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LOUISVILLE, KY. — Some of you may remember a story I posted last year regarding Carl Berry, a 43-year-old man undergoing cancer treatment who was ruthlessly beaten by some teens outside a Kentucky dollar store.

Berry was taken to the hospital and fell into a coma after having surgery performed on his damaged eye. Berry never regained consciousness and has remained in a vegetative state until this past Friday, when it was reported that he had died.

For those of you unfamiliar with this story, Berry and his girlfriend were at a General Dollar store when Berry, sick from chemotherapy treatments, decided to go wait in the car. Outside in the parking lot, he was beaten senseless by 16-year-old Michac Jones and a 14-year-old. One witness stated Berry called the teens a racial slur, but his fiancee, and other witnesses at the scene, say that wasn’t true.

Whatever the reason, the beating put Berry into the coma he’d been in for the last 18 months. In August of this year, Jones, who’d already been charged with rape and sexual assault in an unrelated case at the time of the incident, pleaded guilty to first degree assault.…

Jefferson, OH — A father-of-four has been charged with giving all four of his children Oxycodone in an attempt to trick a drug test and secure more of the drug.

Police said Lawrence E. Kirk Jr., 30, was required to submit a urine test before his Oxy prescription would be renewed. The urine test needed to show that he was not using illegal drugs. Apparently not believing he would pass the screening, he reportedly devised a plan to provide the urine that needed to be Oxy-tainted – but otherwise clean.

Police said Kirk diluted highly addictive Oxycodone in water and then had his 6, 7, 9 and 10 year old children drink the concoction. He then collected their urine and presented it to a doctor as his own. Lest anyone think that Kirk was off on his own in this endeavor… Kirk’s wife, Sarah, 31, who was also implicated in the scheme, has already pleaded guilty to four counts of endangering children.

According to the arrest affidavit, authorities discovered the scam when the children told a social worker that their parents would feed them crushed blue pills in water.…

FORT WAYNE, Ind. — Police in Indiana found three dead bodies in a home on Saturday after a woman in Washington called police concerned over a Facebook post made by one of her friends.

This past Saturday the woman was on Facebook doing whatever women do on there, like checking out how badly things are going for their high school classmates or playing Castleville, when she saw a disturbing post by Facebook friend Bart Heller, who she talked with occasionally.

“someone call 911. three dead bodies at 3229 lima road fort wayne indiana. I’ve killed ryann, erin, and myself. people were warned not to f*cking play me and ruin me. they didn’t listen. sorry about your luck.”

She contacted police in Fort Wayne and told them about the post while providing them with Heller’s name and listed address. When police arrived at the location, they found a car running in the driveway with no one inside. They busted into the home after looking through a window and seeing the body of a man who wasn’t moving.…

TAMPA, Fla. — Last month I posted about a fight ignited by road rage that ended with one man getting stabbed in the head with an ice pick. On Sunday morning, the man who was stabbed, 20-year-old Wathson Adelson, died from his injuries.

According to police, Adelson and  62-year-old Alcisviades Polanco were driving southbound on Manhattan Avenue when Polanco cut Adelson off in traffic. Adelson responded by driving in front of Polanco and slamming on the brakes at an intersection. The two men got into a physical confrontation in which Polanco allegedly stabbed Adelson in the head with an ice pick he had retrieved from his car.

After his death yesterday, Adelson’s family and friends told reporters they feel the real story of what happened that day has yet to be revealed and are urging anyone who may of saw what happened to come forward.

“Somebody saw something, but they’re sitting and saying nothing. By doing that, they’re letting a young man’s memory go wasted,”  family friend Spencer Scott says.…

First-Grader Baker Acted After Fight At School

December 12, 2011 at 12:42 pm by  

ST. PETERSBURG, FL — A 6-year-old girl was ordered to undergo an involuntary mental evaluation after a fight she was involved in at school.

For those of you unaware of the term, the Baker Act is a common term used for the Florida Mental Health Act of 1971, a statute that allows for the involuntary mental examination of an individual. In this case, a 6-year-old girl.

The girl’s mother, Christina Brinson, told reporters her daughter is just having a tough time adjusting at Fairmount Park Elementary and is dealing with a bully. She says she gave her daughter permission to fight back.

So when her daughter returned to school on Thursday morning, after being suspended for two days because of her behavior at school, she got into a fight with her alleged bully.

This fight reportedly escalated into something more than just a fight, but I cannot find out exactly what happened. Whatever it was, it was enough for a social worker to feel the first-grader was so out of control that she was likely to cause serious bodily harm to herself and others if she did not get treatment.…

Hollywood, CA — LAPD officers were forced to shoot and kill a 26-year-old man from Pennsylvania who went on a shooting rampage on a downtown street in Hollywood this past Friday.

No one knows for sure why 26-year-old Tyler Brehm decided to use his Smith & Wesson handgun to randomly shoot at motorists on Sunset Blvd, but friends and family say he had been stressed out lately and a recent breakup with Alicia Alligood, his hot ass girlfriend, may not have helped his mental state.

The pair had dated for four years and known each other since they were five. His last entry on his Facebook page was made two days before he began shooting at cars, and it was changing his relationship status to being single. The couple had just recently moved out of an apartment and she told reporters that Brehm recently started taking pharmaceutical drugs.

Witnesses say Brehm was walking in the middle of the street screaming that he wanted to die. He shot at a Mercedes-Benz, hitting the driver in the jaw and chest, then walked to Sunset Blvd.…

Newark, NJ — A woman accused of injecting silicone into a man’s penis at a “pumping party” earlier this year has been charged in his death.

Kasia Rivera, 34, was arrested Friday on manslaughter charges and unauthorized practice of medicine in the death of 22-year-old Justin Street.

Street, presumably on a quest for the perfect penis, went to Rivera’s home on May 5, where she allegedly injected his babymaker with silicone…he died the next day. The medical examiner listed the cause of death as silicone embolism as a result of the injection and the death was ruled a homicide.

After a thorough investigation, Rivera was taken into custody and ordered held on $75,000 bail. Police are continuing their investigation and are asking other potential victims to please step forward.

While discussing this story with a friend, I was told of a man who claimed to have injected silicone into his dick on a pretty regular basis. And by regular basis, I mean about six years. I was also told that there was video of this man on the ‘net.…

Sweetwater, FL – Guadalupe Valdes and an unnamed accomplice have been charged with stealing Christmas decorations from a neighbor and them placing them in their own yard less than one block away.

The lawn ornaments were rather distinctive. They included Mickey Mouse on a horse, some hugging penguins, and Snoopy on a dog house. Owner Ingrid Alemendarez reportedly saw her ornaments less than a block away from her home, in the suspects’ front yard. She then called police.

Alemendarez, as it turns out, has a surveillance camera mounted on the front of her house. So, if possession were not enough, the video of the suspects actually stealing the ornaments should be. A news report showing the surveillance footage and the suspects arrest can be seen here.

The women have reportedly been charged with grand theft.…

Florida Hunter Shot After Dog Bumped Into Rifle

December 11, 2011 at 9:53 am by  

Pasco County, FL — A little over a week ago we posted a story about a dog who “accidentally” shot a duck hunter in the ass. Now we have this story out of Florida in which a man riding in a truck with a dog was shot after the excited canine bumped into a loaded gun.

Reports say 78-year-old Billy E. Brown and his hunting partner of 25 years were driving down a bumpy road one-and-a-half miles into the woods when a bulldog named Eli got excited and bumped into a loaded Browning 308. The gun fired and Brown was shot in the right thigh.

Brown was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery. As of Saturday he was in critical but stable condition.

I’m starting to suspect that these stories have less to do with careless gun owners and their loaded firearms and more to do with dogs becoming aware of the negative press they receive when they maul someone to death. They’ve simply switched tactics.

Since things always seem to happen in threes, let’s wait and see if  a similar story comes out in the near future that lends my theory any credence.…

Irvine, CA — Parents these days are so lazy. Why, back in my day, if you wanted your wayward spawn beaten for breaking the rules, you did it your damn self. Now it appears as if you can outsource the job to an “enforcer” of sorts…

According to police, a couple who believed their 15-year-old son was smoking sought the help of a fellow churchgoer, a man believed to be the “go-to guy” when it came to violently disciplining children, to set the kid straight.

After finding the teen with a lighter in his possession, the ‘rents reportedly dropped the boy off at 39-year-old Paul Kim’s house, where, with dad’s blessing, he was hit in the back of the legs with a metal pole about a dozen times.

Kim was arrested Tuesday, after teachers at the teen’s school noticed the severe bruising on the backs of his legs and contacted CPS. Charged with willful cruelty to a child, Kim posted $100,000 bail and was released on Thursday.

Investigators have reportedly received information that other families at the same church have used Kim in the same capacity.…

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A California prison psychiatrist is facing conspiracy charges after police say she faked a rape to trick her husband into moving out of their high crime neighborhood.

Laurie Ann Martinez, 36, told police that on April 10, she walked into her home to find a stranger in her kitchen. She told them the man grabbed her and punched her in the face, knocking her unconscious. When she woke up she found her pants and underwear pulled down to her ankles with numerous items from her home missing.

Police detectives say they had already spent hundreds of hours on the case when one of Martinez’s prison co-workers came forward and told them Martinez had talked about faking a crime to convince her husband to move out of their neighborhood.

Before long, police had unraveled Martinez’s lies and learned she had enlisted the help of her friend, 33-year-old Nicole April Snyder, to stage the fake robbery and rape. Martinez split her own lip with a pin, scraped her knuckles with sandpaper and had Snyder punch her in the face while wearing boxing gloves.…

Weleetka, OK–  Three years ago, we posted an article about 13-year-old Taylor Dawn Paschal-Placker and her best friend, 11-year-old Skyla Jade Whitaker. The two girls were walking down a dirt road in Weleetka, Oklahoma when they were gunned down in cold blood. Yesterday police announced they had finally apprehended they feel is person responsible, 25-year-old Kevin Sweat.

We’ve had a couple stories on the site that have always stuck out for me, and this was definitely one of them. For those of you who are not aware of this story, Skyla had spent the night at Taylor’s house and on the afternoon of June 8, 2008, the pair headed to Bad Creek Bridge, where they planned to collect shells and pebbles from the riverbank. When they did not return home , and Taylor would not answer her cell phone, Taylor’s grandfather went looking for them. He didn’t have to look for long.

Lying side-by-side in a ditch a quarter mile from the Taylor’s home were the bodies of the two girls.…

Colonie, NY – A man that suffered a heart attack after a struggle with police after pulling a nutty inside a gym had PCP and steroids in his system, according to reports.

A toxicology report found the drugs inside the 235 pound, 6 foot tall body of 32 year-old Chad Brothers. The drugs are blamed for the state of ‘excited delirium‘ that led to his death. Based on my medical expertise, I’d say that it looks something like this.

Early on October 31st, Brothers was at the gym ‘lifting zing ups and putting zem down’ when he lost his goddamn mind. During the super-sized temper tantrum, Brothers apparently toppled weights, started winging dumbbells and punched another patron.

Police, attempting to subdue the man-beast, employed tasers several times with little effect. It even appears that Brothers may have tased himself during the confrontation. Whether or not that was intentional is unknown, but let’s all give him a big ‘Like a Boss!‘ and a round of applause anyway and pretend it was.…

San Tan Valley, AZ — A man who had hoped to teach his girlfriend’s daughter a lesson about sexting is now facing charges after allegedly forwarding a nudie pic found on the teen’s phone to everyone on her contact list.

Investigators say the teen’s mother, along with her boyfriend, 31-year-old Eugene Foster, found a nude picture of the teen on her cellphone and decided to teach her a thing or two about embarrassment and humiliation.

“They get into a fight and during that discussion [the] boyfriend decides I’m going to teach you a lesson I’m going to send this out to 30 plus contacts on her phone and that’s what he did,” says Elias Johnson, spokesperson for the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office. “You can’t distribute images like that, no one can, its illegal… there was nudity, clear full frontal picture.”

When officials at the girl’s school learned of the alleged incident, they scrambled to inform parents that their child may have received a pornographic picture via picture message, and asked that they delete the text if they or their children received it.…

Virginia Beach, VA – A selfless Virginia restaurateur, who reportedly took it upon himself to establish a personal college scholarship program to aid women in need, has pleaded guilty to sexual battery for… well… administering it.

Court testimony said that Henry Allen Fitzsimmons, 54, called his program the ‘Spencer Scholarship Program.’ It reportedly offered participants a chance ‘to go to college and better their lives.’ Court documents said that, sadly, none of the several women in the Spencer Scholarship Program ever began their college studies – as Fitzsimmons had deemed that they ‘were not yet ready.’ Five women filed criminal complaints against Fitzsimmons in April, saying – in effect – that the beatings from the Spencer Scholarship Program had left them with bruises and welts on their asses.

The women testified they were cash-strapped when they signed on to Fitzsimmons’ scholarship program. At the time of their “acceptance” into the scholarship program, the women were reportedly told that the program did not allow drinking alcohol and required the participants to phone Fitzsimmons.…

Tulsa, OK— A woman too broke to purchase the ingredients necessary to whip up a batch of meth is accused of swiping the items from the shelves at Walmart and setting up a mini-lab right inside the store.

Store surveillance video reportedly captured 45-year-old Elizabeth Alisha Halfmoon walking into the store at about noon on Thursday. For the next six hours or so, Halfmoon wandered through the store collecting the items on her shopping list.

It took a minute, but security personnel eventually figured the woman was up to something stupid and put in a call to the police.

Halfmoon was half-way to completion by the time police arrived. Deputies made contact with the woman just moments after she had mixed two bottles of sulfuric acid and starter fluid.

“When firefighters were on the scene she made statements to them that is what she was doing, she was attempting to obtain these chemicals and was in the process of trying to manufacture meth,” said Officer David Shelby. “However, she said she was not very good at it.”

Stoopid tweeker forgot to swipe the most important ingredient – pseudoephedrine.…

Woman Crushed While Getting Out Of Stuck Elevator

December 8, 2011 at 1:02 pm by  

LONG BEACH, Calif. — A poor woman in California met a horrifying end when she was crushed by an elevator after it became stuck between floors and she tried to climb out.

Annette Lujan, 48, was inside an elevator at Cal State Long Beach when it became stuck somewhere near the third floor. She had already alerted others that she was trapped inside and fire crews were on their way to assist her. But Lujan decided to take matters into her own hands and asked someone who was there to help her climb out.

Lujan had gotten about halfway out of the elevator when, like a horror movie, the damn thing decided this was the perfect time not to be stuck any longer. The 2000-pound elevator moved and Lujan was crushed between the floor of the elevator and the shaft.

We posted a similar story a couple years ago in which the drummer for the band Maserati, Gerhardt Fuchs, died after trying to jump out of an elevator stuck between floors.…

Westlake, LA — Twenty-eight-year-old bible school teacher/hottie Heather N. Daughdrill has found herself on the business end of the Louisiana justice system having been arrested for inappropriate sexual contact with a 13-year-old boy.

It was reported that text messages discovered by the 13-year-old boy’s parents prompted a call to authorities in early November. The subsequent investigation determined that Daughdrill had ‘inappropriate sexual contact’ with the boy on ‘multiple occasions between June and October’ after ‘picking him up from school without the parents’ knowledge.’

Daughdrill reportedly met the boy while she was working as a teacher/aide at a Summer Bible school camp the boy had attended.

“So when Corinthians talks about people who won’t inherit the Kingdom of God, it is talking about people who do that stuff that we just did, right?”

Daughdrill was arrested on November 28 and charged with 4 counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile; 8 counts of sexual battery; 3 counts of 2nd degree kidnapping; 1 count contributing to the delinquency of a juvenile; and 1 count indecent behavior with a juvenile.…