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Larksville, PA - According to authorities, a Pennsylvania man has been charged by the FBI for repeatedly injecting his semen into the lunches of two co-workers. Joseph Bartorillo, 60, reportedly used a syringe for the sperm donations that were a part of the female co-worker’s lunches. It reportedly occurred 13 times over a 10-month period.

Wyoming County District Attorney Jeff Mitchell explained “The victims began to notice something was wrong with their yogurts – there were pin marks.” Mitchell noted also that the victims thought that the yogurts ‘smelled and tasted bad.’

Authorities are reportedly still trying to determine a motive for the crimes, the district attorney said.

Let me help…

per·vy (pur-vee) adj.  To be characterized by behavior – especially sexual in nature – that is considered abnormal, deviant, or oddly and compulsively self-wankworthy.

The acts of contamination occurred at a Proctor and Gamble plant where Bartorillo and the two victims worked. Proctor and Gamble has reported that Bartorillo is no longer employed there. Mitchell, Procter and Gamble spokespeople, and everyone else also seemed most interested in stressing that ‘products were not contaminated.’

“The situation he was involved in did not involve any product we make or sell,” Alex Fried, spokesman at Procter and Gamble said.…

Philadelphia, PA — Horrendous story out of Philly where a janitor investigating the possibility of a tenant hiding a dog, instead found four disabled people chained up in a building’s basement.

Observant neighbors informed their block captain of some suspicious activity going on inside a seven-unit apartment building that included people being loaded from the back of an SUV with out-of-state plates. The block captain in turn contacted the building’s landlord who went to investigate.

The first time he checked the basement he did not find anything out of the ordinary aside for some things being out of place. On Friday he checked again and found a dog dish, but nothing else. Thinking one of his tenants was hiding a dog, he checked back on Saturday and found a door in the basement had been locked with a rusty chain.

After removing the chain and opening the door, he found a dark room roughly 10 feet by 15 feet. Inside that room were four mentally challenged adults, a 29-year-old woman and three men, ages 31, 35 and 41, all laying in their own filth.…

The Cracked Spine: Harlan Coben’s “Caught”

October 17, 2011 at 1:17 pm by  

It’s been awhile since I have had anything resembling a review on the site, and this is mostly due to a lack of time. So in order to combat that, I am simply going to stop trying to write long-ass, mostly skipped over reviews and just offer some recommendations. Sort of like the Oprah Book Club, but for DD readers and without all the crap.

To be honest, all I really want to do is navigate DD readers, who probably share some of my morbid interests, around the stinking turds and towards material they may enjoy as much as I did. I’ll leave actual reviews to the people who are paid for it and will link to them within my future recommendations if you’re looking for more in-depth analysis.

To start things off, I’d like to talk about one of the best books I have read this year, Harlan Coben’s 17th novel, Caught. Here’s the official synopsis:

17 year-old Haley McWaid is a good girl, the pride of her suburban New Jersey family, captain of the lacrosse team, headed off to college next year with all the hopes and dreams her doting parents can pin on her.

Williston, VT — A man arrested Saturday on suspicion of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child shot and killed himself Sunday outside the Vermont State Police barracks.

According to police, a friend of 43-year-old Michael Weisler called 911 Sunday afternoon to report Weisler had threatened to commit suicide and was on his way to the barracks. Just moments later, as troopers stood by, Weisler entered the parking lot, exited his vehicle and shouted, “I’m the one you’re looking for.” He then pulled out a handgun and shot himself dead before the officers could intervene. Case closed.

The alleged molestation of the girl, which police say occurred back in ’08, was reported to Vermont State Police on Friday. An investigation by state police and the Department of Children and Families ultimately led to Weisler’s arrest on Saturday. He posted $10,000 bail Sunday morning and was to appear in Vermont Superior Court sometime today.

Police are investigating the incident and trying to piece together Weisler’s final hours, Police Lt. Detective Brian Miller said.…

Oshkosh, WI – I know that in the grand scheme of things, VeiJzahn Knight losing her title of Miss Oshkosh after getting caught shoplifting from Walmart isn’t that big of a deal, but I’m in a bad mood this Monday morning and I’m writing about it anyway.

Miss Oshkosh Scholarship Pageant is a beauty pageant that began back in 1964.  Any lucky lady crowned Miss Oshkosh receives a cash scholarship, totaling around $9000 dollars for 2012, with various different gifts from over twenty other sponsors. I could be wrong about this, but from the looks of the contestants over the last few years, this pageant has been a primarily white affair.

But this year, 19-year-old VeiJzahn Knight was crowned Miss Oshkosh and became the first black woman ever given the title in the pageant’s 47 year history. Adding to that proud distinction, Knight has now become the first woman in the pageant’s history to have their title stripped from them.

It’s not like pageant officials didn’t have a valid reason.…

Fort Lauderdale, FL — Phillip Winikoff, 81, a man accused of posing as a doctor and offering free door-to-door breast exams, has finally reached a plea deal with prosecutors. For those of you unfamiliar with the Winikoff case, the details are rather simple.

In April 2006, Winikiff – armed with a black “doctor bag” – proceeded to knock on the doors of an apartment complex in Lauderdale Lakes, Florida.  A woman – 36 at the time – told detectives that, after she accepted his offer of a free breast exam, he started the exam by fondling her breasts. This alone may have been okay, but she knew something was wrong ‘when his hands wandered elsewhere.’ The victim eventually called 911. Because she had waited, though, Winikoff was already ‘conferring’ with a second ‘patient,’ the sheriff’s office said.

Winikoff was charged with three counts of sexual battery, two counts of practicing medicine without a license, two counts of simple battery, and one count of using the title of doctor without a license.…

Cambridge, MA — Joseph P. Macdonald, 32, was arrested last week after his attempts to organize an impromptu block party were spurned by his unimaginative neighbors. …and we wonder why America lacks a “sense of community.”

The evening of October 3 began innocently enough when MacDonald reportedly came out of the isolation of his apartment to urinate on the front steps of the building. At his point, you might expect that his neighbors would inquire as to how the urinating was going or even join in – as that would be the polite thing. But, no. Completely out of the blue, some of his neighbors reportedly yelled at him to stop.

After a verbal exchange that we will simply describe as “unpleasant,” Macdonald reportedly returned to his apartment.

Not to be discouraged and clearly clinging to the notion that the concept of the neighborhood is not dead, Macdonald reportedly returned to the street. This time – while wearing only a T-shirt and peach-colored lace panties – police said Macdonald began masturbating in the middle of the street and calling out to the other residents to ‘come outside and join him.’ Ungrateful, neighbors called police.…

Greenwich Village, NY — We’ve seen our fair share of McDonald’s beat-downs here at the Dreamin’ Demon, but this one has a bit of a twist to it. In this particular case, a male employee is accused of assaulting two female customers with some sort of metal rod after they verbally and physically assaulted him.

It all started at about 12:30 Thursday morning. The two women were fixin’ to pay for their order with a $50 bill. The male employee in question, 31-year-old Rayon McIntosh, told the women he needed to scan their bill for authenticity before giving them their food. This apparently displeased them. The women, identified as Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, both 24, can be heard swearing at McIntosh, saying, “Do something about it, pussy.” And as is evident in the attached video, Darbeau leans over the counter and slaps McIntosh across the face. McIntosh then retreats into the back of the restaurant.

At that point, Darbeau vaults over the counter while her buddy walks around the side to confront McIntosh.…

Lanham, MD – Antoinette Starks, 55, was arrested Tuesday morning in the parking lot of the local Target after she allegedly stabbed a female shopper who was loading purchases into her car.  When police arrived, they found the victim in the parking lot with multiple stab wounds. Starks was also in the parking lot. She was said to be holding knives that she had stolen earlier from a nearby store.

Police said Starks ignored their requests to drop the knives and continued walking through the parking lot. She was promptly tazed and taken into custody.

Police said Starks – a schizophrenic who, among other things, suffers from a paranoid fear of white people – had recently been released from a psychiatric facility into a group home. This after Administrative Law Judge Una M. Perez declared that Starks has been free of symptoms of her mental disorder since at least May 2007. Citing a doctor’s opinion, Perez – along with her recommendation of a group home – ordered that Starks take her medications as prescribed, not possess weapons, and ‘abide by other conditions.’

Hmmm… I wonder how she did on abiding by those other conditions…

Interestingly, Starks had been placed in the psychatric facility in the first place after chasing – and then stabbing – two women at the Nordstrom in the Westfield Montgomery Mall in 2005.…

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO – The founder and lead guitar player of a band you’ve probably never heard of is currently in the hospital after his bass player punched him into a coma.

Aleister Wild had finished their set at Union Station Lounge in Colorado Springs Saturday morning when the bass player, Michael Sorden, became enraged at Ernest Munoz, the band’s lead singer, for refusing to help him load his equipment.

“I told him ‘Forget you’ and he came at me, but I thought he was just going to yell in my face,” said Munoz, who’s been with the band for only a few months. “And he just swung and punched me so hard that I fell to the ground.”

Terry Span

He says it was at that point band founder, Terry Span, intervened and tried to calm Sorden down. It didn’t work out quite the way he expected.

“The next thing I know, I see Mike hitting him and Terry falls down like dead weight,” Munoz said. “Blood spattered on my arms and I knew there was something really serious about this.”

Munoz was right.…

The Seal Beach Salon Meritage Massacre

October 13, 2011 at 2:25 pm by  

SEAL BEACH, Calif. – A man in California entered a salon and opened fire, becoming the person responsible for the largest mass murder in Orange County history.

Reportedly upset over an ongoing custody issue with his young son, 41-year-old Scott Dekraai entered the salon where his ex-wife worked and opened fire. The salon was busy at the time so he didn’t have much of a problem with targets, starting with his ex, Michelle Fournier.

Afterwards, witnesses say he just pretty much shot anyone who moved as people tried to hide or run out of the salon. When there was no one left to shoot inside the salon, Dekraai shot people outside, including one man in a Range Rover.

In total, 8 people have been confirmed dead. Police found six dead inside the salon, including his ex-wife, while a man and a woman died later at the hospital. One woman remains in the hospital in critical condition.

Dekraai was arrested by police about a half mile away without incident or a bra.…

WAYNE, Wis. – A woman in Wisconsin failed miserably as a parent after overdosing on heroin while chaperoning her daughter’s school field trip.

Stephanie Bailey, 28, accompanied her 7-year-old daughter on a Wayne Elementary School trip to Pioneer Village, acting as a parent chaperone.

At some point Bailey went to the restroom, deciding she needed a little help getting through all the fiddling and butter churning. One of the other parents grew concerned when Bailey never returned and went to check on her.

Inside the bathroom she would find Bailey passed out on the restroom floor next to some hypodermic needles. At first she thought Bailey was diabetic, but quickly realized that wasn’t the case when she noticed a glass pipe next to Bailey’s lost dignity. Teachers administered first aid and called 911.

By time police arrived, Bailey had already come to. She would consent to a search and police would find she’d come to Pioneer Village prepared, possessing four small baggies of heroin, two pills, a metal spoon, a clear glass pipe, several alcohol prep pads, several hypodermic needles, rubber tubing, two plastic containers of sterile water, and a lighter.…

Woman Sues After Sex Toy Wrecked Her Vagina

October 13, 2011 at 8:19 am by  

Dunsmuir, CA – A woman in California is suing a sex toy manufacturer claiming that she had to go to the hospital after one of their products turned her vagina into mush.

April Bonjour claims that she and her boyfriend were using a dildo from Pipedream Products during foreplay when she felt an “intense sharp” pain in her vagina. When her boyfriend withdrew the sex toy, it was covered in blood.

She initially thought she had started her period, but a box of sanitary pads and a few blood clots later, she realized it was something serious. When the bleeding would not stop, her boyfriend called 911. By the time paramedics arrived, Bonjour claims she was slipping in and out of consciousness and was given several pints of blood once at the hospital.

She filed a claim against the company after she contacted them about her experience with their product and wanted monetary compensation. Pipedream Products denied her claim. I can’t say I blame them as it sounds less like Bonjour was using one of their products and more like Bonjour had a miscarriage or her boyfriend was stabbing her vagina with a serrated knife.…

Bartow, FL — Hattie Branch, a former Polk County bus attendant, is facing charges of child abuse after a physical confrontation with a 14-year-old boy on her bus was captured on surveillance video.

The recently released video shows the teen in question engaging in horseplay and tossing a 5-year-old over a bus seat while the bus was parked on school grounds back in June. The younger boy’s legs swung around and his feet accidentally hit Branch as she was walking by. “He done hit me!” yelled Branch. And it was on…..

Branch, just 4’7″, lunged at the much taller teen. She knocked that kid on his ass, smacked him around a bit, put him in a full nelson, pulled his hair and got all bitey. Branch reportedly bit the kid on his back, twice, hard enough to leave a mark. (One of my favorite surveillance stills can be seen by clicking here). All the while, the bus driver is begging Branch to stop, saying the kid “didn’t mean to.” The teen can be seen getting in Branch’s face, cussing at her and threatening to kick her “old ass” if she hit him one more time.…

Costa Mesa, CA– An unidentified 28-year-old woman has been hosipitalized in critical condition after police say she inhaled fumes from a fire extinguisher and attempted to gouge out one of her eyes.

Police responded to a Motel 6 Tuesday after receiving a report of a naked woman running through the halls. When they arrived at the motel, they found a screen removed from a window and blood on the floor in one of the rooms. The woman in question was found in the bathtub, still naked, huffing on a fire extinguisher while frantically scratching at one of her eyes. Police say she scratched so intensely she nearly ripped the eyeball from it’s socket.

“The officers were able to take life-saving measures to pull the fire extinguisher away fom her and render medical aid,” said Lt. Mark Manley. “We don’t know yet whether she was trying to get high or whether she was trying to commit suicide.”

Yeah, suicide…one piece at a time.

The woman was still in intesive care as of Wednesday afternoon.…

Wedding Date Road Trip Ends In Murder-Suicide

October 13, 2011 at 3:03 am by  

Gothenburg, NE – On September 17, a couple traveling to a wedding with the woman’s young son had an interruption in their plans when the man, Jason Eugene Melledy, 39, stopped the vehicle to beat the woman on the side of the road and then go kill himself. She would later die from her injuries.

Michelle Stella, 42, and her 8-year old son were with her boyfriend, Melledy, and had been traveling from the Denver area to a wedding in the Gothenburg area. Stella’s son told police that, around midnight, the couple got into a verbal argument. Melledy then stopped the car and pulled Stella out of the car and began beating her.

The boy told officers Melledy was hitting his mother in the face and head with his fists. During this, Stella was able to tell her son to run away. The boy ran to a nearby ditch and hid. He then flagged down officers and led them to his mother. She was found lying in the west bound lane of the highway with severe facial and head injuries.…

Ridley Township, PA – Here’s my second story today regarding an elderly man shooting some people that also gave me an excuse to use the word “curmudgeon,” a word I never get to use as often as I’d like.

A neighborhood dispute turned fatal Monday when a 72-year-old man shot two of his neighbors, killing one and sending the other to the hospital in critical condition.

James Dellavecchia is described by neighbors as a curmudgeon and self-appointed mayor of the neighborhood, prone to temper tantrums and yelling at kids playing basketball in the street. Lately Dellavecchia had issues with his neighbor, 42-year-old Scott Robins, who was building a shed in his backyard.

Dellavecchia filed multiple complaints with the police, complaining about the level of noise Robins was making while building the shed. According to police, none of these complaints involved physical confrontations or threats of any kind.  Nothing was ever done about it because Robins was operating with all the necessary permits and within the hours allowed for such a project.…

West Ruthland, VT – A Vermont woman has been accused of trying to season the brains of her step-father with a pair of heavy-duty salt and pepper shakers.

Police responding to a domestic call found a man in a home bleeding from his head. He told them his step-daughter, 31-year-old Darcy Sanderson-Day, had assaulted him after he denied her entry into her deceased mothers’ house.

After she ignored him and walked in to swipe some smokes off a table, he escorted her out and locked the door behind her. He told police she was able to get back inside after she threw an ashtray through the glass kitchen door.

Once back inside the home she allegedly began kicking his ass, hitting him in the head with her fists and a set of salt and pepper shakers. These weren’t cutesy salt and pepper shakers, but rather the large ones made out of wood with metal tops.

Sanderson-Day was arrested at her home and charged with unlawful trespassing in an occupied residence and a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault and unlawful mischief.…