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Lynn Haven, FL — A man suspected of murdering and cannibalizing a homeless man in Connecticut was taken into custody at a friend’s home in Florida Tuesday evening.

Police allege 35-year-old Tyree Lincoln Smith murdered Angel “Tun Tun” Gonzalez, 43, with a hatchet, later snacking on the man’s eye and a piece of his brain.

According to the arrest affidavit, Smith was camping out on the porch of a Bridgeport apartment complex last month when Gonzalez woke him and invited him into the apartment where he was staying.

Once inside, Smith began beating the man about the head and face with a hatchet.

After beating Gonzalez’s head to a unrecognizable pulp, Smith apparently plucked out an eyeball and scooped up a bit of brain matter.

Those bits were then placed in a plastic bag and consumed later that evening during a visit to his cousin’s grave site.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering what a human eyeball tastes like, wonder no more….Smith claims it tasted like an oyster.…

Winter Haven, FL - Sheriff’s deputies in Florida are searching for the assailant in an execution-style slaying of a Florida laundramat change machine.

The man was recorded on video entering the Busy Bubbles laundramat, drawing a semi-automatic pistol, and firing a single round into the machine. He then pauses and reaches out to his victim – presumably to check for a pulse. Clearly not satisfied, the stone-cold killer then fires multiple rounds into the victim while it sits motionless. The assailant then flees.

The suspect is described as a black male, approximately 5’11” tall, 185 lbs., wearing a gray hoodie and dark baggy pants. As the perpetrator did not recover any money from the victim, it is suspected that he will be charged with attempted robbery when captured.

If anyone has information about this incident or can identify this suspect, they are urged to contact Polk County Detective Jason Paquin at (863) 287-9037.

Only together can we stop organized crime…

Houston, TX – A man is sitting in jail today, accused of beating a little boy to death, and the boy’s mother has come out to defend him.

On January 10, Tiffany Wells came home from the strip club where she works to find that her 16-month -old son, Casen Wells, had suffered a severe head injury. Her boyfriend, Joshua Beall, was watching him at the time and said that the boy had fallen off the couch and struck his head on a coffee table before hitting the floor.

There was noticeable swelling, but Beall admits that he did not seek any form of medical attention. Casen was rushed to the hospital by helicopter, but would die over the weekend.

Investigators did not believe Bealls’ story of how Casen received his injury and a pediatric specialist who examined Casen said the injuries he suffered were not consistent with the type of fall Beall described. Prosecutors believe that Beall struck the boy with an unknown object at least two times.

But the boy’s mother is standing by her man, stating that she believes Beall’s version of events.…

The Pulpit Of Doom – Episode 15

January 25, 2012 at 8:24 am by  

Here, Now - Thanks to everyone who came out last night to listen to our 15th episode of The Pulpit of Doom.If the embedded player does not work for you, here is the direct link to the show.

It was an odd one as I forgot we were even doing it until 30 minutes before we went on air, mostly because we had to do the show a day for some slack reason that I cannot recall. Probably had something to do with Jaded.

We went over some of our popular stories for the week, including the woman who filmed herself molesting the 5-year-old she was babysitting, the group of kids who beat on another teen and posted the video to Youtube and the man accused of skinning and eating a cat.

Listen to internet radio with DreaminDemon on Blog Talk Radio

Once again, people found out that I am from the South and sport an awesome accent and do not sound like Lurch. We also found that we should never let Jaded press any of the shiny Blog Talk Radio buttons as she cut the sound off between us and our live listeners for a few moments.…

Wetumpka, AL - Edward Lee Bodkin, 68, attracted the attention of Massachusetts prison officials after sending a 7-page letter to an inmate at a facility for sexual offenders. In it, Bodkin described a litany of attacks on children, including an alleged encounter of a sexual nature he had with a month-and-a-half-old infant. Elmore County Chief Investigator R.T. Ward. described the letter as “horrendous.”

“We learned of him after we were contacted by a representative from the Massachusetts Treatment Center for Sexually Dangerous Persons where one of the inmates was receiving sexually explicit mail from (Bodkin),” said Ward.

According to Ward, investigators and deputies found about 100 VHS video tapes and 500 DVDs containing pornographic material. Sheriff Bill Franklin said that even seasoned investigators found the case disturbing.

“He’ll sit down and talk with you about it like he’s talking about the weather,” the sheriff said. “In all my years in law enforcement, I don’t recall a case like this.”

Bodkin was arrested and jailed shortly after sheriff’s investigators searched his home.…

Hartlepool, UK - A UK court has jailed Gareth Francis Owen, 22, indefinitely after a judge branded him a danger to the public. Owen had been sentenced two weeks ago to five months incarceration for causing unnecessary suffering to his Labrador after admitting having sex with the dog. This additional sentence comes in response to Owen pleading guilty to added charges of making and possessing both “extreme” and “child” pornography.

Owen’s troubles began when he took his computer to a shop to be repaired. A call to the police led to the discovery of ‘indecent photos’ of children and a ‘sickening collection’ of bestiality pictures. Court records describe there being evidence of several ‘vile’ movies which had been deleted. In addition, Owen’s probation report described the defendant writing pornographic accounts involving explicit sexual activities between ‘adult males and Pokemon characters.’

When considering the charge of the assault on the dog, Prosecutor Lynne Dalton said Owen admitted having sexual relations with a number of family pets and horses from the age of 14.…

JOHNSTON, R.I.  – A man has been arrested and charged with murdering his wife, dismembering her body and then trying to get rid of the evidence in a fireplace.

I’m not going into details, but I have often wondered if it would be possible to get rid of a body using my fireplace. I still think it is possible, but after reading what happened to 52-year-old Donald K. Greenslit, I may need invest in a working fire extinguisher before ever attempting it.

Firefighters were called to Greenslit’s home because of a fire originating from the basement. They were able to safely contain the fire although two children, ages 3 and 5, were taken to the hospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. Investigators would also find the source of the fire were body parts that had been placed in the fireplace.

“It appeared that the remains could be that of a human body. It was actually wrapped in cloth and it was burned severely and was actually cut up into pieces,” said officials.…

Man Arrested After Smoking Green On Jet Blue

January 24, 2012 at 12:53 pm by  

Los Angeles, CA – An idiot from California was arrested after he smoked some weed on a Jet Blue flight headed to New Jersey.

As the plane was approaching Newark Liberty International Airport, a flight attendant knocked on the bathroom door and asked 43-year-old Adam Blumenkranz to return to his seat. When he emerged, the attendant smelled a strong odor of pot.

After getting off the plane, Blumenkranz was greeted by police at the gate where he informed them that there was no problem, that he had a medical marijuana card that allowed him to smoke pot on a commercial jet.

After showing the police his bag of weed and the glass pipe he used to smoke it, he was promptly arrested and charged with possession of drugs and drug paraphernalia.…

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — A man with a history of violent assaults has been arrested and charged with strangling a woman after severely injuring her with a sexual device.

On Monday, police arrested 39-year-old Anthony Politi after they were called to his home by someone reporting someone in trouble. When police arrived at the duplex, they would find Politi along with the dead body of a black female.

After hours of interrogation, police say Politi finally admitted that he and the woman were engaged in sexual activity when he severely injured her by repeatedly raping her with some kind of sexual device. When the woman would not quit screaming, Politi said he strangled her.

The woman’s identity has not been released, nor has the relationship between her and Politi been reported, but the two articles I read bring up the fact that this neighborhood is a very transient area known for prostitution.

Police plan on charging Politi with murder, rape and sodomy. I know it wasn’t, but until I find out what kind of sexual device Politi used on this poor woman I can’t help but assume it was akin to the strap-on dildo-knife from SE7EN.…

Bartlesville, OK - Patrons at an Oklahoma grocery store got a surprise when George Edward Brown, 51, exposed himself in front of the in-store bank.

The free show reportedly began last Sunday around 1:13 p.m. at the Food Pyramid grocery store when Brown – described as wearing a coon skin cap at the time – let it all hang out in front of the Bank of Oklahoma desk in a possible form of protest.

As Bartlesville is a good-sized town, residents are not without the opportunity to attend male revues. Still, an opportunity to see a truly professional display of raw Chippendale’s-quality masculinity free-of-charge is not to be passed up by the ladies. Sadly for Brown, by blocking the bank’s desk, he inadvertently cheated himself out of what could have been tens – nay, hundreds – of singles stuffed into his welcoming pouch.

Officers were dispatched after a presumably unappreciative few reported him for indecent exposure. When police arrived, they reportedly found Brown again facing the bank counter in the ‘busy store with many people around him.’ The arrest affidavit said that – when asked to turn around – Brown complied with his credit union member “completely exposed through a hole in the front of his jeans.”

Police arrested Brown on a charge of indecent exposure.…

Mountain Home, AR — Gary Jackson was arrested last week after police say he killed his ex-girlfriend’s Chihuahua by running it through the washing machine.

The woman, apparently worried that Jackson may harm the pup, called police on Friday to voice her concern. And while she wasn’t in the apartment that day, Jackson was.

Police have reported that when they arrived at the woman’s apartment, they discovered it had been trashed and many of her belongings were destroyed. Officers found a dead Chihuahua in the washing machine, and believe Jackson had put the dog in the machine while it was still alive.

Jackson, 30, was arrested on the spot and charged with aggravated animal cruelty and criminal mischief, both Class D felonies. He’s been ordered held on $25,000.…

Woman Sentenced To Prison For Molesting Teen

January 23, 2012 at 10:46 am by  

Orlando, FL — The honey to the left is 44-year-old Lori Szmuc – she’s making her second appearance here at the Dreamin’ Demon. She was first featured last year after she was accused of “forcing” a 13-year-old boy to be her boyfriend. Now that she’s been sentenced, I figured we would just go ahead and slap her around a bit more.

Szmuc was arrested in April last year after police learned she was carrying on with the teen. And for the click-impaired among you, it apparently began with an innocent game of hide-and seek….

It was during that fateful game that Szmuc initiated their “relationship”. The teen told the court that after suggesting he hide with her, Szmuc got all touchy feely, kissing him and rubbing on him. He indicated that he was scared and wasn’t quite sure what to do. It was then that Szmuc demanded that he pretend to be her boyfriend. If he refused, she would cut off his contact with her teen daughter and ruin his reputation with his peers.…

MANALAPAN, NJ – A 32-year-old woman has been arrested after police say she  sexually abused a 5-year-old girl she was babysitting, and streamed video of the abuse online.

Jennifer Mahoney was charged with two federal counts of the sexual exploitation of a child after police raidied the home of a man in Texas and retrieved three videos of Mahoney molesting the girl.

Two of the videos were Skype sessions that show Mahoney talking to someone online while wearing a lace top with her breasts exposed. She is kneeling at the foot of a bed performing oral sex on the sleeping child who is lying on her stomach with her buttocks exposed. At some points in the videos, Mahoney can be seen masturbating or laughing.

The second video was recorded with an iPhone and shows Mahoney giving the girl a bath and asking her to bend over so she can rinse her off. “Like a mermaid?” the child asks Mahoney. “Like a mermaid, sweetheart,” Mahoney replies before putting her fingers in the girl’s vagina.…

Athens, TN - Athens police have charged Douglas Gregory Nichols, 36, after allegedly he dressed up to resemble his dead sister in an effort to fill her prescriptions for Xanax and hydrocodone.

His first successful attempt was reported to have occurred less than one day after she had died. I can feel the grief slipping away…

According to police, witnesses said Nichols wore a wig and makeup on a total of two occasions to pick up prescriptions that belonged to his sister. Sgt. Detective Heith Willis said investigators are “assuming he was doing that to look more like the relative.”

You just can’t get anything by those Tennessee investigators.

Unfortunately for Nichols’, pharmacy staff reportedly recognized that ‘he wasn’t the right person’ during his second attempt.  Nichols was arrested and subsequently charged with prescription fraud and other related charges. He is being held on a bond of more than $500,000.…

Howell, MI - A high school hockey team’s season was put on indefinite hold after a seemingly wild weekend that included an incident that the school concluded was hazing.

The Howell (Michigan) High School team was on a school-sponsored team trip to Marquette, Michigan when members of the team reportedly ended up walking around a bar wearing women’s ‘unmentionables.’ In an interview, head coach Randy Montrose referred to the incident as a “runway show” – adding that it involved swimsuits.

Photographic evidence obtained by the administration contradicted his account. The photos – which unmistakably placed the coaches, other players, many parents, and bar patrons in the audience – showed some of the students dressed in women’s underwear – reportedly including ‘bras, panties and girdles.’ This while the students were walking around a bar located across the street from their Marquette hotel.

Girdles?!? Please tell me that these kids didn’t also break in to the Northern Michigan Historical Museum of Women’s Undergarments!

The Howell School Administration’s decision that it was a form of hazing resulted in the dismissal of Coach Montrose and his two assistants.…

Boone, NC — An extremely pushy door-to-door salesman was arrested earlier this week after a woman on his route told police he pressured his way into her home, then refused to leave unless his demands were met. His demands? Get high and do me or buy a magazine.

Police said they responded to numerous complaints in the past couple of weeks about a group of magazine pushers in the area acting suspiciously, refusing to leave homes when asked, and using “overbearing” sales tactics. But Jerad Arnold’s alleged sales pitch ranks pretty high on the ick scale.

As previously stated, Arnold allegedly refused to leave the woman’s home until she “submitted to drug use and sexual activity” or bought a magazine subscription.

Now, I don’t know how the woman managed to resist Arnold’s tempting offer of a free high and no-strings-attached nookie, but she did, opting to buy a damn magazine instead.

After speaking to several members of the sales group, police eventually located Arnold and an arrest was made.…

Ryan Brunn Found Dead After Apparent Suicide

January 20, 2012 at 3:59 am by  

Canton, GA — Just days after pleading guilty to the brutal murder of 7-year-old Jorelys Rivera, 20-year-old Ryan Brunn was found dead in his jail cell.

“Ryan Brunn was found unresponsive in his cell at 4:15 p.m.,” said Kristin Stancil, a spokesperson for the Georgia Department of Corrections. “He was pronounced dead at a local hospital at 5:37 p.m. of an apparent suicide.”

Stancil would not say how Brunn died or whether he was under a suicide watch at the time of his death, but 11Alive is reporting that a source close to the investigation has revealed that Brunn committed suicide by hanging himself in his cell.

Jorelys’ father, Ricardo Galarza, told CNN en Espanol that learning of Brunn’s death partly made him “feel good but, on the other hand, it doesn’t because my daughter will never be with me again.”

He went on to say that he felt that a lifetime of Brunn being watched after, “eating three times a day (and) sleeping with air conditioning” while in prison was not enough.…

Man Arrested After Toddler Drinks Date Rape Drug

January 20, 2012 at 3:07 am by  

Lilburn, GA — A 33-year-old man is facing felony charges after police say his roommate’s 2-year-old child accidentally drank from a water bottle containing GHB.

Timothy Waldrop and the child’s father were apparently conversing in a bedroom inside the residence Saturday when the toddler snatched the bottle of clear liquid from the coffee table and started chuggin’. When the kid’s dad asked what he was drinking, the kid replied that he didn’t know because “it was Tim’s drink.” Waldrop then informed dad that it was GHB, or gamma hydroxybutyric acid — a synthetic drug commonly known as the “date rape” drug.

At that point, Waldrop was told to vacate the premises. Personally, I would have “detained” the bastard until the cops showed up….

Just moments later, the child apparently began acting “weird” and collapsed on the kitchen floor. Another child in the home told the father that he had seen the tot drinking from the water bottle.

The child was transported to the hospital, and as of Tuesday, his condition was still unknown.…