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"RSO" Joseph Jordan robbed & left his roommate gagged & hogtied to a bed.

Discussion in 'In The Mean Time' started by Tazzzz, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Tazzzz

    Tazzzz Trusted Member

    Joseph Edward Jordan, 39,

    Fucking Douchebag Tard, They didn't find Keith Cope for 4 fucking days and then it was way to late.


    Prison Info:


    Incarceration History:


  2. nobigwhoopdawg

    nobigwhoopdawg Member

    JESUS. I'm going to have nightmares from looking at that dude. His eyes are DEAD. :dong:
  3. Abroad

    Abroad Veteran Member Bold Member!

    I wonder how he and his room mate met up? The poor man must have known who (or what) he was allowing in his home, - mustn't he? :stupido3:

    ONExLOVE New Member


    Believe me, Love...Keith was no angel either.
  5. Lizard

    Lizard Veteran Member

    What the fuck is that supposed to mean? That he deserved to die like he did?
  6. penelopejo

    penelopejo Mother Nature

    No, liz....this person is saying that Keith isn't an angel because he hasn't completed his one good service...der.

  7. sheevaa

    sheevaa Trusted Member

    Those eyes give me the big heebie-jeebies!
    Honestly onelove, I think that he was robbed and murdered by an asstard cancels out that the victim was no angel.

    ONExLOVE New Member


    trust me...joseph jordan is a piece of shit scumbag loser and he will get what he deserves. Personally...I wish they would allow me to pull the fucking plug. however, no body is innocent in this case. Whether he deserved death or not, that is not the concern. You play with fire...your going to get burned..in other words, stay they fuck away from drugs and people with issues.
  9. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Volusia man convicted in roommate's murder

  10. Whisper

    Whisper #byefelicia Bold Member!

    Death penalty trial begins for man accused in roommate's murder