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Stephanie Ragusa - Teacher/Student Sex Story o' the day

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Pirelli Jones, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. Pirelli Jones

    Pirelli Jones Active Member


    Stephanie Marie Ragusa, 28, of 15324 Lake Bella Vista Drive, Tampa, charged with lewd and laviscious behavior after a series (5) of incidents of sex with a 15 year old (edit:boy) who attended the middle school where she taught. Student was not in her classes, that matters apparently.

    Linky from Tampa
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    Last edited: Mar 14, 2008
  2. gprime

    gprime Well-Known Member

    Another Student-Teacher Sex Scandal

    The full story

    What I don't understand is how (click through for the whole article to see this detail) she could afford a Lexus SUV.

    For all the latest: http://badbadteacher.com/stephanie-ragusa/
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  3. KillBill20

    KillBill20 Well-Known Member

    I love how happy she looks in the provided photo. Can't these women just go to a bar like normal people?

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  4. Jaded

    Jaded Fuck you Staff Member

    Don't 14 year-old boys still have cooties?? ;)
  5. Lizard

    Lizard Veteran Member

  6. Unamused Cat

    Unamused Cat Veteran Member

    I like her zit faced pic better. lol

  7. Lizard

    Lizard Veteran Member

    Last edited: Apr 28, 2008
  8. Lizard

    Lizard Veteran Member

  9. Angel

    Angel Well-Known Member

    For a teacher, she sure isn't very bright, is she?:p
  10. Lizard

    Lizard Veteran Member

    You're suggesting American teachers are particularly bright?
  11. Angel

    Angel Well-Known Member

    You would think that they would at least be able to understand not to screw a boy they already got arrested for screwing....:rolleyes:
  12. Mom of 4

    Mom of 4 Trusted Member

    They have released some transcripts of conversations between her and one of her victims.


    There is quite a bit of detail at this link including the PDF file with the entire transcripts.
  13. Mom of 4

    Mom of 4 Trusted Member

    It seems Ms. Ragusa was not exactly squeeky clean before she started having sex with her students.


    Yowza :eek:
  14. ashdavus

    ashdavus Active Member

    There's the problem. She went to catholic school. From my experience, they seem to have twisted ideas in those catholic schools about sexuality and what's acceptable.
  15. Mom of 4

    Mom of 4 Trusted Member

    LOL Truer words were never spoken. I was raised Catholic until my parents divorced and my mom went to remarry. They told her she would have to get an annulment which meant her first marriage never happened in the eyes of the Catholic church. Only problem was that first marriage produced 6 kids which would mean we were all illegitimate. She told them where to shove their annulment and that was the end of our Catholic church days. To quote my mother "fucking hypocrites".:D
  16. Unamused Cat

    Unamused Cat Veteran Member

  17. Mom of 4

    Mom of 4 Trusted Member

    Dumb Bitch is still smiling in court!


  18. jlt080405

    jlt080405 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Mo4 once again classic example of recidivism rate of pedophiles. Judging by the smile on her face, she probably will not stop until the system stops her.
  19. zickig

    zickig Member

    Wow, to sit and smile like that in court says a lot about her mental state.
  20. Jaded

    Jaded Fuck you Staff Member

    She's writing to Hulk Hogan's 17 y.o. son Nick....


    From article:
    Wonder if she's looking for some fresh meat......
  21. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  22. Dakota

    Dakota FORUM BITCH / Beloved Cunt Bold Member!

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  23. Rawrehz

    Rawrehz Well-Known Member

    Well I guess they just don't find Stephany the pretty type huh?/

    && jeez what a train wreck! and here I am thinking I was bad with a long list of stupid shit and accomplishments.
    She needs to get her life back on track and wake up to the 30 yr olds her own age. Let the minors reach puberty, shiiit. :dong: