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What Games Are You Playing Right Now?

Discussion in 'JoySick' started by KillBill20, Jun 15, 2008.

  1. DIAFplease

    DIAFplease Entitlement Cow Bold Member!

    I beat RE7 after playing it 3 times. I read you can run through the entire game in 4 hours. Meh. I mean it was a decently made horror game but it wasn't Resident Evil. I hope this isn't the game model from now on.
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  2. Totemic

    Totemic Well-Known Member Bold Member!

    Mass Effect Andromeda concept is great, gameplay is alright, but oh good lord is the writing bad.
  3. Existo

    Existo Active Member

    Just joined up on elder scrolls online ps4. Enjoying it so far, any other ESO nerds here?
  4. Sudonim

    Sudonim Well-Known Member

    @thatsmallgrl I have another story driven walking sim for you :D

    What Remains of Edith Finch. Excellent game. It's a bit lacking in the touch this, do that, but the story is well written, albeit sad. There are mini games for most of the characters stories which add a nice touch to the story telling. On par with Vanishing of Ethan Carter. Took me 2.9 hours to complete and I went through as slow as I could muster to drag it out so might want to wait a bit as $20 is pretty steep for 2 hours of game play.

    Another great but little known game is We Happy Few. I got it for my birthday and so far I'm really liking it. I love the setting and the game holds a lot of potential. It's in early access atm but there's very few bugs and enough content that it's enjoyable to play. The only thing that irked me slightly is how the saves are done, but it's typical for the genre.

    Going to start Inside and see how it is.
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  5. Shadow

    Shadow Charmed, I'm sure....

    Though I still play DayZ, I also play MineCraft, Ark and Ahnayro. Have had my own gamut of gaming servers and TS3 servers... shut everything down except the TS server last November, due to my dog becoming seriously ill. Now I just serve on some one else's server where I don't have to handle all the day to day responsibilities. I miss having my own servers, but it was soooooouch work.

    --- Double Post Merged, Jun 30, 2017, Original Post Date: Jun 18, 2017 ---
    While I am not a fan of the Resident Evil game(s), I have to admire your dedication. I gave you, Thumbs up, because we seem to have an odd duck going around giving thumbs down. I'm not sure if it's people he just doesn't like, or if he just truly doesn't like the post.

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  6. DIAFplease

    DIAFplease Entitlement Cow Bold Member!

    Jack's just an asshole, don't mind him.
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  7. Keepalowprofile

    Keepalowprofile Chartreuse Bold Member!

    I know this is for video games.

    But i wanted to post about this game that i recently started playing again. Geocaching.
    Here is the wiki link for a better understanding of whst it is.


    This is the site i belong to.

    Two things to bring with you
    Some random tokens. Things like marbles, charms, old key fobs just anything of almost no value.
    And a pencil.
    When you find the cache, you will take out a trinket and leave one.
    You need the pencil to write your name, city and the date on the log sheet.

    I used to do this with my daughter at different state parks when we lived in minnesota. We've done it on foot, by boat and by horse back.
    I only recently rediscovered this by stumbling upon a cache while fishing. Of course, i ran to my car and found a trinket and a pencil so i could log.

    This morning, i went online and found the coordinates for one that was close to my house, about a quarter of a mile away. I grabbed a marble and a pencil, put the leash on the dog and away we went.

    I found it in 15 minutes.

    Good luck