Mother Accused Of Injecting Feces Into Son’s IV During Cancer TreatmentsTeen Accused Of Beating Grandmother To Death Because She Hid His BeerSchizophrenic Accused Of Killing Woman By Pushing Her In Front Of Oncoming Subway TrainMan Ran Woman Off Road Then Raped Her In Ditch For Two HoursBrock Martin Pleads Guilty To Kidnapping Girl, 6, Raping Her In BackyardWorker Crushed To Death While Working Inside Recycling MachineFather Accused Of Drowning His 4-Year-Old Daughter In Church Baptismal PoolSherri Papini Missing After Going For Daylight Jog, Phone Found On Side Of RoadPregnant Girlfriend Pours Boiling Water On FIU Football Star For AttentionWoman Finds Sex Offender Hiding Under Stairs, Her Son Shoots Him In Face

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Los Angeles, CA — A judge has banned “actor” Edward Furlong from being alone with his six-year-old son after the boy tested positive for cocaine.

Although it’s not clear how the drugs got into the boy’s system, his ex-wife alleges they got there while he was in Furlong’s custody. On Friday, Furlong argued that his ex, Rachael Bella, is a liar who will do or say anything to keep him away from his son and destroy his (*insert air quotes*) career. The judge sided with Furlong’s ex-wife and ruled that Furlong no longer be allowed with his son without strict supervision.

Furlong’s career started when he 14-years-old, when he starred in TERMINATOR 2 and almost made it unwatchable with the sound on. His career peaked in 1998 when he starred alongside Edward Norton in the superb AMERICAN HISTORY X. Since then, Furlong has starred in a long line of turds, battling drugs and alcohol along the way.

The guy has spent time in rehab, and has a long history of arrests stemming from his drug use and\or assaulting his women.…

Phoenix, AZ — A couple have been charged with felony child abuse after a 3-year-old girl died inside their home daycare.

Ryan Reed, 27, and Allison Clement, 28, cared for 3-year-old Savannah Cross as part of their babysitting service they advertised on Craigslist. They had been caring for Cross since July and watching her on a full-time basis since October. Her mother, 27-year-old Ashley, would leave Savannah with the couple for weeks at a time, occasionally showing up to visit or pay her bill. The last time she visited her daughter was on Thanksgiving.

Ashley won’t have to worry about caring for her daughter any longer as the little girl is dead after suffering extreme physical abuse that ended with a well-placed stomp to the stomach. Police were called to the couple’s home Tuesday morning after receiving a call for a child not breathing. Savannah would die on the way to the hospital, where doctors would find signs the girl had been abused.

Savannah was covered in bruises on both sides of her body that were in different stages of healing.…

MONTREAL — Far be it for me, a resident of the great United States, to bash any other country’s legal system. But in Canada, a former cardiologist found guilty of stabbing his two children to death has been released after only 46 months of confinement.

In February 2009, Guy Turcotte stabbed 5-year-old Olivier and 3-year-old Anne-Sophie to death as they slept in their beds. One would hope that they did not suffer, but according to the children’s mother, that wasn’t the case. She is a physician and a coroner, so looking over her children’s autopsy reports revealed that her children experienced a long, painful death.

“I knew it was not a short death. You know, my little boy received 20 stabs of a knife, he had seven marks of defense,” said Dr. Isabelle Gaston. “He had no wound that was the one that gave him death,” she added. “My little girl, she had 19 wounds, maybe she was luckier? Because she had one that was more mortal than the other.…

ORANGE CITY, FL — Richard Watson has been charged with attempted murder for allegedly trying to drown his wife in a dog’s water bowl after arguing about an under cooked pizza.

It happened Wednesday night as Richard and his wife, Debra, settled in with two frozen pizzas and began watching the 12-12-12 charity event on television.

After realizing his pizza was still raw, Richard threw a tantrum then threw his plate of food at the front door. In response, Debra threw her plate of food as well. This enraged Richard, so he tackled Debra to the ground and then held her head in a dog’s water bowl that contained three inches of water.

Debra said she wasn’t sure if he was using his hands or his knee to hold her head in place, but she’s positive she heard him say he was going to kill her. After managing to break free, Debra said Richard began strangling her in the living room by the front door.

“She felt her life was going to end,” said Orange City Cmdr.…

Albuquerque, NM — Three grown-ass men are being questioned in connection with a plot to kill and castrate teen-pop sensation Justin Bieber, as well as his bodyguard and two others.

The alleged mastermind behind the bizarro plan is convicted killer and apparent Bieber fan, 45-year-old Dana Martin – a man serving two life sentences for the rape and murder of a 15-year-old Vermont girl back in 2000.

According to police, the aged “Belieber” began to formulate his evil plan after Bieber “slighted” him by refusing to respond to any of his messages. Oh, and did I mention Martin has Bieber’s face tatted on his leg? Yeah…

Martin apparently hooked up with another prisoner, 41-year-old Mark Staake, and fed him some bullshit about how he had access to a metric shit ton of money, acreage in Vermont and some connections to some Chinese gang in New York. Not sure what Chinese gangs have to do with anything, but whatever. If Staake wanted a piece of Martin’s fame and fortune, he just had to do one simple thing………


Gobble gobbleStillwater, OK — Nathan Cochran, a 22-year-old fraternity leader at Oklahoma State University, has been accused of sexually assaulting at least 11 male students while they were sleeping.

University officials were first made aware of possible sex assaults in November 2011, when the president of the FarmHouse fraternity asked about reporting sexual assaults. Afterwards five male students had come forward to report Nathan Cochran, a fellow member of the FarmHouse fraternity and the secretary of Oklahoma State’s Interfraternity Council, had sexually assaulted them.

One student said he was sleeping when he was awakened by Cochran fondling him. The student says he pretended he was sleeping in hopes Cochran would stop, but that it didn’t work out too well. The student said that Cochran rubbed his genitals on his face and tried forcing him to suck his dick before Cochran gave him a blowjob. Deep sleeper, that kid.

A second student stated he awoke in his dorm room to find Cochran fondling him. He didn’t get Cochran’s lunchmeat spread all over his face because instead of faking sleep, he got up and went to the bathroom.…

Shady Hills, FL — Distraught over his crumbling marriage, one Florida man tried to make things right with the estranged wife by forcing her to endure date night at knife point.

Police say Robert  Bodiddlie Ball, 49, invited his estranged wife Janet over to his place Monday in the hopes of fixing their broken marriage.

Much to his dismay, Janet admitted that after 32 years together, she was no longer in love with him. *sob*

Instead of chuckin’ the whole thing in the fuckit buckit and moving on, Ball got all kinds of violent, reportedly punching the woman in the head and pocketing her car keys and cell phone to prevent her from leaving or calling for help.

After roughing her up a bit, Ball apparently whipped out a knife and forced her to sit and watch TV with him for a bit, repeatedly threatening to kill her if she gave him any trouble.

At about 5:00 p.m. that evening, police say Ball forced Janet to drive to Golden Corral, where he treated her to an endless buffet of less-than-fresh food and a side of food poisoning.…

RICHLAND HILLS, TX — A father has been accused of using a box cutter to carve a pentagram in his 6-year-old son’s back, telling a 911 operator he did so because it was a holy day.

Police arrested 39-year-old Brent Troy Bartel yesterday after he called 911 and calmly told the dispatcher he had “shed innocent blood.” At the same time, the child’s mother had ran next door to a neighbor’s for help, saying that Bartel was hurting their son.

When police arrived, they found Bartel alone in the home with his son, who was clad in only pajama bottoms and sporting a bloody pentagram that his father had carved into his back with a box cutter. They also found the child’s blood smeared on the sides and the top of the home’s door frame.

“I would say his demeanor was very flat. There were no indications that he was under the influence of any drugs,” Richland Hills police Sgt. Nathan Stringer said about Bartel.

The boy was transported to Cook Children’s Medical Center, where he underwent treatment for the pentagram that covered the majority of his back.…

Mint Hill, NC — The body of a missing North Carolina girl was found this morning after authorities drained a pond near her home.

I have been following this story since it first hit the news, but was waiting a bit because I really thought the girl was alive and had ran away from home. Turns out that may not have been the case.

On Sunday, 16-year-old Kayla Campbell left her home to go ride her bike and was supposed to be back home at 5:15 pm. Her father called Kayla on her cell phone when she did not arrive home on time and she told him she was on her way.

“We called her at 5:20 p.m., and she said she was close-by,” said the girl’s father, Robert Campbell. “But we didn’t feel like she was telling the truth.”

Campbell became more concerned after using location software he had installed on Kayla’s phone to find she was not in the location she said she was. They called police at around 6 pm after trying to call Kayla again and finding the phone had been turned off.…

Warsaw, Ind. – An appeals court threw out Paul Gingerich’s 2010 guilty plea on Tuesday, overturning the 14-year-old’s 25-year prison sentence and granting him a new trial.

It’s been two years since I first reported on Paul Gingerich. When he was only 12-years-old, he helped 15-year-old Cody Lundy murder Lundy’s stepfather before trying to run away to Arizona. They would both be charged as adults and Gingerich would be sentenced to 25 years in prison after pleading guilty to the lesser charge of conspiracy to commit murder.

He would also become one of the youngest people in Indiana to be sentenced to prison as an adult.

But that may all change after the Indiana Court of Appeals reversed Gingerich’s 2010 conviction and ordered he get a new trial. They agreed with Monica Foster, the public defender who handled the appeal, that the court in Kosciusko County did not give the boy’s attorneys enough time to make the case that he should have been tried as a juvenile.

“The Constitution won today,” Foster said.…

HUDSON, FL –– Pasco County authorities say 16-year-old Jessica Laney hanged herself Sunday night, and some of her friends say cyber-bullying is to blame.

According to one of her friends, Laney attended Fivay High School after being transferred there due to bullying at her previous high school. But they say the bullying that led to Laney killing herself did not come from her new school, but rather from anonymous people online. In particular, members of the website

For the un-initiated, is a social site where users can invite questions and comments from other members, anonymously. Laney’s page is full of the standard crap you would expect on a cute 16-year-old girl’s page, but also contains some disparaging comments from anonymous users calling her fat and a loser. Some even tell teh girl no one cares about her and instruct Laney to hurry up and kill herself.

Her friends say these negative comments are what led the girl to hang herself Sunday night, although official from the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office says neither Laney’s parents nor Laney’s boyfriend were aware of Laney being bullied.…

Salem, OR — A 47-year-old woman in Oregon has been charged with attempted murder after she used her Ford F-150 to run down her husband.

Shirley Nunez suspected that her husband, Kenneth, was having an affair with a woman who lived nearby. So on Monday night, Shirley broke into the home of her husband’s alleged mistress and confronted the woman, pointing a gun at her in the process.

No details on what was discussed, but Shirley did not physically injure the woman and left the residence in her 2003 Ford F-150. Kenneth was not nearly as lucky. When Shirley got back home, she saw her husband walking to his motorcycle parked in front of their house and decided to give him a kiss with her truck’s grill.

Bill Deconcini said he and his wife woke up after hearing screaming and the two came outside to find Kenneth unconscious in the grass after Shirley had ran him down with her truck. He was transported to Salem Hospital in critical condition while Shirley was taken to the hospital for a medical evaluation before being booked into the Marion County Jail.…

SACRAMENTO, CA — A popular visual arts teacher at St Francis High School was killed while taking pictures of an oncoming train.

Police said 52-year-old Kathy Carlisle was on train tracks near the campus of St Francis, taking pictures of an approaching train, when she was struck from behind by a train travelling in the opposite direction. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The president of St. Francis said the school canceled classes on Monday and organized a memorial service for Carlisle. They’re also providing grief counselors and allowing students to set up a memorial and posting a bulletin board for students who want to share memories or express their grief.

“We’re taking this opportunity to really reflect on the tremendous gift that she was to our community,” said Reid Brown. “She was so skilled and passionate in her work, and really had a gift. The girls understood that she had a gift to share with them.”

Carlisle, a married mother of three, taught 600 students at the all girl Catholic school since 2008.…

MILLBOURNE, PA — Authorities are saying a 44-year-old woman, whose body was found in a Pennsylvania state park almost a week after being reported missing, committed suicide by inhaling helium gas.

A man contacted police on December 2 to report that he had returned home and was unable to find his girlfriend, Teresa Mastracola.

He’d last seen her that morning as she left for Delaware County Memorial Hospital where she worked as an imaging Equipment Specialist, and her co-workers reported that Mastracola never showed up for work that day.

Police did not immediately treat the woman’s disappearance as suspicious because Mastracola, a Master Sergeant with the National Guard, was an avid hiker and would often spend days out in the woods. But this past Saturday, her body was found in a heavily wooded area deep in Ridley Creek State Park.

Authorities have not released all the details surrounding her death, but are confident foul play was not involved, and that the woman had committed suicide. Coroner Frederic Hellman listed her cause of death as chemical asphyxia from helium inhalation.

Portland, OR — An 11-year-old boy has been accused of trying to carjack and rob a woman at gunpoint, and even returned to the scene of the crime as a news reporter was interviewing the victim.

On Saturday, 22-year-old Amy Garrett was sitting inside her truck in the parking lot of Freedom Foursquare Church waiting for her parents. That’s when she was approached by two boys, ages 11 and 7. The older boy told Garret that he had a gun and would shoot her if she did not give him her truck.

Garrett didn’t believe the boys at first, and refused to let them have her vehicle. That’s when the 7-year-old instructed the older boy to show her the gun. The 11-year-old then lifted his shirt and showed Garrett a handgun. Thinking it was fake, she asked the boy if it was real.

“He said ‘you don’t ever ask somebody if it’s real. That’s how you get yourself shot.'” He also told her he was prepared to blow her brains out if she didn’t give him the truck, her wallet, and her phone.…

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK — As you can see by Jonathan Wise’s mugshot, the 19-year-old picked the wrong house to break into when he broke into the home of Norm Houston.

Houston was in his kitchen on November 24 when he went to investigate a strange noise coming from his garage. “I heard a thumping noise on my garage door,” Houston said. “I swung open my backdoor and somebody was standing there.”

That somebody was Wise, who had busted out a side window to gain access to the garage. Caught red-handed, Wise apologized to Houston and offered to fix the damages right before he punched Houston in the face.

Houston and Wise are about the size, both around 5’8” tall and approx 280 lbs, but Houston had a slight advantage — he’s a personal trainer who specializes in kickboxing and regular boxing. “You know I ain’t the toughest but I can hold my own,” Houston said.

Houston was able to pull Wise into he driveway and hold him to the ground while a neighbor called 911.…

UK — There are a few things in this world I loathe. Child abusers, the space between theater seats that suck cell phones from your pocket, Christmas, and morning DJ’s (who, aside from not being funny, use our stuff on air and do not give us credit).

Speaking of the latter, a pair of morning DJ’s in Australia made a really stupid prank call to the hospital where the Duchess of Cambridge was staying, and now the nurse who took the call has been found dead in an apparent suicide.

For those of you who haven’t heard the incredibly important news regarding Kate Middleton being in the hospital recently, she and Prince Williams are expecting a baby and she was recently admitted to King Edward VII hospital suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum — or as others have called it, morning sickness times 1000.

While at the hospital recuperating, two morning DJ’s in Australia decided they would try calling the hospital to ask how she was doing while pretending to be the Queen and Prince Charles.…

ANOKA, MN – A judge sentenced a man to 120 days in jail for doling out a particularly humiliating punishment on his 12-year-old stepdaughter.

Back in May we reported on 38-year-old Stephanie Ann Broten and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Darnell Alan Landrum. In response to Broten’s 12-year-old daughter bringing home bad grades, the couple shaved her head and put her in a diaper before sending her outside in front of neighbors and classmates.

One of these neighbors ended up calling police who arrived to find a crowd of 30 to 50 people watching the poor girl crying hysterically as she tried to get back in her house after being forced to run up and down the street with a shaved head and clad in a diaper and a tank top.

Neighbors said she had been outside for at least 30 minutes and reported seeing the girl standing outside the back door begging her mother to let her in, only to have her mother stare back at her. When police questioned Broten, she told them she did not see what the problem was and that she was simply disciplining her child by embarrassing her.…