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Staff Sargent Monique Latrise Beneke Tortures Stepdaughter

Discussion in 'Crimes Against Children' started by China, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. China

    China La Mera Mera



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  2. Jo Anne

    Jo Anne Boo Boo Kisser Bold Member!

    My two year old weighs 31 lbs. This poor baby girl. I can't handle this shit today. Sorry DD, I think my pregnancy hormones are getting to me today.
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  3. China

    China La Mera Mera

    My 15 mo old weighs 30 lbs.....
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  4. Valasca

    Valasca Bitch in the meat department Bold Member!

    You think this whore and David Thornton should get together?
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  5. China

    China La Mera Mera

    Match made in Hell
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  6. Leggs

    Leggs Fuck it, I'm getting drunk

    @TallTexan Who the hell needs Match.com?!?
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  7. Geraldine

    Geraldine Member

    Fuck these people. Fuck all of them. Here I am desperately wanting a damn kid and I have cysty ovaries that will make it difficult when I feel comfortable to start trying, and these FUCKHEADS are abusing their babies or their partners babies and I'm desperately trying to not seem like a creeper when I see small children and my heart explodes and I start tearing up.

    Fuck these people. With a ten foot, spiked pole.
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  8. booty-j

    booty-j Active Member

    All these stories of step parents abusing kids, what makes you, especially a mother, just turn on an innocent child like that because they are not your birth child, just what???? It makes me sick, just absolutely sick. I have a step daughter who will be 7 next week, she technically isnt my step daughter, she was the result of her dad (my ex) having an affair and knocking someone up. Ex and I tried to work it out for a while and in that time I raised that baby girl like she was my own (when he had his visitation), the first time I held her I said there is no way I could not love her, she is an innocent child, she didnt ask to be born (and she is my boys sister). Her dad and I called it quits and he ended up marrying her mom. We all get along great (my friends have told me I have a fairy tale divorce, lol). I still see her pretty regularly (she is coming over this weekend, throwing her an early birthday party). When I have told people about her and how she came to be in my life, a lot of people are like "you raised the baby that was the result of your husband having an affair??", yes yes I did/am. Again, she didnt ask for this, my boys didnt ask for this, all I want is for our children to have some sense of normalcy in an already fucked up situation. They are just kids!!!! The little girl in the story didnt ask to not have her mother around and to be put into the care of this fucking cunt, if you didnt want her, you shouldnt have taken her in, but abusing and neglecting her because what is probably some weird jealously thing. fuck her, fuck all the terrible step parents in this world. (sorry for the rant, was thinking about my baby girls b-day and got me thinking about her whole life and how she came to be in my life)
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  9. sum bitch

    sum bitch Trusted Member Bold Member!

    No wonder she was stealing food, she weighed 28 lbs. As for the pissing, well I suppose that would have something to do with the abuse. Stupid bitch couldn't even give the kid the basics to grow. Kid must've been scared and confused as to why she was targeted.
  10. CbabyRKO

    CbabyRKO People Suck! Bold Member!

    Fuck this bitch. Why do assholes do this? She may not be your child but she is your husbands and as such you should treat her as your own.
    Just hypothetically speakin had the school not stepped in what would she have done when hubby was on his way home? People like this don't just stop what they are doing. There would have been evidence of abuse on this girl and I doubt daddy woulda bought that bullshit excuse of the "kids did it" either. Fuck this broad she better be glad the cops got to her before her hubby did otherwise I'm guessing this story would have had a different ending involving a shovel and a deep hole.
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  11. ASC1

    ASC1 Well-Known Member

    I suspect the pissing had more to do with the bathroom being locked because the kid was caught drinking from the toilet.. if she wasn't allowed to go in a bathroom, she'd pee wherever she could, she's 4.

    I also would not be surprised to find out she locked the kid in the bedroom.
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  12. beans

    beans Trusted Member

    Homeschooling, food rationing ( including locking fridge, cabinets), exercise punishments, alarms, bathroom use revoked ( no showers, bucket use only for voiding), tattered clothing, no personal items, use of the "Pearl Method" ....Ive got to say, that this is a very tired, very common occurrence. What I find amazing, is the level of support towards the offending adult(s). And the adults who witness this freaking bullshit, are ok with it. They see nothing wrong, and fully eat, spoonful by spoonful, the dog shit excuses the offender has about treatment of the kid(s). They are just as guilty.
  13. ASC1

    ASC1 Well-Known Member

    That's just it.. the acceptance and approval support is coming from people who want to defend their own actions. No one wants to own up to the idea that they were raised wrong and that they are raising their children wrong. Everybody wants to be "right" when it comes to raising kids. I think that this is a valuable lesson for those who've lived through abuse to accept, that someone raised them wrong and that to repeat that treatment on their own kids makes them wrong too. It's a point I try to hammer home with my SIL.. stories she used to tell me about her stepmom would raise the hair on my neck, and I'd tell her that was wrong and she would defend her stepmom because she had trouble understanding that things could have been different. She's had to go through parenting classes since then herself, and it helped her understand that things didn't have to be the way they were when she was growing up and that adults make mistakes and do really fucked up shit becuase they are convinced they are doing it all "right". I think this kind of transference of guilt results in the support these abusers recieve, as well as a fear to acknowledge ones own mistakes.
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