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Teen charged with killing his 2-year-old son

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Unamused Cat, Jan 10, 2009.

  1. Unamused Cat

    Unamused Cat Veteran Member

    Zjaire Williams

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  2. Silvahalo

    Silvahalo Bite My Seraphim Sass

    I look at that picture and it just breaks my heart. He's such a doll. Looks like he just wanted to be loved. I bet this young father didn't see his son much, probably didn't even know what his favorite food was or that 2yr. old's shouldn't be awake at 2am in the morning...wtf?
    Also noticed that they don't share the same last name....step-father? or mom gave him her name.

    The article leaves a lot of questions yet to be answered. Like wtf happened? He didn't just magically get bruises on his abdomen and head. I want this loser to fess up and tell what he did, what on god's green earth could little Zjaire do to cause such a violent reaction.
    I wouldn't be surprised if little Zjaire woke up upset unsure where he was and was crying for his mama. Whatever the reason, I'm sure he was crying and needed to be comforted.

    Sweet little Zjaire. You got the bad end of the deal in your short life. My guess is mother and father didn't have much time for you and you had a hard time feeling secure and loved.

    May the angels kiss and sooth you little one...
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2009
  3. Tazzzz

    Tazzzz Trusted Member

    The terrible 2's are bad enough, a child doesn't need to be left at someones house they don't even know very well. Especially at two in the fucking AM!!
    He probly threw a fit and didn't behave, so dear daddy showed him who's the boss. A 17 year old boy who knows jack shit about children, thats a disaster in the making.

    Looks like they only live about 10 miles from each other.

  4. justmeintn

    justmeintn Member

    Geez! 4 hours with dad and the baby dies. Mom should have said told him to wait instead of bringing that poor baby over there at 2 in the AM.
  5. penelopejo

    penelopejo Mother Nature

    I find it odd that she'd leave him there at 2 in the morning. Really odd. I wouldn't have answered the phone that early, and if I would have, I would've told him just wait till the morning and you can have him tomorrow. Maybe she did something to him???? I just find the whole situation odd....
  6. Rockin Ma

    Rockin Ma Chauffer specializing in geriatric transport

    He's 17. Called family members for help. Does that mean he yelled upstairs mom dad help?

    17 year olds aren't allowed on the roads at 2 am around where I am. Wonder why the mom would drop the baby off at that time.

    Thanks UC. I hope there are follow ups to this story
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  7. AussieMum

    AussieMum Well-Known Member

    All I can think is Why would you drop your child off anywhere at 2.00am??? What on earth was going on?? There is a lot more to come of this.

    He's just adorable. Probably cheeky (and very tired!!!).
    RIP sweet darling boy.
  8. Morticia

    Morticia Well-Known Member

    He really was a beautiful little boy. Those eyes sort of stay with you. May he rest in peace.

    Why is it that innocent children die at the hands of those who should love and protect them most? (One of those things I'd like to ask god one day) :frustrating:
  9. CountJackula

    CountJackula Active Member

    My question is, is what mother brings her baby over to the fathers house at 2 AM??? Maybe the mom did it and then tried to blame the father by bringing him over there at 2 in the morning.....
  10. moonlilly1981

    moonlilly1981 Trusted Member

    my questions are the same what mother in their right mind drops off the child at two am unless there is an emergency? Sounds fishy to me and maybe dad didnt do it. Could be mom lost her temper or new man did and she was covering it up.
  11. Silvahalo

    Silvahalo Bite My Seraphim Sass

    2nd post, just can't get past his little face...

    Yeah, the bastard beat the shit of out him. I'm thinking Little Zjaire woke up crying needed his mama instead he got fists full of rage.

    So sorry sweet one...be at peace now.
  12. Peeperann

    Peeperann Veteran Member

    Poor sweet little baby. WTF?? I have the same questions as everyone else. Why was he dropped off at 2am, what the hell could have happened that was so bad in a 4 hour time period that he ended up beaten to death???

    Where were grandma and or grandpa? I can't see him living on his own. Did no one else hear anything? And why beat a baby??!!

    You hug and comfort them!! Rest with God sweet baby boy...........
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  13. knat801

    knat801 New Member

    In My Local Paper.

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and posting. I saw this in my local paper and decided to post it here.

  14. Tazzzz

    Tazzzz Trusted Member

    Darryl Eugene Powell, 17



    **NOTE!! This is his fucking older brother, lived in the same house as Darryl and the same one Zjaire died at WTF!! good role model material NOT!!!!, He gunned some guy down in cold blood during a drug deal for fucks sake.


    Anton Powell, 20





    Darryl AKA Piru Pimpin Myspace page


    Todzja Williams Myspace page

  15. Vilijonkka

    Vilijonkka Active Member

    You watch TV with your 2 year old at 2 AM? Seriously? I doubt there's childrens programs on at that hour.

    There are so many questions. Nothing seems right.

    He was a charmer. RIP, little man.
  16. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    I would hate to see what he was like before his "behavior rehabilitation".
  17. Marv

    Marv Trusted Member

    So big bruv is a violent thug too, little bruv wants to follow in his footsteps and has to start somewhere.

    Bruising and cuts to his mouth, multiple injuries to his head and abdomen. Just simply battered to death by his fuckwit 'daddy'.

    And WTF @ 2am??? My kids get hyper when they are tired, and cry/scream/whinge over the slightest thing. If that little poppet was over-tired, in a strange place, with a relatively strang man, then Im fairly sure that he would have been a tad upset and whingey too. And that was his death warrant sealed.

    Why would the mother even want to prove that this POS was the father anyway, knowing that would give him access rights, and knowing what kind of a disfunctional family they were? I would have chalked it down to a lucky escape if he was denying it, and kept my baby FAR away from him.

    RIP little Zjaire, you didnt deserve this shit. x
  18. PoongyPrincess

    PoongyPrincess Active Member

    I think it's more likely that she was probably already up at the time, 2 am isn't late for some of us :hello:, and thought there was no harm in just taking him by. In that photo he looks like a happy, healthy little boy, so I bet the mom took good care of him. She's probably devastated by this.
  19. PoongyPrincess

    PoongyPrincess Active Member

    I've had a few more minutes to think about this and now I have a couple of questions. First, were the head injuries closed? If so, they might not have been apparent to the average person. Signs are things like uneven pupils, bruising around the eyes (raccoon eyes), and cerebral spinal fluid leaking from the ears. The pupils could go entirely unnoticed, the raccoon eyes might be thought to be from a simple accident, and the csf could be thought just an ear infection.

    Second, if the boy was only with his dad for four hours, then how did his bruises show up that quickly? I bruise pretty easily and I know that no matter how hard I bang myself on something, that no matter how much it hurts, it still takes at least to the next day to have a noticeable bruise.

    Just some thoughts. Maybe the mom wasn't as innocent as I first thought.
  20. calidreamin09

    calidreamin09 Member

    I agree that there seems to be alot more to this story. Firstly I have been up at 2 am many a night but not with my children. Even if Iwas up at 2 Iwouldnt take my kid to anyones house at that hour. It just deosnt make any sense. I also bruise easily now sometimes there is a faint mark when there is going to be a really bad bruise but it usually takes 12 to 24 hours for bruises to come to the surfcae so they are noticeable. I dont know it just doesnt all add up. Im not saying the mom did it but I am saying that its possible that she or someone else did before the baby was dropped off at the fathers house
  21. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    He was indicted today:

    Technology is pretty good at determining when an injury occurred and how long certain things and death would take to happen after an injury. I am assuming that all this was presented to the grand jury as part of the determination of charges.
  22. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

  23. TheMeaningOfItAll

    TheMeaningOfItAll States the Obvious Bold Member!

    I don't understand these people that defend the actions of an abuser. "Good people" don't abuse children. Good people don't sever a baby's liver or cause hemorrhages on the baby's body. Twenty years is a travesty.
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  24. VXIII

    VXIII Queen of the Monkeys

    My babysitter theory is in action here, I am not saying the guy didnt do it, but it would be very very easy for the person who really kills a baby to accuse another...