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Butt-Stabbing Gay Man Arrested

October 8, 2012 at 1:55 pm by  

Orlando, FL – Christopher Hunter (pictured, and yeah, that’s a dude), 21, was arrested on Friday after allegedly stabbing his soon-to-be ex-boyfriend, Marcus Thomas, in the left buttock.

According to Thomas, who had reportedly been in an intimate relationship with Hunter for a few months, he was attempting to break up with Hunter to pursue a life absent of dude-on-dude action.  Hunter allegedly responded to the news with “that’s not going to happen.”

Reports indicate that Hunter stood in the doorway in an attempt to block Thomas’s exit and, when Thomas attempted to get past, Hunter slashed his arm and turd-cutter with a knife.

Hunter’s story was that Thomas had asked him for ten dollars to purchase some cocaine (crack, I’m guessing from the dollar amount), but that Hunter turned him down.  A struggle ensued, Thomas pushed him into a wall, Hunter grabbed a knife to defend himself, and their explorations into butt-stabbing got presumably bloodier than normal.

Police weren’t buying that story though, based on the fact that Hunter weighs 190 pounds and stands six feet tall while Thomas is 5’10” and weighs 165. …

COVINGTON, KY — The former Bengals cheerleader and high school teacher, accused of having sex with a 16-year-old student, has accepted a plea deal.

Sarah Jones, 27, was a cheerleader for the Bengals for five years before she started teaching English at Dixie Heights High School in Kentucky. She has been under house arrest after being charged with sexual abuse, accused of sleeping with a 16-year-old football player at the school in 2011. The alleged sexual relationship with the student took place between October 1 and December 31.

She would deny she ever had sex with the student, claiming the rumors were started by a bitter ex-girlfriend of the teen, but did admit that there were over 9,000 pages of photos, Facebook messages and texts between her and the student. Aside from the sexual abuse charge, she was also charged with unlawful use of electronic means to induce a minor to engage in sexual or other prohibited activities.

Her trial was to start this Wednesday, where she was facing up to 5 years in prison if convicted.…

DELTONA, FL — Police have charged three teens with animal cruelty after they admitted to using wooden sticks to beat three ducks to death.

Police say that a relative of the three boys called 911 to report watching the teens beat the ducks as she was outside hanging Halloween decorations. The woman told dispatch that she just witnessed her nephews “beat the (expletive)” out of some ducks and that the ducks are now severely injured and unable to walk. When police arrived at the location, an abandoned home, they found three dead ducks and a bloody stick.

When questioned, the two brothers and their cousin admitted to police that they’d hit the ducks with sticks. They didn’t remember who started it, but one of the juveniles told police they were wrestling before deciding to chase the ducks to play with them. Another said they had went to the house with the sole intention of killing the animals. One of the teens even admitted that after severely injuring the ducks with sticks, he’d stepped on their necks to end their suffering.…

Robert Rodriguez, a person of interest in the death of Justin Kowlaczik.

Farmingdale, NY – The body of 17-month-old Justin Kowalczik was unearthed by investigators in the backyard of his mother, Heather Kowalczik, on Saturday.  Robert Rodriguez, the woman’s boyfriend and the father of Kowalczik’s two older children, though not Justin, is being questioned as a “person of interest” but is not cooperating with the investigation.

It is believed that Justin Kowalczik was buried about two years ago, in July 2010.

A Suffolk County Child Protective Services worker arrived at Kowalczik’s home on Wednesday to check on Alex Kowalczik, who is autistic.  When she inquired about Justin, Ms. Kowalczik reportedly told her that he was staying with relatives in Orange County.  When the worker unsuccessfully attempted to confirm the story, a missing person case was launched.

It didn’t take long for Kowalczik to reveal the truth about Justin, however.  She told to investigators of the unreported death as well as the location of the boy’s body.  Police began digging and found the corpse buried about three feet deep near a fence in the backyard.…

Sioux Falls — A man on death row, twice convicted of the rape and murder of 9-year-old Becky O’Connell in 1990, has asked that all efforts to stop his execution be terminated — he’d like to die now.

In 1992, Donald Moeller was convicted of kidnapping O’Connell from a Sioux Falls convenience store, driving her to a secluded area near the Big Sioux River, and then raping her before stabbing her and slashing her throat. Her naked body was found the next day.

He was convicted a second time in 1997, after the original conviction was overturned due to improper evidence was used at trial, and he was sentenced to death. So for the last 22 years Moeller has sat on death row on the taxpayers’ dime while his appeals ran their course. During this time he says he watches the news, reads the paper, writes and watches old movies.

Part of the the delay in his execution wasn’t just because of his appeals, but because of the method of execution used in South Dakota that has left Moeller’s state-court lawyer fighting with Arkansas-based federal public defenders.…

SANTA ANA, CA — Police have arrested a 425 pound man after they say he grabbed a 10-year-old boy on his way to soccer practice, and started smelling him.

The incident happened Thursday evening when a 10-year-old boy was walking to a local park with his 19-year-old cousin. When they reached the 500 block of E. Central, 55-year-old Victor Joseph Espinoza lured the boy over to him.

Once the boy got close enough, Espinoza grabbed him and would not let go. The boy was finally able to pull free and ran to the park to notify his soccer coach what had happened.

“The little boy cam crying at me, saying that man wanted to take him,” the coach said. “He said that he grabbed him and he started smelling him.”

Espinoza was still at the front of the park when the coach saw him and confronted him.

“He goes, ‘Oh, I’m leaving, I’m leaving,’ and I said, ‘No, you’re not leaving, we’re going to wait for the cops. Because you did something wrong to that little boy.’ He tried to leave and that’s when I tackled him down.…

Philadelphia, PA — A man in Philly is suing the Penthouse Club after he says a stripper ruptured his bladder during her performance at his bachelor party.

The incident happened in 2010 while Patrick Gallagher was enjoying the last days of happiness he would remember before he asked for his soul to be slowly devoured over the course of many years.

To celebrate Gallagher making the worst mistake of his life, they purchased him the bachelor’s package, which included a special dance from one of the dancers. This dance included Gallagher being brought onstage and instructed to lie on his back beneath a pole.

One of the dancers then climbed up the pole during her performance, and “from a great height, she launched herself down onto his abdomen,” said his attorney, Neil T. Murray.

The landing left Gallagher in so much pain that he and his friends left. The next morning, Gallagher was in so much pain that he decided to go to the hospital. That’s when it was discovered that he had a ruptured bladder.…

Boston, MA – It’s a bad time to be a Massachusetts resident unless you’re a fan of drugs and the violence that comes with them.  I wrote last week about a Annie Dookhan, a 34-year-old crime lab chemist who has been charged with falsifying thousands of results.  The fallout from that discovery has yet to be fully realized, but it’s not looking good.

The charges levied against Dookhan were good news for many accused criminals who had been jailed unjustly and deserve to be free.  However, the flip side of that coin is that many offenders who actually earned their stints in the pokey are being released because their cases have been linked with Dookhan’s testing results, all of which are being called into question.

Marcus Pixley, who was being held on $5,000 bond prior to the discovery of Dookhan’s alleged improprieties, had that amount reduced to $1,000, which he was able to post.  As of Thursday, he is considered a fugitive from justice, having missed a court appearance on the charges that he attempted to sell cocaine to two undercover police officers. …

Kansas City, MO — I cannot describe just how infuriated I get watching video like the one below. In it, a teenager can be seen sucker punching a Kansas City Metro bus driver, knocking the man unconscious.

The incident happened on October 1st about 9 p.m. at 39th Street and Indiana Avenue. According to Detective Nicholas Sola, the attacker boarded the bus with a several friends, each of them telling the 54-year-old driver the friend behind them would pay the fare. When the last of them didn’t have the money to pay, the driver told them to get off the bus. As the teens exit, one of the assholes sucker punches the driver. Hard.

The driver doesn’t get knocked out cold, but the older man is clearly injured and disoriented after the attack and can be seen rubbing his jaw and chest. He tries to continue his route, but as you can see in the video, he rolls the bus into some traffic cones before other passengers convince him to stop. …

Mankato, MN – Mark Anders Chalin, 24, has pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide in a case where he and 23-year-old Amber Menezes were having sex as Chalin’s car veered into oncoming traffic.

Chalin’s vehicle collided head-on with 35-year-old mother-of-four Jonna Martin’s car, killing her.  Menezes, who was married to another man at the time, also lost her life in the crash.  Chalin spent 45 days in the hospital, having suffered 26 broken bones.

On August 7th, 2011, Chalin and Menezes left Chalin’s father’s house.  Their destination was Chalin’s apartment, less than an hour away.  They couldn’t wait for sexy-time, apparently, because witnesses indicate that before the crash, they witnessed Chalin distractedly driving with Menezes straddling him, blocking his view of the road.

At some point during the coital interlude, Chalin’s vehicle crossed the center line of County Road 90 and collided with Martin’s car in a violent crash that resulted in this accident scene.

Chalin accepted his plea deal, saying that he admits to no wrong-doing and does not remember the incident, but acknowledges the fact that the evidence against him is convincing enough for a conviction.…

Louisville, KY – Michael D. Nash, 61 and an army veteran, is suing the federal government for $10 million for over-icing his penis and giving it frostbite after a routine, but medically necessary, procedure.

Nash entered a VA hospital on October 28th, 2010 to have a penile implant and circumcision performed.  Icing the “surgery site” for two or three hours following a procedure of this type is advisable to control swelling.  However, Nash’s attorney, Larry Jones, contends that the nurses at the VA hospital iced his junk for 19 hours straight.

The extreme prolonged exposure to ice caused his penis to suffer severe frostbite and turn gangrenous within weeks.  Five inches of the penis in question needed to be surgically removed to keep the poor guy alive.

“It basically caused frostbite on his penis, which eventually caused gangrene,” Jones said. “In addition to robbing someone of their manhood, they’ve robbed him of the simple ability to urinate just like every other person who lives in this world.”

Somebody needs to inform Mr.…

Mesa, AZ – Derrick Doba, a certified public accountant, had his laptop stolen out of his office on September 14th while his wife was performing an unattended backup to an online service.

When he heard the door to the office open, he assumed it was his babelicious wife, Christiana, so he didn’t investigate.  However, about ten minutes later, she came in and asked where her computer was.  That’s when he realized that the sound he’d heard a few minutes prior had not been her, but a thief.

The Dobas filed a police report, but began an investigation of their own.  It just so happens that they had installed remote control software on that laptop which would allow them to log in and control the machine from any other computer.  When Mr. Dobas initiated a remote control session, he discovered that someone was actually using the stolen computer at that time.

“The other individual on the other end didn’t really know what was happening and we started fighting over control of the cursor,” he said. …

CANTON, Ohio — The family of a 10-year-old girl with cerebral palsy says their daughter is afraid to leave her home because she is being bullied by her 9-year-old neighbor and his father. They even have video to prove it.

Hope Holcomb’s mother said the trouble with the boy started last year on the school bus. “She was miserable she didn’t want to ride the bus, cried every morning,” said Tricia Knight. ”He treats her like crap, and most recently the dad got involved.”

After calling police on the family because of their son destroying Halloween decorations in their yard, Hope’s grandmother decided to record any possible retaliation the following day. What she captured was the boy and his father, William Bailey, walking away from the school bus with exaggerated limps.

“It makes me sick too, to think that a grown man would tease a 10-year-old disabled girl that has never done a thing to any of them for no reason, and now she doesn’t want to get on the bus to go to school,” said Hope’s father, Mike Knight.…

Toulon, IL — A teen mother in Illinois has been accused of leaving her infant alongside a rural road where she remained for twelve hours after the mother told police her baby had been abducted.

Last Thursday, an Amber Alert was issued for 3-week-old Mia Graci Thompson. Her mother, 19-year-old Kendra Meaker, told police that she had left Mia and her 11-month old sister in the car while she walked into a Toulon post office to mail a package. She informed them that it wasn’t until she had already driven away that she noticed Mia was missing.

Sheriff Jimmie Dison said he figured Meaker’s story was bullshit from the beginning, but with no evidence to the contrary, he didn’t have any choice but to request an Amber Alert. It wasn’t until twelve hours later that Meaker finally told the truth and admitted that she drove outside Toulon that morning and placed her daughter on the side of a rural road.

After volunteer searchers were dispatched to the area, Mia was found after a pair of searchers heard her cries.…

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Deanna DeJesus, 38, has been convicted of child neglect for failing to protect her children from their father during a hostage standoff with police.

The guilty verdict carries a maximum prison sentence of 15 years.  An aggravated manslaughter charge, which jurors could not unanimously agree upon, carries a maximum sentence of 45 years.  The prosecution may seek a retrial to attempt conviction on the more serious charge, while the defense may appeal the current conviction.

A sentencing date will be set on November 5th.

In February, Deanna’s husband, 41-year-old William DeJesus, drove Deanna and their two sons into a Deerfield RV park.  He stormed a randomly chosen RV, shot the 76-year-old owner to death, and held his own family and the dead man’s girlfriend as hostages.  He then called 911 and told the dispatcher he had “hijacked a woman.”

What ensued was a 7-hour standoff with a SWAT team in which DeJesus stabbed every member of his family, including himself.  DeJesus and his 9-year-old son, who was autistic, died of their wounds. …

Bolivar, MSTeresa Mayes’s statement to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigations (TBI) was read in court on Monday.  In it, she reveals that her husband of 11 years, Adam Mayes (pictured), had plotted the kidnapping of Alexandria and Kyliyah Bain as well as the murder of their remaining family for a year before acting on his plan.

She claimed that Adam Mayes was in love with 12-year-old Alexandria and that he planned to move to Mexico with the two girls, where he and Alexandria would raise Kyliyah, 8, as their daughter.

Teresa Mayes is facing two counts of first-degree murder and two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping for her involvement in the plan.  Adam Mayes’s mother, Mary Frances Mayes, is being charged with especially aggravated kidnapping for hers.

Much to my surprise, this story doesn’t seem to have been covered here on DD, so I’ll attempt to bring you up to speed with a chronological retelling of the story.

At some point, Adam Mayes fell in love with the middle daughter of family friends Gary and Jo Ann Bain. …

Harlem, NY – Dr. Diana Williamson, 56, who pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy and health-care fraud charges in April, has asked Judge Loretta Preska that her sentencing not include jail.

Williamson was once lauded for her work with impoverished AIDS patients, but her reputation was deeply damaged in August 2010 when she was arrested for illegally prescribing 28,000 oxycodone pills to AIDS patients who didn’t need them, and then employing drug dealers to put the pills on the street.  She also defrauded Medicaid of over $300,000.

However, Williamson claims to have no recollection of those illegal activities because she says she suffers from multiple personality disorder, and that one of her dozen or so personalities, Nala, was responsible.  “Nala” is described by Williamson’s attorney, Jonathan Marks, as “mischievous, irresponsible, reckless and, as we have just discovered, criminal.”  It is the defense’s hope that its client’s psychiatric issues will be a mitigating factor in the sentencing phase of the trial.

“Nala, in Diana Williamson’s body, committed serious crimes,” Marks said, “The only issue is whether Diana, the host personality, was present when Nala was committing these crimes.”  Personally, the most difficult thing to believe here is that Marks probably uttered these words without a hint of smirk.…

NEW FAIRFIELD, CT —  A popular teacher in Connecticut shot a masked prowler next door to his home only to learn he had just killed his teenage son.

Sometime around 1 a.m. Thursday, Jeffrey Giuliano got a call from his sister, who lives next door, informing him that she thought someone was trying to break into her home.

Armed with a handgun, Giuliano walked over to investigate and encountered someone in his sister’s driveway wearing a ski mask and brandishing a knife. Giuliano shot and killed the masked suspect when they made a move towards him.

When police arrived at the scene, they found Giuliano sitting in the grass and the suspect’s dead body lying sprawled in the driveway. Police lifted up the mask and revealed the suspect to be Giuliano’s 15-year-old son, Tyler Giuliano. Early reports stated Giuliano had removed the mask and realized he had shot his son before police arrived, but those reports turned out to be incorrect.

“He didn’t know it was his son. … We made the identification.” State Police spokesman Lt. …