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Lake of the Ozarks, MO — Police have given a man another citation after video of a boating accident went viral.

The incident happened on August 24th during the Poker Run boat race on the Lake of the Ozarks and was captured by a Lake TV photographer. In the video you can see as the driver of a Fountain powerboat as he plows through a wake. The resulting collision causes the driver to plank at the speed of light, and his passengers to be violently tossed from side to side inside of the boat’s interior.

The driver, Marvin Carter, and four of his passengers were taken to area hospitals for moderate injuries. The two women seen in the video, a mother and daughter (rawr), declined treatment at the scene. One of the passengers suffered a broken leg, broken wrist and ruptured disc in his back.

Carter was initially cited with careless and imprudent operation, but after the video was posted to Youtube and went viral, police have cited Carter with a seating violation as well.…

Klamath, CA – Two years ago we reported on Jarrod Wyatt, a mixed-martial artist who was accused of ripping out his friend’s heart after the two ingested some hallucinogenic mushroom tea. Last Thursday, Wyatt pleaded guilty to murder and mayhem charges.

Back in March 2010, a then 26-year-old Wyatt and his sparring partner, 21-year-old Taylor Powell, were drinking tea brewed with hallucinogenic mushrooms. People who were at the home at the time stated Wyatt began mumbling about a coming tidal wave and the end of the world before he started fighting with Powell. When Wyatt and Powell were left alone in the home, Wyatt became convinced Powell was the devil.

When one of their friends showed up at the home later, he saw Wyatt on the couch next to his Powell’s mutilated corpse. Wyatt had removed most of Powell’s face, including his tongue, and had cut out his heart while the man was still alive. According to the probable cause statement, a large incision in the chest could be seen, and other unspecified body parts had been removed.…

Reno, NV – Jeff Fleming, 53, reportedly shot a golfer who had just shattered a window his home with an errant shot.

Fleming lives beside the 16th hole of the Lakeridge Golf Course.  You’d think that one who had decided to live adjacent to a golf course would be somewhat accepting of the fact that balls occasionally go astray and break things.  While that may be true, Fleming allegedly got upset enough about a broken window in his home that he responded to the responsible golfer with a loaded shotgun, rendering non-life-threatening injuries to his legs and one arm.

The suspect’s neighbors told investigators that it was a “common, everyday deal” for stray golf balls to hit their homes, police Lt. Keith Brown said.

Every dude has his breaking point though, right?  Fleming seemingly met up with his on Friday afternoon.

Apparently, the golfer hadn’t realized that he’d broken a window and was merely searching for his ball when he encountered a shotgun-toting Fleming, who reportedly opted to shoot first and argue later, according to Lt.…

SAN DIEGO – At a bit after 5:00 p.m. on Friday, a woman walking down an alley near the Park View Apartments complex probably had the contents of her nightmares altered forever: she spotted something odd on the ground, and when she moved closer, she realized it was an infant.

It appeared that the little boy had fallen from one of the complex’s windows. She immediately called authorities, who discovered, upon arriving, that the child was severely injured. (Odd how falls from a significant height seem to affect infants that way.) Medics performed CPR and transported the boy to the hospital, but the little guy didn’t make it to 6:00 p.m.

Currently, there are more questions than answers on this case, but let me share what we do seem to know: (1) The infant’s injuries were caused by a fall from a 3rd-story window. (2) The police initially detained the boy’s 33-year-old mother for questioning but have since arrested her and are now investigating the death as a homicide; they indicate she will be charged with first-degree murder. …

Springfield, MO — Anyone out there looking for a young brunette who loves to get naked in public? If so, do I got the girl for you.

Samantha Edwards is 26-years-old, weighs 115 pounds and stands at 5′ 6″. But don’t let the small stature and those derpy eyes fool you, this mischievous mynx knows how to have a good time!

She’s into recreational drugs, cab rides around the city, shopping, and taking long walks in the park where she will get high, strip naked, and show off her va-jay-jay to strangers.

In full disclosure, she’s in a bit of legal trouble at the moment, currently spending time at one of Greene County’s finest facilities after her latest run-in with The Man. But feel free to visit her anytime between Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. — just ask for her by her new nickname “2114178.”

I’d take her myself, but my girlfriend already tried killing me in my sleep after I helped an elderly woman who was hit by a car.  …

Seattle, WA – A man who apparently came out of nowhere on Tuesday to tackle a 19-year-old boy and his 16-year-old autistic sister is in custody after he stripped off his clothes and eluded police for two hours while swimming in Green Lake.

The whack-job currently being dubbed “Green Lake Naked Man” will, for the remainder of this article, be referred to as “GLNM.”   He ambushed the two victims and pushed them to the sidewalk, breaking the boy’s pinkie-finger, splitting his lip and causing various abrasions.  The girl suffered minor abrasions as well, but was otherwise unhurt.

“(He) pretty much just attacked me from behind. I didn’t even see it coming,” said Daniel Gonzalez, one of the victims.

Witnesses chased the man around the lake for a while, but were unsuccessful.  “He could sprint like you wouldn’t believe,” said witness Betty Atkinson.

When police arrived, GLNM stripped off all his clothes and jumped into nearby Green Lake in an apparent bid for escape.  The only way that tactic is going to work is if you’re able to grow some gills, I think. …

Fredericton, Canada – Daniel Kelly Gould, 31, was sentenced to 10 months behind bars for two sexual assaults which occurred in area parks on May 5th and July 17th.

In the first incident, Gould targeted a sunbather in Odell Park.  The woman, who was lying down with her eyes closed, was alerted to Gould’s presence only when his baby batter found its way into her hair and onto her shoulder; a classic example of what I term “surprise bukkake.”  Gould was able to run off with his waning johnson leading the way, but was subsequently arrested for his endeavors.

Gould’s second reported foray into the wild world of public ejaculation occurred at Wilmot park where he masturbated behind a seated sunbather and doused her hair with a healthy dose of his cock snot.

The semen from the two incidents yielded a match, prompting Gould to plead guilty and accept a total of 10 months in jail where he is likely to have a cell-mate with very crusty locks.

Prosecutor Hillary Drain offered an astute bit of insight into Gould’s actions when she pointed out that “going to a public park and ejaculating on women minding their own business isn’t acceptable.”

On another note, I’ve just come to the unfortunate conclusion that this is a world in which I no longer wish to live.…

Groton, CT – On August 31st, Luis Otero, now 51, pleaded no contest to charges that he murdered his ex-girlfriend, Madeline Brisson, 51, in March of 2010.

Otero and Brisson had once been romantically involved, and though the affair had ended, Otero was still living under her roof.  Domestic disputes between the two were not unheard-of.  In fact, Otero had threatened Brisson’s life some time before her murder, telling her he would kill her and put her in a freezer.  Brisson had even advised her sisters that if she ever came up missing, they should check the freezer.

In early-March of 2010, Otero followed through on his threat after a heated argument in which Brisson told Otero that he needed to move out of her house and then implied that she was going to pursue a lesbian relationship with Otero’s daughter, who is described as “mentally challenged.”

Brisson’s cause of death was listed as blunt force trauma and asphyxia, so I’m figuring you guys are smart enough to figure out what happened there.…

Milwaukee, WI —  Two men in Wisconsin are facing charges after being accused of using a pit bull to attack one of the men’s teenage son.

According to reports, the attack happened while 43-year-old Joel E. Kennedy and his 18-year-old son, Joel Kennedy Jr., visited 58-year-old Richard R. Lisko’s home over the Labor Day weekend. At some point, Lisko suspected the teen had stolen some of his morphine and gold coins so in response, Lisko commanded his pit bull, Bubba, to attack the teen.

When the teen would not ‘fess up to the theft, Lisko and Kennedy suspended the boy from his ankles from a back porch rafter. Then, according to the criminal complaint, Lisko again commanded Bubba to attack the teen as he remained suspended upside down for about an hour.

The teen said the only reason why the attack stopped was because Lisko had called a friend over to the home and that man, 56-year-old Harry Haack, ordered them to stop what they were doing and to untie the teen.…

Sacramento, CA – Brandon Louis Nickolas, 31, was severed at the torso while drunkenly jaywalking Tuesday night across a Sacramento street when a police cruiser with its lights flashing and sirens blaring struck him.

Two witnesses described Nickolas as being drunk prior to the incident, staggering through their mobile home park and muttering incoherently to himself.  Javier Hernandez, 17, said that he’d spoken to the victim prior to the accident, telling him that he could stay in the area as long as he didn’t “start problems.”

“He was walking zig-zag,” Hernandez said. “He couldn’t keep his balance.”

Not long after that verbal exchange, a six-year veteran of the West Sacramento police came down West Capitol Avenue in his cruiser at a high rate of speed, attempting to join the hot pursuit of a 17-year-old who was allegedly driving a stolen vehicle and failing to yield to officers.  It happened to be at the same time Nickolas was staggering across the dark street.

The sound of the police car’s impact on Nickolas’s body was so great that residents of the area said they’d assumed two cars had collided. …

NEW YORK — A 36-year-old NYC teacher may finally lose his job after being accused of a series of sexual misconduct incidents from several schools he worked for, as well as an educational department building.

Daniel Meagher first got himself into trouble in January when students reported seeing him looking at pornography in the library at Brooklyn’s Bedford Academy High School. Reportedly, investigators found the porn sites he had visited as well as several search terms he used, including “little child,”  “moaning child,” and  “small penis humiliation.”

Was he fired? Nope. While this allegation was being investigated, Meagher was transferred to PS 19 in Brooklyn as an English substitute teacher. In March, two girls, on separate occasions, reported walking into the girl’s bathroom and finding Meagher inside. One 10-year-old girl said Meagher told her he was “just checking the bathroom.” The girl left and told her teacher.

Was he fired? Nope. He was assigned to PS 17 as a substitute teacher. Within a week, the principal at that school reported that three female students, and the school’s parent coordinator, had seen Meagher in the girls’ bathroom at that school.…

Troy, NY – Wallace Wheeler, 68, was arrested last Thursday by authorities who allege he forcibly kissed and fondled a 98-year-old senior home resident who is suffering from dementia.

Wheeler had reportedly visited the Evergreen Commons facility many times to visit his sister.  However, when she passed away in December 2011, he continued his visits, having established relationships with several other residents.  He is said to have brought candy for them on multiple occasions.  According to interviews with residents, he had never made anyone feel uncomfortable until just prior to the alleged incident.

Staff was alerted on the Wednesday before the reported inappropriate conduct that something “odd” was going on.

On August 30th, those suspicions were confirmed by a staff member and another resident who said that Wheeler was seen kissing and touching the victim near a nurse’s station in a common area.  Excuse me while I swallow this bit of vomit in my upper-throat.

According to the log book at Evergreen Commons, Wheeler only stayed a short time that day. …

STURGEON BAY, WI –– An Illinois man has been charged with choking his pregnant ex-girlfriend to death, then having sex with her dead body.

Last month, 35-year-old Brian Cooper was staying with 22-year-old Alisha Bromfield, who was 6½ months pregnant with another man’s baby, at the Door County resort in Wisconsin. They were at the hotel to attend the wedding of Bromfield’s sister.

After the wedding, the two got into an argument over the fact that Bromfield wanted to end their relationship. Bromfield fell asleep, and Cooper started drinking and becoming increasingly angry over the breakup and how cold and indifferent he felt Bromfield was acting.

According to the criminal complaint, Cooper said he “didn’t want to go home single,” so he decided to stay in Wisconsin as a murdering, corpse raper.

Prosecutors say that at 2 or 3 in the morning, after watching Bromfield sleep for about two and a half hours, Cooper got on top of Bromfield and used his bare hands to choke her. Court papers revealed Bromfield pleaded for her life and the life of her unborn child.…

Philadelphia, PA – Orlando Rosado, 45, is facing charges of third-degree murder after allegedly putting heroin and methadone into his infant son’s bottle, killing him.  He is also charged with involuntary manslaughter, drug delivery causing death, child endangerment and other charges.  No trial has been set.

On May 11, Rosado and his son, Christopher, fell asleep after an early-morning feeding, just two days prior to the boy’s first birthday.  At 7 AM, the boy was found cold, limp, and face-down in his crib in a pool of vomit.  Both Rosado and the boy’s mother, Crystal Miller, who described the boy as “fussy,” attempted to revive him before he was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Police report that Rosado told them he had “accidentally” put drugs in the baby’s bottle because he was high at the time.  Prosecutors plan to argue that though Rosado may not have meant to kill his son, his inclusion of the drugs in the bottle was intentional; an attempt to calm the child and get him to sleep.…

Couple Arrested After Nationwide Child Porn Manhunt

September 6, 2012 at 8:49 am by  

SALEM, Ore. —  Last month we helped save two children, and helped create nightmares, when we posted pictures of an unidentified woman suspected of manufacturing child porn that featured herself engaged in sexual acts with another man and two young girls. That woman has now been identified as 40-year-old Michelle Freeman and she is now behind bars, along with her husband.

Michelle and her 39-year-old husband, Michael Freeman, surrendered to police after one of their acquaintances recognized photos of Michelle that ICE agents distributed to the media last month, and told them if the couple didn’t turn themselves in, they were going to do it for them.

Last month,  while investigating material in an unrelated child pornography case, some poor soul on a computer forensics team found videos of a snaggle-toothed swamp monster (click at the risk of damaging your soul), along with an adult male, sexually abusing two young girls between the ages of 3 to 7-years-old. ICE agents obtained a “Jane Doe” arrest warrant for the unidentified woman and then asked the public’s help in identifying her.…

Indianapolis, IN — Police in Indiana say a teenager fell to his death while trying to climb from one balcony to another during an underage drinking party at an apartment complex near the IUPUI campus.

At around 3 a.m. Monday morning, police were called to The Avenue Apartments after receiving calls about a loud party going on inside one of the apartments. When they knocked on the door of the apartment, they were greeted by someone telling them someone inside had just fell from the fifth floor balcony.

Police went back down to the first floor where they found 18-year-old Xavier Somerville unconscious on the sidewalk. Turns out  Somerville got scared when police arrived at the door and had tried escaping by swinging from the fifth floor balcony to a fourth floor balcony, but lost his grip and fell.

“I saw him on the floor. I saw blood…his face was down…I saw blood on his face. I was just trying to be like, ‘Xavier, Xavier.’ I just kept breaking down more and more,” said one of Somerville’s friends who was at the party.…

Peru – Julia Muñoz Huaman, 41, reportedly cut off her boyfriend’s penis as he slept and then proceeded to flush the severed appendage down the toilet.

Ramon Arias Apaico, 46, was asleep in a hostel in Brena, Peru, when Huaman allegedly grabbed a kitchen knife, sliced off his penis, and flushed it down the toilet as he screamed in pain.  I am now in the process of trademarking the term “hostelity.”

The two had reportedly been arguing about Apaico’s infidelity.

Huaman attempted to leave the hostel after the attack, but was stopped by staff when they heard screams coming from the room she’d left.

Apaico was transported to a hospital in Lima, where urologist Zarela Solis reports his member is “partially intact.”  He is expected to remain hospitalized for about 10 days, after which he will likely require months of psychological counseling, and will never be able to stand tall in front of a urinal again.

Given the unrecoverable status of the rest of Apaico’s johnson, it’s unlikely that he will enjoy a post-reattachment porn career like that of John Wayne Bobbitt, who graced us with his “Uncut” and “Frankenpenis” films. …

CAMDEN, N.J. –  Prosecutors say that a 6-year-old boy was killed trying to defend his sister from a man, under the influence of PCP, who had broken into their home and was sexually assaulting her.

In the middle of the night Sunday, 31-year-old Osvaldo “Popeye” Rivera broke into a home after smoking marijuana laced with PCP. He then attacked Amber, a 12-year-old girl who was sleeping on the floor with her 6-year-old brother Dominick Andujor. The siblings were being watched by a 14-year-old girl while their mother recovered in a local hospital after having surgery.

Rivera allegedly sexually assaulted Amber and slashed her throat in the process. She was only able to escape and seek help after her brother intervened in an attempt to protect his sister. Amber ran from the home and got help from Nakyta McCray, a neighbor who lived a few houses down.

“There was a lot of blood,” McCray told 911. “The little girl was just rocking back and forth. The cut went right along her throat.”

Amber was taken to the hospital with a slashed windpipe.…