehicle. Inside the car they found a hanger from the store, but no coat. Moreland admitted to stealing the coat, but denied that she still had it in her possession. …

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