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Conroe, TX – Verna McClain, 30, a Texas nurse accused of capital murder in the April 17th shooting of 28-year-old Kala Golden, has been denied bond by a judge in a Conroe court.  McClain, who has three children from a defunct relationship, claims that she had planned to kidnap a baby in order to conceal her recent miscarriage from her fiancé.  She had apparently told him that she’d already birthed his baby.  So, you know, she had pretty much no choice but to murder a woman and steal her child.

According to police documents, McClain was not targeting a specific baby.  Golden just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, as someone less concerned with using clichés might say.  On April 17th, Golden was leaving Northwoods Pediatric Center, about 25 miles north of Houston, after a 2 PM checkup with her son.  She reportedly got into a verbal altercation with another woman, McClain, who was parked in a Lexus next to the victim’s pickup truck.…

Austin, TX – A man is in a medically-induced coma in a hospital burn unit after his wife allegedly used a ruse of giving him a “hot oil massage” to douse him in gasoline and light him up. Police identified multiple ways that they believe she attempted to keep him from getting aid.

On Tuesday night, police responded to a disturbance call at the apartment that Shriya Biman Patel, 25, shared with her husband. Police say they found a naked man lying on the floor screaming in pain with severe burns over 70% of his body. Patel was also in the apartment when they arrived.

According to the victim, he had undressed and gotten into the bathtub under the guise of a promise by his wife to give him a hot oil massage. Investigators found candles placed around the bathroom presumably to create a romantic ambiance. The victim said, then – when he entered the tub – Patel poured what the man believed to be oil on him. He told investigators the next thing he knew, he was on fire.…

Louisville, KY — Here’s a relatively new practice that will undoubtedly scare the crap out of every public school system in the United States, depending on the outcome.

A mother in Kentucky has hired a lawyer and sued the public school system her daughter attends, while also filing a restraining order against the 9-year-old boy accused of bullying her.

Joy Furman’s daughter is a fourth-grader at Foster Traditional Academy who, she claims, has been tormented by a fellow classmate for the last two years. According to Furman, her daughter has suffered harassment, threats, and an incident last year when the boy allegedly karate kicked her daughter in the chest during recess.

The school ended up placing the girl into a different classroom than the boy accused of bullying her, but this year the school put them back together in the same classroom where the bullying has reportedly began again. Because of this, Furman hired attorney Teddy Gordon to sue two teachers, the school’s principal, and the young boy’s parents. She is also seeking a 500-foot protection order against the boy.…

SIOUX FALLS, SD – The genius pictured to your left is Dean Cochrun, 28, who is currently incarcerated in South Dakota on a kidnapping conviction.  In his copious spare time behind bars, he has opted to sue the hospital that birthed his stupid ass 28 years ago.  For what, you ask?  Glad you did; for circumcising him, of course.

I’m sure that, given the topic of this story, there’s a whole cadre of tasteless jokes I could spout off about his name, but I feel I should leave that up to our comment mongers.

In the suit, Cochrun claims that he just realized he had been circumcised, and that the procedure robbed him of his “sexual prowess.”  To provide further evidence of his vast intelligence, Cochrun, in his federal lawsuit, is requesting a whopping $1,000 in compensatory and punitive damages as well as a free operation to “restore” his foreskin and make him “feel whole again.”  Personally, I think he might just want an excuse to have somebody touch his nether regions in a non-rapey way.…

Denver, CO — A 30-year-old Yale-educated researcher hung himself in his cell after being arrested in March for soliciting sex with children.

An undercover agent targeted Yaron Segal due to his frequent appearance in chat rooms featuring terms like “childslavesex” and “ChildRapeTortureBrutality.” According to an arrest affidavit, investigators traced his handle “ruthlessmale” to New Haven, Connecticut, then to Cambridge, and then to Segal.

The undercover agent then engaged Segal, posed as a mother with two young girls, ages 12 and 16-years-old. Segal divulged his eagerness to have sex with the mother and children and was even willing to travel all the way to Colorado to meet them.

Segal became more and more outspoken, making phone calls and sending the “mother” links to online sex toy businesses. He expressed his craving to use a dildo on the twelve year old and sent emails with photos of vibrators he had purchased with the caption, “Those are some big c*cks.”

Segal,  a postdoctoral assistant at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, would never get to use any of those items on the children as on March 28, after flying to Grand Junction to meet the woman, he was taken into custody by Homeland Security at the Grand Junction airport.…

Memphis, TN – Police responding to a 911 call before dawn on Thursday encountered 19-year-old Darius Williams walking along the shoulder of Interstate 240.  Williams, an apparent disciple in search of his savior, reportedly first asked the responding officer if he happened to be Jesus.

This question earned him a spot in the back of the squad car, where he became irate enough to break out through the window.  He then allegedly jumped on top of the car, from which the officer attempted to talk him down.  That didn’t work out so well.

The officer stated that Williams then ran down the front of the car toward him.  The suspect was sprayed with a chemical agent, paced in front of the car a bit, and then was taken to the ground by the officer.  He escaped, however, then jumped into the driver’s seat of the squad car and drove off.  He headed the wrong way up the interstate a short distance before swerving into a ditch and crashing into a fence where he was apprehended by the responding officer and an off-duty cop willing to lend a hand.…

Puyallup, WA – A Washington state man faces more than 25 years in prison after being found guilty of murdering a female roommate and then concealing the crime. He was also found guilty of an additional charge related to his “kissing” the genitals of the victim before burying her in a shallow grave.

On September 12, 2011, the ex-wife of Kelly Merz, 51, walked into the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department precinct to report that Merz had just called her and confessed to killing 33-year-old Cori Lewis.  An investigation followed.

According to a prosecutor’s press release, in August 2011, the victim, 33-year-old Cori Lewis began renting a bedroom in Merz’ two-bedroom apartment with a friend. After “tension among the roommates,” Lewis and her friend were given an eviction notice by Merz.  This reportedly lead to an argument between Merz and Lewis that “turned violent.”  In his interview, Merz reportedly told investigators that, during the altercation, he, “tried unsuccessfully to break her neck.” According to prosecutors, “intent on killing Cori, he pinned her to the floor, pulled a .380 handgun from his back pocket, placed the muzzle to her head and fired once,” killing her.…

Maywood, IL – Alton Hayes III, 18, and a 15-year-old friend were arrested for attempted robbery, aggravated assault, and a hate crime on Tuesday after an attack on a 19-year-old white man.  Once apprehended by the police, Hayes reportedly told police that he was so angered by the Trayvon Martin case that he decided to beat up a white man.

Hayes and his accomplice allegedly walked up behind the victim, pinning his arms at his sides.  Hayes then picked up a stick, pointed it at the victim’s chest and said, “Empty your pockets, white boy.”  Police reports indicate that the two then rifled through the victim’s pockets and punched him in the back and head before running off.

Hayes was ordered held on $80,000 bond and remained in the Cook County Jail on Friday.  He will next appear in court May 11.  The boy was referred to juvenile court.

I can’t help but think that Hayes’s comment regarding Trayvon Martin, the one that automatically classified this relatively minor assault as a hate crime, will be the biggest regret of his young life.…

Dayton, OH — An Ohio man has been indicted on one count of promoting prostitution in a case involving his wife and daughter being offered as a mother-daughter sex team. The wife and daughter were also charged with solicitation in the case.

In January, an undercover officer responded to an ad on Craigslist.com reportedly offering sexual services for money. According to reports, the officer negotiated a liason with a mother and daughter simultaneously during the call.

“They agreed to have sex with an undercover detective for $40… mother and daughter,” police Sgt. Chris Fischer said.

The father, mother, and daughter were apprehended by police when they arrived at the hotel for the M-D session.

With the recent indictment, Mark Napier, 53, is charged with promoting prostitution. His wife, Lorena Napier, 51, and their daughter, Dawn Cowan [pictured], 26, were arrested and charged with soliciting prostitution at the time of the hotel encounter.

Police reported that they believe the family members were prostituting for cigarette money.

In a case such as this, I cannot help but wonder if the mere presentation of enticing photos such these might serve as a form of entrapment for anyone grappling with dark demons calling them to a taboo encounter such as the one that was offered here.…

MICHIGAN CITY, Indiana — An 8-year-old boy and a 9-year-old boy have been charged with battery for beating their female bus driver after being asked to stop throwing things on the bus.

The boys were on their way home Friday, riding in a school bus taking them back home from Springfield Elementary School, when they began tossing a lanyard back and forth between the seats.

When a 73-year-old bus monitor told them to stop playing around, one of the boys began verbally assaulting her. When she admonished him, the other boy chimed in as well, swearing at her and calling her names.

The 35-year-old bus driver, Shaunda Gilbert, eventually pulled the bus over to the side of the road in an attempt to get the boys to calm down. The 8-year-old informed her he was just going to get off the bus, but Gilbert blocked his path to the door.

This prompted the young boy to push Gilbert to the floor where he began pulling out her hair and slamming her head on the floor.  …

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Police have arrested a woman after they say she repeatedly bit another woman during a fight over a parking space.

Police say 32-year-old Sara Gillian was angry when a 22-year-old woman swooped in and stole a parking place she had been waiting for. The same article also says the fight was over the 22-year-old partially blocking a driveway.

Whatever the reason, the two got into a heated argument about it, leading to the women getting into each other’s face and pushing each other.

That is, until Gillian began using her mouth for more than talk and started biting the other woman, causing serious bite marks on her arms and chest.

“She was like, ‘Aaargh, aargh,’ and she just kept biting her,” said Trevell Council, the victim’s boyfriend. “She kept biting her and my girlfriend was like, ‘Help. Help.'”

Like, whoa.

Police arrested Gillian and charged her with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.…

Houston, TX – Germaine “Jell-O” Wallace, a man who was booked in May of 2011 for pimping and weapons charges in Denver, has been arrested in Houston.

He was tracked down by U.S. Marshals after about a month on the run.  Wallace was traveling with four female “companions.”  It is suspected that he had traveled to Houston to provide prostitutes to attendees of a large convention that is to take place in the city.

Wallace, a man who seems to fit every single stereotype of a pimp, voiced his displeasure with his female cohorts, stating,“You all know I’m innocent of these charges. The girls that did this, you’re bogus. You know you’re wrong for lying.”  Watch the video, please.  It’s totally worth it.

Back in May of 2011, Wallace, who allegedly ran a “sophisticated” prostitution ring through four “gentlemen’s clubs” in the Denver area, was arrested for his alleged pimping ways.  He had purportedly been using the proceeds from his efforts to purchase expensive cars, exotic pets, and a million-dollar home on 35-acres. …

WINTER PARK, Fla. — Two teen boys who grew up together, hung out together and got in trouble together may have died together after their burning bodies were found on the side of the road earlier this week.

Initial reports were that early Sunday morning, bicyclists on a popular bike trail called 911 after finding what looked like two bodies burning on the side of the trail.

“I can’t tell if there is two mannequins or two people burning,” the caller said.

Unfortunately, they weren’t mannequins and dental records were used to positively identify the bodies as best friends, 16-year-old Nicholas Presha and 18-year-old Jeremy Stewart, who both attended Winter Park High School.

Nicholas is also the son of Bernie Presha, an investigator for the state attorney’s office who said his son snuck out of the house at around 2 a.m. Sunday, and that he had been unable to find him when he went out looking for him.

Residents of the nearby Sun Bay Apartments complex reported hearing gunshots early that morning, and one said they heard arguing outside their door just hours before the bodies were found.…

Maryland Man Nabbed For Serial Dumping

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Salisbury, MD – Kelly James Ervin, 48, of Devonshire Drive in Salisbury, is accused of being litterbug of a different sort.  It’s not because he supposedly brings his “litter” with him, or that he deposits it whilst on his 4 A.M. runs.  It’s that he carries it from his home in his colon.

Ervin is facing a single count of littering or dumping under 100 pounds following an investigation by the Wicomico Bureau of Investigation.  Police began receiving complaints about a year ago from residents living in the Deer Harbor and Elk Creek areas of Wicomico County.  The complainants stated that someone was leaving fecal matter on their lawns, driveways, and in their shrubbery.

It seems as though a frequent recipient of Ervin’s brown parcels of loveliness got fed up and installed $4,500 worth of video surveillance equipment to catch the hit-and-run loaf pincher in the act.  Catch him he did; on about seven different occasions.

There was even one occasion, on the afternoon of March 1, where the homeowner witnessed a man pull up in front of his house in a Jeep, park, exit the vehicle, walk to its front, drop his pants, and defecate on the driveway. …

Medway, UK – A UK woman was convicted of six counts of animal cruelty after her akita, Ruby, was found lying in the woman’s garden covered in maggots and feces in a severely weakened state.

Julie Walker, 48, was found guilty was convicted in her absence of causing unnecessary suffering to the 12-year-old akita. RSPCA Inspector Caroline Doe said Ruby was in a worse condition than, “any of the other thousands of cases she had dealt with.” Ruby needed to be euthanized due to her condition.

After finding her guilty of all charges, magistrates issued a warrant for Walker’s arrest. Walker reportedly presented herself at the Medway police station on Wednesday and was taken into custody.

Clearly a master of legal maneuvering, Walker – during the sentencing hearing – claimed that she knew nothing about her trial and asked for the case to be reopened. In rebuttal, the court clerk presented a fax that Walker had sent to the court acknowledging the case and asking that it be dismissed. D’oh.…

Tulsa, OK – A veterinary student who was videotaped engaging in sex with a horse got off. …with probation after pleading guilty to sodomy charges in an Oklahoma court

Thomas Wilson, 28, was a veterinarian in training at the Legacy Equine Medical and Surgical Centre near Tulsa. According to court records, in September 2009, a co-worker of Wilson’s checking on the horses by live video feed saw Wilson probing a horse with his ‘peniscope.’ …and that’s unlawful in Oklahoma.

According to the arrest affidavit, the colleague confronted Wilson immediately after seeing him engaging in sex with one of the center’s horses. Wilson reportedly responded, “I’m glad you caught me. I need help.”

The Oklahoma State Board of Medical Examiners investigated the incident and he was charged him with one count of sodomy. According to the OSCN, Wilson was arrested and released after posting a $100,000 cash bond. Sodomy is punishable by up to 10 years in prison in Oklahoma.

After the incident but before his arrest, Wilson participated in a graduation ceremony of his veterinary school, Oklahoma State University.…

San Diego, CA – The body of Marine Lance Cpl. Cory Killgore’s missing wife, Brittany Killgore, was found near Lake Skinner in San Diego on Tuesday by a road worker clearing brush in the area.  It wasn’t alive.

Brittany Killgore, 22, was last seen alive on Friday night, wearing an evening dress, reportedly leaving her apartment for a date with 45-year-old Marine Staff Sgt. Louis Perez.  Cory Killgore, from whom Brittany filed for divorce just last week, was on active military duty in Afghanistan’s Helmand Province at the time of her disappearance and is not a suspect in the case.

He left Afghanistan upon receiving news that his wife was missing, but her body was found and identified prior to his arrival in the U.S.

The police are actively investigating two people in the murder, including Perez.  It is not known whether or not Perez was directly involved but, prior to the discovery of the body, he was accused of having stolen an AR-15 assault rifle from Camp Pendleton, where he is stationed.

Santa Clarita, CA – Princess Cruises is conducting an ‘internal investigation’ after claims that the captain of one of its ships ignored a passenger’s report of a distress signal from a small fishing vessel. Two of the three people on board that drifting vessel would later die of dehydration.

On Feb 24, Adrian “Santi” Vasquez, 18, set out on a fishing trip with two 16-year-old friends – Oropeces Betancourt and Fernando Osario. After they were at sea, they discovered that the outboard motor on their small fishing vessel – “The Fifty Cent” – would no longer start and they were adrift in the middle of the ocean.

The three men drifted at sea for more than two weeks before they spotted the passing Star Princess cruise ship and started signaling for a help.

On board the Star Princess three passengers were bird watching. Judy Meredith, Jeff Gilligan, and Jim Dowdall were using their spotting scopes and telescopic cameras, so they had a good view of the fishing boat in the distance.…